Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska
Douglas County
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City of Omaha 21


EDMOND M. BARTLETT, was born in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, April 8, 1849, Removed with his parents to Monroe, Wis., and received his preliminary education at the Monroe high school. Then commenced reading law under Judge Dunwiddie, and in 1870 was admitted to the bar and formed a partnership with Judge D. his former law preceptor. In 1873 he went to Albany, N. Y., to enter the Albany Law School, graduating therefrom in 1874. Then formed a partnership for the practice of law in Albany with the Hon. A. J. Colvin, Mr. Colvin was a prominent politician. Was president of the N. Y. State Senate at one time. This firm continued until 1878, in which year he moved to Omaha. Neb., and continued the practice of the law. Mr. Bartlett was married in Albany, N. Y. in September, 1875, to Miss Lida L. Filkins, a niece of Morgan Filkins, a prominent politician and at one time postmaster at Albany. They have one child living, May L. One child, Grace R., died in Albany N. Y. Mr. Bartlett was a member of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Sessions of the Nebraska Legislature from Douglas County. Was chairman of the Republican City Central Committee. Is a member of the A., F & A. M., and the K. of H., and is Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Nebraska.

W. R. BARTLETT came to Omaha in 1866 and has been engaged in real estate and abstracting most of the time since. He was born in Greene Township, Trumbull Co., Ohio, July 10, 1828, and located at Saginaw, Mich., in 1855. In 1857 he established the Tuscola County Pioneer and ran it eight years. He also carried on a mercantile business for three years. He was also the postmaster and U. S. Assessor, and from 1857 to 1859 served in the Michigan Legislature. He was a member or the Nebraska Legislature in 1873 and 1874. For five years he was Deputy U. S. Revenue Collector and carried on his real estate business most of that time. He was married in Greene, Ohio, May 1, 1848, to Sarah F. Towne, a native of Maine. They have had two children, William W., attorney at Omaha, and Huron G., died June 18, 1867, aged thirteen and a half years.

WILLIAM W. BARTLETT, attorney at law, was born in Vassar, Mich., September 22, 1860. He read law in Michigan and Omaha and was admitted to the bar in the District Court, June 15, 1880. Since then he has been admitted to the U. S. Courts and the State Supreme Court. He was married at Omaha, February 22, 1881, to Rosalind Wiese, a native of St. Petersburg, Russia.

HENRY BASWITZ, firm of Baswitz & Wells, dealer in a general line, boots and shoes, Opera Building. Mr. B. first began alone in February, 1881, but took in Mr. H. M. Wells, as partner, May 15, 1881. Mr. B. Was born in New York City, May 20, 1852. His parents lived there a short time and moved to Baltimore, Md., where he lived until he came to Omaha in 1875. He first clerked in a clothing store, and has since continued in same. Mr. B. is a member of the K. S. B., a mutual insurance society.

HENRY BATDORF, dairyman, on Burt street, Lowe's addition. Residence on Montana street in Nelson's addition, Omaha. He established his present business in 1872, beginning with one cow. He now has twenty-four head, selling fifty gallons of milk per day. He employs one hand, one wagon and one team. He does a large retail business. He was born in Berks County, Penn., in September, 1841. His parents moved to Lebanon County when he was young. He remained there till 1867 when he came to Omaha. He followed various pursuits till he began the dairy business. In 1866 he married Miss Lovena Thompson, They have six children. He has a good improved farm of 160 acres of land six miles west of Omaha, Also some good property in the city of Omaha.

JOHN W. BATTEN, shipping clerk and foreman of F. D. Cooper, agricultural implements, Omaha. Was born and reared in Wisconsin. In 1871 he came to Nebraska and has been connected with its industries since. Has been engaged with the present firm for six years. In 1879, January 20, he was married to Miss Martha Jane Shade.

MRS. J. BAUMANN, proprietor of the Columbia brewery, which was erected by her means in 1878. It is a large brick structure. The malt house in connection was built in 1879 and engine house in 1880. She employs twelve men. They used 16,000 bushels of barley in 1880. Her husband, Mr. Joseph Baumann, settled in Omaha in 1858 and first began the brewery business in company with another party but soon bought the entire business. He built a wooden brewery on the same grounds where now stands the present building, in 1863. Mrs. B. Was born in Prussia, September 27, 1836, and emigrated to America in 1860. Mr. B. Was born in Wurtemberg Germany, in 1823 and emigrated to America in 1857. They were married in Omaha May 12, 1863. Her maiden name was Wilhelmine Mertene. They have three children, named Minnie C., Augusta M., and Otto J. Mrs. B. is a member of the Lutheran Church.

ANTON BAUMEISTER, proprietor Northwestern Marble Works, 1242 W. Eighteenth street, Omaha. Mr. Baumeister keeps a fine stock of monuments, tombstones, and mantels. His motto is good work and reasonable terms. Orders by mail attended to with dispatch. He is a native of Germany, born in 1854, and came to this country in 1867, and settled in Omaha in 1869, where he subsequently opened the present business which he has very successfully conducted since; was married in 1880 to Miss Theresa Mailander, who was born in Peru, Ill.

JOHN BAUMER was born in Munster, Westphalia, June 21, 1840. In August, 1866, they landed in America; spent five months in New York, and a like time In Philadelphia, serving as watchmaker. In May, 1867, he came to Omaha where he established himself in the jewelry business in which trade he is still engaged at No. 1314 Farnam street. He was married at Omaha January 7, 1869, to Josephine Granacher, a native of Baden, Germany. They have four children living, Sophia, Bertha, Maria and Wilhelmina. Two, Joseph and Christopher, have died. Mr. Baumer was elected City Treasurer but on account of a contested election he was excluded from the duties of the position. In 1874 he was elected a member of the Eleventh Session of the State Legislature. In November, 1881, he was chosen County Clerk for Douglas County, which office he now fills. He is a member of the Mænerchor Singing Society, Jewelers' League and Fire Department. He is a brother of the late W. M. Baumer, Colonel of the First Nebraska Regiment, and of the late Dr. Theodore L. Baumer, of Omaha.

J. P. BAY, general foreman of the machine shops Union Pacific R. R., was born in Iowa City, Iowa, February 4, 1853. He remained upon a farm up to his coming to Nebraska in 1868. He first learned the trade of machinist in the shops of the Union Pacific R. R. for four years, then went to Halisville, Texas, on the Texas Pacific R. R.; then to Whistler, Ala., in the shops of the Mobile & Ohio R. R.; then to Moberly, Mo., on the North Missouri R. R. In 1874 returned to Union Pacific R. R. at Omaha and worked in the locomotive shop as machinist for two years, then as night foreman, then as gang boss and in April, 1881, was promoted to his present position. Is a member of I. O. O. F. of Omaha. Married Miss Mary Bush, of Canada, September 1, 1872. She died March, 1881, leaving three children, Blanche, William W. And Frank H.

SAMUEL DEWITT BEALS, professional teacher, was born at Greene, Chenango Co., N. Y., in January 1826, was educated at Oxford and Norwich academies, New York, and on account of ill health finished his studies under private tutors; entered upon his duties as teacher at Greene, N. Y., in 1852, came to Nebraska April 5, 1861, located at Omaha, opened a private school April 23, 1861, and conducted the same up to June 1867; was appointed clerk in the Secretary of State's office, and Librarian in 1867, filling both offices for two years; also appointed in 1868, private secretary to David Butler, first Governor of the State, which office he held for one year; February 25, 1869, was appointed the first State Superintendent of Public Schools, filled this office for two years; in 1871-72 he organized the schools of Omaha under the present graded system, then was principal of the Omaha Pacific st. school for a year; in October, 1873, was elected Superintendent of Public Schools for Douglas County, Neb., and he resigned that position August 1, 1874, having been elected in July previous Superintendent of Public Schools of Omaha, which office he held until August 1, 1880; was then principal of the Central school, Omaha, for nearly a year, and since then has not been actively engaged in educational work. Married at Greene, N. Y. In 1847, to Grace E. Williams, native of that place; they had two children, both deceased.

SAMUEL BEAN, of the firm of Orchard & Bean, wholesale and retail carpet dealers, was born at Petersburg, W. Va., Oct. 1, 1840; came to Omaha from there in the spring of 1866, and was engaged in the wholesale grocery establishment of Megeath, Whitney & Co., for about two years; he then engaged in the retail grocery trade, which he continued until 1875; in 1876 he engaged in his present business; he had an interest in flour and grain establishment at Cheyenne for three years. Was married February 4, 1869, in Frederick City, Md., to Mary E. Mantz, a native of that place. Is now a director of the State Bank of Nebraska and a member of the A., F. & A. M.

G. W. BEARD & SON, florists and ice cream parlors, 819 N. Nineteenth street, Omaha. Mr. Beard, sr., is a native of Indiana; although having studied for the professions of law and medicine, he adopted that of portrait painting, which he graduated in, and followed it for thirty years. In 1861 he came to Omaha and subsequently opened out the present business which he has successfully conducted since. D. P., the son, was born in Ohio, 1848, and removed to this place with his father, and on obtaining his majority joined him in the business, to which he attaches in the business of instruction upon the guitar, which he has successfully taught for the last ten years. Mrs. G. W. Beard was Miss Martha Reed, who was born in Pennsylvania. Married in Indiana, 1840. Their family consists of one son and five daughters.

JOHN BEATTY, jr., with Reed, Jones & Co., resident salesman at Ogden, Utah, native of Illinois; came to Nebraska in 1872 and has been actively connected with the business industries of the State ever since.

J. T. BEATTY, groceries and provisions, succeeded in the firm of Beatty & Co., in 1881, carries a stock of about $2,000. Mr. B. was born in Fairfield County, Ohio, July 11, 1846 removed to Louisa County, Iowa, with his parents in 1856; in 1864 he went into railroading in Iowa; he enlisted in 1864 in Company A, Forty-Fifth Iowa Volunteers, 100 days' service, and was mustered out at expiration of service; removed to Nebraska in 1871, located in Plattsmouth and engaged as conductor on the B. & M. R. R., remaining with this company until 1878, and then took a train on the U. P. R. R. He was married to Miss Emma Brown; they have one child, a son--J. Ray Beatty. Mr. B. is a member of the A., F. & A. M., Lodge, Chapter and Commandery, and of the Conductors Brotherhood.

HENRY BECHTEL, proprietor Fort Omaha House, erected in 1871, can accommodate thirty guests; began business in 1875, having located about that time. He was born in Wayne Co., Ohio, February 14, 1850, living in his native place until he was seventeen years of age, when he went West and has since made his home in that country. He enlisted in Company F, Fourth Regular Infantry, in May, 1869, and participated in an Indian fight near Fort Fetterman, Wyoming Territory. He was honorably discharged in May, 1874. Was married in July, 1876, to Miss Julia Cusick, who is a native of Ireland. They have a daughter--Maggie.

WM. F. BECHEL, auditor Pacific Express Co., was born in Canton, Ohio, February 27, 1841; in 1848 he removed to Akron, Ohio, with his parents; he was educated at Hiram Institute, at Hiram, Ohio--Garfield, our late President, being at that time professor in the college; in 1861 he enlisted in Company C, One Hundred and Seventh Ohio Volunteer Infantry, holding a commission as Second Lieutenant of this company, and served until 1862; in same year became connected with the Union Express Co., at Akron, Ohio, afterwards removed to Chicago, where he remained until 1868, in same business, then took a position as cashier of Wells, Fargo & Co. Express at Sacramento, Cal.; in 1870 removed to Kansas City, Mo., in the service of same company, holding the position of private secretary to Mr. Cooper, the superintendent; In 1875 he was appointed auditor of Kansas Pacific R. R. Express, and in 1878 came to Omaha in the service of same company; November. 1, 1879, the present company was formed under the laws of the State of Nebraska, and Mr. B. was appointed auditor of the company. He was married in Cincinnati, Ohio, March 12, 1873, to Miss Lucy A. Hainsworth, of Newport, Ky. They have three children--Mary Elizabeth, Lucy Hainsworth and William F., jr. Mr. B. is a member of the A., F. & A. M., Blue Lodge and Chapter, and of the G. A. R., G. A. Curtis of Omaha.

JOSEPH BECKMAN, manufacturer and dealer in cigars; born in Germany in 1850; came to America in 1868; learned trade of cigarmaker at Cincinnati and was employed at it some two years, then in different parts of the State of Wisconsin until December 13, 1871; then came to Nebraska, located at Nebraska City and was employed there six months as a cigarmaker; came to Omaha in 1872, was employed as cigarmaker until February, 1875, when he commenced present business, and has continued it since; manufactures about 400,000 cigars per annum; employs ten hands. Married at Omaha in fall of 1875 to Ida Kleffner, native of Dubuque, Iowa. They have two children--Antoinette and Josephine.

S. S. BEEBE, clerk, R. P. O., railroad mail service; was born in Rome, Oneida Co., N. Y., August 25, 1847; received his education in Brooklyn; went to sea in 1862, taking a trip around Cape Horn, returning in 1863. After visiting various parts of the United States he settled in Nebraska in 1874, locating a homestead in Kearny County. Appointed to his present position in June, 1880.

JOHN BEISHLAG, meat market, 1906 Burt street; is a native of Philadelphia. In 1869 he came to Omaha and was employed in the packing and other meat business till 1877, when he opened this market, which he has since continued. He enlisted in 1861, Company D, Sixth Pennsylvania Cavalry, served three years, participating in the battles of Antietam, Wilderness, Gettysburg, Fredericksburg and others. Mr. Beishlag is now a member of the Grand Army of the Republic. Married in 1868 to Mary McDermott, born in Philadelphia.

JOHN T. BELL came to Nebraska in April, 1856, with James A. Bell, his father, who remained here four years. This has been J. T. Bell's home most of the time since then. He enlisted in October, 1861, and served about four years in the Second Iowa Volunteer Infantry and returned to Fontanelle, Neb., where he had first located; lived there until 1870, when he came to Omaha. He was one of the official stenographers at the impeachment of Butler, Governor of Nebraska, and in the Constitutional Convention of 1871. Then engaged in law reporting at Chicago until the big fire, when he went to St. Louis; served as city editor of the Evening Dispatch until June, 1872, and went back to Chicago again, where he did law reporting for a few months. Went from there to Nashville, Tenn., where he was city editor of the Union and American until 1875. He then came to Omaha and has since been official stenographer of the District Court. He was born in Columbus, Ill., February 6, 1842, and lived there until he came to Nebraska. He was married in Omaha November 19, 1873, to Isabella McCandlish, a native of Wooster, Ohio. They have two children, Howard W., and Alice M. He is Notary Public and President of the State Stenographers' Association, which has about twenty members. It was organized in 1879 and its aims are to find employment for stenographers and to secure legislation favorable to the interests of the society.

JOHN W. BELL, drugs and fancy goods, commenced business in 1877, carries a stock of about $4,000, and the yearly sales will average $12,000 to $15,000. Mr. Bell was born in Lexington, Mo., February 22, 1849. Parents moved to Weston, Mo., in 1850, and in this town the subject of this sketch learned the drug business. Came to Nebraska in 1870, located in Omaha and engaged in clerking for J. K. Ish, having charge of a branch store; remained until 1876, then, after traveling one year, commenced present business. Was burnt out in May, 1880, and resumed business at once. He was married in Omaha, June 25, 1879, to Mrs. Mary E. Carter. Mrs. Bell has one child, Nellie, by her previous husband. Mr. B. is a member of the I. O. O. F.

GEORGE P. BEMIS, real estate, loan and collection agent, came to Omaha in April, 1868. He first represented the Credit Fancier of America as secretary and manager, but for the last fourteen years has been doing a general real estate business. He was born in Boston, Mass., March 15, 1838, and lived there until he was thirteen years old. He moved to New York, spending nearly twenty-five years there, three of which, however, were passed in London and Paris. For seventeen years he was George Francis Train's private secretary. Mr. Bemis has been an extensive traveler, having accompanied Mr. Train in his many tours over and around the world. He enlisted April 27, 1861, in the Second Battalion Light Infantry, Boston Tigers, and served about six months. He does an extensive business in city, county and suburban property.

EDWIN L. BENDER, boss nailer, Omaha Iron & Nail Co., was born at Wheeling, W. Va., August 26, 1856. Was employed by his father in conducting a cooper shop there for five years, then employed in nail works at that place as puddler for about a year. In 1873 he entered the employ of nail works at Wheeling, W. Va., as a feeder, and was engaged in that capacity until he came to Omaha, Neb, July 27, 1879, and entered upon his present duties. Mr. Bender was married at Omaha, Neb., April 4, 1881, to Alice Pierce, a native of Michigan.

HON. GUSTAV BENEKE, Police Judge, came to Omaha in July, 1866, and engaged in civil engineering. He was Deputy City Engineer, and afterward was in the employ of the U. P. R. R. He started the first German Democratic paper in Omaha in 1868, and conducted it for three years as editor and proprietor, and ran it for a year and a half after that. Then he was appointed Justice of the Peace to fill vacancy and was thrice elected in the Second Ward. He has been Police Judge since April, 1881. For one term he was Superintendent of the German School. He was born in Hanover, Germany, December 5, 1840, and came to America in 1856. He was married in Saxony in 1864 to Emma Nindel, a native of Prussia. They have one child, Else.

L. M. BENNETT, Gen'l Sup't. Pullman Pacific Car Co., was born in Genessee County, N. Y., June 21, 1829. In early life he engaged as a clerk in Albion, N. Y., and was also connected with a mercantile firm up to 1862, when he came to Chicago, and was employed as superintendent of sleeping-car line on the L. S. & M. S. R. R. In spring, 1869, came to Omaha and at once took his present position. Is a member of Blue Lodge, A., F. & A. M. in Utica, N. Y., also Mount Calvary Commandery. Was a member of Legislature in 1879-80. Was Chairman of Finance, Ways and Means Committee in 1880, during which session Mr. B. framed and had passed many important bills, and among the most important, one entitled, an act to provide for the safe keeping of money belonging to the State. He was married to Miss Jane A. Bailey of Utica, N. Y.

J. S. BENNETT, proprietor Omaha Steam Laundry, corner Twenty-first and Izard streets, Omaha. Was established in 1869 by P. F. Crowell, who sold it to the present proprietor in 1874. It is well fitted, having a twelve-horse power engine and all necessary laundry fixtures, giving employment to six persons. All the laundry work required by the U. P. R. R. Co., is done by this establishment. The proprietor manufactures soft soap, also furnishing all that is used by the U. P. R. R. Mr. J. S. Bennett was born February 15, 1834, at Albion, N. Y., where he remained during his youth. He attended Bryant & Stratton's Commercial College, then located at Buffalo, N. Y., graduating therefrom July 3, 1869. He then went to Utica, N. Y., remaining there till December, 1859, when he returned to Buffalo, N. Y., where he resided till August 21, 1862, when he enlisted in the Eleventh New York Cavalry as a private; twenty-one days thereafter he was made Second Lieutenant of his company, which position he held till January 21, 1863, when he was again advanced and made First Lieutenant. This position he held till January 6, 1864, when he was honorably discharged, having served more than the time for which he had enlisted, and having had sole command of his company. During the remainder of his service he, with his regiment, was stationed at Washington, D. C., where, in addition to his other duties, he served as special detective at the Provost Marshal's office. His command was afterward sent to the Department of New Orleans. While there he was for some time Provost Marshal at Napoleonville. During the most of the time, however, he was stationed at Baton Rouge, taking part in the various engagements that occurred in the department during that time. After his discharge he went to Chicago, Ill., where he remained about one year. He then purchased a laundry, which he carried on for two years, when he was burned out. He then went into the employ of the Pullman Sleeping Car Co., as conductor, which business he followed till 1874, when he purchased the Omaha Steam Laundry. He was married December 10, 1867, to Miss Isabel McLeod, born at St. Johns, N. B., October, 26, 1848.

HON. WALTER BENNETT, attorney at law, was born in the town of Mansfield Conn., April 23, 1855. Was educated at Boston University. Graduated from law and literary departments of that institution; was admitted to the bar in 1877 in Massachusetts, and subsequently practiced in Willimantic, Conn. In Legislature in 1878. Came to Omaha in November, 1879, and has since followed his profession. He was married at Medfield, Mass., April 6, 1881, to Miss Dora F. Monk, a native of Sharon, Mass. Mr. B. is a member of St. John's Lodge No. 25. A., F. & A. M. in Omaha.

CARL BENSON, engineer, settled in Omaha in 1864, locating at Fort Omaha, and was with Clark Browning ten years, running the engine; then went to work for the Omaha Elevator Co., and had charge of the engine four years. Was with the U. P. R. R. about two years. Has been traveling through the West the past few years setting up engines at different points.

A. BENZON, dealer in coal and ice, 211 S. Thirteenth street. Mr. Benzon, was born in Sweden, 1848. In 1872 he came to Boone, Iowa, where after a stay of one year he removed to Omaha, and subsequently went into the present business which he has successfully conducted since. In 1879, he was married to Miss Tina Johnson in Omaha. She was born in Sweden February 4, 1855. They have one daughter, Edith Mary Benzon.

J. E. BERYEN, grocer, commenced in 1879, and has a stock of about $2,000; was born in New York City January 26, 1844. In 1855 he removed with his parent to the interior of the State. He enlisted, August, 1862, in Company F, One Hundred and Ninth New York State Volunteers. He remained with his regiment until 1864, when he received a commission in the Second U. S. Colored Regiment and was ordered to Florida where he remained until January, 1866. In 1866 he moved to Monroe, Iowa, and engaged in coal mining, where he remained until he moved to Council Bluffs in 1878, remaining here only a few months, and then settled in Omaha. He was married in Tompkins County, N. Y., January 9, 1868, to Miss L. A. George. They have one child, Matt. Mr. B. is a member of the A., F. & A. M. Lodge and Chapter.

ANDREW BEVINS, attorney, came to Nebraska in the spring of 1875 and located at La Porte, Wayne County. He remained there until January, 1878, when he came to Omaha. He was born at Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., June 28, 1848. He received his education in the common schools of New York State, at Fort Edward Institute, Eastman's Business College and the Albany law school, being admitted to the bar in New York State in 1872. He was married at Dakota City, Neb., August 31, 1876, to Alice A. Warner, a native of Keokuk, Iowa. They have two children, Ira Jesse and Elmer Russell. Mr. Bevins was Deputy Treasurer of Wayne County, Neb., all the time he was there, and was Superintendent of Public Instruction one term during his residence there. Mr. B. is a member of the A. F. & A. M.

ELLIS L. BIERBOWER, U. S. Marshal, came to Nebraska in the fall of 1871. Lived at Nebraska City for one year, was admitted to practice there, and in the fall of 1872 came to Omaha. Here he accepted the position of Deputy Marshal and held it until November, 1880, when he was appointed Marshal. He was born in Dauphin County, Pa., near Harrisburg, March 6, 1850. He lived there until 1866, when he came to Iowa. He was educated at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa., and at the Iowa Wesleyan University, Mount Pleasant, Iowa. He then spent two years and a half in Missouri. He is a member of the A., F. & A. M., and is a Knight Templar in that order.

RICHARD BINGHAM, commission merchant, located in Omaha in March, 1876. He was born in Lincolnshire, England, July 4, 1829, and came to New York in July, 1848. He located in Waukesha County, Wis., at the town of Eagle, and afterward lived at Brookfield in the same county for many years. In 1850 he crossed the plains and engaged in mining in California for twenty months, returning to Wisconsin and farming until he came to Omaha. He was married at Eagle, Wis., in 1852 to Susanna Evison, a native of Lincolnshire, England. They have two children, William Walter and Elizabeth Ann.

W. W. BINGHAM, commission merchant, commenced business in September, 1874. J. B. Smiley was a partner until April, 1875, Smiley having established the business in 1873. Mr. B. is a member of the I. O. O. F. and K. of P., holding the position of Master of Finance and a Past Chancellor. He was born at Brookfield, Wauskesha Co., Wis., October 10, 1853, and was married there, June 18, 1874, to Sarah Hart, a native of that place. They have one child, Jessie Mabel,. The firm does a business of $75,000 per annum.

WALTER BLACK, superintendent of corroding rooms of the Omaha White Lead Works, was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1828, where he lived until 1873, when he emigrated to Canada. In 1877 he settled in Omaha, Neb., and in 1879, took charge of the corroding rooms of the Omaha White Lead Works. Was married in 1870 to Miss Emma Goodman, of California. They have three children: Edward, Helen and Hester. Mr. Black is a member of the Masonic Order.

ARTHUR BLAKELY, conductor U. P. R. R., was born in Port Dover, Canada, February 20, 1853; came to United States with parents and located in Lafayette County, Wisconsin. Came to Nebraska in 1875, and engaged with the U. P. R. R.; has had a regular train since 1878. He was married in Plattesville, Wis., October 11, 1877, to Miss Clara A. Streeter. They have two children, Gaylord S. and Emma E. Mr. B. is a member of the Royal Arcanum.

CHARLES BLAKEMAN, engineer Boyd's Opera House, Omaha, was born and reared in Illinois, and followed his profession as apprentice there for three years. In 1871 he came to Omaha, and has been connected with it here since. In 1880 he was married to Miss Henrietta Williams, who was born in Wales. Is the Grand Master of the order of Knights of the Black Circle for the State of Nebraska.

J. E. BLAKE, wholesale wine and liquor merchant, was born, March, 1844, in Ohio. Previous to locating here, was engaged in business for about four years as bookkeeper in New York, as well as being for about three years in the wholesale business there, and in 1869 located here and worked as bookkeeper for different wholesale houses for about nine years; then went to Crete and engaged there in the land business for about one year; returned here, and in September, 1880, opened up his present business. Was married twice; his first wife died in New York, leaving one child, boy, was married again in 1875, here.

JACOB BLICKENSDERFER, chief engineer of U. P. R. R., was born in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, May 9, 1816. His professional career commenced in 1837 as rodman on the Walhonding Canal, State of Ohio, where he remained until 1841. On this work he was promoted to assistant engineer, and had charge of the construction of locks, dams and other works. In 1845 became a member of the Board of Public Works of Ohio, charged with maintenance, repairs and management of Ohio canals and Muskingum River improvement, which position he held for five years. From 1850 to '53, chief engineer Steubenville & Indiana R. R. In 1854 was division engineer on Marietta & Cincinnati R. R. 1855 to '58, again member of Board of Public Works of Ohio, the two last years president of the Board. In 1859, Division Engineer on Public Works of Ohio, and same year again chief engineer of Steubenville & Indiana R. R., to which was added, in 1862, the chief engineership of Pittsburgh & Steubenville R. R., (Pan Handle line), the latter being completed in 1865. On these lines he remained until 1867, when he was engaged on U. P. R. R. for the U. S. Government. In 1868 he was division engineer on U. P. R. R., locating from Bitter Creek to Humbolt Wells. In latter part of 1868, in connection with Generals Warren and Barnes, he was Government Commissioner on Pacific R. R., and in 1869 again Government Commissioner with Gen. Warren, Col. Williamson and Mr. Clement, to examine the two lines extending from Sacramento to Omaha. In 1871 he became chief engineer of Atlantic & Pacific R. R., and conducted the preliminary surveys of that line from the western boundary of Missouri to San Francisco, located the line over the Sierra Nevada at Soledad Pass., and had charge of its construction until stopped by the panic of 1873. In 1875 and '76 he was chief engineer of the Dayton & Southeastern Narrow Gauge R. R., in Ohio, in charge surveys, location and construction. In April, 1879, he became chief engineer of the St. Louis, Wichita & Western R. R. in Kansas. In June, 1879, he was placed in charge of the location of the Georgetown, Leadville & San Juan R. R., in Colorado, crossing the continental divide at Loveland's Pass, at an elevation of 11,978 feet above tide. In April, 1880, he was appointed chief engineer of the U. P. R. R., in charge of the lines operated and the extensions being built by that company, which position he still holds.

MAX BOEHNCKE,draughtsman of the U. P. R. R., was born in Prussia, Germany, September 13, 1837. He carried on the business of architect in Stettin for eighteen years. He came to the United States in 1880, and direct to Omaha. He first worked as an architect on the waterworks, then as civil engineer on the B. & M. R. R., and in 1881 became engaged as draughtsman in the U. P. R. R. He was one of the first members of the German Presbyterian Church, of Omaha, and is one of the trustees. He married Miss Francisca Boehnke, of Prussia, May 29, 1868. She died in Germany in 1870. They had one child, Erica, He then married Miss Hedwig Gotzhein of Prussia, October, 1871. Her father was a soldier of the old French war. They have two children, Paul and Charlie.

GEORGE H. BOGGS, real estate and loan agent, was born in Clarion County, Pa., April 10, 1840, and lived there until the fall of 1856; then he went to LaSalle County, Ill., and spent the winter. In February, 1857, he went to Madison Wis., and lived there until 1860, being a portion of the time in the U. S. Land Office. In 1860 he went to California, where he remained until 1865, and returned to Wisconsn. Before coming to Omaha in the spring of 1868, he was for one year in the Pennsylvania oil regions. On arriving at Omaha he entered the Post Office, and afterward the Railway Mail Service until 1874, when he entered his present business. The firm of Boggs & Hill does a general real estate business. He was married at Omaha in September, 1872, to Miss Ida M. Kendall, a native of Massachusetts. He served one term as a member of the City Council. He is a member of the A., F. & A. M., and is a Master Mason in Capital Lodge.

Lew W. Hill, real estate dealer, came to Omaha in 1867. He served in the Railway Mail Service for about three years, after which he entered the real estate business. He was born in Adams County, Ill., and reared in Hancock County, of the same State. Prior to his coming to Omaha, he was in the dry goods business in Cairo, Ill., The firm of Boggs & Hill, of which he is at present a member, does a general real estate business.

HENRY BOLIN & CO., groceries and provisions, commenced in 1874, succeeding Henry Bolin. They carry a stock of about $8,000 or $9,000, and do a business of about $80,000 yearly. Henry Bolin, senior member of the firm Henry Bolin & Co., was born in Schleswig Holstein, Germany, September 16, 1847. He was engaged in the mercantile business in Germany. In 1869 he came to the United States, and located in Omaha, Neb., He was engaged in farming a few months, and then clerking about three and one-half years; then went into business for himself. He was married in Omaha, September 16, 1875, to Margaretta Beeckman; she was born in Germany. They have three children, Otto, Waldemer and Alma. Mr. Bolin is a member of the I. O. O. F., Subordinate Lodge and Encampment, and of the "Concordia Society." He was a member of the State Assembly one term.

H. C. BOLTON, of Bolton & Dutton contractors and builders, was born in Livingston County, N. Y. in 1843; learned trade there, and followed it for some ten years previous to coming to this State. Came to Nebraska in June, 1880; located at Omaha; was employed as foreman of carpenters, etc., and in September, 1880, entered into partnership with F. M. Dutton and James Beaumont, and they carried on a contracting and building business under the style of Bolton, Dutton & Co. Mr. Beaumont drew out of the firm in July, 1881; since that time it has been Bolton & Dutton, Principal business, erecting business and private buildings; they are now building a business block of buildings for E. Millard, banker. Employ some twenty men.

J. BONNER, housekeepers' emporium, 1309 Douglas Street, Omaha, Neb., was born in Oxfordshire, England, in 1825. In 1848 he came to this country and settled in New York, where he was identified with the meat business till 1866, when he came to Omaha, and carried it on until 1876, when he established the present mercantile business, which he has successfully conducted since. In 1850 he was married to Miss Rebecca O. Slatter, who was also born in England; they have a family of two sons, William T., and Friend L. Mr. Bonner keeps constantly on hand a full stock of furniture, stoves crockery and glassware.

W. T. BONNER, manufacturer of mattresses, lounges, bedding, etc., 212 N. Fifteenth street, Omaha. He was born in Syracuse, N. Y., in August, 1860, and came to Omaha with his parents in 1867. He attended the public schools of Omaha, receiving a good common school education. He established his present business in August, 1881, since which time he has had a large wholesale and retail trade. Mr. Bonner is an active and enterprising young man, and well worthy of the confidence of business men and citizens.

A. F. BORDEN, agent of the Kansas City, St. Joseph & Council Bluffs R. R., was born in Nelson County, Ky., December 31, 1842. His parents moved to northern Alabama while he was an infant. He engaged in agricultural pursuits until 1869, when he removed to Omaha, Neb., and engaged in hotel business until 1880, when he was appointed passenger agent, and in April, 1881, to his present position. He was married in Omaha, October 31, 1877, to Miss Preston, of Omaha. Mr. Borden is a member of the A., F. & A. M., Lodge and Chapter, of I. O. O. F., Lodge and Encampment, and of the Red Men, also of the "Home Circle".

LAMONT M. BOWERS, came to Nebraska in 1878, and engaged in the real estate business for over a year. In January, 1880, he entered the implement business with Mr. Parker. He was born near Binghamton, N. Y., and lived there until he came to Omaha, in 1878. For eleven years he was engaged in the wholesale grocery business. He was married at Susquehanna, Pa., September 3, 1872, to Fanna A. Gray, a native of Broome County, N. Y., They have one son, Frank Taylor. He is a member of I. O. O. F., Lodge and Encampment, and K. of P.

[Portrait of J. E. Boyd]

HON. JAMES E. BOYD, pork packer and Mayor of Omaha. Came to Omaha August 19, 1856, with his brother, John M. They carried on a carpenter and joiner business until the panic of 1859. John went to St. Joseph, Mo., in the spring of 1858. James E. worked at his trade in '56, '57, and '58. On the 22d of August, 1858, he was married at Omaha to Anna H. Henry, a native of Hamilton, Madison Co., N. Y., who came to Omaha in the spring of 1858. Mr. Boyd left here and went to Wood River, near the present town of Gibbon, Neb., opened a stock farm and remained there nine years. He also engaged in merchandising at Kearney City, two miles west of Fort Kearney. In 1866 he contracted for grading on the U. P. R. R. and graded over 300 miles in between three and four years. February, 1868, he returned to Omaha. While residing there in Buffalo County, he was elected to the first State Legislature. He also was elected County Clerk, but resigned. In 1857 he was elected Clerk of Douglas County. He was the largest owner and promoter of the city gas works. In 1868 and '69 was manager of the company. In the winter of 1869 and '70 he organized the Omaha & Northwestern R. R. and was the first president thereof, building the road to Blair. He was largely interested in the cattle business on the plains, running a ranch near Ogalalla. In 1872 he sold out his cattle business and commenced pork packing. He started with 4,500 hogs the first year and in 1881 slaughtered 112,456. He was elected on a non-partisan ticket to both constitutional conventions. He is now extensively interested in stock raising in Wyoming, near Fort Fetterman. He was one of the founders of the Central National Bank at Omaha in 1870. In 1880 he was a member of the Board of Aldermen and on April 6, 1881, he was elected Mayor, receiving a majority of 1,939 on a total vote of 4,300. Mr. Boyd was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, September 9, 1834, and came to Belmont County, Ohio, in June, 1844. In 1847 he went with his father to Zanesville, where he lived until 1856. He has three children, Eleanor Margaret and James E., Jr., He lost two daughters in infancy. He is president of the Board of Trade, having held that office for the past two years. The capacity of his packing house is 1,500 hogs per day. He employs from 100 to 170 men.

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