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MARTIN V. B. PARKER, attorney at law, was born in Coles County, Ill., in November, 1840, and was reared on a farm. At the age of fourteen years he went to Jacksonville, Ill., and for six years off and on attended the Illinois College, graduating in 1864. In the early part of the war he enlisted and served sixteen months. After graduating at Jacksonville he attended the law school at Albany, N. Y., graduating in May, 1866, and shortly afterward opened a law and real estate business at Lee Summit, Mo. In the spring of 1868 he came to Olathe and engaged in the practice of law in company with John P. St. John. Eight years later they dissolved and Mr. Parker conducted his law and real estate business alone until quite recently when he became associated with A. J. Smith. Mr. Parker is largely interested in farming. He owns some 700 acres of land in this county, all under cultivation. He was married in Jacksonville, Ill., in the fall of 1866 to Emma Woodward. They have five children, May L., Effie E., Luella, Zulu and Zella.

JAMES W. PARMETAR, of Parmetar & Divelbiss, architects and builders, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1832. Here he learned the trade of carpenter and builder, serving as an apprentice some four years, after which he followed it as a journeyman for about five years, then in the same capacity in Bureau County, Ill., for seven years, and for some time in Niles, Mich., where he studied architecture, etc. He came to Olathe in March, 1858, pre-empted 160 acres in Oxford Township, this county, and resided on the same "off and on" for a short time. Since his arrival in this place he has devoted his time to his present business, and since the spring of 1862 has been in partnership with L. W. Divelbiss. In April, 1861, Mr. P. enlisted in the Second Kansas Infantry, and having assisted in raising Company C, was elected First Lieutenant of the same and served six months. He then assisted in organizing Company H, Twelfth Kansas Infantry, and was appointed Captain of it in August, 1862, by Gen. James Lane, and in that capacity served some three years, two years of which he was in charge of Fort Larned, Kas. Captain Parmetar was taken prisoner during Quantrell's raid, in Olathe, but shortly after paroled. The subject of our sketch was married in McCamish Township, Johnson County, October 13, 1859, to Ellen J. Gray, a native of Ohio. They have one son--Charles W.

WILBUR C. PAUL, editor of the Johnson County Democrat, a new Jeffersonian journal, which was introduced to the public in May, 1882. Mr. Paul was born in New Lisbon Ohio, June 3, 1853; then lived in Alliance from the time he was nine until he became thirteen years of age, there attending school and working in the printing offices during his vacation. When he was fourteen years of age his family moved to Cleveland, Ohio, and there he--from choice rather than necessity--carried routes and sold papers on the streets, always employing the spare moments in acquiring a knowledge of printing. In 1872 he came to Kansas, settling in Ottawa, from which place he has roamed about for four years of the ten that have elapsed since his sojourn there, finally finding his Mecca in Olathe, where he is endeavoring to exert an influence for good.

S. C. PETTEGREW, formerly of the firm of Hubbard & Pettegrew, dealer in lumber, coal and grain; was born in Dearborn County, Ind., September 30, 1849; came to Kansas in August, 1866, locating in Olathe. Engaged in the lumber business in company with his father, under the style of W. G. Pettegrew & Son, which firm lasted about two years. He then managed the lumber yard of Lotshaw, Quade & Co. for two years, and the yard of J. A. McCartney for three years. He became associated with David Hubbard October 23, 1874, and engaged in the business with him at that time with a stock of about $1,500, which they after- ward increased to about $4,000. August 1, 1882, Mr. Pettegrew bought out Mr. David Hubbard's interest in the firm, and now the style of the firm is S. C. Pettegrew. The firm has a capital of $6,000. In connection with the business Mr. Pettegrew also does a limited amount of building, etc. He is a member of the Olathe Lodge No. 59, I. O. O. F., and is at present treasurer of that body.

ISAAC O. PICKERING, attorney at law, was born in Freeport, Harrison Co., Ohio, February 18, 1842, and was reared in Fulton County, Ill. He came to Kansas June 1, 1859 and farmed for a short time in Johnson County, and then in Woodson County. During the winter of 1860-61 he taught school at Winterset, Iowa. In November, 1861, he enlisted in the Ninth Kansas Cavalry, Company F. In 1862 was promoted to Staff Sergeant, and in 1864 to First Lieutenant and although he held a regimental office was principally employed on the staff of Gen. Reynolds, serving in all four years. After the war he engaged in the mercantile business at Leavenworth, and at the same time carried on a livery business at Olathe, continuing both only a short time; he then engaged in the hotel business at Olathe in company with J. T. Weaver, following that until 1869, when he sold out and purchased 320 acres of land in Labette County and engaged in farming, losing in four years all he had accumulated heretofore. During 1867-68 and '69 Mr. P., in connection with his business pursuits also read law, and was admitted to the bar in Labette County at the District Court in February, 1872. In 1873 he returned to Olathe and was variously engaged until the session of the Legislature of 1875, when he was elected Assistant Chief Clerk of the House. At the expiration of his official term, he returned to Olathe and entered the law office of Gov. John P. St. John, with whom he is still associated. He is also engaged in farming, and is interested in mining enterprises in Colorado. He was elected attorney of the city of Olathe in the spring of 1878-79-80, and Mayor of the city in 1881 for a term of two years. Mr. Pickering is a member of the Executive Committee of the State Temperance Union.

J. R. F. PILCHER, was born in Belmont County, Ohio, in 1832; was educated at Dennison University, Granville, Ohio. Taught school in Ohio and at New Madrid, Mo., nearly two years. Graduated at Cincinnati Law School in 1860. He served in the Confederate army. After the war, he taught in Indiana, and came to Kansas in 1868 and engaged in mercantile business in Olathe. He is at present engaged in lumber and real estate.

FRED E. PRATT, manager for the G. B. Shaw & Co. lumber yard. This yard is a branch of the Kansas City yard of G. B. Shaw & Co., and was established January 25, 1882. The firm has some twenty-five lumber yards in the State of Kansas. They carry a stock here of about $10,000. Mr. Pratt, who is manager of this yard, was born in Groton, Tompkins Co., N. Y., in 1855, and reared in Anoka County, Minn., where he learned the profession of land surveyor, and was employed at it for some time. He came to Kansas in 1875, and was for three years employed in the lumber business in Sterling, after which he returned to Anoka, and was for a few months employed in the State Bank at that place. He then returned to Kansas, and was employed by the Western Lumber Company in various parts of the State. He then went to Kansas City, Mo., and entered the employ of G. B. Shaw & Co., remaining there until appointed to the management of this yard in January 1882.

W. H. SMITH, of John Harris & Co., bankers, was born in Bloomington, Ind., May 13, 1841. At thirteen years of age he removed to Louisville, Ky., where he was employed in banking and mercantile business as bookkeeper for about seven years. Returning to Indiana, he enlisted in May, 1862, in Company A, Fifty-fourth Indiana Infantry, and was discharged in 1863, on account of ill health; after which he was employed as a bookkeeper at Louisville until 1869, when he entered the wholesale notion house of H. S. Buckner & Co., as a partner, remaining in that business two years. In 1871 he went to Clear Creek, Ind., and for two years was engaged in mercantile business under style of Martin & Smith; and again in Louisville as bookkeeper for three and one-half years. Returning again to Clear Creek, was variously engaged until he came to Kansas, in March, 1879, at which time he located in Newton, and was for six months employed as a bookkeeper in a grocery business. He then came to Olathe, entered the employ of John Harris, banker, as cashier, and in January, 1881, purchased a one-half interest in the concern. Mr. S. was married at Louisville, Ky., to Annie E. Mitchell, a native of that place. They have five children--Marian, Hunter, Emma, Blanche, and Mabel.

DAVID P. SNELLING, dealer in coal, etc., was born in the city of Columbus, Ohio in June, 1839, and in 1851 moved to Chippewa Falls, Wis, where he was employed in saw-mills as a sawyer, etc., for some years. In October, 1859, he enlisted in the Thirteenth United States Infantry, Company G, and served five years, and when mustered out he held the rank of First Sergeant. He participated in some eight or nine regular engagements, and was wounded at Black River, Miss., and at the battle of Chancellorsville. After the war Mr. Snelling gave his attention to farming in Jersey County, Ill. He came to Olathe, August 20, 1866, and for two years was engaged in selling merchandise through the country, after which he engaged in the coal business, being the first to open in that line in Olathe. In 1878 he established a telephone exchange at this place. In May, 1881, the same was merged into the Olathe Telephone Exchange, of which he is a stockholder, and is agent for the same. Mr. S. is interested in the sand trade at De Soto and Lawrence, Kan., from which he ships sand all through the State. He was married in Jersey County, Ill., in the fall of 1865, to Harriet H. Ford. They have five children--Austin, Herbert, Grace, Gertrude, and Dumont.

JAMES STEVENSON, farmer, was born in Nova Scotia, Ca., May 1, 1844. His parents removed to Allegany County, Md., seven years later, and thence to Gallatin County, where they remained three years, and removed to Perry County, Ill., where he learned the trade of blacksmith, and followed it as a journeyman there for some years. On April 20, 1861, he enlisted in Company G, Twelfth Kansas Infantry, serving three months, and re-enlisted August 16, 1862, in First Illinois Light Artillery, and served three years. His brother George also served in the same battery. Mr. Stevenson came to Kansas, June 23, 1867, and purchased eighty acres of land, on which he still resides. His brother George has also eighty acres, and the brothers farm together. Both farms are finely improved--with orchards, groves and hedges. They are extensive farmers, and also raise considerable stock. Both are members of the Lone Elm Grange, No. 152. Mr. Stevenson was married in Olathe, November 7, 1872, to Sarah J. Byers, who died August 14, 1873.

HON. ROBERT E. STEVENSON, Recorder of Johnson County, was born in Morgan County, Ill., in December, 1839. Was educated at Illinois College, Jacksonville, Ill., and graduated in medicine at Rush Medical College, Chicago, in 1862. He enlisted April 15, 1861, in Company B, Tenth Illinois Infantry, and after his graduation at Rush College, was appointed Assistant-Surgeon, Seventy-third Illinois Infantry, serving until February, 1864. He then went to Jacksonville, Ill., and practiced; also carried on a drug business. Mr. Stevenson came to Kansas in 1867, and located in Olathe, and for about seven years followed farming and dealing in stock. His farm consisted of 160 acres adjoining the city, and eighty acres of it has since been turned into a town addition. In 1874 he engaged in grain business, following it for five years, after which he entered the employ of the United States Mail Service as route agent on the Santa Fe R. R. This he resigned to accept his present position, having been elected to the same in November, 1881. Mr. Stevenson was elected to represent the Olathe district in the State Legislature in 1868, and again in 1874. He was appointed chairman of the Indian Raid Commission in 1879, and a delegate to the Republican National Convention held in 1872 at Philadelphia. The subject of our sketch was married at Jacksonville, Ill., in April, 1864, to Celesta A. McCartney, a native of Belmont County, Ohio. They have four children--Charles McC., M. Kate, Jay and Margaret J.

ISAAC STUCK, farmer and stock-raiser, was born in London County, Va., September 29, 1829. Studied civil engineering and surveying in Washington, D. C., and in 1874 commenced as assistant on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, and continued on that work until its completion to Cumberland, Md., in 1851. In June of that year he accepted a position as assistant engineer on the North River Canal in Virginia. In 1852-53 was assistant engineer on the extension of the Morris & Essex Railroad, from Dover to Hackettstown in New Jersey, and in 1854 was assistant on the Iron Mountain Railroad in Missouri, and in April, 1855, came to Kansas, and from that time until 1861 was engaged surveying lands for the Government in Kansas and Nebraska. When not engaged in surveying he was examiner and draughtsman in the Surveyor General's office, and in February and March, 1856, while the office was at Wyandotte, he drew from the plats of actual surveys, the first sectional map of Kansas. In 1857, when the office was at Lecompton, he made a map of Douglas County, showing upon its face the names of settlers at that time upon each quarter section of land. This map was engraved at St. Louis, Mo. In 1861 commenced farming, and in 1862 was elected Captain of Company C, Thirteenth Regiment, Kansas State Militia, and served till the close of the war. In 1865, he sold his farm and went to New Mexico, where he again engaged in Government surveying. In 1868 returned to Johnson County, Kan., and located upon the farm where he now resides. Mr. S. was elected three of four times Surveyor of Johnson County, filling that office in all six or eight years. He is not only a thorough surveyor, but one of the finest draughtsmen in the State. Mr. S. was married in 1862, and lost his wife in 1876, and in 1880 married a second time, and now has a family of five boys and one girl.

CYRUS O. SYLVESTER, proprietor of the Olathe Foundry and Machine Shops, was born at Port Clinton, Ottawa Co., Ohio, April 24, 1835. In 1847 his father, William B. Sylvester, moved to Manhattan, Lucas County, Ohio; in 1849 moved to Attica, Fountain County, Ind. At eighteen years of age young Sylvester went to Milwaukee, Wis., where he served three years as an apprentice to the machinist trade, in the Reliance Works, with Decker & Seville. He was then made foreman of the machine shop under A. G. Waid, general manager. In 1861 he moved to Attica, Ind., and in 1862 enlisted in Company C, Eighty-sixth Regiment, Indiana Volunteers for three years. During his service he was wounded three times. Was at the battle of Murfreesboro, was all through the Atlanta Campaign; was promoted to First Lieutenant at Powers Ferry, Ga., July 16, 1864. After the Atlanta Campaign he was taken prisoner at Huntsville, Ala., January 18, 1864, and was taken to Galesburg, Ala., whence he escaped and made his way back, a distance of 150 miles on Lookout and Sand Mountains, to within about eight miles of Bridgeport, Ala. Here he was captured by a band of bushwhackers, and then he thought it was all up with him; but he had forged a parole, and this saved him. They detained him to find out whether the parole was genuine, and that night he escaped with a double-barreled shotgun. He was then on Sand Mountain--the mountain was covered with snow, and he had no shoes on his feet; by slow travel, however, he got down to the Tennessee River, where he found a slab on the bank. he tied the locks of his gun close under his arms, and crossed the river on the slab. His limbs were utterly benumbed with the cold water, but he had the gun, and now made his way back to the Union lines. In July, 1865, he was mustered out, and then went to Janesville, Wis. There he had charge of the round house of the C. & N. W. R. R. for two years. He then moved to Williamsport, Ind., and opened a foundry. Three years later he was burned out and removed to Attica, Ind., and there conducted a foundry until March, 1880, when he came to Olathe, Johnson Co., Kan., and established his present business. He does a large trade in repairing farm machinery and making farm rollers, and since March, 1882, has been running a saw mill in connection with his present business.

HENRY A. TAYLOR, Deputy County Treasurer, was born in Fairfield, Iowa, in November, 1847, and reared in Keokuk. Here for a time he studied law, but finally gave his attention to bookkeeping, etc., following it there until he came to Olathe, in May, 1870. Shortly after his arrival here, he was appointed Deputy Clerk of the County, and filled that position for three and a half years. In November, 1873, he was appointed Deputy Treasurer of the County, and served something over two years. In the fall of 1875, he was elected Treasurer of Johnson County for a two year term, and re-elected in 1877, without opposition. Mr. Taylor has occupied his present office since October, 1880. In January, 1881, he was also appointed Financial Agent for the County, and compromised and settled indebtedness for the same, which had been in litigation for some ten years, this employing the principal part of his time for over a year. The subject of our sketch was married in Olathe, in June, 1872, to Harriet H. Taylor, a native of Sycamore, Ill. They have one living daughter--Kate O., and one deceased--Mary.

G. ADAM THEIS, farmer, was born in Germany, January 8, 1830, and reared on a farm. In 1852, he emigrated to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he was employed as a night-watchman in a hotel. He came to Kansas in 1857, located in Johnson County, and followed farming and stock-raising in Olathe Township. Mr. Thies's sic farm was located in Section 21, Township 13, Range 24, consisting of 160 acres, all well improved; this he traded about three years ago, for 240 acres of land in Anderson County, where he is interested in farming, etc., but still retains his residence in this county. He was married in Johnson County, Kan., in 1863, to Elizabeth N. Gammon. They have three children--William, Mary H. and George H.

S. G. THOMAS, farmer, was born in Fayette County, Ind., in 1833, and was reared on a farm. He learned the trade of carpenter, and was employed at it there and in Madison County some twelve years. In 1861, he turned his attention to farming, and followed it in that county some six years, after which for one year he resided in Rush County and a year in Jackson County, Mo. He came to Olathe in December, 1868, and located on his present farm, which consists of 160 acres, all well improved. He has a nice orchard and grove on his premises. Mr. Thomas married in 1861, in Madison County, Ind., to Susan M. Busby; she died two years later, leaving one daughter--Jessie. He was married a second time in Rush County, Ind., in December, 1866, to Margaret Ball. They have two children--Zoe O. and Olon C.

GEORGE L. THOMPSON, of Brown & Thompson, hardware merchant, was born in Kickapoo, Leavenworth Co., Kan., December 15, 1855. He began business life at the age of about fourteen years, entering the employ of the K. C. Ft. S & G. R. R. Co. He worked for a short time in the general offices at Atchison, then as baggageman for three years, afterward as station agent at various places in Kansas, remaining in that employ in all about eleven years. Was then employed in the offices of M. P. R. R. Co. at Atchison for a year in the capacity of clerk, assistant train master, and chief operator, after which he went to Colorado, where for two months he was employed in mercantile business, then for four months in Florida, engaged in railroading. Returning to Kansas in March, 1882, he settled in Olathe, and in April joined A. A. Brown in this business. Mr. Thompson was married in Olathe, in 1878, to Miss M. J. Dobbs. They have one infant daughter.

D. H. WALLICK, farmer and stock raiser, was born in Holmes County, Ohio, in 1832, and was reared on a farm. After reaching manhood, followed farming as an occupation. He enlisted August 9, 1862, in the One Hundred and Second Ohio Infantry, Company G, and served three years. He came to Kansas in April, 1869; was for two years engaged in farming in the neighborhood of Olathe City, and then moved on to his present farm, five and one-half miles south west of Olathe City, consisting of 160 acres, in March, 1871. His place is splendidly improved, and he has on it a fine orchard of three and one-half acres. He is a charter member of the Lone Elm Grange. Mr. W. was married in Holmes County, Ohio, in April, 1862, to Sarah Moore. They have three children--Elzora, Delbert L. and Franklin.

J. D. WALKER, farmer, was born in Tioga County, Penn., in 1826, and reared in Peoria County, Ill., where he followed farming for many years. In 1869, he came to Olathe, and located on his present farm, consisting of 160 acres, all improved by him in the past twelve years. He is also engaged in raising hogs of the Poland-China and Berkshire breeds. Mr. Walker is assisted in conducting his farm by his three sons--William, Percy and Ray.

GEORGE WHITE, farmer and dealer in stock, was born at Alden, Erie Co. N. Y., in 1828; removed to Princeton, Bureau Co., Ill.,., in 1844, and a year later engaged in the mercantile business as a clerk. In 1848, he went to St. Louis, Mo., and was employed in the same capacity for a year; then clerked on steamboats on the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers. In 1830, he crossed the plains to California and followed mining for a short time, and for a few months was employed as a clerk in a hotel in Sacramento; returning home early in 1852, he engaged in the grocery business in Bureau County, remaining there some three years, after which he again took to boating on the Mississippi River for a short time. In August, 1855, he came to Kansas and followed mercantile business at Leavenworth. In January, 1857, he came to Olathe and located on his present farm, which consists of 165 acres. His place is well improved with fine buildings and an orchard. Mr. White is considered one of the largest raisers of hogs in the county. In September, 1862, he was appointed Under-Sheriff, and re-appointed in 1864, serving, in all, about forty months. Mr. White was married in St. Louis, Mo., October 16, 1855, to Laura V. Strode. They have nine living children--H. B., Minnie M., Eddie C., Charles, Schuyler C., Ida E., Laura, John and Hattie M.; one deceased--Frank S. who died May 30, 1882.

ALFRED WILEY, farmer and stock-raiser, P.O. Olathe, was born near Zanesville, Ohio, in 1837, and reared in Fulton County, Ill., where he began business life as a clerk in mercantile business, following that occupation for several years. He came to Kansas in 1859, locating in the city of Olathe, and was for some five years engaged in the provision business in company with his brother. His father came to this State in 1864, and the boys engaged in farming with him; and three years later the subject of this sketch took a farm on his own account. In 1875, he moved on to his present farm in the township of Olathe. Mr. Wiley is one of the progressive farmers of this county. He owns 400 acres of land, five acres of which he has laid out in a fine orchard; and is largely engaged in raising live stock, making a specialty of graded cattle and blooded hogs. He is a member of the Grand View Grange, No. 433; was elected master at its organization, and is the present incumbent of that office, having been elected yearly. In the fall of 1861, he enlisted--for three years--in Company C, Second Kansas Infantry. Mr. Wiley was married in Anderson County, Kansas, in 1866, to Sarah J. Bull. They have six children--Charles, Lina, Louisa, Eli, Viola and Edward.

W. F. WILEY, farmer, Section 15, P.O. Olathe, was born in Baltimore, Md., in 1815, and when very young his parents emigrated to Jefferson County, Ohio. He learned the carpenter trade with his father, and followed that occupation in Morgan County, Ohio, until 1840, when he moved to Vermont, Fulton County, Ill. There he was engaged in building, mercantile, grain and pork business. In 1856, he moved to Henry County, Iowa, and embarked in mercantile business at Salem. Two years later, he moved to Kansas City, Mo., and there he again followed contracting and building. He was forced to leave there on account of his Republican sentiments; and in June, 1861, he located at Olathe, Kan., where, in connection with others, he conducted a flour mill for about two years. He then gave his attention to agricultural pursuits, and in 1875, moved on to his present farm. He has 160 acres, all improved, and a very fine orchard. He was married in Morgan County, Ohio, in June, 1836, to Rebecca Todd. They have seven children.

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