The Prairie Traveler by Randolph Barnes Marcy, Captain, U.S.A.


XVI.--From El Paso, New Mexico, to Fort Yuma, California, via Santa Cruz.

          (Distances in miles and hundredths of a mile.)
         From El Paso to
 26.10.  Samalayuca.--Spring, with grass and wood.
 38.00.  Salado.--Bad water, with little grass and wood.
 24.75.  Santa Maria.--Good grass, wood, and water.
 27.50.  Mines of San Pedro.--Bad water; little grass or water.
 19.20.  Correlitos.--Good water, grass, and wood.
 20.00.  Janos.--Good water, grass, and wood.
 12.00.  Pelatudo.--Good water, grass, and wood.
 30.00.  San Francisco.--Water half a mile south of the road.
 18.00.  San Louis.--Good water, grass, and wood.
 35.00.  San Bernardino.--Good water, grass, and wood.
 30.00.  Ash Creek.--Grass, wood, and water.
 37.00.  Head of San Pedro.--Grass and water.
 24.00.  Santa Cruz.--Good grass, wood, and water.
 31.00.  Cocospe.--Much grass, wood, and water.
         Leave Santa Cruz River at old Rancho San Lazaro. No
         water till reaching the head of San Ignacio, except at
         nine miles, a spring one mile west of the road.
 26.00.  Hemores.--From Cocospe to Santa Anna follow down the San
         Ignacio, and in many places there is wood and grass.
         Grass is much better at three miles from the river. At
         the foot of the hills there is an abundance of grama-
  5.00.  Terrenati.
  4.00.  San Ignacio.
  5.20.  Madina.
  5.20.  San Lorenzo.
  2.60.  Santa Marta.
  5.20.  Santa Anna.
 26.00.  Alamita.--Plenty of grass. Leave the river 10 or 12
           miles from Santa Anna, and no water thence to Alamita,
           which is a small rancho.
 31.20.  Altar.--No water; grass abundant.
 13.00.  Laguna.--Small water-hole; grass scanty and poor.
 52.00.  Sonia.--Somethimes water is found 25 miles from the
           Laguna, south of the road. There is a well at Sonia in
           the town, and sometimes water in a hole 300 yards
           south of the town, 100  yards west of the road.
 10.40.  El Paso.--Well at El Paso supplying 100 animals; water
           muddy and brackish; grass poor.
 52.00.  Sonorita.--No water on the road; at Sonorita are several
           brackish springs. Grass poor; bad camping-place;
           saltpetre at the springs.
         Quita Oaquita.--No water on the road. Saline spring at
           camp, better than at Sonorita, but the grass is not so
 10.40.  Agua Salado.--Water uncertain; grass poor.
 23.40.  Los Pleyes.--Water only in the rainy season, one mile
           west of the road, hidden by bushes and difficult to
           find. Grass pretty good.
 28.60.  Cabeza Prieta.--Natural tenajas in a ravine two miles
          from the road; follow a wagon-track up this ravine
          between a black and a red mountain. The water is good
          and abundant; grass tolerable.
 31.00.  Poso.--No water on the road until reaching Poso. Here it
           is abundant on the east side of the road; grass good
           one mile west.
 13.00.  Rio Gila.--But little good grass.
 26.00.  Fort Yuma, at the crossing of the Colorado River.--But
           little good grass for several miles.
 Total distance from El Paso to Fort Yuma, 756 miles.

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