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THOMAS TRUMAN SAFFORD, city policeman, came to Kansas in the spring of 1870, and located and married in Atchison, where he has since resided. He is a member of the Friendship Lodge, No. 5, I. O. O. F. Mr. S. was Assistant-Marshal of the city of Atchison for four years, and has been on the police force of the city nearly all the time he has lived in Atchison. He was born in Martinsburg, Lewis Co., N. Y., April 8, 1834. His parents lived in Martinsburg until the subject of this sketch was a little over one year old, when they removed to Camillus, Onondago Co., N. Y. In this place Mr. Safford lived until he attained the age of twenty-four, when he removed to Fond du Lac, Wis.; from there he removed to Saginaw. Mich., from whence he came to Kansas. While he resided in Fond du Lac he was engaged the greater part of his time in breaking and training young horses, in which he is an adept. Mr. Safford was for four years Deputy Sheriff of the County of Saginaw, Michigan. He also, subsequently held the office of City Policeman of Saginaw City, Mich. He was married in Atchison in the fall of the year 1870, to Miss Mollie Stawpert, a native of St. Louis, Mo. They have one child, a boy aged eight, named Charlie.

H. B. SALLS, of H. B. Salls & Co., proprietors of the Depot Hotel, was born in the Province of Quebec, Canada, January 6, 1852. He was educated in Canada and remained there until 1876, when he went to St. Paul, Minn., where he engaged in clerking until 1877, in which year he settled in Kansas. First located in Lawrence and engaged in clerking, then moved to Scandia, where he engaged in grain business until 1879, then operated in various stations of the Central Branch R. R. until he came to Atchison to take charge of the Depot Hotel. Mr. S. is a member of the K. of P., of Clyde, Kas.

JAMES A. G. SAMPLE, M. D., was born in Meigs Township, Adams Co., Ohio, December 22, 1833. His grandfather, George Sample, was an Ohio pioneer, who emigrated from Pennsylvania to that section before 1800, and served in the war of 1812. His father Mathew Sample, was born in Adams County, in 1806; his mother, Elizabeth Guilford, was the daughter of a Virginian. James A. G., acquired his early education in Ohio, and commenced the study of medicine in 1859, with Dr. George Noble, of Highland County, in the same State. He received his first course of medical lectures in the Medical College of Ohio, in Cincinnati, graduated from the New York State Medical University, New York City, in 1862, and commenced practice at Mooretown, Upper Canada, removing from that place to Sombra. He graduated from the medical department of the Michigan University in 1864, and afterward moved to Rushville, where he engaged in the drug and grocery business in connection with his regular practice, residing at that place until his removal to Atchison, November 20, 1880, attending in the meantime in the winter of 1879, another course of lectures at the Ohio Medical College, from which he graduated March, 1880. Dr. Sample was married July 2, 1866, at Marine City, Mich., to Emma Judson, of Chatham, Canada. They have three children - Annie D., Rolla P. and Pearl. Two of their children have died, Charles Edward at the age of three years and James Oscar while an infant. Dr. Sample is a member of the Alumni Society of the Ohio Medical College, of the Blue Lodge and Chapter A. F. & A. M., and of the I. O. O. F., being now District Deputy Grand Master of that order in Missouri.

M. L. SARGENT, general freight agent of the Kansas City, Fort Scott & Gulf R. R., with headquarters in Kansas City, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, March 26, 1837. Received his education in that city. In 1861, he took a position in local freight department of the I. C. & L. R. R. at Cincinnati, and was shortly after made bookkeeper and paymaster of construction with offices at Harrison, Ohio, then Brookville and Connersville, Ind. Early in 1868, returned to Cincinnati to take a position as contracting agent for the same company, which position he resigned in the fall of the same year, to accept a position with the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R. Co., he being one of the subscribers to the first subscription for fund to construct this road. He went to Topeka, Kas., November 1, 1868, as bookkeeper and paymaster for the A., T. & S. Fe R. R., and as the road was opened organized the different departments and had general charge of the operating departments, remaining as general freight agent until 1878. January 1, 1879, he accepted a position as general freight and passenger agent of the Central Branch Union Pacific R. R. and moved to Atchison, Kas. This road was annexed to the Gould System, July 1, 1879, he remaining in charge of freight and passenger department, under the title of assistant general freight and passenger agent, which position he retained until October 1, 1882, having also in charge these departments of all the Missouri Pacific lines west of Kansas City. At this time he resigned and accepted the general freight agency of the Kansas City, Fort Scott & Gulf R. R., with headquarters at Kansas City. He was married at Hamilton, Ohio, April 23, 1862, to Miss C. C. Hughey. They have two children - John A. and Gertrude. Mr. S. is a Knight Templar in the Masonic Fraternity.

HARLAN SCARLETT, engineer on engine 119 in the yards; residence corner of Park and Eleventh streets, is a native of Orange County, Ind., born in 1833. He served two years in the great Rebellion as Second Lieutenant of the Eleventh Missouri Volunteer Cavalry, Company B. The subject of this sketch engaged with the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R. Co., in 1871 as wiper in the round-house at Emporia, Kas. Only remained there a short time, however, when he was removed to Topeka in the same line. In 1874, he became fireman, and ten months later commenced switching in the yards at Atchison, and was afterwards put on the road as engineer. Mr. Scarlett has been in the employment of this company for eleven years, six of them as engineer, and during that time has never had any accident occur except one, and that was not from any neglect of duty on his part, but was caused by a washout at Ellinwood in 1877, in which his fireman was very badly injured. Mr. Scarlett has been married twice. His first wife, Miss Mary C. Pace, whom he married in 1852, died April 15, 1869. His present wife was Miss Celinda A. Sax, of Lyon County, Kas., whom he wedded November 17, 1875.

GEORGE SCHEIGNER, yard and depot master, Union Depot, Atchison. Mr. S. came to Kansas in the month of November, 1879. He located in Topeka, where he remained until February, 1880, and was engaged as brakeman on the Santa Fe R. R. He was employed in the same capacity on the Hannibal & St. Joe .R. until July 25, 1880, and then came to Atchison and took charge of the Union Depot yard, where he has been engaged since. He is a member of the A. O. U. W., and the U. S. M. A. A. Mr. Scheigner was born in Sauk City, Sauk Co., Wis., February 5, 1857, and lived there until July, 1875. Since 1875 he has lived in Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri and then came to Kansas. He was married in Burlington, Iowa, March 21, 1878, to Emma Christopher, a native of Morris, Grundy County, Ill. They had two children whose names are Frederic O'Nellius and Cora. The wife of Mr. S. died August 21, 1881. His daughter, Cora, died June 16, 1881.

THEODORE SCHRAGG, professor of music and stenographic reporter, came to Kansas December 25, 1872, and located at Peabody, where he remained about one year, when he removed to Atchison, where he has since lived and followed his profession. Prof. Schragg was born in Newport, Ky., April 15, 1844, which he always considered his home until he came to Kansas. In 1860-61, he attended Nelson's Mercantile College in Cincinnati, Ohio, but he did not remain to graduate owing to the breaking out of the War of the Rebellion, in which he took an active part. Immediately upon the breaking out of the war, he entered the United States naval service and was in it until the close of the war in 1865. Prof. S. was married in Atchison, December 24, 1877, to Miss Nellie K. Morrison, a native of Atchison. They have two children, whose names are Loyal Theodore and Louis Willie.

G. A. SCHULTZ, two and one-half miles southwest of Atchison, was born in Blair Co., Pa., in 1850, and raised in that State. He came to this State in 1881, where he engaged in farming. He was married in Blair, Pa., in 1871, to Miss Mary M. Stickler. They have four children - John, Alice, Harry and Maud.

WILLIAM A. SCOLES, assistant superintendent of Fowler Bros., pork packing house of East Atchison, residence Kansas City (care of the above firm). The subject of this sketch was born in Dutchess county, N. Y., July 4, 1854, and prior to coming West was employed at merchandising in New York City. In 1876 he entered the employ of the above company in their packing house at Chicago, where he was foreman of a gang of men. Two years later he came to Atchison and took his present position in their immense establishment, which was erected in 1878 at the enormous expense of $200,000. When running its full capacity they employ 600 men, and put up 3,000 head of hogs daily. The dimensions of the buildings are as follows, all constructed from brick. The largest, which is the warehouse is 160 feet square and four stories high, with an addition on the north side for office, 60X75 and three stories high. The next building, which is devoted to getting the stock ready for packing and contains the boiler and engine house, is 160X90 and four stories. The third and last building contains four ice houses, each with a capacity of 18,000 tons, and aside from this they have five more at Mud Lake, Mo., holding 20,000 tons. They have connection with all the railroads centering at Atchison, and their yards and stock pens cover thirty-two acres.

JOHN J. SCOTT, farmer, P. O. Atchison, came to Kansas March 16, 1855, locating in the City of Atchison, where he lived until the 23rd day of August of the same year, when he moved to Shannon Township, Atchison County, where he lived until the next spring, when he removed to his farm in Walnut Township, in the same county, five and a half miles from the city of Atchison, on the Leavenworth road, where he has since resided. Mr. Scott participated in the last war as a member of Company D, Thirteenth Kansas Infantry, and enlisted August 19, 1862, in Atchison, and was mustered out of the service at Little Rock, Ark., June 26, 1865. He took part in the battles of Prairie Grove, Cane Hill and other minor engagements and skirmishes. Mr. Scott was born in Tennessee, April 27, 1823, and lived there until his seventh year, when his parents removed to Beaver County, Pa., where he lived until he came to Kansas. He was married in Beaver County, Pa. October 22, 1846, to Miss Margaret Jorden, a native of Pennsylvania. They have had seven children, of whom three are living - James Marquess, (a resident of Salem, Oregon Territory, Married May 19, 1881, to Miss Emily Huffman, a native of the same Territory); Martha Amanda, and John Wheeler. Mr. Scott has a fine farm of 250 acres, bottom land, mostly enclosed and in cultivation. The farm is well watered, Walnut Creek flowing through the center of it. It is also supplied with a well and cistern. The improvements consist of a large and roomy frame dwelling, large stock barn, granary, smoke-house, etc., etc. The orchard covers fifteen acres, and contains 500 apple trees of the most desirable varieties. Mr. S. has also a couple of acres of grapes, and an abundance of small fruits, such as blackberries, strawberries, etc. Mr. Scott is one of the prominent farmers of Atchison County, and is noted for his thrift, industry, and genial good nature.

D. SCHWARTZ & BRO., manufacturers and wholesale dealers in cigars, Atchison. This house has attained a wide and well-merited reputation as a wholesale mart among those that have given the city tone in this respect. The firm was established in 1872, and from the commencement the enterprise has been a success, their trade being substantially and continually on the increase, and at the present time their trade in Kansas and Nebraska is one of the largest controlled in the Northwest. Mr. D. Schwartz, the senior member of the firm, is a native of Germany, and was born in Bavaria, October 29, 1839. When fourteen years of age he came to the United States, taking up his abode in Fredrick, Md. where he learned the cigar making trade, and resided two years. From 1857 to 1864 he pursued his adopted vocation in New York city, and in the latter year, came West, locating in Champagne, Ill., where he embarked in trade and was identified until he came to Atchison in 1872. He was married in July, 1869, to Miss Rosa Horchheimer, of New York. By this union they have five children - Carrie, Fannie, Joseph, Aaron, and Leopold. Mr. S. is a member of the I. O. O. F., Schiller Lodge.

HENRY SCHWARTZ, of D. Schwartz & Bro., is a native of Germany, and was born in Bavaria, December 7, 1854; came to America in 1865, locating in Champagne, where he was engaged in the cigar and tobacco business until the firm established in Atchison in 1872. Mr. S. is a live business man, thoroughly conversant with the details of his business.

E. C. SCHWEIN, grocer, came from Germany, kingdom of Prussia, to Chicago, Ill., in 1874, and clerked for George Lessman & Co. until 1878, when he went to his present location, Atchison, Kan. First went into business under the firm name of C. F. Kroening & Co., and afterwards in the year 1881, he established his present grocery house. Mr. Schwein came to America when but twenty-one years old, since which time, without capital to start with, he has risen gradually from a clerk's position to his present powerful position of being the proprietor of the well-known Star Grocery establishment of Atchison, Kan. Mr. S. is a member of the German Lutheran Church; was married December 7, 1881, to Miss Elizabeth Back, who was born in Atchison.

CHARLES N. SEIP, agent for the Pacific Express Company, at Atchison, came originally from Pennsylvania. Born in Reading, Berks County, October 22, 1849. Came to Atchison in 1859, with his parents, Thomas L. and Keturah Seip, who are still residents of this city. Charles N. Seip served four years at the printer's trade, in the office of the Daily Champion, and during the month of December, 1865, engaged in the express business with the U. S. Company, first in a local office in St. Joe, Mo., as porter. He was soon, however, advanced to money deliverer, then to cashier, and then finally, in 1870, was put on the road as messenger, making headquarters at Atchison. He remained in the employ of that company until January, 1880, when he took entire charge of the business for the Pacific Express Company in this city. There are six men in the office, ten messengers, and two wagons kept in constant use, for they do the largest express business in the city, and Mr. Seip, being a thorough and practical business man, is fully competent to take entire charge of the same, and run it successfully. He was married in Jefferson City, Mo., April 22, 1872, to Miss Fannie C. Grimshaw.

OWEN E. SEIP, is one of the oldest contractors and builders in Atchison, having been engaged in the business continuously since his arrival in the place, in 1857, with an interim of four years - 1876, '77, '78 and '79 - during which time he served as Sheriff. Mr. Seip was born in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pa., January 9, 1836. He thoroughly learned the trade of a carpenter in his native town, serving an apprenticeship of three years, and at the age of eighteen moved to Sterling, Ill., to commence work for himself. Among the structures built by Mr. Seip in Atchison, are the Old Central School buildings, the Kansas Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, Hetherington's Bank building, the Champion, and the Postoffice building, and most of the business structures on Commercial street. Among the private residences may be mentioned those of Messrs. Hetherington, H. Leisback, Jacob Leus, C. J. Meacham and Mrs. Bush, besides forty-eight which he has built and owned himself at various times. Mr. Seip was married at Sterling, Ill., July 17, 1856, to Mary Boler, a native of Reading, Pa. The same year he emigrated to Kansas, residing in the State a number of months before he located at Atchison. He has served as County Commissioner two terms, and is now serving his third term as Alderman of the First Ward. Mr. and Mrs. Seip have four children - Eleanora, Mary J., Emma and Lillie. Mr. Seip is a member of A., F. & A. M., of I. O. O. F., of K. of H. and A. O. U. W.

WILLIAM H. SEIP, M. D., removed from Washington, N. J., to the city of Atchison in 1878, where he is now successfully established as a physician and surgeon. Dr. Seip was born in Easton, Pa., August 20, 1835. At an early age he manifested a decided predilection for the study of medicine, persisting in his chosen pursuit until he graduated from Jefferson Medical College in 1859. From 1859 to 1861, being at the same time engaged in following his profession, he was editor and publisher of the Easton Times and Der Beobachter, April 17, 1861, he enlisted as a private in Company D, First Pennsylvania Volunteers, serving until July 29 of the same year. In the following September he again entered the service as First Lieutenant of Company H, Eleventh Pennsylvania Cavalry. He was promoted to Captain October 28, 1861; again promoted January 19, 1864, to Major of the First Regiment of the United States Colored Cavalry; to Lieutenant Colonel December 6, 1865, and on the 22nd of May, 1866, was breveted Colonel "for faithful and meritorious services during the war," as his commission reads, to rank from March, 1865. During his first three months term of service as private, Dr. Seip was appointed Assistant Surgeon of his regiment, and was detailed as one of the surgeons in charge of the post hospital. From December 23, 1865, to February 4, 1866, he was in command of his regiment and was stationed at Brazos, Santiago, Texas, where he was mustered out of service. On his discharge he commenced the practice of medicine in Easton, Pa., where he remained about three years, when he moved to Washington, N. Y., in which place he was engaged in the practice of his profession until his removal and location in Atchison in 1878. Dr. Seip received the degree of A. M. from his alma mater, Lafayette College, Easton, Pa., December 26, 1865. He was married in May, 1855, to Emma O., a native of Easton and daughter of Rev. John P. Necht, professor of German in, and one of the trustees of, Lafayette College. They have four living children - Sallie C., Mary G., Annie B. and William Hecht. Amy Leah died at the age of sixteen; Percy Thomas at the same age, and Louise B. in infancy. Dr. Seip was one of the members of the New Jersey and one of the founders of the Kansas State Pharmaceutical Association. While residing at Washington, N. J., he was commander of Post No. 30, G. A. R.

ANDREW SEMPLE, JR. member of the firm of Redington & Co., is a native of Lanarkshire, Scotland, his birth occurring July 28, 1850. Here he learned the stone cutter's trade, and in 1873 came with his parents to Canada, but after passing a short time there came to the United States, his destination, Cleveland, Ohio. Lived there three years, then traveled around working on various public buildings until the summer of 1879, when he became an employee of the above firm, and two years later a partner of the same. Mr. Semple is a member of the A., F. & A. M., Active Lodge 158. He and his wife are connected with the Presbyterian Church of Atchison. She was Miss Jennie B. Hamilton, of Scotland where they were married in 1873.

REV. JAMES SHAW, retired minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Kansas Conference, was born in the town of Hunter, Green Co., N. Y., November 30, 1808. His parents were Moses and Christina Shaw, the former of English descent and the latter born in Holland, her maiden name Burger. They removed to Medina County, Ohio, when the subject of this sketch was quite a lad, and here he acquired a common school education, and at an early age learned the trade of hatter. This he followed until his marriage with Caroline Curtiss, of Ohio, which occurred April 11, 1828. Feeling it their duty to live a religious life they both immediately united with the Methodist Episcopal Church. He became deeply impressed with the idea that he ought to become a minister of the gospel, and began to educate himself for that calling. He first began an academic course at the Norwalk Seminary, and in 1836 united with the Michigan Conference, but according to the rules of the Church, had to preach two years and pursue a theological course of study and pass an examination before ordination. His appointments were as follows: 1836, Kenton Circuit, Ohio; 1837, Dundee, Mich.; 1838, Romeo, Mich.; 1839, Farmington; 1840, Pontiac, where he remained two years,; 1842, Monroe City, where he remained two years. In 1838 he was ordained Deacon, and in 1840, Elder. In 1844 he was appointed Presiding Elder of the Ann Arbor District; 1847 he was appointed Presiding Elder of the Lansing District, where he was elected chaplain to the Michigan Senate; he was a delegate to the General conference of 1848; in 1848 he was appointed Presiding Elder of the Detroit District, where he remained four years; in 1852 he was appointed Presiding Elder of the Lake Superior District, embracing the mines and Indian missions, where he remained four years; in 1857 he was transferred to Kansas and settled in Doniphan County, and in May of that year preached the first sermon in Atchison; in 1858, he was appointed Presiding Elder of the Leavenworth District, and has served in various districts since, always putting forth his best efforts to build up the cause of Christianity.

ANDREW SHAY, depot master Atchison Union Depot, came to Kansas, September 12, 1876, and located in the city of Atchison, where he has resided since. He is a member of the Lutheran Church. He was in the United States naval service during the last war; was enlisted in New York city, February 5, 1862, and was discharged from the service in the same city, April 25, 1865. While in the service he participated as one of the crew of the United States frigate "St. Lawrence," in the fight with the "Merrimac" off Newport News. He was subsequently transferred from the "St. Lawrence" to the United States sloop of war "San Jacinto," and served in her until she was lost off the Bahamas Banks. He was then transferred to the United States schooner "Two Sisters," on which he served the remainder of the time while in service. Mr. Shay was born in Owan, Wurtemberg, Germany, November 9, 1838, and lived in his native land until his thirteenth year, when he emigrated to America in company with two of his sisters, and located in the city of New York where he lived three years. From there he removed to Ulster County, N. Y., where he lived one year and then returned to New York city, where he lived two years and then went to sea, where he served in various merchantmen until 1862, when he entered the United States naval service. After the close of the war, he again went to sea, serving once more on merchantmen, which occupation he followed until he came to Kansas. Since his advent in his adopted State, he has held numerous positions of trust under the city government and else-where, all of which he has filled with rare fidelity and zeal.

B. SHIFFLET, livery, sale and boarding stables. Business established in 1879, by Evans & Shifflet. Evans retired in 1880. Mr. Shifflet keeps about fifteen horses with a full camplement (sic) of carriages. Mr. Shifflet was born in Greene County, Ohio, June 6, 1840. In 1846, his parents moved to Bureau County, Ill., where he was raised. In 1869, he settled in Atchison County, Kan., where he engaged in farming until 1879. In 1862, he enlisted in the One Hundred and Forty-sixth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry; served until the close of the war. Mr. S. was married in Bureau County, Ill., December 25, 1862, to Miss Lucy J. Osborne, of Bureau County. They have two children, George and Minnie.

L. SHIFFLET, proprietress Fifth Street House. Business established in 1880. The house is frame, two stories and basement, about 35X45 feet, and contains sixteen rooms.

CHARLES A. SHOUP came to Atchison in September, 1871, and became associated with Mr. Regnier, in the crockery business, the same month, the firm being Regnier & Shoup. He is a native of Canton, Ill., and removed from Galva, Henry County, Ill., to Atchison. Regnier & Shoup have built up a large and prosperous wholesale and retail business, their sales extending to Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri and New Mexico.

ROBERT SINCLAIR, bookkeeper for firm of Bryning & Grimes, manufacturers of linseed oil and oil cake was originally from New Brunswick, born November 16, 1852. His time was devoted to acquiring an education until 1869, when he embarked in the mercantile business in his native town, and until 1874 was engaged in the same. During the fall of 1877, Mr. Sinclair came to Boston; worked for I. S. Trafton during the winter, and in the spring took a course in commercial studies in French's Commercial College; after which he came to Atchison, Kan., his first employment in Atchison being with the Atchison Elevator Company, W. F. Downs, president; remained in this employ two years. He next went with Cain Bros.' branch office at St. Louis; and in October, 1881, returned to Atchison to fill his present position.

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