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EUGENE HALLOWELL, drug clerk, came to Hutchinson December 7, 1871, and remained about two months. He then went to Bourbon County, and a few months later returned to Hutchinson, and when E. L. Meyer opened his drug store, entered his employ as a clerk. About a year later they established a branch store on Main street, below the Reno House, which they maintained for two years. Mr. Hallowell was born near Norristown, Montgomery Co., Pa., March 5, 1847, and that was his home until about sixteen years of age. He then went to Phoenixville, Pa. to learn the drug business, and about two years later went to Philadelphia, where he was employed in a wholesale drug establishment until October, 1871, when he came to Kansas. He was married in Topeka. September 18, 1879, to Dollie Campbell, a naive of Pennsylvania. They have one child - Paul. Mr. Hallowell is a member of the A. F. & A. M.

EDWARD S. HANDY came to Lincoln Township, Reno County, November 27, 1872, and settled on the northeast quarter, Section 28, Township 24, Range 6. He still retains his homestead. Mr. Handy was engaged in farming there until the fall of 1876. In January, 1877, he was elected Clerk of the District Court; was re-elected in 1878, 1880 and 1882. He has served as a school director and Clerk of Lincoln Township, and, at the time of his election as Clerk of the District Court he was Justice of the Peace. Mr. Handy was born in York, Clark Co. Ill., February 28, 1846. He enlisted in Company F, Seventy-ninth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, in August, 1862, and served until June, 1865. He was wounded at Liberty Gap Tenn., June 24, 1863, and was incapacitated for further duty for fifteen months. Being then appointed to a position in the Adjutant-General's office, he acted in this capacity until the close of the war. Besides attending to his duties as Clerk of the Court, Mr. Handy carries on his farm. He was married in Hutchinson, December 25, 1879, to Minnie A. Hale, a native of Waterloo, Ind. They have one child - Inez L.

FRANK J. HAWKINS, contractor and builder, firm name Cathcart & Hawkins, was born in Michigan February 3, 1847, and when only two years of age moved with his parents to Wisconsin, and when fifteen years old went back to Michigan, and was learning his trade there, but in 1863, being only sixteen years of age, he enlisted in Company K, First Michigan Engineers and Mechanics, and with his command was in Tennessee under Rosecrans and Sherman, and built the block house and bridges on the line of the road from Nashville South, and was at the campaign of Atlanta, and through to the sea, and through the Carolinas, and to Washington on the Grand Review, and mustered out in October, 1865. Although not the battle line, they were armed, and had frequently to quit work and fight to repulse an attack, and had to work under a heavy skirmish fire very often. After the war he returned to Michigan, and came from there to Kansas in 1871, first locating a homestead twelve miles south of Hutchinson, and in addition to farming, worked at his trade until May, 1882, when the present firm of Cathcart & Hawkins was organized. They employ from three to five hands, and contracts to present time are about $10,000. Mr. H. was married in 1867, but his wife died in 1873, leaving two children - Alda F. and Carrie O. Was married again in 1877 but his wife died In 1879, leaving one child - Leo R. Was married October 10, 1881, to Miss Sarah Crowley, a native of Michigan. They have a baby not named. Is member of G. A. R.

A. J. HIGLEY, came to Hutchinson in November, 1878, and located here permanently in March, of the following year. He was born in Rutland, Meigs Co., Ohio, October 1, 1851, living there until he was sixteen years of age; then went to Jackson County, MO., where his father still resides. When he was nineteen years of age he entered Beloit College and took a three years' course, he then traveled two years, having read law prior to coming to Kansas. Mr. H. was appointed Justice of the Peace in August, 1880, and re-elected in 1882. He practices law and is proprietor of the Herald. He is also engaged in the loan business, representing the Kansas Loan and Trust Company. He was married in Kewanee, Ill., September 6, 1876, to Emma E. Howe, a native of Unionville, Ohio. She came to Kewanee with her father, Gen. Howe, when she was four years of age. They have two children, Florence E. and Clyde S. He is a member of the A. O. U. W.

J. M. HERRICK, Sheriff, came to Reno County, Kan., in September, 1872, and located on the southwest quarter of Section 30, Township 24, Range 5, Lincoln Township, making that his home for three and a half years. He then sold his farm, but has since purchased two others in the same township. He was elected Sheriff in November, 1875, re-elected in 1877, and again in 1881. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. Mr. Herrick is a native of south Charleston, Clarke Co., Ohio. April 19, 1861, he enlisted in Company F, Twenty-second Ohio Cavalry, serving until August 15, 1865. He entered the service as a private and was discharged as Captain of Company I, Fourth Ohio Volunteer Cavalry. At the close of the war he returned to Ohio, remaining there until April, 1878, when he removed to Brown County, Ill., making that his home until December, 1870. At that date he moved to Gundy County, Mo., making that his home until he came to Kansas. He was married in London, Madison Co., Ohio, October 16, 1865, to Anna Catherine Kennester, a native of that town. They have three children, Dollie May, born in London, Ohio; Joanna Fay, born in Lincoln township, Reno County, and Edward McKee, born at the Court House, in Hutchinson, Reno Co., Kan.

HON. L. HOUK, District Judge, was born in Sevier County, East Tenn., fourteen miles from Knoxville, February 22, 1834. When about one year of age e removed to Morgan County, Ala., remaining there until 1850, when he returned to Tennessee. After attending the Union University at Murfreesboro, Tenn., and taking a four years course, he graduated in 1874, and entered the Law Department of the Cumberland University at Lebanon, Tenn. He was licensed to practice in 1856, and moved to Brownsville. Tenn., in 1857. Judge Houk was a professor in Madison College, Madison County, Tenn., continuing in that capacity until 1861. Building a schoolhouse near Brownsville, Tenn., he engaged in teaching until he was conscripted into the Confederate service, in September, 1861. In June, 1862, he escaped further service, and went to St. Louis, residing there until 1865. Next he engaged in the real estate business in Dent County, Mo., for three years, then returned to Brownsville, and was in practice there until he came to Hutchinson. Judge Houk voted and acted against secession, being a Henry Clay Whig, and subsequently a consistent and unswerving Republican. He came to Hutchinson, in January, 1872, and was the first lawyer in Reno County. When he first settled in Hutchinson, his office was in the building south of Redfield's bank. Judge Houk was elected County Attorney in April, 1872, and served until January 1, 1873. He was re-elected in 1880, and again in 1882. In May, 1872 Wm. Whitelaw became his partner and they were together under the firm name of Houk & Whitelaw. He entered into partnership with Judge Brown, in May, 1879, S. B. Zimmerman becoming a member of the firm in February, 1881. Judge Houk served as County Superintendent, by appointment, after the resignation of Taylor Flick, remaining in that office about one year. Judge Houk was married at Brownsville, Tenn., May 7, 1860, to Nannie Whitelaw, a native of that place. They have six children living: Elise, Eleanor, Russell W., Herman, Whitelaw, Lysander w., John H. deceased. Judge Houk is a member of the Phi Gamma Delta College Society, and belongs to the Baptist Church.

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[Image of C. C. Hutchinson] WILLIAM E. HUTCHINSON, was born in Francestown, Hillsborough Co., N. H., December 4, 1847, but removed to Steuben, N. Y., at an early age, remaining in that county until he came to Kansas in the fall of 1867. His first location in this State was at Ottawa, where he taught school in the winter of 1867. The following spring he located near Buffalo, Wilson County, where he was engaged in the stock business with George W. Hutchinson until late in October, 1871, when he came to Hutchinson and became engaged in the real estate business with his cousin, Clinton C. Hutchinson, who had visited the site of the town one month previous, but permanently settled here at that time. They were the agents of the A., T. & S. F. R. R. lands, and owners of eleven-twelfths of the town site of Hutchinson, comprising in all 640 acres of lands. He was engaged in the real estate and banking business, until the fall or 1876, when he sold his interest to the Reno County State Bank. He has since been engaged in the study and practice of law, being at present in partnership with Mr. Whiteside. In addition to their law business they do an extensive business in loaning money, and are largely interested in live stock. Mr. Hutchinson was the first Superintendent of Public Instruction in Reno County, but resigned the position soon after his election. He and his cousin, C. C. Hutchinson, laid out the town of Castleton, in Reno County. He was also interested in the laying out of Medicine Lodge, Barber County, and was the first member of the Legislature from that county. He was married in Hutchinson, October 7, 1875, to Annie P. Whiteside, a native of Shelbyville, Tenn. They have three daughters - Loto M., Annie P., and Willie H.

E. L. JEWELL, County Superintendent of Public Instruction, came to Reno County, October 20, 1873, and was engaged in Hutchinson, most of the time until January, 1874, when he located one mile north of Arlington, remaining in that location, teaching and farming until he was elected Superintendent of Public Instruction, in the fall of 1880. He then came to Hutchinson and has since made that his home, having been re-elected to the office of Superintendent in the fall of 1882. Mr. Jewell has held the various School District offices, and has been Township Trustee and Township Clerk two years each. He was born in Muncie, Delaware Co., Ind., January 16, 1850, and when six years of age removed to Hamilton Township, the same county, and lived there until he was about twenty years of age. He attended the public schools in his native county until he was fifteen years of age, and the Academy and High School at Muncie, Ind., and Nelson's Commercial College at Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1870, he removed to Illinois and was engaged in teaching in that State, and Iowa and Indiana, until he came to Kansas. He was married in Westminster Township, near Arlington, Reno Co., Kan., November 10, 1878, to Sarah J. Fryrear. They have one child - Viola.

A. P. JORDON, located in Kansas, March, 1873, and engaged in farming in Lincoln Township, southwest quarter Section 8, Township 24, Range 6 west. He remained in Lincoln, Castleton and Albion townships, until January 12, 1880, being township Treasurer, and on the School Board of Lincoln Township. He was elected Sheriff in November, 1879, and served from January, 1880 until January, 1882, since which time he has been buying and shipping cattle, and is now the proprietor of the livery and feed stable, known as the "Red Front" stable, Second avenue, west of Main street. Mr. Jordon was born in Silver Creek Township, Cass Co., Mich., March 25, 1846. He lived in his native county until he enlisted in Company K, Twelfth Michigan Volunteer Infantry, November 15, 1861, in which he served until March, 1866. At the close of the war he returned to Michigan, and was married in Niles, Mich., July 21, 1867 to Florence E. Field, a native of Van Buren County, Mich. They have four children - Adelbert C., Alline G., Roy E., and Ethel LeVerne. Mr. J. is a member of the A., F. & A. M., and the G. A. R.

JOHN M. JORDON, came to Hutchinson in November, 1871engaging at once in the mercantile business. He occupied the building known as the Guessay jewelry store, until April, 1872, then moved to the northeast corner of Main and Sherman streets. Here he remained two years. He next occupied the Goldberg brick store, two years; then sold out and was not in active business for a year. He engaged in the clothing business two years; bought out the postoffice book-store, which he conducted on year, having been interested, more or less, in stock. In June, 1882, Mr. Jordon entered into partnership with Judge Ricksecker, in the real estate business. Mr. J. was born in Cabell County, W. Va., August 30, 1839, living there until 1854, when his father moved to Madison County, Ind. There, and in Hancock County, Ind., he remained until 1865, when he located at Reno, Leavenworth Co., Kas., living here until he came to Hutchinson, in 1871. Mr. Jordon was married in Jackson township, Hancock County, Ind., February 19, 1858, to Martha J. Lacy, a native of that place. They have six children living - Madison M., Elbert L., Morgan L., Frank, Eddie and Stella. He is a member of the Blue Lodge and Chapter.

GEORGE B. KIFF, settled in North Topeka, and engaged in the hardware business, in October, 1871. The following February he removed to Valley Township, Reno County, and took up a homestead, working at his trade, that of a tinner, for George W. Hardy, of Hutchinson. In 1877 he entered into business for himself, establishing a trade in hardware and farm machinery, which has continued up to the present time. He was a member of the School Board and Justice of the Peace in Valley Township, and is a member of the I. O. O. F., subordinate lodge and encampment. Mr. Kiff was born in Delaware County, N. Y., October 14, 1835, and when fourteen years of age removed to Bradford County, Pa., with his parents, Andrew and Rebeca, who still reside in that county. The subject of this sketch removed to Tioga County, Pa., and lived in Mansfield most of the time until he came West. He was married in Knoxville, Tioga Co., Pa., March 8, 1851, to Myra S. Teft, a native of Norwich, Conn. They have two children - Flora Defranchia and George Augustus.

I. A. KITSMILLER, blacksmith, was born in West Virginia, October 18, 1855, where he learned his trade of blacksmith, and lived until February, 1879, when he came to Kansas, and located in Hutchinson, and started his present business. He employs one hand besides himself. Owns his own property, and has about $500 invested in tools, stock, etc., and is increasing his business rapidly. He married in 1881, to Miss Arminda Mortina, a native of West Virginia. They have one child, Ora.

T. F. LEIDIGH, grocer, settled in Topeka, in July, 1869, and was engaged in the lumber business at that point until 1871, when he removed to Chase County, and spent about eight months at Cottonwood Falls, Florence and Newton, before coming to Hutchinson, in January, 1872. He has been engaged in the mercantile business since that time, and has done a jobbing business, to some extent, from the start. When he began business here there were five grocers in Hutchinson, doing an aggregate of from $40,000 to $50,000. His business amounting to about $10,000, the first year. There are now eleven grocers here, doing a business of about $250,000 per annum, of which he does about twenty per cent. In 1874, Mr. Leidigh built his residence on Second avenue east, and in 1875, erected his business block on the south west corner of Main street and Second avenue. The main building is 65x25 feet, and it has a brick addition 25x25 feet, put up in 1879. Mr. Leidigh was born in Newville, Cumberland Co., Pa., April 27, 1849, and lived in his native county until he came to Kansas. He was married at Newville, Pa., January 6, 1874, to Lizzie E. Reed, a native of Newville. They have six children - Ellen R., Anna M., Fred H., Martha Alma, Arthur H. and Lucy E.

WILLIAM H. LEWIS, attorney-at-law, was born in West Redford, Coshocton Co., Ohio, October 6, 1852. He was quite young when his parent removed to Jay County, Ind., where, at the public schools and at Liber College he obtained his education. After reading law in the office of Jaqua & Gray, at Union City, he was admitted to the bar in 1871, and commenced the practice of his profession. He was elected District Attorney for the Eighteenth Common Pleas District of Indiana and served out his term of office. Coming to Kansas in June, 1874, he located at Hutchinson, where he has since resided and successfully practiced his profession. He has served two terms, four years in all, as County Attorney, and one year as City Attorney. He is a member of the A., F. & A. M. He was married in Newton, Kansas, in May, 1879, to Miss Sadie E. Hale, a native of Lewiston, Ill. They have two children - Ida M. and Arthur H.

ARCHIBALD W. McCANDLESS, Deputy County Treasurer, is a native of Allegheny County, Pa., being born April 19, 1855. He remained there until three years of age when he came to Macomb, Ill. Spending three years in the schools of Pittsburgh, he graduated, in 1868, from Macomb, Ill., public schools; then attended college at Fulton, Ill. He acted for one year as Deputy Clerk in the Circuit Court of McDonough County, and taught school about six years prior to his removal to Valley Township, Reno County, Kansas, in the fall of 1879. After teaching three months, he became assistant principal of the Hutchinson school for two years. Since June, 1882, he has been Deputy County Treasurer. Mr. McCandless was married at Hutchinson, November 16, 1882, to Agnes St. John. His wife is a native of Bloomfield, Iowa. Mr. McCandless is a member of the Presbyterian Church.

WILSON McCANDLESS, County Treasurer, settled in Reno County, Kansas, in March, 1874, on the northwest quarter of Section 32, Township 23, Range 4, in Valley Township, which is still his home. He was engaged in farming until the fall of 1881, when he was elected to his present office. He was born at Macomb, Ill., December 5, 1840, and lived in his native town until 1871, when he removed to Bushnell, Ill., making that his home until he came to Kansas. On the 14th of August, 1862, he enlisted in Company I, Seventy-eighth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and served until June, 1865, participating in all the engagements of his command. He was wounded at Franklin, Tenn., and disabled for about three months, but was not absent from any general engagement. Mr. McCandless was married in Bardolph, Ill., December 5, 1865, to Mary A. Lawson, a native of Macomb, Ill. They have five children - Charles, Margaret Ann, William F., Susie and Lizzie E. He was one of the seven charter members of the Presbyterian Church at Hutchinson.

DAVID B. McKEE, M. D., visited Hutchinson in the fall of 1873, but did not permanently settle here until January, 1874. He has been engaged in practice the most of the time since, but has also been somewhat engaged in farming and real estate investments. He is a member of the Kansas State Eclectic Medical Society, and of the Southern Medical Association, being Vice President of the latter society.

D. McKEE, coal dealer, was born in Noble County, Ohio. His father, Robert McKee, was one of the pioneers of that part of Ohio, and widely known as the proprietor of McKee's Salt Works. Mr. McKee was for a number of years Postmaster at Olive, Noble County, and was also engaged in speculating and developing oil territory when the oil excitement was at its height. Came to Kansas in September, 1877, and located in Hutchinson, and first run a public house, but shortly thereafter bought out parties in his present business, and since December, 1878, has been engaged in the coal trade exclusively, and has a large and growing business, averaging during the cold months from twenty to twenty-five car loads per month. Was married in October, 1842, to Miss Caroline Ogie, a native of Ohio. They have four children - Elizabeth, Francis M., Warren S. and Ida B.

A. W. McKINNEY, M. D., came to Hutchinson June 15, 1872; saw first engine cross Main street going west, the road being finished about 100 yards west of Main street. There were then only thirty-five buildings in the place, all unfinished, including residences, of which there were but three. Of these buildings but eight are still standing. He located on the northeast quarter of Section 10, Township 22, Range 5, Little River Township, and remained there until 1874, when he came to Hutchinson, commencing practice here in September of that year. When he settled in Little River there were but two houses, exclusive of dug-outs, there; and about fifteen people, among them Messrs, Riggs, Dingman, Reynolds, Gaither, Zimmerman and L. W. Thomas. When he left the place he sold his farm, but has since purchased one in the same neighborhood, and since coming to Hutchinson has devoted his entire attention to the practice of his profession. He has been Coroner of Reno three terms, and still holds that office. Dr. McKinney was born in Livonia, Washington Co., Ind., October 20, 1831, and lived there and in that vicinity until he came to Kansas. He graduated from the Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery in February, 1860, having commenced practice in Owensburg, in Greene Co., Ind., November 9, 1851. September 5, 1861, he enlisted in Company H, Thirty-first Indiana Volunteer Infantry, as First Sergeant, retaining that rank until May 1, 1862, when he became hospital steward. He was promoted Second Lieutenant January 22, 1863. Became Assistant Surgeon of the regiment May 30, 1863, and was made Surgeon of the regiment September 13, 1864. He was discharged in Texas, December 8, 1865, but drew pay up to January 9, 1866, the intervening month being occupied in reaching his home. He was present in all the battles of his command excepting that of Mission Ridge, being at the taking of Fort Donelson; battle of Shiloh, the siege of Corinth, Perryville, Ky., Stone River, Chickamauga, Nashville, Tenn., Ashville, N. C., April 6, 1865, and the entire Atlantic campaign. He was taken prisoner at Stone River, and released on parole after twenty-two days' imprisonment. After leaving the army he returned to Indiana and lived at Lavonia until May, 1872. Dr. McKinney is a member of the A. F. & A. M., A. O. U. W. and the G. A. R. He was married at Lavonia, Ind., December 24, 1851, to Nancy Jane Orr, who died April 1872, leaving two children - Mary Ellen, now Mrs. J. W. Harmony, of Hutchinson, and Lavinah B. He was married to his present wife, Dovey M. Wible, a native of Orange County, Ind., at Hutchinson, July 12, 1875.

WILLIAM R. MARSHALL, County Clerk, was born in Belleville, Richmond Co., Ohio, May 11, 1840. He enlisted in April, 1861, in Company H, Fifteenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and was mustered out in August. Returning to Ohio, he was engaged in farming and the mercantile pursuits until he came to Reno County, April 18, 1872. He then took a homestead in Lincoln Township, on Section 10, northwest quarter, Township 24, Range 6, and still owns this property. Before he came to Hutchinson, fall of 1877, he lived on his farm five years. For about two years he was connected with the grocery establishment of De Vere & Blackburn. Mr. Marshall was elected County Clerk in the fall of 1879, and re-elected in 1881. He has held many minor offices, such as Township Trustee and Clerk, School District Treasurer, etc. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and G. A. R., and in 1882, represented Reno Lodge, No. 99, I. O. O. F., in the Grand Lodge of the State. Mr., Marshall was married at Belleville, Ohio, February 23, 1865, to Martha J. Shafer, a native of that place. They have two children, Guy S. and Myra Iona R.

J. H. MAURITZIUS, wholesale produce dealer, was born at Savannah, Mo., May 12, 1850, and when two years of age removed with his family to Amazonia, Mo., where he remained eight years. He then removed to St. Joseph, and in 1870 to Doniphan County, Kan., where he was engaged in farming for three years. He then moved to Leavenworth, where he became bookkeeper and salesman for the dry goods house of Jaggard & Foster. He remained with them for about four years, and then traveled three years for a wholesale house in Kansas City. In February, 1881, he came to Hutchinson, where he has since been engaged in various mercantile pursuits. Since June, 1882, he has been engaged exclusively in the wholesale produce business. Mr. M. is a member of the A. F. & A. M., Blue Lodge, Chapter, and Commandery. He was married in Leavenworth, November 20, 1879, to Rose S. Kirch, a native of Wisconsin.

EUGENE L. MEYER, druggist, was born in Paris, France, April 15, 1849. His father, Michael, left the place of his birth, September 8, 1853, and arrived at New Orleans, November 6. His family consisted of his wife and young Eugene. From thence the party proceeded up the Mississippi River, arriving at Nauvoo, Ill., November 23, 1853. They next removed to Rock Island, in March, 1854. In June, 1857, they departed for Kansas, reaching Leavenworth on the 10th of that month. Removing to Sumner, Atchison County, they were the fourth family to arrive in that historic town. In March, 1860, Eugene followed his parents to Atchison, where they remained until April, 1873. He attended school at St. Benedict's College, which was then the only college in the Missouri Valley. He began learning the drug business at Leavenworth, with Theo. Egersdorf, and continued with him four years, following that business for three years in Atchison and three years in New York. Eugene L. Meyer came to Hutchinson in March, 1872, continuing in the same line of business. He was appointed Commissioner to the Paris Exposition in 1878. He is now proprietor of a large drug store: is also vice-president of the Reno State Bank. He is a member of Blue Lodge, A. F. & A. M. Mr. Meyer was married in Hutchinson, April 7, 1874, to Mary Emma Moore, daughter of Rev. D. M. Moore, of Lawrence, Kan. She was born in Greenfield, Ohio. They have five children - Anna Marie, Edward, Margaret E., Daniel E., and Louis.

JOHN PAYNE, Register of Deeds, was born in Shropshire, England, September 12, 1812. He came to America in 1850, locating in Marshall County Ill., in July of that year. In 1857, he removed from Illinois to Iowa, locating in Lucas County, where he remained until he came to Hutchinson, April 1, 1873. He resided here one year, when he located on Section 16, Clay Township, where he still resides. In 1879, he was elected Register of Deeds, and re-elected in 1881. Mr. Payne was married in England, in 1842, to Elizabeth Jones. She was born in Shropshire. They have six children living - Thomas W., Ann Elizabeth, John R., Richard E., George E. and Jonathan. They have lost three children.

J. L. PENNEY, came to Topeka in the fall of 1870, and was engaged in office work until he came to Hutchinson in April, 1872. He was then connected with C. C. Hutchinson in the banking and real estate business until 1876, in the capacity of cashier, and was subsequently engaged for one year in the grocery business. In 1877 he removed to Illinois, but two years later returned to Hutchinson, where he has since had control of a meal and feed mill, with a capacity of about forty bushels per hour. Since October, 1882, he has been engaged in the produce business in partnership with J. H. Mauritzius. Mr. Penney was born in Lorraine, Jefferson Co., N. Y., June 5, 1848, and lived in his native county until about twenty years of age, when he removed to La Salle County, Ill., which was his home until he came to Kansas. He was married in Topeka in April, 1873, to Mary E. McLaughlin, a native of Indianapolis, Ind. They have two children living, Elizabeth Alice and Edith Lousie, and have lost one child.

AMOS S. PLANK, jeweler and dealer in musical instruments, settled in Hutchinson in June, 1877, and has since been engaged in his present business, which has doubled in magnitude since its establishment. He was born in Wooster, Wayne Co., Ohio, May 27, 1843, and when three years of age removed with his parents to Lee County, Iowa, and seven years later to Davis County, Iowa. He remained at this point, engaged in the jewelry business about four years of the time, until he came to Kansas. Mr. Plank was married in Hutchinson, in February, 1880, to Mary Hayes. He is a member of the A., F. & A. M.

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