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Cass County
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List of Illustrations in Cass County Chapter

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   JACOB ADAMS, deceased, was born in Surry County, N. C., September 11, 1814. At five years of age, he moved to Ohio, where he was engaged in farming for several years; afterward likewise engaged in Henry County, Ind., Missouri, and Mills County, Iowa. He came to Nebraska in 1854, but only remained a few months. Returning in March, 1864, he located on his present farm in Plattsmouth and resided there until his death. He was for a number of years a member of the District School Board. He was married, in Andrew County, Mo., September 8, 1844, to Rachel Wiles, a native of Andrew County, Mo., He died here January 15, 1874, leaving four children--Elizabeth A. (now the wife of Hon. Samuel Maxwell, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of this State), Lydia E., Loveria A. and William Thomas, who assists his mother in conducting the farm.

   CYRUS ALTON, Superintendent of Public Instruction of Cass County, was born in DeKalb County, Ind., January 4, 1841; was educated in Newville Academy, Ind., taking a three years' course. In 1858, he began business life as a school teacher; was employed there and in the State of Ohio. Going to Newaygo County, Mich., in 1867, he taught school for a short time, and was appointed County Superintendent of Schools in 1868, to fill a vacancy; was elected to the office in 1869 and re-elected in 1871. He resigned the position to come to Plattsmouth, Neb., in the fall of 1872; was pastor of the First Christian Church for one year. In 1874, he homesteaded 160 acres in Furnas County, Neb., and was engaged in breaking prairie and farming on the same about two years, after which he moved on to a farm in Case County, where he has since resided; during which time, in connection with looking after the farm, he has also labored in the Christian Church and taught in district schools. He was elected Superintendent of Public Instruction for this county in the fall of 1881, and entered upon his duties January 5, 1882.

   REV. JOHN T. BAIRD, Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1834,; was educated at Yale College, New Haven, Conn., graduating in 1858, and afterward at the Theological Seminary, Princeton, N. J., graduating in 1861. He came to Nebraska in September, 1864, and was ordained at Brownville, Neb., by the Presbytery in June, 1865. He had charge of the Presbyterian Church at that place until he came to Plattsmouth in July, 1875, and entered upon present duties. Mr. Baird was married at Brownville, Neb., September, 1875, to Maria G. Wood, a native of New Orleans, La. They have three children--William N., Mary A. H., and Caroline I.

   ROBERT BALLANCE, foreman of Roundhouse B. & M. R. R. Co., was born in Canada December 22, l849; came to United States when quite young and learned the trade of machinist in the shops of the M. C. R. R. Co. at Michigan City, Ind., serving an apprenticeship of four years. He came to Plattsmouth, Neb., in 1870, and was employed as a machinist in the shops of the B. & M. R. R. Co. until appointed to present position in May, 1881. Mr. Ballance was married at Plattsmouth, Neb., January 31, 1878, to Margaret B. Buttery, a native of Ohio, but for many years a resident of Plattsmouth. They have two children--Harriet A. and William.

[Portrait of J. W. Barnes.]

   HON. JOHN WESLEY BARNES, real estate and mining broker, Plattsmouth, was born near Springfielf, Ill., March 21, 1835; moved with his parents to Nodaway County, Mo., in 1841; lived with his parents in that then sparsely settled country on a farm until 1848, when he moved with his parents to Washington County, Ill., and there worked with his father on a farm until 1855; being then twenty years old, he went to Simpson County, Ky., and hired to his cousin, James N. Barnes, to work on a farm; becoming ambitious to do better, in the fall of 1856, Mr. Barnes started on horseback from Franklin, Ky., for the great Northwest, and arrived at Plattsmouth, Neb., on the 10th day of December thereafter. By his energy and activity in trade and industry, he soon managed to pre-empt a quarter section of land near Mt. Pleasant, in Cass County, which he soon afterward mortgaged to one Daniel Klepser for money, and entered the Glenwood High School, Iowa, in the spring of 1857. This was his first regular course of schooling, and feeling keenly the need of a liberal education, young Barnes applied himself very diligently to his books until the fall of 1859, when he went to Missouri and engaged in teaching; in the spring of 1860, he went to Kentucky and was married to Miss Ellen Jackson, bringing his young bride to Nebraska with him the same summer, who, like the prairie flowers, withered away and left him the following winter. In November 1861, he was again married to Miss Martha D. Gage, of Mt. Pleasant, Neb., and settled down at once to cultivating and inproving his farm since which time he has been identified with the interests and industries of the young and growing State of Nebraska. In 1867, he moved to Plattsmouth and entered into the real estate business in company with Mr. Thomas Pollock. In the fall of 1871, he was elected a member of the State Republican Central Committee, and was re-elected again the following fall. In 1872, he was elected a member of the House of Representatives in the Nebraska Legislature, and re-elected to the same position again in 1874. In 1875, he was appointed Inspector of Government Surveys under Gen. E. E. Cunningham, Surveyor General of Nebraska and Iowa. In 1876, he was appointed by President Grant Receiver of Public Moneys at Beaver City, Utah. In June, 1877, he resigned his position as Receiver and went to the Black Hills; returning a few months later, he has since been actively engaged in the real estate and mining business, with headquarters at Platttmouths. Mr. Barnes is emphatically a self-made man, and a genial Western pioneer.

   WILLIAM BALLANCE, foreman of copper, tin and sheet iron department of the B. & M. R. R., was born in Canada July 27,1848, removing to Michigan City, Ind., when quite young; he learned the trade of coppersmith in the shops of the Michigan Central Railway at that place, continuing in its employ for seven and a half years. He then engaged himself with the Union Pacific Railway Company at Rawling Springs, W. T., having charge of the coppersmith shops for six weeks. He came to Plattsmouth, Neb., in February, 1870, assuming his present duties. He was married in Michigan City, Ind., July 6,1870, to Euphemia Hill, a native of Glasgow, Scotland. Has two children--Mary J. and Francis Robert.

   ALLEN D. BEESON, of the firm of Chapman, McLennan & Beeson, was born in Highland County, Ohio, in 1883. He studied law at a Cincinnati (Ohio) law school, graduating in April, 1864; was admitted to the bar shortly afterward and practiced until the following September, when he removed to Red Oak, Iowa, and was engaged in the practice of his profession at that place for some ten years. He was appointed County Judge for Montgomery County, in 1867, to fill a vacancy made by death, and held the office until the end of 1868; was also attorney for the land department of the C., B. & Q. R. R., Red Oak, Iowa, from 1876 to 1880. Mr. Beeson came to Nebraska in 1878, and located in Cass County. He was mainly engaged in settling his affairs in Iowa until he entered the firm in 1881. He came to Plattsmouth to reside in December, 1880.

   CAPT. LLOYD D. BENNETT, of D. H. Wheeler & Co., real estate office, etc., was born at Brownsville, Fayette Co., Penn., February 11, 1832. At the age of about fifteen years, he was employed in the drug business, serving some three years, after which he pursued the study of medicine for one year. In 1852, he removed to California, remaining there some four years, engaged in placer mining. Returning East, he engaged in the drug business at Osceola, Iowa, continuing in it till 1859; he also, in 1857, entered into the grist-mill business in company with his father. In 1859, he came to Nebraska and remained for a short time at Plattsmouth, returning to Osceola, Iowa, and continuing the grist-mill till he enlisted September 13, 1862, in the Thirty-ninth Iowa Volunteer Infantry; was commissioned Captain of Company D, November 24, 1862. He served in the Sixteenth Army Corps till March, 1863; was then transferred to the Fifteenth Corps, and was under Gen. Sherman in his march to the sea, serving as Assistant Inspector General on the staff of Gen. Elliott Rice, till he was mustered out in June, 1865. Four months later, he went to the oil regions of Pennsylvania, and was engaged in speculating in oil, etc., till he came to Plattsmouth in February, 1868, and entered into partnership with D. H. Wheeler, with whom he has been connected since in the real estate and insurance department of their business. Capt. Bennett was agent for the American Express Company, from 1876 to 1879, and in June of the latter year, he also engaged in the grocery business in company with E. B. Lewis, under the style of Bennett & Lewis, which firm still carries on business here. He is also a Notary Public, having been appointed in 1869. Capt. Bennett was married at Plattsmouth, in June, 1859, to Margaret L. Duke, a native of Virginia; they have three children--Carrie L., Grace L. and Elberta.

   HARMON BESTOR, farmer and stock-raiser, was born in Geauga County, Ohio, January 25, 1839, and resided with his parents on their farm until he was twenty-one years of age, when he went to Henry County, Ill., and was engaged in farming some seven years; subsequently, he engaged in the oil regions of Pennsylvania in refining oils, etc.; then again in farming in Henry County for a year. He came to Nebraska in 1869, and resided with William B. Porter, a farmer in Plattsmouth Precinct, during which period he was engaged in growing hedge plants. In 1870, he moved onto his present farm, composed of 160 acres in Plattsmouth Precinct, and has been engaged in conducting the same ever since. He is also engaged in raising stock, making a specialty of blooded hogs. He was Assessor of the precinct during 1879 and 1880. Mr. Bestor was married in Henry County, Ill., in February, 1863, to Sophia Combs; she died there in April, 1865, leaving one son--Henry. Mr. B. was married a second time in Plattsmouth Precinct, in February, 1870, to Ada Porter, a native of Jefferson County, Ohio; they have three children--Charles K., Guy H. and Francis M.

   SPENCER S. BILLINGS, retired merchant, was born at Somers, Conn., December 8, 1816. He was for some years engaged in the study of medicine, and, in 1840, removed to Peoria, Ill., where he practiced medicine for a year with Dr. Mossman; afterward was engaged in farming for two years near Knoxville, Ill.; then engaged in mercantile business at Bonaparte, Iowa, for some four years, and afterward at Keokuk, Iowa, until he came to Nebraska in 1861, locating at Plattsmouth; he was for some six years engaged in mercantile business; since then, he has been principally engaged in building and in improving his property generally. Mr. Billings was married in Van Buren County, Iowa, in 1845, to Lucinda Johnston, a native of Pennsylvania; she died in 1873, leaving six children--Elizabeth I., Clinton J., Ella M., Harriet L., Grace D. and George S.

   GEORGE H. BLACK, M. D., was born in Huntingdon, Penn., November 22, 1817. He pursued his medical studies under Dr. A. Blimyre at Mansfield, Ohio; afterward at Willoughby College, Lake County, Ohio, and began the practice of medicine at Caledonia, Marion Co., Ohio, in 1843, continuing there only a few months; then at Fraziersburg, Ohio, for five years. In 1848, he removed to West Carlisle, Coshocton Co., Ohio, practicing there till the spring of 1851, when he went to California, remaining there some fifteen months, during which time he practiced medicine, and was also engaged some in mining, etc. Returning to Ohio, he practiced at his profession at Delhi, Delaware County, for eight years. Dr. Black came to Nebraska in the autumn of 1861, located at Plattsmouth, and has been engaged in the practice of medicine at this place since. In connection with his practice, he entered into the drug business in 1862, in company with J. H. Buttery and M. L. White, and remained in the firm some five years. The Doctor served the city as Councilman during 1864 and 1865. He was married at Mansfield, Ohio, in October, 1843, to Sarah P. Buttery, a native of England; they have three children--Charles E., Frederick H. and Nellie, now Mrs. C. H. Smith.

   JOHN BLACK, M. D., President of the Bank of Case County, was born in England November 14, 1821; came to America in 1838, and resided with his parents in Ohio. He was educated at Cleveland Medical College, graduating there in the spring of 1847; afterward, he practiced in Marion County, Ohio, until 1854; then at Marysville, Mo., up to 1863. He came to Nebraska and located in Plattsmouth, where he practiced for some fifteen years. In 1867, he began, in connection with his practice, business as broker and dealer in real estate, and has carried it on since. He was elected President of the Bank of Cass County in 1881.

   HENRY BOECK, furniture, was born in Germany in 1833. He learned the trade of cabinet-maker there, serving an apprenticeship of three years. Mr. Boeck came to America in 1852, and was engaged in millwrighting, etc., at Pittsburgh, Penn., St. Louis, Mo., and Peoria and Pekin, Ill., until he came to Plattsmouth, Neb. In 1856, he was engaged in mill-building for some months, after which he returned to Illinois, coming here again in 1858, and again returning to his home in Illinois a short time afterward. He finally settled in Cass County, Neb., in 1860, and was engaged in cabinet-making and farming until 1864, when he commenced his present business at Plattsmouth. Mr. Boeck was married at Plattsmouth, in 1864, to Elizabeth J. Young, a native of Missouri; they have one daughter--Ida.

   JOHN BONS & SON, manufacturers of brick. John Bons, the senior member of this firm, is a native of Germany. He came to Nebraska in 1868, locating in Plattsmouth. He was for some three years engaged in lime-burning and stone-quarrying, since which time he has been engaged off and on in the manufacture of brick. He also opened the Platte Valley Hotel at this place about 1874, and carried it on for some six years. In November, 1879, in company with his son, Henry M., he opened a grocery and bakery at this place; they carried on the business until May, 1881, when they began the manufacture of brick under the above style, and at the same time also opened the B. & M. R. R. Hotel. The firm manufactured 525,000 brick during the season of 1881. Henry M. Bons, the junior member of this firm, was born in Germany in 1850; came to America with his parents in 1851, residing with them in Missouri. He began business life in the employ of his father, who was engaged in the lumber business, and also in conducting a stone quarry and farm; after this, he was engaged in the lime business at Atchison, Kan., in company with his father, for three years. Since 1869, he has been engaged with him and others in the manufacture of bricks here and at other places in this State and Iowa. Mr. B., Jr., also conducted a saloon at this place for three years in connection with his other pursuits. He was married in Council Bluffs, Iowa, in 1875, to Emma M. Robling, an early settler in Omaha, Neb.; they have two children--Frank A. and Florence P.

   JONAS H. BUTTERY, drugs, oils, etc., was born in Mansfield, Ohio, July 6, 1832. He learned the trade of tin and coppersmith there, serving as an apprentice three years. He was then employed at his trade at Ashland, Ohio, Bloomington, La Salle and Peru, Ill., for several years, and afterward in the same capacity at Burlington, Iowa, for two years. He came to Plattsmouth, Neb., in 1857, and opened the first tin shop in the place, in company with A. G. Barnes, remaining in that business a year. He was then variously employed until 1860, when he went to the Rocky Mountains, and was engaged in freighting, teaming, etc., for a short time. Returning to Plattsmouth, he entered into the grocery business in company with M. L. White. They carried on the business until some time in 1862, when drugs were added, and Dr. George H. Black admitted as partner. The firm was then Black, Buttery & Co., until 1867, when Dr. Black went out and the style was again White & Buttery until 1869, when Mr. Buttery sold out his interest to his partner, but shortly afterward bought back the old business, and since then has carried on the drug business alone. Mr. Buttery was also, from 1864 to 1867, engaged in freighting, etc., across the plains, in company with M. L. White. He was Street Commissioner of Plattsmouth during 1857, and also served the city as Councilman during 1871 and 1872. Mr. Buttery was married at Plattsmouth, May 5, 1858, to Margaret E. Jacobs, a native of Pennsylvania. They have four children--John, Marquis E., Frank and Adelaide E.

   FRANK CARRUTH, photographer and jeweler, was born in La Porte, Ind., April 27, 1844. Removing to San Francisco, Cal., some years later, he learned photography. with Bradley & Rulofson, serving some three years at this business, after which he returned to the East and conducted a photograph gallery at Chicago, Ill., for a short time. In 1867, he went to Michigan City, Ind., and conducted a gallery there till 1870, during which time he was employed in learning and working at the trade of watchmaker, after which he was employed as a messenger in the American Express Co., till he came to Nebraska in February, 1871. He located in Plattsmouth and engaged in his present business. Both branches of the business, however, have increased largely and he now has the leading trade in his business here. Mr. Carruth was married at Michigan City in 1868, to Phoebe S. Beckner, a native of Indiana. They have two children--Fred and Glenn.

[Portrait of Samuel Chapman.]

   HON. SAMUEL CHAPMAN, attorney at law, Plattsmouth. The subject of this sketch was born in Blairsville, Indiana Co., Penn., October 28, 1839. His father was a farmer of very little means, and, with a family of seven children, among whom Mr. Chapman was one of the youngest, chose the "Far West" as the home in which to rear them, where his boys might have a better chance in life than their father before them. He was a man of great energy and industry; never having had the advantages of a single day's schooling, he had managed to give himself a more than ordinary education, and has mastered all the higher branches of mathematics. In 1848, he settled at Burlington, Iowa, in the (then) Territory of Iowa, and there Mr. Chapman grew to manhood on his father's farm. In April, 1861, Mr. Chapman was a student in Yellow Spring College, in Des Moines County, and was one of the first boys in Iowa to enlist, when Sumter was fired upon, his date of enlistment being April 18, 1861, in the First Iowa Infantry (three mouths' volunteers). After his term of enlistment in this famous regiment had expired, he again enlisted in the Fourteenth Iowa Infantry Volunteers, and served his full term of three years, participating in all the engagements in which that regiment met the enemy during its existence, and upon being mustered out of the service, in November, 1864, Mr. Chapman immediately came to Nebraska, landing in Plattsmouth on the 1st day of January, 1865. Here he read law with Hon. I. M. Marquett; was admitted to the bar during the year 1867, and commenced law practice with the Hon. Samuel Maxwell (now a Justice of the Supreme Court of this State) during that year. Here Mr. Chapman has worked hard, and during the fifteen years of his active law practice has built for himself an enviable reputation as a sound lawyer and successful practitioner. Mr. Chapman has twice represented his District (the Fourth Senatorial) in the State Senate, during both of which terms he was Chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

   DR. A. L. CHILD was born at Rochester, Vt.. in August, 1810. Was largely self-taught, but graduated from the Randolph, Vt., Grammar School in 1830; emigrated to the West in 1833; studied medicine at Cincinnati, Ohio, and there attended lectures at the Ohio Medical College, and subsequently attended a course of lectures in Western Eclectic College, also in Cincinnati. Practiced medicine for some six years, and then accepted and held the office of Superintendent of Common Schools of Portsmouth, Ohio, for five years. In 1850, he was appointed Principal of the Walnut Hills High School, near Cincinnati; left the school after three years' service, and traveled for some four years. He moved to Cass County, Neb., in April, 1857; went to farming on Cedar Creek, and worked at it till the fall of 1869, when, being elected Probate or County Judge, he moved into Plattsmouth, where he has resided since his term of office expired. Dr. Child commenced meteorological observations and records in Nebraska in 1857, and began reporting to the Smithsonian Institution at Washington in 1861. With other Smithsonian reporters, his services were transferred to the United States Signal Office in April of 1873, at which time the signal office established a river observing station at Plattsmouth, which was also placed in charge of the Doctor. Both the Meteorological and River Observations and Reports have been continued (omitting a few of the meteorological instruments for a year past) up to the present time, February, 1882. He has written and published much on meteorological subjects, and in 1876 he wrote and published a "Centennial History" of Cass County and Plattsmouth City, Neb.

   CHITTENDEN BROTHERS, dealers in groceries, provisions, fruits, etc., Plattsmouth. This firm is composed of Charles F. and William R. Chittenden. They were formerly engaged at Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa, in running an omnibus line, known as the Chittenden Brothers' Transfer Company, carrying on the business together for some six years. They came to Plattsmouth, Neb., in October, 1880, and commenced present business with a stock of some $1,200, which has since been increased to $2,500.

   DR. G. W. CLUTTER, dentist, Plattsmouth, was born in Virginia in 1848, and removed to Iowa with his widowed mother in 1856. In 1863, enlisted in Fourth Iowa Cavalry, serving till August, 1865. Commenced the study of dentistry the winter of that year with Dr. Norris, at Fairfield, Iowa. Practiced his profession at Washington and Fairfield, Iowa, over twelve years; came to Nebraska in the fall of 1878, located at Plattsmouth, and has been engaged in the practice of dentistry ever since. Is a prominent member of the Nebraska State Dental Association.

   SHADRACH COLE, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. Plattsmouth, was born in Pickaway County, Ohio, March 14, 1819. He resided with his parents during his youth, assisting his father on the farm, and also taught school for several years. He was married in Pickaway County, Ohio, November 29, 1846, to Nancy Killer, of that county. He came to Nebraska June 7, 1857, residing near the city of Plattsmouth for some months, locating on his present farm in Plattsmouth Precinct in the following spring, since which time he has been engaged in conducting the same, and also in raising stock, etc. He owns some 640 acres of land in Plattsmouth Precinct. Mr. Cole was President of the Precinct Board of Education for several years, and was Assessor of the precinct for a year. He was ordained a clergyman of the United Brethren Church some seventeen years ago, and has been actively identified with the church since. He was a delegate to the General Conference of his church in 1881. His wife died at his present residence January 12, 1882, leaving eight children--Zerah W., Mary E., Alice A., Shadrach O., Ida A., Alva R., Stephen B. and Ransom M.

   WILLIAM T. COLE, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. Plattsmouth, was born in Shelby County, Ohio, November 18, 1838; he removed with his parents in 1845 to Pickaway County, and assisted them in farming until he enlisted in 1862, in Eighty-eighth Ohio Infantry, serving until mustered out July 3, 1865. Returning to Pickaway County he again farmed for two years. Coming to Nebraska in 1867, he located on a farm in Rock Bluff Precinct, and was engaged in conducting the same until 1874, when he removed on to present farm in Plattsmouth Precinct, and has been engaged in conducting it since. He owns 203 acres of land. Mr. Cole was married in Pickaway County, Ohio, September 7, 1865, to Harriet A. Peters, a native of that place. They have two children, Ella E. and Elmer E.

   JOHN R. COX, hardware merchant, was born at Cambridge, Md., in 1841; he was employed in hardware business as clerk till he came to Nebraska in 1865, locating in Omaha; he was engaged as Government Claim Agent for three years. and was also Deputy Clerk of Douglas County, Neb., during 1867 and 1868; he then went to Kansas City, Mo., was engaged in grocery business for a year, and afterward conducted a steam-cracker factory for about one year, then was employed as a traveling salesman for a short time. In 1872, he entered the employ of Messrs. Gardner & Co. hardware merchants, and remained with them till he came to Plattsmouth, Neb., in September in 1880, and commenced his present business in the following October.

   JOHN C. CUMMINS, of Cummins & Rickey, dealers in lumber, was born at Rushville, Ind., April 5, 1831; removed to Iowa in 1844; was engaged in mercantile business at Knoxville, Iowa, for some four years; then in company with his brother purchased the business which they carried on for some five years. He came to Nebraska in April, 1857, located at Plattsmouth, and entered the dry goods business, in company with his brother, S. H. Cummins, continuing in the business for one year; was then engaged in farming near the city for three years. In 1861, he again clerked in mercantile business for some years, after which he returned to farming. In 1869, he entered into mercantile business at this place in company with R. G. and E. Doom, remaining in the firm till the spring of 1870, when he engaged in agricultural implement business with others, under style of Russell, Cummins & Co., continuing in that firm only six months; he again turned his attention to farming. In the fall of 1873, was elected County Treasurer, and re-elected in fall of 1875, holding the office in all four years, after which he once more devoted his whole attention to farming. March, 1879, he entered into the lumber business in company with J. G. Richey, and they have continued together since. Mr. Cummins was married at Afton, Iowa, in October, 1857, to Salena Colvin, a native of Ohio. They have four children--Charles, Edgar D., Frank L. and Ada May.

   MICHAEL M. CURRAN, auction and commission, and proprietor of "Parlor Restaurant," was born in Ireland in 1847; was employed for some years as foreman in a brewery. He came to America in 1872, locating in Cass County, Neb.; was engaged in farming for about four years; came to Plattsmouth in 1875; was engaged in restaurant and carrying on boarding houses here and at Republican Valley, Cass County, for several years. In 1878, he began auction and commission business at this place in company with J. C. Ford; three months later, he purchased his partner's interest, and has continued the business alone since; he opened the Parlor Restaurant in November, 1881. Mr. Curran was elected City and County Constable in 1877-79, and re-elected in 1881.

   O. H. DOGGE, M. D., was born in Germany in 1841. He was educated in medicine in that country, graduating in 1863. He served as a physican and surgeon in the "Danish war" of 1864, the "Austrian war" of 1866, and the "Franco-German war" of 1870 and 1871, and also practiced at his profession generally. He came to America in 1871, resided at Milwaukee, Wis., and was engaged in the practice of medicine there and at Maryville, Wis., until he came to Plattsmouth, Neb., in May, 1881, and has been engaged in practicing since, and also carries on a drug business.

   ROBERT DONNELLY, blacksmith and horseshoeing shop, was born in Ireland in 1849; he came to America in 1854, and resided with his parents at Weathersfield, Henry Co., Ill.; he learned the trade of blacksmith at that place, serving an apprenticeship of some three years, after which he was employed as a journeyman until he came to Plattsmouth, Neb., in March, 1870. Shortly after his arrival here, Mr. Donnelly, in company with C. J. Hoffman, purchased the blacksmith business of C. E. Forgy; they carried on the shops together for some four years, since which time Mr. Donnelly has been engaged in business alone. He also conducted a wagon shop in connection with present business for some six years, but now leases that branch. Mr. Donnelly has had sixteen years' practical experience as a blacksmith. In 1879, he built a large brick shop, and since then his trade has more than doubled.

   E. G. DOVEY & SONS, general merchandise. Edward G. Dovey, the founder of the firm, came to Nebraska, in 1862, located in Plattsmouth, and purchased the general merchandise business of Davis & Argyle, in company with Henry Amison. The latter retired in 1868, and Mr. Dovey conducted the business alone for some two years; about 1875, he admitted his son George E., as partner in the concern. Mr. Dovey, Sr., also carried on a pork-packing establishment in connection with his mercantile business. He was County Commissioner for two years, and also served the city as Councilman during 1876, and was for some years Vice President of First National Bank here. He died in July, 1881, leaving three sons, George E., Oliver C. and Horatio; the two former now conduct the business; the pork-packing establishment is doing well and the mercantile business has increased largely in the past four years.

   DANIEL S. DRAPER, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. Plattsmouth, was born in town of Floyd, Oneida Co., N. Y., February 4, 1836. He resided on a farm with his parents, and assisted them in conducting the same until twenty-eight years of age, when he took a farm, and carried it on on his own account for some seven years. He came to Nebraska in 1871, and located on present farm in Plattsmouth Precinct, and has been engaged in conducting same and raising stock since. He owns 280 acres of land. Mr. Draper was for many years Justice of the Peace, holding office until January 1, 1882, and was elected Assessor of the precinct for the years 1881 and 1882. He is a strong Democrat; he was married at Oneida County, N. Y., April 5,1865, to Rosanna N. Carpenter, a native of that place. They have eight children--Jennie E., Minnie S., Daniel D., Florence J., Irene R., Jessie S., Horatio Tilden and Ada Estella.

   WELLINGTON W. DRUMMOND, Superintendent of City Schools and Principal of High School, was born in England May 11, 1847; was educated at Rugby School and Oxford College, graduating at the latter in 1869; came to America in 1870; was engaged in traveling for two years, coming to Nebraska in spring of 1872, and locating at Lincoln, Neb., removing shortly afterward to Omaha; was not actively engaged in business till fifteen months later, when he engaged in teaching schools in Cass County till March, 1876; was then elected Principal of Schools at Plattsmouth, filling the position up to August, 1878; then at Fremont, Neb., as City Superintendent of Schools and Principal of High Schools for three years. Returning to Plattsmouth, he entered upon present duties September 5, 1881.

   JAMES C. EIKENBARY, of Jones & Eikenbary, Bonner Livery and Sale Stables, was born in Des Moines County, Iowa, in 1849, and came to Nebraska in 1856, locating with parents in Cass County. He resided with his father until 1869, then farmed on his own account for some six years, after which he had charge of the Cass County Poor Farm for over five years. July 2,1881, he joined W. D. Jones in this business. They have fine, large brick stables, and a good established business. Mr. Eikenbary was married, in Cass County, Neb., September 8, 1869, to Dora Roberts, a native of Kentucky. They have five children--Henry E., May, Ella, Elizabeth and William C.

   GEORGE W. FAIRFIELD civil engineer and surveyor, was born in Onondaga County, N. Y., May 1, 1825; when quite young, removed with his parents to Ohio, thence to Fort Wayne, Ind., where he was educated at Methodist Male and Female College as a civil engineer and surveyor, graduating in June, 1848. Was then for one year in the employ of John M. Wilt, surveyor of Allen County, Ind. In 1850, was appointed surveyor of the county, and held the office two years, subsequently in the employ of the Toledo, Ft. W. & W. Ry. Co. as civil engineer and surveyor for a year; then with C. & Ft. W. Ry. Co. as division engineer for two years. He came to Nebraska September 23, 1856, in the employ of C., B. & Q. Ry. Co., as civil engineer, remaining with them some five months in Iowa and Nebraska, making preliminary surveys across the country, after which he purchased and entered a claim of 120 acres of land adjoining the city of Plattsmouth, residing on it until he removed into the city in 1859. Mr. Fairfield has followed the practice of his profession in this State for the past twenty-six years. He was elected Surveyor of Cass County in 1864, and held the office until 1871; was again elected in 1879, and has held the position since. He has been engineer of the city of Plattsmouth since its incorporation, also held the position of Deputy Clerk of District Court, for six months of 1865; in the fall of that year, was appointed Deputy Sheriff, under A. B. Taylor, Sheriff of Cass County, filling the office one term; was elected Coroner in 1866, holding office two years. In 1867, was appointed United States Gauger of First District of Nebraska, resigning one year later. He has also, at various times, served as Councilman, Assessor, etc. In the spring of 1881, was appointed Deputy United States Surveyor, and still holds the office. Mr. F. was married, at Fort Wayne, Ind., September 29, 1854, to Sarah J. McMaken, daughter of Joseph H. McMaken, who presided as Judge of Third Judicial District of Indiana for thirty years. They have four children--Joseph H., Belle, Mac and Susan.


   FREDERICK GORDER, dealer in wagons, agricultural implements, etc., was born in Germany, April 28,1838. Came to America in 1853; resided in Jefferson County, Wis., and was engaged in farming until he came to Nebraska, in 1868, locating in Cass County; he was engaged in farming until he came to Plattsmouth, in 1873. Mr. Gorder was for some time engaged in managing the affairs of the Plattsmouth Grain and Stock Company, and began his present business in 1877. He also deals quite largely in coal. He was elected a member of the City Council in the spring of 1880, and President of the Council in the spring of 1881. Mr. Gorder was married, in Jefferson County, Wis., February 14, 1862, to Charlotte Wehrbein, a native of Germany. They have seven children--Emma, Frederick H., Annie, August, Louisa, William and John.

   JACOB GRASSMAN, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. Plattsmouth, was born in Germany October 28, 1830. At the age of nine years, he emigrated with his parents to Pike County, Ohio, and resided on a farm there until he came to Nebraska, in 1865. He located on the present farm in Plattsmouth Precinct. Has been engaged in conducting the same, and also in raising stock, since. He owns 173 acres of land. Mr. G was married, in Pike County, Ohio, June 17, 1857, to Kate Laub, a native of Germany. They have five children--Caroline, Michael, a bookbinder by trade, and is in Omaha, Neb., Charles, Wesley and Edward.

   EDWIN S. GRENSEL, foreman of machine shops B. & M. R. R. Co., was born at Detroit, Mich., August 22, 1845. Learned the trade of machinist in the shops of C., B. & Q. R. R. Co., at Aurora, Ill., serving an apprenticeship of four years. In 1864, he went to Burlington, Iowa, and was employed in the machine shops of the B. & M. R. R. Co. for twelve years. In 1867, he came to Plattsmouth, Neb., engaging in his present capacity. He was married, at Dallas City, Ill., October 13, 1869, to Laura H. Bailey, a native of Wellsville, Ohio, and has three children--Carrie L, Lilly and Edwin M.


   FRANZ FRIEDRICH GUTHMANN, of F. F. Guthmann & Brothers, bakery, confectionery and grocery, was born in Germany October 7, 1849, Grozherzothum Baden; came to America in 1867, and located in Plattsmouth, Neb., but only remained some six months, going to Montana, where he was engaged in mining for over a year; returning to Plattsmouth, he managed his brother's farm a year, after which he went to California, remaining there some two years, employed in a bakery; then in the same capacity in St. Joe, Mo., for six months, and at Plattsmouth for ten months. In 1873, he opened a bakery at Lincoln, Neb., and carried it on for about one year; then in the same business at Seward, Neb., for some years. In 1880, he opened a bakery in Denver, Colo., but only carried it on for a few months, returning to Plattsmouth in July of the same year. He, in company with his brother, Oswald Guthmann, built the hotel known as the Perkins House, and in May, 1881, they entered into present business. Mr. Guthmann was married, at Lincoln, Neb., in April, 1874, to Sophia Finke, a native of Germany. They have two children--Kate and Lydia.

   OSWALD GUTHMANN, of the firm of F. F. Guthmann & Brother, was born in Germany, Grozherzothum, Baden, August 4, 1854, and came to this country in the fall of 1871; he then worked in the bakery and grocery for his brother, F. R. Guthmann, until 1873; he then engaged in a saloon business with a partner, but only remained about two months in that business; he then sold out and moved back to his old place to work, in 1876. In the spring, he engaged in the bakery business, and kept the business till 1879, then sold out. He was out of business a trifle over a year, and then he went in company with his brother, Franz Friedrich Guthmann, and built the hotel called the Perkins House, and started in business in May, 1881. Oswald Guthmann was married, 1877, at Plattsmouth, Neb., to Elizabeth Ripple, born in Plattsmouth, Neb. They have two children--Maria and Conrad.

   FRANCIS R. GUTHMANN, retired merchant, was born in Germany, in 1841, and came to America in 1857. He learned the trade of baker at St. Joe, Mo., and was employed at it some four years; then at Denver, Colo., in same capacity, for ten months, afterward in Montana, where he was engaged carrying on a boarding-house and bakery until July, 1868, when he came to Nebraska, settling in Plattsmouth, where he had, in December, 1864, purchased some property and erected a stone building on it. He was not actively engaged in business until September, 1869, when he opened a bakery and restaurant. In 1871, he added a grocery stock, continuing the business until 1874, when he sold out. Mr. Guthmann also carried on a billiard hall and saloon in connection with his other interests, from 1870 until May, 1881, and was also engaged in pork packing from 1869 to 1874. He was a member of the City Council during 1877 and 1878. Mr. Guthmann was married, at Plattsmouth, January 10, 1878, to Annie M. Pankratz, a native of Wisconsin. They have two children--Nellie J. and Charles F. M.

   WILLIAM GUTHMANN, of Guthmann & Rauer, manufacturers of brick, Plattsmouth, was born in Germany in 1839; was engaged in farming, with his parents, until he came to America, in 1865. He was then employed upon steamers, running between St. Joe and Omaha, for about seven months, at the conclusion of which period he went to Montana and became engaged in mining, remaining there three years. He came to Nebraska in 1869, locating in Cass County, and engaged in farming until 1878, when he removed to Plattsmouth, and was employed in saloon and billiard hall, with his brother, until July, 1881. On June 26, 1881, he purchased the interest of G. Howard, in brick-yard of Howard & Rauer. The firm manufacture 600,000 brick per annum. Mr. Guthmann was married in Germany, in 1864, to Elizabeth Jokim, a native of that country, and has now six children--Caroline, Mary, Annie, William, Jr., Louisa and Edward.

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