The Prairie Traveler by Randolph Barnes Marcy, Captain, U.S.A.


XV.--From Fort Yuma to San Diego, California.

           (Distances in miles and hundreths of a mile.)
         Fort Yuma to
 10.00.  Los Algodones.--Along the Colorado.
 10.00.  Cook's Wells.--Here commences the great desert; water
           nowhere good or reliable until arriving at Carizo
           Creek. The points named are where deep wells
           have been dug. "New River," though usually set down,
           is a dry arroyo. The surface of the desert for seven
           miles on the eastern side is drifting sand and heavy
           for wagons. Then comes a section in the centre of the
           desert that is hard and level.  On the west side there
           is about three miles of a mud flat.
 21.90.  Alamo Rancho.
 16.40.  Little Laguna.
  4.50.  New River.
  5.80.  Big Laguna.
 26.40.  Carizo Creek.--Water good; cane and brush for fuel, and
           they afford some forage for the animals; no grass.
 16.60.  Vallecito.--Grass poor; wood and water sufficient.
 17.80.  San Felipe.--Grass poor; wood scarce; water good.
 15.80.  Warner's Ranch.--The road passes through a beautiful oak
           grove, where there is an abundance of grass and water.
           This is the summit of the mountain. At the Ranch
           the grass is poor, and no wood. The water is good. The
           oak grove terminates six miles from Warner's.
 10.30.  Santa Isabel.--Good grass, wood, and water. This was an
           old Spanish mission, but is now occupied by some
           Americans and Indians.
 11.40.  Laguna.--Two miles from last camp is a good camping-
           place. The road passes over some steep hills, not
           high. This is the best camp on the road.
 12.00.  San Pasquel.--For the first nine miles the road is level
           and good to the top of the mountain, where there is a
           good camping-place, with wood, water, and grass;
           thence the road descends a very steep hill. The camp
           is on the east side of the brook, near Soto's
 18.80.  Parrasquitas.--The road passes a good camp three miles
           from San Pasqual. Wood, water, and grass at
  8.00.  Fisher's House.--The road passes over several hills, and
           at four miles is a good camping-place. Wood, water,
           and grass at camp.
         San Diego, California.--When animals are to be kept a
           considerable time at San Diego, they should be taken
           four or five miles up the river, as the grass is poor
           near the town.
 Total distance from Fort Yuma to San Diego, 217 miles.

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