William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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JOSEPHUS BALLARD, farmer and stock raiser, Section 7, P. O. Newton, owns 320 acres, 220 under cultivation, all enclosed with hedge, with good orchard; has a good frame dwelling, 24 x 26, with barn and outbuildings; has 13 horses, 21 head of cattle and 130 hogs. He was born in Ohio, September 29, 1834, and moved to Iowa in 1854 and came from there to Kansas in the spring of 1875 and bought this farm. He was married November 2, 1856, to Miss Phoebe J. Lee, a native of Indiana. They have eight children -- Sarah L., John S., Foster W., Josephus A., Charles W., Ida A., and Guy W.; the oldest, Rosetta A. died October 20, 1877, aged seventeen years, nine months and twenty-eight days. Is Treasurer of the School Board and has accepted the position four terms. Had eighty acres of wheat in 1880, which averaged twenty-two bushels per acre, and has now ninety acres sown to wheat and a good crop of corn.

WM. H. BEAN, farmer, section 24, P. O. Newton, owns 320 acres, 220 in cultivation, all enclosed and divided into forty-acre fields, with over seven miles of stock-proof hedge; has a fine new frame dwelling, 28 x 32, one and a half stories, with porticoes and bay window and costing 41,800, also a stable, granary and all necessary outbuildings; six acres bearing orchard and two acres in cultivated timber; had ninety acres in wheat in 1882, which averaged twenty bushels per acre; has 4 horses, 22 head of cattle and 35 hogs. Came to Kansas and located present farm in April, 1871, and is the oldest present resident of Emma Township. Was born in Maine, February 18, 1840, and came from native State to Kansas. Was married February 18, 1879, to Miss Elizabeth A. Rallston, a native of Indiana. They have two children -- Edwin V. and Glenn E. Was in the quartermaster's department during the war, in a clerical capacity. Is a Mason. In the early settlement of the county the cattlemen were opposed to farmers settling and breaking up the land for crops and allowed their stock to destroy their crops and Mr. Bean and others organized a force of seventy-five old soldiers and notified them accordingly and the trouble ended with the organization.

IRA J. COOK, farmer and stock raiser, section 30, P. O. Newton, owns 319 acres, 160 in cultivation, all enclosed; three acres in orchard and two acres in cultivated timber; frame dwelling 26 x 30 with porch and kitchen; stable and outbuildings; corral and stock sheds, with windmill pump. Makes a specialty of fine and graded stock; has 10 horses, 36 head of cattle and 8 hogs. Was born in Canada, March 14, 1838, and when fifteen years of age moved with his parents to Wisconsin, remaining there one year, when he went to Iowa and came from there to Kansas in 1871; located on his present place in August of same year. Mr. Cook had a hard time for the first few years, his means being limited; he lived the first year in his wagon and a dugout, and the next year had all his crops burned up in a prairie fire; but by energy and industry he is now in good circumstances. Was married May 9, 1861 to Miss Alice Sprotley, a native of Virginia. They have two children -- John E. and William K. Enlisted in 1862, in Company H, Thirty-first Regiment Iowa Infantry, and was appointed Corporal, and served with his command in Second Brigade, First Division Fifteenth Army Corps, and participated in a great many battles and skirmishes, among them Arkansas Post, Vicksburg, Lookout Mountain, Resaca, Dalton, Kenesaw and Atlanta, and Lovejoy Station and followed Hood to the Tennessee River, then returned and went with Sherman to the sea and north through the Carolinas. His regiment was the first to plant the Union flag in Columbia, the capital of South Carolina, and from there to Bentonville, and Averysboro, N. C., and to Washington and mustered out June 29, 1865. Has served as Treasurer of the School Board one term.

NATHAN W. COMMONS, farmer, Section 27, P. O. Newton, rents and farms 160 acres belonging to his brother, 110 acres in cultivation, all enclosed with hedge, with dwelling 18 x 24, and stable. Was born in Indiana, September 5, 1839, and when a child moved with his parents to Illinois, where he lived until he came to Kansas in 1871, and located here. He was married September 7, 1860, to Miss Emeline Sisk. They have six children -- Bion, Della, Daisy, Earl E., Robert Ingersoll and Mabel. His son Earl E. was born October 29, 1871, being the first child born in Emma Township. Mr. Commons enlisted in 1862 in Company G, One Hundred and Twenty-fourth Regiment Illinois Volunteers, and served with his command in Mississippi and participated in the engagements of Fort Gibson, Raymond, Jackson and Champion Hills; at the latter place he was taken prisoner and paroled; after the fall of Vicksburg he returned home and after being exchanged rejoined his command at Vicksburg and went from there via New Orleans to Mobile and participated in the siege of Spanish Fort, and was mustered out August 16, 1865. Mr. Commons is liberal in his religious views.

N. A. HOLTON, farmer, Section 34, P. O. Newton, owns 960 acres, 640 in cultivation, 800 acres all enclosed with hedges and cross hedges, dividing it off into four fields of 160 acres each, and four fields of forty acres each. A fine bearing orchard of ten acres, set out in 1875, which yielded in 1881, some 300 bushels of apples and peaches. Has a fine frame dwelling 22 x 28, with l 24 x 30, two stories, with fine cellar under the whole house. The cost of the dwelling was over $2,000; granary and stables combined 36 x 46; chicken house, 12 x 16; granary 12 x 16; corn crib, etc. Mr. H. makes wheat a specialty, raising in 1882, about 10,000 bushels, averaging twenty-four bushels per acre. He has four horses, six mules and 100 head of cattle, both graded and domestic. Has also in Lane County, thirty-eight head of cattle and 330 sheep. He was born in Rutland County, Vt., December 8, 1818 and came from his native place to Kansas, locating on his present farm, November 19, 1873. He was married January 1, 1850, to Miss Sophia B. Earl. They have six children -- J. M., C. E., J. R., Eva A., Alice E., and Mattie J. While in Vermont, he served a Justice of the Peace for twenty years in succession, also a Township Trustee and on the School Board for years. Since coming to Kansas, has served as Township Trustee and Treasurer and also on the school Board.

URIAH SPANGLER, farmer, Section 15, P. O. Newton, own 160 acres, 125 under cultivation, all enclosed with hedge, small orchard, with dwelling 18 x 26, L 14 x 16, one a half stories, with porch and pantry 6 x 16, at a cost of from $1,300 to $1,500; stable and outbuildings and a windmill pump. He had in 1880, fifty-four acres of wheat averaged twenty-three bushels to the acre, and has now sixty acres sown. Came to Kansas in March, 1873, and located here. Was born in Pennsylvania, September 9, 1849, and moved to Illinois in 1870 and came from there to Kansas. He was married, January 28, 1874, to Miss Millie Raymond, who died December 9, 1877, leaving two children -- Alice and Ira. He was married in October, 1879, to Miss Hosterman, a native of Pennsylvania. Mr. S. is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and has been a member of the School Board for six years and has served one term as Township Treasurer.


DAVID LEHMANN, farmer and stock raiser, Section 35, P. O. Halstead, owns 640 acre, 255 in cultivation, 225 fenced with wire for pasture and 160 in meadow, eight acres in orchard, and two acres in cultivated timber of various kinds. He also has about 600 rods of hedge fencing, and a small vineyard of 130 stocks, fine frame dwelling 40 x 40, two stories with a large cellar under the whole house, costing $4,000; barn for grain and implements, 34 x 34, costing $800 and stable 32 x 36, costing $800; corn crib 10 x 16, cattle shed 10 x 160, hog sheds 10 x 32,feed racks 9 x 100 with corrals and windmill pump, costing in all about $1,000. Has seven horses, three mules and sixty-two head of cattle and fourteen hogs; wheat averaged in 1882, twenty-eight bushels to the acre. He was born in Germany, November 21, 1837, and came to the United States when a child with his parents and located in Ohio. Moved to Iowa in 1856 and to Illinois in 1860 and came from there to Kansas in 1879 and located here on this section, which he bought in 1873. He married, February 26, 1860, Miss Barbara B. Ruth, a native of Bavaria. They have thirteen children -- Christian A., David B., Katie R., August H., Susannah R., John M., Barbara R., Mary R., Daniel H., William T., Menno S., Rudolph G. and Marcus J. He is a Mennonite and is School Director.

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