Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska
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   ** Omaha Biographical Sketches **
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City of Omaha 46


JAMES IRA WOODARD, Chief Clerk and Superintendent of Carriers, U. S. P. O., was born in Ypsilanti, Mich., October 10, 1851, was educated at the common and graded schools and seminary. Came to Nebraska in 1870, settling in Omaha, and was engaged in teaching school for a time, then took a position in the post office, has occupied different positions since his connection with the department. He was married in Omaha, July 29, 1879, to Miss Adeline O. Barbeau. She is of Canadian birth, was born March 2, 1856, in St. Francis, Beauce County, Province Quebec. Educated at the Convent of the Ladies Notre Dame of the Congregation. Came to Omaha, Neb., November 22, 1875.

ALFRED F. WOLFF, saloon and billiard hall 3 Thirteenth street, Omaha, was born in Denmark in 1850. In 1870 he came to this country, and after traveling through the country, came here in 1878 and opened the present business, which he has carried on successfully since. He was married in 1880, to Miss Emma M. Lyon, who was born in Sweden in 1862. January 1, 1882, moved into the great western brewery corner Twenty-second and E streets and started a fine billiard hall and saloon.

WOOLLEY & DAVIS, blank books, stationery, etc. Firm is composed of A. C. Woolley and G. R. Davis. Commenced business in the fall of 1881. Carry a stock of about $5,000. A. C. Woolley, of above firm, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, October 21, 1854. Attended Dennison University at Granville, Ohio, and afterward entered Cincinnati Law School, graduating in 1878. In 1880 he went to St. Louis, Mo., and engaged with J. J. Daly & Co., blank books, etc., etc. Removed to Omaha, Neb., in 1881, and opened present business. He was married in Newport, Ky., July 14, 1880, to Miss Cora A. Sherwood. Mr. W. is a member of the I. O. O. F., and of his college society, the "Beta Theta Pi," Gilman R. Davis, of the above firm, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, August 24, 1854. Attended Dennison University for a time then went to Rochester University, at Rochester, N. Y. Entered Miami Medical College, graduating in 1878, and in 1879 graduated at the Homeopathic Medical College of New York City. Engaged in the practice of medicine at Ironton, Ohio, and later at Cincinnati. In 1881 removed to Omaha, Neb., Mr. D. is a member of the college society of Dennison University, "Beta Theta Pi."

WILLIAM D. WRIGHTER, Sr., boss nailer, Omaha Iron and Nail Company, was born in Trenton, N. J., December 7, 1822. He learned the trade of nailer at Pittsburgh, Pa., and was employed at it until 1861 when he enlisted in the Sixty-second Pennsylvania Infantry as Lieutenant of Company K. Served two years in that capacity and then resigned. He was then engaged managing the nail department of Schonberger & Co. at Pittsburgh, Pa., until coming to Omaha, Neb., March 26, 1879, when he engaged in present capacity. Mr. Wrighter was married at Pittsburgh, pa., July 11, 1844, to Maria Hayes, a native of Westmoreland County, Pa. They have three children, William D., Jr., Clifford and Ella.

ARTHUR L. WYMAN, president of the Wyman Commercial College, was born in Chester, Penobscot Co., Me., March 7, 1858. He acquired his literary education in the New England States and taught in public schools several years in the East. But seeing in this busy age the need of a practical business education, made preparation and entered the Spencerian Business College, Cleveland, Ohio, Prof. Platt R. Spencer, proprietor. He there took a thorough course in all the commercial sciences; also in the art of penmanship, and graduated with high honors. Then became proprietor of the Business Institute at Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Afterwards accepted the position as principal of the public schools at that place, remaining there a year and a half. He then returned to Cleveland and was engaged as professor of book-keeping, mathematics and penmanship in the Institution from which he graduated, remaining there until May 10, 1881. He then made a prospecting trip through the West. His ability as a business educator being so well known his services were secured as principal of the Great Western Business College, at Omaha. His able teaching made him exceedingly popular with the students. He also made many friends among the prominent men of the city who desired him to locate permanently at Omaha. Seeing the many advantages the city possessed, he made arrangements with Prof. G. R. Rathbun, and June 1, 1882, the Great Western Business College passed by purchase under the sole proprietorship of Mr. Wyman and now occupies the entire third floor of the new Lytle Block at 1114 and 1116 Farnam street. That Prof. Wyman is amply qualified to perform the duties of his laborious office satisfactorily, endorsements from the best educators and most prominent business men in the country will show.

                        Spencerian Business College, Cleveland, Ohio.
        To the Public; This is to certify that Mr. Arthur L. Wyman has
   pursued a practical course at this Institution and made good use of
   his time.  He has a fine knowledge of accounts, is a good penman and
   is thoroughly conversant with the Spencerian system.  I cheerfully
   commend him to all who may desire his services as penman or teacher.
                                                    P. R. SPENCER.

                        Spencerian Business College, Cleveland, Ohio.
        To whom it may concern; This certifies that Mr. Arthur L. Wyman
   has pursued a partial course of instruction in business and accounts
   at this institute, and so far as accomplished, his success was
   gratifying.  He understands well the theory of book-keeping, and for
   his age and experience, its practice.  As an instructor in book-
   keeping he will be trusty and reliable, as I believe he will assume
   no position he is not qualified to satisfactorily fill.
                                      Very respectfully,
                                        E. R. FELTON, 
                                          Principal Business Department

                                   Lenox, Mass., August 12, 1879.
        Am personally acquainted with Prof. A. L. Wyman, and it is with
   pleasure that I can say to those interested, that I know him to be a
   fine gentleman of high moral worth and unblemished character.  Yours
                                                 PROF. G. C. AMIDON. 

     To whom it may concern: From my knowledge of Prof. A. L. Wyman I
   take pleasure in saying that I regard his qualifications as an
   instructor in our schools, and a teacher of penmanship, as equal to
   any man of my acquaintance. He excels as a disciplinarian. A. H. DOME,
                                   Pastor M. E. Church, Chagrin Falls, O.

                               Mansfield, Ohio, August 23, 1879.
        Having enjoyed an intimate acquaintance with Prof. A. L. Wyman, I
   feel justified in commending him to an appreciative public as a young
   man of sterling ability, as a penman and teacher of commercial
   practices, knowing as I do that he is fully able to give proof of the
   candor of my statement.
                                             C. H. CILLS, Penman,
                                                 Mansfield Normal College.

[Portrait of Clark Woodman]


WOODMAN LINSEED OIL COMPANY. This company was incorporated January 1, 1881, by Clark Woodman, Omaha G. W. Barstow, Oscar H. Whitelaw and Robert L. Whitelaw, of St. Louis, Mo. Capital stock $50,000. Officers, Clark Woodman, pres.; Frank E. Ritchie, sec. and treas. The buildings were erected in 1881 the concern employs thirty men and uses 180,000 bushels of linseed annually. Clark Woodman, president of the company, born in Schuyler County, Ill. He began business life in Chicago, Ill., at eighteen years of age. Was superintendent for Flint & Thompson, elevators, Chicago, Ill., from 1857 to 1867. He came to Omaha, Neb., in the spring of 1867, and was for four years in business as contractor and builder in company with Robert K. Taft. In 1869 they built the Omaha High School Building. In 1872 Mr. Woodman, in company with Henry H. Harris and Robert K. Taft, commenced the manufacture of linseed oil. In 1876 Mr. Harris died, and the firm changed to Taft & Woodman, the business was conducted by them until January 1, 1881, when Mr. Woodman purchased Mr. Taft's interest and organized this company.


HON J. M. WOOLWORTH, attorney-at-law, was born in Onondaga Valley, Onondaga Co., N. Y., in 1829. He received his education at Hamilton College, graduating from that institution in 1849. Was admitted to the bar in New York State in 1854 and practiced in Syracuse until he came to Omaha, October 31, 1856, and has since followed his chosen profession. Was first City Attorney of Omaha, and has been a member of the Legislature for one term and a member of the first Constitutional Convention in 1871. Mr. W. was candidate for Chief Justice on the Democratic ticket in 1873 but was defeated. Is now attorney for the C. B. & Q. Railroad.

E. WYMAN, books, stationery, toys, fancy goods, etc., has been alone since 1874. Then succeeded Wyman & Eberhardt; carries a stock of about $5,000, and the yearly sales aggregate $17,000 to $18,000. Mr. W. was born in Lancaster County, Pa., November 5, 1834; moved to Illinois about 1852, locating in LaSalle County, when he engaged in contracting wagon road building. In 1858 and '59, was engaged in same business in Washington County, Miss., returned to Ottawa, Ill., in the latter year. In August, 1862, he enlisted in Company E., One Hundred and Fourth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and served until mustered out in June, 1865. Came to Nebraska in 1865, locating in Omaha, and in 1866 bought a small business, which was afterward enlarged by Wyman & Eberhardt. He was married in Omaha, June 11, 1871, to Miss Neligh, of Omaha. Mr. W. is a member of the I. O. O. F., Lodge and Encampment, and of the G. A. R.

HENRY W. YATES, cashier of the Nebraska National Bank, was born in Leonard Town, St. Mary's Co., Md., January 1, 1837. When twenty-two years of age, he went to St. Louis, remaining there about one year, and then removed to St. Joseph Mo., and entered the employ of Nave, McCord & Co., wholesale groceries. In the fall of 1861 he removed to Omaha and became bookkeeper in the wholesale grocery house, of the same firm, at this place. In 1862 he returned to St. Joseph again, remaining one year; returning to Omaha in 1863, and entered the employ of the First National Bank as bookkeeper. He afterwards became assistant cashier, and then cashier, which position he held until March 1, of present year, when his resignation of the position took effect, he having previously organized the Nebraska National Bank of Omaha, in conjunction with Mr. A. E. Touzalin, first vice-president of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, S. R. Johnson, of Steele, Johnson & Co., W. V. Morse, of W. V. Morse & Co., John S. Collins, of G. H. & J. S. Collins, Hon. James M. Woolworth, Hon. James W. Savage and many other prominent citizens. The new bank commenced business April 27, 1882, with a paid up capital of $250,000. Mr. Yates was married in Savannah, Mo., in April, 1862, to Eliza B., daughter of G. W. Samuel, now a resident of St. Joseph, Mo. She was born in Columbia, Boone Co., Mo. They have six children, Rebekah Todd, Warren S., Florence T., Bessie B., Jentie P., and Henry W., Jr.

DANIEL YEATES, foreman trimming department Simpson's Carriage Factory, was born and reared in Rockford, Ill., came to Omaha in 1874, and has been connected with the present firm since. Followed his profession four years in Rockford previous to his coming here. In 1881 he was married to Miss Mary C. Rich, who was born in Canada.

A. P. YOUNGBLOOD, firm of Youngblood & Hall, of Atlanta, Ga., brokers and commission merchants, for the sale of dry and salt meats, flour, etc., by the car loads. They handle about 15,000,000 pounds of meat and 25,000 barrels of flour annually. Their business extends into Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Kansas and Nebraska. Mr. Y. was born in Southeast Alabama, at Union Springs, in 1844, March 11, where he lived until he was twenty-five years of age. Then went to LaGrange, Ga., and engaged in the retail trade about three years, leaving there in 1872, and settled in Atlanta, Ga., and began business. Thomas N Hall was born in Troup County, Ga. He was engaged for several years in business, at LaGrange, Ga. He moved to Atlanta, Ga., in 1872, and in company with Mr. Y., began the above business, which has grown into an extensive business, being one of the leading firms in Atlanta, Ga.

EDGAR ZABRISKIE, was born in New York City, in 1840, and went to sea when fifteen years of age; served his apprenticeship and became an officer of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, being for some time paymaster of the company. He enlisted in the Eighth New York Artillery, and served during the time of service. He was wounded once and afterwards went to Port Royal, having charge of the Government dispatch boat, Reindeer. In 1869 he came to Omaha, and was connected with the First National Bank six months. He was with the Union Pacific Railroad in various places for about ten years, and for a year and one-half, was cashier for Steele & Johnson. He has been a member of the present firm since September, 1881.

JOHN ZEHRUNG, jobber of the White Sewing Machine. He established the business in Omaha, in 1878. His average monthly sales are 200 machines. He employs one salesman on the road, also one in the shop. His sales extend in Western Iowa, and the whole of Nebraska. He was born in Delaware County, Ohio. February 15, 1831, where he lived until he was twenty-two years of age. Then went to Toledo, Iowa, and engaged in the mercantile business, from 1853 to 1869, after which he sold out and went to Blair, Neb., and engaged in the drug business four years. Sold out and moved to Lincoln, Neb., where he has since lived. He engaged in the drug business in company with J. H. Harley, continued two years after which he went into the sewing machine business. He was married in Tama County, Iowa, November, 1854, to Miss Mary E. Connell, of Norwich, Conn. They have one son, Frank. He is a member of the Masonic Order of Lincoln, also member of the Congregational Church.


ASHTON CLEMENS, farmer and stockraiser, Section 25, Omaha P. O. Mr. Clemens was born and reared in Pennsylvania and came to Nebraska in 1859 and located here where he has been actively connected with this present industry since. In 1868 he was married to Miss Philicia J. Pickard, who was born in Indiana and reared in Nebraska. They have a family of two sons and two daughters, May, Ashton, Jr., Jessie and Pearl. Mr. Clemens has been an active worker in the development of the social life of his locality since coming here.

JOSEPH FOX, farmer and stockraiser, Section 11, Omaha P. O. Mr. Fox was born in Halifax, Yorkshire, England, in 1820 and came to America in 1848 and followed his profession of boot and shoe making. In 1856 he came to this State and located in Omaha, where he prosecuted his business till 1862 when he received the appointment of United States Assessor, which incumbency he held till 1866, when he took up the present industry which he has actively carried on since. In 1840 he was married to Miss Hannah Smith, who passed away from this life in 1862 and is buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Omaha, leaving a family of two sons and one daughter, Ellen, now Mrs. James Hensman, of Omaha, John W., and Frank E., Mr.. Fox married, in 1866, Mrs. Hannah Clark, who was born and reared in New York State. Mr.. Fox has been an active worker in the development of the social life of his county since coming here. He served his country in the legislative assembly of the State for 1867-68-69. In 1873 he was appointed Receiver of Public Moneys for the State at Grand Island, which incumbency he held till 1877.

JOHN M. SHEELEY, stockraiser and dealer, Omaha P. O., was born and reared in Schuylkill County, Pa. In 1855 he came here and located and began his business as butcher and stock dealer which he has very actively carried on since. In 1854 he was married to Miss Wilhelmina Greenwood, who was born in Maryland and reared in Delaware. They have a family of two sons and four daughters, John W., Walter S., Julia, now Mrs. Lee Schonborn, of Oxford, Iowa, Mary A., Georgiana and Grace. Mr. Sheeley has been an active worker in the development of the social and business life of his locality since coming here.

CHARLES TIETZ, farmer and gardener, Omaha P. O., was born in Prussia in 1845 and came to America in 1869 and settled in Douglas County, Neb., where he has been actively connected with his present business since. In 1865 he was married to Miss Justine Siemen. They have a family of three sons and one daughter, Frank A., Willie C., Ella L. and Charles T. Mr. Tietz has been an active worker in the social and business life of his locality since coming here.

JOHN A. WEAVER, farmer and stockraiser, Section 25, Omaha P. O. Mr. Weaver was born in Stephenson County, Ill., and reared in Iowa. In 1869 he came here and located and has been actively connected with his present industry since. In 1873 he was married to Miss Clara Pickard, who was born in Illinois and reared in Nebraska. They have a family of one son and four daughters. Gertrude, Jennie, Charles, Grace and Rosa. Mr. Weaver is an active worker in the social and public life of his locality.


PATRICK HOCTOR, farmer, Section 9, Omaha P. O., was born in Tipperary, Ireland, in 1822, and came to America in 1849. Settled in Philadelphia where he remained six years. He then removed to Minnesota, where he followed farming till 1875, when he came to Nebraska and settled here. In 1853, he married Miss Julia Kennedy, a native of County Tipperary, Ireland. They have two sons and one daughter, James, Thomas, and Mary.

HIRAM L. PICKARD, merchant and farmer, doing business near Omaha, Nebraska. Mr. P. was born in Onondaga County, State of New York, in 1834. Early in the spring of 1856 he came to Nebraska and has resided here ever since, actively engaged in the agricultural and stock industry of his locality. In 1852 he married Miss Mary A. Jacobs of Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., Ind. She was born and reared in Indiana. They have one son, Lorenzo D. Pickard, born, reared and married in Nebraska. Mr. Pickard has been and still is an active worker in the development of the public and social life of his locality.

JAMES W. PICKARD, deceased, was born and reared in Onondaga County, N. Y. At the age of nineteen he went to Indiana and took up the carpentering profession which he followed in that State, Ohio and Illinois alternately until 1856, when he came here, located and was actively connected with the farming and stockraising industry till his death, which occurred in 1872. He is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, Douglas Precinct. Mr. P. was an active worker in the development of the many industries of his locality, both social and public. He represented his county in the State Legislative Assembly and filled many minor municipal offices. Mrs. Jane Pickard--formerly Scott--was born in Pennsylvania and reared in Indiana. In 1846 she was married to the deceased and shared with him their pioneer life here. She has a family of two sons and two daughters, Philicia, now Mrs. Aston Clemens, Clara, now Mrs. John A. Weaver, Oscar J., married in 1881 to Miss Ethen Bower, Orrin W., married in 1881 to Miss Emma Brock.

JOHN SCHWENCK, farmer and stockraiser, Section 10, Omaha P. O., was born in Germany, province of Holstein, in 1838 and came to America in 1866 and settled in Omaha where he followed the business of painting till 1875 when he located here and has successfully followed his present industry since. In 1867 he married Miss Katie Kanzler, who was born in his native country. They have one son, Charlie. Mr. Schwenck has been an active worker in the general development of his locality since coming here.

BRUNO WAGNER, farmer and stockraiser, Section 14, Omaha P. O., was born in Saxony, Germany, in 1853. In 1871 he came to America and settled in Nebraska in 1874 and located here where he has actively followed his present business since. In 1878 he married Miss Tillie Olsen, who was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1849. Mr. Wagner is an active worker in his industry here.

BALTHAS YETTER, farmer and stockraiser, Section 9, Omaha P. O., was born in Wurtemburg, Germany, in 1851 and came to America in 1871 and settled in Nebraska in 1873. Located here where he has been actively connected with the farming industry since. In 1878 he was married to Miss Bertha Winkler, who was reared in Ozaukee County, Wis. They have a family of two daughters, Emma Katrine, and Anna Pauline.

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