The Prairie Traveler by Randolph Barnes Marcy, Captain, U.S.A.


XIX.--Lieutenant E.F. BEALE'S route
from Albuquerque to the Colorado River.

           (Distances in miles and hundredths of a mile.)


         Albuquerque to
  2.10.  Atrisco.--Wood, water, and grass.
 20.63.  Rio Puerco.--Water in pools; wood and grass.
 19.41.  Near Puta.--Abundance of wood, water, and grass.
 13.12.  Covera.--Water and grass abundant; wood scarce.
 13.06.  Hay Camp.--Wood, water, and grass plenty.
 25.37.  Agua Frio.--Wood, water, and grass plenty.
 16.28.  Inscription Rock.--Small spring; grass and wood plenty.
 16.32.  Ojo del Pescado.--Water and grass plenty; wood for camp.
 15.13.  Zuni.--Grass and water plenty; wood scarce.
  6.19.  Indian Well.--Wood, water, and grass.
 14.43.  No. 1.--Wood and grass; no water.
 11.93.  Jacob's Well.--Wood, water, and grass.
  6.57.  No. 2, Navajo Spring.--Wood, water, and grass.
 13.62.  Noon Halt.--Water by digging; grass and wood scarce.
  6.13.  No. 3.--Grass abundant.
  7.75.  Noon Halt.--Wood, water, and grass abundant.
  7.25.  No. 4.--Water in holes; grass and fuel plenty.
  3.60.  Three Lakes.--Wood, water, and grass.
  1.75.  Crossing Puerco.--Wood, water, and grass abundant as far
           as Leroux Spring.
 11.25.  No. 5.
 18.50.  No. 6.
 10.17.  No. 7.
 13.25.  No. 8.
 19.35.  Canon Diablo.
 14.75.  No. 10.
 13.50.  Near Cosnino Caves.
 17.32.  San Francisco Spring.
  9.06.  Leroux Spring.
  8.48.  No. 13.--Wood and grass, but no water.
 11.13.  Breckenridge Spring.--Wood, water, and grass abundant.
  8.07.  No. 14.--Wood, water, and grass abundant.
  6.50.  Cedar Spring.--Wood, water, and grass abundant.
 10.50.  No. 15.--Wood, water, and grass abundant.
 19.75.  Alexander's Canon.--Wood and grass plenty; not much
  8.05.  Smith's Spring.--Wood, water, and grass abundant.
  8.75.  Pass Dornin.--Wood and grass abundant; no water.
 13.50.  No. 19.--Wood and grass abundant; no water.
 16.35.  No. 20.--Water two miles from camp; wood and grass
  4.06.  Hemphill's Spring.--Wood, water, and grass abundant.
 21.25.  No. 21.--Wood, water, and grass abundant.
  9.75.  No. 22.--Wood and grass; spring one mile distant.
  5.50.  No. 23.--Wood and grass plenty; no water.
  8.45.  No. 24.--Wood and grass; spring three miles off.
 16.75.  No. 25.--Wood and grass; no water.
  7.25.  Sabadras Spring.--Wood, water, and grass.
 13.25.  No. 26.--Wood; no grass or water.
  8.75.  Spring.--Wood, water, and grass.
  1.25.  No. 27.--Wood, water, and grass.
  3.17.  No. 28.--Wood, water, and grass.
  1.25.  No. 29.--Wood,water, and grass.
  3.11.  No. 30.--Wood, water, and grass.
  3.25.  No. 31.--East bank of Colorado River; wood.
         No. 32.--West bank; water and grass abundant.

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