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BUFF JONES was born in Carroll County, Ky., January 27, 1843. When seventeen years of age he enlisted in Company K, Thirteenth Kentucky Volunteers. Was wounded at Shiloh, and at the expiration of two years was discharged for disability (heart disease) and returned to Carrollton and remained there seven years. He then came to Marion, Kan., and has lived there ever since. He is now contracting in this city for stone work, wells, cisterns, etc.

F. A. JONES, dealer in live stock, commenced business here in September, 1879. Has done a business of $5,000 a month since. Was born in Harrison County, Ohio, February 25, 1840. Remained there until twenty-one, learning the trade of a blacksmith. Enlisted in three months' service in 1861 in Company I, Thirteenth Ohio. Was with his command at Corinth, Chickamauga, Shiloh and Mission Ridge. Was slightly wounded in the last-named engagement. Was afterward in the Atlanta campaign. In 1866 he removed to Springfield, Ill. Was married in Illinois December 25, 1866, to Miss Ann McMillen, of Tennessee. Came to Kansas in 1879. Is a member of A. F. & A. M. and G. A. R.

C. W. KELLER, attorney at law, was born in Crawford County, Penn., September 24, 1833. Resided there and in Erie County about thirty-three years. Learned the carpenter's trade. Enlisted in August, 1862, in Company E, One Hundred and Forty-fifth Pennsylvania Infantry. Was with his command at Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg and the Wilderness. Was wounded in the series of engagements about Gettysburg and lost his left arm in consequence and was discharged June 12, 1865. He then returned to Erie County, Penn., and began the study of law. Was admitted to practice in August, 1869. Removed to Streeter, Ill., in 1871 and there practiced his profession seven years, coming to Kansas in 1878. Was married in 1858, in La Salle County, Ill. to Miss Ellen M. Wright. They have four children -- Frank, Fred, Jesse and Edith. Was City Attorney of Streeter four years. Is a member of the M. E. Church, Marion, and a member and reporter of Marion Lodge, No. 1, 986, K. of H. Has always been an active and earnest temperance advocate.

WILLIAM KELLISON came to Marion County in the spring of 1870, and engaged in the cattle business. Then engaged in general merchandise for nine years. Mr. K. is at present engaged in looking after his farm as he owns 800 acres in the county and in 1883 had 650 acres under cultivation. He was born in Trenton, N. J., March 11, 1825. When four years old, removed to Cattaraugus County, N. Y.; remained five years and resided afterward in Lenawee, Jackson and Branch Counties, Mich. Moved to Cedar Rapids and Marysville, Iowa, about 1850 and there engaged in farming and mercantile pursuits. He was married in 1846, in Jackson, Mich., to Miss Katherine St. Clair, of New York, and has four children -- L. W. K., two miles north of Marion; Cornelia, now Mrs. V. S. Pratt, two miles northeast; Lucy A., now Mrs. B. A. Griffith, near town, and Arvilla A., now Mrs. V. B. Rouse, telegraph operator at depot. He is a member of Center Lodge, No. 147, A. F. &. A. M. Was in partnership with Mr. Coble and others in Freborn's Addition to Marion. Was President of the bank of Marion Center.

REV. JOHN H. KIPLINGER was born in Wayne County, Ohio, March 4, 1841. At an early age, his family removed to Kosciusko County, Ind. After a five-year residence, the family went to Fulton County, Ind. After teaching school five years in Indiana and four years in Missouri, he began his ministerial labors at Carthage, Mo., since which time he has had charges in Lyon County, Kan., in Holt and Daviess Counties, Mo., and Afton, Iowa, and now (1883) has charge of the Marion Circuit, Marion County, Kan., numbering six in all. He was married in December 25, 1871, in Holt County, Mo., to Miss Amanda Anselment. Has three children living. December 25, 1861, he enlisted in Company A, Forty-eighth Indiana Volunteers and served nearly two years, being discharged on account of disability.

JOHN L. LEACHMAN, dealer in farm machinery, was born in Carroll County, Ky., May 11, 1838. Resided there until October, 1868, when he came to Marion and has since engaged in various business pursuits. Was married in Carroll County, Ky., March, 1860, to Miss Susan Webster, and has seven children. Enlisted in Company B, Fifty-fourth Kentucky and served one year.

W. C. LOCKWOOD & CO., dealer in hardware and farm implements, Marion, began business here in 1879, in the Gordon building and during the summer of 1879 built his present stone building 50 x 80 feet, two stories high. In 1882, sold over $65,000 and in 1883 his sales will reach $75,000. His sales for March, 1881, were $2,700; March, 1882, $4,200 and March, 1883, $5,700. The trade in August, 1882, was $12,000. Carries a stock of $15,000 TO $25,000. William Lockwood was born in Erie county, Ohio, September 30, 1853. Moved to Hamilton, Iowa, in 1855, and remained until 1861, then moved to La Salle County, Ill., and remained until coming to Kansas. Was in the hardware business in Ottawa, Ill., from 1873 until 1879. Was married at Collinsville, Ill., in 1874, to Miss Elizabeth Peters, a native of that place, and have two children -- Alfred and Lois. Is a member of the Presbyterian Church, Marion.

DAVID LUCAS was born in Page County, Va., May 14, 1839. In 1856, moved to Menard County, Ill., where he resided nine years learning the trade of a plasterer. Enlisted August 2, 1861 in Company F, Twenty-eighth Illinois Infantry. Was in the battles of Belmont, Fort Donelson and was wounded at Pittsburg Landing. While on furlough assisted in recruiting men for the Fourteenth, Fifteenth and Twenty-eighth Illinois Regiments. Was Postmaster of this regiments one year. Was mustered out at Boonesville, Tex., June 25, 1865. Came to Kansas in 1867 and located on a farm in Marion County. Was elected County Commissioner in 1868 and held the office two terms. Moved to Marion in 1873, was elected Postmaster of the House of Representatives in 1877 and held the position during three sessions of that body. Was married January 30, 1860, at Petersburg, Menard County, Ill., to Miss H. J. Dugan, and has had seven children -- John W., Samuel U. S. G., Laura A., Louisa J., Lenora Bates and Freddie, Effa May died in December, 1882 from the accidental discharge of a gun, seven years. Is a member of A. F. & A. M., I. O. O. F. and G. A. R. Lodges.

S. MCLEOD, of the firm of S. McLeod & Sons, dealers in grain and coal. Their elevator will contain 12,000 bushels of wheat and ten cars a day can be loaded. They also run a corn sheller by which two cars a day can be shelled and loaded. Mr. McLeod was born in Athens County, Ohio, in 1833. Resided there twenty-five years engaged in merchandise, and removed to Ross County and engaged in stock-raising until 1871, when he removed to Madison County and engaged in farming and stock-raising until removing to Marion County, Kan., in October, 1882. Was married in Athens, Ohio, 1853, to Elvira P. Beebe and has eight children. Enlisted in Company B, Fifty-third Ohio Volunteers and served two years. Participated in the battles of Shiloh, Corinth, Holly Springs and Memphis. Was discharged at Holly Springs on account of sickness, holding the commission of Second Lieutenant at the time. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., Marion.

REV. CHARLES B. MITCHELL, A. M., son of Rev. D. P. Mitchell, was born in Allegheny City, Penn., August 27, 1857, and at the age of five year came with his father's family to Kansas. After completing the high school course and receiving further preparations in the classics by his sister, Mrs. L. B. Kellogg, at the age of eighteen, he entered the freshman's class at Mount Union College, Mount Union, Ohio and in two years competed the first three years of the college course. He then left that school for Allegheny College, Meadville, Penn., a school of higher grade, and entered the senior class and graduated in June, 1879. While at the latter school, he was editor-in-chief of the "Crescent" the official organ of the Delta Tau Delta Greek letter fraternity. He graduated with the honors of his class, being "master orator" Immediately after graduation, he commenced preaching as a supply under the Presiding Elder, his father, having been licensed to preach while in college. In March, 1880, he joined the South Kansas Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church as a probationer and is now an ordained Elder in that church. He has served as pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Churches at Coyville, Burton and Marion; remained three years, the limit of the term, at the latter place. On the 6th of July, 1882, he was married in Pittsburgh, Penn., to Miss Clara Aull, of that city, daughter of James Aull and sister of Major William F. Aull, State senator from the Pittsburg District. On June, 1882, the degree of A. M. was conferred upon him by his Alma Mater. He has one of the largest and best selected theological libraries in the State, it being a legacy from his father.

[Picture of Rev. D. P. Mitchell] REV DANIEL P. MITCHELL, deceased, was born near Phillipi, Barbour Co. W. Va., February 2, 1821 and died suddenly on the cars near Newton, Kan., August 24, 1881, in his sixty-first year. His parents were among the solid yeomanry of that mountainous country and from them he inherited a strong physical organization and endowments of brain and heart which promised for him a prominent position among men. Under the preaching of the pioneer Methodist preachers of that day, he was in early life led to Christ, and at the age of twenty-three years entered the Pittsburgh conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In that conference of strong men, he soon became known as a young man of promise, and in a brief period took a foremost place in the church. His appointments were Kingwood, Murraysville, Johnstown, Coshocton, two years, Normal two years, Cadiz two years, Carrollton two years, South Common Church, Allegheny City two years, and Presiding Elder of Allegheny District two years; the latter appointment being a mark of distinction in those early days. His last appointment in that conference was Johnston, Penn. Bishop Ames, who knew him best of any of the older Bishops, selected him for the Kansas work, and charged him to come to Kansas and help build up a conference for God and Methodism. He was first appointed to Leavenworth, where he attracted the leading men of the State, preached to large audiences conducting large revivals and built up the property interests of his church in that city. The next two years were spent as Presiding Elder of the Leavenworth District, followed by two years as pastor of the Second Methodist Episcopal Church of that city, and Chaplain of the Penitentiary. In 1870, he was re-appointed to the First Church in Leavenworth. Following this he was pastor of the First Church Topeka two years, then Presiding Elder of the Fort Scott District four years, then two years Presiding Elder of the Emporia District, the one year Presiding Elder of the Independence District and then his last charge Hutchinson, making thirty-three years of active service, and leaving a record of work accomplished that few men have equaled. He was a member of the general conference, the law making body of the Methodist Episcopal Church, at four different times, representing each of the three conferences with which he had been connected, and was for several years, the representative of his general conference district in the missionary society of that church. At different times he was a prominent candidate for Governor of Kansas and for Congress. At one time he received the solid vote of his party for United States Senator, against his own wishes and best interests. He was urged by his party for the above positions. He was universally recognized as the head of the National Greenback party of this State, and when the head died the body died also. In all his political career, there were no opponents to his views who were disposed to meet him in debate. Some of the strong leading men who were opposed to his political position, testify that his career was not derogatory to him, either as a man or as a minister of the Gospel. During his residence in the State, he was universally regarded as the leading man of the church in Kansas. As a preacher he was vigorous and oftentimes eloquent. As a reasoner he was clear and concise. As a debater, he had but few equals whether on the conference floor, the platform, the pulpit or in the open field, warding off the sophistries of infidelity. He was a constant worker, and literally worked himself to death. He left a wife and eight children. Mrs. Mitchell was a help-meet in all his itinerant toils. She is a woman of deep piety and marked intellectuality. She is the daughter of Rev. Henry Baker who was a prominent member of the Baltimore Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The oldest son, Henry B., is both a civil and locomotive engineer, but now employed in the State Auditor's office as draughtsman. Mrs. L. B. Kellogg, the oldest daughter, is a practicing attorney in Emporia, and is the first woman admitted to the practice in the Supreme Court of the State. Joseph T. is one of the officers of the Northern Pcific Railroad and resides at Portland, Oregon. Annie E. has been bookeeper at G. W. Newman's, Emporia, for the past six years. Charles B., is a minister and member of the Southwest Kansas Conference of the Methodist episcopal Church. Mrs. George T. Guernsey, is the wife of a banker, and resides in Independence, Kan. Dove and Nettie, the two youngest, live with their mother. For full particulars of the life of D. P. Mitchell see "Sisson's Life of Mitchell".

JAMES MEYERS, dealer in confectionery and fruits, came to the State in 1875, and located on a farm in Clear Creek Township. Remained there two years and moved to Marion. Was born in Menard county, Ill., 1850. Removed to Atchison County, Mo. when three years of age. Was married June 19, 1870 in Menard County, Ill., to Miss Brooks. Is a member of Center Lodge, A. F. & A. M., No. 147, and Delta Chapter, No. 19, A. F. & A. M., Marion.

J. J. PIERSON, photographer, was born in the State of Arkansas, October 7, 1839. Was employed by Government one year during the war. Resided in Illinois and New Mexico and came to Kansas in 1864, locating at Junction City, teaching school there about two years, and farming four years. Was married at Junction City in 1866. His wife died in the spring of 1870, leaving two children, one of whom died shortly after. In the meantime, he had returned from Arkansas to Kansas in 1876. Resided in Manhattan and Wamego. Came to Marion in 1881, since which time he has devoted his entire time to photographic business.

TAYLOR RIDDLE, Under Sheriff and Jailer, was born in Madison County, Ohio, May 2, 1851; when three years of age his parents moved to Piatt County, Ill., where he resided twenty years engaged in farming; lived in Benton County, Ind., three years where he was married to M. C. Kious, a native of Montgomery County, Ind. They have three children -- Humbert, Wayne, and Tell. He came to Kansas in November, 1873, locating on a farm three miles northwest of Marion which he still owns. He was appointed Under Sheriff in 1881, and has held that position ever since. He is a member of Center Lodge, A. F. & A. M., No. 147, and of Forest Lodge, No. 77, K. of P., and has always been a Republican.

C. R. ROBERTS, farmer, owns the east half of northwest quarter of Section 6, Township 20, Range 4 east, adjoins Marion (city) on the west. Mr. R. was born in Bennington County, Vt., November 16, 1816; moved to Rutland County when quite young, and remained several years; was educated at Burr Seminary, Manchester, Bennington County; engaged as a clerk with his father and others; came to Pettis County, Mo., in 1856, and resided there three years; went to Pike's Peak in 1859; on his return in 1861, stopped in Marion County; took a homestead on South Fork of Cottonwood Creek. Mr. R. assisted in the organization of the county and held the offices of Commissioner, County Surveyor, Clerk of District Court and Township Trustee; kept a ranch for two years on the old Santa Fe trail in McPherson County but was constantly harassed by Indians and obliged to leave the ranche. He was married at Marion in August, 1864, to Mrs. Margaret Strawhacker, she having one son, William Henry, and adopted by Mr. Roberts, and now farming on his own place of 200 acres, and his mother's homestead. Mr. R. has passed through some rough periods since coming to Kansas, having shared the common lot of the pioneer, but he now has a competence earned by patient industry and an abiding faith in the future greatness of Kansas. He is an ancient member of the I. O. O. F. and was originally a Granger.

Dr. J. N. Rogers, physician and surgeon, located in Marion in the fall of 1865, and opened the first drug store in the town, and was the first resident physician of the county.

T. J. SMITH, Sheriff, was born in Henry County, Ky., March 12, 1844; resided there until twenty-three years of age; engaged in farming, and removed to McLean County, Ill., and engaged in farming there about eight years, and from thence came to this county and located in Clear Creek Township, where he engaged in farming about three years. He was appointed Under sheriff in January, 1878; served in that capacity until his election. He was married December, 1865, in Henry County, Ky., to Miss Sallie Williamson, of Madison County, Ky., and has seven children -- Mattie B., W. A., Elizabeth, Emma A., A. N., S. W., and Richard. He is a member of Forest Lodge, K. of P., No. 77, Marion.

J. L. SPIVEY, restaurant, dealer in confectionery, fruits, tobacco and cigars; was born in Lee County, Va., July 4, 1851; resided in Claybourn County, Tenn., for four years; from there removed to Proctor, Owsley County, Ky., and remained until twenty-six years of age; occupation a farmer; went from there to Carroll County, Ky., and remained three years; has been in Kansas over three years in present business since September 22, 1882; is a member of Center Lodge, No. 147, and Delta Chapter, No. 19, A. F. & A. M.

M. H. STONE, dealer in coal and plastering material, gasoline stoves and coal oil; also proprietor of Marion Baggage and Dray Line; was born in Licking County, Ohio, September 22, 1848; remained there until 1868, and engaged in farming; attended Dennison University at Granville, Ohio, one year, and took a commercial course at Rush and Marshall's Commercial College, Columbus, Ohio. In 1863, removed to McLean County, Ill., and resided there six years; engaged in mercantile business at Bloomington and Le Roy; located here in 1874; teamed for three years, and went into coal business in 1877; opened a lumber yard which he sold to J. G. Morse in the fall of 1880. In 1882, sold ninety-nine cars of coal and paid out on freight, $1,000; business will reach $20,000 a year. He was married at Cincinnati, Ohio, March 26, 1867, to Miss Mary A. Judy, of Westerville, Ohio, and has three children -- Lulu A., Daisey G. and Oliver C; is a member of Marion Lodge, No. 104, I. O. O. F., and Forest Lodge, No. 77, K. of P. Has served two terms on City Council.

FRANK R. STROWIG, of the Marion Mill Company. The mill was completed and began work June 23, 1882. Mr. S. was born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, November 23, 1855; came to Kansas when quite young, locating at Holton, Jackson County, where he resided until 1879, engaged in farming, from thence moved to Wabaunsee County, and resided until coming to Marion in March, 1882; was married in July, 1878, at Holton, Kas., to Miss Josie Williams. The mill is a fine stone structure, and has a capacity of 100 barrels in twenty-four hours.

LARS STROM, manufacturer and dealer in harness, saddles, boots and shoes, Marion. Carries a stock of $3,000; trade will reach about $15,000. Mr. Strom was born in Wesbey, Sweden, December 31, 1845; went to Stockholm when about fourteen and there learned his trade, and carried on business. Came to America in 1872, and remained in St. Joe, Mo., eighteen months; then removed to Council Grove and remained six years in business and has since been in Marion. Was married in September, 1877, at Emporia, Kan., to Miss Emma Peterson, who died soon after.

DR. G. M. TIDYMAN, surgeon dentist, located in Marion, December 16, 1878; was born in Dodge County, Wis., December 26, 1857; remained there until twenty years of age, and attended the union school at Mayville; began studying dentistry in June, 1877, with Dr. J. G. Clark of Mayville. He was married July 17, 1881, at Marion, to Miss Lydia J. Gibson, of Marion County and has one child -- Carrie L. He is a member of Marion Lodge, No. 1,986, K. of H., and also of Center Lodge, No. 147, A. F. & A. M.

SAMUEL THOMPSON, hotel, was born in Parke County, Ind., March 15, 1832; lived on a farm in Indiana until eighteen years old, when he went to Keokuk County, Iowa, where he followed farming one year and then went to Jacksonville, Ill. After one year there, he removed to Putnam County, Ind., where he engaged in the stock and mercantile business. After another trip West, in which he followed surveying for nearly a year, he again returned to Indiana and engaged in the stock and mercantile business. He enlisted in Company F, Eight Iowa Cavalry, in 1863; served two years, was taken prisoner in July, 1863, and after being in a number of Southern prisons, was paroled at Wilmington, N. C. Came to Marion in May, 1880; was married in Putnam County, Mo., in 1856. His wife died in 1878, and he was again married in 1879. Has eight children living.

EDWIN R. TRENNER, abstractor; was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, January 15, 1838; resided there until the civil war began; engaged in reading law and book-keeping, and pursued a course of study in Woodward High School; pursued his law studies in the office of A. N. Riddle, Esq., and was admitted to practice in 1859; opened an office and practiced two years; was then appointed to a position in the Quartermaster's Department of the Railway Auditor's office, at Nashville, where he remained two and one half years, and returned to Cincinnati and remained until May, 1870. Came to Marion County, Kan., September, 1871, and began to set off real estate abstracts, which he has since kept up. Was appointed Deputy County Clerk the same year, which he held until 1877, when he was elected County Clerk, holding the office one term; was married at Cincinnati in 1871, to Miss Lilly M. Goodman, of that city. They have three children -- George, Alice, and Annie M. He is a member of Marion Lodge, No. 104, I. O. O. F.

JOHN WAND, dealer in drugs and fancy goods; carries a stock of $6,000 and $8,000 and his annual trade will reach $16,000. Mr. Wand does a jobbing trade in certain articles, and his goods are imported direct from Germany. He will, this year, extend his trade into New Mexico. He is now handling a cigar lighter, an improvement over all precious inventions, of which his father, John Wand, of Birkungen, Prussia, is the inventor. Mr. Wand was born December 15, 1854, in Prussia; engaged early in the drug business, and graduated from the Vienna University in 1874; came to America in the fall of 1874, and located at Brenham, Tex., where he clerked in a drug store; opened business here in 1877. He was married in the spring of 1878, at St. Louis, Mo., to Miss Belle Ancker, of Cincinnati, Ohio, and has two children, -- Hettie and Julius. He is a member of Marion Lodge, No. 104, I. O. O. F., K. of H., No. 1,986. He is a member of the Kansas State Pharmaceutical Association.

W. T. WATSON, Deputy Register of Deeds, was born in Coles County, Ill., in 1858. In the fall of 1876, he went South and resided there until quite recently.

REV. B. F. WONDER was born in Juniata, Penn. At the age of five, went with his parents to Peoria County, Ill. With the exception of his army life, he lived in that county thirteen years. He enlisted in Company C, Fifty-seventh Illinois Infantry; was in some of the most important engagements of the war, and went with Sherman to the sea. After the war he attended school at Lewiston and Bloomington, Ill., and joined the Central Illinois Conference in 1868. Three years later, he came to Kansas; joined the Kansas Conference in 1873, and was stationed three years at Cedar Vale. He has since had charge at Lyons, Rice County, at Walnut Valley, at Kingman and has been two years at Marion. There are four appointments on his circuit, with a membership of fifty. Was married in Farmington, Ill., July 4, 1867, to Miss Mary J. Holt, by whom he has had four children.

W. B. ZERCHER, County Superintendent of Public Instruction, of Marion County, Kan., was elected in November, 1882. He was born in Decatur, Brown Co. Ohio, December 4, 1847; resided there until eleven years of age and moved to Adams County, where he remained until 1869; attended Lebanon, Ohio, College in 1868; has made a profession of teaching; enlisted in Company K, One Hundred and Eighty-third Ohio, October 17, 1864; in the one year service; was in the battle of Franklin and the second battle of Nashville; was mustered out August 17, 1865; went to Jackson Co, Mo., in 1869 and was there married June 16, 1872, to Miss A. K. Smith; came to Kansas in 1871; took a homestead near Peabody, and has been teaching continuously since. He is a member of the A. F. & A. M., Florence and of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

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