Hill City, Graham County, Kansas

The “People’s Reveille” Souvenir

Table of Contents

Graham County   Hill City   Directory   Public Schools of Graham County   Superintendent Frank Blackburn

D. J. Hanna   Thompson Furniture Company   Kackley's Department Store   Olive M. Kackley   A. E. Kern’s Lumber Company   John S. Dawson, L. L. B.   Smith Dry Goods Company   The Farmers and Merchant’s Bank

R. B. Garnett   J. P. Pomeroy   American State Bank   Kansas Title Land and Loan Company   Model Farm

Boston Department Store   Pomeroy Hotel   H. J. Harwi   John Bird   H. H. Niehaus   E. J. Byerts   John Ashcroft Grecian Drug Store

George McCord   Newton Wetzel   Graham County State Bank   Dr. Ivan B. Parker

Graham County Mill and Elevator Company   Jerome Shoup   A. J. Rice   Ben S. Smith   E. E. Brandt   Harry G. Hanselman   Dr. Lottie R. Findley

The Howland Real Estate and Abstract Company   G. B. Brown Drug Store   The Hill City Bottling Works and Star Bakery   B. F. Poston   McManis Meat Market   Doctor J. A. Bundy

John Stanfil   Alvin Law   The Clayton Farm   A. C. Brandt   William Wells   The Gudgell Ranch   J. E. Cook

J. R. Nicholson   A. W. McVey   Dr. N. Crank   B. S. Sherman   Martin Larson   I. L. Olmstead   James Holmes

T. H. Smith   A. Van Norman   W. C. Brown   J. E. King   Carl Kobler   Steve Searls   H. I. Scott   Dice Seltzer

George Albertson’s-- Spring Grove Stock Farm   J. L. Howard   Frank Born   W. S. Rowley   A. N. Young

Nathan Williams   Morland   Ellis and Cunningham   Morland Milling and Grain Company

G. W. Collins   Representative G. W. Stober   S. P. Langley   W. R. Cunningham   Morland State Bank   Stober and Son   F. T. Naylor

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