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City of Omaha 30


PATRICK O. HAWES, attorney, came to Omaha, in April, 1868, and has been practicing since, being engaged a portion of the time in prosecuting cases against the United States at Washington. He was born at Louisville, Ky., March 26, 1839. Graduated from Asbury University in June, 1860, and enlisted December 10, 1861, in Company F., Fourteenth Kentucky Infantry, August 12, 1862, he was promoted to a Captaincy, and was made Major of the Forty-fifth Kentucky Mounted Infantry, in February, '63. After the close of the war, he was brevetted Lieutenant Colonel. He was a candidate for election at large to the Republican Convention of 1864. He was one of the original Republicans in Kentucky. The reason he came to Nebraska was the strength of his Union proclivities and activity as a Republican. He was married October 21, 1863, to Amelia M. Hampton, a native of Virginia, and daughter of Levi J. Hampton. He is a member of the A., F. & A. M., and of I. O. O. F. He was police judge at Omaha, for two years.

JOSEPH HAY, locomotive engineer, U. P. R. R. Co., was born in Germany, in 1841, was employed there as a laborer, he came to America in 1867, and located at Grand Island, Neb. Was employed for six months as a carpenter, etc., then entered the employ of the U. P. R. R. Co., as a fireman and was engaged in that capacity three years, was then employed as night despatcher at Omaha, for eighteen months, he was then appointed locomotive engineer, which position he has filled since. Mr. Hay has resided with his family at Omaha since 1874. He was married in Germany, in 1864, to Laura Jenneman, a native of that country, they have three children: Theresa, Kate and Arthur.

LEONARD HAY, is Captain Company K, Ninth U. S. Infantry, now stationed at Fort Omaha, Neb. Was born in Indiana, and lived there till six years of age, then came to Illinois, then to St. Louis for two years, then to Springfield, Ill., and studied for three years at the Illinois University, and went through the four classes, then lived in St. Louis till 1861, then to New York, till June, 1864, and enlisted as private of the Third Battalion of the Fifteenth Infantry, and shortly after that was commissioned as Second Lieutenant of the Ninth Infantry. Was ordered to Governor's Island, after remaining there a short time was ordered to join his regiment, and sent to California. Was appointed Adjutant of regiment in July, 1865, held that position till March, 1878, served with the regiment in California till 1869, when he was ordered to the Department of the Platte, where they were consolidated with the Twenty-seventh Infantry. Served at Fort D. A. Russell, Wyoming, till 1872, since then stationed at various posts in the Department of the Platte. Has been stationed at Fort Omaha since July, 1880.

F. W. HAYES, carpenter, in the employ U. P. R. R. Co., was born on May 26, 1824, in Maine, N. H. Before locating here was ship joiner, having been apprenticed to that trade, then was connected with the railroad business for about four years. Just before the war, and during the war was in the Quartermaster's Department, and was discharged in 1865. Then went to Concord, N. H., for about two years as car-builder for the C. M. & L. R. R. Co., and in August, 1867, located here and was engaged by the U. P. R. R. Co. as car builder, and still in their employ. Was married August 13, 1847, to Mary A. Sheppard, who was born at new Bedford, Mass. Has four children, Frank S., now married; Carrie E., married to Fred Nye, editor Republican; Willie, at work and Robert, at school. Has been connected with the Masonic order since 1849.

W. J. HAYES, foreman of boiler shop of Union Pacific Railroad. He is a native of Ireland, and was born in County Limerick. He came to the United States in 1851. Up to the age of fourteen he attended school in Brooklyn, N. Y., In 1855, he went to Bloomington, Ill., and worked in the boiler shop of the Chicago & Alton Railroad until 1861, then worked in the boiler shop of the Wabash Railroad at Springfield, Ill., nine months, then returned to the Chicago & Alton Railroad at Bloomington, then to Amboy in the Illinois Central Railroad, then returned to Bloomington and from there went to Milwaukee in 1863 in a contract shop, from there to Marshall, Mich., on the Michigan Central Railroad, then back to Bloomington again on the Chicago & Alton Railroad, then to Milwaukee and from there to Watertown on the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad; from there to Chicago on the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad and the second time at Springfield, Ill., on the Wabash Railroad. In 1873 he came to Omaha and worked as a journeyman in the shops of the Union Pacific Railroad and also in the different shops along the line to Evanston where he remained five years. In November, 1880, he was appointed to his present position of foreman of the boiler shop. Was a member of the Legislature of Wyoming Territory for one term. Married Miss Jennie McNamara, of Springfield, June 28, 1870. She died January 9, 1875. They had three children, all died, John, Ellen and Jennie.

G. HEIMROD, grocer, commenced business in 1878, carries a stock of about $5,000 or $6,000. He was born in Germany, November 30, 1845. In 1866 he came to the United States, remained one year in New York City and removed to Nebraska in 1867, locating in Omaha, and engaged in the manufacture of soda water. In 1874 he returned to New York City and engaged in the manufacture of sewing machines which he followed until 1878, when he returned to Omaha and opened his present business. He was married in Hanover, Germany. March 4, 1873, to Miss Eliza Redecker, of Hanover. They have two children--Dora and George. Mr. Heimrod is a member of the "Concordia" Society.

FREDERICK E. HEINERIKSEN, meat market and stock dealer, 604 Sixteenth street. Mr. Heineriksen was born in Denmark in 1844. In 1867 he came to this country and took up his present business here and has very successfully carried it on since. In 1875 he was married to Miss Hannah Jensen, who was born in Denmark in 1853 and came to this country about 1872. They have a family of three daughters--Julia, Mary and Adelia.

WILLIAM F. HEINS, ex-County Treasurer. Came to Omaha in May 1868. He took the position of cashier of the Chief Commissary Department of the Platte and held it ten years. He was elected County Treasurer in 1877 and re-elected in 1879. He was born in Hanover, Germany, September 20, 1849, and came to America in 1862. He entered the army in the Second United States Infantry. He was married at Omaha to Annie Von Heilen, a native of Carlisle, Penn. They have four children--Charles S., Mamie, Alice and William F. Heins, Jr. Mr. Heins is a member of the A., F. & A. M., K of H., G. A. R. and the Concordia.

MEYER HELLMAN, of the firm of Meyer Hellman & Co., clothing merchants, was born in Bavaria, Germany, November 9, 1834; emigrated to America in May 1850, and located in Cincinnati and for five years was engaged as a traveling merchant. Came to Omaha in 1856. Was married in Louisville, Ky., August 15, 1871 to Maria Rau, a native of that State. They have four children--Blanche, Mable, Selma and Lillian. Mr. Hellman is a member of Capitol Lodge No 3, Omaha Chapter No. 1 and Omaha Council. A., F. & A. M., and is Treasurer of all these organizations. Is a member of the Omaha Hebrew Benevolent Association, of the Congregation of Israel, of which he is now treasurer and formerly was the president.

WILLIAM HENDERSON, of Henderson & Keyes, contractors and builders. Came to Nebraska in 1875 and located at Omaha. Was employed as carpenter for some months and then was in the furniture business with A. D. Moshur for a few months. Afterwards was engaged as a builder and contractor, alone, up to the spring of 1880, when he entered into partnership with David Keyes, and they have continued since. They are principally employed in jobbing in wood work and employ twelve to fifteen men. He was born in New York, in September, 1851, and learned his trade of a carpenter at North Port, Long Island, N. Y., and was employed at it until he came west. Has also been the company of J. B. Flint & Co., general store, Omaha, some three years.

R. HENRICKSON, groceries, provisions and liquors, commenced in 1881, succeeded Hendrickson & Nelson, carries a stock of from $5,000 to $6,000 and his sales are about $45,000 yearly. Mr. H., was born in Denmark, March 22, 1843. Came to the United States in 1870, located in Chicago for a time. Came to Nebraska in 1875, located in Omaha and engaged in grocery business, clerking for some time, and in 1879 went in partnership with Nelson, firm of Henrickson & Nelson. Mr. H. is a member of the Danish Association.

HENNING HENNINGSEN, dairyman corner of Fourth and Chestnut, Omaha. He was born in Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, in 1848, engaging in farming until 1870, when he came to America. He engaged in the dairy business working bor other parties until 1874 when he commenced his present business. In that year he married Miss Rosa Schmit who was born in Dubuque, Iowa. They have four children. Mr. H., has fifty-six head of cattle in his dairy. He employs two men and one delivery wagon and four head of horses. He has an extensive trade.

WILLIAM HERRMANN, engineer of Omaha brewery, was born in Wurtemburg, Germany, 1839, and came to America in 1847 with his mother who settled in New Orleans. He came here in 1857, and has been connected with his profession here since. In 1858 he was married to Miss Mary Iverson, who was born in Holstein, Germany, 1839. They have two sons and two daughters. They are Albert, Julius, Amelia and Anna.

FREDERICK HERZKE, proprietor Elkhorn Valley House, contains fifteen rooms, accommodates forty guests. He was born in Germany in 1836, emigrated to America in 1860, and settled in Omaha, Nebraska in 1867, and kept an eating house on Tenth street until he began in his present place. He was married in Fond de Lac, Wis., in 1867, to Miss Minnie Kelschenbach, who was born in Germany. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias of Omaha. He enlisted August 7, 1861, in Company O, Twenty-eight Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. He engaged in the battles of Cedar Mountain and Chancellorsville, and went with Sherman's army to Atlanta, was also in battles of Jonesburg, Dallas, Reseca, Kenesaw Mountain and Peach Tree Creek, and was mustered out at Chattahoochie River, Ga., August 29, 1864.

CONSTANTINE HESS, foreman of freight repairs Union Pacific Railroad, was born in Saxe-Weimar, Geysa County, Germany, February 26, 1829. Came to United States in 1846, first worked in coal mine in St. Clair, Schuylkill Co., Pa., up to 1852, then in the copper mines of Lake Superior for three years. He then returned St. Clair and learned his trade in the car shops of C. R. Abbott & Co. In the winter of 1862-3 served as a private in Company B, One Hundred and Twenty-ninth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry and was mustered out at Harrisburg, Pa. Then returned to St. Clair and worked at his trade of carpenter until 1868, when he came to Omaha and helped to build the "Atlantic Hotel". On July 12 of the same year he became connected with the Union Pacific Railroad as a journeyman in the freight repair department, was promoted to his present position in the spring of 1878. Was a member of Mineral Lodge No. 285, I. O. O. F. of St. Clair, and also of Houghton Lodge, I. O. O. F., of Michigan; withdrew from those and joined Omaha Lodge No. 2, I. O. O. F., of Omaha. Married Miss Agnes Winn, of St. Clair, Pa., in 1857. Has one child, Samuel J. Mr. Hess was a member of the School Board of St. Clair, Schuylkill County in 1866-7.

GEORGE H. HESS, of the firm of Manning & Hess, dealers in agricultural implements, came to Omaha in 1880, and has since been engaged in the agricultural implement business. He is a native of Missouri, and lived in Iowa (Dubuque County) from 1850 down to the time he came to Omaha.

GEORGE HEYN, proprietor of the Grand Central photograph gallery, was born in Germany in 1856. He came to America in 1871, learned the profession of a photographer in the East and was employed at it some years. He came to Nebraska in February, 1879, located in Omaha and was engaged in conducting a photograph gallery for E. L. Eaton until November 1, 1880, when he purchased the business and has been engaged conducting it under the above style since. He employes three men.

FREDERICK HICKSTEIN, meat market, 616 S. Ninth street, is a native of Prussia. He came to Omaha in 1871 and the following year he established his business. He now has eight hands in his employ. He is a member of I. O. O. F., and K. of P. He was married in 1874 to Mary Ronnan, of Germany. They have three children--Rosa, Mena and Frederick.

IRA P. HIGBY, United States Government Gauger, Willow Springs Distillery, was born in Glens Falls, Warren Co., N. Y., June 22, 1848. In 1864 he came to Omaha, Neb., where his father kept the Farnam House, and afterward the Wyoming, now known as the Canfield House. In 1873 the subject of our sketch went to Hastings, Neb., and opened an eating-house, returning to Omaha in 1874, and was appointed to his present position in 1875. He was married in Omaha, July 15, 1872, to Miss Clara Landon. She was born in Ohio.

LEWIS W. HILL, real estate dealer, came to Omaha in 1867. He served in the railway mail service for about three years, after which he entered the real estate business. He was born in Adams County, Ill., and reared in Hancock County of the same State. Prior to coming to Omaha, he was in the dry goods business at Cairo, Ill. The firm of Boggs & Hill, of which he is at present a member, does a general real estate business.

MRS. LOUISE HILLEKE settled in Omaha in 1858. Mrs. Hilleke is the proprietor of the Creighton House of Omaha, and erected a fine brick business house, corner Dodge and Thirteenth streets, in 1881. She also owns a number of dwellings and valuable city lots in that immediate vicinity. She is certainly shrewd business lady. She was born in Germany January 12, 1832, and came to America in May, 1854. She was married in Council Bluffs, Iowa, June 27, 18874, to Mr. Joseph Hilleke.

P. C. HIMEBAUGH, of Himebaugh & Merriam, shippers and dealers in grain, was born in Erie County, Pa., in 1840. He began business life at the age of twenty-four years in Sycamore, Ill., and was engaged in conducting a flour mill there for several years and one in Rochelle, Ill. for six years. In 1869 he went to Chicago Ill., and was engaged in the grain commission business until 1875, when he sold out and engaged in grain business in the firm of Wanzer & Co. He was connected with that firm in Chicago about a year. He came to Nebraska in 1876, located in Omaha, and engaged in grain business in connection with the firm of Wanzer & Co., of Chicago, Ill, which he continued for about eighteen months. He then formed a partnership with C. W. Lyman in grain business, the style of the firm was C. W. Lyman & Co. This firm built the Union Elevator "A" in sixty days. Mr. Lyman's interest in the firm was then purchased by N. Merriam, and the style has since been Himebaugh & Merriam, continuation of P. C. Himebaugh, of Omaha. The Union Elevator "A" which the firm owns, has a capacity of 200,000 bushels, and the Union Elevator "B" which the firm leases and owns thirty-five per cent in, has a storage capacity of 700,000 bushes and costs $125,000. The firm employs some twenty men and handles about 3,000,000 bushels of grain a year. The trade has increased since they began business, from a shipment one car load per day until they now ship from twenty to eighty-five car loads per day. The firm also owns large warehouses and elevators in other parts of the State. Mr. Himebaugh was elected in October, 1881, president of the Y. M. C. A., of Omaha. He was also at one time vice president of that association for a year. He was married at Sycamore, Ill., December 6, 1864, to Annette C. Johnson, a native of Vermont. They have one daughter, Grace L.

GILBERT M. HITCHCOCK, attorney at law, was born at Omaha, September 18, 1859. He received his education in the Omaha public schools and spent two years in Germany. Studied law at Ann Arbor and graduated from the University Law Department in the spring of 1881. He has practiced here since that time. His brother, John G. Hitchcock, was born April 29, 1865. John is now engaged in banking. Mr. Hitchcock is a son of the late ex-Senator Hitchcock.

HON. PHINEAS W. HITCHCOCK, deceased, was born November 20, 1831. His ancestors had settled in New England in early colonial days and were English. Gad Hitchcock, his father, was a farmer near New Lebanon, Columbia Co., N. Y., where the subject of our sketch was born. Being comfortably well to do and ambitious for his son and aware that he was more fitted for a professional life than for a farmer, he gave his son the privileges of a liberal education. Physically weak, his standing in school showed him to be mentally strong. After a two years preparatory course in a school in Great Barrington, Mass., and when twenty years of age, he entered Williams College. From thence, after four years study under the eye of that character maker, Mark Hopkins, Mr. Hitchcock graduated, and after several years of combined law study and journalistic work in the State of New York, he moved with G. M. Hitchock to the Territory of Nebraska in the spring of 1857, locating at Omaha, then a small settlement. He at once opened a law office, combining with the practice of his profession an agency for several insurance companies and a general real estate business. Taking from the first an interest in politics, he was elected to the Republican Convention in Chicago, which, in 1860, nominated Abraham Lincoln. From this time on his life was a public one. On his arrival in Chicago he altered his former intention of supporting Seward, and from the first voted for Lincoln. In the winter of 1860 and 1861 he went to Washington to secure from Mr. Lincoln the appointment of Secretary of the Territory of Nebraska. Mreeeting with J. Sterling Morton, the occupant of that position, he visited with him at the latter's old home in Detroit, Mich., where he became acquainted with Zach Chandler and other prominent Republicans, who supported him in his application. Going to Washington he at once received the appointment of Marshal instead of Secretary of Nebraska. This office he held until 1864, when, after 300 ballots, he was, by the Republican Convention held that year at Nebraska City, nominated for Territorial Delegate to the Thirty-ninth Congress. On the admission of Nebraska as a State he was appointed Surveyor General. He was elected to the United States Senate for the term commencing March 4, 1871. His work in Congress was like his work at other times and in other ways--quiet, incessant, and effective. Not given to the making of great effots or to speeches either frequent or long, always avoiding personalities in debate and aiming only to carry his point by a fight open, kindly and honest, he was remarkably successful in the passage of a large number of bills of great importance to the undeveloped West, whose wants he carefully studied and energetically sought to supply. He was the father of a number of laws relative to tree growing on the western prairies, known as the timber culture acts, of much Indian legislation and of the acts admitting Colorado as a State into the Union. He belonged to the stalwart wing of the Republican party. Strong and original in thought, clear in his perceptions, decided in his views, and single in the pursuit of an object, he carried out the doctrine of party to the letter. His love of the principles of the Republican party soon grew so as to include a love of the party itself, and as he never forsook a friend, no matter what the temptation or provocation, so he ever remained a strong an steadfast Republican--sorrowing over and endeavoring to conteract the evils arising out of party organizations, but glorying in the record of the party, earnest in the support of its laws and confident of its aims and hopes. He died at Omaha, Nebraska, July 10, 1881.


GEORGE A. HOAGLAND, lumber merchant, established his lumber yard here in the spring of 1861, and located permanently in the fall of that year, having been engaged at that trade ever since. The sales at that time were very small, amounting to perhaps $25,000 per annum. The business now done amounts to fully ten times that sum. He does a large wholesale and retail business in all kinds of building materials. Mr. Hoagland is a native of Booneville, Mo., and before coming to Omaha in the fall of 1861, he resided for some time in St. Joseph, Mo.

CHARLES HINTZ, grocer, 614 S. Thirteenth St., is a native of Holstein, Germany. Came to Nebraska in 1872. Worked on a farm about five years, then removed to Omaha, and worked in the grocery business for Julius Treleshka till the fall of 1880, when he opened this store. Married in 1876 to Maggie Ambrose, of Holstein, Germany. They have two children, one son and one daughter.

HOBBIE BROS., R. R. Ticket and real estate brokers. Firm composed of Henry C., and George C. Hobbie. Commenced business April 1, 1878. George C. Hobbie of the above firm, was born in Oneida County, N. Y., July 1846. Removed to Hartford, Conn., in 1863, where he held a position as clerk in the U. S. Government mustering and disbursing offices. Returned to Oneida County, and from there moved to Nebraska in 1867, locating in Omaha. Was engaged as bookkeeper by firm W. D. Hall & Co., and held the same position with Barkalow Bros. Bought out the U. P. R. R. News Agency business, and three years later sold out his interest to Barkalow Bros., and engaged in the crockery business, which he followed until present firm was organized. He was married in Bloomfield, Iowa, September, 1872, to Miss Helen L. Stephens, of Utica, Oneida Co., N. Y. They have three children, Raymond S., Lulu S. and Harry C. H. C. Hobbie of the above firm, was born in Oneida County N. Y., August 25, 1849. Came to Nebraska in 1867, locating at Omaha, and for about three years followed the printing business; after which he was located at Ogden, Utah, in the employ of George C. Hobbie, in charge of news business of U. P. R. R. at that point. He was afterward employed in same manner at Shreveport, La., for Texas Pacific News business. Afterward, was employed by Barkalow Bros., and located at Sedalia, Mo., in charge of news business of M. K. & T. R. R. From last location he removed to Omaha and embarked in the railroad ticket brokerage and real estate business with George C. Hobbie. He was married in Omaha, October 27, 1880, to Miss Kittie Stephens, of Mount Vernon, N. H. Mr. Hobbie is a member of the A., F. & A. M.

J. L. HOBBS, with Morse, grocer, 1724 Dodge street, Omaha; is a native of Missouri. Came to Nebraska in 1860, and has been identified with the social, military and business interests of the State alternately since. In 1872 he was married to Miss Lizzie Flint, of Missouri. She was born in Lexington, Ky., in 1845. They have one daughter, Maggie May.

A. J. HOBIN, distiller, Willow Springs Distillery, was born in Brandon, Vt., August 20, 1848. In 1864 he enlisted in Ninth Regiment Vermont Infantry, Company I. Was mustered out at Richmond, Va., July 1865. Came to Nebraska in 1866; located in Omaha and engaged as a machinist. In 1868 made the first mash in what is now the Willow Springs Distillery. Went to Chicago in 1871, and engaged in distillery. Returned to Omaha in 1876 and was appointed to present position. H was married in Springfield Ill., October 21, 1876, to Miss Mary A. Ball, of Chicago. They have two children, Edna May and Delwin Ball.

JOHN C. HOFSTEAD, mailing clerk in P. O. at Omaha, was born in Norway, December 26, 1848. Was engaged in merchandising until 1868, when he came to the United States. Located for a short time in Wisconsin. The same year settled in Omaha, and engaged in railroading on the U. P. R. R. Entered the P. O. in 1878, and was appointed to present position September 13, 1880.

O. W. HOILE, (deceased) was born in Mahoning County, Ohio, March 5, 1845. Enlisted in 1861 in the Benton Cadets, serving under Gen. Fremont in Missouri; re-enlisted in 1862, in Company K, Eightieth Ohio Volunteers Infantry; commissioned Second Lieutenant in Company K, in 1862, and First Lieutenant of Company B, June 16, 1865; mustered out in 1865. Came to Nebraska in 1868, locating in Rulo, Richardson Co. Was in United States Marshal's office in Omaha from 1869 to 1872. Removed to Tekamah, Burt Co., where he resided about five years. Settled in Omaha in 1879. Died in March, 1882. Mr. Hoile was a member of Beacon Lodge No. 23, of Tekamah, I. O. O. F.

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