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J. C. HUGHES, saloon, is a native of Dublin, Ireland, and came to America in 1852, at the age of twenty-two. He located at Pottsville, Pa., and engaged in expressing for a few years. In 1855 he enlisted in the regular military service of the United States. From 1857 to 1861 he did active service in Utah, and during the war he did very honorable service, for which he was proffered a commission twice on the field of battle, and refused each time. He was, however, an active non-commissioned officer, being First Sergeant of the Horse Artillery, and participated in about forty pitched battles and 200 skirmishes. After the war he accepted his appointment as Ordnance Sergeant, and took charge of the fort at Newburyport, Mass., with a detachment of the Third Artillery, in which he had the entire control. The honor was accredited to him of both mounting and dismounting the guns of that fort, and he returned them in perfect order to Watertown Arsenal, Mass. In 1868 he was ordered to Fort Dodge, Kansas, and was active there in his official position till 1871, when he retired from the service and located here where he has been successfully connected since. In 1865 he married Miss Catharine McCormic (sic), a native of County Kildare, Ireland.

GEORGE P. HUHN, of the firm Jacob Huhn & Son, saddletree manufacturers, was born in Bavaria in 1839, and came to America, 1852, with his father, Jacob Huhn, who settled in St. Louis. In 1861 they engaged at the present business there, and in 1864 came here and have very ably carried on the business here since. In 1859 he married Miss Susanna Bledermann, a native of Prussia, born in 1841. Their family are: Fredericka, Jno. P., Theodore, Lizzie, George P., Jr., Fritz, Charlie, Anna, Lena and Henry. Mr. Huhn's brothers are: Jacob, Jr., John P. and Charlie; he has one sister, Katrina, now Mrs. Jos. Kayser, of San Francisco.

REV. MARTIN HUHN, Catholic clergyman, came to Kansas in 1874. He attended the St. Francis Seminary at Milwaukee, Wis., and graduated from that institution in 1874; and then came to Kansas and located in Leavenworth, and was assistant rector of the Cathedral for five years, and was installed as rector of Holy Epiphany Church (colored congregation). Mr. Huhn organized the congregation and built the church now occupied at a cost of about $5,000. The church is 37x51 feet, with basement for school purposes and living room. The church has a membership of 75 to 100. Mr. Huhn has been chaplain of the Mount Saint Mary's Mother House of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth. Is a native of Hirdorf, Prussia, Germany. Was born in 1850, March 12th, and came to this country at two years of age; resided in Missouri until 1861, and lived one year in Illinois and eight years in Milwaukee, Wis.

E. J. HUMPHREYS, druggist, was born January 8, 1825, in Albermarle County, Va. At the age of six years he removed with his parents to Kentucky, and lived in that State until he was twelve, when he went to Peoria. In 1847 he commenced learning the drug business, and the following year went into business for himself. He spent the summer of 1857 in Leavenworth, but did not permanently locate in the place until 1860. For two years he was engaged in grocery business. Having purchased property on the northwest corner of Third and Delaware streets he commenced drug business in that location in 1862, and erected the building he now occupies in 1873. He was married in Peoria to Marrilla Decker, a native of Geneva, N. Y., who died in 1860, leaving six children - Sylvester, Laura, John, William, Edgar and Lulu. His present wife, nee Lena Swain, was born near Elmira, N. Y.

FRANKLIN E. HUNT, real estate agent, came with his father to Fort Leavenworth in 1850. From 1859 to 1879 he was employed as paymaster's clerk, being in Utah two years of the time. In 1880 he engaged in real estate loans and collections, in which business he is still engaged. He was born in Detroit Arsenal, in Michigan, March 3, 1840. He was married in Leavenworth, December 28, 1864, to Lydia Adams, a native of Charleston, Mass. They have one child - Franklin E. Hunt.

McCOWN HUNT, came to Kansas in 1850 with his father, Gen. Franklin Eyre Hunt, then Captain in the Fourth Artillery. Capt. Hunt was promoted to Major in March, 1855, and assigned to duty in the Paymaster's department, and was Deputy Paymaster General at the time of his death, which occurred in Leavenworth in February, 1881. He left a family of three sons and one daughter - Frank E. was engaged in the real estate business in Leavenworth; Frederick R., partner in a wholesale drug establishment; McCown, Clerk of the District Court, and Mary Ellen now Mrs. Edward Carroll, of Leavenworth. McCown Hunt was born at Fort Brown, Texas, November 11, 1840, and has lived in Leavenworth since he came to the place with his father the next year. He was educated at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, N. Y., and after leaving school engaged in the mercantile business in Leavenworth. He has been Clerk of the District Court since January 8, 1877, to January 8, 1883. He was married at Leavenworth October 8, 1872, to Kate M., daughter of Lafayette Mills, who came to Leavenworth several years prior to the settlement of Kansas, and died there. They have two children, Lafayette Howard and Maria Virginia.

[Image of L. K. Hunter] L. K. HUNTER, M. D., homeopathic physician and surgeon, was born in Clinton, Me., May 17, 1846. When he was nine years of age his parents removed to Fond du Lac, Wis., which place remained his home until he came to Leavenworth in August, 1878. He read medicine with Dr. T. J. Patchen, of Fond du Lac, and graduated from medical department of State University of Iowa, March, 1880. He was married September 30, 1868, in Fond du Lac, Wis., to Florence E., daughter of Dr. T. J. Patchen, and a native of Steuben County, N. Y. They have two children, Jessie L. and Edwin L.

THEODORE A. HURD, attorney, located in Leavenworth in March, 1859, and has been continuously engaged in the practice of law in the city since that time. He was born at Pawling, Dutchess Co., N. Y., and prior to his removal to Kansas resided in Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y., and in Utica, N. Y., having been for several years engaged in the practice of his profession in the latter place.

E. D. HURRLE & BRO., architectural decorators and artists in fresco and scenographers for church, public halls, theatres (sic) and parlors, original plans in any style of decoration drawn to order. The Hurrle Bros. have also started an art school in Carroll block on Delaware street, between Fifth and Sixth, where they give lessons in designing, modeling in clay, portrait and oil painting, crayon work, etc. E. D. Hurrle has been in this country about ten years, and his brother two. They came direct from Italy to Leavenworth, and are located on Delaware street, between Fifth and Sixth. These gentlemen are thoroughly educated in their profession and are undoubtedly accomplished in the art of painting and drawing, and a bright future is before them in their new location.

GEORGE H. HYDE, cashier of the German Bank of Leavenworth, located in this city in August, 1865, and has since that time been engaged in banking business, being with Clark & Co. as bookkeeper, teller and cashier until January, 1878. Since that time he has been cashier of the German Bank. Mr. Hyde was born in Lee, Berkshire Co., Mass., July 2, 1840. He resided and received his education in his native town until he enlisted in the army in 1862, when he was commissioned and mustered in as Second Lieutenant of Company D, Thirty-Seventh Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. In less than a year he was promoted to First Lieutenant and afterward to Captain, and transferred to Company B. He served as Captain one year and was mustered out in the summer of 1865, being in all the battles in which his regiment participated except one. He came to Kansas about a month after leaving the service. Mr. Hyde was married in Leavenworth, August 3, 1869, to Laura Gould a native of Gould's Landing, Pa. Their three children are Nellie B., Sarah A., and William G.

HON. H. W. IDE, attorney at law, was born in Corinth, Saratoga Co., N. Y., in 1833. He removed to Wisconsin in 1847, and was a resident of Rock County in that State until he moved to Kansas and located in Leavenworth in April, 1857. He was admitted to the bar in 1856, but for several years after locating in Leavenworth he did considerable real-estate business besides attending to the duties of his profession. During his residence in the city he has served as City Attorney one term; member of the Legislature one term; member of the School Board a term; District Attorney two years; County Attorney two years, and District Judge eight years, declining another nomination to that office. Since January, 1877, he has been engaged in practice.

JUSTUS INGERSOLL, dealer in lumber, sash, doors, and blinds. This business was established in 1857 by Jerome Ingersoll, a brother of the present proprietor. In 1861 the firm was changed to Ingersoll & Rush. This continued until 1867, when Justus went into partnership with his brother under the firm name of J. Ingersoll. Jerome Ingersoll died in August, 1881, and shortly afterward the present proprietor took entire charge of the business, buying out his brother's interest. Justus Ingersoll was born in Medina, N. Y., August 7, 1835. His parents moved to Detroit, Mich. In 1839 he received his education in that city and in 1847 moved to Milwaukee, Wis., where he engaged in clerking until 1852. Then returned to Detroit. For some ten years he held the position of teller in the old Michigan Insurance bank. He then moved to Kansas, settling in Leavenworth. A few months afterward engaged in mining and merchandising in Montana. Returned to Leavenworth in 1867.

[Image of M. H. Insley] CAPT. M. H. INSLEY, banker, came to Leavenworth in the spring of 1858, and engaged in the hotel business, which he continued until 1861. He was then appointed by the President, Assistant Quartermaster in the Volunteer Service with the rank of Captain, and in 1863 was, for efficient and meritorious service, transferred to same department in the Regular Army. He was Chief Quartermaster of the Department of the Missouri under Major-General Curtis, with headquarters at Fort Leavenworth, and was Depot Quartermaster at Fort Scott until the close of the war, after which he resigned his commission. From that time until 1870 he was engaged in freighting, and then in banking, having associated with him in banking business Daniel Shire and E. F. Kellogg. Messrs Insley and Shire afterward purchased Kellogg's interest and continued the business together until Mr. Shire's death, which occurred in June, 1882. The firm name is still Insley, Shire & Co. He has been connected with the Missouri Valley Bridge and Iron Works for the last four years. He built the Leavenworth Telephone Exchange; was largely interested in and instrumental in building, the Leavenworth Sugar Company works, and now connected with the Leavenworth City and Fort Leavenworth Water Company as Director and Treasurer. He is also engaged in stock-raising, in Leavenworth County, having a farm of 1,200 acres and 500 head of stock. He is a native of Ohio and came from Lafayette, Ind., to Leavenworth.

W. A. JACKSON, contractor and builder, is a native of Fayette County, Ohio. In 1856, at the age of eighteen, he located in Marion County, Iowa, where he learned his trade and followed it till 1860, when he located here and has, with the exception of three years, spent in Nevada, Mo., been actively connected with it here since. In 1859 he married Miss Amanda Tibbott, a native of Indiana. They have a family of four sons and two daughters-Jacob Edward, William Franklin, Samuel Ernest, Guy Allen, Leonora Belle, and Etna Pearl. Mr. Jackson makes a specialty of stone finishing and the finer kinds of work in his line. Gives employment to twelve skilled workmen.

HENRY JANSEN, general insurance agent, located in Leavenworth, May 2, 1866. For four years he was employed as a carriage painter, and was then for five years manager of Turner, Hall. Since that time he has been engaged in the Insurance business, being also agent for the various European steamship lines. He is a member of the Turner Society, of which he was Secretary for many years; is also Secretary of the German-English School, and Secretary and Treasurer of the Endowment Section of Knights of Pythias Order. Mr. Jansen was born in Jevenstedt, in Holstein, Germany, November 29, 1839. He arrived in America, November 16, 1865, and after spending one winter in Davenport, Iowa, came to Leavenworth. He was married in Leavenworth, August 3, 1867, to Emily Kumm, a native of Varel, in Oldenburg, Germany. They have three children, Augusta, Mary and Harry.

J. N. JOERGER, ticket and passenger agent Missouri Pacific and ticket agent Union Pacific R. Rs., is a native of Baltimore, Md. After the death of his father the family moved to Milwaukee, Wis., when J. N. was two years old. He received his preparatory schooling in Milwaukee, Wis. Then entered Calvary College in Foud (sic) du Lac County, Wis., and finished his education at the St. Francis Seminary, near Milwaukee. In 1867 he settled in Leavenworth, Kas., where he became connected with the railroad offices. In 1876 was appointed passenger agent of the Missouri Pacific R. R., a position he retained until 1880. Was then appointed ticket agent of the Union Pacific. He was promoted by the Missouri Pacific Ry (sic) Co., June 1, 1882. Mr. J. was married in Topeka, Kas., in November, 1875, to Miss Ida B. Ferry, of Easthampton, Mass. They have two children - Josephine and Blanche. Mr. J. is a member of the Metropolitan Guards and C. M. B. A., and has represented the New York dramatic journals since 1875.

A. W. JOHNSTON, Superintendent Leavenworth, Topeka & South Western R. R. appointed to present position April 1, 1882. Mr. J. was born in Boston, Mass., March 4, 1853. He was educated at the English High School, Boston, and afterward took a full four year course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Was engaged in the practice of civil engineering with private incorporations until 1875, when he became connected with the operating department of the general superintendent's office of the P., C. & St. L. R. R. at Pittsburgh. In 1878 was appointed assistant engineer on the P. C., & St. L. R. R., while in this position improving the alignment of the first forty-three miles of that road; was afterward attached to the chief engineer's office at Columbus, Ohio. In 1879 appointed to the charge of the re-survey of the J. M. I. R. R., headquarters Louisville, Ky. In the spring of 1880 he went to Arizona to construct a water works system for the town of Tombstone. In 1881 was appointed chief engineer of the P. C., & St. L. R. R., with headquarters at Toledo, Ohio, which position he retained until appointed to present one. Mr. J. is the first superintendent of the L. T. & S. W. R. R., succeeding both Mr. Manchester and Mr. Appleton, the former manager and chief engineer.

THEODORE JONES, foreman of the Chicago Lumber Company, is a native of Pennsylvania, and was identified with the contracting and building business in his native State for several years. In 1878 he located in Kansas City, and prosecuted his business actively there until 1881, when he accepted his present position, which he very ably represents. In 1882 he married Miss Paulina Hosick, who was born and reared here.

R. JOST, carpenter and builder, is a native of Posen, Germany; learned his trade there, which he followed till 1858, and at the age of twenty-five years came to America and settled here, and has been actively connected with his business here since. In 1862 he married Miss Christina Schornorst, a native of Hanover, Germany, who came with her people to America at an early age, and who settled in Kansas in 1859. Mr. and Mrs. Jost have a family of four sons and four daughters - John, Henry, William, Frederick, Clara, Annie, Sophia and Dora.

M. E. JOYCE, of the Leavenworth Press, came to Leavenworth in April, 1856, filled the position of reporter on the Leavenworth Times for about four months, and then went to Utah with the Mormon expedition as correspondent for the New York Herald. In 1860, he returned to Leavenworth, and after remaining in the city for a few days, went to Cincinnati and became a reporter for the Cincinnati Times. In April, 1861, he enlisted in Company D, Tenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and after three months' service re-enlisted in the same company and regiment, and served until 1862. He then returned to Cincinnati and re-enlisted in the Eleventh Indiana Volunteer Cavalry, and accepted a position on the Times as war correspondent, which he filled for two and a half years, at the same time being correspondent for the New York Tribune. At the close of the war he went to Hays City, where he was City Clerk and first Notary there; also for a year and a half Justice of the Peace, City Assessor and County Clerk. In 1867, he returned to Leavenworth, and was sent by the New York Herald to the Indian Territory, to report the proceedings of the Commissioners of Grand Council. On returning to Leavenworth, he became city editor of the Leavenworth Daily Call, remaining with the paper until it was sold, and has been connected with the Leavenworth Press since its organization. Mr. Joyce was born in County Clare, Ireland, November 15, 1833. In 1850, he emigrated, and soon after his arrival in America, located in Cincinnati. He has been engaged in newspaper work since he came to America. First on the New York Sun, then on the Cincinnati Times as Southern war correspondent. Was elected Assessor of Leavenworth City, for 1875-76.

CHRISTIAN KAITNER, meat market, came to Kansas in 1858 and located in Leavenworth. He was in Colorado for two years, and returned to Leavenworth, and has been engaged in his business here since his return. Mr. Kaitner is a member of the Odd Fellows society. Was born in Germany, and was nineteen years old when he came to this country. Was a short time in the State of New York. He was married in Leavenworth, in 1864, to Miss Lucinda Naftzer, who was born in the State of Ohio. They have three children, all living - Frank, William and Royal.

GEORGE KAUFFMANN, of firm of Kauffmann & Lange, Brass Foundry and Novelty Works, was born in Germany in 1837, and learned the profession of machinist, which he followed there until 1856, when he came to America, and followed his trade in Chicago till the war, when he did service in Company K, Fourth Missouri Cavalry, till the end of the war, when he was honorably discharged. After the war he settled here, and has been prominently identified with his present business since. In 1867 he married Miss Margaret Jost, born in Pittsburgh, Pa., 1839. They have a family of two sons and one daughter - Lillie, William and George.

ALFRED B. KELLER was born in Weston, Mo., February 7, 1845, and came to Leavenworth in October, 1854, with his father, Geo. H. Keller. He and his brother, Henry C., were pages in the Leavenworth Constitutional Convention, and are now among the oldest citizens of the town. Alfred B. was educated in the schools of Leavenworth, and has filled various positions in the city. He was Deputy Register of Deeds two years; Paymaster's Clerk two years, and County Clerk two years. He then engaged in farming ten years, and in railroad mail service two years, and since April, 1881, has been traveling salesman for Arthur Simmons. He was married in Leavenworth March 20, 1866, to Isabelle C. Few, a native of St. Louis. They have four children - Lillie B., Walter M., Maud and Sadie.

C. F. KELLER, grocer, came to Kansas in 1862 and located in the city of Leavenworth, and has lived here since. Was engaged in boot and shoe manufacturing for seventeen years, and then engaged in his present business. Is a native of Prussia, and was born in 1832. Came to America at the age of twenty-six. Has lived in the States of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Was married in Burlington, Iowa, in 1864, to Miss Christina Hertzler, who was born in Bavaria, Germany. Has had four children, two of whom are now living - Frederick William and Mary.

D. J. KELLER came to Leavenworth, in November, 1855, with his uncle, representing his interests to some considerable extent. Two years later his father, Henry B. Keller, came to Kansas and located in High Prairie Township, where his son resided with him some years. Henry B. now resides in the city of Leavenworth. In 1861, D. J. Keller enlisted in the Fifth Kansas Volunteer Cavalry. He was in the service four years, serving in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Kansas Regiments, and also in the recruiting department. After leaving the army he was in trade in Leavenworth one year, and then for several years on the farm. He was afterward in the United States Marshal's office and in the dry goods business, and has been Under Sheriff since January 1882. He was born in Hendricks County, Ind., May 2, 1838, and was married in High Prairie Township, March 4, 1863, to Eliza Boten, a native of Virginia. He is a member of the G. A. R. Of A. F. & A. M. and K. of P.

S. B. KELLER, general groceries, is a native of Missouri. In 1857 he came to Kansas, and followed farming till the breaking out of the war, when he enlisted in Company F, Fifth Kansas Cavalry, in July, 1861, and remained in active service till August, 1864, when he was honorably discharged. After the war he attended mercantile college, and subsequently engaged at the business which he ably represents. In 1879 he married Miss Emma H. Boyd, of his native State. They have a family of two daughters - Mary and Maud.

KELLY & LYSLE, proprietors Keystone Mills. The new building was erected in 1882. The main building is 97x60 feet ground dimensions, and stands about seventy-eight feet above the ground. Attached to it are the engine house, boiler house and stacks, all of brick. The motive power is an engine of 125 horse power. The capacity of the mill is about 400 barrels daily, though the product is at present confined to 250 barrels. J. C. Lysle, of the above firm, was born in Chester Co., Pa., December 2, 1828. He was educated in his native county. In 1864 he moved to Pittsburgh, Pa.; while living there being engaged in the oil regions. He was brought up in a paper mill, his father being engaged in that business. About 1855 engaging in the manufacture of paper for himself, in Mount Vernon, Chester Co. In 1866 he settled in Leavenworth, Kan., and organized the firm of Dilworth & Lysle, in hub and spoke manufacturing. Mr. Lysle was married in Chester Co., Pa., in May, 1861, to Miss Dickey, of that county. They have three children - Ida M., Carrie B., and Eugene D. Mr. L. is a member of the Presbyterian Church, and of Leavenworth Lodge 2, A. F. & A. M., and of Neligh Lodge 1285, K. of H.

WASHINGTON D. KELLY, dealer in real estate, was born in Philadelphia, March 23, 1828. He removed to Muscatine, Iowa, in 1846, where he remained until 1849. He then emigrated to Liberty, Mo., and lived at that place and Independence until October, 1855, when he located in Leavenworth. He was married in Leavenworth, July 22, 1857, to Helen F. Lattin, a native of Trumbull County, Ohio. They have four children - Henry W., (now a resident merchant of Los (sic) Vegas); Eugene A., Laura L. and John V. Mr. Kelly is a member of the A. F. & A. M., Blue Lodge and Chapter.

W. T. KELLY, superintendent Kansas Central Division, Union Pacific railroad, was born in Brown Co., West Va., March 15, 1844. After leaving school he engaged in coal business for a time and then went into livery business in Wellsburg, West Va. In 1862 he enlisted in Company I, First Regiment Cavalry, Virginia Volunteers. Was attached to the Army of the Potomac, then with Sheridan in the Middle Military Department. Was with Sheridan in all his battles, from Winchester through the war. Was mustered out in 1865 and returned home. In 1866 he moved and commenced his railroad life on the C., R. I. & P. Railroad, at Des Moines, Iowa. In 1867 became connected with the Union Pacific railroad, with headquarters at Omaha. Held the position of passenger conductor until appointed to his present position, February 1, 1882. Mr. K. was married in Sioux City, Iowa, June 3, 1874, to Miss Helen P. Briggs, a native of New Hampshire. They have two children - Ralph and Elmer. Mr. K. is a member of Wellsburg Lodge 42, A. F. & A. M., of West Va.

JOHN C. KETCHESON came to Kansas in October, 1867, and established a job printing office, at Leavenworth, employing one man and a boy. The house was J. C. Ketcheson three years, and Ketcheson & Durfee about four, and Ketcheson steam printing house until the present firm of Ketcheson & Hubbell was established in 1881. Mr. Ketcheson is a native of Belleville, Canada. He removed to Rockford, Ill., in 1849. Commenced the printer's trade, July, 1854. In 1855, he went to Chicago, and was with the Chicago Tribune Printing Company, of which Vaughan, Ray, Medill & Co., were proprietors. He emigrated to St. Louis in 1858, remained there two years and then returned to Chicage. (sic) and September, 1862, enlisted in Company G, Eighth Illinois Cavalry, and served until July, 1865, being wounded the first time the day after Lee's surrender. He enlisted as a private, and was promoted to Sergeant Major, having at the time of the receipt of the order to muster the regiment out of service, the recommendation of thirty officers for the position of Adjutant of the regiment. He was married at Rockford, Ill., November, 1869, to Clara W. Ketcheson, a native of Bergennes, Vt. They have had two children, both deceased. Mr. K. is a member of the A. F. & A. M., I. O. O. F., K. of P., K. of H. and G. A. R. He was General Superintendent of Leavenworth Times and Conservative for about one year after coming to Leavenworth. He was a member of the School Board in 1879.

WILLIAM A. KIBBE, painter, paper hanger and glazier, came to the State of Kansas in 1856, and located at Leavenworth, and has lived here since. He was born in St. Louis in 1855, and came to Kansas with his parents in 1856, and located at Leavenworth. Was married in Leavenworth in 1875, to Miss M. B. Luce, a native of Wisconsin. They have had four children, three of whom are living - Myrtle, Mabel and Russel. Mr. Kobbe is an active, enterprising business man, and stands well in his commercial relations, having the full confidence and respect of the people with whom he has to deal.

GEORGE A. KING, of the firm of Lang, Lorenstein & King, wholesale dealers in saddlery, hardware and leather, came to Kansas June 20, 1862, and was in business with his father, Fairchild, King & Co., for three years. In 1868 he went into the pork packing business in Leavenworth, and afterward was engaged in the cattle trade, and became a member of the above named firm in 1879. He is a member of the K. of H. and the K. of P., and is also prominently identified with the First Methodist Church of Leavenworth. Mr. King was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, September 16, 1845, and lived in his native State seventeen years, and then moved to Leavenworth, Kan. He was married in Leavenworth in 1867. His wife's maiden name was Mary McCracken, daughter of N. McCracken, wholesale grocer, and one of the oldest settlers in the State of Kansas. Mr. King is one of the prosperous and promising business men of Kansas.

ALOIS KIRMAYER, dealer in general groceries, business established in 1881. Mr. Kirmayer was born in Bavaria, Germany, in 1855, and came to America in 1873, and settled here, and engaged in the mercantile business, with which he has been successfully connected since. December 20, 1881, he married Miss Emily Krezdorn, who was born in Lexington, Mo. They have a family of one son.

MICHAEL KIRMEYER, of the Brandon & Kirmeyer Brewing company, is a native of Bavaria. He was born in the city of Munich, February 23, 1826. Was taught the butchering trade and followed that business there until 1857; he then came to the United States, and settled in Leavenworth, Kansas, engaged at the butchering business until 1859, and then commenced the manufacturing of soda water, in which he continued until the present firm was organized. Mr. K. was married in Leavenworth November 24, 1858, to Miss Leopoidine Neiderweiser, a native of Bavaria. They have six children - Michael, John, Joseph, Agnes, Anna and Bertha. Mr. K. is a member of the Subordinate Lodge and Encampment I. O. O. F., also of the Turn-verein.

C. L. KNAPP is a native of Luzerne County, Pa., which was his home until he came to Kansas, in 1870. During the war of the Rebellion he served in Company D, Thirty-fifth Pennsylvania Militia, Company G, Forty-ninth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, and was transferred to the Second Artillery, Battery B, employed in defense of Washington. He was again transferred to Company D, Provisional Second Artillery; was wounded at Petersburg Va., June 17, 1864, and discharged February 5, 1865, on account of disability caused by gun shot wounds. After he came to Leavenworth, in 1870, he was for several years a partner with B. C. Clark & Co., commencing business alone in April, 1882.

HUBERT KNIPE, general grocer, established business in 1870. Mr. Knipe was born in Prussia, in 1845, and came to America in 1854 with his people, who settled here in 1856, where he was reared and educated. Mr. Knipe engaged in the mercantile business as clerk, which position he retained until 1870, when he established the present business, which he has successfully carried on since. In 1871, he married Miss Sibill (sic) Hensler, who was born in Baden, in 1847, and came to America in 1867. They have a family of three sons and two daughters - Dennis, Hubert, Jr., Henry C., Margaret and Ida. Mr. Knipe did active service in Company B, Eighth Kansas Volunteers, from 1861 to 1864, when he was honorably discharged for disability, and now receives a pension.

HENRY KREZDORN, merchant, was born in Baden, Germany, in 1833, and was educated there to the business of shoemaking. In 1851, he came to America, and after spending a few years in travel, engaged principally in mining in Michigan and California. He located in Lexington, Mo., in 1858, and began the mercantile business, which he abandoned in 1861, and came here and has been successfully identified with the mercantile business here since. In July, 1858, he married Miss Mary Hensler, who was born in Baden, Germany, in 1835, who departed this life in 1872, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, leaving two daughters and two sons. - Emile, now Mrs. Alois Kirmayer, merchant of Leavenworth; Bertha, Ernest and Otto. In May, 1873, he married Miss Afra Kirmaver, who was born in Bavaria, in 1849. They have one son and four daughters - Emma, Laura, Katie, Dominicka and Charles. Mr. Krezdorn is the present incumbent of the Aldermanic chair for the first ward, which incumbency he has held for three terms, and has been an active member of the I. O. O. F. society since 1863, and a member of the Turn-verein since 1879.

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