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The first settlement made in Peabody Township was in the autumn of 1870, the pioneers coming in advance of the railroad, and living several weeks in tents. A colony from Wisconsin consisting of J. E. Cone, W. C. Nye, C. D. Bradley, F. H. Hopkins and M. Birdsall had filed for record February 15, 1871, a plat of a town named Coneburg, located on the east half of the northwest quarter and the northeast quarter of Section 4, Town 22, Range 3. In June, 1871, the town of Peabody as platted and filed, was located on the south half of Section 4, Town 22, Range 3. S. N. Robinson was President of the town company; R. K. Taber, Secretary.

April 27, 1872, Coneburg practically became North Peabody. A revised plat of Peabody was made July 5, 1875 and a supplemental plat of North Peabody was made April 27, 1878. May 10, 1879, there was still a location made on the southwest quarter of Section 34, Town 21, Range 3. Peabody, as it now exists, is located on Doyle Creek, Spring Creek running irregularly through it. F. H. Hopkins, Esq. was appointed Postmaster in February, 1871, and until about the first of July he carried the mail to and from the post office at Florence. At that time regular trains began running on the road and the town gained a new impetus. B. Pinkney is the Postmaster at Peabody.

The city was named in honor of F. H. Peabody, of Boston, formerly President of the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad Company, who erected a fine library building on a commanding square of ground, Block 84, located on the corner of Walnut and Division avenue, donated by the city for that purpose. It is kept open every afternoon and evening, a lady librarian -- Mrs. Kincaid -- having the management of the same. New books are constantly added to the library and the reading room well supplied with newspapers and periodicals.

The city authorities for 1882 are as follows: Mayor, F. C. Bush; Councilmen, G. W. Neal, C. Hanlenbeck, F. B. McKercher, A. K. Stewart, and D. J. Roberts; Police Judge, J. M. Holcomb; City Attorney, G. W. Camp, Clerk, G. W. Camp; Treasurer, F. H. Kollock, Marshal, E. S. Crisfield.

Prof. L. M. Knowles, on of the State's best educators, has charge of the school as Principal, and there are four other teachers. A large stone structure was built in 1872 for school purposes, but the school increasing then very rapidly, a large frame building was erected just north of it in 1879.

Peabody has a Quartette Band, a Cornet Band, a Lotus Club, a Post of the Grand Army of the Republic, organized July 10, 1882, Knights of Honor, Odd fellows and Masonic organizations. It has a Co-operative Temperance Union, organized July 10,1882; R. L. Cochran, President. Frank McKircher is the station agent; J. M. Amborn has the nursery west of the city; the Marion County Agricultural Society have located their fair grounds here. There are twenty acres, very well arranged for such a purpose. There is a neat half mile track very near circular in form.

Incorporated in 1879, the town as made rapid strides since it became an organized city of the third class. As a market place, it has an advantage of having western as well as eastern outlets. Butter, eggs, poultry and baled hay, find their way day by day to the mining towns of Colorado and New Mexico, and the half score of elevators and the cattle yards point as evidences of the extensive grain and stock shipments to the East.


In January, 1871, the people of the burg assembled themselves together for worship of the Lord, and in 1882, there are Baptist, Christian, Lutheran, Methodist Episcopal and United Presbyterian societies here, with their church organizations.

The Presbyterian Church was organized in 1872. It has a membership of about 120. Rev. E. D. Walker is pastor; G. P. Vandenberg, Sunday School Superintendent. They have a frame church building, valued at $3,000.

The Methodist Episcopal Church has upwards of 100 members. They built a good frame house in 1874, at a cost of $3,000. Rev. Thomas Auders is their pastor; Dr. L. E. Disney, Superintendent of their Sunday School.

The Baptist Church erected a neat frame building, costing about $2,000, in 1873. George W. Shute is their Sunday School Superintendent.

containing about eighty members, erected a building in 1878. It was named St. Paul's Church and cost about $3,500.

The Christian Church contains about fifty members. Their house of worship, erected in 1881, cost about $2,500. Rev. Alexander Ellet is their pastor.

Knights of Pythias -- J. H. Lyon, P. G. C. assisted by Knight John Burns, organized Tuesday, November 14, 1882. The members are R. S. Riehl, S. B. Chilcote, S. A. Stauffer, A. Hyman, F. Medlam, C. D. Rogers, H. B. Robertson, H. C. Rushmon, H. Rolfs, Guy Johnston, J. C. King, G. C. Nold, Thomas O. Meara, F. B. Landon, Henry Storch, Charles E. Thomas, R. A. Enffy, W. F. Richardson, H. S. Minor. Officers -- H. B. Robertson, P. C.; Guy Johnston, C. C.; C. D. Rogers, V. C.; F. B. Landon, K. of R. and S.; H. C. Bushmore, M. of F.; Thomas O'Meara, M. of E.; F. Melam, M. at A.; J. C. King, I. G.; H. Minor, O. G.

Newspaper History -- J. P. Church, on May 1, 1873, issued the first number of the PeabodyGazette.In December, 1873, the Atchison Globe office, where the Gazette had been printed, having ceased to be, the Gazette was suspended until April, 1874. The Shaft, a twenty-eight-column paper had been established by W. H. Morgan in August, 1871. In April, 1874, he also put material in Peabody to establish the Gazette, continuing the publication of the Shaft. The Gazette, having been under the management of Church & Morgan, Mr. Morgan retired from it in November, 1874, selling to Mr. Church. For a period of about three years, several changes had been made in the proprietorship and W. H. Walker taking the helm in September, 1877, running it until January, 1880, when H. D. Morgan became associated with him. Henderson & Briggs obtained the office in March, and in September Mr. Briggs retired from the firm, leaving Mr. Henderson sole owner. Mr. W. H. Morgan, in 1875, sold the Osage City Shaft to I. P. Campbell, who enlarged it to a six column quarto, and changed its name to the Free Press. Mr. Morgan, in 1876, re-purchased the office and continued its publication in 1878 enlarging it to a fifty-six column paper. In April, 1881, he sold the Free Press to J. V. Admire. In December, 1880, he had bought of Mr. Henderson the Peabody Gazette and after selling the Free Press, he moved to Peabody and made that place his home. Enlarged the Gazette until it is, in 1882, a fifty-six column paper. He is still its publisher and he makes it a credit to himself, to the city in which he lives and to the great southwest. A. B. Knowlton started the Peabody Post in 1882, and published No. 22, the last number, August 24. He sold it to Mr. Morgan, of the Gazette, who merged it into the Gazette Both papers were Republican in their politics.

Peabody has three hotels, two banks, four drug stores, seven general stores, one flour and feed store, two barber shops, four real estate, insurance and loan agencies, two meat markets, four blacksmith and wagon shops, two grocery establishments, one foundry and machine shop, one carriage and paint shop, three millinery establishments, one livery stable, two dealers in books, periodicals and stationary, six carpenters, and builders, one auctioneer, one photographer, one dentist, three physicians, one merchant tailor, two boot and shoe makers, one mason and contractor, three lumber dealers, two coal dealers, one house painter, and paper-hanger, one jeweler, one gunsmith, one furniture dealer and undertaker, one veterinary surgeon, one poultry yard proprietor. The Peabody Flouring Mills is one of the best, and it is tributary to a great wheat-raising region, the Russian settlers making wheat a special crop.


AYERS & WAREHAM, wholesale and retail dealers in baled hay, grain and coal; have been in business four years; shipped 163 cars of grain and hay in 1882. Are agents for the Osage shaft coal, of which they sold fifty-four cars from September, 1881, until May 10, 1883. C. H. Wareham was born in Oswego County, N. Y., March 22, 1845; moved to Ozaukee County, Wis., when eight years of age, where he engaged in farming until the spring of 1864, when he enlisted in Company H, Thirty-fifth Wisconsin as private. Was with his command at the capture of Spanish Fort and those adjacent to Mobile, and was promoted to Sergeant Major of his regiment. Was also commissioned Second and First Lieutenant in his company. Was mustered out in April, 1865; removed to Moniteau County, Mo., in the spring of 1867; there engaged in teaching and working his trade, that of a carpenter, until the spring of 1871, when he came to Marion County and took a soldier's homestead seven miles northwest of Peabody. In the fall of 1881, removed to Peabody. Was married in May, 1873, in Marion County, to Miss Angie Ayers, of Portage County, Ohio, and one child living -- Manly Charles, one, Maud Evaline, having died of scarlet fever February 23, 1877, aged two years and eleven months. Was Treasurer of the School District No. 28 for ten years. Mr. W. was ordained at the Peabody Baptist church in August, 1873, and is now pastor of the Baptist Churches at Strong City and Walton, Kan. He is a member of the G. A. R. Post, Peabody.

C. W. BRAGUNIER, dealer in general merchandise. The business was begun here in 1871 by Jerry and C. W. Bragunier as a branch of their Emporia store. May 22, 1873, C. W. took charge of the store here. The cash value of the stock January, 1883, was $13,000 and the annual sales will reach $30,000. In 1883, their present commodious tore room was built at No. 35 Walnut street, which is a one story stone structure 25 x 100 feet, with iron and plate glass front, costing $3,5000 and the stock was moved there June 1, 1883. Mr. B was born in Indianapolis, Ind., February 26, 1851, and attended city schools. His father was a farmer near the city. In 1871, came to Emporia, where he remained in business with his brother until coming to Peabody. Was married in November, 1874, at Peabody, Kan., to Miss Sarah A. Mahood, of Amherst Island, Can., and have three children -- Charles W., George Edgar (twins), born March 24, 1879, and Pearl Irene, born July 11, 1881. Is a member of Covenant Lodge, No. 113, I. O. O. F., and Halcyon Lodge No. 120, A. F. & A. M., Peabody, Newton Commander, No. 9, and Arkansas Valley Chapter, No. 27, Newton, Kan.

J. D. BROWN was born in Pennsylvania in 1830, but soon after moved to Illinois, where he worked on a farm for ten years. In 1854, he went to California, where he spent fourteen years mining and freighting. Returning to Illinois, he engaged in fine stock business, which he continued there and in Missouri until 1872, when he moved to Peabody, Kan. He has probably done more than any other man in the county toward improving the breed of work horses. Among his more noted horses are Seraglio, a dapple grey stallion, imported in 1881 at a cost of over $2,000; one dapple gray mare, Molly, high grade Norman, five year old; Humbolt, a dapple gray, high grade, and St. John, five and four years old -- two of the finest horses in the State, the off spring from an imported horse from Dillon & Co., Illinois.

J. H. C. BREWER, dealer in general merchandise, located on a homestead nine miles northwest of Peabody, in May, 1871. In August, 1872, opened a store in Peabody. Carries a stock of $6,000; an average annual trade of $20,000. He was born in Washington County, Md., July 11, 1838 and in 1855, moved to Charleston, Va., and remained one year. In 1857, went to Keokuk, Iowa, and remained one year. In 1858, moved to Baltimore, Md., and resided a short time and returned to his native place and engaged in mercantile pursuits. Enlisted June 14, 1862, as Second Lieutenant of Company H., Sixth Maryland Infantry. Participated in the battle of the Wilderness, Winchester, Mine Run, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor, Ream's Station and Petersburg. Was Acting Adjutant most of the time, and was promoted to Quartermaster in 1864. Was mustered out June 26, 1865, at Baltimore, Md., then returned to Clear Spring, Md., and engaged in mercantile pursuits. He was married there December 20, 1866, to Miss Mary C. Loose. They have four children-Carrie V., William E., Nellie F. and James Clifford. He is a member of the A. F. & A. M., K. of H., and G. A. R. Is Secretary of Marion County Agricultural Society, and President of the Peabody Elevator Company.

DR. L. A. BUCK, physician and surgeon, was born in Buckfield, Oxford County., Me., August 17, 1840. After completing his schooling in English branches, and when eighteen years of age, began reading medicine with his uncle, Dr. William Bridgeham, of Buckfield, Me. At the commencement of the war, he enlisted as private in Company D, Second Regiment U. S. A., Burdan's United States Sharpshooters. In 1863, was appointed a Hospital Steward U. S. A. and in 1864, was commissioned Assistant Surgeon of the Twentieth Maine Volunteers and while in that position attended medical lectures at the Georgetown Medical College, Washington, D. C., and graduated from that institution in 1865. Practiced in Washington about one and a half years, and returned to Paris, Oxford County, Me., where he practiced until October, 1870, when he removed to Augusta, Butler County, Kan., and remained there five years and came to Peabody. He has been twice married, first in 1866 to Miss Adelia F. Pearce, of Hartford, Me. Mrs. B. died in Augusta, August 13, 1873. Two children survive her -- Lulu Clare and Charles B. He was married again July 4, 1875, to Miss Anna Brockett, daughter of Judge Brockett, of Marion. Dr. Buck was appointed local surgeon of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad in 1877. Is a Vice President of the Marion County Agricultural Society, and takes a great interest in fine horses, being the owner of some fine Hambletonian colts. Dr. Buck is a member of the A. F. & A. M.

F. C. BUSH, dealer in general merchandise, carried a stock of $10,000, and does an annual trade of $35,000. Located in Peabody in 1871 and commenced business in 1874. Was born in Orlean County, N. Y. September 13, 1839. In 1846, moved to Washington County, Wis., and remained there until 1855, and removed to Hudson, Mich. Attended school two years and entered mercantile business, which he pursued until coming to Kansas. He was married in Saline, Mich., November 6, 1862, to Miss Josephine A. Bedford, and has one child -- Nina J., now a student of Bethany College, Topeka. He has served several terms on the City Council and in 1882, was elected Mayor of the city. Was a member of the A. F. & A. M., K. of H., and a stockholder of the Marion County Agricultural Society.

HON. GEORGE W. CAMPBELL, dealer in grains and stock, came to this locality in 1871, and located on a farm adjoining the old town of Coneburg. Opened the first lumber yard in the town. Was elected President of North Peabody Town Company in the winter of 1871. Was born in Indiana County, Penn., September 29, 1829, his father's name being Michael Campbell, and his mother's maiden name being Elizabeth Ramsey. Mr. Campbell engaged in mercantile pursuits in Blairsville, Penn., when a young man, and was married there September 16, 1849, to Miss Sarah E. Giberson. In 1855, removed to Columbus, Wis, where he engaged in mercantile pursuits and grain business for sixteen years. In 1863, he was elected to the Legislature on the Republican ticket. In 1863-4 was appointed Deputy-Provost Marshall and also appointed in the revenue service of the Government. In 1876, he was elected to the Legislature from Marion County. Mr. Campbell erected a residence on his farm adjoining Peabody, which cost $5,000 and his present residence in the city cost $3,000 and is a model of elegance and comfort. His stock interests have been very extensive and he has associated with him Dr. Hoffman, his son-in-law. Mr. Campbell is a one-third owner of the Peabody Flouring Mills and superintends the same. He was the founder, and for years, a Deacon of the Presbyterian Church. Is also connected with the A. F. & A. M. and Legion of Honor.

GEORGE W. CAMP attorney at law, loan and real estate dealer. Mr. Camp homesteaded the southeast quarter of Section 22, Town 21, Range 3 in March, 1871. Was born in Huntingdon County, Penn., July 21, 1836. Enlisted April 18, 1861, in the three months' service, and served in Company F, Third Pennsylvania. Assisted in recruiting Company I, Fifty-fourth Pennsylvania and re-enlisted in that company August 6, 1861. Was commissioned First Lieutenant August 6, 1861; was wounded at Winchester September 19, 1864 and mustered out October 11, 1864. Removed to Jackson County, Ind., in December, 1864. Was admitted to the bar in 1867, and remained until coming to Kansas in 1871. Was married July 3, 1866, in Jackson County, Ind., to Miss Margaret Righter. Was elected County Commissioner in 1871 and served until 1873. Has been Justice of the Peace for three years. Has been Secretary of Halcyon Lodge No. 120. A. F. & A. M. for four years, and a member of the Arkansas Chapter, No. 27 and Newton Commander, No. 9. In October, 1882, formed a co-partnership with D. Severy and E. S. Crisfield in the land and loan business.

JOHN D. CATON, firm of Caton & Son, was born in McLean County, Ill., March 4,1842. Lived there thirty-eight years farming and feeding cattle. He enlisted in Company F, Thirty-eighth Illinois Infantry, at Atlanta, Ill., in 1861. August 6, 1861, and served a year and a half. He was married in McLean County, September 29, 1862, to Miss Mary E. Gore. He has three children, of whom the eldest, John M., owns the brick manufactory at Peabody. Mr. Caton owns a ranch at Pawnee Rocks, where he generally has from 2,000 to 3,000 head of cattle. He ships every year several hundred head of Texas ponies to the Eastern markets, and feeds several thousand head of hogs each year. He is a wide-awake business man, always looking out for the main chance.

JESSE COLLINS of the firm of Durby & Collins, was born in Thaxted, Essex, England, February 10, 1833, and came to America at the age of eighteen, locating in Hinkley, Medina Co., Ohio. He worked on a farm until August, 1862, when he enlisted in Company K, One Hundred and Third Ohio Infantry, with which he served two years and ten months. He was with his regiment in the campaign against Kirby Smith in Kentucky and, at the battle of Armstrong Hill, all through the East Tennessee campaign, and followed Longstreet to Greenville, N. C. At the battle of Resaca his company went into battle forty strong, and left fully one-half that number on the field. On account of a sunstroke he received, he was granted a ten weeks furlough and when he reported for duty was sent to the hospital at Chattanooga where he remained until mustered out at the close of the war. He was married July 20, 1865, to Miss M. D. Hobbs, of Ohio, and came to Kansas in the fall of 1870.

PHILIP L. CORBY, was born in Maryland in 1841, living there until twenty-two years of age, when he removed to Springfield, where he worked at his trade, that of a shoe-maker, for five years. He then went to Mount Pulaski, Ill., where he remained five years, coming to Kansas in 1873. He was married in 1863, to Miss Martha E. Baker. Besides doing a general shoe-making business, he is the proprietor of a flour and feed store.

DR. L. E. DISNEY, surgeon dentist, located here September 4, 1879, and opened an office February 16, 1880; studied dentistry at Mount Vernon, Ohio, with Dr. D. McBriar, now of Columbus, Ohio, and student of Dr. S. P. Hullihen, who was a student of the famous Dr. Fundenberg, the founder of dentistry. Dr. Disney was born in Knox County, Ohio, January 12, 1837, and remained in that county until entering the Ohio Wesleyan University in 1855, where he prepared himself for his profession; began the study of dentistry immediately; began the practice of dentistry at Coshocton in 1863, and practiced there until 1870; was a member, and also one of the examiners of Tuscarora Valley Dental Association. On April 10, 1867, he was married at Coshocton, Ohio, to Miss Anna H. Spangler, formerly of Greenup Co., Ky. In 1870 Dr. Disney engaged in the drug trade until the spring of 1878 and then came to Iowa, with the hope of improving his health and remained there one year, and came from thence to Kansas. Dr. Disney is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and Superintendent of the Sabbath school and a member of the A. L. of H.

EDWIN P. DUBOIS, was born in Delaware County, N. Y. June 20, 1827. In 1836 his family removed to Michigan, locating on a farm. The subject of this sketch was married June 30, 1851 to Miss Clarissa Holmes, and in 1870 removed to Sioux City, Iowa, where he farmed for two years, coming to Kansas in 1872. He located on a farm in Section 22, Town 20, Range 2 and farmed it for five years; sold, and has since lived in Peabody, and runs the stage and mail line from Peabody to Towanda. His wife died in 1854, leaving one child.

J. M. FEISTER, a citizen of Peabody, and proprietor of the Commercial Hotel, came to this locality in the spring of 1878, and purchased the Commercial Hotel property, which was then partially completed, and he finished it, and has since been sole owner and manager of the hotel. He was born in Lancaster County, Penn., December 17, 1813. He lived in various parts of the State for fifty-odd years, during which time he learned the tailoring trade, and also engaged in the hotel and general merchandise business at various times, and in 1843 was married to Miss Sarah Erwine. They have six children, of whom three are still living. In 1864, he removed to Griggsville, Pike Co., Ill., where he followed the hotel-keeping and merchandising for fourteen years, although he will soon have passed his three score years and ten. Mr. Feister is still hale and hearty, and contemplates soon resigning the busy cares of life, to spend the remainder of his days in the ease and luxury that a hard earned competency will allow him.

J. W. FERRIER, was born in Indiana County, Penn., in 1842. Left there at an early age and went to Kentucky and from there to Iowa; from Iowa to Missouri; from there to Illinois. At the breaking out of the war, he enlisted in the First Missouri Infantry, serving three years and eight months. After the war he located in Ironton, Mo., but soon moved to St. Louis where he learned the watchmaking and silversmith trade. In 1868, he came to Kansas, locating for a short time at Augusta, and then removed to Peabody in 1871. He carries one of the finest and largest stocks of jewelry in this part of the State. Was married, August 6, 1873, to Miss Louisa Jones, by whom he has had four children. Mr. Ferrier is a member of the Masonic fraternity, Legion of Honor, Knights of Honor and a member of the Baptist Church.

H. A. FREELAND, veterinary surgeon came to Kansas in 1868, and located in White Cloud, and engaged in his profession. Traveled over the Western country until 1878, when he returned East to Pennsylvania and remained there until 1881, when he returned to Peabody. Was born in Chester County, Penn., June 17, 1845. His father's name was Samuel Freeland; his mother's name was Lena Andrews. Obtained a common school education; studied homeopathy veterinary science with Dr. Evans, of Pottstown, Penn. Was married to Miss Margaret V. Yates of Philadelphia, Penn., December 14, 1876, in Sterling, Ill. Is a member of the A. F. & A. M. and Chapter, Norristown, Penn.

DR. J. L. GRINNELL, physician and surgeon, located here in October, 1872. He was born in Chittenden County, Vt., September 26, 1826. He was educated in the common schools and began the study of medicine in 1848 at Willistown, Vt., with Dr. White; attended lectures in 1855-56 at the Eclectic Medical Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio, and his preceptor at that time was Prof. R. S. Newton. He began practice at Morgantown, Ind., May 1, 1856, where he remained until 1862, when he became Contract Surgeon of the Government under Dr. McDougle at Pittsburg Landing, Tenn. At the end of six months, he was appointed Assistant Surgeon of the Thirty-fourth Indiana Infantry, his commission bearing the date March 1, 1863. Served in that capacity until February, 1866. Returned to Morgantown and remained in practice of medicine until coming to Kansas in 1872. He was married in 1850, at Willistown, Vt., to Miss A. H. Evans of New York. They have three children living -- Emory E., Ella M. and Mary S. Esther Louisa died in June, 1877, aged eighteen years. Dr. G. was elected President of the Southwestern Kansas Eclectic Medical Association in 1882. He is a member of the A. F. & A. M., K. of H., and G. A. R.

REV. JOHN HERITAGE, pastor of the First Baptist Church, was born in the county of Kent, England, in December, 1821. He was a missionary there for sixteen years under the auspices of the County Towns' Mission. He resigned the mission in 1870 and came to America, locating at LeRoy, Coffey Co. Kan., where he had charge of the First Baptist Church for nearly two years. During this time he organized two churches in the county, one at Turkey Creek, and one at Big Creek. He preached at Burlington, Kan., one year, still preaching at the two churches he had organized, and also starting another church at Hartford. He came to Peabody in January, 1833, and took charge of the church here. Was married in Canterbury, Eng., in 1846, to Miss Ann M. Hunt. Has four children, one of whom, John, is a Baptist minister in Michigan.

REV A. J. HESSON, pastor of the Lutheran Church, was born in Pennsylvania, January 24, 1839. He lived on his father's farm until seventeen years of age and then attended a preparatory school at Selin's Grove, Penn. for four years and then studied two years at Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio, graduating there. He then took a theological course at Gettysburg, Penn., finishing the course in 1867. His first charge was the Mission Church at Topeka, Kan., where he remained four years. Afterward, he returned to Mercersburg, Penn., and had charge of a church there for ten years. Ill health from overwork compelled him to rest for a time, but in April, 1882, he took charge of a church at Salina, Kan., and in December of that same year removed to Peabody, and has since had charge of the church there. He was married, in Scotland, Penn., in 1871, to Miss Mary A. Garver. Had six children, five boys and one girl.

MILTON HILL, was born in Canton, Ohio, in 1835, but left there at an early age and went to Williams County, Ohio, thence to Illinois in 1849, settling in Henry County, near Rock Island. In 1862, he enlisted in the One Hundred and Twelfth Illinois Volunteers, serving to the close of the war. Was with Sherman on his famous march to the sea. His regiment was mustered out at Chicago. Returning to Henry County, he began a general merchandising and milling business with his brother, continuing that until 1878 when he came to Kansas and farmed until 1882. He was married in Henry County, Ill., in 1872 to Miss Sarah A. Hooker, and has four children. His store in Peabody contains a general stock of groceries and provisions, flour and queensware.

I. W. HITCHCOCK, coal dealer, was born in Richland County, Ohio, December 13, 1830. His father, Isaac Hitchcock, owned a large woolen mill. Until he attained his majority, he was engaged in farming and working in the woolen factory. In 1851, Mr. H. removed to Lafayette, Ind., where he engaged in carpenter work until 1863, when he enlisted in Company I, Eleventh Indiana Cavalry. Was in the Hood-Nashville campaign and was afterward captured in Tennessee but soon effected his escape. After the war closed he returned to Lafayette and resided there until 1867 when he moved to Champaign County, Ill. Came to Butler County, Kan., in 1870. Farmed until 1879, when he removed to Peabody. Was married in 1856 at Lafayette, Ind., to Miss Hannah Freeman. Has three boys and four girls, the eldest being twenty-six years old. Is Officer of the Day of G. A. R.

LEVI HOOVER, of the firm of Neal & Hoover, hardware and lumber dealers came to this State in the fall of 1872. Located on a farm in Wilson, Section 19, Town 20, Range 3, eleven miles northwest of Peabody. Improved a farm of 160 acres and resided there until the fall of 1875, and then came to Peabody and clerked for W. D. Butler & Co. for five years. In the spring of 1880 he opened a hardware and implement store in Hillsboro, Marion Co. Kan. Was there eighteen months, and came here and formed a copartnership with Mr. Neal, January 1, 1883. Mr. Hoover was born in Elkhart County, Ind., June 12, 1846. Resided there until the spring of 1871. Engaged in farming and emigrated to Stevenson County, Ill., and remained there until coming to Kansas. Mr. Hoover was one of the first of the numerous settlers of Elkhart County to locate in this county. He was married in Elkhart, Ind., in 1870 to Miss Sophia Bechtle, and has four children -- Oliver M. (born May 11, 1871) Francis E. (born August 24, 1877), Vernon (born November 3, 1882), Anna (born May 11, 1871). He is a member of the K. of H. and of the Marion County Agricultural Society.

DR. A. G. HUFFMAN, druggist, was born in Garrett, Ky., June 6, 1808. Was educated there, and began reading medicine in 1828 with Dr. William Craig at Stanford, Ky. Graduated from Translyvania University, Lexington, Ky., in 1833. Began practice at Stanford, where he remained until coming to Kansas. Has been twice married, first in 1833 at Stanford, to Miss Sophia Lee, who died in 1847 and had five children, four of whom are living -- Montgomery, Richard E., Jennie (now Mrs. R. L. Cochran) and Thomas. Was married again in 1848 to Pamelia P. Lee of Lincoln County, Ky., Came to Kansas in 1871 and located at Americus, Lyon Co., Kan., where he remained until coming to Peabody. Dr. Huffman was appointed Surgeon of the First Kentucky Cavalry in 1862 and served until the close of the war. Is a member of A. F. & A. M., I. O. O. F., and G. A. R, Peabody.

ALFRED H. HUTCHINGS, came to Kansas in the fall of 1873, and farmed for two years near Peabody and then removed to town and opened a tin shop, finally adding a stock of hardware. He now has one of the finest establishments in the city. He was born in Aurora, Ind., in 1851, and was married at Claysville, Ind., August 3, 1871, to Miss Mary C. Shanks. Four sons have been the result of this marriage. Mr. Hutchings is a careful and energetic business man and by fair dealing has established a trade that is second to none in this line of business.

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