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B. D. HAMMOND, was born in Smithfield, Jefferson County, Ohio, August 28, 1841. He graduated from McNeely Normal College, Hopedale, Harrison Co., Ohio, in 1860, read law with Judge J. C. Hance, at New Philadelphia, Ohio, and was admitted to the bar in 1863. He then returned to his native country, and worked on a farm until 1867, when he moved to Cleveland, Ohio, and was engaged in the manufacturing business, and in the practice of his profession, in that city, until 1878, when he moved to Kansas. He located in Wichita, in April, 1878, and engaged in teaching in the City Schools, as Assistant Principal, since which time he has taught in all the County Normal Institutes, except in 1882, and also private classes. He was elected County Superintendent of Schools, in November, 1882. For the last three years, Mr. H. has devoted some attention to wool growing and sheep-raising, and is President of the Arkansas Valley Wool Growers and Sheep Breeders' Association. He was married at Macedonia, Summit Co., Ohio, September 12, 1866, to Amelia M. Foster, a native of that place, and has five children living - Foster E., Myrtle H., Daniel L., Lyman H., and W. Thorne.

REV. W. F. HARPER, Baptist clergyman, came to Kansas in 1882, was born in Danville, Ind. Is the son of Henry C. and Sarah J. (Kelly) Harper, was married in 1874 to Miss Margaret Tincher of Amo, Ind., daughter of Samuel F. and Parthenia J. (Rumley) Tincher. Has three children - Edith, Herbert and Mabel. Was educated at National Normal University, Lebanon, O., graduated in 1873, was licensed by Baptist Church of Amo, Ind. in 1874: was elected to the Chair of Mathamatics in the National Normal University, Lebanon, O., held that position for two years; was then elected Principal of the Central Normal School at Danville, Ind., remained in that position for three years, was then elected President of the Normal Institute at Mitchell southern Ind., remained in that position for two years; was ordained by the Baptist Church of Wichita in 1882. During the years spent in teaching, was accustomed to supply Baptist churches that were without pastors. Has a school roll of names of 5,000 students that have been under his tutelage.

RODOLPH HATFIELD, a native of London, Madison Co., Ohio, and was born October 6, 1854, and in 1859, removed with his parents to Logan County, Ill., which was his home except a year spent in Colorado, until he came to Kansas, in the fall of 1879, and located at Wichita. He has resided in that city since that time, engaged in the practice of law and since 1880 in loaning money, being one of the proprietors of the Bank of Commerce. Mr. H. was educated at Lincoln University in Illinois, from which he graduated in 1876. He read law at Lincoln and at Bloomington and attended the law department of the Wesleyan University. He was admitted to the bar in June, 1876, and commenced the practice at Trinidad, Col., in the fall of 1878, remaining there until he came to Wichita. He was married at Lincoln, Ill., June 17, 1878 to Hattie E. Harts, a native of Reading, Pa., by whom he has two children - Rodolph H. and Merle Ethelbert.

P. V. HEALY, located in Wichita in March 1876, and the following July engaged in real estate business with H. O. Meigs, who remained his partner until April, 1878, when Mr. Neiderlander bought Mr. Meigs' interest in the business. Messrs. Healy & Neiderlander added insurance to their business in 1879, and still remain partners. Mr. Healy was born in Scott County, Ky., two and a half miles from Georgetown, February 14, 1848. His parents moved to Brown County, Ill., when he was about seven years of age, which place remained his home until 1869. He then engaged in farming in Ford County, Ill., until he came to Kansas in 1876, since when his time has been divided between his real estate business and farming and stock raising. Mr. H. is a member of K. of H.

H. D. HEISERMAN, was born in Lancaster, Pa., November 28, 1847. September 7, 1861, when a mere boy, he enlisted as a private in Company D, Seventy-seventh Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, and was discharged March, 1865, on account of the loss of his right leg at the siege of Atlanta, August 5, 1864. He had been wounded and taken prisoner previously at Chickamauga, November, 1863, escaping after three weeks' captivity. After leaving the army he returned to Lancaster, Pa., where he remained until 1870, when he came to Sedgwick County, Kan., arriving March 21. He located a soldiers' homestead on Section 34, Township 25, Range 2, West Union Township, which he sold in 1874, and purchased a farm of southwest Section 14, Township 25, Range 3, west, Greeley Township. He lived on this farm until fall of 1881, serving as Trustee of Greeley Township four years. In November, 1881, he was elected Register of Deeds, and entered upon the duties of his office January 10, 1882. Mr. H. is a member of the I. O. O. F., Wichita Lodge, No. 93, and of G. A. R. Garfield Post, No. 25. He was married in Wichita, October 14, 1874, to Mary E. Tracy, a native of Grant County, Wis.

WILHELM HELLER, meat market. born in Wurtemberg, Germany, in 1842; son of Fredrick Heller. He married in 1875, Miss Caroline Boger. Came to Kansas in 1865, located in Davis County, and moved to Wichita in 1872; commenced business in meat market in the same year; business located on Main street, Nos. 72 and 74; owns the building where business is located, and also residence lots Nos. 21 and 23 First street. Is a member of the Knights of Honor Lodge, No. 528.

CASSIUS HENDERSON, business manager of dry goods house, was born in Wyoming County, N. Y., in 1845; son of William Henderson and Cecelia (Evans) Henderson. His parents died when he was three years old, and he was raised by his uncle, H. M. Henderson, of Flint, Mich. He married in 1876, Miss L. Markham. Came to Kansas in 1873, and commenced selling goods for the firm of M. Kohn & Co., and is now general business manager for the merchandise department of the extensive business of M. Kohn & Co., located on the corner of Douglas avenue and Main street. The amount of business for 1873, was about $35,000; for 1882, $80,000. He was in the War of the Rebellion, enlisting in 1862, in the Twenty-third Regiment Michigan Volunteers, Company K, and was in the engagement of Henry Station. He was mustered out in 1863. Is an ancient member of the I. O. O. F. Is a member of the Knights of Pythias, Warwick Lodge, No. 44.

A. HESS, grocer, was born in Germany in 1848; son of Ezekiel Hess and Lottie (Degginger) Hess. Married in 1879, to Miss Rosa Wohlman, and has two children - Walter and Edgar. Came to Kansas in 1868, located at Topeka. Was salesman for two years. In 1870, located at Wichita, commenced in the grocery business on Main street; remained there until 1876, then moved his stock to No. 111 Douglas avenue, where business is now located. Business increased 500 per cent, since its establishment. He has been a member of Wichita City Council one year. Is a member of the Masonic Fraternity, Wichita Lodge, No. 99, and of Chapter No. 33.

H. L. HILL, auction and sale stable, was born in West Virginia, son of R. M. Hill and Nancy Mulrine Hill. He married, in 1874, Miss Emma A. Ransom, daughter of Judge Ransom, of Missouri. They have three children - Harry, Claud D., and Clara. He came to Kansas in 1879, and located on a farm in Pratt County, in 1880; located at Wichita, and commenced business in auction and stable, business located on the corner of Douglas avenue and Water street. The business has increased 100 per cent., since its establishment.

WILLIAM G. HOBBS, real estate, loan and insurance agent, was born in Nelson County, Ky., near Bardstown, October 6, 1828, and lived in his native town until he came to Kansas and located in Wichita, in November, 1871. He engaged in mercantile business and pursued it continuously until he was burned out in December, 1876. In April, 1877, he was elected Justice of the Peace, and re-elected in 1879, and at the expiration of his second term, in the spring of 1881, he engaged in real estate and loan business, which he still continues. He was married at Taylorsville, Spencer Co., Ky., April 12, 1854, to Fannie M. Brown, of that place. Their children now living are Smith M., William D., and James H. Mr. Hobbs is a member of the Baptist Church, and the Order of A., F. & A. M., Blue Lodge, Chapter and Commandery.

J. T. HOLMES, funeral director, was born in Georgia in 1840, son of Jesse M. Holmes and Melissa (Hudson) Holmes. He married, in 1876, Miss Sarah A. Figg, daughter of Edward M. Figg and Elizabeth (Dooley) Figg. Came to Kansas in 1856; located in Miami County, near Osawatomie. In 1858 located at Leavenworth; engaged with the Stage and Express Company; remained in their employ three years. In 1861 entered the United States service, as Assistant Wagon Master; resigned the position in the fall of 1861, and re-entered the Stage and Express service; remained until 1865, then located at Topeka; remained there until 1870, when he removed to Wichita. Was appointed Postmaster at Wichita in 1871; held that office for two years. Commenced the undertaking business in 1877, and is still engaged in the same; owns the building in which business is located, No. 1 South Main street. Business increased 200 per cent. since commencement; is a member of the Baptist Church; is a member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen, Wichita Lodge, No. 22; was a charter member, and the first master workman of the lodge. Is a member of the Old Settlers' Association of Wichita.

J. D. HOUSTON, is a native of Bourbon County, Ky., born near North Middletown, February 17, 1858. He was educated at the Kentucky University, and the Cincinnati Law School, graduating from the literary department of the university in 1877, and from the law school in 1879. He came to Winfield, Kan., in February, 1879, and resided there two years, engaged in the practice of his profession, in association with C. R. Mitchell. He removed from Winfield to Wichita, and formed a partnership with W. P. Campbell, where he has since resided.

J. F. HUMPHREY, machinist for F. G. Smyth & Son, was born in Hillsdale County, Mich., in 1848, son of Chancy G. and Harriet Whitman Humphrey. Was married in 1871, to Miss Martha E. Stout, daughter of Benjamin and Delilah Bowman Stout; has five children - Chancy, Birty, Edda, Luverna and Viola. Mr. Humphrey came to Kansas in 1870, located on a farm in Sedgwick County, remained on the farm until 1871. In 1872 and 1873, engaged in carpenter work; was elected Constable in 1873, held that office for three years, and was Deputy Sheriff during the time. In 1876 and 1877, was engaged as salesman in the hardware business; from 1878 to the present has been salesman and expert in the farm implement business. Was with Smith & Keating for three years, now employed by F. G. Smyth & Son. Is a member of the Wichita Lodge, No. 93, I. O. O. F. Is a member of the Old Settlers' Association.

E. A. HUSE, of the firm of Huse & Charlton, crockery dealers, was born in Farmington, Maine, in 1846. He is the son of Abel W. Huse and Mary Russel Huse. He married in 1874, Miss Lottie S. Smith. They have one child - Florence Huse. He came to Kansas in 1877, and located at Wichita. George Charlton, of the firm of Huse & Charlton crockery dealers; was born in Manchester, England, in 1851, son of George Charlton and Hannah Crowther Charlton. He married in 1875, Miss Abbie L. Huse. They have two children - Vester A. and Lottie A. Charlton. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Masonic fraternity A., F. & A. M. He came to Kansas in 1877. Huse & Charlton, commenced business as dealers in crockery and queensware in 1877; located at No. 24 Maine street. Business has increased 300 per cent, since establishment.

ROBERT JACKS, of the firm of R. Jacks & Co., born in St. Louis, Mo., in 1851, son of Samuel Jacks and Phoebe Cohen Jacks. Married in 1882, Miss Julia Lewisson. He came to Kansas, in 1871, and located at Olathe, remained for six months and removed to Wichita, in March, 1872, and established the clothing house of R. Jacks & Co., carrying a full stock of clothing, hats, caps and furnishing goods and Indian goods. Business located at No. 16, Maine street. The firm is composed of Robert Jacks and Samuel Jacks, of St. Louis, who has been in the business for forty-five years. M. Jacks, salesman for R. Jacks & Co., was born in St. Louis, in 1850, son of Samuel Jacks and Phoebe Jacks. Came to Kansas, in 1876, and located at Wichita. He is an expert accountant and has made several examinations of county books.

N. P. JACKSON, proprietor exchange livery stables, born in Ohio, in 1859, son of Jacob Jackson and Rebecca Amrine Jackson. Married in 1877, Miss Ida Allen; came to Kansas, 1870, located at Emporia, in 1871, removed to Wichita, engaged in farming for three years, then started a feed and sale stable at West Wichita; in 1876 commenced the livery business, in 1879, moved the business to Wichita proper, located on Douglas avenue, Nos. 17 and 19. In March, 1882, was burned out, losing his building and stock of hay and grain; rebuilt in summer of 1882, with brick, and now owns a large and commodious building for his business. Was in the war of the Rebellion, enlisted in 1863, in the Signal Service; was in the battles of Mobile, Rodney, Miss., Grand Gulf and engagement near Jackson, Miss., and on the Yazoo River; was three months in the Marine Brigade, was mustered out of service in 1865.

D. W. JONES, dealer in musical instruments, born in Indiana, in 1836, is the son of John Jones, and Catharine (Kammerrer) Jones. Married in 1856, in Hancock County, Ind., to Miss Mary C. Smith; has two children - S. Alice and Ida May. Is a member of the Kentland Lodge of I. O. O. F., No. 398. Came to Kansas, in 1879. Is a dealer in musical instruments. Is a member of the firm of Jones & Moseley; business located at No. 28 Main street.

S. T. JONES, contractor and builder, was born in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1827; son of Joseph and Anna Jones. He married, in 1882, Mrs. Elizabeth Oldfield, and has one child, an infant. He came to Kansas in 1876, and located in Wichita, and engaged in the lumber business. In 1877, he engaged in contracting and building, and has been engaged in the business since that time. He employs eighteen men; shop located at 86 Main street; and he has also erected a sash, door and blind factory at No. 135 Main street. He was in the Mexican War, and enlisted in February, 1847, in the Sixth Regular United States Infantry, Company D; was in the battles of Vera Cruz, Cerro Gordo, Amazuka, Chapultepec and taking the City of Mexico. At the last named engagement he was wounded by a gun shot in the head. He was laid up seven months, and was mustered out in July, 1848, at Jefferson Barracks, Mo. Was in the War of the Rebellion, and enlisted in May, 1861, in the Seventeenth Regular Indiana Volunteer; was elected Adjutant and received his commission as Captain of Company E, in September. Was in the engagements of Cheat Mountain, Bowling Green, Pittsburg Landing, Corinth, Perryville and Stone River. At the last named, was wounded by a sabre cut in the head. He was laid up five months, and resigned his commission on account of his wound, in 1863. In 1864, he accepted a position as Gunner on the United States Gun Boat, Fawn, and remained in that position until the close of the war, and was mustered out in June, 1865. He commenced reading law in 1854, and was admitted to practice in 1857, and followed the practice until 1876, excepting the time he was in the army. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church.

M. B. KELLOGG, salesman, born in Wayne County, N. Y., in 1843, - son of Rodney Kellogg and Hariet (Bailey) Kellogg - married in 1867, and has one child, Marjone. Came to Kansas in 1865, and located at Leavenworth, engaged as a salesman for two years. In 1867 he went to the Indian Nation, and remained one year. In 1868 was employed by E. H. Durfee, at his Trading Post, where the city of Wichita now is; was appointed Postmaster that year, being the first Postmaster at Wichita. Was employed as salesman until 1873, when he was elected Register of Deeds, and held that office for four years. In the spring of 1878, he engaged in the grocery business with S. E. Joslin; continued in the firm of Joslin & Kellogg until 1881, when Mr. Joslin retired from the firm, Mr. Kellogg continuing the business until 1882, when he closed it out, and engaged as salesman for A. Hess's grocery house. Was in the War of the Rebellion, enlisted in 1861, Seventeenth Regiment New York Volunteers, Company I. Was in the battles of Fredricksburg, Mine Run, Melvin Hill, Chancellorsville, Second Bull Run, Antietam, Gettysburgh, Williamsport, and the Battle of the Wilderness, and others of his command. In the spring of 1863, he was transferred to the One Hundred and Forty-sixth Regular New York Volunteers, and in 1864 was veteraned. Was taken prisoner in May, 1864, at the Battle of the Wilderness; was held at Linchburgh, Danville, Va., Andersonville, Ga., Florence, S. C., and at Goldsboro, N. C. Was paroled in February, 1865, at Wilmington, N. C., and was mustered out of the service July, 1865. Is a member of Wichita Lodge No. 99, A., F. & A. M., and of Chapter No. 33. Is a member of the Knights of Honor. Is a member of Garfield Post No. 25, G. A. R.

JOHN T. KELLY was born in 1842, in Platte County, Mo.; son of John and Jane Kelly. Was married in 1869, to Miss Victoria Smith, daughter of Richard and Martha Smith. They have two children - Mary and John C. Mr. Kelly came to Kansas in the year 1855 and located in Leavenworth County, and engaged in farming. Was among the first settlers in the county and remained until 1875, when he removed to Wichita. Is a member of the K. of H., Wichita Lodge, No. 528.

ALBERT D. KENDALL, carpenter, located in Wichita, April 5, 1872, and has been engaged in his present business continuously since his location. He was born in Brattleboro, Vt., October 27, 1842, and lived in that town until March 12, 1865, when he removed to Carthage, Hancock Co., Ill., from whence he came to Kansas. He enlisted in Company C, Second Vermont Volunteer Infantry, and was mustered into the United States service, June 20, 1861, remaining until June 29, 1864. He was in the first battle of Bull Run, in the Peninsula campaign, at South Mountain, Antietam, and Fredricksburg, and afterwards served in the commissary department until he left the service. He is a member of the G. A. R. Garfield Post, No. 25.

H. W. KENDLE, undertaker and sewing machine business. Born in Brown County, Ohio, in 1841; son of Leroy J. Kendle and Mary J. (Carnahar) Kendle. He married in 1863, Miss Sarah E. Francis. They have one child - Jessie B. He came to Kansas in 1872; located on a farm near Wichita; spent the three first years in farming and dairy business; one season in painting. In 1875, commenced in undertaking and sewing machine business. In 1877 he was elected City Assessor; held the office one term, from 1877 to 1880. Was a member of the firm of Kendle & Holmes; business was burned out in 1880, losing the entire stock. From that time commenced business alone; business located at No. 99 Douglas avenue, and from 1880 to 1882, 200 per cent. increase. Is a member of the Presbyterian Church. Is a member of Wichita Lodge, No. 93, I. O. O. F.; of Encampment No. 29. Is a member of the Garfield Post, G. A. R., No. 25. Was in the War of the Rebellion; enlisted in 1862 in the Fourth Ohio Independent Cavalry; was General McPherson's body guard at the time of his death. Was discharged in 1863. Re-enlisted in 1864 in the One Hundred and Sixty-second Ohio National Guards; was mustered out in same year. Re-enlisted in 1865 in the One Hundred and Ninety-third Ohio Volunteers, Company H. Was mustered out at close of the war.

C. KIMMERLE, marble and stone cutter, was born in Wurttemburg, Germany, October 4, 1845. In 1865 he came to America, and resided in Newark, N. J., until he came to Kansas in the spring of 1867. His first location in this State was in Topeka, where he married and remained until the spring of 1870. While in that city he was employed on the stone work of the State House. He engaged in his present business in 1875, starting a marble yard at Wichita, Mr. C. L. Adams having been associated with him as a partner since 1877. They have a yard at Newton also. Mr. Kimmerle has served four years as City Treasurer of Wichita, and is a member of the various societies there, among which are the I. O. O. F. Lodge, and Encampment No. 29, Lodge No. 93, of which he is treasurer, and the Turner Society. He is also manager of Turner's Opera House. He was married in Topeka, February 22, 1870, to Paulina Gardner, a native of Wurttemburg, Germany.

REV. C. A. KING, Methodist Episcopal clergyman, came to Kansas in 1874, native of Portland, Me., born in 1836; is the son of George W. King and Mary (Hawks) King. He married in 1854, Miss Frances E. Perkins. They have six children - Angie, George, Mabel, Fannie, Ida, and Edna. His wife is the daughter of Jabez and Nancy Pray Perkins. Was educated at Maine Wesleyan Seminary and Female College. In 1858 united with the Maine Conference; remained in that conference for twelve years, devoting his time to pastoral work. In 1870 was transferred to the Nebraska Conference, and removed to Omaha, remained until 1874, when he removed to Kansas, and in the spring of 1875 was transferred to the South Kansas Conference. First labor in Kansas was on the Beulah and Sherman Circuit. In 1877 took the station at Parsons; remained at that station three years. In the spring of 1880 was appointed presiding elder of Wichita District, which position he still retains. During his pastoral work in Kansas built two churches, and six more in process of construction. Has dedicated eight churches. Has been instrumental in building seven parsonages. Was connected with the Christian Commission in 1855.

O. D. KIRK, attorney, has been a resident of Wichita, engaged in the practice of law, since August 23, 1877. He was born in Monticello, White Co., Ind., March 29, 1849; was educated at Battle Ground Collegiate Institute in Indiana; read law in Lafayette, Ind., with John R. Coffroth, and was admitted to the bar, April 26, 1875, and commenced practice in the same place, where he remained until August 20, 1877, when he left for Kansas. Mr. Kirk was married in Schuylerville, N. Y., August 13, 1878, to Mary E. Viele, a native of Saratoga County. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., and the K. of P.

J. F. LAUCK, attorney, came to Kansas in 1868, and settled near Augusta, Butler County, where he resided until he came to Wichita, in May, 1872, since which time he has been engaged in the practice of law in that city. Mr. Lauck was born in Brook County, Va., October 10, 1830, and was educated in the schools and colleges of that county, graduating from Bethany College in July, 1851. He then taught school for about five years, reading law in the mean time. He finished his law studies and was admitted to the bar in 1857, and commenced practice at Franklin, Ky., in 1861. From 1862 until 1864, he was commanding officer, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, of the Thirty-third Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, which regiment he raised. While in the army he was elected to the Legislature of Kentucky, and served two years. In 1865 he removed from Kentucky to Gallatin, Tenn., and resided there three years; engaged in the mercantile business, and serving during the session of 1866 and '67 as Engrossing Clerk of the Tennessee House of Representatives. In 1867 he was elected Chancellor of the Seventh District in Tennessee, and in 1868 he came to Kansas. In addition to the duties of his profession, Mr. Lauck is engaged in farming to a considerable extent having a fine farm of 20 acres in a fine state of cultivation, where he has built an elegant home, near the city. He was married at Franklin, Ky., April 16, 1857, to Mary E., daughter of Hensley G. Harris, one of the prominent men and old settlers of Kentucky. They have six children - Robert E., a portrait artist at Eldorado; Edward E., Lucy M. J., Alfred H., William J., and Gertrude H.

HENRY LENTZ, baker, was born in Brunswick, Germany, in 1853; is a son of Henry Lentz and Lena (Sebers) Lentz; came to Kansas in 1878, and located at Wichita. Commenced the bakery business, located on Douglas avenue. From 1878 to 1882, business increased 100 per cent. Was married in 1881 to Miss Mary Anderson, daughter of D. H. and Elizabeth Anderson. Is a member of the Lutheran Church. Is a member of the Second Regiment Kansas Infantry, Company A.

J. M. LEVERAGE, born in Missouri in 1845. Son of R. S. Leverage and Rebecca (Munroe) Leverage. Married, in 1881, to Miss Kate Hanley. Came to Kansas in 1873. Located at Wichita and engaged as salesman for three years. In 1880 formed partnership with A. Basley and commenced livery and feed business. Basley & Leverage livery stable located on South Market street, Nos. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12. Own the property where business is located.

M. W. LEVY, cashier and manager of the Wichita National Bank, is a native of France. He immigrated to America at an early age, and was a resident of California until 1870, and subsequently of Colorado, removing from the latter State to Kansas in December, 1872. He located in Wichita, and engaged in the real estate, insurance and loan business, becoming connected with the Wichita Savings Bank and with Wichita Bank in 1874. Mr. Levy was married in Leavenworth, Kan., October 18, 1874, to Sarah Kohn, a native of St. Louis, Mo. They have three children - Solomon Herbert, Clarence Sedgwick, and Guy Wallace. He has been for the last five years President of the Board of Education, and has also been a member of the Republican State Central Committee, and Chairman for several years of the County Central Committee, also President of the West Wichita Town Company. He is Treasurer of Wichita Lodge No. 93, A. F. & A. M.; P. C. P. of Eng. No. 28; I. O. O. F., and P. G. of Wichita Lodge No. 99, I. O. O. F.

CASPER LORMANN, farmer, P. O. Wichita, was born in Germany, in 1820, is a son of Matt Lormann and Amelia Lormann. He married in 1841, Miss Mary Aecholds, and has four children - Lizzie, Mary, Annie and Henry. He came to Kansas in 1854, and located in Donaldson County, engaged in farming, and remained there twenty-three years. He came to Wichita in 1877, and located on a farm, in Wichita Township. Owns the northeast quarter of section 24, three and a half miles east Wichita. Has a fine orchard of 150 trees, apples, peaches and pears. He is a member of the Catholic Church.

A. O. LOWELL, real estate dealer, was born in Portland, Me., in 1845; is a son of A. D. Lowell and Caroline Tukey. He married in 1866. Miss J. E. Patchell, daughter of John Patchell and Anna Davenport Patchell. They have two children - Adah Belle and Carrie Bertha. He was in the War of the Rebellion. Enlisted in 1861, in the Fifth Regiment Maine Volunteers, Company A. Was in twenty-three engagements, wounded twice, and once taken prisoner. Mustered out July, 1864, from Fifth Maine; returned home with about thirty-five out of 1,700 that were enlisted and recruited.

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