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M. L. HACKER was born in Brethitt County, Ky., December 28, 1849, and lived in that State until he removed to Kansas in March, 1871. He located at White Church, Wyandotte County, and remained there until September, 1872, when he entered the State Normal School at Leavenworth, from which he graduated in June, 1875, having taught one year after entering the school, prior to graduating. After leaving the Normal School he taught one year at Fairmount, and one year at Fort Leavenworth, studying law in the mean time. He was admitted to the bar in September, 1878, and has since that time been engaged in practice at Leavenworth. He was elected Police Judge in 1881.

REV. CHARLES HAFNER, pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, U. A. C. Took present charge in February, 1882. Mr. Hafner was born in Fort Wayne, Ind., January 13, 1854. He entered Concordia College at Fort Wayne, graduating in 1873. He then entered Concordia College, St. Louis, Mo., where he pursued his higher classical and theological studies. Graduated in 1876. Was ordained in Bates County, Mo., where he took his first pastorate. He continued in this charge until called to present one in 1882. Mr. Hafner was married in St. Louis, Mo., November 17, 1878, to Miss Gewing, of St. Louis. They have one daughter, Annie.

HENRY HAHN, painter, came to Kansas about fifteen years since and located in the city of Leavenworth. He is a native of Detroit, Mich., and was born in 1851. He left his native place when quite young and removed with his parents to St. Louis, Mo., and lived in St. Louis several years, where he learned the painter's trade, and came to Leavenworth. Was married in Leavenworth the 27th of January, 1878, to Sarah E. Pechendorf, who was born in Brazil, S. A.

JACOB C. HALL, locomotive engineer, C. R. I. & P. R. R., was born in Boonesboro, Iowa, March 12, 1854. Received his schooling in his native town. In 1872, he became connected with the C. R. I. & P. R. R., in Iowa; first commenced as fireman, promoted to engineer in 1876. Has since had charge of an engine on different parts of the road. Commenced on present run in 1879. Mr. Hall was married in Fort Leavenworth, November 2, 1880, to Miss Emma Hemmy. Mr. H. is a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.

WILLIAM H. HAMILTON, locomotive engineer, L. T. & S. W. R. R., was born in Bowling Green, Ky., November 18, 1851. His parents moved to Kansas in 1858, located for a time in Topeka and then settled in Leavenworth. William H. was educated in both cities. He commenced his railroad life in 1872, as fireman on switch engine of the M. P. R. R. In 1875, became connected with the K. P. R. R. and was given a regular engine in 1877, on the Smoky Hill Division. He remained with the K. P. R. R. until he took his present position in February, 1882. Mr. Hamilton was married in Brookville, Saline Co., Kas., May 4, 1880, to Miss Ella Scarlett (sic), of that town. They have one child - Frank S. Mr. H. is a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.

JOHN HANNON, wholesale liquor merchant, came to Leavenworth in 1857, and for about three years was engaged in farming. In May, 1861, he enlisted in Company C, First Kansas Infantry, and served nearly two years, being Sergeant of his company when he left the service. The year after leaving the army he was in the billiard business, and since then that is which he is now engaged. He has been a member of the Legislature from his District, and for several years a member of the County Board. He is a member of the Hibernian Benevolent Society, and president of the local organization of the Catholic Mutual Benefit Association. Mr. Hannan is a native of Ireland, born March 22, 1839, in the county of Kerry. At thirteen years of age he came to America, and first located in Burlington, Iowa, where he remained until he came to Kansas. He was married at Leavenworth, in 1863, to Mary Ann Short, also a native of Ireland. They have three children living - Sarah Agnes, Mary Genevieve, and Robert Emmett.

THOMAS R. HARKER, manager of the Western Union Telegraph Company, appointed to present position in March, 1881. Mr. Harker was born in Paterson, N. J., June 13, 1838. His parents located in Syracuse, N. Y., when he was a child, and about 1849, they settled in Buffalo. Thomas R. was educated in the latter cities. About 1852, he moved with his parents to Chicago, Ill. He entered the shops of the C. R. I. & P. R. R., at Chicago, to learn car carpentering, which he followed until the breaking out of the war. He enlisted in 1861, being the first or second to enroll his name in Chicago in the Zouaves, Company A, Capt. Ellsworth. About ninety days later, was mustered into the Nineteenth Regiment Illinois Volunteers, was attached to Company A, Capt. Hayden. While on detached service in Alabama, Mr. Harker, was severely wounded by guerillas, and on account of wounds was afterward discharged on account of disability. He returned home and commenced the study of telegraphy, in the C. R. I. & P. R. R., freight house; about 1863, was appointed operator and agent at Manchester, Iowa. In April, 1864, went to Geneseo, Ill., where he followed his profession about fifteen years off and on, attached to the A. & P. Telegraph Company and the Great Western Telegraph Company. Was also with the C. R. I. & P. R. R. While residing in Geneseo, Mr. Harker was engaged in the mercantile business for a time, and also held the position of City Clerk. In January, 1880, he moved to Atchison, Kas., to take the position of manager of the American Union Telegraph Company, a position he held until the consolidation; was then appointed to present position. Mr. Harker was married in Blue Island, Cook Co., Ill., May 5, 1863, to Miss Lucy M. Sherwood, of that town. They have two children, Lulu M. and Thomas R. Jr.

REV. WILLIAM L. HARRAD, clergyman of the A. M. E. Church, having charge of the congregation at Leavenworth, was born in Philadelphia, Pa., and is about forty-two years old. He came from Philadelphia to Cleveland, Ohio; has also resided in Cincinnati and St. Louis, Mo. He was married in St. Louis about twenty years ago, and had one child - Mary Eliza; she died at the age of sixteen. His first wife died about nine years ago; he was married again June 16, 1875; his wife's maiden name was Winifred Maye. She was born in Lexington, Mo. He has been preaching thirteen years in the A. M. E. Church. His first charge, was at Atchison, Kas., and was there two years. His next appointment was at St. Joseph, Mo., staying one year. He was then appointed to Lexington, Mo., remaining three years; was then removed to Lawrence, Kan. At the expiration of two years was again appointed to St. Joseph, Mo., and resided there three years. His next appointment was at Ottawa, Kas., held the charge one year, after which he was appointed September, 1880, to his present charge at Leavenworth. The church has a membership of 300 and a very good Sabbath-school. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity and Knights Templar.

PROF. ALEXANDER HARRIS, professor of vocal and instrumental music, Prof. Harris was born and reared here, and received his rudimentary education in the public schools of this city. After a thorough course of literary study, he took up the study of his profession under the preceptorship of Prof. A. P. Scheurman, and continued in the study of it for five years, when he engaged at it as a profession, with which he has been very successfully connected since.

E. L. HARRISON, freight agent of the Kansas Central Division, U. P. R. R., was appointed to present position August 13, 1881. Mr. Harrison was born in Savannah, Carroll County, Ill., August 2, 1854. His parents moved to Chatfield, Minn., in 1855. E. L. received his schooling in Minnesota. He then entered the Commercial College at Quincy, Ill., graduating therefrom (sic) in 1869. He then commenced teaching penmanship, continuing in this profession about four years. In 1874, he commenced studying telegraph, at Sugar Lake, Platte Co., Mo. Shortly after took the position of station agent, at Forest City, Mo. In 1875, moved to East Leavenworth to take the position of agent for the K. C. St. Jo. & C. B. R. R. In 1878, moved to Leavenworth, where he engaged as operator with the W. H. Telegraph Company. Shortly after accepted a position on the A. T. & S. Fe R. R., as agent at Nickerson, Kas. Afterward filled the same position at Winthrop, Mo., and at Osage City, Kas. In 1881, he returned to Leavenworth to take the position of manager of the A. & P. Telegraph Company. Retained this until the consolidation . Mr. Harrison was married in Leavenworth, Ka., August 4, 1878, to Miss Mattie R. Cawthorn, of that city. They have one child - Clarence Leonard.

JULIUS E HAUG, travelling (sic) salesman for Badman, Taylor & Co., Leavenworth, and M. Hoffman, Kansas City, was born in Wurtemburg, German, in 1838, and came to America in 1854, and settled in Kansas, May 10, 1856. He has been almost continuously connected with the mercantile business here since. November 2, 1862, he married Miss Elizabeth Riederer, a native of Switzerland. They have a family of one son and two daughters - Minnie, Dora, and Eddie. Mr. Hang has always taken an active part in the growth and development of the public and social life of this place since arriving here. Was Deputy United States Marshall here from 1861 to 1865, and Clerk of the District Court from 1871 to 1875. Has been an active member of the A., F. & A. M. Society since 1859; is also member of the Turner Society here.

LOUIS C. HAUSSERMAN, proprietor City Meat Market, was born in New Richmond, Ohio, in 1852, and was reared to his present business. His father carries on an extensive business of this line there. In 1879, he came here and purchased the present establishment, which he has very ably conducted since. In 1871, he married Miss Louisa Burgy, who was born and reared in New Palestine, Ohio. They have a family of one son and two daughters - Rosa M., Charlie, and Cora. Mr. Hausserman is an active member of the I. O. O. F., K. of P., and A. O. U. W. societies.

HAVENS & RICHARDSON, lessees of the Kansas Canning Company's works. The firm was organized in June, 1881. They are employing in the canning operations from seventy-five to 250 hands, as they can be obtained. They are engaged in canning corn, tomatoes and peaches, and evaporating apples. Will turn out, this season (1882), 80,000 to 100,000 dozen cans. The evaporator has a capacity of 200 bushels in twenty-four hours. In the winter time their establishment will engage in the manufacture of mince meat, fruit butters, preserves, jellies, and pickles. The firm are also engaged in operating a flouring mill in Waldron, Mo.

LAWRENCE HAWN, attorney, was born in Weston, Mo., September 4, 1848. He came with his parents, Frederick and Abigail Hawn, to Leavenworth in 1860, receiving his education at Leavenworth and at Cornell University at Ithaca, N. Y., from which institution he graduated in the class of 1875. In the fall of 1876, he went to Utah, and remained there until the fall of 1878, being admitted to the bar in that State the preceding spring. He returned to Leavenworth in the fall of 1878, and is now engaged in the practice of law in that city.

FRANK HELBING, Postoffice Department, was born in Thuringia, Saxony, April 12, 1840, and was, at the age of fourteen years, teacher in the Drum Corps of the Militia of his native country. At the age of nineteen, he was made Drum Major. He remained in connection with the militia of his country till the 4th of June, 1861, when he took his discharge, and on the 17th of June he sailed for America, and landed in New York city. After traveling through the country for some time, he located at Pittsburgh, Pa., and engaged in glass finishing in the manufactories there till in August, 1867, when he joined the United States Regular service as Drum Major, and did service in Newport Barracks, Ky. After his term of service expired he came West, and eventually joined the Fifth United States Regular Infantry here, as Drum Major, in which capacity he served until 1875, when he retired form the service, and the following year he was appointed to his present position, which he honorably holds. April 19, 1871, he married Mrs. Louis Bucher, nee Helmer, a native of Oldenburg, Germany. They have two sons - William, and Henry Bucher.

HENRY J. HELMERS was born in Oldenburg, German, March 11, 1842, and came while an infant with his parents to America. Until 1858, he lived in Gasconade County, Mo., and in October of that year emigrated to Leavenworth, Kas., where he remained until the following year, when he was employed on Missouri River steamboats six months, at the expiration of which time he went to St. Louis and remained until 1860, there learning his trade of barber. He then lived at Independence, Mo., until October, 1861, working as a journeyman barber; then went to Herman, Mo., where he started a barber shop of his own, until June, 1863; also at Rolla, Mo., until 1865, when he returned to Leavenworth, Kas. He continued in the barber business, adding the sale of barber supplies in 1871. In 1879 he commenced the manufacture of all kinds of barbers' furniture, and in November, 1881, added general furniture business to his trade, and is now doing an extensive business, his sales having increased from $500 the first year to about $150,000 per annum. Mr. Helmers was married at Herman, Mo., August 27, 1865, to Pauline Christel, a native of Gasconade, Mo., They have six children living - Henry J., Caroline, George, Otto, Louise, and William.

R. N. HERSHFIELD came to Leavenworth in November, 1856, and engaged in watch repairing. In 1857 he constructed a small store, 20x24, on Chestnut street, between Second and Third, his stock the first year amounting to about $1,000 and sales about $2,000. His sales now range from $300,000 to $350,000 per annum, and he employs three traveling salesmen, who give attention to sales on road exclusively; also two who sell clocks. Mr. J. V. Ellard is general manager of the store, having been associated with Mr. Hershfield for the last seven years. His manufacturing foreman, Henry Worth, and his chief engraver, Fred Daubler, both learned their business in the employ of Mr. Hershfield, the former having been with him over twelve years. The manufacturing department was added in 1860, and now employs twelve men. Noah Mitchell was associated with Mr. H. in business from 1860 to 1875, when he moved to New York and engaged in diamond dealing.

WILLIAM G. HESSE, manufacturer of all kinds of light carriages, buggies, and wagons, was born in Prussia in 1838, and was early connected with his present business, his father having carried on the same kind in Prussia. In 1853, he came to America, and followed his trade in New York, Maryland, and St. Louis, consecutively, until 1857, when he came here and located, and has been actively connected with it principally since. In 1858, he married Miss Salina Stauber, who was born in Switzerland in 1838, and came to America in 1857. They have a family of one son, Otto, and three daughters - Amelia, Sophia, and Louisa. In connection with the establishment of Mr. Hesse's carriage factory, it may be said to his credit, that his was the second factory established here, and that he has so enlarged upon it as to make it par excellence with all others of the kind. It gives, employment to 28 skilled workmen, and does an annual trade of $40,000. In 1880, Mr. Hesse began a more extended manufacture of light work, and he proposes now to make it his specialty.

NICHOLAS HIEB, old settler and retired merchant, was born in Bavaria, Germany, February 10, 1830. He came to the United States in 1850, and settled in Philadelphia, Pa. He was there employed in manufacturing confectionery establishments, and in 1855, engaged in business for himself as a confectioner. In 1866, he settled in Leavenworth, Kan., where he engaged in grocery business, and continued in this until 1882, when he sold out. Mr. Hieb was married in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1855, to Miss Mary Endebroek, of Philadelphia. He is a member of the Allemania Lodge, No. 123, I. O. O. F.

JOHN HEIGLE, general grocery business, established in 1873. Mr. Hiegle was born in Baden, Germany, June 21, 1828, and came to America in 1854 and settled here a few years after and engaged in the mercantile business generally until he began his present business, which he has successfully carried on since. October 12, 1874, he married Miss Barbara Herbold, of his native country, who came to American in 1848, at the ages of eight years, with her people, who settled in Ohio, where she was reared and educated. They have a family of one son and four daughters, Johnnie, Lizzie, Annie, Lena and Mary. Mr. Heigle did active service in the militia of the State during the war.

REV. A. E. HIGGENS, Pastor First M. E. Church, became connected with the Kansas conference in 1879. He has since held a charge at Olathe two years, and in March, 1881, moved to Leavenworth to take the present one. Mr. Higgens was born, in Vernon, Jennings County, Ind., February 8, 1848. His parents moved to Clermont County, Ohio, while he was a child, finally settling in Brown County. He received a common school education in Ohio, and commenced to preach in the Cincinnati conference in 1868. In 1871 he removed to Boston, Mass. After devoting one year to preparatory studies, he entered the school of theology in the Boston University, and graduated in the spring of 1875. He returned to Ohio, and passing an examination, was ordained an elder in the fall of the same year, and was attached to the Cincinnati conference. In 1878 he took a location in Kansas City, Kansas, and joined the Kansas conference the next year. Mr. Higgens was married in Adams County, Ohio, December 29, 1875, to Miss Alice B. Massie of that county. They have one son, Nathaniel Massie.

J. W. HILE, General Superintendent of the Western Tower Clock Company, was born near Akron, Ohio, September 8, 1838. From 1851 to 1855 he attended a select school in Sheboygan, Wis., and served an apprenticeship as a watchmaker under N. B. Wallace. He then entered the Lawrence University. After leaving college, he settled in Chicago, where he finished his trade and went in business for himself, and was well established, when the war broke out. He sold out and enlisted April 19, 1881, in the McClellan Dragoons (sic), under Major Barker, and was honorably discharged August 4, 1864. He returned to Chicago where he remained for a few years. On his way west he located in Anamosa, Iowa, where he engaged in business, and in February 3, 1869, married Miss Annie Morris. In 1872, he moved to Waterville, Kan., where he engaged in the jewelry business and in the manufacturing of tower clocks. During his residence in Waterville, he designed and constructed the famous Century clock, which he had on exhibition in the Kansas building at the Centennial in 1876, which clock attracted much attention in Philadelphia. This clock is two feet by eighteen inches at the base, stands nine feet seven inches high, and requires winding but once in one hundred years. He was awarded the highest medal and diploma. In 1880 he moved to Leavenworth, Kan., and organized the Western Town Clock Company, December 1, 1882, he was appointed Chief Engineer Quarter Master's Department, Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Mr. Hile is a self-made man and has been his own master since he was five years old. One of his novel ways of dispatching business is, he will have one person read his letters while he will dictate their answer to the second person, at the same time will be busily engaged at work on some instrument and conversing on business matters with the third without losing the chain of thought with either of the four branches in which he is at the same time engaged. Mr. Hile is a member of the Unitarian Church, and a member of the A. F. & A. M. of Anamosa Lodge, Iowa.

C. E. HINKLE, passenger, conductor on the Kansas Central Division, C. P. R. R., was born in Platte County, Mo., February 2, 1851. His parents moved to Leavenworth in 1865. In 1867 he became connected with Wells, Fargo & Co's. Express, was in the office at the State Line for a time and was then placed on the K. P. R. R., and afterward on the M. K. & T. R. R. In 1876, took a position as brakesman on the M. P. R. R., and continued with that company until 1878, then became connected with the Kansas Central, at first as brakesman. Was promoted to conductor in April, 1880. Mr. Hinkle was married in Platte County, Mo., December 23, 1872, to Miss Annie Henry, of that county. They have three children - Mazie, Allie, Charlie.

JOHN HODAPP, general groceries. Business established in 1879. Mr. Hodapp was born near Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1844, and was reared in Jackson County, Ind., and was connected with a brewery. Worked there principally till 1868, when he came here and worked at mining till he started his present business, which he ably represents. In 1872 he married Miss Elizabeth Gordon, a native of England. They have a family of two sons and two daughters - Georgie, Emma, Louisa and Joseph.

A. M. HOFFMAN, locomotive engineer Missouri Pacific Railway, was born in Essex County, Vt., December 25, 1844. He commenced his railroad life in 1864; on a locomotive of the Grand Trunk Railway, with headquarters at Island Pond, Vermont, his run passing into three States. After firing about three years was promoted to engineer, and continued in this position until 1873. In this year he was appointed engineer on the first express train between Halifax and Quebec, on the Inter Colonial Railway of Canada. He continued with this company about nine years, when ill health compelled his resignation. He then moved West in search of a better climate, and settled in Leavenworth, Kan., and in January, 1882, was appointed to his present position. Mr. Hoffman was married in Norway, Oxford County, Maine, December 25, 1868, to Miss Addie Pike, of that town. They have two children - Charles M. and Carrie M.

CARL HOFFMAN was born in Hesse Darmstadt, Germany, December 24, 1847. He received a musical education in his native country, from which he emigrated in 1868, arriving at America In July of that year. His first location was at Pittsburgh, Pa., where he became connected with a large music store, and remained until his removal to Leavenworth the following year. Since locating in Leavenworth, Mr. Hoffman has been engaged in the manufacture and sale of musical instruments and the sale of musical merchandise generally, officiating also as organist, first at the Leavenworth Cathedral, and later at the Presbyterian Church. He has a large factory and store, the company, the Kansas Organ Co., owning six lots upon which they are erecting now more complete and commodious buildings, with improved machinery and the best facilities for manufacturing church and parlor organs. They employ about sixty men in the factory and store. The Kansas Organ Company was organized in June, 1882; Carl Hoffman, president, A. C. Emmons, superintendent, and Fred Holl, treasurer.

LEONARD HOHL, train dispatcher and chief operator, Kansas Central Division, Union Pacific Railroad; was born in Cleveland, Ohio, July 7, 1855; his parents moved in 1856 to LaCrosse, Wis., where his father died January 5, 1866, and in 1867 his mother moved to Palmyra, Mo., where he received his education. He commenced the study of his profession at a very early age. When less than thirteen years old he was appointed by C. E. Squired, manager of the Mississippi Valley Telegraph Company at Palmyra. In 1870 he engaged with the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad as operator at Palmyra, retaining that position about four years. He then engaged in the same capacity with the St. L., I. M. & S. R. R. at Bismarck, Mo. One year later he entered the train dispatcher's office of the K. C. St. Jo. & C. B. R. R. At St. Joseph, Mo. In January, 1877, he moved to Leavenworth, Kan., to take the position of manager of the A. & P. Telegraph Company at that point. In September of the same year the A. & P. Consolidated with the Western Union Telegraph Company, and Mr. Hohl was then moved to Omaha and entered the train dispatcher's office of the U. P. R. R. At that point, remaining in that office until appointed to present position, in March, 1882. Mr. Hohl was married in Fremont, Neb., January 28, 1879, to Miss Lizzie Hooper, of Dodge County. They have two children - Clara M. and Lawrence. E.

A. A. HOLCOMBE, D. V. S., veterinary surgeon to the Department of the Missouri, U. S. A., is a native of Philadelphia, Pa. He was born in that city November 16, 1850; received a classical education at the Excelsior Normal Institute, Bucks County, Pa., graduating in 1870. In 1873 he entered the veterinary department of the University of the State of New York, and graduated with the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Surgery in 1876. He was appointed Adjunct Professor, and two years later a full Professor of Surgical Pathology in the American Veterinary College, New York. In 1879 he held the position of Veterinary Surgeon in Chief to the State of New Jersey, attached to the commission appointed by the Governor. In 1880, he came to Kansas and took his present position. Mr. H. was married in New York City, January 14, 1879, to Miss Jennie C. Warner, of Newark, N. J. They have two children - Maud L. and A. Liantard. Mr. Holcombe is a member of the K. of P. and the K. of H.

LABAN GARDNER HOPKINS, was born in Troy, N. Y., but reared and educated in New York City, that being the home of his parents at the time of his birth. He graduated from Columbia College Law School, in 1862, receiving the degree of Bachelor of Laws. He commenced practice in New York City, and remained there until he came to Leavenworth, April 13, 1868, and engaged in practice of law and abstract business. While in New York he was one of the organizers, and among the first members of the New York Militia, Thirty-seventh Regiment. He was married at Catskill, N. Y., September 7, 1864, to Julia Edgarine Whittelsey, a native of Hudson, N. Y. They have three children - Edgar W., Samuel G. and Jane A.

J. FRANK HOPPER came to Leavenworth in 1870, and was first connected with the Leavenworth Bulletin, as editor, and later as traveling correspondent with the Leavenworth Commercial. In 1875, he accepted a position on the St. Joseph Gazette, and was afterwards connected with the St. Louis Times, remaining with the latter until it was merged in the Republican. Since 1882 he has represented the baking powder firm of E. W. Gillett, of Chicago. Mr. Hopper is a native of Plattsburg, Clinton Co., N. Y. He was born July 6, 1834, and removed with his parents to La Grange, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., when he was one year old, and five years later to Monmouth, Warren Co., Ill. His home was at Galesburg for some time, and in 1859 he went to Colorado. In 1860 he returned to Council Bluffs, Iowa, and in June, 1861, enlisted in Company A, Fourth Iowa Volunteer Infantry, in which he served until November 28, 1861. He was then transferred to the Sixth Missouri Cavalry as First Lieutenant, and was the next day made Captain of his company. In January, 1863, he resigned on account of ill health, and returned to Council Bluffs, where he was engaged in the book and stationery business until he came to Leavenworth, in 1870. Mr. Hopper is a member of the A. F. & A. M. He was married at Council Bluffs, February 18, 1863, to Margaret S. Lafferty, a native of Richmond, Va. They have four children - Ada Ione, Della Eliza, Mary Gertrude and Charles Lafferty.

HON. JOSEPH HOWELL, born in Phillipsburg, Warren County, N. J., in 1833, and was identified with the mercantile business in his native State till 1856, when he located here, and for about the first twelve years of his life here was engaged in the quartermaster's department, after which he engaged in the agricultural and stock industry with which he has been identified to the present year. During his connection with that industry here he carried on stock raising and dealing in the Indian Territory also for several years. In 1864 he married Miss Rachel J. Ewing, who was born and reared in Brown County, Ohio. They have a family of four sons and one daughter - Charles E., Abram H., Ella, Joseph (Jr.), and William. Mr. Howell has always taken an active interest in the development of the social and industrial life of this locality since coming here. Served his county in the State Legislatures of 1869-71-72. Has been an active member of the A., F. & A. M. Society since 1861, during which time he has been officially connected as master of his lodge at different times, and representative and member of the Grand Lodge of the State.

MATTHEW HOWELL, real estate agent, has been a resident of Leavenworth since 1859. Prior to 1868 he was engaged in dry goods business; since that date in real estate and loan business. He is a native of New York city, and in after years was engaged in gun-powder and ammunition business in that city. He also resided four years in California. He was married January 1, 1866, to Julia Gilmore, a native of Goshen, Ind. They have three children - Matthew Jr., William G. and Harriet.

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