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JOHN BOURNE, farmer, Section 18, Pleasant Township, P. O. Newton, owns 960 acres, about 300 under cultivation. Has at present ten horses, forty head of cattle and thirty-six hogs. Has a good frame dwelling, 16 x 26, with L 18 x 20, all two stories, with good barns and sheds for stock. Was born in Pennsylvania, in 1822, and when a boy learned the trade of machinist, at which he worked for a time, then went on the railroad as locomotive engineer and followed it for twenty-one years and all that time never had any one lose a life or limb and for the last sixteen years was in the employ of the Northern Central R. R., Pennsylvania and in 1878 he came to Kansas and located on his present farm. While in Pennsylvania he resided in Sunbury and for twenty-five years was in the Council or acting as Mayor of that city. He was married in 1845 to Miss Charlotte Baldy. They have seven children -- Harry, Ann, Lizzie, Christina, John, Charles and Samuel I. Packer. Is a Mason.

S. T. DANNER, farmer, section 21, P. O. Newton, owns 160 acres, 90 acres under cultivation, all enclosed with hedge, has a fine grove of cultivated timber and orchard, with good frame dwelling, 16 x 26, 2 stories; has 4 horses, and 45 head of cattle. He was born in Rush County, Ind., October 12, 1839. Has had a collegiate education and fitted himself for teacher. Taught his first school in 1861 and when his school was out entered the army as a private of Company K, Thirty-seventh Regiment Indiana Volunteers, remaining with his company and regiment until after the battle of Stone River, in which he participated. After which he was detached and did duty in the Pioneer Brigade. In 1863, he was commissioned First Lieutenant in the Twelfth Regiment United States Colored Infantry and resigned in 1864 and went back to Indiana remaining there until he came to Kansas in April, 1872, locating on his present farm. He has followed teaching, merchandising and farming since he left the service. He was elected Superintendent of Public Instruction of Harvey County in 1880 and served two years in that capacity. He was married October 6, 1864, to Miss Josephine Harryman. They have two children, William S. and Albert E. S. Mr. D. is a member of the Presbyterian Church, also a member of the Grand Army of the Republic.

WILLIAM FINSLEY, farmer, Section 30, P. O. Newton, owns 163 acres, about 100 acres under cultivation, 5 acres in orchard. Wheat average this year is 26 bushels per acre. Was born in West Virginia in 1838 and lived there until the war broke out. Enlisted as private in Company C, Second Regiment Virginia Volunteers, in January, 1861, and was with his regiment in all its campaigns, scouting and fighting in the mountains of Virginia. Was in the battles of McDowell Cross Keyes, Slaughter Mountain, Freeman's Ford and second Bull Run where he was captured but paroled; after his exchange he joined his regiment at Beverley, W. V., and was in the battle at that place when they were driven back to Clarksburg and continued in service in West Virginia until mustered out in June, 1864. Came from native state to Kansas, June 1, 1872, locating on present farm which has been his home since. Was married in 1868, to Miss Nancy J. McCombs. They have five children -- Charles, William, Rena, Martin and Amanda. Has been a Director on School Board for three years.

JAMES K. FULMER, farmer, section 36, P. O. Sheldon, owns 80 acres, 72 acres in cultivation and an orchard of 300 trees, has 2 mules and 10 hogs. He was born in Pennsylvania March 17, 1843, and from there he moved to Iowa in 1869, and came to Kansas in 1870, first locating in Johnson County, but came to his present location in 1879. He has been a member of the School Board for two years and is at the present time.

WILLIAM C. GARRETT, farmer, Section 35, Township 23, Range 2 east, P. O. Sheldon, owns 320 acres, 120 in general crops; wheat averages twenty bushels and oats forty bushels to the acre. Has a good frame dwelling house, 24 x 32, one and one-half stories high, with seven rooms, buttery and cellar. Farm is enclosed with hedge fence; has six horses, twenty eight head of cattle and forty-two hogs. Was born in Chester County, Penn., June 6, 1830, and in 1849, removed to Columbus, Ohio, where he engaged in contracting and building and from there went to Iowa in 1854 and went to farming but in 1858 he went back to Pennsylvania and remained until 1861 when he enlisted in Company H, Seventh Regiment Pennsylvania Cavalry, and was shortly afterward promoted to First Lieutenant and served with his regiment in the Army of the Cumberland and participated in the battle of Murfreesboro at which place he was promoted to Captain of Company B, in 1862. He was for a short time detailed as Provost Marshal at Franklin Tenn., at the time of blockade of Nashville went out in command of a detachment and train for forage and provisions, but was captured by the bushwackers with his whole train and part of detachments and he, without trial condemned to be shot and marched out to Columbia Court House for that purpose, but on giving the distress sign of a Mason, was rescued by a confederate surgeon, who rushed between him and the firing party when they had their guns leveled on him and who pushed him into a building at hand and interceded for him and induced them to spare his life, and was paroled and sent to Nashville, but when a short distance from Nashville was recaptured and taken to Franklin, Tenn., and because Mrs. Dr. Cliff of that place gave him a cup of tea she was arrested and sent to Gen. Bragg's headquarters, Murfreesboro, for punishment. He was then taken to Luverne, and finally exchanged for a lieutenant of a Kentucky confederate regiment, but while there planned an attack on the place which he carried into effect as soon as he got back to the Union headquarters, Nashville. Gen Negley, commander of the post at Nashville, ordered out a detachment which resulted in the capture of that place with several prisoners all the stores, ammunition, etc. Was in the Atlanta campaign, and participated in seventeen engagements but was severely wounded at the battle of Kennesaw Mountain and sent back to the hospital in Nashville where on his recovery, he was put in command of about 1,000 cavalry and held that position until mustered out in November, 1864. In 1865 he moved to Nashville Tenn., and took an active part in politics and was shot for attempting to vote. Went to Alabama, in 1867, at the request of Gov. Smith and was elected sheriff by 900 majority and served in that capacity for three years. But becoming disgusted with politics, returned North in 1870 and went to Iowa and from there to Kansas locating on present farm. He was married April 23, 1855, to Miss Mary S. Reeder. They have three children -- Lydia J., who is married to John Y. Foster, and lives three mile north; Edgar O., also married and owns 160 acres in Section 35, and Lucy E. Mr. Garrett is Postmaster at Sheldon, a Mason and a Quaker. He is also a collecting agent.

GEORGE G. HAYES, farmer, section 14, P. O. Newton, owns 160 acres, forty under cultivation, eighty acres enclosed with hedge; small orchard and one acres of blackberries; a grove of cottonwood and walnut trees growing finely; small frame dwelling. He was born in Pennsylvania July 12, 1861, and moved to Wisconsin in 1867 and came from there to Kansas in 1871, locating on his present place in March of same year and is one of the first settlers of this township. He is a bachelor.

N. W. HUTSON, farmer, Section 24, P. O. Newton, owns 240 acres of land, 130 under cultivation, and one and one half miles of hedge fence, with a fruit orchard and grove of cultivated timber, with frame dwelling 14 x 20 feet, with L 12 x 18 feet, one and a half stories, fine stone milk house with wind mill pump and all conveniences. Raises general crops, wheat average is twenty bushels to the acre, and oats forty-five bushels. Has five horses and mules, and thirty-five head of cattle and twenty-five hogs. Came to Kansas in 1876 and located here. He was born in 1845 in Ohio and moved to Illinois with his parents in 1852, and removed to Missouri in 1868 and came from there to Kansas. He enlisted in 1861 in Company F, Eleventh Regiment Illinois Cavalry under Col. Robert Ingersoll and was in Tennessee; was at Shiloh, siege of Corinth, and was on duty afterward on the Mississippi River, and was mustered out as Sergeant in 1865. He was married in 1866 to Miss Julia A. Saul. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

A. H. MCLAIN, farmer and stock raiser, Section 31, P. O. Newton, owns 652 acres in a body; about one-half is in crops, principally corn; has ten acres in orchard, which has seen bearing for several years, from which he has already realized over $1,200 in fruit sold. He also has a fine grove of cultivated timber of twenty acres, and farm all enclosed with over six miles of hedge in all; the north half of the place is used for pasture. In the northeast quarter he has a fine carp pond from which he expects to be bountifully supplied with fish in a few years. He has a good frame dwelling 18 x 32, one and a half stories high, and a corn bin and granary 30 x 32, with a driveway and all the conveniences for successful farming and stock raising. He has at present fifteen horses and mules, 170 head of cattle and sixty hogs. Mr. McLain was born in Illinois in March, 1833, and came from his native State to Kansas, locating on his present farm September 27, 1872. He was married to Miss Sarah A. Libby, October 18, 1855. They have eight children -- Charles R., married and engaged in the Arkansas Valley Land and Loan Company, in Newton; Ella, married to George Funk, January 8, 1878, and died October 23, 1878; Orlando, cashier in Farmer's and Merchants' Bank, Newton; Ernest, Horace, Edward, Mable and Alice. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church; also a Mason. While in Illinois Mr. McLain was Postmaster for four years and County Commissioner four years; since coming to Kansas he has taken a leading part in the welfare of Harvey County and has been County Commissioner four years; and has been on the School Board eight years. Is Reporter for this county to the State Agricultural Society, as well as the Untied States Agricultural Society.

A. POWELL, farmer, Section 26, P. O. Sheldon; owns 160 acres, seventy acres in cultivation, and all enclosed in hedge, with a young orchard and a good frame dwelling. Wheat averaged twenty-seven and oats fifty bushels to the acre; has about twenty head of stock at this time. He was born in Ohio in 1848 and came from there to Kansas in 1870 and located on present farm. He was married in April, 1880, to Miss Jane H. Gove. They have one child -- Minnie.

HENRY SOOBY, farmer, Section 26, P. O. Newton; owns eighty acres, sixty in cultivation, an orchard and comfortable dwelling; he has about twenty head of stock. Was born in England in 1845, and came from there to Kansas, locating on present farm in 1871. Was married in 1874 to Miss Mary F. Pilant. They have two children -- Thomas and Herbert. Mr. Sooby has served on the School Board for six years and has been Road Overseer three terms.


AUGUSTUS Z. BECKER, farmer, Section 17, P. O. Newton, owns eighty acres, fifty under cultivation, two acres in orchard, with good frame dwelling 16 x 22, barn 18 x 28 with shed 9 x 18, corn crib 6 x 18; has two horses, one yoke of oxen, seven cows and five hogs. Also owns 160 acres in Emma township with fifty acres improved. Was born near Philadelphia, August 16, 1835, and was raised on a farm but when a young man fitted himself for and engaged in the mercantile business, which he followed until coming to Kansas in 1879, locating on this farm. Has since bought 160 acres in Marion County, the northeast quarter Section 30, Township 21, Range 2 east, owned by A. W. Noyes. He was married June 6, 1878, to Miss Amelia Herb, a native of Pennsylvania. They have two children -- Nora and Augustus Z. Is a member of the German Evangelical Church. In addition to his farm he also owns some city property in Newton.

HANNIBAL BEERY, farmer, Section 19, P. O. Newton, owns 240 acres, 140 under cultivation, enclosed with hedge, with good orchard, dwelling 16 x 28, one and a half stories, has four horses, one milk cow and four hogs. Came to Kansas April 8, 1871, and located here. Was born in Ohio, January 2, 1845, and came from his native place to Kansas and was the pioneer of this part of Highland Township. Is Township Constable and Road master. Is a member of Company K, Second Kansas State Militia.

SOLOMON EGY, farmer, Section 18, P. O. Newton, owns 400 acres, 240 in cultivation, 320 acres enclosed with hedge and cross hedges, dividing it into eighty-acres fields; eight acres in orchard and six acres in cultivated walnut timber, with dwelling, stable corn crib, etc. His wheat averages twenty-five to thirty-five bushels per acre, according to the kind of wheat sown. He has five head of horses and mules, twelve head of cattle and forty-two hogs. Came to Kansas in May, 1871, and located on his farm. He was born in Washington County, Pa., December 31, 1826, and moved to Ohio in 1849, and from there to Illinois in 1855, to Missouri in 1866 and came from there to Kansas. He was married in May, 1849, to Miss Susan Clements, who died in 1852, leaving one child -- Annetta J., who is married and living in Oregon. He was married again February 16, 1855, to Miss Sarah A, Eckert, a native of Ohio. They have seven children -- Alice, John L., Albert L., Edwin F., Lillie May, Grace E, and Harry Leon. He enlisted in 1862 in Company K, First Illinois; was at Knoxville and Cumberland Gap, and mustered out June 21, 1865. Is a Mason.

ROBERT GLENN, farmer, Section 16, P. O. Walton, owns 240 acres, 125 in cultivation, four acres orchard, twenty acres in cultivated timber; 160 acres enclosed with hedge, with cross-hedges dividing it into forty acre fields; has five horses, twenty-eight head of cattle and twenty-two hogs. Came to Kansas in November, 1871, and located on this farm. Was born in Canada, October 1, 1839, and came from native place to Kansas. Was married December 15, 1862, to Miss Eliza A, Sloan, a native of Canada. they have nine children -- Hugh, Benjamin, James H., John, Eliza J., Julia, Frederick, William E. and baby not named. Mr. G., being one of the early settlers, has a fine location, with good future prospects. His wheat average for 1882 is thirty-seven acres, twenty-five bushels and eighteen acres, twenty-two bushels each.

A. S. HACKNEY, farmer, Section 4, P. O. Walton, owns 240 acres, seventy acres cultivated, three acres orchard and two acres cultivated timber, all enclosed with good stock proof hedge, frame dwelling, barn, stable feed corrals, etc. Mr. H. is one of the pioneers of Highland Township, locating here in May, 1871. Was born in Pennsylvania, September 16, 1845, and moved to Illinois in 1867 and came from there to Kansas. Was married December 24, 1867, to Miss Elenore Woodware, a native of Pennsylvania. They have four children, Joseph S., Arthur G., Adna May and Edgar C. Was for two years a member of the State Police force, on duty at the State Penitentiary. Has served four years as Justice of the Peace, and on the School Board three years. Is a member of the I. O. O. F.

J. S. HACKNEY, farmer and stock raiser, Section 10, P. O. Walton, owns a very finely improved farm of 400 acres, 290 in cultivations all enclosed with stock proof hedge fence, forty-two acres in cultivated timber, over one-half walnut and ash, and a fine orchard and all the conveniences for successful stock raising. He makes a specialty of stock and fattening for the home market. Has 6 horses, 145 head of cattle and 30 hogs. Mr. H. came to Kansas in April, 1871, and is the pioneer of Highland Township and located on present farm as a homestead. Was born in Pennsylvania, February 24, 1838, and when a young man graduated from a commercial college and engaged in commercial life. When twenty-four years of age he moved to Illinois, remaining there one year, then going to Iowa, one year and from there to Montana and Idaho, where he was engaged in mining and freighting for several years, returning to his native place on a visit in the fall of 1870 and came from there to Kansas. Was married October 7, 1874, to Miss Flora Tuttle, a native of Iowa. They have two children -- Clara F., and Cora L. Mr. H. is not an aspirant for civil honors but has served one term as Town Clerk.

LEONARD HERRICK, farmer and nurseryman, Section 32, P. O. Newton, owns eighty acres, forty in cultivation, six acres in fine bearing orchard, 200 bearing grape vines and plenty of small fruits, has two horses, five milk cows and five hogs. Came to Kansas in 1869 and first located in Wilson County and came to Newton, Harvey County, the night of the massacre or general fight among the cattle men and hard characters, and located his present farm in the fall of 1871. He was born in the State of New York, August 10, 1832, and moved to Ohio with his parents when one year old and in 1856, he went to Minnesota and came from there to Kansas. Was married December 28, 1857, to Miss Rachel Culp. They have five children -- Cecelia J., Clara A., Elmer E., Ella S. and Charles D. Enlisted in 1861, in Company E., Fourth Regiment, Minnesota Infantry Volunteers, and was with his command at the Siege of Corinth but after the evacuation was taken sick and lost his health entirely and was mustered out in November, 1862, on a surgeon's certificate of disability. Has served on School Board for three years.

ANDREW J. LOWE, farmer, Section 28, P. O. Newton, owns a fine farm of 320 acres, 175 in cultivation, 160 enclosed with hedge, has a fine bearing orchard of 150 each and 300 apple trees and ten acres of cultivated timber and a fine frame dwelling 18 x 32, two stories with L 16 x 20, one story costing $2,000, with barn 16 x 35 and corn crib 16 x 20 and all other conveniences for successful farming. His wheat in 1882, averaged twenty-six bushels per acre, has five horses, two yoke of oxen, five milk cows and forty-five hogs. Came to Kansas in 1874 and located in Newton and built a dwelling which he still owns, and bought this place and located here in 1875. Mr. L. has made the manufacture of sorghum a business for twenty years and carried it on here very extensively and successfully until two years ago, when he abandoned it, as there was not sufficient raised in this locality. He now has a steam thresher, which he runs during the threshing season. Was born in Fayette County, Pa., December 15, 1827, and was a cooper and stone mason by trade, working at stone work in summer and coopering in winter. He went to California in 185? crossing the plains from Council Bluffs, Iowa to Placerville, Cal., in three months and twenty-six days and was engaged in mining until the fall of 1855, when he returned home via the Nicaragua route and while awaiting the arrival of the steamer at Virgin Bay, with other passengers, the natives being exasperated at all foreigners on account of the Walker Raid, ninety miles north of there, fired into the crowd and dispersed them and Mr. L. with a companion fled into the wilderness and remained four days with nothing to eat, but returned on hearing the steamer's guns and were detained there fifteen days awaiting the next boat. After which he returned to his home in Pennsylvania where he lived until coming to Kansas. Was married February 13, 1862, to Miss Sarah J. Howard. They have ten children -- Bermal E., Sarah E., Adda S., Clarence Grant, Howard l., Emerson B., Ray A., Earl G., Myra A. and Frederick C.

FRANK RICE, farmer, section 8, P. O. Newton, owns eighty acres, all in cultivation and hedged on two sides; small orchard and grove; dwelling, stable, and granary; has four horses, three cows and twelve hogs. Was born in Germany in 1852 and came to the Untied States in 1869 locating in Illinois and came to Kansas in 1878, locating here, he was married in February, 1879, to Miss Sophia Springman, a native of Illinois.

AMOS C. ROYSTON, farmer, Section 8, P. O. Newton, owns eighty acres, forty acres hedged and in cultivation; has a good orchard of apple and peach as well as small fruits ad a small vineyard with dwelling 14 x 26, two stories, porch and kitchen; also a full line of agricultural implements; has two mules, one horse, five cows, and fifteen hogs. Came to Kansas in the fall of 1876, first locating in Marion County and came to present farm in 1881. Was born in Cincinnati, Ohio April 16, 1839, and came to Illinois in the spring of 1867 and from there to Kansas. Was married November 17, 1869, to Miss Margaret Timmerman, a native of Ohio. They have four children -- Nellie Z., Mary L., Jennie D., and Hoyt S. Enlisted in 1861 for three months in Company C., Third Ohio Infantry, and on organization of the company was appointed Corporal. On expiration of three months service he re-enlisted for three years and was commissioned Second Lieutenant of Company C, Eighteen Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and with his command went to the Department of the Cumberland and was engaged at Stone River, Tullahoma and Chickamauga and in the Atlanta campaign. After the battle of Stone River he was promoted to Captain and mustered out in 1864, on expiration of term of service. Is a Mason.

EDGAR L. TYLER, farmer, Section 6, P. O. Newton, owns 148 acres, ninety-five in cultivation, all enclosed with good orchard, and has three acres of cultivated timber. His wheat averaged thirty bushels per acre in 1882; has five horses, three milk cows and four hogs. Came to Kansas in May, 1872, and located here. Was born in the State of New York, July 16, 1826, and moved to Michigan with his parents when ten years old and came from there to Kansas. Was married December 21, 1856, to Miss M. A. Wickham, a native of Ohio. They have two children, Edgar C., and Herbert E. He enlisted August 9, 1862, in Company J, Twenty-third Regiment, Michigan Infantry, and served with his command in Kentucky after Morgan and participated in the engagements at Frankfort, Ky., and Lawrenceburg but losing his health, he was transferred to the Veteran Reserve Corps and was stationed at Indianapolis, Ind., and mustered out July 9, 1865. Is Clerk of the School Board and has held the position for four years. Is a Mason and member of I. O. O. F. and G. A. R.

HENRY WAYNE, farmer, section 32, P. O. Newton, owns 160 acres, 160 under cultivation, with fine frame dwelling 22 x 32, one and a half stories; fine barn 20 x 36, and stable 30 x 14; granary 8 x 16; corn crib 8 x 16; has six horses and three milk cow. Came to Kansas in 1873 and located on his present farm. He was born in Philadelphia, Pa., July 29, 1832, and when he arrived at manhood engaged in the hardware business. In 1851 he removed to Cincinnati and engaged in the manufacture of machinery and made that his home with the exception of three years spent in Hamilton, Ohio, until coming to Kansas. He was married, October 24, 1854, to Miss Elizabeth C. Perry, whose father William Perry, was one of the pioneers of Cincinnati, Ohio, and was for a number of years engaged in the Southern trade, shipping South in flat boats the products of the North. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne have two children, William and Perry. He enlisted in 1861, in an independent organization entitled Company D, Benton Cadets, Missouri Volunteers and on the organization of the company was made Orderly Sergeant. The regiment acted as Gen. Fremont's Body Guard and was with him in Missouri, in the campaign against Price and was mustered out when Fremont was relieved of his command. In 1864 when the Ohio National Guard was organized, he enlisted in Company H of the Seventh Regiment and was commissioned Second Lieutenant and did garrison duty at Fort McHenry and around Baltimore and was mustered out August 19, 1864. He is a member of the G. A. R. and has been Township Treasurer since the organization of the township in 1875.

N. D. WICKHAM, farmer, Section 6, P. O. Newton, owns 160 acres, 100 in cultivation; all enclosed except eighty rods; two small orchard with frame dwelling, 16 x 24, one and a half stories; has two horses, eleven head of cattle and twenty-six hogs. Came to Kansas in 1869 and stopped in Topeka and worked at his trade as carpenter and joiner and located his present farm in June, 1872. Was born in Ohio, January 26, 1841, and when nine years old moved with his parents to Michigan and cane from there to Kansas. Was married November 18, 1872, to Miss Francis Bullis. They have two children -- Jessie and Cora. Enlisted in 1861 in Company C, Fifth Regiment Michigan Infantry, and served with his command in the army of the Potomac and participated in the engagements of Yorktown, Williamsburg, Fair Oaks, and the Seven Days ending with Malvern Hill and at the second Bull Run, Chantilly, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. He he was detailed for the recruiting service and returned to his command and took part in Grant's move on Richmond and was in the Wilderness and Coal Harbor and mustered out August 27, 1864, on expiration of term of service. Was promoted to Second and First Sergeant of Company. Is a Mason and Trustee of Highland Township.

CHARLES C. WILLIAMS, farmer, Section 20, P. O. Newton, owns 400 acres, 230 in cultivation, 160 enclosed and eighty acres on north and west with good hedge fence. Has a fine bearing orchard of six acres, and a windbreak of cottonwood tress planted eight years ago, which are forty feet high; frame dwelling, 14 x 20 with L 14 x 16, stable and corrals. Has six horses, three mules, fourteen head of cattle and thirty hogs. Came to Kansas in 1870 and located in Topeka and followed his trade of carpenter and builder until May 15, 1871. Came to Harvey County and located in Newton and came to this farm July 21, 1873. Was born in the State of New York, April 10, 1838, and when eight years of age his parents immigrated to Michigan, which he made his home until coming to Kansas. He was married January 3, 1873, to Mrs. Emma Wellman, who has a son, William Wellman. They have a son, Charles A. Enlisted in 1864, in Company F, Twenty-eighth Regiment Michigan Infantry, and participated in the battle of Nashville, Tenn., and with his command was sent to North Carolina in the spring of 1865 and engaged in the battle of Kingston and mustered out in 1865. Is a member of the I. O. O. F.

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