Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska
Douglas County
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City of Omaha 42


HENRY SINCERE, proprietor Northwestern Steam Dye Works, 613 S. Tenth street, Omaha. Mr. Sincere was born in Hungary and came to this country in 1864. After traveling through Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois, he came here in 1877 and established the present business which he has successfully carried on since. He was married in 1854 and has a family of five sons and five daughters living and has buried three of the family. Mr. Sincere pays great attention to the cleaning and dyeing of ladies' silk and woolen dresses, shawls, gloves and feathers, and gents' clothes cleaned, dyed and repaired.

S. N. SISSON, wood dealer, Omaha. Born and reared in Michigan and came to Nebraska in 1869 and has been connected with the industries of the State since. Married in 1879 to Miss Minerva Beaman, who was born in New York State. They have one daughter, Etta Blanche.

J. O. SLATTER, groceries and provisions, commenced in 1873, succeeding H. C. Newman. He carries a stock of about $40,000, employs four men. His father removed from New York to Canada West, a short time before his birth, and removed back to Rochester, N. Y., while he was an infant, and remained there until his death in 1858. In 1859 he went to Chillicothe, Ohio, where he learned the trade of car builder, which he followed at Chillicothe and also at Indianapolis, Ind. From 1862 to 1865 he was engaged in Government Civil Service at Indianapolis. Came to Nebraska in 1867, remaining only a few months, then went to Kansas City and returned to Nebraska 1872 locating in Omaha. He was married in Omaha, January 25, 1876, to Miss Annie McGue. They have three children, Ella Beatrice, Joseph M. And James Garfield.

C. J. SMALLWOOD, train dispatcher C. & St. P., M. & O. R. R., was born in Richmond, McHenry Co., Ill. September 25, 1859. Moved with his parents to Milwaukee, Wis., in 1869, where he was educated. He studied his profession in Janesville, Wis. Has been connected with this company about three years on different divisions. Came to Omaha June, 1881 and took present position. He was married in Rochester, Minn., August 11, 1881, to Miss Florence Moulton, of Worthington, Minn.

A. C. SMITH, traveling salesman with Tootle, Maul & Co., native of Tennessee and came to Nebraska 1871, and has been connected in the present capacity with this firm since. Is resident salesman at Ogden, Utah, since 1881. Served in First Kentucky Cavalry from 1861 till the end of the war, was honorably discharged as First Lieutenant. Has been identified with the mercantile business since 1865.

E. V. SMITH, real estate, erects houses and rents same. Located in Omaha , February, 1856, and engaged in hotel keeping in what was then called the City Hotel at the corner of Eleventh and Harney streets. In the spring of 1857 he moved into the Douglas House corner of Thirteenth and Harney streets, which he kept six months and sold his lease. In 1858 he purchased an undivided half of north half of northwest quarter of Section 15 on which he moved in the spring of 1859, where he has since resided and farmed until the spring of 1861, when he went to Nevada and engaged in mining, speculating, etc. Remaining two or three years, returned to Omaha and carried on his farm until 1869, at which time he laid it out into lots, since which time he has been engaged in building houses, selling lots, renting houses and making a general business in real estate. He engaged in the manufacture of crackers on Harney street in company with Mr. E. A. McClure, under the firm name of McClure & Smith in 1874. They suffered the loss of their building by fire in 1875, but soon erected the present building yet occupied as a cracker factory. He followed the business until 1879 and sold out his interest in the same, but still owns the building. He was born in Honeoye Falls, Monroe Co., N. Y., July 6, 1829. Was married in Peoria, Ill., in 1868, November 5, to Miss Grace A. Clark, who was born in Bennington, Vt., August 10, 1845. Have three children, Leonora, born August 23, 1868, Ralph N., born February 22, 1869, and E. V. Smith, Jr., born February 20, 1873. Mr. Smith has been a member of the City Council. He is also a member of the Masonic Capitol Lodge No. 3.

N. J. SMITH, farmer and gardener was born in Ohio in 1837, where he resided until seventeen years of age, going to Michigan in 1854. Removing to Nebraska in 1864 and settled at Bell Creek, Washington County, remaining there about eighteen months engaged in farming. Thence to Douglas County, and located in Section 37 Town 15 north of Range 13 east where he cleared a farm, and has been engaged in farming and market gardening, has a fine vineyard and raises considerable fruit. Was also engaged in grading some of the streets of Omaha. Was married in 1858 at Hudson, Michigan, to Miss J. Benedict. They have six children, Frank R., Ester E., Arthur N. Cora D., R. C. and C. W.

SIDNEY SMITH, surveyor and architect, was born in Norfolk, England, in 1836. Served an apprenticeship of seven years to the profession of surveyor and architect. In 1857 he joined the Topographical Department of Royal Engineers. In 1860 went to New Zealand to assist in the survey of townships, roads, etc. Was engaged in that country during the war from 1861 to 1865, and for services during that period received the "English War Medal." He also started the Auckland & Drury R. R., which was the first railroad built in New Zealand; also built the Waiwakai Trestle Bridge, which is the longest bridge in that country. Returning to England in 1867, he passed through the Military Engineering Department of the British Government, getting his certificate and appointment as clerk of "Works", December 10, 1869; and in that capacity had large and varied experience in buildings of every description, both in England and Ireland. Mr. Smith came to America in 1874, and since that time has been engaged at his profession in Milwaukee, Wis., and other places; coming to Omaha, Neb., in August, 1881, where he has since been engaged in superintending the building of the Grand Central Hotel and other works connected with his profession.

COL. EDWIN F. SMYTHE, attorney at law, came to Nebraska in November, 1871, and has practiced here ever since. He was born at Kingston, N. H., September 16, 1849, and was reared in Exeter, Rockingham Co., N. H. He was educated in Boston and New Haven, and read law with Judge C. H. Noyes, of Boston. He was admitted the bar at Clinton, Iowa, December 6, 1871. He entered the army when thirteen years of age, and served three years in the Eighth New Hampshire Regiment. He stumped the New England States for Grant in 1868. In Omaha he was married, December 29, 1875, to Lottie A. Lowe, daughter of the late Jesse Lowe, the first girl born in Omaha after the incorporation of the city. They have one child, Edith E. The Colonel is a member of the I. O. O. F.

ALEXANDER SNYDER, by occupation, flue setter on boilers, arrived in Nebraska in March, 1878, and located in Polk County for three years, and thence to Omaha, and has been identified with the U. P. R. R. shops since. Was born in Picton, Prince Edwards Co., Ont. Lived in Canada till he removed to Nebraska. Was born December 19, 1851. Wife's maiden name was Caroline Rose; was born in Medawaska Township, Upper Canada. Were married in Miaford, Gray Co., Upper Canada, October 22, 1872. Wife was born June 27, 1852. They have two children, Ella and Annie.

JACOB F. SNYDER, freight conductor U. P. R. R., was born in Pennsylvania, December 21, 1853. Was employed for some years farming in the States of Iowa and Illinois. At the age of twenty-one years entered the employ of the C. & N. W. R. R. Co., at Clinton, Iowa, as brakeman, and was engaged in that capacity until he came to Nebraska, in September 1878. He located at Omaha, and entered the employ of the U. P. R. R., as a brakeman, and was employed in that capacity until April 17, 1881, when he was appointed freight conductor. Mr. Snyder was married at Clinton, Iowa, February 14, 1876, to Alice Stringham, a native of the State of Wisconsin.

J. A. SNYDER, meat market, 1011 Farnam street; is a native of Baltimore, Md. Came to St. Louis, Mo., in 1867; there opened a meat market; continued it two years, then removed to Springfield, Mo. In 1870 he went to Texas, where he remained a short time, then returned to Baltimore. In 1871 came to Omaha where he has since resided and been engaged in this business, Married in 1876, to Elizabeth Hilmer, of Germany. They have one daughter, Clara.

WEBSTER SNYDER, real estate dealer, came to Omaha in 1865. He was with the U. P. R. R. until 1869, being general superintendent thereof. He is a native of Montgomery County, N. Y., and was engaged in railroading until 1877. He had charge of the Bennington & Rutland, Canada Southern, and Long Island roads. For nine years he was with the Rock Island road, at Davenport, Iowa, as ticket agent at that point. He is now a member of the firm of Davis & Snyder, and does an extensive real estate business.

J. B. SOUTHARD, Head Clerk R. P. O. Railway Mail Service. Was born in Greencastle, Ind, September 9, 1845. Enlisted June, 1862, in the Drum Corps of the Eleventh Indiana Regiment. In the same year enlisted in Company D, Fifty-fifth Indiana three months' troops, serving four months. Re-enlisted in 1864, in Company E, One Hundred and Thirty-third Indiana, and served until close of the war. Came to Nebraska in August, 1866, locating in Omaha, where he, for eight years kept books in Caldwell & Hamilton's Bank. Appointed into the Railway Mail Service, September 15, 1878. Mr. S. is a member of the G. A. R., of Omaha.

PHILLIP A. SOXMAN, contractor and builder, came to Nebraska in May, 1878, located in Omaha, was employed as a carpenter up to December, 1878, when he commenced present business. Principal branch of business is jobbing in wood work, in private and business buildings. Born in Westmoreland County, Pa., July 8, 1854, learned the trade of carpenter there, and has been employed at it in the State of Pennsylvania, previous to coming to this State.

C. SPECHT, proprietor of the Western Cornice Works, established the works at Omaha, August 24, 1880. He employs an average of about forty men, and did a business of over $150,000 in 1881. He does a general business all over the State. Mr. Specht was born in Germany, in 1847, and came to America in June, 1861. He lived at Cincinnati, prior to coming to Nebraska. While there he was proprietor of the State Galvanized Iron Cornice Works. He has been engaged in the present business since 1861. He came to Omaha, in 1880. Mr. Specht was married at Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1877, to Carrie Geyser, a native of that city. They have one son, Joseph. Mr. S. Is a member of the A., F. & A. M.

W. R. SPENCE, division master mechanic C., St. P. M. & O. R. R., was born in Kingston, Canada, August 14, 1852. Removed to Hamilton, Canada, about 1868, and there learned his trade in the shops of the G. W. R. R. Has since followed his trade in various places, has been with the present company about three years on different divisions. Came to Omaha, in December, 1881, and took his present position. Mr. S. was second engineer on steamers on the lakes about three years.

J. H. SPETMANN, groceries and provisions. Commenced about 1875, succeeding Spetmann & Lieffers. Caries a stock of $4,000 to $5,000, and does a business yearly of about $25,000. Mr. S. was born in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, April 23, 1834. Came to the United States in 1859, located in Mills County, Iowa, about one year, then after some time spent in various places, finally settled in Omaha, Neb., about 1863. Engaged in brewing about two years and then went to the mountains two years later, returning to Omaha, engaged in grocery business, firm of Milliens & Spetmann. Was then alone for a time, and then organized firm of Spetman & Leiffers. He was married in Omaha, to Augusta Hensinger, she was born in Germany. They have three children living, Augusta, Clara and Alvina. Mr. S. is a member of the American Legion of Honor.

H. SPIGEL, new and second-hand goods of all descriptions, 1120 Douglas street, Omaha. Mr. Spigel was born in Poland, 1848. In 1868 he came to America and settled in New York State, where he remained till 1871, when he went to Cleveland, Ohio, and remained there till 1876, when he came here and engaged in the glazier's business, which he shortly after left and opened the present business, which he has successfully carried on since. In 1874 he was married to Miss Nancy Finklestein, who was born in Poland, 1848. They have a family of two daughters, Eva and Nellie.

HENRY ST. FELIX, groceries and provisions, commenced about 1867, carries a stock of about $4,000 to $5,000 and his yearly sales will amount to about $35,000. Henry St. F. was born in Canada, April 23, 1827. Came to the United States in 1836, and located in Boston, Mass., where he learned the trade of potter, and followed it some eight years. Moved to St. Louis, and opened a brick yard, remaining only one season, then went to Independence, Mo., started a pottery shop with Joseph Smart, was there two years, then went to California, and engaged in same business about three months, then engaged in freighting, and trading with the miners and Indians. Remained in this business about twelve years, then returned to St. Louis for a short time, then settled in Omaha, Neb. He was married in Omaha, October 29, 1867, to Miss Elizabeth J. Moore. They have one daughter, Mary Estella.

FRED STAACK, saloon, S. Twelfth street, born in Keil Germany, 1841. In 1880, he came to this country and settled in Omaha, and took up the saloon business, which he has carried on since. In 1868 he was married to Miss Wilhelmina Sausen of Keil. They have a family of one son, Martin, and one daughter, Herminie.

JOHN F. STALEY, locomotive engineer, U. P. R. R., was born in Miamisburgh, Ohio, July 6, 1845. In 1861 he enlisted in the Eleventh Ohio Infantry as a private, served four years and two months, when mustered out held the rank of Sergeant. The last year of service was in the Commissary Staff of the Fourteenth Army Corps. He was then employed in the boot and shoe business at Rochester, N. Y., and afterwards carried on a boot and shoe factory there for two years. He came to Nebraska in April, 1870, located in Omaha and was employed for two months in the round house of the U. P. R. R. Co., then as fireman for eighteen months; he then was conductor for construction train, building the U. P. R. R., bridge over the Missouri River, and while employed in that capacity ran the test train over the bridge. He run a local passenger train over the bridge for some years. He afterwards was employed as a fireman for eighteen months and since then as locomotive engineer.

S. B. STALEY, locomotive engineer, U. P. R. R., was born in Montgomery County, Ohio, April 25, 1843. He came to Nebraska in 1866 and engaged with the U. P. R. R., in the machine shops and went on the western division in 1875, and has had charge of an engine since 1877. He was married in Montgomery County, Ohio, to Miss Asenith Griest, of Montgomery County. She died leaving one child, Winfield. Mr. Staley is a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.

MAJOR T. H. STANTON, Chief Paymaster of Department of the Platte, Omaha, Neb. Born in Knightstown, Ind., January 30, 1835. Lived in native State until 1849; moved to Centreville, Appanoose County, Iowa; lived until 1852, then attended the Mount Pleasant High School three years, and in 1856 joined Gen. Jim Lane's Free State troops, serving as private in 1856-57, when the troubles were settled. He then edited the Washington Press, in Washington, Iowa, until the war broke out, when he went to Washington, D. C.; enlisted for three months; at expiration of time he returned to Washington, Iowa. Was elected to the General Assembly Iowa Legislature in 1861, served until April, 1862; then raised Company C, Nineteenth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry; made Captain of the same; placed in army frontier under Gens. Schofield and Herron. Was appointed Aid-de-Camp on staff of Major General Curtis, then Commander Department Missouri. Appointed Major and Paymaster of Volunteers, December 18, 1862. Served in the Army of the Tennessee; participated in siege of Vicksburg and all those campaigns, and afterward in the Army of Potomac in front of Petersburg until the close of the war. Was then stationed five years in Richmond, Va., as Chief Paymaster of Department of Virginia and North Carolina; then took leave of absence and traveled in Europe six months, after returning was ordered to Arizona Territory, and served in 1871-72. Then ordered to Department of the Platte, with headquarters at Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory, four years. Was then Gen. George Crook as Chief of Scouts in his campaigns against Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse in 1876. He then went to Salt Lake, Utah, on duty two and a half years. Then ordered to Omaha, Neb., as Chief Paymaster for the Department of the Platte, where he has since remained. He was married in Washington, Iowa, in 1862, to Miss Marietta E. Conger, a daughter of Clark Conger, an old citizen of Iowa; they have three children; Maude, Flora and Josephine. He is a member of the Order of Loyal Legion of the United States, the object of which is to perpetuate the memories of the late war and the National Government.

C. S. STEBBINS, general ticket agent of the U. P. R. R., was born in Kennett Square, Chester Co., Pa., March 1, 1848. After leaving school he taught in the public and private schools of his native town. From 1864 to 1870 he taught in the Quaker City Business College, Philadelphia, Pa. Part of the year 1870 he was engaged as book-keeper in the house of Scal, Williams & Co., wool dealers, Philadelphia, Pa. In the fall of the same year he came to Omaha and entered the service of the U. P. R. R., as secretary to the general superintendent, T. E. Sickles, and remained as such for two years. He was then transferred to the ticket department and April 1, 1880, was made assistant general passenger and ticket agent, and on December 1, was appointed general ticket agent. He married Miss Sarah A. Stubbs, of Kennett Square, Pa. They have two children, Eunice and Joel.

F. M. STEINHAUSER, director of the Musical Union, of Omaha, is a native of Germany, and was born and reared to the profession of music. In 1858 he enlisted in the Fourth Bavarian Regiment of Germany as band leader, and remained in that service till 1873, when he came to America. After spending a year in Thomas' Orchestra and five years in Gilmore's band of New York, he came to Omaha November 8, 1879, and organized the present Musical Union. He is composer of the overture to Princess of Wales, Garfield Memorial Hymn, Prima Donna Lancers, Apollo Lancers, Grand Excursion Lancers, Elite Lancers and Levitt Arbuckle's Cornet Solo, published by Carl Fischer, of New York. He is musical director at Boyd's Opera House and the German Theatre of Omaha.

EMREY M. STENBERG, Justice of the Peace, real estate and steamship agent, came to Omaha in the spring of 1870 and was employed in the U. P. R. R. machine shops for about a year. He was business manager for two or three years of a Swedish paper published here, and after that he spent a year in Judge Anderson's office. He is now serving his third term of Justice of the Peace of the First Ward. He is agent for the Inman Steamship Line, selling tickets to and from Europe, and also sells foreign exchange. He was the first Republican Justice of the Peace elected in the First Ward. He has been acting Police Judge on several occasion, having been so appointed by Mayor Chase. He was born in Sweden, September 22, 1845, and came to America in 1865, locating at Detroit, Mich., and living there most of the time until he came to Omaha. He was educated as a steamboat engineer in the Government School of his native land, and acted as a steamboat engineer and machinist while living at Detroit. He has also been appointed three times by Governor Nance as Register of Votes in the First Ward.


JAMES STEPHENSON, proprietor of livery stables and the western stage and express lines, was born in the city of New York, October 31, 1836. Went to Iowa City in 1850, remaining there and in that vicinity until 1857 and then returned to New York City. Two years afterward, in 1859, he went to Newton, Iowa, where he remained until he came to Omaha, in May, 1860. He stopped in Omaha but a short time only going from here to Fort Laramie where he arrived July 4, 1860. He subsequently went from there to Denver where he resided for two years and a half, returning to Newton, Iowa, and driving stage for the Western Stage Company, continuing with that company until 1865 when he purchased all their stage routes and horses in Nebraska, together with the transfer of mail and baggage, purchasing this right from Capt. Marsh. He operated that until 1871 when the Missouri River bridge was built. He then rented from the Union Pacific R. R. one-half of a car for bringing mail to Omaha across the bridge and he now handles all the mail that comes and goes to and from Omaha except that on a little route from Elkhorn City. He is also operating the following stage lines: Central City to Niobrara, Neb.; Grand Island to Aurora, Neb.; Columbus to O'Neill City, Neb.; Kearney to Lena, Neb.; Blue Springs to Hanover, Kan.; Beatrice to Steele City, Neb.; Decatur to Wisner, Neb.; Madison to Newman's Grove, Neb; Keya Paha to Long Pine, Neb.; O'Neill City to Niobrara, Neb.; O'Neill City to Paddock, Neb.; O'Neill City to Keya Paha, Neb.; Eldorado to St. Paul, Neb; Loup City to North Loup, Neb; Stockville to Vaughan, Neb.; Culbertson to Frease, Neb.; Culbertson to Atwood, Kan.; Georgetown to Kokomo, Colo; Malad City to Oneida, Idaho Territory. A total distance of 1,016 miles. Mr. Stephenson commenced the livery business in 1868 and has continued it to the present time. December 16, 1880, he completed his present elegant stable on Harney street. It is in size 66 by 132 and has accommodations for ninety horses. He also has another stable on Capitol avenue, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets. Has on his various stage routes 160 horses working. Altogether in the various departments of his business about 250 horses. Mr. S. was a member of the City Council for four years. Was married in Plattsmouth, Neb., to Mary Van Etta. She was born in Ohio. They have four children, Bessie V., Mildred, James Jr., and William.

G. E. STEVENS, general superintendent of car and building department U. P. R. R., was born in the town of Darien, Fairfield Co., Conn., May 20, 1820. Served an apprenticeship as a carpenter and joiner for five years in Stanford, Conn. In 1848 he went to Bridgeport, and was employed as fireman for one year and locomotive engineer for six years on the Housatonic R. R. From 1855 to 1861 was foreman of the car shops of the old Milwaukee & Prairie du Chien R. R. at Milwaukee. In 1861 he had charge of the car shops of the old McGregor & Western R. R., at McGregor, Iowa. In 1868, he was appointed to his present position of general superintendent of car and building department of the U. P. R. R. He is a member of Pioneer Lodge of A., F. & A. M.

GUSTAVUS STEVENSON, Deputy United States Marshal. Was born in Jefferson County, Va., April 10, 1823. Moved with his parents to New York City, thence to Cortlandtown, Westchester County, on the Hudson River, receiving his education partly in New York City, at Mount Pleasant Academy, at Sing Sing, on the Hudson, then at Amenia Seminary in Duchess County, N. Y., under E. O. Haven, late Bishop Haven. In 1859, settled in Chicago, and was a student in the law office of his cousin, Hon. Buckner S. Morris. In 1861, entered the field under the first call of the President, by enlisting in the three months' service as a private in Company A, Chicago Light Artillery, Capt. James Smith commanding. Ordered to, and took possession of Cairo, in Southern Illinois, junction of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. After expiration of the three months' service, returned to Chicago in July of same year, and assisted in organizing the Second Regiment of Illinois Light Artillery. Was commissioned by Governor Yates, Second Lieutenant in Company M, of said regiment, and in 1862 received commission as First Lieutenant. Was in the Shenandoah campaign in the same, which culminated at the battle, and in the surrender of Harpers Ferry, to Major-Gen. Stonewall Jackson of the Confederate army. All the officers and men, as paroled prisoners, ordered to Camp Douglas, Chicago. After lawful exchange of prisoners, assisted in recruiting and re-organizing the battery. In April, 1863, appointed Adjutant of the Post, Camp Douglas. In the same year ordered to Gen. Burnside's command, and was through the East Tennessee campaign, which culminated in the siege and battle of Knoxville, in the autumn of that year. Ordered to Camp Nelson, Kentucky, appointed adjutant of that post, retained the position until the spring of 1864, when he returned to Chicago. Mustered out of the service in 1865. Moved to Omaha, Neb., and permanently settled in 1866. After remaining a few months in Omaha, moved to Gilmore, Sarpy Co., Neb., a station on the U. P. R. R., ten miles from Omaha, and engaged in the pursuit of horticulture, until 1870, when he removed to Bellevue, Neb., and engaged in mercantile business, when one year later, removed to La Platte, same county, on the line of the Omaha & Southwestern R. R. Remained in La Platte until 1873, when he disposed of his stock, and returned to Omaha, where he completed his studies of the law, and was admitted to the bar in 1874. In same year commissioned a Notary Public, and opened an office, the firm being Stevenson & Rice. The firm dissolved in 1874, when Mr. S. took a position in the purchasing department, under A. D. Clarke, purchasing agent for the U. P. R. R. where he remained two years, then engaged with A. J. Simpson, the largest carriage manufactory in the West, attending to his law and collection business, remaining with, until his appointment to his present position, as Deputy United States Marshal, March, 1881. Mr. S. has been prominent in literary and Masonic circles for many years.--York System.--P. M. Nebraska Lodge No. 1 A., F. & A. M. Bellevue, Sarpy Co., Neb; P. H. P. Bellevue Chapter No. 7 R. A. M. Bellevue, Sarpy Co., Neb.; P. G. Lecturer Grand Chapter, R. A. M. For Nebraska; P. T. I. M. Omaha Council No. 1 R. & S. M. Omaha, Neb.; P. G. Lecturer, Grand Council R. & S. M. For Nebraska; P. G. P. C. W. Grand Council, R. & S. M. for Nebraska; Generalissimo Mt. Calvary Commandery No. 1 K. T. Omaha, Neb.; P. G. J. W. Grand Commandery K. T. for Nebraska; in 1872, W. M. Nebraska Lodge No. 1 A. F. & A. M. Bellevue, Neb. Acting Master Papillion Lodge No. 39 A. F. & A. M. Papillion, Neb.--I. O. O. F.--Member of No. 2 I. O. O. F. Omaha, Neb.; charter member of Sarpy Lodge No. 15 I. O. O. F. Bellevue Neb.; Past Grand of Sarpy Lodge No. 15; member of Encampment No. 15 of Omaha I. O. O. F.--Phythian Knighthood.--P. Chancellor of K. of P. No. 3, Bellevue, Neb.; Past Grand Chancellor of Grand Lodge K. of P.; P. Supreme representative of the Supreme Lodge of the World K. of P.--Literary.--President of the Omaha "Shakespearean Club;" Secretary of the "Belles Lettres Club."--Scottish Rite.--Gustavus Stevenson, 32° Deputy Inspector General of Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry; V. M. of Mt. Moriah Lodge of Perfection No. 2; W. M. of Chapter Rose Croix No. 1. Mr. S. has ever taken a great interest in the Literary and Masonic departments, and has the reputation of being classed among the brightest Masons of the period.

Z. STEVENS, groceries and provisions, commenced business in 1871; yearly sales average $10,000 to $15,000. Mr. S. was born in Wyoming County, N. Y. September 9, 1836. In 1854 he moved to Kane County, Ill.; engaged in general occupations in summer, and in winter teaching school. About 1856 he moved to Hardin County, Iowa, engaged in mercantile business; returned to Illinois for a short time, and then moved to Nebraska about 1860. In 1861 he engaged in freighting to Denver about three years, and to Salt Lake one year. Followed the same business between Virginia City and Salt Lake about one year, and then returned to Omaha and engaged in freighting to Fort Laramie about one year; then moved to Texas and engaged in the cattle business. Returned to Omaha, one year later, and engaged in dealing in real estate and building. He was married in Omaha, June 12, 1870, to Miss Mary E. Sidner, of Galena, Ill. They have five children, Ira A., Hattie, Frederick, Charles, Ida May. Mr. S. is a member of the Methodist Church, of the I. O. O. F., and of the Volunteer Fire Department.

REV. JOHN W. STEWART, Pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal Church. Born in Troy, N. Y., July 18, 1838; was ordained deacon at Macomb Ill., by Bishop Baker in 1860, and elder in 1863 by Bishop Scott. Enlisted in 1861; was Captain of Co. D, Sixty-Fourth Illinois Infantry for some time, and afterwards promoted to the rank of Major, and served in that capacity for about a year; was wounded at the battle of Corinth, October 4, 1862, in the right thigh. He had charge of different Methodist Episcopal Churches in Illinois up to 1871, when he came to Nebraska; had charge of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Fairmont, Neb., for three years, afterwards at Beatrice, Neb., for three years, then again at Fairmont, for two years; came to Omaha in October, 1881, and entered upon present duties. He was married in Ohio, September 8, 1863, to Mary G. Seamans, born in Illinois. They have two children, Ida and Carrie.

E. L. STONE, of the firm of Dewey & Stone, furniture dealers, was born in the State of New York. Was reared in Knox county, Ohio, living there until 1852, when he removed to Rockford, Ill., where he resided until 1857, and then located in Sioux City, Iowa. In 1866 he removed from Sioux City to Omaha, and engaged in the furniture business with Mr. Dewey, and has remained in that occupation since.

ROBERT M. STONE, physician and surgeon, was born at Eaton, N. Y., February, 4, 1847, and moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, with parents in 1853; lived there until 1856 and afterward at Lebanon, Ohio, until 1861. The next tow years he spent at Granville, Ohio, and in 1863 enlisted in the U. S. Navy. After four months' service he returned to Granville, and in 1866 he graduated from Denison University. Taught school in a young ladies' seminary for two years. In 1868 he moved to Des Moines, Iowa, and became a teacher in Des Moines University for one year. He received in 1869 the degree of A. M. from Denison University. After a business experience of three years, he spent two years in New York City studying medicine in various colleges and hospitals, graduating in 1874. In the spring of 1874 he entered practice at Des Moines, and continued there until the spring of 1880, when he moved to Hastings, Neb., remained there a year, and then came to Omaha, where he now has an extended practice. He was married at Bucyrus, Ohio, March 10, 1868, to Mary J. Reicheneker, a native of Ohio. They have two children, Letta, born May 17, 1870, and Sadie, July 17, 1872. The Doctor is a member of the I. O. O. F., A. O. U. W., K. of H., and the Congregational Church.

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