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D. J. ADDISON, Mayor Salina, was born March 17, 1848, in Randolph County, Ill., was a private in Company E, Thirty-eighth Illinois, was discharged February 7, 1866; came to Kansas, 1867. Was married in August, 1872 at Sparta, Randolph Co., Ill., to Miss Eva U. Wilson. Elected on council 1879, resigned 1880 and elected Mayor. Has been in the grocery trade for four years.

THOMAS ANDERSON, stock-raiser and farmer, P. O. Salina, settled on his farm in April, 1861, Section 1, Township 14, Range 3 west. Has about 290 acres on several sections, 215 of which he cultivates; his farm is nicely located. He has served two terms as Township Trustee and is the present State Senator for Thirty-sixth Senatorial District, elected in the fall of 1880 for four years term. Republican in politics. He was born in Scotland on March 24, 1838. Came to America 1855, locating in Randolph County, Ill., where he farmed until he came to Kansas. He was married in 1864 to Miss Jane Crawford, of Randolph County, Ill.; they have nine children - Maggie M., Nellie C., Mary Bryce, Marion, Archie, Elizabeth J., Annie and James Alex.

C. W. BANKS, law firm, Banks & Cunningham. They do a law collecting and loan business. He first came to McPherson in spring 1871, being the first County Attorney of that county. He remained there about three years, located in Salina, in January, 1875, and opened a law office. Was chosen City Attorney in April 1881, held the office since. Born in Schoharie County, N. Y., October 28, 1826. Educated in Lake County, Ohio. Began the study of law in 1860, admitted to the bar in McPherson, 1871. He was a teacher for many years in Ohio. Married in 1852 to Miss Sarah A. Huckins, a native of Indiana. They had five children, Mary A., Sarah A., Ida M., Charles N. and Dora. Wife died in 1866. Again married in 1869, to Miss Sarah A. Closson, a native of Vermont. He is a member of Salina Lodge, No. 28, I. O. O. F. He is a stockholder and director in the First National Bank, and attorney for same.

CAPT. W. W. BARTLETT, meat market and dealer in live stock. Began the business in January, 1878. They sell $15,000 worth of stock in a year, buy large lots of cattle and hogs, which they ship per car load. During the past year they have bought and shipped $80,000 worth of live stock. The firm name is Barlett & Jenkins. Mr. B. was born December 21, 1820, in Cornish, N. H. Parents moved to Vermont when he was a small boy, and located in Orwell. Immigrated to White Hall, N. Y., when he was seven years of age; they remained there a number of years and then went to Aurora, where he engaged in the live stock business in 1858. He soon moved to Joliet, where he continued stock and butchering business. Was elected Sheriff of Will County, Ill., in 1860, held the office one term. He enlisted in Company E, One Hundredth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Was elected Captain of his company, participated in the battles of Stone River, Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, and many skirmishes. Resigned in 1864. He then moved to Winterset, Madison Co., Iowa, and there engaged in the stock business eight years, thence to Salina. He was married in Joliet, Ill., in 1866, to Miss Rebecca Koon, of the latter place. They have two children, Jennie V. and Charles F.

H. W. BERKS, proprietor Kansas Central Land Agency, established by his father, John W. Berks, in 1869, and conducted by the latter until October, 1880, when H. W. Berks took charge of the same. He now deals in lands, city lots and all kinds of real estate; makes a specialty of controlling lands and farms for non-residents, and does a general loan and insurance business. H. W. Berks first came to Salina in 1871, was educated in the Kansas State University, at Lawrence, and in 1876, went into business with his father. He was born in Philadelphia, Pa., July 11, 1857, and lived in his native place until he came to Kansas. His father is also a native of Philadelphia, Pa., where, for many years, he followed real estate and conveyancing business.

DR. WILLIAM BISHOP, Superintendent of Public Instruction for Saline County. He first located in Lawrence, Kan., in fall 1858. Was Pastor Presbyterian Church until fall 1860. He then removed to Salina, and took charge of the Presbyterian Church as Pastor, until 1864. He then became Pastor of Highland Presbyterian Church and Principal of the Highland University until fall 1869, when he returned to Salina. He was County Superintendent of Schools from 1872 to 1875, inclusive. He then went to Independence, Kan., and became Pastor of the Presbyterian Church two years. Returned to Salina, where he has since held the office. He was born in Scotland, December 9, 1824, came to America with parents in 1833, locating in Lexington, Ky. He was educated in Jacksonville, Illinois, College, and after graduating, in 1847, with titles of A. B. and A. M., became teacher in the same two years. Taught three years in Princeton, N. J. was six years Professor of Hanover College of Indiana. Was ordained to the holy ministry, in 1854, his first charge was Bardstown, Ky. He was the first president of the Lawrence University. He is a member of Blue and Royal Arch Lodges, A., F. & A. M. of Salina, Kan.

R. H. BISHOP, Justice of the Peace and dealer in real estate. He located his land claim in 1860, moved his family in November of same year, one-half mile west of town site, Salina, where he engaged in farming until 1868. He then went into the insurance and real estate business, which he has since followed. He was County Clerk of Saline County several years, up to 1867; acted as Deputy Register of Deeds previous to the latter date. He had charge of every record in Saline County at one time. Was a member of the State Legislature in 1863-64. Elected Justice of the Peace in 1874; by re-elections has since held the office. Born in Scotland. He graduated from Illinois College, at Jacksonville, in 1856. He was married in 1858, to Miss Mary Lewis, a native of New Orleans, La. They had twelve children, nine of who are living-Ebenezer L., Marshall, Glover, deceased; Anna, deceased; William, Mary A. deceased; John, David, Mary, Richard, Norman and Emma. He is a member of the Masonic Order, I. O. O. F. and Knights of Pythias. In early times he frequently had troubles with Kansas jayhawkers, and remembers looking down the barrel of many a revolver held in their hands.

M. M. BRIGGS, of the firm of Briggs & Gebhart, dealers in general line of hardware and farm implements; opened the trade in 1876; carry an average stock of about $22,000, in two stores, keeping one at Lindsberg, McPherson County, and a large store at Salina. He is also a director in the First National Bank of Salina. He first located at Lawrence, in 1870, where he was a salesman for E. B. Fish & Co. until 1871. In August, 1872, moved to Salina, Kan., and engaged for same firm in general hardware store until 1876. He was born in Milwaukee County, Wis., June 23, 1849; lived in Wisconsin until he came West. Married in 1877, to Miss Clara Macy, of Ottawa, Ill. They have three children - Frank M., Walter and Allen. He is a member of the Knights of Honor and City School Board.

JOHN BUCHI, gardener and florist, first came to Salina, Kan., in October, 1878, when he began the above business. He occupies four lots, 150x200 feet each, in the east part of the city, planted with all varieties of lowers and exotic plants, trees, small fruits and shrubbery etc. This is a fine garden, beautifully located, and is favorably known by all substantial citizens of Saline County. He was born in Switzerland, August 3, 1842; he followed the same business in his native country, coming to America in 1867, set led in Pittsburgh Penn.; there he worked for Allegheny City as florists, etc., until he came to Kansas. He was married in 1870, to Miss Barbara Stoll, a native of Switzerland.

GEORGE A. CARMONY, farmer, Section 28, P. O. Salina, was born in Carlisle, Cumberland Co., Penn., November 18, 1814, where he was reared and educated; soon after engaged in milling, which he pursued for a number of years; he was also engaged in the same business at Xenia, Ohio, for quite a while; from Ohio he moved to Cedar County, Iowa, where he was engaged in farming and distilling for seven years. In 1849, went to California, and engaged in mining, which he pursued at odd times for thirty years during which he made several fortunes, but, like many others, met with heavy losses. He was also engaged in the live stock trade in California and bordering States for quite a while. In 1872, came to Kansas, and settled in this county, and is engaged in farming. Married in Philadelphia, Penn., May 1, 1871, to Miss Amelia C. Sherzher, a native of Philadelphia, born in 1824. Mr. C. is a Republican.

JOSEPH J. CRIPPEN, Western manager for the firm of Crippen, Lawrence & Co., dealers in real estate and loan agents. They have an eastern office at Concord, N. H., established in 1873. Office in Salina was opened in 1880. Since starting they have loaned over $3,000,000. They employ four men regularly in their western office. Joseph J. Crippen was born in Boston, Mass., January 24, 1848; moved to new England Village, Mass., where his parents now reside, when a small boy. Was educated at New London Literary and Scientific Institute, New London, N. H. First clerked in a store at Cannan, N. H.; then served as Army Paymaster's clerk, clerked several years in the State Treasurer's and Auditor's offices at Concord, N. H., was assistant cashier of the First National Bank, Concord, N. H., seven years. Moved to Lawrence, Kan., in 1873, and was cashier of a bank there. From there moved to Salina, where he has since resided and had charge of the western business of Crippen, Lawrence & Co.

DR. J. W. CROWLEY, physician and surgeon, came to Kansas in January, 1865, and located in Salina in spring of 1867, since which time he has been engaged in the practice of medicine. He was born in New Orleans, La., March 6, 1843,; educated in St. Louis, Mo. University; graduated in 1859. He then began the study of medicine at St. Louis Medical College, taking two courses of lectures, but not being twenty-one years old, was too young to graduate. He then went into the Thirteenth Missouri Veteran Cavalry, as Surgeon; was with the regiment in all its engagements as their surgeon; mustered out November 15, 1866, by a special order to that effect, at Leavenworth, Kan. He then took a course of lectures at St. Louis Medical College, graduating in the spring of 1867, at the head of his class. In a short time afterward came to Salina. Married, August 15, 1871, to Miss Matilda S. Clarkson, of Philadelphia, Penn. They have three children - James Wallace, Mary Agnes and Edith.

DR. J. W. DAILY, practicing physician and surgeon, located in Salina, Kan., September 1869, and continued the practice of medicine. He was born in Bracken Count, Ky., May 3, 1838. Graduated at Eminence College, Henry County, Ky., in 1860. Began the study of medicine in 1861. Graduated at the Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery. June 24, 1864. He practiced medicine for about fifteen years, and then graduated at the Homoeopathic Hospital College at Cleveland, Ohio, March 12, 1879, and immediately returned to Salina and resumed his profession. He was A. A. Surgeon in the United States Army, and for several months Chief Surgeon of the Fifteenth United States Infantry. He was on duty at the general hospitals at Atlanta, Chattanooga and Louisville. He had charge of the left wing of Camp Douglas Hospital from March until June, 1865 at which time he was honorably discharged. Was married November 30, 1865, to Miss Drusie Cauffield, of Brookfield, Ohio. They have two children - Charles C. and Mary Belle. He is a well known writer for the press.

LEVERETT A. DAVIS, Superintendent of Public Instruction. The father of the subject of this sketch was C. C. Davis, a native of Vermont, and his mother was Phoebe Davis, whose nativity was Ohio. L. A. was born in Portland, Ore., June 23, 1855. When one year old his parents moved back to Vermont, where they remained until Leverett A. had attained his fifteenth year, and where, in the public schools of the Green Mountain State, he received his early education. In the winter of 1870 he moved with his parent to Kansas, where they located upon a farm in Saline County. There he attended the high school in the city of Salina for three successive years, leaving which he took up the profession of teaching, which he followed until January 8, 1883, when he entered upon the duties of County Superintendent of Public Instruction, he having been elected to that office at the general election held November, 1882. On the 23rd day of December, 1879, Leverett A. Davis and Miss Josephine S. Marks, a native of Indiana, were joined in marriage in Saline County, Kan.

T. H. DAVIS, local agent for the Union Pacific Railroad, of Kansas Division. He first came to Leavenworth in the spring of 1872, and went to work for the above railroad company as their agent, where he remained seven and one-half years; thence to Salina, in July, 1879, and took charge of the depot and business. He is also agent for the Pacific Express Company. He was born in Fayette County, Ky., September 21, 1836, and educated in his native State. Moved to St. Louis, Mo., in 1853, where he was an office boy one and one-half years. He was then a bill clerk for Goodrich, Willard & Co., a wholesale grocery firm, five years. In 1861 he went to Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa, and engaged in merchandising until 1872, excepting one year, when he made a trip across the great American Plains on a trading tour, after which he went to Leavenworth. He is a member of Blue Lodge, Masonic Order, of Iowa. Married in January, 1866, to Miss Esther A. Shepard, a native of Ohio. They have two sons - Charles C. and Howard C.

A. B. DICKINSON, proprietor Salina Carriage Works, began the manufacture of carriages in his present location January, 1877. His factory building is twenty-five by seventy-two feet, and in addition he has a storeroom twenty by forty feet as a repository. Employs a capital of about $1,500 on which he does an annual business of from $6,000 to $7,000. Born in Madison County, N. Y., October 31, 1845, where he was raised and educated; soon after learned the trade of blacksmith, which he pursued until he came to Kansas, and engaged in his present business. Married in Madison County, N. Y., October 20, 1879, to Miss Lucy A. Robinson, a native of New York; born in Madison County, 1848. By this union they have one child - Thomas L. He is a member of A., F. & A. M.

R. H. DIHLE, manufacturer of and dealer in harness, saddles, and everything generally found in a harness shop. He opened the business in 1863, having the first and oldest established business of the kind in the city. Employs five men. Mr. D. first came to Salina, July 3, 1863; has followed the harness business since. He was born in Prussia, Germany, September 2, 1837. Came to America in 1857, locating in Detroit, Mich., and engaged in the manufacture of harness. Served in the late war; wounded at the battle of Fredericksburg, and discharged in the hospital at Philadelphia, Pa., when he came to Salina. He was married in 1864, to Miss Jane Glueder, of Mecklenbeurg, Germany. They have six children - Amanda, Ida, Amelia, George W., Josephine and Elise. He is a member of the Masonic order.

EBERHART & SUDENDORF, dealers in lumber and building material of all kinds. They have yards at Salina, Lindsberg and McPherson. They opened the lumber business in July, 1879, and carry a large assortment in the three places. Mr. C. Eberhart came to Kansas in 1865, remained two years at Leavenworth doing carpenter work. He afterwards became a salesman in a lumber yard until he came to Salina in 1867. He was born in Germany, January, 1841. Came to America in 1848; was raised a farmer. The family located in Washington County, Wis., where he lived until he came to Kansas. He has traveled in many portions of the United States. He enlisted in the fall of 1861 in Company D. Twelfth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry and participated in all the battles of his command. Mustered out in December, 1864. Married in 1865 to Miss A. C. Lampert, a native of Switzerland. They have eight children - A. Catherine, William, John, Charles, Henry, Freddie, Frank, and Alma. He is a member of the Masonic order of Salina, Kan. He is a Republican in politics.

DR. AUGUST ENGSTROM, physician and surgeon, dealer in general line of drugs, medicines, and druggists' sundries. He began the practice of medicine in Salina in 1877; opened drug business the same year. He was born in Sweden February 17, 1857 ; educated in his native country also obtained part of his pharmaceutical education there. Came to America in 1873, locating in Boone County, Iowa; began there as a prescription clerk, also continued the study of medicine under Prof. Herbert Ensing, then surgeon for the Chicago & Northwestern Railway. Continued until the latter part of 1875, when he went to Chicago, Ill., and attended the Chicago Medical College until he came to Kansas in 1877. Married in Chicago in 1882, to Miss Christina Breaton. He is a member of the Eclectic Medical Association of the State of Kansas. Was a representative to St. Louis, Mo., in 1881.

T. F. GARVER, law firm of Garver & Bond, came to Topeka in February, 1871, where he engaged in the practice of law until August, 1871, when he removed to Salina, where he has since followed the same. He was born in Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pa., November 4, 1845. Took a preparatory course at Selin's Grove, and a collegiate course at the Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa., graduating in 1867. Graduated in Albany, N. Y., Law School in 1869. He began the practice of law in Chambersburg, Pa. Was admitted to the bar in 1869, and practiced law in the latter city until 1871, then came to Kansas. He has been a member of the City Council and Board of Education. Was married in 1870 to Miss A. M. Diller, of Lebanon, Pa. They have two children: Bertram S. and Robert D. He is a member of the Masonic order and the K. of H.

JACOB L. GEBHART, farmer and stock raiser, P. O. Salina; settled on Section 1, one and one-half miles northeast of Salina, March 27, 1870. Owns 240 acres of land, 160 of which is cultivated. He has been Township Supervisor and member School Board since 1874. Born near Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio, January 2, 1837; raised on a farm; lived in his native State until he came to Kansas. Married in 1864 to Miss Julia A. Gebhart of same county and State. They have five children: Clara S., Maggie N., Newton B., Bessie D. and Emil Jackson. Mr. Gebhart has just completed a fine frame dwelling, two stories high, at a cost of $3,000. He is a Democrat in politics.

PHILANDER GREGG, farmer and stock-raiser, came to Salina, Kan., in the spring of 1877 and located on Section 26. He owns 650 acres on Sections 26, 35 and 25, 240 acres of which is cultivated. The Saline River divides his farm. He therefore has plenty of water and timber. He raised sixty acres of wheat in 1882 that averaged twenty-four bushels per acre. He was born in Sandusky, Erie Co., Ohio, January 29, 1819. He was the first white child born in that city. He was raised and educated there, and was Mayor of Sandusky in 1868-69, member of the School Board seven years, and Township Trustee a number of years, also a Harbor Commissioner. Married in 1840 to Miss Mary E. Wells, a native of the latter city, born in 1822. They have seven children - Ezra B., Jesse D., Walter S., Fremont Benjamin, Harry H., Mary Clemantine and Helen. Mr. Gregg and wife are members of the Episcopal Church.

F. GOODNOW, of the firm of Goodnow & Co., proprietors of Salina Steam Mills and Elevators, 45x60 feet, five stories high, propelled by steam power, with a capacity of manufacturing 300 barrels per day; also two elevators with a capacity respectively of 20,000 and 30,000 bushels. They employ seventeen men. Mr. Goodnow was born in Huron County, Ohio, September 10, 1847. He was raised and educated in his native county; began life as a dry goods clerk. He moved to Salina, Kan., in 1870, and opened a lumber yard, which business he continued until 1878. He then engaged in the above business. He was married in Huron County, Ohio, December 20, 1872, to Miss Kate B. Brown, a native of the latter county, born January 24, 1850. They have two children - Robert W. and Walter L.

DR. J. B. GROGER, physician and surgeon; he first located in Salina October 1, 1866, and immediately began the practice of medicine, which he has since continued. He was born in Genesse County, N. Y., August 7, 1828; was raised in his native county and educated at Wyoming Seminary and Warsaw, Wyoming County; graduating at the age of twenty-three. He began the study of medicine in 1851, under Dr. J. A. Maltby. He entered the tutorship, and graduated in 1863. He then practiced his profession in Louisville and Indianapolis, and finally located in Chicago, Ill., and practiced one year; thence to Pithole, Pa., one year, thence to Cory, Pa., and practiced through the winter of 1865. He then came to Topeka, and remained a short time, and thence to Salina. Was married in 1864, to Miss Lottie Simpson, a native of Lebanon, Warren Co., Ohio. He is a member of Scottish Rite Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction, Thirty-second Degree. He has been County Coroner for the past ten years; is Examining Surgeon for United States Pension Department, at Salina and vicinity; is medical examiner for Mutual Life Insurance Company, New York, New York Life Insurance Company, New York, and Northwestern Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, Wis.; Knight Templar of Askelon Commandery, No. 6, Salina. Was County Physician for several years.

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