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The church growth of the county has kept pace with its progress in other directions. The first church organization in the county was effected in 1880, when Rev. William Bishop and Rev. A. T. Rankin perfected an organization of the Presbyterian Church. From this small beginning the church interest has grown until now there are seventeen church edifices in the county, and several organizations that hold service in schoolhouses or in halls. The church history of the county commences with the organization of the Presbyterian Church in 1860.

Presbyterian. - When this church was first organized it had but six members and the pastor was Rev. William Bishop. The church received but few accessions until after the close of the war, but all through that trying period it preserved its organization. With the growth in population its membership increased, and in 1870, they erected a very handsome frame edifice. The church has now a membership of 230, and its present pastor is Rev. W. A. Simkins. Its property is valued at $6,000. A large Sunday school is conducted in connection with the church, of which F. Robb is superintendent.

Methodist. - This church was organized in 1865, with twenty members. The first pastor was Rev. E. C. Chilson. In 1867, the organization erected a small wooden church building on Ash street, between Seventh and Eighth streets, which they used for worship until 1869, when it was sold to a number of individuals. Possession was not given for some two or three years afterward. Steps were immediately taken to erect a larger and more substantial building, and in 1872 a fine brick edifice was erected on Eighth street, the first service in which was held on Christmas Day of that year. The church has, at present, a membership of 250, and its pastor is Rev. J. A. Antrim. The property of the church is valued at $8,000. Its Sabbath school is largely attended, of which the superintendent is J. O. Wilson.

Catholic. - Was established in 1866, by Father De Mauritier, while engaged in missionary work in the West. Its beginning in Salina was very small, not exceeding twenty families in the entire county, most of whom resided in, or close to Salina. The first regular pastor was Rev. Father Fogarty, who was resident Father at Solomon City. They had no regular house in which to worship until 1871, when they built a brick church on the northeast corner of Iron avenue and Eighth street. The church has now a membership of 850, in which is included the Catholic families in nearly every township in the county. The present resident pastor is Father Maurer. The property of the church is valued at $11,500.

Episcopal. - was organized in April, 1870, at the store-room of R. T. Watson. The membership was not large, by any means, but steps were immediately taken to erect a church, and in the following year a very neat frame edifice was completed on Ninth street. This church has now a membership of ninety and the resident rector is Rev. J. W. Young. The property of the church is valued at $2,000.

English Lutheran. - Was organized in 1868 by Rev. J. C. Young. To trace the early history of this church is somewhat difficult. The citizens who had purchased the frame church on Ash street of the Methodists, after the latter had surrendered possession, offered the free use of the building to any Protestant church organization that would furnish a minister who would conduct services in the German language. After some delay, the services of J. C. Young were secured, who preached alternately in German and English. After a time, the party who owned the building donated it to the German Lutherans. Mr. Young was continued as pastor, until succeeded in 1877 by Rev. A. J. Hartsock, and in the course the church on Ash street, until 1880, when a much larger edifice was required, and during that year they completed one of the handsomest brick churches in Central Kansas. Having no farther use for the little frame church on Ash street, it was sold to the Methodist Episcopal Church, colored. The membership of the church at present is 125, and the pastor is Rev. Mr. Kissie. The church has a good Sunday school, of which F. A. Smith is superintendent. The property of the church is valued at $10,000.

Baptist. - was organized in the spring of 1868, with fifteen members, by Rev. J. R. Downer. In the following year, they built a very neat frame church in which they still continue to hold service. The Church has a membership now of seventy, and the present pastor is Rev. A. M. Steward. The church property is valued at $3,000. The Sabbath school connected with the church is under the superintendency of L. Austin.

Swedish Lutheran. - Was organized in 1870 b y Rev. Mr. Dahlsten. Two years afterwards they erected a fine frame edifice on Seventh street. The church has now a membership of fifty, and the pastor is Rev. A. M. Le Vean. The property of the church is valued at $2,000.

Lutheran Missionary. - This church organization was effected in 1877, by Rev. H. Blom organizing a little band of thirty members. The organization has had no regular pastor, the work being missionary, but in 1878 they erected a brick edifice on Seventh street. It now has a membership of forty. The property of the church is valued at $2,500.

Methodist Episcopal (colored). - Organized 1878, by Rev. W. Wright. They purchased in 1881 the small frame church on ash street, built by the Methodists in 1867, where they still continue worship. The church has a membership of forty, and continues under the pastoral charge of rev. W. Wright. The church property is valued at $1,000.

The foregoing churches are all located in Salina, but, besides these, there are several others located at different points over the county. At Brookville the Methodists have a very fine church building and strong membership. In Dayton Township the Catholics have an organization and building. The Methodists in Walnut township have an organization of sixty members, and a good church building valued at $1,500. In Smolan Township there is an organization of the Swedish Evangelical Church that numbers fifty members, and two church buildings, one, a small one, belonging to the Swedish Evangelical organization, and the other a magnificent frame building that was erected at a cost of $6,000 and which is the property of the Swedish Lutherans, the membership of which numbers 450. At Assaria the Evangelical Lutherans have a very fine church building, which they erected in 1878. This church has a membership numbering 160. There are also in the county several church organizations that hold service in school buildings and halls. The progress of the Church has kept pace with the other interests of the county. The aggregate church membership in the county is 3,265, being equal to about one-fifth of the population.

Salina Herald. - This is the oldest newspaper in the county, and was established at Salina in 1866, by B. J. F. Hanna, who remained sole editor and proprietor until the 25th of March, 1882, when T. G. Nicklin, having purchased the paper and office two weeks previously, took possession, and under whose ownership and management the paper is at present conducted, he being sole editor and proprietor. It is a weekly paper, and under Mr. Hanna's management was an eight column folio. After Mr. Nicklin came into possession of the office, the paper was changed to a nine column folio, only two pages of which were printed in the office, the inside being what is known in newspaper parlance as "patent." In politics the paper is Republican, and has a circulation of 800.

Saline County Journal. - This paper was established in February, 1871, by W. H. Johnson and M. D. Sampson, who were sole editors and proprietors. It remained under this management until June, 1872, when Johnson sold out his interest to L. E. Sampson, brother to M. D. Sampson. The paper remained under the management of the Sampson Brothers until December 9, 1880, when L. E. sold his interest to M. D., who, since that time has been, and is at present, sole editor and proprietor. It is a four page, eight column, weekly paper, all the work upon it being done in the office. It is Republican in politics, and has a circulation of 1,500. In connection with the office, Mr. Sampson conducts a book and job printing establishment, where all kinds of book, job and blank work is executed.

Salina Independent. - This sheet has been but recently launched in the newspaper world, having been established in October, 1882, by W. H. Johnson, who is sole editor and proprietor. It is a four page, seven column weekly, with patent inside. It is Independent in politics, and has a circulation of 400.

Odd Fellow. Salina Lodge, No. 28, I. O. O. F., was instituted June 3, 1867, with ten charter members. The first officers of the lodge were-B. J. F. Hanna, N. G.; A. B. Chapman, V. G.; E. L. Norton, R. S.; Willis Kesler, P. S., and C. W. Tressin, treasurer. The lodge has now a large membership and the present officers are-G. F. Suppie, N. G.; Ed. Smith, V. G.; L. O. Wright, R. S.; J. H Gibson, P. S; E. L. Norton, Treas.; R. H. Bishop, W. ; Wm. Cole, Con.; F. Ferlin, O. G., and F. A. Smith, I. G.

Sinai Encampment, No. 18, I. O. O. F., was instituted July 25, 1871, with eight charter members. The officers were-H. N. Leonard, C. P.; B. J. F. Hanna, H. P.; E. L. Norton, S. W.; J. W. Sullivan, J. W.; and A. S. Norton, scribe. The present membership of the encampment is thirty-five, and present officers are-L. M. Tuttle, C. P.; J. H. Gibson, H. P.; J. L. Norton, S. W.; J. R. Chapman, J. W.; E. L. Norton, scribe, and R. H. Bishop, treasurer. The Odd Fellows own the hall and building in which they meet.

Masons, Salina Lodge, No. 60, A., F. & A. M., was instituted November 19, 1866, with seven charter members. The first officers of the lodge were-G. G. Lowe, W. M.; R. D. Mobley, S. W.; B. S. Robinson, J. W. The lodge has now eighty-three members, the present W. M. being D. Whitehead and A. Bondi secretary.

Salina Royal Arch Chapter, No. 18, A. F. & A. M., was instituted October 16, 1872, with fourteen charter members. The first of the chapter were-C. R. Underwood, H. P.; B. J. F. Hanna, E. K., and Oscar Selts, E. S. The present membership is forty-four and the present officers are-J. D. M. Conrad, H. P.; Samuel Gradwohl, E. K., and T. S. Garver, E. S.

Askelon Commandery, No. 6, K. T., A. B. Dickinson, E. C.; D. Whitehead, recorder.

G. A. R., Salina Post, No. 27, G. A. R., was instituted September 11, 1882, with fourteen charter members. Officers-L. M. Tuttle, C.; Ed. Wittmann, S. C.; M. D. Sampson, J. C.; L. C. Hussey, O. of D.; Sweetland, O. of G.; F. A. Smith, Adjt.; D. Addison, S. M., and Enochs Lincoln, chaplain.

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