William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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OTTO J. QUETSCH, boots and shoes, was born in Germany, August 10, 1858. Came to the United States with his parents in 1860, locating at Peru, Ill., where they resided about six years. Then removed to Milwaukee, Wis., but after a residence of only one year they returned to Illinois, and the next five years resided in Champaign. He then went to Chicago and was engaged about five years with the extensive and well-known firm of C. M. Henderson & Co., manufacturers and wholesale dealers in boots and shoes. In April, 1882, Mr. Q. came to Kansas, locating at Emporia, and engaging in the boot and shoe business under the firm name of Quetsch & Doan. Although yet a young man, Mr. Q. is the sole resident partner, and the manager of the largest store in their line in the city, located on the corner of Commercial street (the principal business street of the city) and Sixth avenue. They keep a large and well selected stock and do an extensive business.

W. A. RANDOLPH, attorney-at-law, came to Emporia in March, 1866, took a course at the State Normal School at Emporia. Afterwards attended the law department of the University of Michigan, at Ann Arbor, and then read law in the office of Ruggles & Plumb, at Emporia, where he was admitted to the bar in 1871. In September, 1864, at the age of fifteen, he enlisted in the Sixth Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, and was mustered out at the close of the war in June, 1865. With his brother, A. G. Randolph, he is extensively engaged in feeding fine stock, cattle and hogs.

OTTO D. RASMUSSEN, clothier, was born in Denmark, February 1, 1851. He came to the United States in 1871, locating at Manitowoc; remained in Wisconsin, until January, 1877, when he came to Kansas, locating at Emporia. He took charge of the clothing establishment of A. Wolleson, for about a year, then clerked for another clothing store until February, 1881, when he went into business with J. W. Thatcher, under the firm name of Thatcher & Rasmussen. They do an extensive business in retail clothing, gents' furnishing goods, hats, caps, etc. He is a member of Emporia Commandery No. 8, K. T., of Walkup Lodge, No. 2010, K. of H., and of Martha Washington Lodge, No. 400, K. & L. of H.

REV. HENRY REES, was born in South Wales, October 24, 1820. He came to the United States in 1869, and located at Emporia. He was ordained as a minister of the Congregational Church in Wales, in 1848, and preached about twenty years to the same congregation in Ysteradgunlais. He preached his first sermon as the pastor of the Second Congregational Church of Emporia, Sunday, June 13, 1869, and has since held this charge. The membership of this church has increased from fifty to 200, during his pastorate. The society will complete this year a fine substantial brick church, upon the ground occupied by the structure which was built in 1868. Mr. Rees first married in 1845, to Miss Ann Thomas, of Wales, she died in 1856, leaving two children, of whom Henry T. is now living. He again married in 1857. The maiden name of his present wife was Gwen Jones, also of South Wales, and she has borne him four children, of whom Evan J., Luther M., and William are living.

REV. CYRUS R. RICE, Pastor Emporia Methodist Episcopal Church, was born in Wilson County, Tenn., August 27, 1833. His father, James P. Rice, was a practicing physician and intended the subject of this sketch for the same profession. Mr. Rice was educated at Shelby College, Nashville, Tenn., graduating in 1852. Was licensed to preach in 1854, and for two years had charge of the Thomasville Circuit in Missouri. Came to Kansas in 1855, under the auspices of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. Began his work in Linn County. Went to Fort Scott, in 1856, and while there a school was established by the church in the old Hospital building, which was purchased for this purpose from the Government. Remained in charge of the pastorate there two years. Had charge of the church in Tecumesh two years, 1858-59, and built a church here during his pastorate. They years 1860-61, he had charge at Shawneetown, where he also built a church. Being dissatisfied with the action the Methodist Episcopal Church South, at the breaking out of the Rebellion, he withdrew from that body and returned to Missouri, where he resided from 1861 to 1865, part of the time engaged in the practice of medicine and part of the time in the employ of the United States as guide. In 1865, Mr. R., was admitted to the Methodist Episcopal Church and returned to Kansas to preach. Had charge of the church at Centropolis one year; the following year at Fort Scott. Was then appointed to the charge of the Emporia District, which at the time embraced all the southwestern portion of the State. Held this charge four years, and then had charge of churches at Leavenworth, one year; Ottawa two years and Parsons one year. He then withdrew temporarily from the ministry, and for a year assisted in editing the Emporia News. He afterward held charges as follows: Humboldt one year; Burlington three years and Emporia one year. Was then again appointed to the charge of Emporia District and is now, November, 1882, in the third year of his charge. Married March 9, 1856, to Miss Lucy Ann McCormick, a cousin of Cyrus H. McCormick of the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, of Chicago. Has had by this marriage eight children of whom Charles H., now Deputy County Surveyor of Lyon County, Edwin T., Merton S., and Cyrus O., are living.

S. B. RIGGS located at Emporia in 1869, and became engaged in banking, which he followed exclusively until 1874. In January of that year he came into possession of some milling property at Peabody, Marion Co., Kan., and carried on a flouring mill at that point until 1877. Since April, 1877, he has been engaged in the real estate, loan, abstract and insurance business. He is a member of the K. of H., and of the Board of Education, and also served in the latter capacity in 1869. He was born in West Union, Ohio, in 1832, and lived in Portsmouth, Ohio, from 1836 until he came to Emporia.

THOMAS L. RYAN, Sheriff, was born in the County of Lanark, Ontario, March 1, 1841. He lived in his native place until he was eighteen years of age, and then removed to Lewis County, N. Y., from whence he came to Kansas in December, 1869. He located at Emporia and was employed by Burgan & Holmes, as a carriage maker about two years, and in partnership with P. Lyons a year, being afterward associated with Hiram Conner, the successor of Mr. Lyons, in carriage manufacturing, until the death of Mr. Conner, in August, 1878, since which time he has carried on the business without a partner. He was elected Sheriff in 1881, on the Democratic and Greenback ticket, when the county was over 1,000 Republican majority. Mr. Ryan was married near Seaforth, Ontario, February, 1867, to Mary Friel, a native of the County of Leeds, Ontario. They have three children - Louis D., Edward Charles, and Theodore Leo. Mr. R. is a member of the K. of H.

CHARLES RYDER was born in Kenosha, Wis., September 28, 1850. When an infant his parents removed to Adrian, Mich., which was his home until he came to Emporia in April, 1864. He was employed two years at the Emporia House, and then as clerk in the drug store of M. H. Bates, and his successors until he commenced business for himself in July, 1877, which he has carried on alone since December, 1880. He was married in Cincinnati, Ohio, November 16, 1881, to Cora B. Borton, a native of Lawrence.

PROF. HOLMES E. SADLER was born May 19, 1851, at Brockport, N. Y., where his early life was spent. Prepared for college at Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., from which he graduated in 1869. In 1873, he graduated from Yale with the degree of B. A. He then entered the law department of Union College, from which he graduated with degree of L. L. B., in 1874, and the same year commenced his life work, as an instructor of elocution, at the Albany Boy's Academy, where he remained a year. Was next engaged as private instructor in preparing young men for college. In 1875-76, was engaged at New Haven, Conn., with Prof. Sulliman, in researches, chiefly relating to the constituents and products of illuminating gas. In 1878-79, was engaged in building in Brockport, N. Y. In June, 1880, he accepted a chair in the Kansas State Normal School, and in September, 1880, he removed to Emporia, and entered upon his duties as Professor of Natural Sciences. Married Miss Mary E. Coley, of New Haven, Conn., October 19, 1875, and by this marriage has three children - Belle C., Everit J., and Sara F.

M. L. SAMSON, insurance and loan agent, came to Kansas in April 1877, and located in Emporia in February, 1879. Since August 21, 1882, G. W. Miller has been associated with him in the business, they being agents for the German Insurance Company, of Freeport, Ill., and other leading companies. Mr. Samson was born in Cornwall, Addison Co., Vt., June 2, 1841. March 7, 1876, he left his native State and spent four months in Texas, and afterward resided one year in Quincy, Ill., before locating in Kansas. He was married in East Addison, Addison County, Vt., February 15, 1870, to Gertrude M. McLean, a native of that place.

T. N. SEDGWICK, attorney-at-law, settled in Emporia, in April, 1870, and commenced the study of law in the spring of 1873. Admitted to the bar in 1874, he commenced the active practice of his profession in the spring of 1876. Mr. Sedgwick has served two years as Justice of the Peace, and was County Attorney from January 1, 1877 to January 1, 1883. HE is a native of Todds Point, Shelby County, Ill.; born August 15, 1849, living in Shelby, Moulton, and Macon Counties, until he came to Emporia. He is a member (S. D.) of A., F. & A. M., K. of P. and K. of H. Mr. S. was married in Emporia, April 29, 1880, to Flora Frederick, a native of Indiana. They have one child, Edith Pauline.

WILLIAM W. SCOTT, attorney-at-law, is a native of Scotland, where he was born April 4, 1841. His parents immigrated to America in 1842, making their home in New York City, where he resided until 1863. He then located at Lake City, Mint., and was admitted to the bar of that State in November of the same year, having previously studied law at Columbia College Law School, New York City. While residing in Minnesota he was County Attorney of Wabash County four years, and Delegate in 1868 to the Republican National Convention in Chicago, Ill. He located in Emporia in May, 1874, and has been engaged in the practice of law since that time, being associated with Judge Juggles and John W. Lynn until the former died April 24, 1879; since that time the business has been carried on by Scott & Lynn. Mr. Scott was elected a Representative to the Kansas State Legislature November 7, 1882. He was married in East Bridgewater, Mass., September 10, 1868, to Annie E. Bryant, a native of that place, and has three children living, one son having died in infancy. His children are Helen, Mabel, and James B.

FRANCIS SCHMIDLING was born in New York City, March 26, 1832, and resided there until he came to Kansas in 1856. He took a claim of 160 acres on the Big Blue, but sold it in the fall of 1857, and took another claim on the Cottonwood, in Lyon County. This he sold the following year. He then bought a farm of 160 acres in Jefferson County, which he kept until 1879, renting it most of that time. He located in Emporia in 1857, and in connection with Mr. Storrs, kept the first hotel in the town, known as the Emporia House. In February, 1860, he sold his interest in the hotel and engaged in the market business, and bought and shipped cattle. In 1862, he removed to Douglas County, and bought a stock farm of 400 acres, near Lawrence, and engaged in raising, feeding and shipping cattle. Continued in this business until the spring of 1866, when he returned to Emporia and bough a hotel property, which he operated for about two and a half years. He then engaged in the stock business, which he continued until 1880. During the late ware he was enrolled in the Kansas Militia, and was called out several times to resist rebel and Indian raids. In the Price raid he was cut off from his command, and with a few companions, was closely pressed by the enemy without food for nearly three days. Nearly all of his companions were killed, but he fortunately escaped. He was a charter member of Emporia Lodge, No. 12, A., F. & A. M., and a member of Union Lodge, No. 15, I. O. O. F. He married Miss Maria L. Bundrem, of Emporia, April 4, 1860. They have four children - Jessie C. (now married to Arthur Smith), Edgar, Horace and Hattie, all living. In January, 1881, he rented the Tremont House at Emporia, and operated it until his death, March 8, 1882, since which time has been operated by his widow. Mrs. Schmidling was born in Wayne County, Ind., where she resided until she came to Kansas in 1859. During the Quantrell raid she was driven from her home and lay secreted in the woods for a day and a night. In December, 1882, she rented the Park Place Hotel and purchased the furniture and fixtures. She now operates both the Park Place and the Tremont.

LUTHER SEVERY, capitalist, is a native of Chautauqua County, N. Y., and was born in 1828. Coming to Sturgis, Mich., he engaged in farming, was a grain dealer and a merchant. In the fall of 1860 he came to Emporia, and in the following summer commenced to purchase Texas cattle, bringing them from Wichita to Lyon County. During the four years that he dealt in this kind of stock he handled over 5,000 head. Then he commenced dealing in native stock, and he has continued feeding that class of cattle, buying one year and turning off the next year. As an indication of how his business has increased, it may be stated that the first winter he turned off about 150 head; now from 600 to 800 head per year. Mr. Severy raises and buys about 1,000 hogs per year, principally of the Poland China and Berkshire breeds. He has a farm of 3,000 acres, in Osage and Lyon counties, well fenced and abundantly supplied with running water. A fine blue-grass pasture and red clover fields add to the beauty and value of his land, which is also well timbered with walnut, oak, sycamore, elm and hackberry. Besides the natural advantages of his property as a stock farm, there are others which he has brought about himself, such as the making of numerous ponds by damming the many ravines. Of course an abundance of corn is raised for feed. An orchard commenced in 1871 yields 500 bushels of peaches, apples, apricots, and various small fruits. Mr. Severy has the finest farm house in Lyon County, besides seven tenant houses and excellent barns, and cultivates about 1,000 acres of land. Besides this magnificent property, he has a good stock ranch of 2,500 acres, on a branch of the Fall River, thirteen miles northwest of Eureka, another farm one mile from Emporia, extensive real estate and property interests in that city and Northern Michigan, and is interested in the mines of Colorado and New Mexico, and the coal fields of Missouri. In 1878, Mr. Severy was elected director of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad Company, and since that time he has been identified with the interests of that corporation. He built the Eureka branch of that road, and a town in the southern part of Greenwood County has been named in his honor. Since that year also he has resided in Emporia. For the past two years he has been manager of the Osage Carbon Company, in which the railroad is largely interested. In the fall of 1880 he organized the Osage County Bank, at Osage City, and has been vice-president of that institution since. He has always been one of the directors of the company which built and manages the Hotel Coolidge, and is now vice-president, being also one of the owners of the Whitney Opera House. He has been a director of the First National Bank since 1881, and also President of the Emporia Street Railway Company. Mr. Severy was married in Sturgis, Mich., October 5, 1856, to Miss Eveline Hibbard, a native of Cattaraugus County, N. Y. They have three children - William H., who now has entire charge of his large farm, Calvin Luther, now with his father, also Nellie. They have lost one son. Mr. S. is a member of the A., F. & A. M. and the K. of H.

E. B. SHAW, M. D., physician and surgeon, was born in Coshocton, Ohio, September 10, 1858. He was educated in the public schools and high school of his native town, and spent three years under a private tutor. He read medicine with Dr. W. C. Frew, of Coshocton, remaining with him two years, having studied prior to that time with Dr. E. Sapp, of the same place. He attended his first course of lectures at Columbus Medical College, session of 1879-80, and his second course at Long Island Medical College, from which he graduated in June, 1882. He located in Emporia in July, 1882, and commence practice the following month.

FRANK B. SHERBURNE, M. D., homoepathic physician and surgeon, made his first location in Kansas in Americus Township, near Dunlap, where he settle November 5, 1875, and remained about four years. February 1, 1880, he removed to Emporia, and has since that time been engaged in practice. He was born in Wellington, Lorain Co., Ohio, December 12, 1841. From the age of one year his home was in Pittsfield, the same county, until July 14, 1862, when he enlisted in Company F, One Hundred and Third Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He served until June, 1865, and was then mustered out at Cleveland, and returned to Pittsfield. Soon after, he entered Oberlin College, where he remained three years. Then spent two and a half years at Cleveland, Ohio, pursuing the study of medicine, and graduated from the Cleveland Hospital Medical College. He commenced practice August 22, 1870, at Bellefontaine, Ohio, remaining there mainly until his removal to Kansas. He was married at Greenwich, Huron County, Ohio, December 31, 1870, to Joanna Sheldon, of that place. Dr. and Mrs. Sherburne have one child, Charles H. Dr. S. is a member of the Homoepathic Medical Society of Kansas, and honorary member of the Ohio Medical Society; also a member of the A. O. U. W., and the S. K. of the A. O. U. W., and of the Presbyterian Church.

RUFUS N. SHELDON, M. D., was born in Greenwich, Huron Co., Ohio, February 19, 1852. He was educated at the Delaware College, Ohio, at the Cleveland Medical College, and the Pulte Medical College at Cincinnati, graduating from the latter, February 12, 1874. He commenced practice at New Lexington, Perry Co., Ohio, where he remained two years, and subsequently at Defiance, Ohio, until he removed to Kansas. He was married at Defiance, Ohio, March 26, 1877, to Lulu Crandall, a native of New York State. Dr. Sheldon is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and the Ohio Medical Society.

JAMES SMITH, cigar manufacturer, came to Kansas in September, 1867, locating at Leavenworth, remaining there for a few months. He removed to Topeka until March, 1868, when he returned to Leavenworth. He came to Emporia in June, 1870, and established his cigar manufactory, which he has operated since that time. Mr. Smith is a native of London, England, where he was born August 5, 1838. Coming to America in 1863, he located in Brooklyn, N. Y., and in New England States. In September, 1866, he located in Toledo, Ohio, and after several changes within the next year, came to reside in Leavenworth. He is a member of the A., F. & A. M., having filled all the principal offices in the Blue Lodge and Chapter. He is also member of the Commandery. Mr. Smith was married in Emporia, October 30, 1873, to Fannie C. Neff, a native of New Carlisle, Clark Co., Ohio. They have one child living, Esther.

ELI SNYDER emigrated to Kansas in May, 1878, and engaged in the book business. In the fall of 1879 he engaged in teaching in the city schools, having taught ten years in Luzerne County, Pa., prior to locating in Kansas. Mr. Snyder was one of the incorporate members of the Emporia Athenaeum. With S. B. Jones he now carries on the greenhouse business, having utilized six lots on Commercial street for that purpose. He was born in Canaan; Litchfield Co., Conn., July 11, 1850. From the age of one year until May, 1868, his home was with his parents in Dutchess County, N. Y., to which place they had moved. He then went to Scranton, Pa., and taught school ten years, and was married at that place, February 16, 1876, to Carrie Thompson, by whom he has one child, Joseph, born July 12, 1877. Mr. S. is a member of the Presbyterian Church, and of the I. O. O. F.

W. T. SODEN was born in Ireland, November 22, 1835. His parents moved to America when he was one year of age, and located in Clinton County, N. Y., which remained his home until November, 1856.. He then came West, spending the winter of 1856-57 in Iowa. In March, 1857, he came to Kansas, locating seven miles west from Emporia, in Pike Township. He purchased a saw-mill, and in August, 1858, had made his arrangements to commence the manufacture of flour, his being the only mill of the kind south or west of Burlingame at that time. He remained at this place until 1860, having there a fine farm which he still owns. In the spring of 1860, he sold his mill and located at Emporia, where he built the Emporia Water Mills, about half a mile south of the city limits, on Commercial street. The mill the had one run of buhrs, with a capacity of less than 200 bushels, now has six run of buhrs, with a capacity of 1,000 bushels per day. In March, 1867, he engaged in banking with J. R. Swallow and L. T. Heritage, and has retained an interest in the banking institutions succeeding that . He was the first and is at present president of the Emporia Gas Company, the gas works being built under his supervision. He was one of the first County Commissioners after the State organization and has had much to do in building up the city in which he resides, erecting the Fifth avenue hotel in 1881, at a cost of $22,000 and investing $20,000 in buildings on Commercial street and Fifth avenue. He was married in Pike Township in 1860, to Frances Jane McCormick, who died one year later. In 1868, he again married, in Emporia, Jennie Weaver, daughter of John Weaver. Mrs. Soden died in December, 1876, leaving three children - Halcyon B., Justine Rosenthal and Harry Norman.

THYGE SOGARD, merchant, was born in Jautland, Denmark, October 20, 1846; came to the United States in 1871; located in Chicago, Ill., and opened a book store, dealing in Scandinavian works principally. In 1875 he removed to Nuncia, Mich., and engaged in the lumber business, which he continued until the spring of 1877, when he came to Kansas. Took a claim of 160 acres in Lyon County, which he improved and resided upon until February, 1880, when he sold it and removed to Emporia. For about two years he was engaged in teaching music, drawing and geography, in the State Normal School. Then he engaged in writing for the Danish Pioneer, published in Omaha, Neb., a series of papers descriptive of the State of Kansas, her products, resources, advantages, climate, etc.; was at the same time engaged in teaching music. In the spring of 1882 he started in business under the firm name of Suppe & Sogard, dealing in musical instruments and merchandise, sheet music, etc. The firm was dissolved in August, 1882, since which time Mr. Sogard has continued the business alone. In September, 1882, he was appointed Vice Consul of Denmark to the State of Kansas. He is now engaged in the endeavor to place the young of the Scandinavian population who come here in the higher schools of the State, that they may become more familiar with the history and literature of America, and the more readily assimilate with the native population. Mr. S. is a member of the Lutheran Church; member of Emporia Lodge, No. 12, A., F. & A. M.; member of Walkup Lodge, No. 2010, K. of H.

CHARLES W. SOUTHWARD came to Emporia in October, 1879, engaging in the hide business, as a buyer for Oberne, Hosick & Co., of Chicago. He continued with that firm until October 1, 1882, when he became connected with Smith, Biggs & Co., of Kansas City, in the same capacity. Mr. Southward is a native of Green Bay, Wis., where he was born June 22, 1857. When he was eight years of age his parents removed to Grant County, Ky., where he lived until he came to Kansas, having been engaged in mercantile pursuits. he is now a buyer of hides, wool, tallow and furs, altogether in Kansas. Mr. Southward was married in Emporia, December 22, 1881, to Margia E. Sexton, a native of Iowa. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., K. of P., and Improved Order of Red Men.

EDWARD F. SPRAGUE, contractor, was born in LaGrange County, Ind., September 13, 1843. His early life was spent in Indiana. Enlisted in September, 1861, as private in Company F, Thirteenth Regiment, Illinois Infantry, and served three years in the Department of the Southwest and the Middle Department. He participated in about forty battles and engagements, including the siege of Vicksburg, Missionary Ridge, and Arkansas Post. He was detailed in the Commissary Department as Acting Commissary Sergeant about a year. He was mustered out at Cartersville, Georgia, in September, 1864; returned to Illinois, and was for a while engaged in produce commission business. He came to Kansas in 1865, locating at Leavenworth, where he engaged in following his trade, that of carpenter. In 1869 he removed to Emporia, and started business as contractor and builder, which business he has since followed, and has largely increased. He is now the heaviest contractor in the city, and has built some of the largest and most important buildings and blocks, notably the Whitley Opera House, Fifth Avenue Hotel, the new and magnificent Masonic Temple, the large store of G. W. Newman & Co., etc. He married Miss Eliza A. Kinney, of Platte County, Mo., August 3, 1868, and by this marriage has had four children, of whom Cyrus E. and Kate S. are living. He is a member of the First Baptist Church of Emporia, is also a member of Commandery No. 8, K. T.

CHARLES W. SQUIRES, architect, came to Emporia, September 29, 1879. His first year's work was principally on the private residences of Dr. J. A. Moores, William Jay, one now occupied by P. B. Plumb, built for N. W. Weaver, and many others. In 1880, he designed and built the Emporia High School, the Brettun Hotel at Winfield, the I. O. O. F. Hall at Emporia, the Telegram building at Winfield, and the Burlington Hotel. In 1881, the Howard Public schoolhouse, the Fifth Avenue Hotel of Emporia, the Catholic Convent, the Osage County Bank, at Osage City, and the Whitley Opera House at Emporia. In 1882, a public schoolhouse, at Council Grove, and one at Florence, Second and Fourth wards schoolhouses at Emporia, the Welsh Congregational Church at Emporia, a hotel at Eureka, and many residences. Mr. Squires was born in Southampton Township, Long Island, N. Y., February 5, 1851, and lived there until 1870, was nineteen years of age when he went to Columbus, Ohio, which was his home for six years. Fort Wayne was then his home for two and a half years, after which, in 1877, he removed to Springfield, Ill. In 1879 he returned to Columbus, Ohio, and made that place his home until he came to Kansas. He commenced the study of architecture at Columbus in 1870, and has practiced it as a profession ever since. He was married at Fort Wayne, Ind., December 27, 1881, to Susan Howey, a native of Illinois.

Image of J. Stotler JACOB STOTLER, editor of the Emporia News, was born in Cumberland, Md., June 7, 1833. His parents immigrated to Ohio in 1837 where he obtained a limited education in the common schools of the neighborhood. When he was five years old his mother died, and until he was seventeen years of age he divided his time, but not equally by any means, between his duties upon the farm and his tasks at school. AT the ages of seventeen, young Stotler became an apprentice in the printing office of the Republican, at Wilmington, Ohio. He remained in this office nearly six years. On the first of April, 1857, Mr. Stotler left Cincinnati, Ohio, for Emporia, Kan. He traveled by boat and landed at Leavenworth on the 12th of that month. Two days afterward he went to Lawrence, being employed temporarily on the Herald of Freedom. Having come to Kansas for the purpose of working on the Kansas News, which was bout to be established at Emporia by P. B. Plumb, he assisted in hauling the press and the materials from Leavenworth and Quindaro, where they had been landed, to Lawrence, preparatory to bringing them to Emporia, where the new journal was to be published. Mr. Stotler arrived about the middle of May, opened the type and set up most of the first number of the News himself. This made its appearance June 6, 1857, the work being done in an upper chamber of the Emporia House, the Town Company's Hotel. At the end of the first volume he became one of the editors and proprietors of the paper. He has been connected with it as an editor and as sole or part proprietor ever since, with the exception of two brief intervals of a few months each - one in 1859-60, and the other in 1864-65. In 1880, at the last session of the Territorial Legislature, Mr. Stotler was elected Assistant Secretary of the Council, and occupied the same position in the spring of 1861, in the first State Senate. At the close of the session he was appointed postmaster by Abraham Lincoln. He held this office until October, 1864, when he resigned in favor of the widow of a soldier, who fell at Wilson's Creek. Upon the assembling of the Legislature of 1865, Mr. Stotler who had been chosen to represent his district the fall before, was elected Speaker of the House. In 1866, he was again a member of the Legislature. Although Mr. Stotler has held many public positions, and several offices of local trust not mentioned, he has devoted the most of his time to the upbuilding of a substantial newspaper. He was a member of the School Board, and its clerk when the old Constitution Street Building was erected, it being at the time the largest and best school building in the new State. When Emporia was incorporated as a village in February, 1865, he was elected a member of the Board of Trustees, and was chosen its chairman. He served as Secretary of the Republican State Central Committee, and was twice President of the State Editorial Association, which organization he helped to found. Mr. Stotler served as a member of the Legislature in 1869-70, being chosen Speaker of the House at the session of the latter year. This was the first session held in the new State House. after serving in the State Senate during 1871-72, in 1874, he again received the appointment of postmaster, and is now serving the last quarter of his second term. On March 4, 1861, Mr. Stotler was married to Miss Levara Murdock. They have five children - Frances, William, Mary, Adele, and Levara.

PETER E. STROMBERG, came to Emporia, July 5, 1870. He had charge of a gang of railroad men engaged in the construction of the A., T. & S. F. R. R., and was afterwards clerk in a hotel about four months. Until 1875, he was a clerk in a grocery store; then was traveling salesman for I. D. Fox & Co., until April, 1877. He next entered the hardware establishment of Lewis Lutz, and continued with him until 1881, when Mr. Lutz sold out to N. E. Weaver. Here he remained until 1882. Mr. Stromberg was born in Sweden, March 21, 1849. In the spring of 1869, he came to America, locating at Junction City, Kas., where he was connected with the construction of the M. K. & T. R. R., until he located at Emporia. He was married, October 10, 1875, to Belle M. Holmes, a native of Michigan. They have one child living - Ernest, having lost one daughter. Mr. Stromberg is a member of K. of H., and K. & L. of H.

MAHLON STUBBS, came to Kansas, March 1, 1863, and located on the Kaw Indian Reserve in Morris County, as a missionary, spending eleven years teaching, as Government Farmer and Agent, among the Kaw Indians. In June, 1873, as agent for the tribe, he moved them from the Indian Territory, serving in the capacity of agent from August, 1869 to July, 1874. From March, 1867, to August, 1869, he was living on a farm in Hesper, Douglas County, where he was Postmaster, also. In November, 1874, he came to Emporia and engaged in the sewing machine business, for six months, and was clerk in the hardware store for a year. In 1878, he received a call from the Kaw Indians to come among them again and start the school, which had run down. He remained with them two years and then returned to Emporia Township, built a house on his farm one mile east of town and engaged in farming, in which business he still continues. In January, 1882, he engaged in the real estate business. Mr. Stubbs was born in Preble County, Ohio, near West Elkton, February 2, 1825. When he was nine years old he moved with his parents to Milton, Wayne Co., Ind., in which place he received a common school education. In 1859, he removed to Morgan County, Ind., where he remained until he came to Kansas. He was married in New Garden township, Wayne Co., Ind., April 20, 1848, to Rachel Woodard, a native of that place, and has two children - Joseph L. and Addison W. Mr. S. is a member of the Society of Friends and the Board of Education.

WILLIAM H. SUPPE, merchant, was born in Germany, June 17, 1851. Came to the United States with his parents when about three years old, and after a residence of two years in New York and seven years in Milwaukee, Wis., they removed to Randolph County, Mo. Wm. H. resided there until he came to Kansas, in the fall of 1879. He had been in business in Moberly, Mo., three years before coming to this State. Locating in Emporia, he established the "New York 99 cent Variety Store" on Commercial street. Carries a $20,000 stock of jewelry, silver and plated ware, musical merchandise, fancy goods, etc. Is a member of Emporia Encampment No. 17, I. O. O. F., and a member of Emporia Lodge No. 2, A. O. U. W. He married Miss Julia White, of New Frankfort, Mo., December 7, 1876, by which marriage he has three children - William F., Charles H. and Nellie.

OTIS D. SWAN, secretary and attorney of the Emporia Loan & Trust Co., settled in Emporia in July, 1878, and has been engaged in the loan business since 1879. He has also been interested in sheep raising since his arrival in the State. Mr. Swan is a native of New York City, and was engaged in the practice of law prior to coming to Kansas.

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