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PROF. A. R. TAYLOR, president of the Kansas State Normal School, was born October 16, 1846, at Magnolia, Putnam Co., Ill. Removed to Wenona, Ill., in 1860. Graduated from the Lincoln University, Ill., in the class of 1872, and at once accepted the chair of natural sciences at Alma Mater, which he continued to fill until his removal to Kansas. During his connection with Lincoln University the standard of instruction was raised and the course of studies changed and greatly improved. Prof. T. was president of the Illinois State Sabbath-school Association of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church two yeas, and permanent secretary two years. In 1882 Prof. Taylor was chosen President of the Kansas State Normal School, located at Emporia, and in August of that year assumed the duties of the office. Married Miss Frances M. Dent, Wenona, Ill., October 16, 1873, and by this marriage has two daughters - Jessie M. and Kittie M.

JACOB TAYLOR, farmer and stock dealer, P. O. Emporia, was born December 1, 1838, in Clarke County, Ohio, and continued to reside in his native county until he came to Kansas in the spring of 1870. He located on One Hundred and Forty-second Creek, in Waterloo Township, renting a farm of eighty acres, which he purchased the following year. From this small beginning he has advance, by able management, good business ability and correct business principles, impelled by an ambitious nature, to be one of the largest landholders and stock dealers in Lyon County. He has purchased lands adjoining his first eighty acres so that he has in his farm on One Hundred and Forty-second Creek 1,185 acres, upon which he has placed valuable improvements, including a substantial and commodious dwelling, barn and other farm buildings. In connections with a partner who resides in Ohio, he also has a cattle range of 2,000 acres in the north part of Lyon County. He also operates several rented farms, thus raising nearly enough corn to feed his cattle through the winter. He has carried through the past winter, 1882-83, about 1,200 head of cattle, and several hundred hogs. Mr. Taylor possesses a genial disposition which makes him popular with his business associates and esteemed and beloved by his more intimate friends. He has a residence in Emporia where he has lived for several years. He has been a member of the City Council three years, and has held other local offices. He is a member of Emporia Lodge No. 12, A., F. & A. M., a member of Emporia Lodge No. 2, A. O. U. W., and a member of Central Lodge No. 781, K. of H. He married Miss Ann Frazee, of Clarke County, Ohio, April 15, 1865, by which marriage he has had five children, of whom Wilber D., Perry J. and John F. are now living.

DAVID THOMAS, merchant, came to Emporia in May, 1875, and has been engaged in the dry goods business since that time. During the first year he employed one clerk, and the sales amounted to $15,000; now employs six clerks, and his sales for 1881 aggregated $60,000. He deals in dry goods, carpets, boots and shoes. Mr. Thomas is a native of South Wales, born October 6, 1830. When about fifteen years of age he left there alone and went to London, Eng., being for four years employed as salesman in a wholesale dry goods house. Eight years he was with the firm of James Coster & Co., in Aldermanbury, London, as traveling salesman, after which he came to New York City to follow his old line of business in the retail trade. He was a salesman for three years, then went to Utica and began business for himself, remaining there until the fall of 1865. In the spring of 1866 he returned to London, spending six months between England and Wales, visiting his old friends and his relatives. Late in the fall of 1866 he returned to New York City, and, after a short time, went to Racine, Wis.; remaining there but a few months he engaged in business in Chicago, until the great fire of October, 1871, occurred, after which he commenced to clerk for his brother-in-law, Morgan Thomas. He remained with him until late in the year 1873, and removed to Kalamazoo, Mich., the following summer. Mr. Thomas was married in Emporia, December 31, 1878, to Mary E. Lutz, daughter of Lewis Lutz. She was born in Circieville, Pickaway Co., Ohio. Mr. Thomas is a member of the Knights of Honor.

RICHARD D. THOMAS, grocer, was born in January, 1836, in Montgomeryshire, Wales. Came to the United States with his parents in 1852, locating in New York City, where he continued to reside for four years; then started West, and after one year spent in Chicago and one year in Dubuque, Iowa, came to to Kansas in 1858. Located in Emporia, where he has since resided, with the exception of about two years spent in Louisiana. Is the senior partner of the firm of Thomas & Jones, grocers, one of the largest of their line in the city. In business twelve years. Mr. Thomas was a member of the last Board of Trustees of the town of Emporia, and has been a member of the City Council two years. Was one of the founders of the Second Congregational Church, and has been a deacon in the church since 1866. Married Miss Ann Jones of Emporia, September 8, 1862, and by this marriage has had nine children, of whom Howard, Gomer, Eudora, Jane, Gladys and Richard are now living.

JOHN W. THATCHER, clothing, etc., was born in Geneva, N. Y., March 30, 1847. His early life was spend in New York. In 1868 he removed to Brookville, Mo., and ran a locomotive on the H * St. Joe R'y. for about five years. He came to Kansas in February, 1873, locating in Emporia, where he has since resided. He was a locomotive engineer on the eastern division of the A., T. & S. F. R'y. for five years. In 1878 he started in commercial life in the wholesale and retail grocery business, under the firm name of Thatcher & Haffer; continued in this business for about two years, then sold out and went into the retail clothing and gent's furnishing business, firm of Thatcher and Rasmussen, located on Commercial street. Carries a large and well selected stock, and does an extensive business. He married, February 16, 1870, Miss Sara H. Latting, of Auburn, N. Y., and by this marriage has had five children, of whom Nellie E., Leone B., and Bertha M. are living. He has been a member of Emporia City Council four years. He is a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers of the United States and Canada. Is a member of Emporia Commandery No. 8, K. T., also a member of Union Lodge No. 15, I. O. O. F.

JAMES G. TRAYLOR, Clerk of the District Court, came to Jackson Township, Lyon County, in November, 1871, and engaged in farming until the spring of 1878, when he moved to Emporia. He conducted the grange store until January, 1879, being elected to his present position in the fall of 1880. Mr. Traylor was born in Lexington, Scott Co., Ind., March 6, 1841. He resided there until March, 1864, hen he enlisted in Company H, Twenty-second Indiana Veteran Volunteers, being mustered out of the service at Louisville, in August, 1865. He returned to Lexington where, and in Jefferson County, he resided until he came to Kansas. His first wife, Lucy Newbold, whom he married in Jefferson County, November 29, 1866, died in February, 1870, and left him two children - Willis N. and Lucy Alice. March 6, 1879, he was married in Fremont Township, Lyon County, to Helen A. Mickel, a native of Livingston County, Ill. They have two children - Maud C. and James Garfield. Mr. Traylor is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and the A., F. & A. M.

J. W. TRUEWORTHY, M. D., located in Emporia in September, 1865, and remained until 1874, being examining surgeon for pensions from 1869 until that time, when he removed to Denver, Col., where he reside for six months, and thence to Muncie, Ind., where he was engaged in the drug business and the practice of medicine two years. From Muncie he returned to Emporia and again practiced medicine until the present time. He is a member of the State and Lyon County medical societies; was coroner of Lyon County six years and a member of the Board of Education four years. He is also a member of the A., F. & A. M., having reached the Commandery in that order; State medical examiner of the K. of H.; grand dictator one year of the K. of H., in Kansas; two years supreme representative from Kansas to Supreme Lodge of the same order, also elected one of the supreme trustees, and now dictator of Central Lodge of Emporia. Dr. Trueworthy was born in Albany, N. Y., May 28, 1848. He was educated in Illinois and Michigan, attending school at Hillsboro Academy, Montgomery Co., Ill., and medical lectures at Ann Arbor, Mich. He graduated from Rush Medical College in the class of 1864-65 (January 25, 1865) practicing at Donaldson, Montgomery Co., Ill., for six months before coming to Kansas. He was married at Hillsboro, Montgomery Co., Ill., September 20, 1864, to Jenne M. Berry of that place. Dr. and Mrs. Trueworthy have two children - Lucy and an adopted son, Charles. They lost a daughter in 1867, aged eighteen months.

JOHN U. TSCHUDI, fresco and scenic artist, came to Kansas in July, 1880. He has designed and had charge of the ornamentation of a large number of buildings in and around Emporia. Among them, the Turner opera house at Wichita, Custer's opera house at Augusta, the Methodist Episcopal Church at Augusta, the Manning opera house Winfield, the Press hall, and Wood's opera house at Willington, the Whitley opera house at Emporia, Sluss & Halten's law office at Wichita, and the private residences of M. L. Read, L. J. Robinson, Mr. Horning and Samuel Meighton at Winfield. He was born in Switzerland, March 22, 1850, and came to America in 1856 with his parents, who located at Burlington, Iowa. Two years later he removed to Memphis, Tenn., where he learned his business under the tutelage of his father, who was also an artist. Mr. Tschudi is the only fresco and scenic painter in Emporia and did the first work of the kind done in the State of Kansas by a resident of the State. He was married at Dubuque, Iowa, in October, 1871, to Margaret Merku, a native of Luxembourg, Germany. They have two children - Minnie and Lucia.

ROSIER I. VONELL was born in Washington, D. C., January 21, 1846, where he resided until 1864. Removed to Mt. Vernon, Ill., where he commenced the business of buying, selling and killing cattle and stock, operating a brick yard, and some other enterprises. Resided there until October, 1881, when he came to Kansas, locating at Emporia, and engaging in market business in the firm of Vonell & Barclow, Sixth avenue. Married Miss Lydia Cross of Hamilton County, Ill., in 1865, and by this marriage has one child - Alice M.

S. B. WARREN, loan agent, located at Emporia in January, 1875, and has ever since been engaged in loaning money. He dealt extensively in corn the first year of his residence here, cribbing 100,000 bushels during the year. He is one of the original proprietors and a director of the Emporia Gas Works. Mr. Warren is a native of Mentor, Lake Co., Ohio, born in 1841. On the 14th of April, 1861, he enlisted in Company I, Twenty-third Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and served two years in that company, being then promoted to the Captaincy. He was then on staff duty, first acting as Aid-de-Camp on Gen. Benham's staff, then on that Gen. Rosecrans, and later on the staff of Gen. Scammon. He served until the summer of 1865, when he went to Illinois, and located at Lodi, Iroquois County. He remained there ten ears, engaged in loaning Eastern capital with a Mr. Goodell, under the firm name of Goodell & Warren.

HON. J. H. WATSON was born in Bucks County, Pa. His parents were Quakers, whose ancestors came to America with William Penn. At the age of twenty-one he commenced the study of medicine, and completed his medical course at the University of Pennsylvania. For six years he practiced his profession at Quakertown, Pa., where he married Miss Hannah Lester, June, 1829. In the spring of 1835 he removed to Warren County, Ohio, and continued the practice of medicine until 1840, when he commenced the study of law, and was admitted to the bar in 1844. He was always earnestly opposed to American slavery, and never omitted an opportunity to lift his voice in behalf of the downtrodden and oppressed of all classes. He was among the foremost in the organization of the Republican party, and remained in its ranks as long as, in his opinion, the party remained true to its great principles. In 1858, he moved to Kansas and located Emporia. Here he practiced law. In 1862 a vacancy occurred in the office of Chief Justice of the State, in consequence of Chief Justice Ewing going into military service. J. H. Watson was nominated by the State Central Committee to fill the vacancy, and was elected by a large majority, but did not serve, in consequence of some technical difficulty as to the time of the office becoming vacant. He was active in furthering the construction of the M., K. & T. R. R. (now Missouri Pacific), and was the first president of the board of corporators. In 1864 he was elected Judge of the Fifth Judicial District, in which capacity he served eight years, and then retired from the legal profession. He is now nearly eighty years of age, and retains much of the earnestness and enthusiasm of his earlier years.

J. S. WATSON settled in Kansas in the fall of 1858, coming with his father, John H., and locating in Emporia. The latter has been District Judge, and is now a resident of this place. J. S. Watson enlisted in Company H, Eighth Kansas Cavalry. He served in that regiment about one year, and was then transferred to the Second Kansas Cavalry, Company L. After a few months he was transferred to the Ninth Kansas Cavalry, Company B. He enlisted August 6, 1861, and served until November 19, 1864, the scene of his operations being the Rocky Mountains, Forts Halleck and Laramie, and Arkansas. After he left the army, Mr. Watson was Under-Sheriff for six years. In the fall of 1869 he became connected with the local office of the M., K. & T. R. R., and there remained for seven years, five years of which time being agent at this point. In 1873 he commenced dealing in coal. For the past five years he has associated himself with A. F. Crowe, and dealt also in lime, sand, building material, etc. They have manufactured brick about three years, averaging 1,000,000 brick per annum. Mr. Watson is treasurer of the Union Building and Loan Association. He is a member of the A. O. U. W. and Select Knights of that order; also a member of the K. of H.; is also a Mason. He was Mayor of the city two terms, served one term in the Legislature, and has been Alderman several years. Mr. Watson was born in Paintersville, Greene Co., Ohio, December 2, 1843, living there until he came to Kansas. On January 6, 1868, at Emporia, he was united in marriage to Ellen C. Armor, a native of Delaware. They have one child - Josie J.

N. E. WEAVER, hardware merchant, came to Kansas July 5, 1859, locating in 1860 near Emporia, and engaging in the occupation of farming. In July, 1862, he enlisted in Company C, Eleventh Kansas Volunteer Infantry, being mustered out in August, 1865. Most of the time while in the service he was detailed for duty in the Quartermaster and Commissary departments. In the spring of 1866 he engaged in the drug business and thus continued until 1872, when he sold out to John A. Moore. In 1873 he became a wholesale liquor dealer, continuing in this occupation until the fall of 1880. After traveling through the West and North for about a year, in Colorado, New Mexico, etc., in September, 1881, he purchased the hardware establishment of Mr. Lutz. Mr. Weaver was born in Danville, Ill., June 27, 1841, and remained there or in that vicinity until he came to Kansas. He was married in his native place October 13, 1875, to Gertrude W. Adams, who was born at Newport, Ind. They have one child, Florine. Mr. W. has been for many years an I. O. O. F., having passed all the chairs of the subordinate lodge and encampment.

J. L. WELLS came to Emporia Township in October, 1867, and located on Section 2, on the Neosho River. After living there about four years he moved to Jackson Township, same county, on Badger Creek. Here he lived for about ten years and then came to Emporia, engaging in the real estate business in January, 1882. His brother, A. A. Wells, has been associated with him since that time. Mr. Wells (J. L.) held the position of School Treasurer of Jackson Township for seven years. He was born in Tyler County, W. Va., March 17, 1847, living here until he came to Kansas with his father. He enlisted in Company C, Sixth West Virginia Volunteer Infantry, in September, 1864, and was mustered out June 10, 1865. He was married August 20, 1871, to Eliza Belle Hammond, a native of Ohio, and daughter of John Hammond, one of the first settlers of Emporia. They have four children, Rosamond Belle, Clarence Clark, Ida May, and William Harvey. Mr. Wells is a member of the United Brethren Church and of the G. A. R.

A. A. WELLS came to Kansas in 1867. He resided on the homestead until the fall of 18880, when he removed to Emporia and attended school. In the fall of 1881, he went to Hartford, Kas., and taught school there during the winter. In March, 1882, he came to Emporia to reside, having graduated at the State Normal School during the previous spring. In August he, with his brother, J. L., formed the real estate firm of J. L. Wells & Co. Mr. Wells was born in Tyler Co., W. Va., March 18, 1853, and was married in Emporia March 24, 1878, to Rachel Roberts, a native of Leavenworth County. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

B. WHELDON came to Emporia in April, 1878, and engaged in the drug business. He was born in Springfield, O., December 10, 1853. There he lived until 1871, when he removed to Urbana, Ill., and, as stated, in 1878 to Kansas. He has been in the drug business since he was sixteen years of age. Mr. Wheldon was married at Urbana, Ill., December 10, 1875, to Jennie A. Waters, a native of that place. They have two children, Clarence S. and Kate N. He is a member of K. of P.

COL. H. C. WHITLEY was born in Camden, Me., on August 6, 1834. His parents soon afterwards moved to northern Ohio. He received his education at the Western Reserve Teachers' Seminary, in the village of Kirtland. From this point, at the age of sixteen, he commenced the business of driving cattle across the Allegheny Mountains to Chester County, Pa. After having gained an experience of two years at this arduous service, he went to Cambridge, Mass., where he was employed. He married Katie W. Bates, of Cambridge, in 1856. In 1857 he removed to Lawrence, Kan., where he was engaged for two years in the grocery business. Upon the breaking out of the Pike's Peak fever in 1859, Mr. Whitley sold out his business and crossed the plains of Kansas to Denver. Not meeting with the success he expected, he shortly afterwards went to New Orleans. At the beginning of the War of the Rebellion he was engaged in business upon Red River. Immediately upon hearing of the capture of New Orleans by the Federal forces he seized the yawl boat of the steamer Starlight, then lying at Shreveport, La., from which point he rowed the boat to New Orleans, a distance of 700 miles, traveling mostly at night and hiding under the banks of the river by daytime. Upon reporting to Maj.-Gen. Butler, then in command of the Department of the Gulf, Mr. Whitley was at once offered employment in the special service of the United States Government, which he accepted. It was with the aid of Mr. Whitley and half-a-dozen others acting under his instructions, that Gen. Butler succeeded in seizing millions of dollars of Rebel property and in arresting and destroying all the principal thugs and thieves with which the city was at that time so largely infested. Mr. Whitley received his appointment as Major of the Seventh Louisiana Volunteers from George F. Shepleigh, Military Governor of Louisiana. at the close of the ware he returned to Boston and soon obtained employment from Hon, E. A. Rollins, then Commissioner of Internal Revenue, as Special Agent of the Revenue Service, having been selected from over 800 applicants to receive the commission which he applied for. He remained in this service until the beginning of Gen. Grant's administration in 1869, at which time he was made Chief of the Secret Service Division of the United States Treasury Department, where he served for six years with wonderful success, as the records of the Treasury Department will show. Col. Whitley resigned in 1875 and immediately removed to Emporia, Kan., where he has made many real estate improvements, which have been largely instrumental in helping to build up the city.

MRS. MARY K. WHEELER, one of the early settlers of Lyon County, was born in Townsend, Mass., June 5, 1804, resided in Massachusetts and New Hampshire until twenty-six years in age, when she removed to McHenry, Ill., where she continued to reside until 1859, when she came to Kansas; in the spring of 1860 located at Emporia, which at that time, consisted of a hotel, the Emporia News printing office and about a dozen small dwelling houses made of rough boards. At the beginning of the war she returned to Illinois and remained until the fall of 1865, since which time she has continued to reside in Emporia. Mrs. Wheeler was married in 1828; her husband, C. G. Wheeler, died in McHenry, Ill. She has had five children, all now deceased; the oldest, James M., was a soldier in the late war, and died of consumption at Mount Vernon, Mo., where his remains rest. He left two children, James H., now in Oregon, and Jessie M., now deceased. Her second child, Frances B., was twice married, first to Hiram Wanzer, by whom she had one child, Mary E., married to G. G. Jeune and now residing in Chicago, Ill. By her second husband, George W. Smith, she had two children, Ida Antoinette, married August 8, 1882, to P. N. Groth, and now residing at Emporia, and Orson K., also residing in Emporia. The next two children of Mrs. Wheeler died in infancy and rest in the same grave with her husband in McHenry. The fifth child, C. Edna, was married to Orson Kent, and left an infant since deceased. Mrs. Wheeler resides with her grand-daughter, Mrs. Groth. Both are members of the Christian Church of Emporia.

NELSON WHITTLESEY, flour and feed store, was born in Lewes County, N. Y., September 17, 1823. Resided in New York until 1868, when he came to Kansas, locating at Emporia. Transacted a real estate business for about five years. In 1873, started business in flour and feed line, in which he has since continued. Was a member of the City Council from 1878 to 1882. Was an earnest advocate and worker for the Water Works in Emporia. Is a member of Emporia Lodge No. 12, A., F. & A. M. He married Miss Adeline A. Pearson, September 16, 1847. She died December 9, 1867, leaving two children - Russell T. and J. Adeline. August 30, 1870, he married Miss Julia C. Evans, of Alexandria Bay, N. Y., and by this marriage has one child, Horace G.

ALBERT G. WILHITE, farmer, Section 19, Township 19, P. O. Emporia, was born in Oldham County, Ky., July 30, 1829. Four years later, his parents removed to Morgan County, Ind., where he remained until he came to Kansas, in November, 1857. He then located in Jackson Township, where he pre-empted 160 acres, which he continued to farm until 1859, when he removed to Emporia, and engaged in the boot and shoe, leather and findings business, renting his farm. He built a fine stone residence in Emporia, and resided there until August, 1862, when he enlisted as a private in Company C, Eleventh Kansas Regiment. He served three years, participating in all the battles and skirmishes in which the regiment took part. While in the army he traded his farm for 160 acres in Emporia Township. When mustered out of the service, in August, 1865, he went upon this farm which he has since improved by the erection of a handsome and substantial frame dwelling, large barn and other buildings. He raises wheat, oats, corn and other grain, but makes a specialty of growing vegetables for the city market. Mr. W. is a member of the Christian Church. He married, June 23, 1850, Miss Marietta Louallen, of Morgan County, Ind., who died in 1880, leaving seven children, five boys and two girls. Married Mrs. Christina Chapman, of Emporia, October 23, 1880.

CAMBRIDGE G. WILLETT, photographer, was born in Fulton County, Pa., May 2, 1848. Resided in Pennsylvania until he came to Kansas in 1866. Located at Lawrence, where he was engaged two yeas in the hotel business, and in other enterprises until 1872, when he began business as a photographer at Garnett. After a residence of two years at that place he returned to Lawrence, where he continued the same business until the fall of 1881, when he removed to Emporia. He has a fine suite of rooms, in a central location, and does a prosperous business and good work. He is a member of the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Emporia, and a member of the I. O. O. F. Married Miss Kate E. Scouten, a daughter of Richard Scouten, of Douglas County, April 21, 1870, by which marriage he has one child, Gertrude Louisa, born May 4, 1874.

DAVID WILLIAMS, farmer, Section 28, Township 19, Range 11, P. O. Emporia, was born in North Wales December 7, 1832. He came to the United States in 1850, locating in Marquette County, Wis., where he remained, engaged in farming, until he came to Kansas, in August, 1857. He took a claim of 160 acres, situated south of the Cottonwood River, in Emporia Township, which he has ever since owned. He has made valuable improvements upon this place, including a fine large dwelling, barn, sheds, etc. and an orchard of 130 trees. He raises cattle and hogs, feeding all his crops to his own stock. Mr. Williams is a member of the Welsh Presbyterian Church. He married Miss Elizabeth Roberts, of Emporia, January 20, 1875, by whom he has four children - Margaret A., William J., Mary E. and Catharine.

CARL A. WOLF, undertaker, was born in Norway, January 12, 1854. He came to the United States in 1868, and resided in Chicago until the spring of 1874, when he came to Kansas. He located at Emporia and entered the employ of Arnold & Co., furniture manufacturers. In the spring of 1882, he started in the undertaking business on Sixth avenue, the only exclusively undertaking establishment in the city. He is Captain of the Emporia Rifles, Company E, Second Regiment Kansas Militia. He is a member of Emporia Lodge, No. 2, A. O. U. W., and Legion No. 2, S. K. He married Miss Carrie E. Estey, of Emporia, December 28, 1878, and by this marriage has one child - Florence L.

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