William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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WILLIAM RAINEY, farmer, P. O. Wichita, was born in Ireland in 1827, son of John Rainey and Susannah (Orr) Rainey. Married, in 1851, Miss Mary J. Ferguson, daughter of Hugh and Rachael Ferguson, natives of Pennsylvania, and has six children - John, Martha, Anna, James, Emma and Ella. Came to Kansas in 1878; located on a farm in Wichita Township, Section 29, northwest quarter, four miles east of Wichita; has been engaged in farming and stock-raising from that time. Is a member of the Presbyterian Church. Has been Supervisor and School Director in Ohio and Illinois.

J. W. RANSOME, firm of Ransome & Bond, grocers, was born in St. Louis, in 1852; son of G. M. Ransome and Clara (Holmes) Ransome. He married in 1876, Miss Margaret M. Brogan, and has one child - Joseph S. Came to Kansas in 1880; located at Wichita; was engaged in stock and livery business until 1882, when he commenced in the grocery, in the firm of Ransome & Bond. W. M. Bond, of the firm of Ransome & Bond, was born in Maryland in 1848, son of Thomas Bond and Annie (Morris) Bond. Married, in 1873, to Miss Annie Evans and has four children - Thomas E., T. J., William M. and Annie M. Came to Kansas in 1877; located on a farm near Wichita; engaged in farming for three years; two years in selling goods. In 1882, he formed a partnership with J. W. Ransome and purchased the grocery business of J. B. Turner. Business located at No. 44 Douglas avenue; style of the firm, Ransome & Bond.

JOHN A. RATLIFF, grocer, of the firm of Ratliff & Cone, was born in Illinois in 1852; son of G. W. Ratliff and Elizabeth (Parlier) Ratliff. He married, in 1878, Miss Martha E. Eakins, and has two children - Frank L. and Myrtle E. He came to Kansas in 1878 and engaged as a salesman for three years. In 1881 he formed a partnership with Rufus Cone and commenced the grocery business, located at No. 113 Douglas avenue. Business has increased seventy per cent since its establishment. He owns a residence on Market street., between First and Second streets. He is a member of the A. O. U. W., Wichita Lodge, No. 22.

J. C. REDFIELD, commission merchant, was born in Summit County, Ohio, in 1832; son of S. G. Redfield and Esther (Clark) Redfield. Married, in 1859, Miss Hannah A. Nichols. They have five children - Flora G., Frank, Kate, Belle and Pearl. He came to Kansas in 1857; located at Geneva, Allen County; remained till 1861; removed to Humboldt. From 1860 to 1865, was Sheriff of Allen County. In 1869 and 1870 he was a member of the Kansas Legislature. Was appointed Receiver of the United States Land Office in 1865, at Humbolt; held that appointment for three years. In 1870 he was appointed Receiver of the United States land office at Wichita; located at Wichita at that time; held that appointment for four years. In 1875 he engaged in merchandising; continued until 1881, then commenced a general commission business; located on Maine street near First. Is a member of the Masonic Fraternity, Wichita Lodge, No. 99, A., F. & A. M., and also of Wichita Chapter No. 43.

A. W. RENSHAW, firm of Biggs & Renshaw, millers, was born in Macon County, Ill., in 1853; son of Charles and Elizabeth (Morris) Renshaw. Was married, in 1876, to Miss Laura Platte, daughter of Lewis Platte. Has one child, Charles L. Wife died in 1878. Came to Kansas in 1880, located in Harper County on a farm, engaged in farming for two years; went to Colorado and remained until the fall of 1882, then located at Wichita in January, 1883, bought the interest of Stancer & Hudson, in the milling business at No. 34 Douglas Avenue, and now engaged in feed and merchant milling in the above firm.

E. B. RENTZ, M. D., physician and surgeon, was born in Lycoming County, Pa., in 1849; son of S. P. and Lydia Rentz. He was married, in 1874, to Miss Flora E. Lloyd, daughter of William Lloyd. They have two children, Rau W. and Maud E. His wife died in March, 1882. He was educated at the Gettysburg College, graduated at the Medical University of Pennsylvania in 1870. He commenced the practice of medicine in 1870, at Muncy, Pa. In 1875, came to Kansas on account of failing health; spent one year traveling through the State, then located at Wichita and engaged in the practice of his profession, which he has since continued. Office on Douglas avenue.

JOSIAH RIESER, farmer, Section 34, P. O. Wichita, was born in Bucks County, Penn., in 1836; son of William Rieser and Magdaline (Stailer) Rieser. Married, in 1856, to Miss Lydia Jacobs. They have three children - William, Maria A. and James W. His wife died in 1859. Married, in 1880, to Miss Catharine A. Hastings. They have one child by last marriage, Marday Rieser. Came to Kansas in 1879, located on the farm where he now resides, two and a half miles southeast of Wichita. Is a member of the Masonic Fraternity, A., F. & A. M., Indiana Lodge, No. 5.

MARTIN S. ROCHELLE, salesman, was born in Ohio, in 1842; son of John Rochelle and Lucinda (Search) Rochelle. Married, in 1860, Miss Margaret J. Hanson, and has two children, Homer L. & Charles C. Came to Kansas in 1870, located at Fort Scott; spent two years in Fort Scott, Independence and Oxford. In 1872, he came to Wichita, located on a far, remained until 1882, then came to the city and engaged as salesman for Hess' Grocery House. When he located on his farm he was the fartherest west of any settlement in southwestern Kansas. Was in the War of the Rebellion, enlisted, in 1861, in Forty-sixth Regiment Ohio Volunteers, Company C, was in twenty-six battles of his command, which are recorded in his discharge by order of his Colonel; was wounded at Savannah, Ga., in the right shoulder; was mustered out of service in 1865. Is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church; is a member of the Garfield Post, No. 25, G. A. R.

JOHN G. RODE, shoemaker, was born in Germany in 1834, at Hesse Cassel; son of Justus Rode and Elizabeth (Koneg) Rode. Came to the United States in 1851. He married at Washington, Pa., in 1859, Miss Catharine Ditmar. They have three children - August W., Enes M. and Marta F. Mr. Rode commenced the manufacturing of boots and shoes in early life. Came to Kansas in 1873; commenced business at Wichita the same year. Business located on Douglas avenue between Market and Lawrence streets. Was in the War of the Rebellion. Enlisted in 1862, in the Sixth Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, Company A. Was on guard duty against invasions; was mustered out in the fall of the same year. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church; is a member of the Wichita Lodge and Chapter A., F. & A. M., and of Commandery No. 12.

C. E. ROGERS, transfer business, was born in Kenosha, Wis., in 1852; son of A. W. Rogers and Martha (Myers) Rogers. He married in 1873, Miss Georgia Grantham. Their children are - Eniz E., Burrett A., Rillie H. and Emma L. Came to Kansas in 1869, located at Topeka and engaged in freighting and farming. Came to Wichita in 1872, and in 1876 commenced the transfer business with one team, now has four teams engaged in the business. Owns residence and barn on the corner of Water and Second streets. His wife died in the spring of 1882. He was married in September 1882, to Miss Lillie Grantham, daughter of I. W. and Emily Grantham. I. W. Grantham was born in Rabun County, Ga., in 1823. Was married in 1843, to Miss Emily E. Hucabee. They have eight children - Susan, William R., Sallie G., M. M., C. C., I. L., Lillie and Virginia. Came to Kansas in 1876, and now resides with C. E. Rogers.

W. S. ROGERS, photographer, was born in Wisconsin in 1853; son of Jacob and Almirie Santee Rogers. Was married in 1878, to Miss Susie Coggeshall, daughter of Peter and Jane Coggeshall. has two children - Pearl and Albert Rogers. Came to Kansas in 1872; located in Cowley County, on a farm, remained two years, then engaged in teaching pearl and cameo oil painting for four years, and then engaged in merchandising and salesman until 1881, when he opened his photograph gallery at No. 94 Douglas avenue, where he is now engaged in the business; in connection with photographing does work in India ink, pastile and water colors. He owns a residence on the corner of Mosley avenue and Third street.

S. ROOT, of Root Brothers Wichita Transfer Company, was born in Washington County, Wis., in 1847; son of Elisha Root and Amandah (Butler) Root. Married in 1870, to Miss Elvira E. harper, and has two children - Frank R. and Eva Root. Came to Kansas in 1870, located on a farm in Butler County; in 1872, removed to Wichita and engaged in butter and produce business. In 1873, commenced light express business, continued until 1875; then formed partnership with R. E. Root under firm name of Root brothers; then engaged in heavy transfer and freight line. In 1878, purchased the 'bus line of the Southwestern Stage Company, and from that time have run a general transfer and 'bus line. In 1882 the firm name was changed to the Wichita Transfer Company. Owns residence on Market street. R. E. Root, of the firm of Root Brothers, was born in Schroon, N. Y., in 1852. Father's name, Elisha Root; mother's name, Amanda butler. Married in 1875, to Miss Cordelia S. Root. They have one child - Lloyd B. Root. Came to Kansas in 1875. Is a member of the Masonic Fraternity, Wichita Lodge, No. 99. Entered the firm of Root Brothers in 1875. Owns residence and four lots on Market street. Root Brothers own lots 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 on Market street, with building 30 x 80, with L 24 x 50. Has carried mail to and from depots for five years.

N. A. ROWLEY, dealer in live stock, was born in Sullivan County, N. Y., in 1847. Son of William Rowley and Elizabeth Riesdorph Rowley. Was married in 1870 to Miss Aurilla Rectom, and has three children - William, Clarence and Alvin. He came to Kansas in 1867, located at Topeka, and engaged in the coal trade for three years. He then removed to Wichita and commenced in the live stock business the same year. Business increased, from 1870 to 1882, 100 per cent. He is located on the corner of Douglas avenue and Water street. He owns 320 acres of land, 240 acres of which is under cultivation; he also owns a residence in Wichita.

REUBEN H. ROYS, of the firm of Bunnell & Roys, located in Wichita, in June, 1876, and the following year went to Topeka, and was connected with the National Loan and Trust Company until July, 1878, when he made a trip to the East, remaining a few months and returning a few months and returning to Wichita. Since his return he has been engaged in the loan business, associated with L. B. Bunnell for the last two years. Mr. Roys was born in Morris, Grundy Co., Ill., July 28, 1853, and from the age of six years was reared in Olivet, Easton Co., Mich., graduating from Olivet College, in the class of 1873, after which he attended the law college at Ann Arbor, Mich., and read law both at Ann Arbor and Lansing, removing from the latter place to Kansas. Mr. B. is a member of the Masonic Order.

H. G. RUGGLES, attorney-at-law, was born in Canfield, Mahoning co., Ohio, December 31st, 1835. His education was principally acquired through his own efforts, aided by the instruction of his mother, his school advantages being limited. While working in his father's iron manufactory and store he found time to read law, which study he subsequently continued with Samuel Gilson, an attorney in his native place, and was admitted to the bar May 1, 1861. August 11 of the same year he enlisted as a private in Company H, One Hundred and Fifth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and was mustered out of service on account of disability, October 25, 1863. He then returned to Ohio, and remained in that State until October 13, 1874, when he removed to Kansas, locating in Wichita October 20, 1874, where he has been since that time engaged in the practice of law. He was married in Ravenna, Ohio, December 24, 1864, to Amanda Z. Hoyle a native of Berlin Township, Mahoning Co., Ohio. Their two children are Rollin Peter and Charles A.

JOSIAH RYNEARSON, baker, born in Darke County, Ohio, in 1843; son of Barnett Rynearson and Anna V. Drake Rynearson. He married in 1875 Miss Malannie Chartrand, daughter of Annaclat and Margaret Chartrand. They have two children - Arthur and Allie. He came to Kansas in 1871, and locating at Newton remained until 1878, when he removed to Larned and remained one year. He then moved to Peabody, Kan., in 1881 and came to Wichita, and commenced the bakery business, located at No. 74 Main street. He was in the War of the Rebellion and enlisted in 1861, Sixty-ninth Regiment Ohio Volunteers, Company D. He was in the engagement at Resaca, Peach Creek, Lookout Mountain, Mission Ridge, and others. He was mustered out at the close of the war, after four years' and three months' service. He is an ancient member of the I. O. O. F. and encampment; of the G. A. R. of Peabody, Kan., and was a member of the City Council at Newton.

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