Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska
Douglas County
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C. A. GELATTE, general timekeeper and clerk of the U. P. R. R., is a native of Wisconsin, and was born in Lafayette County, September 15, 1847. At the age of fourteen clerked in a drug store at Davenport, Iowa, and afterwards in a dry goods house up to 1866, when he came to Omaha, and worked in the car shops of the U. P. R. R. Upon the completion of the road to Laramie, he became a clerk in the car and building department at that point for two years. In 1869 was transferred to Omaha to the position of shipping and receiving clerk in the car department. Was then sent to Cheyenne as clerk in the car department for two years. Then was made storekeeper and purchasing agent of the Colorado Central R. R., for three years. Upon the office being abolished, he was made clerk in the superintendent's office of same road at Golden. After that road changed hands, was made freight and ticket agent at Denver, and also at Black Hawk. Then was made superintendent's clerk in the Georgetown extension of the Colorado Central R. R. After the U. P. R. R. took possession of that road, he was again transferred to the car and building department of the U. P. R. R., at Evanston, Wyo. Ter., as clerk for two years, and in March, 1880, was appointed to his present position. Is a member of State Lodge No. 10, I. O. O. F. of Omaha. Married Miss Catharine E. Walsh, of Connecticut, March 27, 1873. They have three children, Frank E., Fred G., and Iona F.

WILLIAM GENTLEMAN, grocer, in business about four years. Succeeded Gentleman & Feron. Has a stock of from $3,500 to $4,000. He was born in County Kerry, Ireland, December 16, 1848. Removed to Canada in 1854, and from there to the United States in 1863. Was located in St. Louis about two years, and in Illinois about one year. In 1867 he came to Nebraska and located in Omaha. About 1872 he organized the firm of Gentleman & Feron, in groceries and provisions. He was married in Omaha, February 11, 1881, to Miss Nellie M. Darling. She is a native of Michigan. They have one child, Nellie Inez, born October 30, 1881. Mr. G. is a member of the Catholic Library Association and the Emmet Monument Association.

A. GETZSCHMANN, city weighman, cor. Eleventh and Farnam streets, Omaha. He was born in Germany in 1822, and was married in 1852 to Miss Mermena Dietrich. In 1858 he immigrated to America, landing at New York City, and coming to Omaha the same year. He followed farming near Omaha for eighteen years. He then moved into the City of Omaha, where he kept a boarding house for four years. In February, 1881, he was appointed city weighman, which position he now holds. He has eight children.

GEORGE GEWINNER, professor of music, 522 N. Nineteenth street, Omaha, is a native of Germany, where he was reared and educated. Graduated in music after an eight years' course in Munich in 1840. In 1848 he came to America and followed his profession through the States of New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts for thirteen years. In 1861 he enlisted as bandmaster in the Ninety-ninth New York Coast Guards, and later, in 1862, he joined the Fourth Massachusetts Cavalry, which he held till the surrender, commanding his band, which played at the surrender. He then followed his profession privately till 1871, when he joined the Sixth U. S. Infantry as bandmaster, and remained till 1875, when he was pensioned for disability and honorably discharged. He then came here, and has successfully followed his profession since. In 1847 he was married to Victoria Snyder. They have a family of three sons and four daughters.

GEORGE GIACOMINI, real estate, was born in Lombardy, Italy, March 6, 1838, came to the United States in 1856, located in Jefferson City, Mo., a few months and in Kansas City a short time, then settled in Leavenworth, Kan., where he kept a restaurant from 1861 to 1863, in the latter year moved to Nebraska, settled in Omaha, and opened a restaurant, a business he followed for seven years; has since been engaged in real estate, looking after his own property principally. He was married in Burt County, Neb., November 30, 1863, to Miss Mary Rivoire; they have four children, Annie, Mary, Carrie, George. Mr. G. is a member of the Volunteer Fire Department, and was one of the first members.

WILLIAM A. L. GIBBON, credit man and cashier of the firm of Paxton & Gallagher, Omaha. Mr. Gibbon was born in Delaware County, N. Y., in 1840, and at the age of five years he removed with his people, who settled in Kenosha Co., Wis. At the age of sixteen he started for himself in life, and went to St. Louis, where he engaged in the grocery business, which he followed for three years; in the meantime devoting his attention to the study of law. He then returned to Wisconsin on account of sickness, and remained there for two years, after which he went to Chicago and took up the profession of bookkeeper, which he followed for one year in a wholesale house, fancy groceries, but was induced to accept a similar position in a wholesale fancy dry goods house which he continued with for nine years. He then formed with two others a partnership in the wholesale fancy dry goods trade and successfully conducted it till the panic of 1871 destroyed their business. He then applied himself anew and established his business again in St. Louis, which he successfully conducted till the panic of 1877 forced the house into liquidation. After remaining in St. Louis till 1877, he came here and took up his professional staff and has successfully followed it since.

WELLINGTON S. GIBBS, M. D., physician and surgeon, came to Nebraska first in 1872, locating at Omaha. He studied medicine at the University of Iowa, and practiced for three years after graduation at Downey, Iowa, and in July, 1880, came back to Omaha. He is one of the incorporators for the Omaha Medical College, one of the trustees and a member of the faculty, being Demonstrator of Anatomy. He was born at Glenburn, Me., July 31, 1847, and lived there until 1872, when he came to Burlington, Iowa., for a few months. His early education was received at East Corinth Academy, Maine. He is Medical Examiner of the Home Life Association of Burlington, Iowa. He was married at Waterloo, Neb., February 15, 1875, to Mary E. , daughter of Dr. James McLaughlin, of Waterloo. She was born in Florence, Pa.

A. A. GIBSON, foreman of blacksmith shop of the Union Pacific Railway, was born in Fitchburg, Worcester Co., Mass., February 4, 1832; commenced work as a blacksmith in the general jobbing and carriage shops of Hagar & Howard, then in carriage shop of Dole Brothers, then the Davenport & Bridges car building shop, all of Fitchburg. Then for seven years had charge of machine shop, forging in shops of B. D. Whitney, in Winchester; then in blacksmith shops of the Cheshire Railroad, at Keene, N. H., and next Hadley Falls shops, at Holyoke, Mass., and also Massachusetts Arms Co., Chicopee. In 1861 worked in Lt. Col. Green's Armory, near Millbury, Mass. In 1862 went to Boston and Albany Railroad shops at Springfield, Mass., from there to Wasson Car Manufacturing Company at Springfield, and from there to Salisbury for the Ames Bros, in the manufacture of wrought-iron cannon. He then returned to Winchester in the shop of B. D. Whitney, and in 1865 was appointed foreman of the blacksmith shop of U. P. Railway at Omaha. Member of Covert Lodge A., F. & A. M.; was a member of the School Board and also of Council. Married Miss Jennie McRae of Canada; they have two children, Ida L. and Martin A.

THOMAS GIBSON, capitalist, was born in Derby, England, in 1819. Served a seven years' apprenticeship in the printing and newspaper business, after which he published the Mechanics' Organ, in the interest of the working men for a number of years. In 1849 emigrated to America and settled in Quincy, Ill. In 1855 settled in Nebraska and located in Washington County, in the Elkhorn Valley, where he engaged in farming and real estate until 1859, when he went to Colorado in Company with William N. Byers with a newspaper called the Rocky Mountain News, locating at Denver, where they remained until 1864, when they were drowned out by a flood, losing $8,000. They gave it up and Mr. Gibson returned to Nebraska and engaged in mercantile business in the Elkhorn Valley, and also proprietor of a flouring mill; in 1869, sold the mill and soon after disposed of the store to his son and son-in-law, going to Omaha he engaged in the real estate business, in connection with several other business enterprises, among which is the Omaha Barbed Wire Works, which he organized in 1879, changing it to an incorporated company in 1881, of which he owns a large share of the stock. In December, 1879, organized the Nebraska Rendering and Lye Works for the manufacture of phosphate, changing it to a stock company, with $50,000 capital. In 1881, also the Omaha Tanning and Glue Works, with a cash capital of $5,000, with a new and improved process for tanning; was in the Nebraska Legislature from 1853 to 1858 for Washington County, and while in that county wrote a history of the early settlers for the Old Settler's Society, also revised Johnson's history of Nebraska. Is a Mason of thirty-second degrees. Was married in 1839 to Miss Sarah Wehldale. They have eight children, Henry, Thomas R., Arthur, Frank W., Jennie, George E., William and Sally.

WILLIAM GIBSON, assistant manager of bindery department Omaha Herald, was born at Quincy, Ill., in 1854, coming to Nebraska with his father in 1856. Took a classical course at Denmark Academy, Denmark, Iowa, graduating in 1875. Going to Fremont, Neb., the same year, engaged in the general merchandise business during one year. In 1876 was tendered a position on the Omaha Herald, and has remained there since. Was married in 1878 to Miss Estella Aikens, of Coldwater, Mich. Is a member of the I. O. O. F., and the A., F & A. M.

GEORGE I. GILBERT, attorney, was born in Pittsford, Vt. Graduated at the Vermont University. Was three years Professor of Mathematics in Louisiana College, Louisiana. Was admitted tot he bar in Chicago in 1857; came to Omaha that year. Was appointed City Attorney for 1858-59. In 1861 was elected Prosecuting Attorney for Douglas County, Neb. In 1862 went to Washington Territory; was one of the original discoverers of the Boise mines. Was by the Legislature of that Territory appointed County Judge of Boise County. In 1868-69 was in Chicago doing business in the name of Gilbert, Wolcott & Co., commission merchants. In 1869 returned to Omaha, where he has since practiced his profession. He was married at Pontiac, Mich., in 1868, to Miss Cornelia A. Richardson, daughter of the late Gov. O. D. Richardson, of that State. They have two children--George R. and Frances Virginia.

J. A. GILLESPIE, superintendent of the Nebraska Institute for the Deaf and Dumb, was born in Cumberland County, Pa., June 5, 1845. In 1860 he removed with his parents to Iowa City, Iowa, where he received his education. Enlisted August 11, 1863, in Company G, Second Iowa Cavalry, and served until mustered out in October, 1865. In 1872 he became connected with the Deaf and Dumb Institute in Council Bluffs, Iowa, where he remained until September, 1878, when he was appointed to his present position. He was married in Johnson County, Mo., July 11, 1874, to Miss Helen Zimmerman, a graduate of the Iowa State University. Mr. G. is a member of the Presbyterian Church and of the G. A. R.

HARRY GILMORE, yard-master of the U. P. R. R., was born in Cayuga County, N. Y., September 6, 1841. His parents moved to St. Louis, Mo., while he was a child. When ten or eleven years old, he shipped as cabin-boy on steamer between New Orleans and St. Louis. He engaged as train-boy in the Iron Mountain R. R., afterwards as brakeman. In 1868 he removed to Nebraska, settling in Omaha, and engaged in railroading; was conductor five years. Mr. G. has been engaged in railroad service since he was fourteen years old, with the exception of some three years in which he acted as clerk of a hotel--what is known now as the Canfield House. He was married at Grand Island, Neb., January 28, 1874, to Miss Rebecca Grothe. They have two children--Ada and Anna. Mr. G. is a member of the society of the Order of Railway Conductors.

A. H. GLADSTONE, groceries and whiskies, commenced in 1878, succeeding Gladstone & Co. Carries a stock of about $15,000 and does a business of $125,000 yearly; employs eleven men. Mr. G. was born in Austria July 6, 1845. Came to United States with his parents in 1856. Located in Seneca County Ohio, where he remained until he came to Nebraska in 1871. Located in Omaha and engaged in grocery business--firm of Gladstone & Co. He was married in Omaha October 1, 1876, to Miss Sadie Root, of Nebraska City. They have two children--Benjamin, and Ruby. Mr. G. is a member of the K. S. B. Society.

MAX GLADSTONE, bookkeeper, A. H. Gladstone, was born in Cleveland in 1861, where he lived until 1868, when he went to Nebraska, and located at Omaha. Attended school the first three years, finishing with a commercial course at the Great Western Business College, Omaha, Neb. In 1877 entered the employ of Gladstone & Co., grocers and has been with them since.

REV. GEORGE J. GLAUBER, pastor of St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church. Born in Buffalo, N. Y., May 2, 1853. Educated at seminary of "Our Lady of Angels." Suspension Bridge, N. Y. Graduated in 1877 and was ordained there same year by Bishop S. V. Ryan, of Buffalo, N. Y. Came to Nebraska January 10, 1878. Located at Lincoln. Was assistant at Church of St. Theresa two months, then at Hastings, Neb., with the Catholic Church of St. Cecilia at that place, and was pastor of it for three years. Came to Omaha and entered on his present duties, July 23, 1881.

GEORGE E. GOODMAN, foreman freight repairs, in the employ of the U. P. R. R. Co. Was born November 2, 1841, at West Hartford, Conn. Before locating here was farming for several years, also brick making, then came here in March, 1868, and was engaged by the U. P. R. R. Co. as carpenter for about five years, and was made foreman of freight repairs. Was married in Bloomfield, Conn., September 15, 1875 to Louise A. Rathbun, who was born at Richmond, Rhode Island, September 30, 1844. Connected with the Masonic order for over fifteen years. Acted as Master of Lodge for one term, and Past Master of St. John's Lodge No. 25. He and his wife are both members of the Eastern Star. Have two children, John A., born April 27, 1878, died December 24, 1881; Harriet P., born March 5, 1880.

CHAS. F. GOODMAN, wholesale dealer in drugs, paints, oils, window glass, etc. Was born in Saxony, Germany, September 8, 1834 and emigrated to America in 1852 at the age of eighteen. He located first in Columbus, Ohio, where he resided for nearly three years, removing thence to Madison, Wis. For two years he lived in that State and in 1858 he went East again to Angola, N. Y., remaining there and in that vicinity until he changed his abode to Omaha in December, 1867. In April, 1868, Mr. Goodman decided to locate permanently at this point and established his present business of which he now has branches at Tekamah and Lyons. Mr. Goodman is the proprietor of the Nebraska Fence Works and also manufactures Canfield's patent refrigerators. He was a member of the Legislature in 1872 and has always been prominent in promoting public interests in general. He was married at Marion, Ohio, in 1855, to Miss Emma Gross, a native of that State. They have four children, Oscar, Edward, Albertus and Emma.

CHARLES S. GOODRICH was born at Warren, Pa., July 5, 1842, and lived there most of the time until he came to Omaha, although he spent three years at Harrisburg and one at Erie prior to coming here. He was married at Smithfield, Pa., in September, 1871, to Della Cole, a native of Springfield, Pa. They have one child, Fred L. Mr. G. was a captain of militia at Omaha at an early day. He came to Omaha in April, 1860, and was employed as a compositor on the Daily Telegraph, the first daily published here. It was a four column folio, run by Henry Z. Curtis. He served as a printer about two years and then entered his present occupation.

C. S. GOODRICH & CO., wholesale and retail dealers in wooden ware, fancy goods, toys, etc., are an outgrowth of a business started by C. S. Goodrich and his father in 1862. The business has increased from $3,000 or $4,000 yearly to $125,000 per annum. Two traveling salesmen are employed by the house and eight men are employed in all the departments of the business. The stock carried is of wooden and willow ware, notions, toys, and fancy goods. They sell in Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and Iowa.

D. H. GOODRICH, Superintendent of Omaha Water Works, was born in Brandon, Vt., May 13, 1848. Parents moved to Morris, Ill., while he was young. He went to Chicago about 1865 and was for several years connected with the Bradstreet Co. Agency. Engaged with R. G. Dun & Co. about 1871, and remained in Chicago office in various positions until he opened the Omaha Agency office July, 1877. He was married in Chicago July 3, 1869, to Miss Ella M. Shourds, of Chicago. They have three children, Walter H., Clayton S., and Gertrude.

PETER GOOS, saloon, billiard hall and boarding house, 1,508, 1,510 and 1,512 Farnam street, Omaha. Mr. Goos was born in Owschlag Schleswig, Germany, in 1838, and came to this country and settled in Omaha in 1865, where he has been connected with the industries of the State since, principally in the present business, but has also been in the employ of the U. P. R. R. for two years as section foreman and he carried on dairy business in Plattsmouth for five years. In 1868 he was married to Miss Lena Lamb, who was born in Hundorf Probstig, Holstein, in 1851. They have a family of four daughters and two sons. They are, Minnie, George Henry, Alvina S., Emma B., Alma O., and Peter Claudius. One son, Fred, who had diphtheria, is buried here. George H. and Fred were born at Plattsmouth. The others were born in Omaha.

JOHN A. GORDON, chief clerk of car and building department, U. P. R. R., is a native of Maine, and born in Oronto, Penobscot County, January 22, 1832. At the age of fourteen years moved with his parents to Wisconsin and attended school up to 1850 when he crossed the plains to California and remained there four years, mining. He returned to Beloit, Wis., and up to 1858 was engaged in the drug business, under the firm name of Cary & Gordon. In 1861, at the breaking out of the late civil war, he enlisted for three months in the Second Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry and the Government refusing to accept of any more three month' men, he was commissioned Captain of Company G, Fifteenth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry and was mustered out at Chattanooga, Tenn., in 1865. In a report made by Major McNeil to Gov. Salomon, of Wisconsin, of a repulse by his command of an attack at Island No. 10, made by Col. Faulkner's rebel cavalry, he thus speaks of Captain Gordon: "The companies now under my command are worthy of the fullest confidence, because of their bravery. The companies are G. and I, Fifteenth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, Captain J. A. Gordon commanding. Of Captain Gordon I would say no braver man is in the service, and should your Excellency see fit to promote him, rest assured he will fill any position with credit to himself and honor to the State." In 1867 he was agent of the Security Life Insurance Company, in Milwaukee. In 1868 took the first inventory of the U. P. R. R. and for two years after had charge of the iron department in the shops, and for three years was time keeper of the U. P. R. R. In 1874 was appointed to his present position of chief clerk of car and building department of U. P. R. R. Married Miss Ellen M. Cheney, of New Hampshire, in 1856. Has one child, Fred A.

JOHN GOSLING, superintendent of cattle, Willow Springs Distillery, was born in Staffordshire, England, December 8, 1844. Came to the United States in 1870; located in Rockford, Ill., where for nine years he was engaged in buying cattle. He then moved to Indianola, Iowa, as cattle manager for Swan Bros. Came to Omaha, Neb., August, 1881, to take charge of the cattle for Swan Bros. & Frank. He was married in Rockford, Ill., May 29, 1876, to Miss Margaret A. George, of Winnebago County. They have two children: Samson George and Henry Leigh.

JOHN GOTHORD, farmer, Omaha, was born in Holstein, Germany in 1844 coming to America in 1864, settling at Davenport, Iowa, in 1866, removed to Omaha, Neb., and was employed by John Gru three years, then went with a firm in the town of Quincy, and remained there eleven years. Then bought a farm on Section 36, Township 13, north of Range 15 east, was elected Supervisor of Douglas Precinct, held the office two years, in 1880, moved to the city of Omaha, and has a sand pit, and has a contract with the U. P. R. R. to furnish all the sand and gravel they use. Was married to Miss Maggie Schmidt, in 1875. Have three children, Hans, Annie and Nicholas.

[Portrait of L. B. Graddy, M. D.]

LYNN B. GRADDY, M. D., oculist and aurist, was born in Kentucky, April 11, 1852, was reared and educated in Tennessee, acquiring his medical education at Nashville, Tenn., at what was then the University of Tennessee. After practicing his profession for a time in his native State, his medical education was finished in London and Paris, previous to his removal to Omaha, in November, 1880. His practice is confined exclusively to the eye, ear and throat. He was married at Lexington, Tenn., October 12, 1881, to Miss Bettie M. Harmon, a native of that place. The Dr. is a member of the American Legion of Honor, Home Circle and of the State Medical Society.

REV. EDWIN B. GRAHAM, Pastor of United Presbyterian Church. Born at Oquawka, Ill., in January, 1851, was educated at Monmouth College, Illinois, graduated in classics there in 1874, and in theology at Xenia Theological Seminary, Xenia, Ohio, in 1876. Had charge of United Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Iowa, for four years. Came to Nebraska, in April, 1880, located at Omaha, and entered upon his duties as pastor of the United Presbyterian Church. Married at Keokuk, Iowa, June 1, 1876, to Eliza M. Lourie, native of New York, they have two children, Mary C. and Laura.

F. W. GRAY came to Omaha in 1870. He took charge of his present business in 1876, and has conducted it since. He was born in County Tipperary, Ireland, in 1850, and came to America in 1870. He was married in Omaha, in 1874, to Kate Little, a native of Ohio. They have four children, Richard M., Herbert, Winnifred and Roger. Mr. Gray is president of the Omaha Land League. He was councilman for the fourth ward two years, and was chairman of the last Republican County Convention. He was also Chairman of the Central Committee.

HENRY GREBE, Deputy Sheriff, was born in Glessen, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany, May 28, 1828, came to the United States in 1850, located in Wheeling W. Va., where he learned carriage and wagon making. In 1853, he removed to Davenport Iowa, where he followed his trade until 1857, when he settled in Florence, Douglas Co., Neb., removed from Florence to Omaha in November, 1861, and engaged in wagon making, a business he has continued since. Was a member of the Territorial Legislature, Session 1860 to '61, and also session 1863 to '64. A member of City Council, Omaha, from April, 1863 to April, 1864. In 1869, was elected Sheriff, and retained that position until 1873, during which time he arrested, and successfully prosecuted the notorious William Jones, alias Canada Bill, the well known three card monte man of the West which virtually broke up three card monte business in Nebraska. Was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1875. In January, 1878, was appointed Deputy Sheriff, a position he has retained since. He took the first prisoners to the new State Penitentiary, July 6, 1870. Mr. Grebe was married in Davenport, Iowa, April 24, 1856, to Miss Emily Kroeger, of that city, a daughter of a prominent Lutheran preacher, both in Germany and Wheeling, W. Va. They have three children, Lewis, Henry and Theodore. Mr. G. is a member of the German Lutheran Church, he is a Royal Arch Mason, and was the first Noble Grand of the first German lodge of I. O. O. F., organized in the State. Mr. G. is the patentee of the Grebe Hay Sweep and Stalk Rake, both of which he manufactures in Omaha.

THOMAS M. GREELEY, foreman in McShane & Schroeder's commission house, Omaha, was born in Ottumwa, Iowa, in 1857. In 1877 moved to Omaha, Neb., and entered the employment of McShane & Schroeder as foreman, and has held the position up to the present time. Was married to Miss Margaret Williams of Omaha, in 1877. Mrs.. G. was born in New Boston, Ill., in 1857. They have three children, Maggie E., Cora A., and Edwin T.

HON. CHARLES J. GREENE, attorney at law, was born in the town of Eaton, near Morrisville, Madison Co., N. Y., July 4, 1849. He studied law with Judge Ewing, of St. Louis, Emery A. Storrs, of Chicago, and A. B. Coon, of Marengo, Ill., and was admitted to the bar in 1871. He removed to Nebraska and located at Lincoln in May, 1872, where he remained until 1875 in practice of the profession and serving as Judge of the Police Court and Justice of the Peace. Mr. Greene was married in Washington, Iowa, October 26, 1876, to Miss M. C. Davis, a native of Ohio. He is a member of the Library Association. He served in Company K, One Hundred and Forty-first Illinois Infantry Volunteers.

GEORGE L. GREEN, residence northwest corner Twentieth and Davenport streets, Omaha, occupation, United States Mail Carrier, Omaha post office, came to Nebraska in April, 1869, and located at Calhoun, from there to DeSoto about one year, from thence three miles north of Omaha, then to Omaha, and helped to build the custom house at Omaha, and has been identified as letter carrier for over eight years at the Omaha post office. Was born in Cumberland, Guernsey Co., Ohio. March 25, 1847, and lived in native State till he removed to Nebraska. Is a member of the First Methodist Church of Omaha, and is steward of said congregation. Was married to Mary H. Moore, who was born in Cattaraugus County, N. Y., September 5, 1867, and has four children living and one dead; those living are Rosemond Alberti, Ethel Maud, Clarebell, and Herbert Dale.

JOHN H. GREEN, proprietor of Green's Stone Quarry, Omaha, was born in Prussia, Germany, 1826, coming to America in 1851 and settled in Genesee County, N. Y. He was employed by railroad company contracting and grading, in 1855 removed to Nebraska and settled in Omaha and succeeded in getting one of the best stone quarries in this part of the State as it is the genuine blue limestone. Was married in 1863 to Miss Catherine Richter; they have two children, Lizzie and Joseph.

REV. W. A. GREEN, pastor of the Trinity Mission of the Episcopal Church, Omaha, was born and reared in the Bermudas and came to this country 1863, and located in Nebraska City 1877 and took charge of the St. Augustine Church of that city, remained in that charge till 1880, when he came here and has been in the present connection since. Rev. Mr. Green entered the study of theology at Howard, Washington, D. C., 1872 and remained there until 1877, having taken a preparatory course of instruction at the Westerly High School at Westerly, R. I., was ordained at Omaha, 1879.

F. P. GRIDLEY, Superintendent of the Money Order Division of post office, was born in Parkman, Geauga County, Ohio, April 10, 1854, came to Omaha, neb., in 1865 with his parents and was engaged for a time with his father in cattle business. In 1874 he went to Grand Island as Deputy Receiver of United States Government Land Office. In 1875 he entered the post office at Omaha, where he has since remained with the exception of one year. He was married at Columbia, near St. Louis, Mo., October 19, 1880, to Miss Sarah K. Hill. They have one child, Mary Wilcox. Mr. Gridley is a member of the Royal Arcanum.

JAMES U. GRIDLEY, SR., residence 1911 Cuming street, stock buyer, Arrived in Nebraska in April, 1866, and located in Omaha. Has been identified in locating land and in the cattle business up to the present time. Was born in Manlius, Onondaga Co., N. Y., August 2, 1820. After leaving native place moved to Hiram Township, Portage Co., Ohio, from there to Cleveland for seven years, then held position as steward of U. S. Marine Hospital from 1860 to 1864 under Lincoln's administration, from there to Omaha. Maiden name for wife was Mary Baldwin, was married April 1, 1845, in Parkman, Geauga Co., Ohio. Wife was born in Frankfort, Herkimer Co., N. Y. Children are Flora Cornelia, Finley Payne, James U. Jr., Charles Wilson, Frank Baldwin.

JAMES U. GRIDLEY, JR., Assistant Chief Clerk, post office was born in Cleveland, Ohio, August 29, 1860, came to Omaha, Neb., in 1865 with his parents, received his schooling in Omaha, was clerk in the grocery business for a time, and was engaged with his father in the cattle business; entered the post office department in 1879, is a member of the Royal Arcanum.

J. A. GRIFFEN, farmer, residence corner Cuming and Twenty-eighth streets. He was born near Ypsilanti, Mich., in 1842, remaining there until 1855, when his father removed with his family to Nebraska, located three miles from Omaha. He was married in 1865 to Miss Celinda Parker at Omaha. He followed farming until 1877. Since then he has been mostly engaged as a railroad contractor, employing from three to fifteen men and teams.

A. W. GRIFFIN, head clerk R. P. O. Railway Mail Service. Was born in Washtenaw County, Mich., July 25, 1845. Received his education in the Normal School, at Ypsilanti Mich., and came to Nebraska in December, 1867, locating in Omaha. Was appointed to the Railway Mail Service May 6, 1868, as route agent. Since advanced to present position.

JOHN E. GRIFFITHS, boards Hotel de Goos, Omaha. Is connected with Omaha Fire Department, and is driver of engine No. 3.

LEWIS A. GROFF, of Groff & Montgomery, was born in Wooster, Ohio, December 31, 1841. He received his schooling in his native county and in 1863 commenced reading law in Napoleon, Ohio. Was admitted to the bar in 1867, and immediately after commenced practice in Toledo, Ohio, where he continued until 1870 when he removed to Lincoln, Neb., and engaged in the practice of his profession. In 1872 he became associated with J. H. Ames. In 1875 he went to St. Louis. Remained a few months and then returned to Nebraska and located in Kearney, where he engaged in practice until November, 1877, when he settled in Omaha and opened an office. The present firm was organized in the spring of 1879. He was married in Lincoln, Neb., in April, 1868, to Miss Mary E. Gregory, of Lincoln. They have five children, Mary L., Francis A., Dorothea, Gregory and Alice G. Mr. G. is a member of the Unitarian Church, State Bar Association, and the Royal Arcanum. He is a Republican. At Toledo, O., was prominently identified with politics. Was connected with the Internal Revenue Department and at the time of his departure was assistant United States District Attorney of the Northern District of Ohio. He joined the Greeley movement in 1872, but has since acted with his party.

[Portrait of P. Grossmann, M. D.]

PAUL GROSSMANN, physician and surgeon, came to Omaha in March, 1877, and has since been actively engaged in practice. He is attending physician of St. Joseph's hospital and a member of the Omaha Medical Society. He was born in the province of Silesia, Prussia, October 2, 1846 and was educated at Breslau and Wurtzburg. He graduated in 1870 at Beslau and went into the Franco-Prussian war as Lieutenant of artillery. Served during the war, doing some work as surgeon. For four years he was assistant surgeon of the obstetrical and gynecological clinics of the University of Breslau. He then practiced in Germany until 1876 after which he traveled, finally locating in Omaha. He was married in Hull, England, January, 1877, to Mrs. Clara Kellner, maiden name Wetzlar, a native of Dixon, Ill., but educated in Germany. They had one child, Paul, who died in infancy.

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