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H. B. KELLY, editor and proprietor of the McPherson Freeman, was born in Richmond, Ky., February 28, 1843. His parents removed to Iowa in 1849 and settled on a farm near Burlington. In 1862 Mr. Kelly enlisted in Company C, First Iowa Cavalry, serving three years as a private soldier. At the close of the war he came to Atchison County, Kan., where he taught school during the fall of 1865. In February, 1866, he removed to Buchanan County, Mo., where he engaged principally in teaching. Mr. Kelly came to reside permanently in Kansas during the spring of 1872, locating in Howard City, Howard County. Here he was one of the editors of the Howard City Messenger and was afterwards associated in the publication of the Elk Falls Journal. Later he became interested in the Chautauqua Journal, selling that paper to bury the McPherson Freeman. Mr. Kelly was married November 17, 1870, to Miss Julia A. Adkins. His wife was born in Lexington, Mo., November 14, 1844. They have two children, William G., born September, 1871, near Plattsburg, Mo., and Emma L., born in Howard City, Elk Co., Kan., April 1873.

E. L. LOOMIS, Deputy County Clerk, first came to McPherson County, Kan., in the fall of 1871, farmed and taught school until the fall of 1879, when he moved to McPherson and engaged in the real estate loan business a year, became Deputy County Clerk January 12, 1880. He was born in Peoria, Ill., February 1, 1851, lived in his native city until 1861, thence to Bloomington, Ill., until 1868, when he went to Wayne County, Iowa, and lived until he came to Kansas. He was married December 25, 1870, to Miss Hattie E. Duncan, of Crawfordville, Ind. They have three children, Lawrence D., Leroy M. and Hallie B. He is a member of the K. of H., of McPherson, Kan.; he served as Trustee of Loan Tree Township, two terms, Township Clerk and member of the District School Board.

D. W. LOVELL, of the firm of Collins & Lovell, proprietors Star Livery Stables. They keep from eight to twenty head of horses, with buggies and carriages, and opened business in May, 1882. Mr. Lovell came to Kansas in the spring of 1880, locating in Harvey County, where he went into the cattle business with an uncle, and followed it until the fall of 1882. He owns a farm of eighty acres in Garden Township, Harvey County, fifty acres of which are under cultivation. In 1882 he raised 350 bushels of wheat and 500 bushels of corn. He was born in Sharon, Conn., in 1854, and was raised and educated in that place. Moved to Flint, Mich., in 1871, and since that time has been engaged in various occupations.

G. W. McCLINTICK, editor of the McPherson Independent, was born in Hancock County, Ohio, December 31, 1852. Removing to Kansas from Nebraska in the spring of 1873, he learned his trade in the different newspaper offices of McPherson County. Aside from his record as a newspaper man, Mr. McClintick is known as a citizen of affairs, having been elected to the City Council in 1876, and to the State Legislature in 1878. He was married in March, 1876, and has two children - Mattie and Eura.

G. L. McCOURT, dealer in saddles, harness and saddlers' hardware, began the trade November 18, 1874, being the first established business of the kind in McPherson County. He carries a stock of $15,000; occupies rooms 25X75 feet; employs seven men. He first came to Leavenworth, Kansas, 1871, and worked at his trade a year; thence to Fort Scott as Post Saddler a year, thence to Leavenworth at U. S. Arsenal until spring 1864, and in fall of the same year came to McPherson. He was born in Baltimore, Md., July 7, 1847. Lived in native city until 1864. He then went in Government employ, Quar. Dept. Army Tennessee eighteen months, thence to Hannibal, Mo., and worked at trade two years, and other places until came to Kansas. Married, in 1882, to Miss Jennie Huggins, Petersburg, Ill. He is a member of Masonic Order and K. of P.

R. F. McGREW, attorney-at-law and collecting agent. He located in McPherson in May, 1881, and engaged in the practice of law. He was born in Allegheny County, Pa., 1841; moved to Wapello County, Iowa, 1851, and to Clark County, same State, 1866, where he followed merchandising a year. He then began the study of law, and was admitted to bar of practice, 1870, in Osceola, Iowa, where he practiced his profession with Stuart Bros. until he came to Kansas. Was admitted bar of Kansas in October, 1881. He was educated in Kirkville Academy, Iowa. Married, in 1868, to Miss Georgia DuVall, a native of Ohio. They have four children - Harry W., Fred D., May Florence and Mabel. He is a member of Congregational Church of McPherson.

S. G. MEAD, editor of the McPherson Republican, was born in Greenwich, Fairfield County, Conn., March 25, 1835. He learned most of the details applying to a newspaper in the City of New York, before pursuing an accademc (sic) and a collegiate course at the New Britain and Yale institutions. At the latter college he pursued a special course under the guidance of the faculty, graduated in 1855, then taught school and engaged in various occupations, mostly of an educational character, in Connecticut and New York. From New York City he came west to Liberty, Ind., and after teaching school for a time he formed a newspaper partnership in the publication of the Herald, under the firm name of Stivers & Mead. This was in 1866. In June, 1868, Mr. Mead came to Kansas and settled in Greenwood County, where he engaged in the publication of the Eureka Herald. In 1878, he sold out his interest in the paper, and in December, 1879, as stated, he came to McPherson and commenced the publication of the Republican. Mr. Mead held many offices of a public nature, being Superintendent of Public Instruction in Indiana, before coming to Kansas, but he is best known as an editor and a publisher, facts connected with his public life are not recorded.

G. J. MICHAELIS, dealer in dry goods and groceries, opened the business in March, 1882, carrying a stock of $5,000. He first came to Kansas City, Mo., 1876, working in a general ticket office some time, thence to Russell, Kan., and engaged in merchandising until he came to McPherson. He was born in Russia, 1856, came to America, 1876, married, 1881, to Miss Lizzie Dinas, a native of Russia.

JOHN D. MILLIKEN, of the firm of Milliken York & Barber, attorneys-at-law, real estate and insurance agents. They also keep a complete set of abstracts of title. Son of John and Margaret Milliken, born in Sharpsville, Mercer Co., Pa., December 3, 1848. He was educated at Westminster College, New Wilmingtron, Lawrence Co., Pa., in the scientific department; came to Peabody, Marion Co., Kan., October, 1870, where he engaged in surveying and real estate business. Was elected County Surveyor in 1871. In December, 1872, returned to Mercer Co., Pa., spent seven years in Mercer and Clarion counties, part of the time in the law office of Griffith & Mason in Mercer, and a portion of the time as oil gauger in the Standard Oil Company. Located in McPherson, Kan., 1879, as member of the firm of McDermid Milliken & Myers, afterwards Milliken Myers & Barber (now as above). Was admitted to practice law in 1880. Is a member of Masonic Fraternity, K. of H. and Methodist Episcopal Church. Was married in Emporia, Kan., October 1, 1871, to Miss Mellie V. Skinner, of Red Wing, Minn. Had three children - Chasie D., born October 12, 1872, died November 13, 1878; Lola V., born May 7, 1875; Maitland, born October 15, 1881. Doing a prosperous business.

N. H. MORRISON, physician and surgeon, also dealer in general line drugs, medicines and druggists' sundries. He located in McPherson, Kan., in April, 1879, and continued the practice of medicine. He opened the drug trade in spring 1880, now carries stock of $3,500. Born in Dallas County, Mo., 1853, educated in Hartford and Emporia, Kansas. Moved to Kansas, 1865, went to San Francisco, Cal., 1870. He entered the Santa Barbara, California, Classical College, and was a student some time. He then began the study of medicine in the University of California at San Francisco, where he attended for a time. He then returned to Kansas City, Mo., where, in the spring 1879080, he graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Began practice of medicine at Kansas City, Mo. Married, in 1877, to Miss Maria Cobb, a native of Missouri, but raised and educated in Iowa. He is a member of Masonic Order and I. O. O. F.

M. G. MULL, agent for the Pacific Express Company. He first came to McPherson, Kas., in 1877, as a prospector and engaged in various occupations. He clerked in a dry goods house three years, then became agent for the above express company. He was born in Rockville, Inc., December 31, 1853, and was raised and educated in his native place, form whence he came to Kansas. He was married February 21, 1882, to Miss Anna L. Wolf, of Hanover, Pa. His wife was born August 2, 1860.

W. W. MURPHY, physician and surgeon and dealer in drugs medicines and druggists' sundries. He came to McPherson, Kas., in 1873; there were only two families in the town at that time. He opened the drug business in August, 1873, with a $200 stock. He erected his store building in the season of 1881, size of which is 25X97 1/2 feet, two stories high, at a cost of $7,000. It is built of cut stone front and brick walls. He now carries a stock of $8,000 and employs three clerks. He was born in Brockville, Can., on the St. Lawrence River, August 19, 1846. He graduated the literary department of Farmersville Model School in 1860. Began the study of medicine in Decatur County, Iowa, in 1867. He entered the Missouri Medical College, of St. Louis, graduating in 1876; attended one course in 1870 and '71, practicing between the dates. Began the practice of medicine in Pleasanton, Iowa. Moved to Davis City, Iowa, in 1872, and practiced his profession until 1873, when he went to McPherson. Married in 1869, to Miss Mattie A. Day, a native of Bradley County, East Tenn., a daughter of Dr. I. O. Day. They have one son - Claire W. He is a member of t he Masonic Order, Knight Templars, and I. O. O. F. Has been a member of the City Council four years. His wife was Superintendent of Public Instruction for McPherson County, Kas., from 1876 to 1880, inclusive.

J. A. MYERS, Superintendent of Public Instruction for McPherson County. First came to Kansas in August, 1878, and engaged in the law, land, and collection business, under the firm of Milliken & Myers for a short time, then the firm changed to Milliken, Myers & Barber until October, 1882. Elected County Superintendent in the fall of 1880. Has been Justice of the Peace some time. Born in Ashland County, Ohio, in 1840. Moved to Warren County, Iowa, in 1869. Was Principal of Palmyra Independent school a year. He then took charge of a township graded (sic) school in Dallas County, Iowa, three years; then engaged in merchandising until he came to Kansas. He was educated in the Savannah Academy, Ohio. Enlisted in August, 1862, in Company F, Fifth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; promoted to Orderly Sergeant. Mustered out in 1863. Married in 1864, Mill Hattie L. Foulks, a native of La Fayette, Ohio. They have three children - Stella E., Ernest F., and Pearl H. Is a member of the Masonic Order and K. of H.

CULLEN F. NICHOLS, Justice of the Peace, came to McPherson, Kas., in the spring of February, 1880; elected to fill a long term in February, 1882. Elected Police Judge in April, 1882. He is a newspaper correspondent for several Eastern journals, also the Topeka Capital. He was born in Burlington, Bradford Co., Pa., October 2, 1824. Was educated in his native county; spent three years in the Troy Collegiate Institute, when he graduated. He began the study of law in 1851, in the office of Judge Ulysses Mercer, of Towanda, Pa., now Supreme Judge of Pennsylvania. Spent several years as a student in the latter office. He was elected County Auditor in the fall of 1851; held that office three years. Elected Representative to the Pennsylvania Legislature in the fall of 1856 and '57; reelected in the fall of 1857 and '58. Was afterward Deputy Postmaster of Towanda, Pa., three years. Was Sergeant-at-Arms in the House of Representatives in 1873 and '74. Enlisted in the summer of 1864 in Company B, two Hundred and Seventh Regiment Pennsylvania Voluntary Infantry; participated in all the battles of his command. He was mustered out as Orderly Sergeant, June 7, 1865. Was married in 1851, to Miss Martha Smith, a native of Nichols, Tioga Co., N. Y. They have two sons and one daughter - Albert E., now telegraph operator at Sacramento, Cal.; Morris J., now operator at Cheyenne, W. T.; and Maria L., now married to Mr. L. H. Woodard, a conductor on Lehigh Valley R. R. Mr. Nichols is a member of the K. of P., of Towanda, Pa., and James R. McPherson Post, No. 87, G. A. R.

J. P. POST, farmer and stock raiser, P. O. McPherson, Section 21. He came to this place in April, 1872. Has 160 acres of land, 135 of which is cultivated. In 1882 he raised 1,940 bushels of wheat, an average of 273-4 bushels per acre. He has held several town offices. He was born in Sweden in 1848; came to America in 1863, settling in Knox County, Ill., and farmed there until 1870, thence to Cherokee county, Kansas, and followed the same business until he came to his present place. He was married in 1869 to Miss Clara M. Engberg, a native of Sweden. They have six children - Charles E., Anna C., George A., Amos M. and Jennie M., and one infant, Hilda M. He is a member of the Lutheran Evangelical Church.

BENJAMIN ROBINSON, proprietor of Merchant's Hotel, a first-class hotel of McPherson, Kansas. He opened the above house in May, 1881; capacity thirty guests. Mr. Robinson came to Kansas in January, 1880, locating in McPherson, where has since been identified in hotel keeping. He was born on the Island of Man, British Isles, in 1836; came to America in 1857, locating in Schuylkill County, Pa., where he followed coal mining a few months; thence to Bloomsburg County, Pa., and followed the same business a year; thence to Ontonagon, Mich., where he followed copper mining a year. He then moved to Christian County, Ky., and opened the Brasher mines, where he followed the business about twelve years. He then became superintendent of St. Bernard Coal Company nine years; thence to McPherson, Kansas. He was married December 25, 1861, to Miss A. J. Brasher, of Christian County, Ky. They have one son and one daughter - Emma L., now married to Dr. R. R. Logan, of Chicago, Ill., and George M. Mr. Robinson is a member of the Masonic Order, I. O. O. F., and was Police Judge of Arlington, Ky.

M. P. SIMPSON, attorney-at-law, of the firm of Simpson & Bowker, general collecting, insurance, real estate and attorneys-at-law. Mr. Simpson first settled in McPherson in July, 1873, when he engaged in his present business. He assisted on the Government survey in Kansas in 1867-68. He was born in Harrison County, Ohio, in 1837; lived in his native State until 1861. Enlisted in October, 1861, in Company I, Fortieth Regiment Ohio Voluntary Infantry; was made Sergeant Major of his regiment. He participated in all the battles of his command; was mustered out in November, 1864. After leaving the army he went to Christian County, Ill., and farmed until September, 1865, when he entered the law department of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor; graduated in the spring of 1867, when he came to Kansas. He began the practice of law in Taylorville, Ill., in 1869, continued until 1871; was admitted to the bar in 1867 in the Supreme Court of Illinois. He was married in 1868, to Miss Margaret Cheney of Marion County, W. Va. They have one son - Corydon Frederick. He is a member and commander of James B. McPherson Post No. 27, Department of Kansas, G. A. R. He has served as County Attorney four years. His wife died in 1875 and he was married again in 1877, to Mrs. Mary E. Gildersleeve Montgomery, a native of Pennsylvania.

C. O. SPENCER, Probate Judge, came to McPherson County in 1874; was elected Probate Judge in 1880 and re-elected in 188; was born in 1810 and raised in New London County, Conn.; moved to Tioga County, Pa., in 1833. He has always been engaged in farming; was elected Justice of the Peace in 1840 and twice re-elected, and served twelve years; was elected County Commissioner in 1842 and served three years; moved to Andrew County, Mo., in 1863, from there to Atchison County, Mo., in 1870, and remained there until coming to McPherson County. He was married in 1858 to Mrs. Sarah Ellis Hurlburt. They had three children - Calvin, Alvin and Jennie. His wife died in 1879, and he married again in 1880 to Mrs. Hannah I. Leonard, a native of New York. Himself and family are members of the Christian Church. He is a member of I. O. O. F. and Masonic Orders.

J. W. STABLER, of the firm of Stabler Bros., business managers of the lumber yard of Eberhart & Sudendorf. They keep all kinds of building material and coal, taking charge of the above business in the fall of 1879. They represent a stock of $8,000. J. W. Stabler first came to McPherson county, Kan., locating in Empire Township, in 1872; farmed and raised stock until he took charge of the above business. He was born in York County, Pa., September 21, 1842. Moved to Adams County, Ill., in 1854, enlisted in August, 1862, in Company E, Eighty-fourth Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Participated in the battles of Perryville and Stone River, when he was placed on detached duty. He mustered out in June, 1865. Was married in 1868 to Miss A. R. Yeargam, of Adams County, Ill. They have four children - Lydia May, Willie Clay, Bessie and George. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias.

C. W. TILTON, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. McPherson, Section 19, southeast quarter. He has 160 acres of farm land all under cultivation. He first came to this place in July, 1874, and has followed farming. Was born in Knox County, Ohio, August 10, 1825; lived in native place until fourteen years old; then parents went to White County, Ind., where he lived about seventeen years; then went to Rice County, Minn., and farmed until he came to Kansas. He was married July 2, 1848, to Miss Sarah E. Stout, of Miami County, Ohio. They have six children - Emma, married to Mr. Adam Barkley; Charles W., married; Almira, George E., Margaret A. and Frank. They are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. His wheat yield since 1874 has been as follows: In 1875, 218 bushel; in 1876, 656 bushels; in 1877, 853; in 1878, 1,225; in 1879, 1,051; in 1880, 1,400; in 1884, 840; in 1882 he raised 1,376 bushels of wheat, an average of twenty-two bushels per acre.

JEFFERSON TOURNEY, County Surveyor, also attorney at law, collection and insurance agent (firm, E. M. Clark and Jefferson Tourney). Mr. Tourney located in McPherson County, Kan., in March, 1880, and soon began clerking in a drug store. Appointed County Surveyor in April, 1881, and elected in November of same year. He located in Beloit, Mitchell Co., Kan., in 1870, where he taught school two years. He served as clerk in District Count in 1873; elected fall, 1874, served three years or more. He was Deputy Register of Deeds and Deputy County Clerk for some time. Born in Liberty, Adams Co., Ill., in 1848, enlisted in February, 1865, in Company C, Fourteenth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Mustered out in October, 1865.

E. R. WAIT, County Treasurer, farmer and stock raiser, first settled in Kansas in 1873, in Harvey County, where he farmed until 1876, and moved to McPherson County and followed the same occupation until the spring of 1880. Was elected County Treasurer in the fall of 1879; took charge of the office in the fall of 1880. He was born in LaBoef Township, Erie Co., Pa., in 1839, and was raised on a farm. His parents moved to Kane County, Ill., in 1848, moved to Grundy County, the same State, in 1857. He enlisted in August, 1862, in Company D, One Hundred and Twenty-seventh Regiment Regular Illinois Volunteer Infantry, participated in all the battles of his command until wounded. Was wounded at the battle of Arkansas Post, January 11, 1863, and discharged on account of wounds, June 12, 1863. He was married in 1860, to Miss Mary A. Pierce, of Grundy County, Ill. They have three children - Eunice Randa, Arthur P. and William E. He is a member of the Masonic order, I. O. O. F., and James B. McPherson Post No. 87, G. A. R., also K. of H. and K and L. of H.

F. B. WEBSTER, attorney-at -law, real estate and collecting agent, of the firm of Webster & Dean. He came to McPherson, Kas., in the spring of 1872, when he engaged in the practice of law. He was born at Rock Island, Ill., 1845, and educated in Milan University, graduating in 1860. He enlisted in Company I, Eleventh Illinois Cavalry, in 1861, participated in all the battles of his command, and mustered out in September, 1865. After going out of the army, he engaged in farming for some time. Began studying law in the fall of 1865, admitted to the bar and began practice in 1870. He was married in the fall of 1865, to Miss Elizabeth Edie, a native of Illinois. They have three sons and one daughter - Charles W., Perry M., Chandler W., Ollie A. Mr. W. is a member of James B. McPherson Post No. 87, G. A. R.

D. C. WELCH, of the firm of Welch & Clossen, attorneys-at-law, collection agents, and negotiators of farm loans. He located in McPherson, Kas., in April, 1878, where he has since continued the practice of law. He was born in Monticello, Platt Co., Ill., November 16, 1842, was raised on a farm and educated in the common schools of his native town. Taught school and began the study of law at the age of twenty-five years; entered a law office as student at the age of twenty-seven. Was admitted to the bar of practice in 1872, and began his profession at Farmer City, Ill., where he continued until coming to McPherson. Enlisted, March 23, 1864; was mustered out at San Antonio, Tex., November 22, 1865. Was wounded at the battle of Mobile, Ala. Participated in all the battles of his command, in Company F, Second Illinois Cavalry. Married in March, 1868, to Miss Clementina Robinson, of Lawrenceburg, Ind. They have three children - Emma F., Ora E. and Nellie. He is a member of Blue Lodge, Chapter, and Knight Templar, and Master of Former, A. F. A. M. He is at present City Attorney and City Clerk.

WILLIAMS & COTTINGHAM, proprietors McPherson Bank, Gust. Carlander, cashier. This bank was organized in March, 1878, in the city of McPherson, McPherson Co., Kas., and was the first one opened in the County, operating for two years before any other bank was opened for business. It is, and has been under the same management since its organization; has ample capital, deposits vary from $50,000 to $130,000. This bank has a branch at Canton, McPherson Co., Kas., under the management of M. T. Fletcher and W. O. Gray. They also own one-third of the bank block, which is 75X85 feet, two stories high, built of brick and stone in the season of 1880, at a cost of $21,000, and also own over 8,000 acres of land in McPherson and Rice counties, most of which is under cultivation. During the months of August, September and, until October 15, 1882, they paid out over one-half million dollars on grain checks, etc. They were born and raised in Dewitt (sic) County, Ill. E. P. Williams was born in 1844, and began life as a farmer. Was married in 1869, to Miss Estie Fletcher, of DeWitt County, Ill. W. H. Cottingham was born in 1847, and began life a farmer and stock dealer, and was married to Miss Mattie Chapin, in 1869.

WOLF BROTHERS, manufacturers and dealers in cigars; factory No. 19. They employ eight hands in the business. They opened the business in December, 1881. William B. Wolf was born in Vigo County, Ind., in 1859. He was married in 1881, to Miss Johanna Long, of Leavenworth, Kas. H. N. Wolf was born in the same place, in 1861. They were raised in their native country. He first began life in the tobacco business. Followed their hardware business for seven years.

JOHN R. WRIGHT, Postmaster, McPherson, came to McPherson County, Kas., in February, 1871, where he engaged in farming and stock-raising. He was elected County Clerk in the fall of 1873, and be re-election, held the office six years. He took charge of the McPherson postoffice immediately after the expiration of term as County Clerk. He owns 640 acres of land, with 265 acres under cultivation. he raised 4,600 bushels of wheat on 145 acres of land, in 1882. He was born in Newark, N. J., November 1, 1841; moved with his parents to Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1852. He first began business in life in grain and commission trade, and followed that while in Ohio. He enlisted, June 20, 1861, in Company G, Thirty-fourth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, served twenty-one months. Lost his left arm at Fayetteville, W. Va., September 10, 1862. He afterward worked a few months in the Adjutant General's Office Department of Ohio. He graduated from Nelson's Commercial College, Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1863. He was married in 1865, to Miss Amanda Rudolph, of Cincinnati, Ohio. They have four children - Charles H., John E., Carrie A. and George W. He is a member of the James B. McPherson Post, No. 87, G. A. R.

F. C. YORK, firm of Milliken, York & Barber, attorneys-at-law, real estate, loan and collecting agents and abstract office. Mr. York first located in Bavaria, Saline Co., Kas., in the fall 1869. Clerked two years in a general store, then went into the employ of the K. P. R. R., where he continued until October, 1882, when he became one of the above firm. Born in Portage County, Ohio, 1853; lived in native place until he came to Kansas. Began the study of law in May, 1881. Married in 1876 to Miss Amanda Clark, of Norwalk, Huron Co., Ohio. They have two children - Glenier and Maud Irene. Mr. Y. is a member of Masonic order of McPherson, Kas.

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