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R. U. LAWYER, farmer, P. O. Grenola, was born in Muskingum County, Ohio, in 1844. In 1855, he went to Illinois and was raised in Tazewell County, living there until the fall of 1869, when he located in Bates County, Mo., and at the end of one year, located on a claim in Howard County, Kan., on Section 30, Township 30, Range 9, and was among the first settlers in that part of the township. He was at the organization of the county, and was elected the first Trustee of Greenfield Township. The following year he was elected Justice of the Peace and held the office continuously for seven years. Again in 1883, was elected Trustee of the township. When he first settled in Kansas, he was eighty miles from a railroad. He has improved his farm, which consists of 137 acres, all under cultivation but ten acres, all fenced, and has planted twelve acres of orchard, put up two houses on the farm and other buildings. He has been in the sheep-raising business for some time. He was married in Bates County, Mo., in 1871, to Miss Nellic Gardner. They have three children - May, Jane E. and Ada. He is a member of Meridian Lodge, No. 126, A., F. & A. M.

C. P. LEE, farmer, P. O. Grenola, was born in Essex County, N. Y., in 1844. In March, 1864, he enlisted in. the Tenth New York Heavy Artillery and served eighteen months. In 1870, he emigrated to Kansas, locating in Howard county and took a claim on Section 9, Township 31, Range 9, on a branch of Caney River. Humboldt was the nearest railroad point, a distance of nearly eighty-five miles. The following year, his mother came West and located a claim adjoining her son's, and these two places he had improved. He has 100 acres under cultivation, the most of the place is under fence; he has planted three acres of timber and a good orchard, put up a good frame house, 18x22, and a wing 12x30 feet, drawing the lumber eighty- five miles. He has plenty of running water and good springs on the place, making a very desirable stock farm. Mr. Lee has been in the stock business the most of the time since he has been here. He owns mining stock in several Colorado mines. He has done well here, having made the most of his property since he came. He is one of the substantial farmers of his town and a man highly respected. He has served as Clerk of Greenfield Township two terms. Was burnt out by a prairie fire April, 1873. Horses, hogs, farming implements, house and contents were destroyed.

J. H. LEE, merchant, was born in Marion County, Ind., in 1825, and lived there and in Missouri until 1864, when he emigrated to Kansas, locating in Coffey County, where he took a claim. Was one of the pioneers of this county and had to go 100 miles to market and paid 10 cents per pound for flour, $5 per hundred-weight for corn meal and $10 per barrel for salt. Saw hard limes, as he had little to do with, but finally began stock-raising, in which he did a large business. In 1875, he settled in Grouse Creek, Cowley Co., where he was extensively engaged in farming and stock dealing. In the spring of 1882, he came to Grenola, and with his son engaged in the grocery business. His son went out soon after, and he is now in company with Mr. Brown. He is also dealing in stock; has 100 head of cattle and also does some business in buying and shipping stock; also owns a fine farm of 160 acres one mile east of Grenola, with eighty acres under the plow, good buildings and fine orchard of apple and peach trees. Was married, in 1844, to Miss Newbury, of Missouri. They have three children, viz., Sarah, Emma and George. Mr. Lee is a member of the Masonic order.

CHARLES LIEBAN, wool grower, P. O. Grenola, was born in Germany, in 1835, and emigrated to America in 1851. Located at Philadelphia and learned the wheelwright's trade. In 1857, he emigrated to St. Louis, Mo., where he remained two years; from thence to Lexington, Mo., where he remained until the outbreak of the war in 1861; thence to Fort Leavenworth, Kan. In 1864, he went to the mountains; stayed there four years, when he returned to Leroy, Coffey Co., Kan. In 1870, he came to Elk County, then Howard, and took a claim on Section 1, Township 31, Range 8, nicely watered by two branches of Caney Creek. He was fifty miles from market, and had to go that distance for all their supplies. Flour was worth from $5 to $6 per hundred-weight, bacon 25 cents per pound and times were hard, but the subject of this sketch was not discouraged, but went to work with a will and has been well rewarded for his labors. He and his youngest brother, Frederick, own 420 acres of fine land, thirty acres being timber, 120 acres under cultivation and 260 acres fenced, and is but three and a half miles from market. He has planted a fine orchard and put up good buildings; he has 700 head of sheep. He started in 1876 with 160 common sleep, and has improved them until he has a high grade of merinos, yielding nine pounds per head, also raises other stock, but makes a specialty of sheep. His brother Frederick has been with him since 1871. He was born in 1852 and came to Kansas in 1868. He was married in 1883 to Miss Rachel Ingram.

ALBERT LOGSDON, farmer. P. O. Grenola, was born in Hart County, Ky., 1826, where he was raised and lived until 1870, when he migrated to Kansas and was one of the early settlers in Howard County and took a claim on Section 6, Township 31, Range 9, this being before the survey was made, and was eighty- five miles from a railroad. His place contains 320 acres of land, well watered by the Caney River, with five or six acres of timber, making a fine place for stock, which he is raising to some extent; has 100 acres in cultivation and has a very desirable farm, situated but three miles from market. Mr. Logsdon is a good farmer and has many warm friends in this town. Was married, in 1846, to Miss Nancy Fuqua, of Hart County, Ky. They have ten living children, viz.: C. V., A. E., H. A., A. L., S. F., Lovina,. Virginia, Lucy, Nettie and Marcy.

DENNIS LOGSDON, farmer, P. O. Grenola, was born in Hart County, Ky., 1833, where he was raised and lived until 1870 and was engaged in farming and teaching. From there he came to Kansas and located a claim on Spring Creek, on Section 36, Township 31, Range 8, Greenfield Township, his claim being the first or second claim taken on the creek in this county. He was over ninety miles from a railroad and it took eight days to make a trip for provisions at that time. He has a splendid farm of 160 acres, 120 acres of which are in cultivation, the whole under fence, a good orchard, fifteen acres of timber, with plenty of running water, good house, 14x28, with wing 14x28, and good stables. Was at the first election held in the county and was elected the first Constable of Greenfield Township. Mr. Logsdon is raising stock and has forty-six head of cattle and raises about the same amount of hogs. Was married, March 25, 1857, to Miss Lydia Ash, of Hart County, Ky. They have six children, viz., Molly J., C. M., Elsa T., Peter, Paul and Frederick. Is a member of the Missionary Baptist Church.

M. S. MANWELL, stock-raiser, P. O. Grenola, was born in Chittenden County, Vt., 1826. Was raised there and followed farming and dairying. In 1871, he emigrated to Kansas and took a claim on Section 1, Town 31, Range 8. Paid $2,000 for the right of it. The place is situated on Caney Creek, with thirty acres of timber, making one of the best places in the county for stock. Has 175 acres under improvement a fine orchard of 200 apple trees, the same of peach, and all kinds of small fruits; has a barn 28x50, and sheds for sheep, 18x30, 24x30 and 12x20; house 18x23, with wing 12x16, and is the largest wool grower and cheese maker in the county. Commenced sheep-raising in 1872, starting with about 300 sleep, which have grown to 2,000 head. They are a high grade of Merino and the clip raising from four to eight and one-half pounds per annum. Has seventy-five cows and makes from 1,200 to 1,500 pounds of cheese per annum, besides considerable butter; also raises some full blood jersey cattle for dairying purposes; also owns some other farms and is one of the largest farmers in the County. Was married, in 1851, in Chittenden County, Vt., to Miss E. A. Whitcomb, a native of that county. They have seven children, viz.: S. W., Carrie S., Jennie M., Edward H., Maud G. and Nina. Is a member of the Masonic order.

M. S. MILLER, farmer, P. O. Grenola, was born in Essex County, N. Y., 1850; in 1870, emigrated to Kansas and located a claim in Howard County in Section 17, Town 31, Range 9; was among the first settlers in this township; was eighty-five miles from a railroad point, and the first year went to Kansas City, 185 miles, for supplies; at the present time, his farm joins the town site of Grenola, with a railroad within one-half mile; his place is well watered by a branch of Caney Creek; has some timber, making a desirable stock farm; has put ninety acres in cultivation, fenced the whole farm, put out an orchard of about ten acres, put up good frame house 22x16 with wing 14x16, stone barn 20x60, besides sheds, corrals, etc.; is raising stock - has forty-five head of cattle and about fifty head of hogs, twelve head of horses, and has made the whole of his property here in Kansas. Was married, 1878, to Miss W. Armfield, of Elk County. They have one daughter, Pearl. He is the present Justice of the Peace of Greenfield; is one of the substantial men of the township, and, during the first summer in Kansas, had a hard time.

J. G. MORRIS, farmer, P. O. Grenola, was born in Philadelphia, Penn., in 1837, where he was raised until nineteen years of age, when he went to the copper mines of Michigan. The following year he emigrated to Iowa, locating in Butler County, and lived there and in Franklin County thirteen years and engaged in farming. In the spring of 1869, he emigrated to Kansas, locating in Johnson County, and in 1870 come to Howard County. Before the survey was made, located a claim on Spring Creek on Section 26, Township 31, Range 9, and took one of the two first in this part of the town. He has plenty of running water and fifteen acres of timber, making a fine place for stock raising. When he settled here he was 100 miles from a railroad point, and had to go a long distance for his supplies. He has his place well improved - all under fence, forty acres under cultivation and has two acres of orchard, good house and stables. He is engaged in raising stock; has thirty-two head of cattle, and raises from ten to sixty bead of hogs; he has done well, is a pleasant gentleman and neighbor. In 1860, he was married to Miss E. M. Allen, of Franklin County, Iowa. They have nine children - W. L. A. S., Jennie, Eva, Emma, Ettie, Lizzie, John and Addie.

R. C. MUSGRAVE, M. D., physician and surgeon, was born in Hamilton County, Ill., February 19, 1834; when seventeen years of age, he located in Jefferson County, remaining there until 1862, when he enlisted in the Eightieth Illinois Volunteer Infantry; serving six months, returning to Jefferson County, he began reading medicine under Dr. Stonemets, and after finishing his course, followed the practice of medicine until 1870, when he settled at Fairplay, Mo., remaining there two years. In 1872, he emigrated to Kansas, locating in Howard County; took a claim in Greenfield Township, now in Elk County, and after living on the place two years, he located at Canola, where he followed the practice of medicine and carried on a drugstore. When Grenola was started, he located there and has had a large practice since. He is the oldest physician in this part of the county, and has been very successful. He was married in 1857 at Mount Vernon, Jefferson Co., Ill., to Miss Zilpha A. Green. They have three children - Cora A., Robert G. and John D. He is a member of the South Kansas Medical Association.

LIEUT. D. M. REID, Postmaster, was born in New York City in 1816. In 1859, he located at Macomb, McDonough Co., Ill. He enlisted, in 1861, in the Sixty-fourth Illinois Volunteer Infantry Sharpshooters, serving until the close of the war, coming in as a private, and was discharged with a First Lieutenant commission; also served as Assistant Commissary of Subsistence and Post Quartermaster and Disbursing Officer at Ottawa, Ill. and Glendale, Miss.; had contracts for furnishing beef, etc.; held other important positions while there. After coming out of the army, he engaged in farming near Macomb until 1877, when he emigrated to Kansas, located in Canola, Howard County, and took charge of a drug store; was appointed Assistant Postmaster soon after, and Postmaster in 1879; he became a member of the Grenola Town Company, of which he was a prime mover, assisted by Mr. Hawkins and Mr. Guy, and June 7, 1879, organized the company with 100 shares. At the first meeting, the following officers were elected: Thomas Hawkins, President; W. H. Guy, Treasurer; D. M. Reid, Secretary; Directors, R. C. Musgrave, William Dory, R. A. Bowden, J. R. Fletcher. Mr. Reid has been Secretary constantly since, and has done the greater part of the business. Maj. O. B. Gunn, of Kansas City, has been an active member of the Company, and is now owner of a majority of all the stock of the company. Mr. Reid moved to the present town site of Grenola, and succeeded in locating the post office here and received a commission as Postmaster. The town site of 160 acres on Section 17, Town 31, Range 9, was laid out into 30 blocks, and in July, l881, 16 more blocks were added. Mr. Reid has disposed of about three-fourths of the lots for the company. The members of the company are all thorough business men, the most of them having invested largely in building and business enterprises in the place. The present officers are M R. Reeves, President; R. A. Bowden, Treasurer; D. M. Reid, Secretary and selling agent; Directors, O. B. Gunn, R. A. Bowden, Thomas Hawkins, M. R. Reeves, William Dory and D. M. Reid. Besides the business of the poet office, which is one of the largest distributing offices in Southern Kansas, and the business of the Town Company, Mr. Reid is serving as Township Clerk of Greenfield Township, and Town Treasurer of Grenola, serving the second term in each. Mr. Reid is a courteous gentleman and a thorough business man, and Grenola owes a great deal to his enterprise in being the best business point in Elk County.

R. W. M. ROE, Chairman of Board of County Commissioners, was born in Bath County, Ky., 1848, but was raised in Kirksville, Mo. In 1864, enlisted in the Sixty-fourth Illinois Sharpshooters, serving eighteen months. After coming out of the army, located in Champaign County, Ill. In 1866, emigrated to Kansas, first settling on the head of Elk River, Union Centre Township, 1869, took a claim in Union Centre Township; was one of the first settlers there; improved this claim and lived on it ten years; was 150 miles from market, drawing his first supplies that distance; salt was worth $13.50 per bbl., bacon 35 cents per lb., and it took thirteen days to make a trip to mill. Was Trustee of Union Centre Township; was a delegate to the first county convention held in the county. The land was not surveyed when he took his claim. In 1879, sold out and located at Grenola, and started a nursery, the first enterprise of the kind in the county; has 7,000 apple trees, 100,000 osage hedge, a large amount of cherries, plums, peaches, grapes, quinces, etc.; besides these he is handling a full line of ornamental shrubbery and forest trees, and a large variety of fruits for other nurseries. In 1880, was elected County Commissioner of Elk County, for a term of three years, and is the chairman of the Board of Commissioners at present, which position he has filled with entire satisfaction to the public. Mr. Roe is one of the most enterprising citizens of the County, and has always been an active part in the politics of the county and public enterprises of all kinds; is a thoroughly reliable man and has a host of friends, both of the old as well as new settlers in the county. Was married in 1867 to Miss Mary E. Sullivan, of Illinois. They have six children, viz.: Wesley, W. T., C. W., Massena, Sarah M., Lily. Mr. Roe is a member of E. M. Stanton Post, No. 23, G. A. R; Grenola Lodge, No. 86, A. O. U. W.; is Grand Master of the Lodge, and a Representative of the Grand Lodge.

M. E. RUGGLES, farmer, P. O. Grenola, was horn in Broome County, N. Y., in 1826. In t835, he emigrated to Michigan, locating in Oakland County in 1856, located in Waupaca County, Wis., remaining there four years, then back to Oakland County, remaining there until 1870, when he emigrated to Kansas, locating in Elk County, then Howard, taking a claim, before the survey was made, on the southeast quarter of Section 8, Town 31, Range 9; was seventy-five miles from a railroad, and no improvements to be seen. He has fifty-five acres improved; the place all fenced and a fine orchard of 900 peach trees, 100 apple and other fruits of various kinds; there is plenty of water furnished by Caney Creek. He was Justice of the Peace the first three years after the county was organized, and is the present Township Treasurer. He is raising sheep of a high grade of merino, and gets an annual clip of eight pounds per head, the investment paying forty per cent. He was married in 1854 at Milford, Oakland Co., Mich., to Miss Hattie Billsen of that place. They have two children - Frank E. and Mary E. He served from the spring of 1865 until the close of the war in the Twenty-second Michigan Infantry.

JOHN W. THOMPSON, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. Grenola, was born in Belmont County, Ohio, in l832, but was raised in Tuscarawas County. In 1856, he emigrated to Madison County, Iowa, where he was engaged in farming and stock raising. In 1872, he came to Kansas, locating in Elk county (then Howard), and bought a farm of 160 acres in Section 32, Township 31, Range 4; has since added 160 acres, making a farm of 320 acres, on the Caney River, two miles south of Grenola; has plenty of nice running water, with forty acres of timber along the banks, making a fine place for stock; has 170 acres in cultivation, with a good orchard of 100 apple trees, 150 peach, and small fruits; has a fine stone quarry on the place, with good stone for making lime; was fifty miles from market when he settled here; is raising considerable stock; has served as Assessor and Trustee of his township, and one term as County Commissioner; was married, in 1857, to Miss Sharp, of Ohio; they have six children, viz., Charley, Franklin, Ruth, John W., Jr., Newton and Milton (twins); is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

HON. ELI TITUS, was born at Lebanon, Ind., July 16, 1846. That was his home until he was seven years of age, when his parents removed with their family to Galesburg, Ill., where he resided until his location in Kansas in the spring of 1867, settling at Paola, Miami County, where he remained until the fall of l869, going then to Erie, Neosho County. In January, 1870, he located at Cedar Vale, Howard County. Served two terms as Sheriff of that county. He was, extensively engaged in cattle dealings there. In January, 1882, he removed to his present home in Grenola, Elk County. In the fall of 1882, he was elected a member of the Legislature, serving in the Kansas House of Representatives during the session of 1883, and was a member of the Railroad Conference Committee which prepared the report which was adopted by both branches of the Legislature. He proved himself to be a valuable member of the House, and his untiring efforts to secure such legislation in regard to all matters as should prove for the best interests of Kansas have been appreciated. His constituents cannot fail to recognize his fidelity to their interests. Mr. Titus is associated with E. M. Hewins in cattle and mercantile business. They are among the most extensive dealers of cattle in the country. In 1882, they handled about 70,000 head, shipped to the market 40,000 of that number. They have now on their ranch in the Indian Territory 28,000 head of cattle. Their principal transactions are in Texas, Indian Territory and Kansas; Mr. Titus being also a stockholder of the Stock Exchange Bank at Caldwell, Kan. Mr. Titus was married in Connersville, Ind., October 4, 1869, to Lillie Myers, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. They nave three children - Harry and Carrie (twins), and Myrtle. Mr. Titus is a member of the A., F. & A. M. and A. O. U. W.

GEORGE WALKER, stock-dealer, P. O. Grenola, was born in Cheshire, England, in 1819. In 1845, he emigrated to America, locating in Des Moines, Iowa, where he engaged in farming in 1877, he went to Illinois, remaining there four years, coming to Kansas in the spring of 1871, locating in Howard County (now Elk); took a claim on Section 12, Township 31, Range 9; has about 720 acres of land in the farm, well watered by Caney Creek, and timber enough along the creek to shelter his stock. He has 100 acres under cultivation, 160 acres fenced, and the balance is pasture; has planted a good orchard and put up a good frame house 18x23, with a wing 17x18, barn 32x40, with a basement full size, with a good wind mill. Besides the home farm, he has 280 acres south of Grenola, with 100 acres under the plow, ten acres of timber, well fenced, two good houses, and other improvements. Mr. Walker is raising considerable stock; has 200 head, and besides twenty-five cows for dairying; also raises a great many hogs. Mr. Walker is one of the most successful farmers and stock-raisers in the county. He was married in May, 1865, at Burlington, Iowa, to Miss Charlotte Darbyshire, a native of London, England. They have two children - John Henry and Robert H.

M. V. YANCEY, M. D., was born in Mount Pleasant, Henry Co., Iowa, in. 1858. He was raised there, and took a course at the high school of that place. In 1874, he emigrated to Kansas and located at Chautauqua County, remaining there three years, on the farm with his father; thence, in 1877, to Emporia, where he attended the State Normal School. At the end of one year, he located at Howard, Elk County, and read medicine with Drs. J. B. Lewis & Son, and in the fall of 1879 he went to Chicago and finished his course at the Bennett Eclectic College, and graduated in the spring of 1881. He then returned to Kansas, locating at Grenola, where he commenced the practice, and has remained there since, enjoying a lucrative practice. In 1881, he was united in marriage with Miss Margaret F. Miller, of Battle Creek, Mich. They have one daughter - Mary. He is a member of Grenola Lodge, No. 86, A. O. U. W., and is the examining surgeon; is also a member of the State Medical Society.

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