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S. M. PALMER, manufacturer of foreign and domestic marble tombstones, etc. Opened the business in 1875, carries stock of about $1,000, and employs three men in the business. He first located at Brookville, Kan., in the fall of 1869, and engaged in the stock business until he came to Salina in 1875, where he went into the flour and feed business until he began the present business. He was born in Chenango County, N. Y. in 1832, and was educated in his native State, being raised in a hotel. He began boating in 1859 on the Illinois and Mississippi rivers. Became the proprietor of a steamboat until the war broke out, when he tendered his steamboat and his services to the Government, which were accepted. He was placed in the Transportation Mississippi river department until the fall of 1864, when he sold his boat and moved to Morgan County, Ill.,; here he engaged in the packing business until the fall of 1865, then moved to Jacksonville, Ill., and was elected Sheriff of Morgan County, in which office he served until 1868. He represented his county in the lower house of the Illinois Legislature in 1869-70. He then returned to his native place, and in a few months came to Kansas. He was married in 1835 to Miss Frances J. Davis, of Plainfield, N. Y. They have two children - Minnie D. and Fred L. He was County Commissioner of the First District of Saline County four years. Has been Chairman of the County Central Committee ten years. He has been delegate in every Democratic County and State Convention for the past ten years. He was one of the two delegates from Kansas who jumped their instructions and voted for Samuel J. Tilden in the National Democratic Convention. Was a candidate for Secretary of State on the Democratic ticket in 1876. He is a member of the Masonic order from Knight Templars down; he is past eminent commander, etc. He is a member of Salina Lodge, No. 28 I. O. O. F., Askelon Commandery, No. 6, K. T., Salina Chapter, No. 18, R. A. M. Salina Lodge No. 60, A., F. & A. M. He is interested in the Ruby & Treasury Company in mountain mining, Gunnison County, Col.; also a stock-holder and director of Elk Mountain, San Juan, Mining Company.

[Image of W. Phillips] WILLIAM A. PHILLIPS, is of Scottish birth, but immigrated with his father when a boy to Randolph County, Ill. On reaching man's estate he practiced law and edited a newspaper in Chester, Ill., and at the same time contributed to many newspapers and magazines. He wrote several books, among them "Scenes and Characters of Backwoods Life," "Paul Persimmon " and the "Conquest of Kansas." In the spring of 1855, he became a member of the New York Tribune staff, for which paper he had contributed for several years. In that year he went to Kansas as their Kansas correspondent and for several years after, and has often written editorials and other articles for it and other papers since. In 1857, he conceived the idea of founding a colony, and made a journey of many hundred miles, early in the spring of that year with a Mr. Smith, for a companion. He examined the valleys of the Smokey Hill, Solomon, Republican and Blue rivers, and from these observations determined on the location near where Salina now stands. In February, 1858, he made the location of the town site and it was surveyed and building at once commenced. His first two companions in fixing the town site were A. M. Campbell and James Muir. These were reinforced by many other colonists. The original town company as first organized was composed of Messrs. William A. Phillips, A. M. Campbell, James Muir, A. C. Spillman, Robert Crawford and David L. Phillips, to these were added Rev. Wm. Bishop, Ransom Calkins and Dr. Lull. The title of the town site was obtained in 1863. Col. Phillips in addition to being the general business agent for the company met the greater portion of the expense incident to its early history. In 1858 he had a large double log house built for a hotel. It stood on the southwest corner of Iron avenue and Fifth street. He also placed the first store or stock of goods in town. There was no store nearer than Junction City at that time . In 1859 he purchased and hauled to Salina a grist and upright and circular saw mill. In that year he built a frame hotel building on the north west corner of Santa Fe and Iron avenues, hauling the pine lumber, doors, window sash, etc., from Kansas City and Leavenworth. He at different times has erected many other buildings in town, and has constantly, by money influence and labor striven to build up the town he had founded. When the war broke out he at once enlisted, raised the Third Kansas and tendered it to President Lincoln and it was accepted. On its consolidation he was appointed by President Lincoln, Major of the First Indian Regiment which he accepted as the command was marching immediately to the front. In July, 1862, he was promoted to Colonel of the Third Indian, a Cherokee Regiment. A month later he had command of the Indian Brigade. That command was composed of civilized Indians, who were uniformed and drilled like white troops. It contained two regiments of Cherokees, one of Creeks, with battalions and companies of Seminoles, Uches, Natches, Shawnees, Delawares and Osages. At the close of 1862, Colonel Phillips under instructions from Washington, reorganized the Indian command on a more thorough and intelligent plan. January 5, 1863, he received from General Schoffield, command of a division in the field, including the Indian troops, parts of the Sixth and Ninth Kansas, Hopkins' Battery, the First Arkansas Battery, the First Arkansas Cavalry, and Fist and Second Arkansas Infantry, the Tenth Illinois and Third Wisconsin and other commands. In the same year he received command of two Districts, the western half of Arkansas and the Indian Territory. He continued in command of a separate army in the field until the war closed, and took part in nearly all the engagements that were fought in that country; the command fighting its way to hold the line of that river. He made several expeditions from that point south, and was generally successful as a Commander. He received three slight wounds, none of which forced him to leave the field, and had four horses killed under him in battle. At the close of the war he returned to build up Salina, which at that time looked somewhat dilapidated. The building of the Pacific Railway was secured and from that time Salina grew steadily. Col. Phillips has held several public positions of distinction. He took part in all the early conventions in the State, was a member of the Legislature, spokesman of the Kansas Delegation in Chicago, in 1860, was elected to the Forty-third Congress, having received the nomination of the Republican party by acclamation; was re-elected to the Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth Congresses, serving with distinction. The most notable public measures supported by him were amendments to the land laws, timber culture, postal savings banks and postal telegraphy, the retention of legal tender and restoration of silver coinage.

DAVID L. PHILLIPS, farmer and gardener, located on Section 12, in the east part of the village of Salina, in October, 1858. He now has forty acres of fine land, thirty of which he cultivates. He has ten acres of food timber, and a fine orchard with all varieties of fruits. He assisted to organize the town in 1859, and was a member of the town company. Their nearest post office was Topeka. They got their mail about once in three months the first year. They afterward got it weekly by the Pike's Peak express stages. The nearest grist mill was Council Grove, sixty-five miles away. Buffalo, deer, and all kinds of wild animals roamed over the country near to them, almost unmolested. The early pioneers had many buffalo hunts, and skirmishes with native tribes of Indians. He was born in Scotland, August 29, 1837, and came with his parents to America, in 1839, settling in Randolph County, Ill. He was raised on a farm and lived in Illinois for twenty years. Married in 1866, to Miss Carrie E. Conant, of the latter county, Ill. They have five children - Olive, Maggie, David L., deceased, Bessie, Clyde and Robert. He was a member of the State Militia during Price's threatened raid. He is an elder in the Presbyterian Church.

J. M. POSTLEWAIT, of the firm of Jeffres & Postlewait, of Pacific House, a first-class hotel of Salina Kas. Have accommodations for fifty guests; free bus from all trains. The hotel was erected in the fall of 1870, two stories high and 130x80 feet. Opened to the public in February, 1871. They employ twelve domestics of all kinds. Mr. Postlewait was born in Miffin County, Pa., in 1839, and was educated in his native State, where he lived until 1870, when he came to Salina, Kas. He was married to Mrs. Jeffres in 1880. He enlisted, in 1861, in Logan Guards, of Lewiston, Pa., and participated in all the battles of his command, in the three months' service. Re-enlisted in the Forty-ninth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Band, and served until the general order for all bands, in 1863.

M. S. PRICE, farmer and stock raiser, P. O. Salina, first came to Saline County, Kas., May 1, 1866, and located on Sections 19 and 30. Cambria Township. He owns 160 acres, 120 of which are under cultivation. Has a fine location. He has served as Justice of the Peace three terms. He is an active temperance worker and president of the Sabbath schools of the State of Kansas. He has followed the business of auctioneer for the past sixteen years. He was born in Livingston County, N. Y., February 16, 1832, and was raised as a miller and engineer, and followed the same for many years. Moved to Ogle County, Ill., in 1853, where he operated a steam saw mill and flouring mill, three years, then farmed until he came to Kansas. He enlisted in the spring of 1864, in Company F. Thirty-fourth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, participated in all the battles of his command, and was discharged in the hospital of Chicago, Ill., November 1864, on account of paralysis contracted in service. He was married in 1853, to Miss Ellen A. Palmer, of Ogle County, Ill. They have six children - Albert, Augustine H., Henry R., Willie I., Mat and Minnie Belle. They are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. P. is also a member of Salina Lodge No. 28, I. O. O. F., and Kansas Valley Detective Horse Association.

CHARLES RADCLIFF, Sheriff Saline County, also a member of the firm of Radcliff Bros., dealers in general line hardware, stoves and tinware. Elected Sheriff in the fall of 1881. He first located in Salina in January 1870, when he engaged in the hardware business, which he has since continued. He has also been connected with the furniture and packing business. Was a member of the City Council in 1875, and Mayor of Salina in 1876-77-'78. He was born in Hagerstown, Washington Co., Md., December 17, 1845. Educated in his native State, which he left in 1860, going to Springfield, Ill., and finished his education, where he also learned the tinner's trade, remaining there until he came to Kansas. Was married in 1871, to Miss Irene S. Putnam, a native of Illinois. They have three children - Clarence P., Nellie and Robert Willliam. He is a member of the Masonic order and K. of P.

HOWARD C. RASH, dealer in general merchandise, opened trade May 1, 1873. The firm is J. C. Rash & Son. They occupy two floors and basement in a building 28x100 feet, which they erected in 1879, at a cost of $6,000. They carry an average stock of about $18,000, and employ seven persons in their store. Howard C. and his father, J. C. Rash, located in Salina in 1870. He was born in Salina, Jackson Co., Tenn., November 3, 1855. His parents moved to Dallas County, Mo., in 1857, but were obliged to leave there during the exciting times of the late rebellion, on account of Union sentiments, when they moved to Duquoin, Ill., where he was educated. After moving to Salina, Kas., he attended the agricultural college at Manhattan a year. He was married in 1875, to Miss Ella Underwood, a daughter of C. R. Underwood, of Salina. They have three children - Leon C., Claude R., and Roma W. He is identified with all temperance organizations in Salina.

E. D. RITTGERS, miller, firm C. R. Underwood & Co., proprietors of the Western Star Mills and the Smoky Hill Mills. Mr. Rittgers came to Morris County, Kansas, in 1858, where he engaged in farming for four years, then followed teaming from Leavenworth west for two years, then carried on the saw mill business for two years in Morris County. In 1866 he moved to Salina, erected a saw mill and ran the same for four years, then with C. R. Underwood erected a steam grist mill, three stories; capacity, 100 barrels per day. He ran this for three years, then in company with C. R. Underwood & Co., erected the Western Star mills; three stories high; capacity 200 barrels, which he has run ever since. In 1874 C. R. Underwood & Co. bought the Smoky Hill Mills, three stories high; capacity 100 barrels. E. D. Rittgers was born in Hocking County, Ohio, August 22, 1836. Moved to Polk County, Iowa, in 1853, where he obtained a common school education, and farmed till he came to Kansas. He was married in Salina, Kansas, in 1880, to Miss Jennie Myers, a native of Iowa. He is a member of I. O. O. F.

DR. FRANK M. SCHNEE, dentist; follows the profession in all its branches. He first located in Salina, Kansas in February, 1879, and opened a dental office, since which time he has followed the profession, being stationary at Salina. He was born in Huntingdon County, Pa., January 1, 1855 ; was educated in his native State and began the study of dentistry in 1874; practiced since 1875. He attended the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery in 1875 and 1876, and began the practice of his profession at McAlvy's Fort, in 1876, where he continued until he came to Kansas and opened a dental office here. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. of Pennsylvania.

OSCAR SEITZ, dealer in general drugs, medicines, paints, oils, window glass, varnishes and druggists' sundries. Opened the trade in the fall of 1866; now is the oldest druggist firm in Western Kansas. He located in Leavenworth, Kansas, as clerk in the drug business, in 1864, where he remained until he came to Salina. He was born in Germany, October 17, 1838. Learned pharmacy in his native country, beginning at the age of fourteen years. Came to America in July, 1857; remained in New York city until the following fall when he went to Mineral Point Wis., where he remained until July, 1858, as a clerk in the drug business. He then went to St. Louis, Mo., in the drug business until the first call for troops in 1861, when he enlisted in Capt. James Buell's Light Artillery. He was made Hospital Steward in Paducah, Ky. A few month afterwards he went to Columbus, Ohio where he was engaged in the drug business until 1864. He was married in 1869 to Miss Johanna S. Wulp, a native of Hesse Cassel, Germany. They have five children; Charles, Theodore, Cornelia, Henry, and Jenny. He is a member of the Masonic Lodge, also of the I. O. O. F.

ROBERT S. SEE, farmer Section 27, P. O. Salina, was born in Wayne County, N. Y., September 28, 1840. When five years of age was taken by his parents to Shiawasse County, Mich., where he was reared and educated. Soon after moved to Canton, Fulton Co., Ill., where he worked in the machine shops for some time. In 1861 he enlisted in Company L., Seventh Illinois Volunteer Cavalry, and was discharged in June, 1862, on account of disability; re enlisted in the spring of 1864 and participated in the battles of Spanish Fort, Fort Blakeley, an others of less importance, and was discharged July 13, 1865. He returned to Fulton County, Illinois, where he remained for one month then came to Kansas and settled in this county and is engaged in farming. Married in Macomb, McDonough Co. Ill., November 14, 1865, to Miss Sarah A. Bennett, a native of Fulton County, Ill.; born February 3, 1846. By this marriage they have six children; Charles A., Carrie E., Cora A., Lillia A., Sarah E. and Gracey G. Mr. See is a Republican.

COL. JOHN G. SPIVEY, attorney-at-law, came to Leavenworth, Kan., in 1856, engaged in a hunting and prospecting tour, remained until 1858, when he went to Columbia Mo., remained there and in Kansas until 1859. He married in Columbia, Mo., 1859, Miss Lucy F. Wilkinson, of Bardstown, Ky. His wife died in March 1860. He then located in Oskaloosa, Kan., where January 1, 1861, he was married to Miss Marietta L. Havens, a sister of P. E. and A. B. Havens, of Leavenworth, Kan. He remained in Oskaloosa until June 1861, he then went into the Southern States and became Captain of Company F. First Arkansas Regiment, soon afterward was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel of same regiment. He participated in twenty-eight different battles of the war. In the battle of Corinth, Miss., he left 176 men dead on the field out of 333 on the start. He was publicly thanked by Gen. Earl Van Dorn for gallant and meritorious conduct while under fire. He was actively engaged in the army until July 3, 1865, when he surrendered at Shreveport, La. He then went to Leavenworth, Kan., remained a short time, then to Nebraska City where he engaged in the practice of law with S. H. Calhoun, now on the Supreme Bench; after a number of months he went with B. J. Franklin, of Kansas City, to Rocheport, Mo., and practiced law some time, then in company with the latter party went to Omaha, Neb., where they practiced law until January, 1869, returned to Leavenworth, Kan., and practiced a year, and in spring 1870 came to Salina. He was elected County Attorney in the fall of 1878, by a larger majority than any man in the county; served a term. He was Probate Judge and Prosecuting Attorney of Jefferson County, Mo., some time prior to the Rebellion. He was born in Craven County, N. C., November 4, 1833, educated in all the principal schools of his native State. Began the study of law at the age of eighteen, admitted to bar in Leavenworth, Kan., at the age of twenty-one. They have three children - Nettie, Dotty, and John Paul. He is a member of the Masonic Order I. O. O. F. and Temperance Society.

GEORGE F. SUPPLE, dealer in a general line of agricultural implements, making a specialty of the McCormick harvesting machinery of all kinds. He opened the business in the spring 1879, and generally employs about four men in the trade. His sales equal about $10,000 per annum of farm machinery and $4,000 worth McCormick machinery. His sales of wagons, buggies and sewing machines equal about $2,000. He settled in Lawrence in spring 1873, where he engaged as traveling salesman for McCormick company six years, thence to Salina. Born in St. Augustine, Fulton Co., Ill., December 3, 1844, educated in his native State. Married in 1875, to Miss Alfredda Place, of Lawerence, Kan. They have two children, Robert E. and Arthur L. He is a member of Salina Lodge No. 28, I. O. O. F.

B. B. STIMMEL, farmer and stock- raiser, P. O. Salina, came to Saline County in April, 1869, settled on his place in August of same year. Section 36, Township 14, Range 3 west. Has 175 acres with 165 cultivated. Held office Town Clerk since 1878. He was born in Harrisburg, Pa., September 18, 1824, raised on a farm, lived in native county until he came to Kansas. Enlisted August, 1863, in Company H. Two Hundred and First Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, promoted First Lieutenant and Regimental Quartermaster, mustered out in July, 1865. Returned to native county and worked as brakeman, train dispatcher and conductor nineteen years and nine months for P. C. R. R. Married in 1850, to Miss Matilda Garverich, of Dauphin County, Pa. They have five sons and one daughter-George R., Philip P., Edwin S., Harry G., Kate E., and Benjamin B. Jr. He is a member of the Masonic Order, I. O. O. F. of Pennsylvania, and Lutheran Church of Salina.

SWEET & HASKELL, retail dealers in all kinds fresh and salt meats, also dealers and shippers of live stock. They located in business in Salina, Kan., June 29, 1882, coming from Bangor, Me. They are doing a fine trade. Mr. Haskell was born in Bangor, Me., 1845; he followed the live stock business for many years in his native State. He enlisted in 1861 in Company F. Twelveth Regiment Maine Volunteer Infantry, and served in all battles of his command two years, when he re-enlisted in the field right after the battle of Port Hudson, was made Orderly Sergeant, was mustered out in New York City 1865, was wounded September 19, 1864, in the battle Winchester, did not participate in other battles afterwards. He is a member of the Masonic Order, I. O. O. F. and G. A. R. of his native State. He being senior vice-commander of his post. He was married in 1866, to Miss Olive L. Page of Bangor, Me.

M. D. TEAGUE, cashier of First National Bank, came to Kansas in January, 1881, and accepted the above position. The above bank was opened July 1, 1881. The deposits equal $80,000. They do a general banking business. Their uniform interest is 1 per cent per month. They exchange with Merchants National Bank of Kansas City; United States National Bank, New York City. Mr. Teague was born in Aroostook County, Me., April 25, 1848; educated in common schools of his native place, and Holton Academy, Me. Was raised on a farm; he followed merchandising eight years, and was Deputy Collector of Customs at Fort Fairfield, Me., about two years, then resigned the office and came to Kansas. He was married in 1870, to Miss Clara W. Collins, of Caribou, Me. They have three children - Zoa E., Charles C., Madge N. He is a member of the Masonic order, and Kansas Benevolent Society.

LUTHER M. TUTTLE, City Marshal, Salina, also Constable and Under Sheriff of Saline County, and Deputy United States Marshal. He first located in Salina, in June, 1870. He engaged in painting a year; followed the butcher business a year; he was then appointed City Marshal in 1874, by elections and appointments, has since held the above offices; has been Constable since 1874, now serving the third term as under Sheriff. He was born in Lee, Berkshire Co., Mass., July 14, 1828; lived in native State until twelve years old. His parents moved to Lorain County, Ohio, where he lived until he came to Kansas. He was educated in his native State. Enlisted in Company B Second Ohio Cavalry, in August, 1861; participated in all the battles of his command. He received promotions to all the offices under and including First Lieutenant. Was wounded in battle at Harperstown confined in Finley Hospital three months, and mustered out as First Lieutenant, Camp Chase, Ohio, in October, 1865. Mr. Tuttle was married in 1851, to Miss Almira Horton, a native of Vermont. They have seven children - Lucelia, Henry - now married - Edwin R., Myra - now married to Mr. Robert O'Conno - Maggie L., Rhoda an Ethel. He is a member of I. O. O. F., and K. of P.

C. R. UNDERWOOD, firm C. R. Underwood & Co., proprietors Western Star Mills, which were erected in the season of 1873, size 56x60 feet, three stories high and basement with eight feet head. There are two sets of rollers and seven run of buhrs, all latest improved machinery; capacity 150 barrels per day, costing over $50,000. They also own a grain elevator 86x32 feet, with a capacity of 35,000 bushels. The same firm own the Smoky Hill Mills, on and a half miles southeast of Salina, where they also own extensive stock yards and keep constantly from 600 to 700 head of hogs, and all facilities for feeding and shipping the same. They raise, fatten and sell from eight to twelve car loads of hogs per year. He first located in Salina, Kan., in 1868, and engaged in the stock business until 1870, when he became interested in milling as before noted. He was born in Columbiana County, Ohio; parents moved to Clinton County, Ohio, in 1856, where he received a common school education. He engaged in surveying and engineering in Ohio; moved to Shelby County, Ill., in 1859, where, until 1869, he was engaged in contracting and building. He erected the large court house in Jacksonville, Ill. From Illinois he came to Salina, Kan.

D. R. WAGSTAFF, came to Kansas in 1864 as a soldier, being a member of Company H. Second Regiment Colorado Cavalry. Mustered out 19th of June, 1865, Fort Riley. He was Sergeant of his company; he enlisted in the western slope of Colorado, in 1862; he participated in all the battles of his regiment, and was one of sixth men who charged into a Rebel camp in Missouri, and cleaned out over 700 Rebs; after his discharge from the army, he took up a homestead on Saline River, where he farmed a short time; was appointed Sheriff of Saline County, in 1866, officiated in that capacity until January 7, 1871,; he also speculated in real estate, read law, etc., and in latter year was admitted to the bar of practice. In April, 1871, was appointed Receiver in the United States Land Office; held the same until October 1, 1879. He has since practiced law before land office in Salina. He also has considerable interest in mining in Colorado. He is known as a prominent Republican politician of Saline County. Born in Cambridge, Ohio, November 2, 1842; educated in Council Bluffs, Iowa; Married January 1, 1867, to Miss Sarah Morrison, of Salina, Kan. They have two sons and two daughters - John William, Mary, Charles and Ruth. He is past commander of Askelon Commandery, No. 6; past master Salina Lodge, No. 60, A., F. & A. M. ; a member of Salina Lodge, No. 28, I. O. O. F.

JOHNATHAN WEAVER, Probate Judge, Saline County, first settled in the eastern part of Douglas County, Kan., April, 1857, and engaged in breaking up the prairie and teaming during the summer of 1857. He then returned to Ohio and lived until 1860, where he was engaged in farming and teaching school. He then returned to Douglas County and purchased a farm of 240 acres, which he carried on until the autumn of 1860. Returned to Ohio and remained until 1865, working as before, and then came to Kansas with a herd of sheep, which he had purchased in eastern Ohio. He continued farming and stock- raising until 1870, when he sold out and moved to Lawrence and became a teacher in the city schools until January, 1871, when he removed to Saline County, settling twelve miles southeast of Salina, following farming and stock raising, etc. He was elected to the State Legislature in the fall of 1873, and served the ensuing term. Farmed, etc., until the fall of 1878, then removed to Salina. Was elected Probate Judge in the fall of 1878, and is now serving his third term. He was born in Washington County, Pa., February 27, 1836. Was educated in Columbiana County, Ohio, being a student in the Mount Union Seminary. Mr. Weaver was married in 1865, to Miss Elizabeth J. Gaver of Columbiana County, Ohio. They have five children, Norman H., Homer J., Maggie B., Mary I. And Ralph F. He is a member of Salina Lodge, No. 28, I. O. O. F.

A. H. WHITE, farmer, Section 25, P. O. Salina, born in Alleghany County, Md., January 16, 1827. When quite a boy moved with his parents to Preston County, W. Va., where he was reared and educated. Farming has always been his occupation. In 1849, moved to Peoria County, Ill., where he remained for one year, then to Marshall County, Ill., where he was engaged in farming for twenty-two years. In 1879, came to Kansas, and settled in this county. His estate consists of 320 acres of fine farming land. He has been twice married, first in Preston County, W. V., May 25, 1849, to Miss Grace Mason. Born in West Virginia, August 22, 1813. Died in Marshall County, Ill., October 5, 1872. By this marriage they had one child, John H. On September 10, 1874, In Marion County, W. Va., Miss Annie L. Thayer became his wife, a native of West Virginia and was born March 1, 1841. They have a family of three children, Bird B., Buelah B. and Benjamin F. Mr. W. is identified with the Republican party.

L. O. WIGHT, proprietor real estate and loan office, also insurance agent, also keeps a complete abstract of all real estate in Saline County. Opened real estate business in 1867, insurance 1869, loan 1875, and abstract office 1879, which he keeps posted to date. He first located in Leavenworth, Kan., in 1865, was on a government surveying tour in Nebraska, having a contract from the government for surveying, which he followed until fall, 1866. Then went to Lawrence, where he was a railroad engineer six months, came to Salina in spring 1867. He was born in Friendship, Allegany Co., N. Y., May 2, 1845. Educated at Alfred University, worked his own way through college, completing academic, mathematical and partly languages. He has been County Surveyor of Saline County, ten years. He has also officiated as Township Trustee and City Councilman. Mr. Wight was married in fall 1869, to Miss D. E. Hall of Livingston County, N. Y. they have one son, Arthur. He is a member of Salina Lodge, No. 28, I. O. O. F.

J. O. WILSON, attorney and councellor at law, collecting agent, etc. first came to Kansas, in 1874, taught school five years, then located in Salina, where he began the practice of law. He was born in Elmore, Ottawa Co., Ohio. March 4, 1856. Educated in Ann Arbor, Mich., graduating from the law department of that University 1882. He was for some time a student at St. Louis College of Michigan, previous to attending Ann Arbor University. He began the study of law 1876, was admitted to the bar in June, 1880, in District Court of Saline County.

ALBERT A. WISE, manufacturer and dealer in cigars, tobacco and smokers' articles, began the business in the spring of 1880. He caries a stock of about $14,000. Does a large jobbing trade, and employs eight men in his factory, No. 338. Born in Austria, March 29, 1844; came to America in 1859, locating in Harrisonburg, Va., where he engaged in the cigar and confectionery business, until he came to Salina, Kan. Married May 2, 1869, to Miss Minnie Loewners, of New Hope, Va., a native of Austria. They have four children - Lenora A., Rudolph L., Maurice and Edwin. He is a member of Masonic Order of Salina, also a member B'nai B'rith Hebrew Society, and Cacher Schall Bassel.

EDWARD WITTMANN, Recorder of Deeds for Saline County, first came to Salina in July, 1870, and engaged in the restaurant business and merchandising until 1878. Elected Recorder in the fall of 1879; re-elected fall of 1881. He was born in Germany; June 29, 1837. Came to America 1863, with a brother; settled in Mayville, Dodge Co., Wis. Enlisted in October, 1864, in Company L. Thirty-fifth Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. Participated in may skirmishes. Mustered out in New Orleans, La., fall of 1865. Returned to Mayville, Wis., and engaged in the insurance business until he came to Kansas. Mr. W. was married in October, 1866 to Miss Sophia Klemfeldt, a native of Germany, but came with parents to America at the age of two years. They have four children - Edmund, Charles, Ella and Clarence. He is a member of Salina Lodge, No. 28, I. O. O. F., also Zion Lodge, No. 5 K. of P., Endowment Section No. 577 K. of P. He is also a member of State Grand Lodge, I. O. O. F. He was a member City Council 1874-75; City Treasurer, 1876-77.

JOSEPH H. WOLSIEFFER, of the firm of Litowich & Wolsieffer, dealers in general merchandise, dry goods, clothing, boots, and shoes, groceries, etc. they opened the trade in November, 1879. Mr. H. A. Litowich began the business in 1871. They keep an average stock of $23,000, and employ seven persons in the trade. They occupy the first and second floors and basement of the building, 30x100. Their building was erected at a cost of $6,500. Mr. Wolsieffer was born in Wilkesbarre, Pa., September 26, 1856, where he lived until 1877. He was educated at St. Vincent's College, Westmoreland Co., Pa., and gained a thorough knowledge of business. He was married in 1880, to Miss Adaline Schwartz, of Pittsburgh, Pa. They have one daughter.

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