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Image of A. A. Arnott ALFRED ARDEN ARNOTT was born at Milan, Erie Co., Ohio, April 3, 1842. His father, John G. Arnott, was born and raised near Albany, N. Y., and at an early age moved to Lorain County, Ohio, where he married Mary C. Ingersoll, to whom there were born two sons and two daughters, the subject of this sketch being the oldest. The oldest daughter, Josephine Emma, died at an early age, leaving three children - Alfred, Marshall, and Eunice. His parents moved to Chicago, Ill., in the fall of 1842, where they remained till the next spring, when the moved onto a farm within a few miles of Waukegan, Ill., where the lived some six years, during which time the other children were born. In 1850 the family moved to Boone County, where they cleared up and improved a farm of 200 acres, which was their home until 1870. Alfred was married October 28, 1868, to Adelia Berenice (sic) Rood, a young lady who had distinguished herself as a teacher in the schools of that county. On February 22, 1870, he and his wife started for Topeka, Kan., where he had bought land for the purpose of farming, but owning to a financial blunder at this time, was unable to proceed, and gave it up, settling down in Topeka, where he engaged in any thing he could get to do. Was elected Constable of the city in 1874, also the next three succeeding elections, during which time he served as Deputy Sheriff also. In the spring of 1878 he engaged in his present business, agricultural implements and machinery, at Salina, Kan., with G. C. Prescott (brother of the present District Judge), which partnership ceased with the close of that year's business, and the next year he opened in the same business at Sterling and McPherson, Kan. The Sterling branch house was discontinued in July, 1880, in consequence of a fire at that place, by which Mr. Arnott suffered a heavy loss, since which time he has continued the old business at McPherson, where he has been very successful. He has for three years been chairman of the Greenback County Central Committee, and received the nomination for representative in the Eighty-seventh District, in the Greenback Convention, and was afterwards endorsed by the People's party, and, in November, 1882, was elected by thirty majority over his competitor, who was an old member. He takes a just pride in his record in the Legislature of 1883, and feels that it is endorsed almost unanimously by his constituents, and that they have no regrets. His educational advantages, while young, were limited to the winter term of a country district school, the balance of the year being spent at work upon the farm, with the exception of two terms at the high school, and two terms at the college in Beloit, Wis. Mr. Arnott has been something of a traveler, having sailed from New Bedford, Mass., June, 1860, under Captain Morgan, ship 'Contest,' on a whaling voyage in the Atlantic. The cruise was cut short by the death of the captain, March 4, 1861, off the coast of Brazil, South America, which caused the ship to return home that spring, and thus ended a short but very successful cruise, in which they captured ten whales - five sperm and five right. In 1862 he crossed the plains to California with horses and goods to sell, returning by steamer via New York that fall. In 1864 he again when to California, and returned the next year, coming and going via New York and Panama. His business training has been good. His father was for many years a leading merchant in grain, lumber, stock and general merchandising, as well as farming all the time, at their old home at Caledonia Station, Boone Co., Ill.; also for two years at three points, Decatur, Courtland, and Hillsboro, in northern Alabama, in 1865-6; also ran a store in Evansville, Wis., in 1864.

F. E. BARBER, firm of Milliken, York & Barber, attorneys-at-law, real estate, loan and insurance agents. They also keep a complete set of abstracts of title. Mr. B. first came to McPherson in April, 1879, clerked six months, after which he became identified in the above business. Born in Bradford County, Penn., in 1835. He was eight years superintendent of A. Pardee & Co.'s general store at Hazleton, Penn. He is a member of K. of H. of McPherson. Married in 1866, to Miss Amelia Robinson, of Bloomsburg, Columbia Co., Penn. They have five children - Bessie R., Lillian, Stephen A., Freddie W. and Arthur D. He served as City Marshal of McPherson some time, and is now a member of the City Council.

D. O. BURKE, attorney-at-law, located in McPherson, August 1, 1878, where he has since practiced law. He was born in Princeton, Gibson Co., Ind., in 1853; educated in the State University of Bloomington, graduating in law and literary department in 1875; admitted to bar of practice at Princeton, Inc., October 14, 1875. Began his profession in the latter city same year, where he continued until he came to Kansas. He was married in 1876, to Miss Alice B. Doss, of Owensville, Ind. They have two children - Mabel and Judge. He is a member of the Masonic order.

J. Q. BARNES, dealer in general merchandise; opened trade in October, 1873; built his store in the fall of the same year. When he first opened business, he carried a varied stock of $1,200; he now carries a general stock of $10,000, and employs four clerks. He located on a farm in Saline County, in 1872, where he farmed and raised stock one and a half years, thence to McPherson. He now has 400 acres of land, 290 cultivated. In 1882, he raised 7,100 bushels of wheat. He was born in Waverly, Pike Co., Ohio, in 1836; was raised and educated in his native State. He first engaged in merchandising in Waverly, Ohio, in 1865; moved to Boone County, Mo., in 1871, and resided until coming to Kansas. Enlisted in June, 1861, in the three months' service in the First Ohio Regiment, Volunteer Infantry, going out first to take care of his brother's body, John R. T. Barnes, who was killed June 17, 1861, in the battle of Vienna. He assisted to raise Company D, Seventy-third Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and was made First Lieutenant, promoted to Captain in 1862; he was wounded at the battle of Wahatchie, at base of Lookout Mountain, October 29, 1863, in a midnight battle; he made the latter enlistment, October 15, 1861; he was mustered out January 6, 1865; he is a member of James B. McPherson Post, No. 87, G. A. R. He was married in 1865, to Miss Mary R. Emmitt, of Waverly, Ohio. They have three children - Annie E., May E. and Eddy T.

CLARENCE B. BOWKER, attorney-at-law, collecting and insurance agents, firm Simpson & Bowker. He came to McPherson, Kan., April, 1873, being the first attorney to locate in McPherson. He was born in Tompkins County, N. Y., in 1848, lived in native county until eighteen years of age. The family then moved to Indianapolis, Ind., where he began the study of law, in connection with taking a collegiate course at Northwestern Christian University, in the latter city; remained a student in the latter school two years. He then entered the Wabash College at Crawfordsville, Ind., and graduated in 1871. He then began the study of law under James Buchanan, of Indianapolis; admitted to the bar of practice in 1872; began practice of law in 1873, in McPherson, Kan. Married in 1872, to Miss Edna Miller, of Crawfordsville, Ind. They have one son - Frank C. Mr. B. is a member of Masonic order, also Royal Templars of Temperance.

H. BOWKER, firm of W. L. Bowker & Co., of the Bee Hive Store, dealers in general merchandise. They opened trade as a firm in March, 1881, and occupy two stores, 24X85 and 24X70, respectively, and employ nine persons in the business, and carry a general stock of $15,000. Mr. H. Bowker came to McPherson in 1871, and assisted to lay out the town site the same spring. He was born in Tompkins County, N. Y., in 1824; was raised in his native county, and first began life as a wagonmaker; afterward engaged in merchandising, and has been identified in the latter business ever since; moved to Indianapolis, Ind., in 1865, and followed merchandising until he came to Kansas; married in 1847 to Miss Helen M. Scofield, a native of Utica, N. Y. They have four children - Clarence B. (now an attorney of McPherson, Kan.), Willis L. and Dana D. (connected with the above store), Newell D. (at school). They are members of Congregational Church. Mr. B. originated the postoffice at McPherson, and was Postmaster of same seven years.

J. W. CHARLES, M. D., located in McPherson Kan., June 1, 1879, where he has since lived. He moved to Saline, Kan., in April, 1879, from Brookfield, Linn Co., Mo. He was born at Liberty, now Rockwood, Randolph Co., Ill.; was educated at Shurtliff College, Upper Alton, Ill; graduated from St. Louis Medical College, Allopathy; began practice of medicine at Centralia, Ill.; remained one year; moved to St. Louis, Mo., one year, thence to Brookfield, Mo., three and one-half years, thence to Kansas in 1873. He was married to Miss Mary H. D. Witt, formerly of Dubuque, Iowa, a native of Portage City, Wis. They have three children - Elvira M., William W. and Mary Helen. He is a member of all Masonic Orders, including the Royal Arch Masons, and occupies the position of generalissimo in the Commandery of Knight Templars. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., and also in Encampment of the same. Is a member of Kansas State Central Medical Society.

E. G. CLARKE, proprietor Central Bank of McPherson, located at Solomon City, Kan., in 1875, where he organized the Solomon Valley Bank, sold the same February 9, 1879, when he came to McPherson, and opened the above bank April 22, 1879, under the firm name of Clarke & McWhirk, and run the same until January 1, 1880, when he became sole proprietor. Deposits average $50,000. He owns 2,000 acres of land, and several thousand dollars worth of good blooded stock, in connection with the above bank. He was born in Ashtabula County, Ohio, in 1842. Went with his parents to Rock County, Wis., in 1845. He was raised on a farm, and educated at Milton College, Rock Co., Wis.; graduated in 1865, when he engaged in teaching a number of years. He was married, in 1871, to Miss Alice M. Ryan, a native of Ohio. They have four children - Arden B., Elon J., Eudora and Rodney D.

EDWARD A. COLBURN, of the firm of Colburn & Hamilton, proprietors of McPherson Flouring Mills. They began the erection of the above mills in the spring of 1880, and completed them the same season, the size of which is 36X40 feet, three stories high, including the basement; capacity is 100 barrels in twenty-four hours. They use the roller reduction system for finishing flour. The total cost is $18,000. It is built of wood. Edward A. Colburn came to McPherson in 1880, and soon began the erection of the above mills. He was born in Fredona, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., in 1849, where he lived until he came to Kansas. He was raised in a mill, and began the miller's trade when a small boy. He was married in 1875, to Miss Mary E. Clark, of the same place. They have two children - Alva and Clara E.

O. J. COOK, firm Cook Bros., dealers in general line hardware, stoves, tinware, queensware, wagon material, etc., opened trade September 1, 1882. The trade was established, in 1880, by other parties, and bought by Cook Bros. as first dated. They occupy rooms, 30X100 feet, and basement same size. The subject of this sketch came to Kansas in March, 1882, and took charge of the above business for other parties until he became one of the firm. He was born in Madison, N. H., in 1849; was raised a mechanic, and followed that business a number of years. Had charge of the business of National Lock Co., of Nashua, N. H., six years. Went to Quincy, Ill., in 1881, where he had charge of Stove Foundry some time. He then located in McPherson, Kan. Married in 1871 to Miss Etta Harritt, of Nashua, N. H. They have one daughter - Mary Evelyn. He is a member of Legion of Honor.

J. B. DARRAH, Register of Deeds. He first came to Leavenworth, Kan., in 1857, with his parents, lived in the city until 1864, and moved on to a farm near by and lived there until 1869. He soon afterward followed freighting to Denver City, Colo., and New Mexico ports some time. Moved to McPherson in 1869, and engaged in farming and stock-raising until the fall of 1879, when he was elected Register of Deeds, and by re-election has held the office. He was born in Burks, Co., Pa., in 1849. Family lived there until 1854, and moved to Chicago, Ill., living in the latter city and in Peoria until coming to Kansas. He was married in 1871 to Miss Mary Furguson, of Galena, Ill. They have one son, James Darrah. Mr. D. is a member of Lodge No. 1,722 K. of H. and No. 26 K. of P., is Republican in politics. He owns 400 acres of land in Smoky Hill Valley, with 300 acres under cultivation.

L. O. DAY, physician and surgeon, farmer and stock-raiser, came to McPherson, Kan., in April, 1873, and has since practiced medicine. He opened a farm of 1,400 acres, now owns 560 acres land, 400 of which is cultivated. He raised 12,000 bushels wheat on his farm in season of 1882. He also has a large amount of stock. Born in Cleveland, Tenn., in 1831, was raised in native State and Alabama. Lived in Tennessee until 1853. Began the study of medicine in 1859, moved to Decatur City, Iowa, the same year, where he engaged in farming, merchandising and the practice of medicine until 1866. He graduated from Medical Department of Keokuk, Iowa, State University, 1861. He has practiced medicine in Decatur, Iowa, and Chillicothe, Mo., and various other places. Married in 1849, to Miss A. E. Houston, a native of Tennessee. They had one daughter, Mattie, now married to Dr. W. W. Murphy, of McPherson. Wife died in 1858. Was again married in 1860, to Miss Hattie M. Doss, a native of Missouri. They have three children - George E., William H. C. and Ose Leelie (?). He was again married in May, 1877, to Jemima Lineberry, a native of Pennsylvania. Have one son, Warren C. The doctor is a member of the Knights Templars, A. F. & A. M., also State Central Medical Association of Kansas. In conclusion we will add that the doctor began business in McPherson on $100 borrowed capital.

SAMUEL W. DAY, physician and surgeon, located in the practice of medicine at McPherson, October 12, 1877. He was born near Cleveland, Tenn., 1850. Began the study of medicine in 1868, under preceptor. He graduated from the University Medical College, of Nashville, Tenn., in 1872, and began the practice of medicine in his native place, where he continued until he came to Kansas. He was married in 1871, to Miss Maggie Taylor, of his native place. They have two children, John P. and Mattie A. The doctor is Examining Surgeon for pensions in McPherson County, appointed in 1880.

J. R. DEAN, firm Webster & Dean, attorneys-at-law, loan, real estate and collecting agents. He cam to McPherson, Kan., in 1872, engaged in farming. Was Sheriff of McPherson County 1873-'74. Born in Woodford County, Ky., April 10, 1841, lived in native State until 1872, engaged in teaching and farming. Enlisted September 1, 1861, Company G, Twenty-first Kansas Volunteer Infantry, participated in all battles of his command, mustered out October 1, 1864. Promotions were Sergeant, Second Lieutenant, Aid de Camp under Gen. C. Whittaker. He is a member of James B. McPherson Post No. 87, G. A. R. Married to Miss Lizzie A. Dale, of same county, Kentucky. They have eight children - Emma S., Thomas H., Jennie, H. Newton, Lulinda, S. Elmore, Charles H., and Maggie.

B. J. DREESEN, loan agent, notary public and real estate broker, opened business in May, 1881. He came to Salina in 1878, and there engaged as map draughtsman for U. P. R. R. Co. until he came to McPherson. He was born in Germany, in 1834, came to America in 1852, first locating in Texas and was a traveling teacher for many years. He enlisted in 1864 in Company H, Fortieth Regiment New York Volunteer Infantry, served until wounded in a battle March 26, 1865, and discharged out of hospital in Washington, D. C. Married in 1881. He is a member of James B. McPherson Post No. 87, G. A. R.

LEVI L. EDGINGTON, homoeapathic physician and surgeon, first came to Galva August 5, 1880, and continued the practice of medicine. Moved to McPherson in November, 1882 where he is actively engaged in the practice of his profession. He was born in Ontario, Ohio, June 20, 1833, and was raised in his native State. Began the study of medicine in 1863. He entered Knox College as a student in Galesburg, Ill., in 1857, spending some time in a scientific course. Graduated from the Hahnemann Medical College in 1878. Began the practice of medicine in Galesburg, Ill., in 1874, also practiced at New Windsor, same State. Married in 1863 to Miss Nancy Callon of Greenville, Pa. They have three children, Sarah J., Stella M., and Arthur L.

J. M. FIGLEY, firm of Figley & Cullens, dealers in general line groceries, queensware, etc., opened business in June, 1882. Erected a store in the season of 1882 of brick, at a cost of $2,500. They carry a general stock of $2,000 and employ three men in the business. He came to McPherson, Kas (sic), in June, 1882. Born in La Harpe, Hancock Co., Ill., in 1850. He first started business in life as a photographer and followed that business eight years. Then went into grocery business and followed that until he came to Kansas. Married in 1873 to Miss Nellie Cullins, a native of Illinois. They have two children, J. Raymond and Newton. He is a member of the I. O. O. F.

J. A. FLESHER, County Clerk, first came to Allen County, Kas., in March 1871, and framed until 1872. Came to McPherson County, October, 1872, and followed the same business until 1878. Then clerked in the postoffice a year. Was elected County Clerk in the fall of 1879, and took charge of the office January 12, 1880. By re-election has since held the same. He was born in Edgar County, Ill., October 6, 1844. Was raised on a farm and lived in that county until he came to Kansas. He enlisted February 1, 1862, in Company H, Sixty-second Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Participated in all the battles of his command and was mustered out March 6, 1866, at Little Rock, Ark. He was married December 20, 1877, to Miss Mary E. Adams, of Allen County, Kas., a native of Kentucky. They have one son, Herbert Clark. Mr. F. and wife are members of the Presbyterian Church. He is a member of K. of H. and K. and L. of H., also a member of James B. McPherson Post No. 37, G. A. R.

WALLACE GLEASON, Sheriff of McPherson County. He came to McPherson in November, 1873. Prospected some time and clerked three and one-half years in general merchandise. Appointed Sheriff in April, 1879, and elected to the same office the following fall. Re-elected in 1881. He was born in Davis County, Iowa, March 3, 1846. Raised and educated in his native county on a farm. Married in Mary, 1868, to Miss M. E. Kelso, of Richland County, Ohio. They have one daughter, Edith May. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias of McPherson. He is also engaged in agricultural pursuits and stock business. Owns 240 acres of land, 130 of which is cultivated. His place is located in Groveland Township, McPherson County.

M. L. GRIMES, resident partner in Kansas Lumber Company. The above business was opened In the fall of 1877, by M. L. Grimes. They carry a stock of $15,000. They employ ten men in the business season. M. L. Grimes first came to Burton, Kas., in 1878, and opened the lumber trade where he remained until he located in McPherson. He was born in Paw Paw, Mich., in 1849. Has lived in Kalamazoo, and Grand Rapids, Mich., and Chicago, Ill., having been engaged in the lumber trade all of his business life. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity.

A. J. GUSTAFSON, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. McPherson, Section 22. He first came to Kansas in April, 1872, locating on his present place. He has a farm of 240 acres, with 160 cultivated; has 80 acres Section 35, Canton Township, 40 of which is cultivated. He was born in Sweden, May 23, 1839, came to America 1868, followed the manufacture of boots and shoes in Chicago, Ill., until 1870, when he came to Topeka, Kansas, and worked at the trade until he settled on his land. Married in fall 1869 to Miss Charlotte Lindblom, a native of Sweden, born December 24, 1844; they have three children - John Edward, Charles Frederick and Anton Alfred. In 1882 he raised 2,000 bushels wheat, and average of thirty-five bushels per acre.

J. B. HAIGHT, contractor and builder, of the firm of Haight, Ellison & Hart. He came to Kansas in May, 1871, and remained for some time in what was known as King City, now defunct; he then came to McPherson and then became interested in the town site. Hs worked at carpenter trade since. He was born in Sussex County, N. J., in 1849, and was raised in Putnam County, N. Y. Married in 1873 to Miss Mary Bonnell, Ashtabula, Ohio; they have three children - Fannie E., Edith I. and Una (?) G. He is a member of the Knight (sic) of Honor of McPherson. Has served in several township offices.

JOHN C. HAMILTON, one of the proprietors of the McPherson Flouring Mills, came to McPherson in June, 1879. He was born in Fredonia Chatauqua County, N. Y., in 1848; h was raised and educated in his native county, being brought up a merchant, which business he followed until his health failed him and he came to Kansas. He was married, in 1875, to Miss Susan K. Guernsey, of Buffalo, N. Y. He is a member of the McPherson City Council. His father-in-law, John J. Guernsey, a descendant of the Guernseys, of Guernsey Island, now living in McPherson, was born in 1801; he is said to be the oldest man in central Kansas.

D. W. HEATH & CO., proprietors People's Elevator; this elevator was erected in September, 1881, at a cost of $9,000, with a capacity of 20,000 bushels. In connection with grain trade they deal largely in live stock and ship by car load. They employ eight men in the above business. They shipped 500 cars of wheat in the season of 1882. Mr. D. W. Heath first located in Harvey County, Kansas, in 1870, on Arkansas River, and followed the cattle business until he came to McPherson and then engaged in the hardware and farm machinery business; leased the above elevator in 1881. He was born in Oakland County, Mich., in 1849, where was raised and lived until coming to Kansas. He was married, in 1874, to Miss C. E. McDougal, a native of Virginia; they have one son - Asa Leon. Mr. Heath is a member of the Masonic order of McPherson, Kansas. He has a stock ranch ten miles west of McPherson with 400 acres fenced; now has 150 head of cattle.

O. HEGGELUND came to Lindsborg, Kansas, in 1874, where he engaged in merchandising for about two years. He then moved to McPherson, where he followed the same business for about five years, the last two years under the name of O. Heggelund & Son. He then retired and afterwards devoted his attention to banking, being a charter member of the Bank of Lindsborg as well as the Farmers' and Merchants' Bank of McPherson, Kan., both being State banks, representing each a capital of $50,000. He is at present the president of both banks. He was born in Norway, in 1831, was married in 1858, to Miss Anna Dahl. They have three children. C. August is assistant cashier in the Farmers' and Merchants' Bank of McPherson; Edward C. now attending the Commercial College (Gem City) of Quincy, Ill.; Menotti Garibaldi, attending McPherson High School. Mr. Heggelund came to America in 1864 and located in Chicago, Ill., where he lived for about two years and became owner of a vessel sailing on the lake. He then moved to Story City, Iowa, and engaged in merchandising for about seven years. In 1873 he closed out his business, made a visit to his native country for about a year, came direct from Norway to Kansas. He is a member of the Masonic order.

JOHN F. HUGHES, Deputy-Postmaster, McPherson, of the firm of Wright & Hughes, also keeps a loan and real estate office. He came to McPherson County, Kan., in March, 1867, when he engaged in stock raising and farming. He now owns 400 acres of land, with about 200 under cultivation. He was elected Register of Deeds in 1874 and, by re- election, held the office for five years. He was born in Venango County, Pa., in 1842; he learned the miller's trade when he was young and worked at the business some time. He enlisted in July 12,1862, in Company A, One Hundred and Twenty-first Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, participated in all the battles of his command until he was wounded at the battle of Gettysburg, Pa., and taken prisoner; was held only three days, when he made his escape. He was mustered out in March, 1865. He married, 1876, Miss Mary McClintock, a daughter of Rev. William McClintock. They had one son, Walter L. His wife died September 28, 1879. He remarried December 12, 1882, to Miss Minnie Bomberger. He is a member of the James B. McPherson Post No. 87, G. A. R., also I. O. O. F., and K. of P. of McPherson, Kan.

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