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WILLIAM LANTZ, farmer, Section 28, Township 16, Range 24, P. O. Somerset, was born at Harper's Ferry, Va., October 15, 1823. Moved to Tuscarawas County, Ohio, in childhood, learned the carpenter trade at which he worked eighteen years. In 1857 he moved to Illinois and made his home in Christian County til 1869, when he came to Kansas and located on his present farm of 160 acres. He was married in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, in April, 1843, to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Conrad Lawes. Mrs. Lantz was born in Pennsylvania. They have seven children living-Sarah A. is the wife of Monroe Walcher, of Louisburg; Saloama was Mrs. Wm Dorsey, died May 9, 1881, leaving three children; Elizabeth is Mrs. Geo. McQueen, of Middle Creek; Hiram, Mary and William. Mr. Lantz has a pleasantly situated farm, well watered and timbered and particularly suitable for stock purposes.

P. F. LATIMER, farmer, Section 2, Township 16, Range 24, P. O. Louisburg. Mr. Latimer was born and brought up in the city of St. Louis, Mo., the date of his birth being September 10, 1830. He learned the trade of wagon and carriage maker and engaged in that business in St. Louis. In 1851 he removed to Westport, Mo., where he was engaged in the same business until 1864, when he came to Kansas and settled on his present farm. Mr. Latimer has various local offices, having served three years (1870, 1871 and 1872) as Trustee of the township of Wea and County Commissioner for the years 1874, 1875, 1876 and 1877. He has a well improved farm of 704 acres, nearly in a body in Wea. He was married in Missouri, May, 1852, to Miss Mary J. Dresser, who died April 8, 1868. Mr. Latimer was married again, April 11, 1871, in Wea, to Miss Laguenue Wickline, daughter of Governor Wickline. Mrs. Latimer was born in Virginia. They have four children-Anne, Laura, Robert L. Inez L. ad Zula H.

JAMES T. LEE, farmer Section 21, Township 15, Range 25, P. O. Wea, was born in Wyandot County, Ohio, in June 9, 1846, and was brought up a farmer. He was married September 14, 1869, in his native county to Miss Laura A. Van Gundy, daughter of William Van Gundy. Immediately after their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Lee moved to Kansas and settled in Wea, Miami County, arriving here October 13, 1869. One child, a daughter named Laura, was born to them. Mrs. Lee survived the birth of her child but a short time, dying September 21, 1870. Mr. Lee was married again December 25, 1877 at Olathe Kas., to Miss Mary E., daughter of L. T. Brown. Two children were born of this marriage-Floyd M and Earle V. Mr. Lee has a well improved farm of 160 acres situated on Section 21.

LAFAYETTE LEE, farmer, Section 20, Township 16, Range 25, P. O. Louisburg, was born in Putnam County, Ohio, November 22, 1841; moved to Wyandot County, Ohio in early youth and was brought up on a farm. Enlisted in the late war, August, 1862, in Company F, One Hundred and Twenty-third Ohio Volunteer Infantry and served till the close of the war. Was captured at the battle of Winchester, in June, 1863, was held a prisoner one month and then paroled. He was twice wounded at the battle of Winchester; September 16, 1864; on recovering his health rejoined his regiment. Served under Grant, and was present at Lee's surrender at Appomatox. In October, 1869, he moved to Kansas and located in the township of Wea, on Section 28, Township 15, Range 25, where he resided till March, 1882, when, having sold out and purchased his present farm of 160 acres on Section 20, he moved to this place. Mr. Lee has one of the finest farms in this county, situated within a mile of the city of Louisburg. He was married in Seneca County, Ohio, September 2, 1868, to Miss M. J., daughter of David S. Jackson. Mrs. Lee was born in Crawford County, Ohio. They have four children-Ezra V., Charles H., Artie M and Hugh.

THOMAS P. LEWIS, farmer, Section 25, Township 15, Range 24, P. O. Louisburg, was born in Warren County, Ill., August 12, 1843. Was brought up a farmer, and immigrated to Kansas in February, 1869; he purchased his present farm, which was then only partially improved. He now has 7221/2 acres of land, 400 of which are under cultivation. His buildings are large and convenient, his barn being one of the largest and best appointed in the county. Mr. Lewis has served two terms as Treasurer of Wea Township. He was married in 1867, to Miss Zilpah, daughter of Benjamin Morford. Mrs. Lewis was born in Pennsylvania. They have six children-Arthur B., George E., Oscar T., H. Mills, Frank M. and Cora A. Mr. Lewis is largely interested in the growing of livestock.

J. C. LOVETT, farmer, Section 34, Township 15, Range 24, P. O. Spring Hill, was born in Frederick County, Va., March 6, 1843. Emigrated to Kansas, arriving in Wea, November 25, 1865. Purchased his present farm on Section 34. He has lately made the substantial improvement of a fine residence. Mr. Lovett was married in Virginia, in 1864, October 18, to Miss Edmonia Hefflebower, daughter of David Hefflebower. Mrs. Lovett was born in Virginia. They have five children living, having lost one. Their names in order are: Virginia, Sally V., John K., (Clifford M. died aged two years) Lillie M. and Wade W.

P. H. MCGUIRK, harness maker and dealer in harness, saddles, and everything belonging to his line. Mr. McGuirk established his present business in December, 1882; carries a stock of $1,500 value. He was born in Ireland in 1849; emigrated to America with his parents when only two years of age (1851). The family located in Jackson County, Mo., near the Kansas border. During the slavery troubles of 1856 they were right in the track of both parties and were visited by both jayhawkers and border ruffians. In 1863 he went to Kansas City, where he learned the harness making business. In 1866 he moved to Middle Creek, Miami Co., Kas., where he was engaged in farming till December, 1882, when he located at Louisburg and engaged in his present business. When he settled in Middle Creek he was not far distant from the site of Louisburg, but at that time there was nothing here but the prairie grass, Mr. Chaudoins being the only settler.

S. E. MCKEE, farmer, Section 5, Township 16, Range 24, P. O. Spring Hill, Mr. McKee was born in Frederick County, Va., in 1843; was brought up a farmer, and in 1866 emigrated to the West. He spent several years in traveling and in 1869 bought his present farm in Wea. At the breaking out of the late war, when at the age of eighteen years, he entered the Confederate army and served four years. He was married in Virginia in the fall of 1865, to Miss Martha Emmart, daughter of Abram Emmart. They have seven children-Robert Lee, Mary G., Lucy, Emma, Rettie (Ettie died, aged three years) and Samuel E. Mr. McKee has a fine farm of 245 acres situated on Section 5, Wea.

JOHN MCNELLEY, Police Judge, was born in Fayette County, Pa., June 26, 1812. He was brought up a farmer and moved to Madison County, Ohio, in 1834, thence to Illinois, in 1837, and to Kansas, in 1857. He was one of the early pioneers of this State. He purchased a section of land in Middle Creek Township, at the Government sales of 1857, making his home on Section 36. He subsequently bought more land, and after giving 160 acres each to his two children, he has 370 acres left. He continued to conduct his farm and to grow stock quite extensively until February, 1882., having passed twenty-five years on his land, he then retired to the city of Louisburg. He was elected the first Police Judge of this place on its organization as a city, in the fall of 1882. He has held the position of County Commissioner of Miami County, two terms, and Justice of the Peace, fourteen years, and Township Treasurer four years. He was married in Pennsylvania, in 1832, to Miss Isabella Edgar, by whom he had three children; two, only lived to maturity, a son and a daughter. Mrs. McNelley died in 1878. Mr. McNelley was married again, November 28, 1881, to Mrs. Mary Cowperthwaite, widow of Constance C. Cowperthwaite. Mrs. McNelly had five children by her former marriage, all of whom are living.

W. W. MAGRUDER, farmer, Section 15, Township 16, Range 25, P. O. Louisburg, was born in Frederick County, Va., February 7, 1822, and moved to Fairfield County, Ohio, in 1836, where he was engaged in farming. In the spring of 1869 he moved to Kansas and located on his present farm. he has now a well-cultivated farm of 160 acres, and his son-in-law, Mr. W. H. Foster, has 240 acres adjacent, which was formerly a part of Mr. Magruder's tract. Mr. Magruder was married in Ohio in 1843, to Miss Catherine, daughter of William Lacey. Mrs. Magruder was born in Ohio, in 1824. They have four children (daughters) The eldest, Caroline is the wife of Henry Smith, of Ohio; the second, Sarah, is Mrs. T. L. Wiseman, of Missouri; the third, Louisa V., is the wife of Charles Berry, of Ohio; the youngest, Ida M., is Mrs. W. H. Foster, of Wea, Kas.

WILLIAM MARTIN, farmer, Section 4, Township 16, Range 25, P. O. Louisburg was born in Fayette County, Va., June 24, 1818, and resided in Virginia til 1850, and then moved to Cass County, Mo. In 1860 he removed to the township of Middle Creek, Miami Co., Kas. Three years later, he purchased a farm adjoining the village of Louisburg, where he resided til 1872, when he sold out and purchased 320 acres on Section 4, same township. He has since conveyed all but eighty-three acres to his children. Mr. Martin married in Fayette County, Va., January 20, 1841, to Miss Helen, daughter of Edward Sims. They had a family of eleven children, eight of whom are living: Edna is the wife of A, Watson; Mary is Mrs. John Q. White; Mildred is Mrs. Benj. Wingrove; William H. died, aged eleven years; Charles E. lives in Wea; Rebeca A. is the wife of L. Martin; Joseph C; Eunice died, aged twenty-five years; John; Sarah E. died in childhood; Peter is married and living at the old homestead. They have also an adopted son-Charles Sims, a nephew of Mrs. Martin. Charles E., the eldest living son, enlisted in the late war when only sixteen years of age in a Kansas regiment, and served on the frontier. He was one of a detachment that fell into an Indian ambush, where he and one other, only, escaped death., Their comrades were horribly mutilated. Young Martin was saved by being well mounted.

ADAM MILLER, farmer, Section 29, Township 15, Range 25, P. O. Wea, was born in Germany, August 1, 1829, immigrated to America in 1856, and located in Seneca County, N. Y. Spent one year in that county and then moved to Kendall County, Ill., where he was engaged in farming, until 1869. he then moved to Wea, Miami Co., Kas., and purchased his present farm. He now has a well cultivated farm of 400 acres. Previous to coming to America, he served six years as a soldier in the German Army. He was married in Kendall County, Ill., to Miss Caroline Finch, daughter of Darius Finch. Mrs. Miller was born in Illinois. They have a family of nine children, four sons and five daughters. Mr. Miller is esteemed as one of the leading farmers, as well as one of the most respected citizens of Miami County.

JOSEPH MOORE, farmer, Section 33, Township 15, Range 25, P. O. Louisburg. He was born in Ross County, Ohio, February 22, 1809. He was brought up a farmer. In 1837 he moved to Warren County, Ind., where he was a pioneer. He resided in Indiana until 1866, when he moved to Kansas, arriving in Miami County October 13th of that year, and settled on his present farm of 180 acres, situated on Section 33, Township 16, Range 25, Wea. Mr. Moore was married in Ohio, in 1837, to Miss Rhoda, daughter of William and Mary Lawrence. Mrs. Moore was born and married in Pickaway County, Ohio. Both Mr. and Mrs. Moore are tall of stature and have a family of seven sons, all living, smallest of whom is six feet one inch and the tallest six feet seven inches in height. The eldest son, Lindley M., resides at Danville, Ill. The second Samuel W. is the present postmaster of Louisville, Kan. The third, Richard H., of McPherson County, Kan., Joseph L. of Wea, Joshua W. of McPherson, County, Kan. The youngest, Kansas F., lives at the old homestead in Wea.

SAMUEL W. MOORE, dealer in drugs and medicines, books and stationery; Postmaster and first Mayor of Louisburg. Mr. Moore is a native of Warren County, Ind., and was born in 1843. He received his primary education in the common schools of that county and attended one year at the Evans Union College. In 1866 he moved to Kansas and located at Paola, where he was engaged in teaching until 1870. He then came to Louisburg and formed a partnership in the drug business with Dr. Odell under the firm name of Odell & Moore. Dr. Odell subsequently sold out to Dr. J. D. Bryan, who sold his interest to Mr. Moore in 1875, since which time Mr. Moore has conducted the business alone. He was appointed Postmaster of Louisburg in 1871 and has held the office continuously to this date. He was elected the first Mayor of Louisburg in 1882. Mr. Moore enlisted in the late war as a private of Company K, One Hundred and Fifth Indiana Volunteers in 1864 and served til the close of the war.

N. A. MORFORD, farmer, Section 27, Township 16, Range 24, P. O. Louisburg, was born in Mercer county, Pa., in 1850. In 1851 he moved with his parents to Warren County, Ill. He resided in that county till 1876, when he came to Kansas and made his home in the Township of Wea, Miami County. He purchased his present farm of eighty acres in 1879; he also has ten acres of timber in Middle Creek township. He moved to his farm in March, 1880. He was married in Warren county, Ill., March 2, 1875, to Miss Flora, daughter of Thomas Bell. Mrs. Morford was born in Fulton County Ill. They have two children, daughters, Nina B. and Hattie.

SIMON MYERS, farmer, resides in the city, has 265 acres of land situated on Section 34 and on 14 and 15 of Middle Creek. Mr. Myers was born in Cumberland County, Pa, in 1834. He removed to Ohio with his parents when three years of age He was brought up a farmer, and immigrated to Kansas in 1857 and located in the Township of Middle Creek, Miami County, where he was engaged in farming and stock growing until the fall of 1882, when he removed to the city of Louisburg still retaining the ownership of his land. During the late war, Mr. Myers did duty as a member of the Kansas State Militia.

JOSEPH E. NOEL, farmer, Section 11, Town 16, Range 25, P. O. West Line, Cass Co., Mo. He was born in Jackson County, Mo. in 1840. He was brought up a farmer. On the breaking out of the late war he cast his lot with the Confederates and served four years as a member of Shelby's Cavalry, in which he held a commission of First Lieutenant. In 1877 he moved to Miami County, Kan, Section 11, Wea. He has a well cultivated farm of 160 acres, one half of which lies in Missouri and the other in Kansas, divided only by the highway. Mr. Noel has been a resident of the Township of Wea about six years, and is widely known a one of its most respected citizens.

HIRAM L. PHILLIPS, farmer and stock raiser, was born in Wayne, Ky., September 20, 1827, came to Tazewell County, Ill., with his parents in 1830. Their home was then the most westerly limit of civilization in this latitude. He received his primary education in the common school, but subsequently attended the Louisville, University of Kentucky, where he took the degree of bachelor of laws in 1854. The degree was conferred by James Speed, afterward Attorney General of the United States. Mr. Phillips spent some years in the practice of his profession and in teaching school. He moved to Putnam Co., Mo., where he established a good law practice. He was elected District Attorney and served four years; was also School Superintendent two years, during which time he organized and put in operation a good system of schools. In 1871 he returned to Illinois, and farmed until 1877, when he came to Louisburg, Kansas, and engaged in the lumber business, which he continues about three years. Mr. Phillips has always been a great reader and thinker and entertains advanced ideas in regard to the theories and practice of government under our system. His conclusions arrayed him against the dominant party and for fourteen years he has labored by voice and pen in the interest of good government and in opposition to monopolies and rings. In 1878 he was chosen the candidate of the anti==-monopolists for State Senator for the twenty-first District of Kansas. His defeat was a foregone conclusion from the relative strength of the parties, but he made a creditable run, receiving about 600 votes. In 1880 he was Greenback candidate for Lieutenant Governor and received more votes than any one on the ticket. During the election of 1882 he was nominated by the same party for Congressman at large. Mr. Phillips was married February 18, 1879, at Paola, Kansas to Mrs. Sue Wallace, daughter of Wm. A. Heiskell, the first Indian agent located at Paola. Mrs. Phillips is a grand-niece of Dr. Lykins, after whom this county was first named; she was the first white child born at Paola. Her birth occurred May 31, 1857. Mrs. Phillips is the mother of two children by her present marriage, both daughters, and has a son by her former marriage.

DR. J. B. PLETCHER, physician and dealer in drugs, medicine and groceries, does an office and consultation practice. Dr. Pletcher was born in Center County, Pa., in 1842; moved to Kendall County, Ill, in 1854; received his literary education at Fowler Institute, Kendall County. He enlisted in 1862 and served in the late war as a member of the Sixty-ninth Illinois Hundred Day Volunteers. He came to Kansas in 1869, and to Louisburg in 1872. In 1871 he began the study of medicine and in 1874 attended the Eclectic Medical College of Chicago, and took his M. D. degree in 1875. he began practice at Plattville, Ill., but soon removed to Big Rock, Kane County and in April, 1877 returned to Kansas and entered upon the practice of his profession at Louisburg. In August, 1877, he opened a drug store and has continued the business to this date, September, 1882, he added a stock of general groceries, his average stock ranging about $3,000.

REV. JOHN REDEKER, resident pastor of the Holy Rosary Church (Catholic) situated on Section 29, Township 15, Range 25. Father Redeker was born in Westphalia, Germany June 22, 1854. He received his literary education in Germany, studied Theology at Belgium, and was ordained at Mechlin, May 22, 1880. he immigrated to America the same year, arriving in this country, October 29. he came direct to Kansas, and was assigned to the position of assistant priest of the Catholic Church of Independence, Kansas. He was appointed to his present charge, October 23, 1881, and immediately entered upon the discharge of his duties.

E. W. RILEY, physician and surgeon, was born in Porter County, Ind, in 1850; was brought up on a farm, received his primary education in the common schools and at the age of thirteen, attended St. Paul's Academy, where he spent two years. He came to Kansas in 1867, and located near Paola, on a farm. In 1871 he entered the Paola High School and taught till the fall of 1875. he then entered the State Normal School at Leavenworth, from which he graduated in June, 1876. He then began the study of medicine and at the same time was engaged in teaching. In the fall of 1878 he entered the Medical College of Philadelphia, took a regular course and received his degree of M. D. in 1880. He began practice with Dr. Jacobs, of Osawatomie. In September, 1881, he came to Louisburg, where he now has a very flattering practice.

SAMUEL RING, farmer, Section 26, Township 16, Range 24, P. O. Louisburg, was born in Ross County, Ohio, in 1820. learned the blacksmith's trade; moved to Indiana in 1851, and the following year to McLean County, Ill., where he was engaged in farming in Illinois till 1865, when he removed to north Missouri and to Wea, Kan., in 1867. He located on his present farm, where has has 460 acres well improved, and has, besides, 400 acres in Anderson County. Mr. Ring was married in Ohio in 1844, to Miss Susan Seneff. Mrs. Ring died November 19, 1869. Four children born of this marriage lived to maturity. Mr. Ring was married again August 16, 187090, to Mrs. Matilda Cunningham, widow of Adam Cunningham and daughter of Andrew Wilson. Mrs. Ring had two children by her former marriage, and three by the latter.

WILLIAM G. RINGER, farmer, Section 31, Township 16, Range 24, P. O. Paola, was born in Somerset County, Pa., January 29, 1837. He was brought up on a farm, and when twenty years of age went to Illinois and worked out til August, 1862. He then enlisted as a private of Company C, Eighty-fourth Regiment Illinois Infantry. He was with his command and regiment in all actions participated in by them, until he received a gunshot wound at the battle of Peach Tree Creek, in front of Atlanta, July 20, 1864, by which he lost his right arm above the elbow. He received an honorable discharge in the winter of 1864-'65, for physical disability caused by wounds received in action. The following summer he went to the mountains of his native place to recuperate his health, which was seriously impaired. He returned to Illinois in 1866; was engaged in collecting til 1868. He was married March 3rd of that year and at once emigrated to Kansas, and settled on his present farm in the Township of Wea. Mr. Ringer started with limited means as a pioneer of this region. He now has 400 acres of valuable improved land, 240 of which lies in Wea and 160 in Paola. His wife, Martha, is the daughter of Samuel Patrick and was born in Kentucky. They have two children (sons), Frank and William H. Mr. Ringer is a republican in politics and has always taken an active interest in the success of his party.

GEORGE H. ROBINSON, farmer, Section 31, Township 15, Range 24, P. O. Spring Hill, was born in Greene County, Ill., August 29, 1839; was brought up a farmer. He enlisted in August, 1862, in Company K, Ninety-first Illinois Infantry, and served three years. He was captured December 27, 1862, at Elizabethtown, Ky., by General Morgan, but was released on parole, after a few days detention. He was promoted to Orderly Sergeant of his company, and served til March 27, 1865. He immigrated from Illinois to Kansas in the spring of 1866, and purchased his present farm. He was married in Greene County, Ill., December 20, 1865, to Miss Rebecca T. Secor, daughter of E. J. Secor. Mrs. Robinson was born in Greene County, They have a family of five children-Julia E., Maude E., Clyde C., Nettie G., and Ota R. Mr. Robinson has a well improved farm of 320 acres.

A. ROHRER, farmer, Section 8, Township 16, Range 24, P. O. Hillsdale. Mr. Rohrer was born in Holmes County, Ohio, November 3, 1840; was brought up a farmer. he enlisted, in July, 1862, as a private of Company A., One Hundred and Second Ohio Volunteers and served three years, or til the close of the war. In 1866, he moved to Illinois, and located in McLean County, where he resided till the latter part of 1868. He then came to Kansas, arriving here in February, and March 7 of that year he located on his present farm in Wea. Mr. Rohrer's farm embraces 160 acres of well improved land. He was married in Ohio, in September 2, 1868, to Miss Annie Downs, daughter of Henry Downs. Mrs. Rohrer was born in Ohio.

REUBEN ROWLAND, deceased, was one of the earliest settlers of the Township if Wea. He was born in Pope County, Ill., October 8, 1838. He was brought up a farmer and was married, November 24, 1859, to Miss Amanda, daughter of Thomas Tanner. They moved to Township 16, Range 25, Wea, where he had a fine farm of eighty acres, now the property of his home and widow and children. He followed the occupation of a farmer until his death, which occurred March 24, 1879. Mr. Rowland was a man much respected as a good citizen and neighbor, devoted to his family and home. He left a widow and seven children to mourn the loss of husband and father, cut off in his prime. The family consists of four sons and three daughters, named respectively-Thomas L., Mason A., Ada V., Lewis N., William H., Rillaett and Alma R.

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