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J. POEHLER, retired merchant. Among those that figured conspicuously at an early day in Atchison County, is Mr. Poehler. He is a native of Germany, and was born in Wurtemberg, January 7, 1821; was educated and reared in his native country. In 1848, came to the United States, locating temporarily in St. Louis; removed to Beardstown, Ill., where for ten years he was identified in business. In 1858, came to Kansas, engaging in business at Sumner, Atchison County, being one of the first business men in the county. The years of '63 and part of '64, held the position of Postmaster in Sumner. In 1864, came to Atchison and from that date until 1877, was one of the most prosperous and prominent dealers in general merchandise. Mr. P. is a genial and entertaining gentleman, eminently popular with the masses. He is a charter member of the I. O. O. F., Schiller Lodge, in Atchison, and a member of the Encampment, No. 33; also belongs to the Turn Verein. He married, in 1848, Miss Annestina Trulleb, of Wurtemberg, Germany. They have by this union six children - George, Ernst, Amelia, Carrie, Charlie, and Edward. The two oldest sons, George and Ernst, comprise the well known house of Poehler Bros., confectionery, bakery, etc.

J. P. POMEROY came to Atchison, October, 1878, in the interest of the Central Branch Union Pacific Ry., being land commissioner, purchasing agent, and general manager of the extension of the road beyond Waterville, Marshall County. He is now settling old loan interests of the Atchison, Colorado & Pacific Branch, which involves settlement of debts contracted along the route during its construction. He is also now general agent of the road, and handles all the varieties of coal used in operating it, his business amounting to from 8,000 to 10,000 cars of soft coal per year, and from 3,000 to 5,000 cars of hard coal. Mr. Pomeroy was born and received his education in the State of Ohio. He remained in the State, engaged in mercantile pursuits, until 1865, when he made an extended tour of Europe, remaining abroad until 1869. On his return he engaged in the manufacture of boots and shoes. In 1875, he again made a visit of about two years in Europe, removing to Atchison soon after his return, and remaining since that time a citizen of that city. Mr. Pomeroy is now president of the Atchison & Southwestern R. R.; vice-president of Exchange National Bank of Atchison; vice-president of the Frankfort National Bank of Frankfort, Kansas, and president of the Atchison Opera House Company.

PHILLIP PORTER, laborer, came to Kansas in the fall of 1865, and located in Atchison, and has lived here since. Mr. Porter is a member of the Independent Order of Immaculates of which he is the Worthy Monarch; also of the Benevolent Society, of which he is President. Mr. P. was Orderly Sergeant of Company B, Second Kansas Volunteer Infantry. He enlisted July 9, 1863, and was mustered out of service in October, 1865 at Kamlin, Ark. He was born in Madison County, Mo., in the year 1835, and married in Atchison, in 1871, to Isabeth Boone, a native of Missouri. The names of their children are: John P., Franklin, Samuel, and Maud.

J. J. POTTER, manufacturer of carriages, Main Street, between Eighth and Ninth, Atchison, Kan., was born in Mohawk Flats, N. Y., in 1828. In 1845, went to Utica, N. Y., and learned the carriage trade. In 1848, went into the manufacturing of carriages at Syracuse, N. Y., where he remained until 1866, when he moved to Leavenworth, Kan., and engaged in the manufacture of carriages until 1879, when he came to this place and engaged in the same business. Was married in 1850 to Miss Fannie Sherwell of Lawrence County, N. Y. Has two daughters, Julia and Celia, both married. Mr. Potter is a member of Plattsburgh (N. Y.) Lodge of A., F. & A. M.

ALBERT W. PRETZEL, manufacturer of soda water, ginger ale, champagne cider, etc., etc., came to Kansas on September 2, 1868, and located in Atchison, where he has lived since and carried on business. He is a member of Schiller Lodge, No. 33, and of Hesperian Encampment, No. 6, I. O. of O. F. Has filled all the chairs in Schiller Lodge. He is also a member of the Atchison Turnverein and has held nearly all the offices of this association. Mr. Pretzel was born November 30, 1847, in the Province of Pomerania, Prussia, where he lived until he came to America and settled in Chicago. He remained there a few months and then went to Chatsworth, Livingston Co., Ill., where he was engaged by a German sugar-refining company. After remaining at this place over a year, he came to Kansas. Mr. P. was married in June, 1869, in Atchison, to Miss Carolina Fiss, a native of Prussia. They have two children living, whose names are Paulina and Minna.

JOHN M. PRICE, eldest son of Thomas S. and Sarah Jarman Price, was born in Richmond, Madison Co., Ky., October 4, 1829. His parents were natives of Virginia, but reared, educated and married in Kentucky, from which State his father emigrated in the fall of 1838, locating first in Johnson County, Mo., and afterwards near the present site of Sedalia, in the same State, where he resided until his return to Kentucky, in 1845. John M., who returned to his native State on a visit during the summer of 1844, decided to remain with his uncle, Morton N. Price, assist him on his farm during the summer, and attend school at Irvine in the following winter. This arrangement was carried out, and after the winter school was over, John went into the drygoods store of Thomas D. Chilies, where he remained until the fall of 1847. He then went to Mt. Sterling, Ky., and attended school during that fall and winter, being a member of the household of Col. Walter Chilies, his uncle-in-law, a prominent lawyer of that place. In the following spring, he obtained a clerkship in the office of the County Clerk of Montgomery County, writing through the day and studying law with his good friend and instructor, Col. Chilies, at night. In March, 1849, at the age of nineteen, he passed his examination, was admitted to the Bar, and immediately returned to his old home in Irvine, opened a law office and commenced practice. Two years later, in 1851, the young lawyer was elected County Attorney for Estill County, which position he occupied by virtue of a re-election in 1855, until his removal to Kansas, in 1858. On locating in Atchison, Mr. Price again opened a law office, and soon established a reputation as a skillful, honorable and sagacious attorney. During his residence of twenty-four years in the city, he has been honored with nearly every office in the gift of the Republican citizens of Atchison County, and his name is most prominently identified with the material growth and prosperity of the city. He is enthusiastic in his devotion to the "brethren of the mystic tie," and has reached the has reached (sic) the topmost round of the Masonic ladder. It would be idle to enumerate the many offices - political, business or Masonic - with which Mr. price has been honored, but mention some that have been conferred by the latter and kindred societies: G. M. of the Grand Lodge; G. C. of Grand Commandery of K. T.; Deputy Grand H. P. of Grand Chapter and Thrice Illustrious Deputy G. M. of Grand Council; G. H. P. of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Kansas, and Grand Secretary of the same; President of the Holy Order of the High Priesthood of Kansas, and Grand Treasurer of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of the State. In the I. O. O. F., he has served as Grand Master of the Most Worthy Grand Lodge of Kansas, and twice as Grand representative to the Grand Lodge of the United States. The Knights of Pythias have elected him Chancellor of the Grand Lodge of Kansas and Supreme Representative to the Supreme Lodge of the World, which latter office he still holds. He is Grand Master Workman of the Grand Lodge of A. O. U. W. of the State of Kansas, and also a member of the Grand Lodge of the Knights of Honor. Mr. Price was married at Irvine, Ky., January 10, 1854, to Miss Eliza Jerman, only daughter of Elihu and Mary Park, of that town. Five children have been born to them, four of whom are living: Mollie F. (now Mrs. Singleton), Nannie B. (Mrs. Vandergrift), John M. and Eliza Park. One little boy, also named John M., died January 23, 1875. Mr. Price is now Postmaster at Atchison, entering upon the duties of that position April 1, 1878.

CHARLES PULLEN, firm of Pullen Bros., roofers, was born in the county of Surrey, England, March 25, 1850. Emigrated to the United States in 1871, locating the same year at Atchison, where he was differently employed till 1876. At this time the above firm was organized. They are the oldest, and, in fact, the only exclusive roofers in the city, their trade extending throughout this State and Nebraska. During the season they employ four and five men, and are gradually working up a large and lucrative business.

QUIGG & ALLEN, wholesale grocers. This firm was organized in 1873, its members being Mathew Quigg and J. W. Allen, who still constitute the company. The business was started by Delan & Quigg, in 1865, as wholesale and retail grocers. The jobbing business was commenced by the old firm in 1870. Quigg & Allen now give employment to eight men, three of whom are traveling salesmen. Their sales are made principally in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado and New Mexico, and amount to about $300,000 per annum. Mr. J. W. Allen was born in Craftsbury, Orleans Co., Vt., where he lived until his removal to Atchison, in 1870. In the East he was engaged in mercantile pursuits, and after his arrival in Atchison he was in the wholesale drug business with McPike & Allen until the formation of the firm of Quigg & Allen. In October, 1861, Mr. Allen enlisted in the First Vermont Cavalry and served until December, 1864, a portion of the time being in the quartermaster's department, Army of the Potomac.

JOHN B. QUIGLEY, superintendent of the Atchison Water Company, office corner Fourth and Commercial streets, was born March 19, 1857, in Massachusetts. Received a liberal education in the High School of Boston, and in 1874 graduated from the Bryant & Stratton's Commercial College of that city. His parents subsequently removed to Fitchburg. He came to Atchison, April 27, 1879, and until the summer of 1880 was in the employ of the government, improving the Missouri River. When the Union Depot was completed at this place, Mr. Quigley entered it as an assistant ticket agent, where he remained until he took his present position. The Atchison Water Works is one of the most important features of the city, and is certainly one of which the inhabitants may be proud. They consist of the settling reservoir, which has a capacity of 1,250,000 gallons, a storage reservoir with a capacity of 3,500,000 gallons, and the building where the pumps are situated. This is a handsome structure built entirely of brick, 87X27, and is located at the west end of the Missouri River bridge. In this are two large engines of seventy- five horse power each, capable of pumping 1,000,000 gallons into the settling reservoir every twenty-four hours, only one of them is used at a time, however, thus preventing stoppage of water in case one is broken. This is an excellent thing for Atchison, as their water supply in case of a fire is now inexhaustible.

W. O. RAGAN, portrait artist, one who has attained a first rank among the artists in the West, and is favorably known in Kansas. He is a native of Ohio, and was born in Champaign County, June 25, 1841. In 1851 he removed to Macomb, McDonough Co., Ill., where he was educated, reared and learned the photograph business. For a time he was proprietor of a gallery in Macomb, and also at Bushnell. In 1866 he came to Kansas City, Mo., and was recognized as the leading artist of that city for a number of years. For four consecutive years he took the premium at the Kansas city fairs for the finest work in his line. His crayon work has but few equals, and can not be excelled in the Northwest. In 1876 he located in Atchison, and for several years was interested in conducting a photography gallery. Mr. R. is held in high esteem in Atchison by the admirers of fine art. He married in 1864, Miss Henrietta Wood. They have seven children - Frank, George, Harry, Ida, Owen, Arthur and Albert.

WILLIAM L. RAMSEY, son of George W. and Harriet A. Ramsey, came to Kansas June 7, 1879, locating on northwest quarter Section 31, Township 6, Range 19, Lancaster Township, September 21, 1879, Mr. Ramsey entered the employ of Mr. Forbriger as clerk, and has been connected with him since that time.

JAMES R. REDHEAD, clerk in K. C. R. R. office, came to Kansas in April, 1875, and located in Atchison, where he still resides. Mr. R. was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, June 5, 1861, and lived there until his fifth year, when his parents removed to Chicago, where they lived until they came to Kansas. His parents are both living in Atchison. Mr. R. has held numerous confidential and important positions for one so young. He was for a time a clerk in C. W. Brown's post-office book store, and since then has held positions in different railroad offices in the cities of Atchison and St. Joe., Mo.

JAMES REDINGTON, of the firm Redington & Co., dealers in cut and building stone, is by birth a Scotchman, born in the City of Aberdeen, April 19, 1820. After acquiring a common school education, he learned the stone-cutter's trade, and in 1844 came to the United States. Worked three years in Washington, D. C., then went to Frankfort, Ky., and in 1850 was married at Louisville, same State, to Margaret Manuel, also a native of Scotland. Resided in Kentucky until 1857, then came to Kansas, where he took a claim of 160 acres in Doniphan County, upon which he lived long enough to prove it up, and at the expiration of that time moved to Atchison, where he has since conducted the above business. Mr. Redington has nine children, five of them boys.

T. J. REGG is a native of Owen County, Ky. He was born September 29, 1846, and resided in his native place, until his removal to Kansas in March, 1870. After residing until March, 1871, in Atchison, he removed to Netawak, Jackson Co., where he remained two years, principally engaged in trading with the Pottawatomies. He was then employed as a bookkeeper in a foundry until August, 1881, and then for several months had charge of the railroad material used in the construction of a road being built in the county. In November, 1881, he was elected Register of Deeds, and entered upon the duties of the office June, 1882. Mr. Regg was married in Jackson County, July 16, 1871, to Sallie H. Taliferro, of Mississippi. Their three children are, William C., Mollie, and Edward O. Mr. R. is a member of A. O. U. W. and K. of P.

CHARLES N. REGNIER, of the firm of Regnier & Shoup, is a native of Bingen-on-the-Rhine, from whence he emigrated in 1867, his first location after his arrival in this country being at Atchison, June 7, 1867. He was employed in a wholesale grocery house for a time, and in 1869 started the crockery business on a small scale, up to ten years ago two men being able to perform all the work required. It has now grown to such dimensions that it requires nineteen men to handle the business.

J. C. REISNER, proprietor of the Tremont House, was born in Lebanon County, Pa., March 26, 1829. He learned the carpenter's trade in Reading, then went to Philadelphia, where he learned cabinet making. In July, 1857, he settled in Atchison County, Kansas. His family joined him the following spring, when he moved into town and built the hotel, furnishing it in 1859, and has since managed the house, with the exception of two or three short terms. He was architect, superintendent and builder, and also made a large part of the furniture, and even rafted the logs which were to be used in building the hotel. Mr. R. was married in Philadelphia, March 17, 1853, to Miss Rebecca D. Fichthorne, of Reading, Pa. They have raised thirteen children, of whom four survive - Charles W. C., John H., Kate (now Mrs. J. G. Thayer), and Christian F. Mr. R. is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and of Friendship Lodge No. 5, I. O. O. F.

ISAAC THOMAS RICE, carpenter, came to Kansas March 24, 1882, and located in Atchison, where he has since lived. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Rice was born in Loudon County, Va., September 17, 1852, and lived in Loudon County until he came to Kansas. He was married March 2, 1881, to Sarah E. Casler, a native of Morgan County, Va.

S. L. RICKER, of Clover Hill Dairy, Atchison, Kansas, was born in Pennsylvania in 1848, where he remained until 1878, when he moved to Lincoln County, Kansas, where he remained until 1880, when he came to this place and ran a feather renovator. In the fall of 1880, took charge of the Clover Hill Dairy. The farm embraces 150 acres, 100 of which are in clover. This dairy supplies the leading hotels and restaurants, requiring about 1,500 gallons of milk per year. Mr. R. was married in March, 1882, at Atchison, Kansas, to Miss Annie Sheats, of Pennsylvania.

ROBERT H. ROBERTS, chief clerk in the extensive dry goods establishment of Donald Brothers, came to Kansas with the members of this enterprising firm in the spring of 1879, and has been connected with the house from its opening in Atchison to the present time. Mr. Roberts was born in March, 1850, in New York City, where he resided until he came to Kansas. While residing in New York he was for many years employed in the establishment of A. T. Stewart & Co., and subsequently was engaged in the produce business in New York City, in connection with his brothers, for three years. Mr. Roberts is a young, enterprising business man, whose record needs no better endorsement than the position he now holds with the live house with which he is connected.

SOLON W. ROBERTS, Constable, came to Kansas October 1, 1877, and located in Atchison, where he has since resided. He was born in Crab Orchard, Lincoln Co., Ky., June 11, 1854, where he lived until his eighteenth year, when he removed to Christian County, Ill., where he lived about three years, and was engaged in farming. From Illinois Mr. Roberts went to Tecumseh, Neb., where he remained about nine months and then came to Atchison. While in Atchison until his election as Constable over a Republican candidate by an overwhelming majority, in an intensely Republican city, he was employed as fore-man at elevator C. Mr. R. was married in Christian County, Ill., September 19, 1876, to Miss Florence Viola Porter, a daughter of Hon. Eli Porter, of Christian County, Ill. They have three children, whose names are Anna, Florence Viola, and Solomon W.

LOUIS ROCHAT, dealer in jewelry, etc.

DAVID B. RODGERS, manager of the wholesale grocery house of Julius Kuhn, came to Atchison in 1869, and engaged in the grocery house of D. C. Robbins & Co. as shipping clerk. After a little time accepted the position of bookkeeper, and in November of the same year was put on the road as traveling salesman, being the first salaried wholesale commercial agent employed from the city of Atchison to travel on the road. In January, 1874, he became a member of the firm of Chaliss Bros. & Co., where he continued for four years, and in 1881 secured his present situation. The subject of this sketch was born April 9, 1848, at St. Louis, Mo., where he graduated from the High School in 1866, his employment having been mostly in the grocery line since. Mr. Rogers married February 5, 1873, Miss Bertha, daughter of Dr. W. L. Chaliss, of this city. He is president of the Owl Club Literary Society, and was one of the instigators of the Bankers' and Merchants' Benefit Association, being secretary of the same. Is also an active worker in Washington Lodge No. 5 of the Masonic Order.

CHARLES E. ROTH, carpenter, came to Kansas October 5, 1878, and located in Atchison where he has since resided. He is a member of the Lutheran Church and belongs to Roth Bros.' Cornet Band. He was born September 28, 1856, at Centre Valley, Lehigh County, Pa., where he lived until his ninth year, when his parents removed to Lower Saucon, Northampton County, Pa., where he lived until he came to Kansas. While in Pennsylvania he was engaged in farming and at the Hellertown Iron Works. Since living in Kansas he has followed his trade, that of carpenter.

JOEL W. ROTH, carpenter and builder, came to Kansas August 1, 1878, and located in Atchison, where he has since lived. He is a member of Lodge No. 390 I. O. O. F., of Coppersburg, Pa., and a member of the Lutheran Church. He was a private in Company E, One Hundred and Seventy-sixth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, and enlisted October 18, 1862, and was mustered out of the service August 16, 1863, at Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. Roth was born in Colebrookdale Township, Berks Co., Pa., November 16, 1827. His parents resided but one year in this place. After his birth they removed to Upper Saucon Township, Lehigh Co., Pa., where the subject of this sketch resided continuously for thirty-five years, when he removed to Lower Saucon Township, Northampton Co., Pa., where he lived until he came to Kansas. During all these years he was engaged sometimes at farming and sometimes working at his trade. Mr. Roth was married in Upper Saucon, Lehigh Co., Pa., August 26, 1849, to Miss Catherine Schaefer, a native of Lower Milford, Lehigh Co., Pa. They have had ten children, of whom nine are living - William Henry, born march 3, 1850; Wilson Franklin, February 6, 1852; Oscar John, August 24, 1854; Charles Edwin, September 28, 1856; George Washington, July 24, 1858; Emma Matilda, August 16, 1860; Mary Catherine, August 14, 1862, died October 20, 1864; Robert Winfield, August 1, 1865; Thomas Jacob, March 3, 1867; Preston James, May 31, 1869.

OSCAR J. ROTH, carpenter, came to Kansas October 5, 1878, and located in Atchison where he has since resided and followed his trade. He is a member of the Lutheran Church. He was born August 24, 1854, in Upper Saucon township, Lehigh County, Pa., where he lived until his eleventh year, when his parents removed to Lower Saucon, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, where he resided until he came to Kansas. While in Pennsylvania he engaged in farm work a short time, and the rest of the time was at work in the Bethlehem rolling mills and the iron works at Hellertown, Pa. Since he has lived in Atchison he has followed his trade of carpenter. Mr. Roth is a member of Roth Bros.' Cornet band, which is mainly composed of himself and six of his brothers. A brother- in-law is also one of the members. The whole band consists of eleven pieces and only three performers are not members of the Roth family. George W. Roth is the able leader of it. The whole family are noted for their musical abilities and their band is in frequent request at parades, picnics, etc. Mr. Roth was married May 1, 1875, at Hellertown, Pa., to Miss Isadore Orner, a native of Lower Saucon, Pa. She died October 18, 1879. They had three children, two of whom are living - Walter Eugene, born October 4, 1875 and Jennie May, born March 27, 1877.

WILLIAM H. ROTH, carpenter, came to Kansas October 5, 1878, and located in Atchison, where he lives at present. He is a member of the Lutheran Church and of the Saucanna Lodge No. 606, I. O. O. F., Hellertown, Pa., and of Roth Bros.' Cornet Band. Mr. Roth was born in Lehigh County, Pa., March 3, 1850. While he lived in Pennsylvania his first employment was on a farm. At the age of seventeen he commenced learning the carpenter's trade, at which he worked for some years. One year before coming to Kansas, he worked for the Hellertown Iron Company as a furnaceman. Mr. Roth was married December 30, 1869, at Fogelsville, Lehigh County, Pa., to Sovilla Hollenbach, a native of Lehigh County, Pa. They have six children, four of whom are living - Elenora C., born February 16, 1870; Peter H., born March 6, 1871, died August 11, 1871; James S., born September 15, 1872, died June 7, 1875; Irene J., December 25, 1876; Stella M., June 7, 1879; Horace W., November 12, 1881.

MORRIS S. ROTHSCHILD, manager of Sterns & Bro's. branch house of millinery and fancy goods, No. 611 Commercial street, Ogden block. This house was established at Atchison in February, 1878, by Henry and Isaac Sterns who have been actively engaged in the mercantile business at Leavenworth, Kans., for a quarter of a century. The subject of this sketch has been in the employ of the above firm for two years, the first year at Leavenworth, when he was sent to Atchison to take charge of their branch house, which carries a stock of $20,000, the sales per annum amounting to $35,000. The storeroom is 142X22, and the business requires nine salesmen and women, but employs mostly ladies. Mr. Rothschild's birth place was at Leavenworth, Kans., December 22, 1863, where he also acquired his education, being a student of the High School at that place previous to his engagement with this firm, his father, S. M. Rothschild, being formerly engaged in the same business.

WILLIAM M. RUSSELL, yard master for the A., T. & S. F. R. R. Co., residence corner Hickory and Division streets, North Atchison, commenced railroading in 1867, as brakesman on the C. R. I. & P. In 1876 he was given a freight train on this road, which he ran to Brooklyn, Iowa, and for three years was engaged in this. In 1879 he came to Atchison and until the spring of 1880, was employed as a switchman in the yards, and then was appointed yard master of the same. During his sixteen years of experience on railroads he has never met with an accident. Mr. Russell hails from Logan County, Ohio, where he was born December 31, 1848. In 1869 he was married in Davenport, Iowa, to Miss Alice Pelton, their family consisting of two sons. He is a member of the Railroad Accident Insurance Company of Hartford.

HENRY J. RUST was one of the pioneers of Atchison County, having made claim in the fall of 1854 to the northeast quarter of Section 20, Township 6, Range 20 (Mount Pleasant Township), to which farm he removed his family April 1, 1855. Prior to settling in Kansas he had lived in Platte County, Mo., being permanently located there in 1849. He was engaged in farming until January, 1862, when he gave up the office of County Clerk to which he had just been elected, enlisted in the Second Kansas Cavalry and served with his regiment until he died of disease at Fort Smith, Ark., in the fall of 1863.

CHARLES W. RUST came to Kansas with his parents in 1855, located in Section 20, Township 6, Range 20, and was engaged in farming until he entered the army, Sept. 19, 1861. He enlisted at that time in Company C, Eighth Kansas Volunteer Infantry, and was with his company in all engagements until Dec. 15, 1864, when he received a wound which rendered amputation of the leg necessary. He received his discharge June 6, 1865. After his return he lived in Mount Pleasant until his election November, 1865, to the office of County Clerk, the duties of which he assumed in January, 1866, serving three successive terms. He then engaged in real estate and abstract business, which he followed until October, 1878, since which time he has been Deputy County Treasurer. Mr. R. was born near Vernon, Jennings Co., Ind., September 7, 1842, and lived in his native town until he came to Kansas. He was married in Atchison, December 26, 1867, to Mary J. Biddle, of Columbus, Ohio, daughter of Joseph Biddle, an old settler and present resident of Atchison. Mr. and Mrs. Rust have four living children - Lillie Belle, Mabel C., Charles H., and Alice Florence. Maud died at the age of six years; George Ralph, aged two and a half, and a little daughter at about the age of one year. Mr. Rust's mother died several years ago in Atchison. Mr. R. is a member of the Knights of Honor.

GEORGE W. RYAN, foreman of bridges and buildings M. P. shops, was born in Newport, County Tipperary, Ireland, April 22, 1843. His parents came to the United States in 1846, and settled in Chicago, where George W. received his schooling and learned the carpentering trade. In 1865 he became connected with the M. P. R. R. during its construction in the bridge building department; was afterwards in the same department with the Fort S. and Gulf R. R., and was some three years with the H. & St. Joe R. R.; left the latter at Hannibal to take the present position in July 17, 1880. Mr. R. was married in Kansas City, September 19, 1872 to Miss Catherine Quirk, a native of Ireland. They have four children living - George H., Mary E., Marcellus, Aurelia. Mr. Ryan is a member of the Catholic Church.

THOMAS MOORE RYAN, Inspector of weights and measures and market master of the city of Atchison, came to Kansas September 15, 1865, and located in Atchison, where he has since lived. He was in the army in the Quartermaster's Department at Little Rock, Ark., in 1863-'4, and was mustered out of the service in September, 1864, at Little Rock, Ark. Mr. Ryan was born in the city of Manchester, Eng., April 23, 1820. He remained in his native city two years, when his parents removed to County Tipperary, Ireland, where he remained until his eighteenth year, when he returned to the city of Manchester, where he remained until his thirtieth year, when he came to America, and located in St. Louis, Mo., where he was engaged in shoemaking and where he remained nine years, and then went to St. Charles, Mo., where he remained one year and then went to Booneville, Mo., where he remained until he entered the army in 1863. After being mustered out of the service he went to St. Louis, where he staid six and a half months and then went to Glasglow, Mo., where he remained one year, and came from there to Atchison, where he has resided since. Mr. Ryan was married in Stockport, near Manchester, Eng., September 6, 1846, to Miss Catherine Herr, a native of Tipperary, Ireland. They have had eight children, of whom but two survive, whose names are Robert Henry and Nellie, both of whom are married and have families.

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