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DEAN F. R. MILLSPAUGH, the popular rector of Trinity Cathedral, was born in Nichols, Tioga Co., N. Y. He is the son of C. M. Millspaugh, of Orange County, and Elvira Rosebrook Millspaugh, of Tompkins County, N. Y. Although the immediate ancestors of the Dean were engaged in mechanical pursuits, the family tree shows a line running on the father's side from Elsie Kimbark, a French Huguenot, back to some of the noblest families of France; and on the other side to a well-known house of Holland. Up to nine years of age he was educated at Ithaca, whence he went to Faribault, Minn., where he entered the parish school of the Bishop Seabury Mission, then under Rev. J. Loyd Breck. Here he received his first direction toward the ministry. In due course he passed to the grammar school, the Shattuck School for boys, the college of the same name, and the Seabury Divinity School, where he graduated in 1873. While in school he was in the habit of walking five miles each Sabbath to a mission school and teaching a Bible class; and while attending the divinity school he was for a year lay reader of St. John's parish, Mentorville, Min. On the 22d of June, 1873, he was ordained to the diaconate of the Episcopal Church by Rt. Rev. Henry P. Whipple, D. D., Bishop of Minnesota, and sent to take charge of Brainard and five out-lying stations on the Northern Pacific Railroad. On June 21, 1874, he was advanced to the priesthood, and given the additional charge of Duluth, Minn. In October, 1876, he was called to the parish of Trinity Cathedral, Omaha, where he was installed October 5 as Dean of the Cathedral, a position he has already held longer than any of his predecessors. In the parish are four missions: St. Philip's (colored), Grace, St. John's and Cass Street; of which all but the last have been organized during this pastorate. Dean Millspaugh married, October 20, 1881, Mary McPherson, a daughter of Rt. Rev. R. A. Clarkson, D. D., LL. D., Bishop of Nebraska. The Dean is a member of the standing committees of the diocese and delegate to the general convention.

D. S. MITCHELL, manager and operator of the Bee Hive Photographic Studio, was born in Hollis, Me., December 14, 1836. At nine years of age he was employed as errand boy in a daguerreotype gallery, and four years later he ran a gallery alone at Portland, Me. He was then employed in a gallery in Boston, Mass., and in various other places until 1856. He then learned the profession of photographing with J. T. Barnes, of New York; was in his employ for two years; was then for twenty years engaged at his profession at various places. He came to Nebraska in 1877, and located in Omaha; he was employed in making views and in general commercial photographing for six months. In September, 1878, the Bee Hive Studio was started in a small portable gallery. In August, 1879, the present building was erected, and seven artists are now employed in the business. Mr. Mitchell has had charge of the business since it commenced.

C. E. MOCKBEE, came to Omaha in 1868 and entered the employ of L. T. Chase, of the California Wine Company, as a clerk. After retaining this position for some years he resigned and entered the employ of the Union Pacific Railroad as a brakeman in 1870. Sometime in 1871 he was made yardmaster at Cheyenne, but soon went on the road again as brakeman. In 1874 he was made a conductor of a freight train, retaining this position until August, 1881, when he was made conductor of express trains, which position he now occupies. In April, 1875, he was married to a daughter of John Dwyer, of Dakota County.

FREDERICK MOEHLE, dealer in guns, rifles, revolvers, watches, jewelry, and musical instruments, at the corner of Farnam and Seventy-first streets was born in Germany, 1846. In 1873 he came to this country and settled in Omaha and engaged in the mercantile business, with which he has been identified ever since. In 1878 he began the present business which he has carried on successfully since. He was married in 1876, and has a family of one son, Frederick H., and one daughter, Hermine.

D. A. MOFFAT, machinist and painter, office 424 N. Sixteenth street, residence 2313 California street, Omaha. He was born at Syracuse, N. Y., in 1827. He learned his trade of blacksmith and machinist with his father, who was a carriage and wagon manufacturer, beginning when quite young. He afterward learned the trade of carriage painter. He came to Omaha in 1868 working in the U. P. R. R. shops until 1877, when he opened a carriage and wagon shop, employing three hands in the painting department. Since coming to Omaha he married Mrs. Myra Hill. They have two children--Minnie and Eugene. Prior to coming to Omaha he went to Birkenhead, Eng., being the first American machinist employed in that place. He was also with the Gen. Walker expedition to Nicaraugua, remaining there five years. He was employed as a detective for seven years in the Post office Department, traveling during this time through many States of the Union.

DR. GILBERT C. MONELL, deceased, was born in Montgomery, Orange Co., N. Y., in the year 1816. He there received an academic education and prepared himself for college. After graduating at Union College, he went to Newburgh, Orange Co. N. Y., where his parents then resided, and immediately commenced the study of medicine, which was completed after a brief episode in mercantile pursuits for which he had no taste, medicine having been his chosen and favorite profession when quite a lad. After an unusually arduous and successful practice of several years' duration, finding rest and recuperation needful he retired from professional pursuits and removed to Omaha, Neb., in the year 1857, intending, after a brief residence in that place to return to New York. Business complications detained him from year to year until finally he made Omaha his home from choice. Being of an active, energetic and enterprising character, he soon became intimately associated with all of the movements calculated to develop the resources of Omaha and of Nebraska. He was among the first and most active in organizing the Republican party in Omaha and Nebraska and was largely instrumental in starting the first Republican newspaper in that city, contributing alike to its columns and its finances. Rigidly and uncompromisingly honest in private life, he was ever a stern, unflinching opponent of dishonesty and corruption in public life. Every sound and practical enterprise tending to promote the growth of Omaha or Nebraska received from him active and liberal support alike with voice and pen and purse, and all appeals to him in behalf of private or public charity, met with prompt and liberal response. Avoiding public office as much as possible, he was nevertheless, elected to and filled several positions of trust and responsibility in the city government, with credit to himself and his constituents. He was one of the founders, and for some time one of the proprietors of the Rocky Mountain News, the first paper started in Colorado. He was active in promoting the organization of the Nebraska Institute for the Deaf and Dumb, located in Omaha, and during the first two or three years of its existence, was its principal manager. He was one of the incorporators of the U. P. R. R. Company and took great interest in its development. During his later years he retired from business to gratify his life long fondness for literary pursuits, devoting himself especially to scientific investigations and to studying the history and theory of religions both ancient and modern. The relation between science and religion was to him a subject of great interest to which he devoted much time, careful study and profound research. From the notes and memoranda made during these investigations he prepared two works on the relationship between science and theology and science and the Bible, and another seeking to define the extent to which the Bible is a work of divine inspiration. He was about to commence a final revision of these works previous to publication, when, during a summer tour for rest and recreation, he suddenly became ill, while visiting relatives in Detroit, Mich., and died there on the 29th of September, 1881. The results of his years of study and research will be preserved however. One of the works entitled "Creation and the Bible" is now in press and others will soon follow.

CARROLL S. MONTGOMERY, attorney at law, came to Lincoln, October 20, 1873, and engaged in practice there. In 1879 he moved to Omaha, where he entered into partnership with Lewis A. Groff and has since resided. He was born at Juneau, Dodge Co., Wis., July 25, 1851. Was educated at the University of Wisconsin and graduated from the literary department of that institution in 1872 and from the law department in 1873. He was married at Darlington, Wis., May 25, 1875, to Martha A. Gray, daughter of H. H. Gray, and a native of Darlington. They have two children, Charles Carroll and Milton Gray. Mr. M. is a very active member of the Episcopal Church, and of the Democratic party which he has always supported.

F. M. MOORE, R. P. O. clerk, Railway Mail Service, was born in Butler County, Ohio, September 16, 1847. Enlisted February 12, 1862, in Company G, Sixty-second Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Re-enlisted February 1, 1864, at which time the Sixty-second was veteranized. He served until mustered out in December, 1865. Was wounded in the charge on Fort Wagner, also at Deep Bottom, Virginia. He had three brothers engaged in the war, two being killed. Mr. M. is a member of the G. A. R., of Omaha.

RICHARD C. MOORE, M. D., was born in Quincy, Ill. November 25, 1841. He received a collegiate education at St. Paul's College, Palmyra, Mo., and graduated from the Chicago Medical College, Class of 1865. In the fall of this year he located in Omaha and has continued in active practice in that city up to the present time. During the years 1863 and 1864, between lecture terms, he occupied the position of Acting Assistant Surgeon U. S. A., serving most of the time on the hospital steamer D. A. January. He is a member of the Nebraska State Medical Society and Omaha Pathological Society, and has been for the four years past, treasurer of the former and is now President of the latter. In 1880 he assisted in organizing the Nebraska School of Medicine, and in the following spring took a prominent part in establishing the Omaha Medical College, accepting in this institution the chair of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. He was City Physician of Omaha from 1876 to 1879. He is a member of the Board of Examining Surgeons for pensions. He was married at Quincy, Ill., to Eliza B. Bushnell, a native of Connecticut. They have three children, Mary S., Helen B., and Lydia G.

WILLIAM H. MORAN, shipping clerk with Iler & Co., Omaha.

G. V. MORFORD, superintendent of the Nebraska Division of the C. St. P. M. & O. R. R., was born in New York City, January 19, 1834. From March, 1853, until November 1875, he was connected as a conductor and officer of the following railroads: New York & Erie and Atlantic & Great Western, Union Pacific, Morris & Essex, Toledo & Wabash, and Long Island. From 1875 to January, 1881, he was an officer of the New York Elevated Railroad Company. In 1881 he was made special agent for the C, St. P. M. & O R. R., at St. Paul, and in June, of same year, was made division superintendent of same road, at Omaha. Is a member of Ivy Lodge, No. 397, A., F. & A. M., of Elmira, N. Y. Married Miss Abbie Simpson, of Franklin Furnace, Sussex Co., N. J., January 28, 1858. She died October 31, 1867 at Omaha, leaving three children, two now living, Leila, now Mrs. F. R. Hall, of New York City, and Harry, and Grace, now dead. He then married Miss Emma E. Lozear, of Hackettstown, N. J. They had one child, Jerome F. now dead.

G. N. MORGAN, ticket broker, was born in Litchfield County, Conn., in 1846. In 1868 he settled in Omaha, Neb., and for two years was engaged as salesman in a mercantile establishment. Returned to Connecticut in 1871, and finally settled in Omaha in 1881. Mr. M. is a member of the A., F. & A. M.

EDWARD MORONY, commission merchant, came to Omaha in the fall of 1869. He engaged in the grocery business until 1875, when he commenced a general commission business, which he has since continued. He has consignments from Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio and Nebraska, and ships largely to the Western States and Territories. He is doing a business three times as large as when he commenced the commission trade. Many new houses have been started since he began, and probably the entire commission trade of Omaha is five of six times as great as it was in 1875. Mr. M. was born in County Clare, Ireland, in 1835, and came to America in 1863. He lived a short time in New York and Brooklyn, and went to South Carolina during the war in the Quartermaster department. Afterwards for a short time he lived at Leavenworth, Kan., prior to settling at Omaha. He was married in Omaha, February 22, 1870, to Isabella W. Swart, a native of London, Canada. They have four children--Lois Edward, Lionel Gratiot, Ellen Louise and Frederick A. Mr. M. is one of the founders and original promoters of the Board of Trade, and was for a year and a half secretary of the Executive Committee.

JOHN MORRELL, United States Government gauger, Iler & Co.'s, was born in Cornish, York Co., Maine, September 9, 1839. Left home January 2, 1864 for Johnstown, Pa. to take charge of the Cambria Iron Company's lumber business. Mr. Morrell was sent to Mineral Point, some six miles east of Johnstown on the Pennsylvania Central Railroad. Here he erected lumber mills and carried on a successful lumber business, and building up quite a village. Was appointed Postmaster under President Lincoln, and held the office until 1868, when he removed to Nebraska, arriving in Omaha, February 15, 1868, he commenced the manufacture of soaps, in which he continued until 1876. Was appointed to present position June 1876. Mr. Morrell's first wife was Ruth Hunt, of Johnstown, Pa., whom he married at Blairsville, Indiana Co., Penn., March 14, 1867. She died in Omaha in 1871, leaving two children--Oliver P. And Lizzie H. Was married to his present wife, Florence Ostrom, of Chautauqua County, N. Y., February 29, 1872. They have three children--Lulu G., John W. and Bertha. Mr. M. is a member of the Methodist Church and of the Royal Arcanum Society.

DAVID W. MORRISON, machinist and engineer, Nail Works, corner Sixteenth and Union Pacific Railroad, on Bellevue road, five miles south of Omaha. He was born in Wheeling, West Va., April 25, 1835. He began his trade in 1852 and has followed it almost continuously since. He lived in Wheeling till 1854, working in the shops and on the steamers on the Ohio. In that year he married Miss Margaret Stillwagon. Their children are four boys and three girls. In 1854 he went to St. Lois and pursued his avocation until 1863, when he came to Omaha, where for twelve years, he was employed on the ferry boat. Since that time he has been employed on steamers and in the Smelting Works and has been employed at the Nail Works since it was started.

JOHN G. MORSE, superintendent of the Telephone Exchange, Omaha, was born in Bath, Maine, in 1849, where he lived until 1868, when he emigrated to Nebraska, where he was employed by J. J. Dickey, superintendent of telegraph line in Nebraska, as line man, which position he filled for nine years, and was located throughout the State. In 1876 he accepted his present position, and also superintends the construction of telephone wires. Was married in 1876, at Laramie, to Miss Mary A. Davis. They have three children--Lillie May, Cora Belle, and Lottie B.

J. W. MORSE, general passenger agent of the U. P. R. R., was born in Panama, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., February 21, 1837. From 1853 to 1856 he was employed in telegraphing in the city of New York. In the fall of 1856 he became connected with C. & M. R. R., where he remained until 1861 when he came to Council Bluffs Iowa, as builder and superintendent of the first telegraph line across the State of Iowa. Subsequently being engaged in the express, steamboat and railway business for seven or eight years, after which time he was general agent for the C., B. & R. R. R. in Council Bluffs and Omaha, and so continued until 1876 when he moved to Chicago and then represented the N. P. R. R. for one year and the U. P. R. R. three years. In 1880 he was promoted to his present position. He is a member of the Masonic order. He was married in Portage County, Ohio, in 1863, and has three children Emma C., Bessie C. and Mamie S.

L. V. MORSE, Omaha, Neb., fancy groceries, commenced business in 1870, succeeding Morse & Moore. He carries a stock of $4,000 to $6,000 and does a business of $30,000 to $35,000. He was born in Attleboro, Bristol Co., Mass., June 28, 1838. He graduated at the Normal School of Bridgewater, Mass. He taught school and then learned the jewelers' trade at Attleboro. In 1857 he went to McMinnville, Tenn., and engaged in the dry goods business, clerking for a few months for Coffee & Colville, then entered into business under the firm name of Coffee, Morse & Co., dry goods, receiving and forwarding freight and passengers to and from Beersheba Springs, Tenn. On the breaking out of the late war, he was driven into the Southern army. He escaped in 1861, returning to Boston with a loss of $20,000 and a business of $80,000 a year. He opened an antiquarian book store, the firm being Williard, Small & Co., opposite "Old South" Church, Boston. He sold out in 1863 to the well-known firm of Lee & Shepard, and engaged in business for the Erie R. R. Co. He was in the oil regions in 1865 with a sale partly consummated for $140,000 worth of oil territory. The great freshet destroyed the oil wells on Oil Creek, reduced oil stocks and broke up the sale of oil lands. He opened a drug store in Pleasantville, Pa., firm of Morse & Chick, where he remained until 1867 when he removed to Nebraska, settled in Omaha and engaged in the fancy grocery business, firm of Morse & Hanchett, succeeded by Morse & Moore. He was married in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Mass., March 2, 1857, to Miss Kate Lee. She was born in Boston. They have two children, Annie and Kittie.

S. P. MORSE & CO. commenced the dry goods business April, 1877. The business is now about ten times as great as when first started, now occupying a space of 20,000 square feet, and doing a strictly retail business. Mr. S. P. Morse is a native of Massachusetts and came to Omaha in 1877. He is twenty-eight years old and went to school in his youth.

W. V. MORSE, wholesale boot and shoe dealer, came to Omaha in 1869 and has been engaged in this line ever since.

E. M. MORSEMAN, general manager, Pacific Express Company.

ANDREW MOYER, planing mill and sash, door and blind factory, was born in Orleans County, N. Y., in 1831, and at ten years of age moved to Seneca County N. Y., with his parents. He was for several years engaged in running a boat on the Erie Canal. At the age of twenty-four years he went to Rockford, Ill., and was engaged as an engineer and repairer until he came to Nebraska in March, 1868, locating in Omaha, and acted as agent for the La Point & Derwent sash and door manufacturers, Rockford, Ill, for four years. He then purchased an interest in the concern and represented the firm here for three years longer. In 1875 Mr. Moyer built his present mill and has conducted it since. At the start he only employed five men; his force is now twenty-five and he uses over 100,000 feet of lumber per year in the manufacture of doors, blinds, etc.

MICHAEL MULLIGAN, locomotive engineer, U. P. R. R., was born in Ireland in 1848, and came to America in 1864. He resided in the State of Illinois for several years, was for two years in the employ of the B & M R. R. Co. He came to Omaha, Neb., in 1869 and was employed by that company in various capacities. He was appointed locomotive engineer in 1871 and was engaged in that capacity until 1879 when he entered the employ of the U. P R. R. Co. as a fireman--was engaged in that capacity a very short time--then cleaning engines, etc., until December, 1881, when he was appointed locomotive engineer. He was married at Plattsmouth, Neb., in 1871, to Mary Kilkinney, a native of Ireland. They have four children, Mary E., James, Kate and Agnes.

J. A. MUNROE, general agent of the C., St. P., M. & O. R. R., is a native of Massachusetts and was born in Bradford, August 18, 1853. In 1873 he became clerk in the general freight and ticket department of the G. B. & M. R. R., at Green Bay, Wis., and continued as such up to 1876 when he was made chief clerk to the general freight agent up to 1878 when he was appointed assistant general freight agent, and then general freight agent until June 8, 1881, when he resigned to take his present position of general agent at his present location at Omaha.

HON. FRANK MURPHY, president of the Nebraska State Bank, was born near Wheeling, W. Va., in July, 1843. He resided in Illinois, Iowa, and Pennsylvania, previous to coming to Omaha. He received his education in Pittsburgh, Pa., and removed to Omaha in the fall of 1857. He was Deputy County Treasurer for four years, and was then engaged in the local fire insurance business, and from 1867 to 1872 in the transfer business. He was one of the incorporators of the Nebraska State Bank, and is now president of that institution as well as president of the gas company. He was County Recorder for one term; City Treasurer for two terms and has been a member of the House of Representatives.

MARTIN T. MURPHY, contractor and builder, was born in Ireland in 1849. He came to America in 1850, learned the trade of a carpenter at Scranton, Pa., was engaged for a year in contracting and building at Dunmore, Pa. He was employed as a carpenter and builder in various places until he came to Nebraska, April 22, 1877. He located at Omaha, and was employed for a year at his trade. In 1878 he commenced in his present business and has carried it on since. He built two parochial schools, and some of the leading business houses. He contracts for the completion of buildings throughout. Mr. Murphy was married in Archibald, Pa., in 1876 to Margaret Carroll, a native of that place. They have two children Edward and John.

WILLIAM B. MUSSER, foreman of finishing department A. Moyer's planing mill, was born in Harrisburg, Pa., in 1825. At the age of fifteen years learned trade of millwright, serving an apprenticeship of four years. Was then engaged as a millwright throughout the State of Pennsylvania until the fall of 1847, when he went to the Isthmus of Panama and was for two years in the employ of the P. R. R. Co. Returning to Harrisburg, Pa., in 1849, was for five years engaged in planing mill. From 1855 carried on a planing mill in company with others, until the latter part of 1861. In fall of 1862 enlisted in One Hundred and Thirty-sixth Pennsylvania Volunteers, served nine months, during which time he lost an eye, re-enlisted in Two Hundred and First Pennsylvania Volunteers as Corporal, and served until June, 1865. Was then superintendent of planing mill at Pittsburgh, Pa., for three years, then for five years in same capacity at Allegheny City, Pa., and in Chicago, Ill., for three years. He came to Nebraska in 1877, located at Omaha and entered upon his present duties.

LOUIS N. NACHTIGALL, manufacturer of cigars, was born in Germany in 1836. Learned trade of cigar maker in that country. He came to America in 1868, and was employed as a journeyman cigar maker in the Eastern States until he came to Nebraska in January, 1873. Located in Omaha and worked at his trade until June, 1873, when he commenced present business and has been engaged conducting the same since. He employs four men, manufacturing 150,000 cigars per annum. Mr. Nachtigall was married in Germany in 1868 to Dorothea Stolle, a native of that country. They have two children, Dora and Augusta.

F. A. NASH, car accountant Union Pacific R. R., is a native of Ohio and was born in Akron April 27, 1848. When sixteen years of age he became engaged as a clerk in the oil regions of Pennsylvania and was such for three years. In 1867 came to Omaha and at once became connected with the Union Pacific R. R., first as a brakeman, then as a conductor, then as a station agent up to 1877, when he was made private secretary to general superintendent J. T. Clark, which position he still holds and also in addition that of car accountant. He married Miss Elina Barbeau, of Canada East, Province of Quebec.

Dr. A. W. NASON, dentist, was born at French Creek, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., July 17, 1849. Removed with his parents to Girard, Pa., when seven years of age. When about thirteen years of age he removed to Illinois. Graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery, and commenced practice in Philadelphia in 1867, and subsequently in Mount Carroll, Ill. Came to Nebraska and located at Omaha in the fall of 1874. Was married in Omaha in October, 1878, to Jennie V. Barney. She is a native of New York. The Doctor is a member of the Standard Club, Pleasant Hours Club, and the Nebraska State Dental Association, and was president of the Association in 1880.

WILLIAM NECKEL, market garden, Eighteenth street, Omaha. Mr. Neckel was born in Germany 1821, May 3. In 1857 he came to Dubuque, Iowa, and engaged at work in the lumber business, during which time he went into the military service of the U. S. in the commissary department. In 1869 he came here and soon after went into the present business, which he has carried on since. He has a family of one son and two daughters by his first wife, Wilhelmina, Augusta and William. He married for the third time Elizabeth Cilian, who was born in Bohemia 1839.

J. J. NELIGH, superintendent of the Western Detective Agency, was born in Lehigh County, Pa., June 17, 1845. When but twelve years of age he came with his parent to Nebraska and located in Omaha, finishing his studies and learned the carpenter's trade. Later his bold, energetic, and daring disposition led him to engage as Indian scout under Capt. John R. Porter, and his services were invaluable to that officer. In 1869 the Union Pacific R. R. engaged his services as detective, and for many years he served in similar positions with the Kansas Pacific and Missouri, Kansas & Texas railways. He established the Western Detective Agency in 1875, since which time its business has rapidly grown from small to large proportions, and the "eagle-eyed detective," as he is popularly known, together with his bold company of twelve men, have executed the most dangerous and difficult commissions, with a degree of heroism, resolution, endurance and skillful management which can not be surpassed in the annals of criminal detection.

JAMES NEVILLE, M. D., physician and surgeon, came to Omaha in 1875, and has been in practice here since. He is a native of Nashville, Washington Co., Ill., having been born September 19, 1840. His father moved with the family to Chester, Ill., in 1851. He was employed in the drug business from his fifteenth to eighteenth year. He then attended McKendree College located at Lebanon, Ill., about two years and a half, until the beginning of the late Rebellion. He enlisted in May, 1861, in the First Missouri Volunteer Infantry, serving three months, then re-enlisted in the Fifth Illinois Cavalry, serving over three years. He was mustered out as regimental Quartermaster Sergeant. On leaving the army he returned to McKendree College, where he pursued his studies to his senior classical year. Then returned to Chester, Ill, read medicine with Drs. Gordon and Pollock, and graduated at the St. Louis Medical College in the spring of 1874. He practiced his profession at Chester, Ill, until he came to Omaha. He is a member of the Omaha Medical Society, attending physician and surgeon St. Joseph's hospital the past six years. He was married at Chester in June, 1879, to Mary E. Petford. They have an infant daughter. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., G. A. R., K. of H., and R. A. Dr. Neville was County Coroner of Douglas County from 1876 to 1878, term of two years.

JOHN W. NICHOLS, foreman of the Woodman Linseed Oil Company, Omaha, is a native of Pennsylvania and came to Nebraska in 1867 and has been successfully connected with the present business since organization, 1870; born in 1839 and in 1860 he was married to Miss Sarah E. Dearborn in Pennsylvania. The family are Herbert Arthur, Warren Carson, Estella May, Florence Pearl, Harry Walter and Bertha. In 1862 Mr. Nichols enlisted in the One Hundred and Fiftieth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry and remained in the service till the end of the war; was honorably discharged. His regiment was in Lincoln's body guard and he assisted in carrying the wounded President at the time of his assassination.

P. J. NICHOLS, division superintendent, Union Pacific Railroad. Was born in Chenango County, N. Y., in 1830. He first commenced his railroad life in 1851, in Pennsylvania on the construction of the Williamsport & Elmira Railway. On the completion of the road he engaged in braking and shortly afterward was given a train. Mr. Nichols has since that time been actively engaged in his profession with the exception of about eighteen months, during which time he was engaged in coal business in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has been conductor on many of the Eastern roads, was four years on the Allentown line, some time on the Ohio & Mississippi and others. Came to Nebraska in 1871 and became connected with the Union Pacific Railroad, his first position being yard master at Omaha. About eighteen months afterward was appointed Division Superintendent of the Cheyenne Division with headquarters at Cheyenne. His next position was Superintendent of the Eastern Division with headquarters at Omaha, then removed to Denver, where for about ten months he had charge of the Colorado Central R. R. Was appointed superintendent of all the Eastern Divisions, a position he still retains. Mr. Nichols is a member of A., F. & A. M., Blue Lodge of Williamsport, Penn., Chapter and Commandery at Easton, Penn.; also a member of the "Rite of Memphis" of Pennsylvania.

THOMAS NICKEL, stock dealer, 2821 Cuming Street, Omaha. He was born in Morgan County, Ky., in 1827. Living there till 1854, holding the office of Constable and Collector for four years. He was married October 30, 1854, to Miss Sarah Harmon, who died in 1864, leaving two sons. In 1854 moved to Tazewell County, Va., where he lived till 1864. During seven years of this time he held the office of Constable and Collector and Deputy Sheriff, of Tazewell County. He came to Omaha in 1864, and began dealing in live stock very largely, following the business still three years ago, since which time he has kept a large stock and feed yard. In November, 1868, he married Miss Rachel N. Horn. They have four children.

S. NIELSEN, proprietor of the Scandinavian Hotel, near Union Pacific depot, contains twenty rooms, can accommodate forty guests. He moved in hotel in August, 1881. He was born in Denmark, October 11, 1833. He was married in the latter country October, 1861, to Metta M. Thue. She was born in Denmark, September 15, 1836. They have four children named, Carry, Metta, Niels, and Mattese A. Mr. Nielson was a member of the Danish army and served eighteen weeks, during the war between Denmark and Germany in 1864.

VALENTINE NOCK, contractor and builder, born in Germany in 1843. He learned trade of carpenter there and was employed at it some years. Came to America in 1865 and was employed at his trade in the States of New York and Texas. Came to Nebraska in 1869, located in Omaha, was employed as a carpenter for four years. Since then he has been engaged in contracting and building; built some of the prominent business blocks of the city; employs ten men. He was married in Omaha in 1869 to Susan Schank, native of Maryland. They have two children, Valentine and Joseph.

PAUL NINDEL, (Nindel & Krelle) was born in Germany October 8, 1848, and came to America in May, 1880. He was a hatter in Europe and served thirteen years at the business before he came to this country. He was married in Germany in June, 1879, to Clara Milduer, a native of Germany. They have one child, Paul.

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