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RICHARD HALEY, farmer and stock raiser, P. O. Ottawa. Is a native of Ohio, and was reared in Holmes County in that State on a farm. There he had a farm of 80 acres, which he conducted until the fall of 1878, when he traded it for his present farm, in Ottawa, Franklin Co., Kansas, on which he has since resided. Mr. Haley has a fine place, consisting of 200 acres, all well improved, and is extensively engaged in raising cattle and hogs.

A. R. HAMILTON, came to Kansas in 1868 and settled in the village, now city, of Ottawa, Franklin County. He has taken a great interest, with others, in building up and improving both the city and farming property. He owns one farm, consisting of 300 acres, a part of which lies within the city limits. Mr. Hamilton has one son, Newell A., who has the management of this farm. This farm was formerly owned by Mr. Wilson, the chief of the Ottawa tribe of Indians. He has also built a number of the beststores sic in the city.

DELLAND C. HANES, of Hanes & Manning, general merchants, was born in Menard County, Ill., March 12, 1854, and reared on a farm and was also for a short time employed in mercantile business at Elkhart, Ill. In June, 1870, he came to Ottawa, Kansas. Was employed as a clerk in general merchandise business for about six years, after which he established this business in company with P. E. Fuller. In December, 1878, Mr. Hanes purchased his partner's interest, and on the 28th of that month formed a partnership with W. W. Manning, his present partner. Mr. Hanes is also largely interested in city property and devotes part of his time to the improvement of the same.

ENOCH HARPOLE, attorney, was born in Clark County, Ohio, in May, 1850, and came with his father, William Harpole, to Kansas in the spring of 1857, residing with them in Chase County. In 1860, he returned with them to Williamsville, Sangamon Co., Ill. The subject of this sketch studied law at Springfield with Gov. S. M. Cullom and also at the Iowa State University, where he graduated in 1873 and was admitted to practice at the bar before the Supreme Court of Illinois in January, 1874, after which he practiced his profession in Springfield, that State. In 1878 he returned to Chase County, Kansas, practicing there until he came to Ottawa in 1880, at which time he opened a law office at this place.

HON. JOHN P. HARRIS, president of People's National Bank. Was born in Marietta, Ohio, in July, 1839; emigrated to Iowa in 1855. He came to Franklin County, Kansas and engaged in farming with his brother in the vicinity of Centropolis. On November 1, 1861, he enlisted in the First Kansas Battery and served three years. In 1866 he located in Ottawa and for a year was engaged in farming and real estate business. In 1869 he was appointed Deputy County Treasurer under his father, A. Harris; served two years and was elected County Treasurer in 1869, and re-elected in 1871, serving in all four years. He then moved on to his farm and gave his attention to the management of the same, owning at that time in company with his brother some 1,200 acres in this county. In 1877 he returned to Ottawa, became associated with Peter Shiras in the People's Bank, and was elected president of the same, which position he has since occupied. He was elected in 1876 to the State Senate to represent this county for a term of four years.

MILO R. HARRIS, lumber dealer, was born at Marietta, Ohio, April 4, 1842 and emigrated to Kansas with his father in 1859 and assisted him in farming, near Centropolis, Franklin County. In August, 1862, he enlisted in the First Kansas Battery, serving two years and then for a year in the Second Tennessee Mounted Infantry as Adjutant with the rank of First Lieutenant. In 1866, he came to Ottawa and was employed as a clerk in the bank and also in county treasurer's office until 1874, when he was elected treasurer of the county and served two years; was then for a year a Deputy United States Internal Revenue Collector, after which he was assistant cashier in the First National Bank for about two years. In the spring of 1878 he purchased his present business, it having been established by K. McDonald in 1868. He carries a stock of from 250,000 to 300,000 feet of lumber. Mr. Harris held the office of City Treasurer for five years and represented the Second ward of Ottawa in the City Council for a term. He is also largely interested in farm lands.

WILLIAM E. HARRIS, manufacturer and dealer in harness, saddler, etc., was born in Hamilton County, Indiana, March 25, 1844. Emigrated to Coffey County, Kansas with his parents in October, 1857. He resided with them at Ottumwa, that county, and assisted his father in the hotel business, also farmed there off and on. In 1863 he took charge of the Ottumwa hotel, conducting it off and on for ten years and during a portion of that period was engaged in this business. In June, 1873, he came to Ottawa and followed the grocery business for a few months, then teaming, etc., until August, 1875, when at his mother's death he returned to Ottumwa and carried on the hotel for a few months, returning here in February, 1876, again engaged in teaming and also carried on a hotel for nine months. In January, 1878, he engaged in this business and has done well. He carries a nicely assorted stock of about $1,500.

JOSEPH LYONS HAWKINS, was born in Flamboro, Ontario, September 21, 1840. He was for three years engaged in stove and tinware business at Burford, Ontario, and in January, 1866, emigrated to Kansas, locating in Ottawa; was employed in the stove and tinware business for some months. The fall of 1867 embarked in the same on his own account, and carried on an extensive business at this place until September 1881, when he sold out. He also for six years of that period connected with the stove and tinware firm of Maberry & Shimmons, at Lawrence, Kansas. Mr. Hawkins is at present engaged in building enterprises, and is largely interested in the Ottawa Opera House and block, just finished, in company with Messrs. Ring & Smith and A. W. Baker. This block is the finest in the city. The subject of this sketch is one of the enterprising men of Ottawa; he has for the past eight years represented the Second ward in the City Council.

CHRISTOPHER R. HECK, dealer in ice, was born in Germany, April 14, 1819, and three years later his parents emigrated to Northampton County, Pa., where the subject of this sketch was employed as a teamster, and also worked on the canal boats. In 1840, he removed to Wayne County, where he followed agricultural pursuits. He came to Kansas in September, 1857; for a month he resided at Leavenworth, then came to Franklin County. He pre-empted 160 acres in Hayes Township, and resided on the same until February, 1865, when he came to Ottawa. He carried on the Union House for a short time, then for eight years was engaged in the butcher business, since which time he has been engaged in dealing in ice. Mr. Heck, has a double ice house, which has a capacity of 1,500 tons, and he is doing an extensive business. In September, 1861, he enlisted in Company G, Kansas State Home Guards, and served five months; was also for a time in Kansas State Militia. In 1872 he was elected city councilman, from the First ward, and served something over three years. Mr. Heck was married in Northampton County, Pa., March 1, 1840, to Elizabeth Coleman; she died in 1866, leaving ten children. He was married again in Northampton County, Pa., in March, 1868, to Angeline Coleman.

WILLIAM H. HODGE, foreman of painting department K. C. L. & S. K. R. R. Co., was born in Ravenna, Portage Co., Ohio, in 1843, and reared on a farm in Linn County, Iowa. He came to Kansas in 1859; located in Coffey County, and followed farming pursuits. On October 13, 1861, he enlisted in Company I, Fifth Kansas Cavalry, and served until discharged, February 10, 1865; after which he went to Lawrence, Kan., where he learned the trade of painter, and followed that occupation there for some years, and was for seventeen months in the employ of this company in that capacity. He came to Ottawa in 1876, and has since been in the employ of this company, and was appointed to his present position May 1, 1882.

CHARLES F. HYDE, dealer in implements and grain, was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in May, 1852. In 1854 he removed to Syracuse, N. Y., where his father died a year later. He then became an inmate of the Orphan Asylum at that place for two years, when he was brought West, to Sandwich, Ill., by Rev. Mr. Vanmeter, and was taken in charge by Andrew Miller, with whom he remained for six years; after which he worked on various farms in that vicinity for eighteen months. Returning to Syracuse, N. Y., he was for a year employed as a bookkeeper in a flour-mill. He then once more came West to Sandwich, where he followed farming and mechanical pursuits until about twenty-four years of age, when he went to Portage City, Wis., and purchased the Western Advance , published the same for eighteen months. In 1877 he came to Kansas; was for a short time engaged in the furniture business; established the State Register, a weekly paper, at Spring Hill, Johnson County, and for a time followed mercantile pursuits in Cherokee County. In February, 1880, he came to Ottawa and engaged in his present business. Mr. H. was married July 3, 1876, to Vina Ewing, daughter of Dr. J. Ewing, of Portage City, Wis. They have one son. Mrs. Hyde is a graduate of Fox Lake Baptist College, and for fourteen years taught school in Columbia and Chippewa counties. Mr. H. is the inventor of the new improved barb wire, which has a revolving barb; also inventor of the improved combination barb fence.

JOHN JEFFERIES, of J. Jefferies & Co., musical merchandise, was born in England, June 9, 1819, and emigrated to America in 1842. He taught school for some ten to fifteen years in the States of New York, Kentucky, and Iowa; after which he conducted a farm in Mahaska County, Iowa, for about fifteen years. In 1861 he opened a store on his farm, carrying it on there for some years, then at Oskaloosa for two years. In 1872 he went to Canyon City, Col., and was for several years engaged in coal-mining, and is now also interested in that business. He came to Ottawa, Kas.sic, March, 1876, and engaged in his present business. His partners are Henry S., his son, and J. C. Harrickman. They also carry furniture, undertaker's goods, books, etc. In August, 1882, they built and opened a furniture factory at this place, in which they employ some ten men. They carry a stock in their store of $10,000, and do the leading business at this place in their lines.

G. F. JENKINS, farmers' grocery, was born in Morris County, N. J. May 9, 1838. He learned the trade of carriage-Ironer at Morristown, N. J., serving three years as an apprentice; also clerked for a time in the mercantile business. In 1860 he emigrated to Terre Haute, Henderson Co., Ill., and opened a blacksmith, carriage and wagon factory, which he conducted until he sold out, and came to Ottawa, Kas. sic, April 26, 1868. He at once established the grocery business in company with Charles F. Elias, who retired from the concern in 1876, since which time Mr. Jenkins has conducted the business alone. He is very popular with the city and farming community, and has an extensive trade throughout the county, carrying a nice assorted stock of groceries and provisions, queensware, glass and plated ware, cutlery, etc., worth about $2,500 to $3,000.

JOHN JOHNSON, assistant master mechanic K. C. L. & S. K. R. R. Co., was born in England October 20, 1842, and learned the trade of machinist at the Worcester Engine Works, serving as an apprentice about seven and a half years; after which he was employed for some two years as foreman of the shops. Then employed on the "Red Star" steamship as engineer for a short time, and while in that employ went to Egypt, Malta, etc. Emigrated to America in 1866, and was for several years employed in the shops of the L. S. & M. S. R. R. Co. at Cleveland, Ohio; and also was with the A. & G. W. R. R. Co. in same capacity for some years; and in Louisville, Ky., employed as a machinist. In November, 1876, he came to Ottawa, Kas. sic, and at once entered the employ of this company as engineer and machinist. Four and a half years later he was made foreman of the machine shop, and nine months later assistant master mechanic. He bears the reputation of being a very fine machinist, and has had a practical experience of twenty-six years.

S. E. W. JOHNSON, late proprietor of Johnson House, was born at Lyme, New London Co., Conn., in 1824. He was for six years in the employ of the Shore Line R. R. Co., as conductor, running between New Haven and New London, Conn., and for six years was ticket agent at Avon, N. Y., on the Erie R. R. In the summer of 1862 he enlisted in Company C, Twenty-sixth Connecticut Infantry, and was mustered out in 1864, on account of sickness. Shortly after his enlistment he was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant, having recruited the principal part of that company. In 1867 he was appointed ticket agent of the Erie R. R. Co. at Avon Springs, N. Y., resigning on account of ill health. He came to Kansas in 1869, locating at Lawrence. Conducted the Lawrence House for some six or seven years. In 1877 he came to Franklin County; settled in Williamsburg, conducting the Franklin House during the building of the K. C. B. & S. F. R. R. In November of that year he came to Ottawa, and ran an eating house at K. C. L. & S. K. R. R. station, and in April, 1881, he opened this hotel, which is the leading one in this place, and has good accommodations for fifty guests.

HARVEY B. F. KELLER, Register of Deeds, Franklin County, was born in Staunton, Augusta County, Va., January 11, 1844, emigrating six years later with his parents to Jones County, Iowa. He came with them to Kansas in May, 1857, and assisted them in farming in Douglas County. In August, 1861, he enlisted in Company G, Third Kansas Regiment, which was, in March, 1862, organized into the First Kansas Battery. He was wounded by gun-shot in the left leg at Prairie Grove, Ark., December 7, 1862, and discharged June 29, 1865. In August of that year he came to Franklin County, farmed for a short time, then engaged in the same capacity in Linn County. Returned here in 1867, farmed for one year, and then in Morris County for some years. In 1874 he settled in Ottawa, farmed for a year, and for three years engaged in teaming, after which he again gave his attention to farming. On the 4th of July, 1879, he met with an accident by the premature discharge of a cannon, which seriously injured his hands. He was elected to his present office in November of that year, and re-elected in the fall of 1881.

KINNEARD & LAIRD, proprietors Forest Mills and Elevator. This concern is one of the solid institutions of Franklin County. The mills and elevator rank among the best in the State. The mills have a capacity of 150 barrels per day. Have five run of buhrs, and both water and steam power. The firm do a large business in this State and through Texas. John Kinneard has been connected with the business since 1873, and J. P. Laird, Jr., since July, 1880. They also do a large business in grain.

R. KINNEAR, civil engineer and surveyor, was born at Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio, December 15, 1824, and at fifteen years of age began to study surveying and civil engineering with his father, David Kinnear, and followed that occupation in that county up to 1868. In connection with his profession, Mr. Kinnear also, for a considerable portion of that period, conducted a farm of about five hundred acres. In November, 1868, he came to Ottawa, and has since followed his profession at this place; also to a limited extent been engaged in farming pursuits and dealing in real estate. He was elected Surveyor of Franklin County in 1875, in 1877, and again in fall of 1881, and Engineer of the city of Ottawa in spring of 1882.

JOHN LESTER, florist, etc., was born in Kent County, England, in December, 1817, and reared on a farm. Emigrated to Amsterdam, N. Y., in 1841. Here he followed farming for three years, and for three years in Virginia. He then moved to Washington, D. C., where he was employed as a gardener for ten years, and for five years conducted a large flower and market garden on his own account. He then went to Cape May, N. J., where he had charge of a large private garden. In April, 1868, he came to Ottawa, and was for five years employed in the nursery of the Ottawa University, three and one-half years of which period he was manager of the same. Mr. Lester was for seven years janitor of the Ottawa High School. In 1877 he engaged in his present business. His place is one of the most beautiful in the county, his grounds being laid out in magnificent flower beds, which are principally attended to by his daughter, who has made a success of the cultivation of flowers. Mr. Lester has two large green-houses. 2,000 square feet of glass is used in covering the same. Here are stored all varieties of tropical plants, exotic flowers, etc.

FRANCIS M. McCALLY, contractor for brick and stone work, was born in Lewis County, W. Va., in 1842. Here he learned the trade of stone mason, and for some years followed the same as a journeyman in Bracken County, Ky. He came to Ottawa March 10, 1870, and was for five years employed by R. W. Crosett, contractor for mason work, and in 1875 embarked in his present business. He does quite an extensive business in his line, employing at times from twenty to forty-five men, and to facilitate the work in erecting buildings uses the Sweetland Lightning Elevator for hoisting material, etc. Among the many buildings Mr. McCally has erected here are the Jefferies Brick Block, "Ober" Brick Block, Ottawa Opera House, and the handsome stone block known as the Headquarters. He is the leading man in this business in the City of Ottawa.

JOHN McCURRY, farmer, Section 13, P. O. Ottawa, was born in Montgomery County, Ill., June 9, 1839, and until sixteen years of age resided on a farm. He then followed mercantile pursuits at Walshville, that county. On August 23, 1862, he enlisted in Company L, Third Illinois Cavalry and served two years and nine months. He came to Franklin County, Kan., in August, 1865, and located on his present farm, which consists of 160 acres, ninety of which are in cultivation. He raises considerable live stock, and has a fine orchard. The subject of this sketch was married at Prairie City, Douglas Co., Kan., in 1867, to Eunice M. Seward. They have a family of three children--John, Nettie and Fannie.

DAVID McGHEE, manufacturer of boots and shoes, was born in Bedford County, Va., in November, 1838. He learned the trade of shoemaker in Catlettsburg, Boyd Co., Ky., and followed it as a journeyman. He enlisted in October, 1861, in Company C, Fourteenth Kentucky Infantry; was promoted to Second Lieutenant November 1, 1862, and to First Lieutenant a year later, and served in all three years and three months. After the war he engaged in the manufacture of boots and shoes at Catlettsburg, continuing there until 1871, when he came to Ottawa, Kan., engaging in the same business, but sold out in the fall of 1872, and returned to Kentucky. Here he remained for three years employed in mercantile business and working at his trade. Came again to Ottawa in 1878; worked for his father in this business until 1880, when he succeeded him in the manufacturing business. He does the leading trade in this line in the city.

W. W. MANNING, of Hanes & Manning, dealers in general merchandise, was born November 20, 1851, near St. Louis, Mo. Upon the breaking out of the war of the Great Rebellion the family removed to Ohio, where he was educated. At the age of sixteen he began teaching in the district schools of his county. After two years he followed the "star of empire" westward and settled in Kansas. After spending one year teaching in the district schools of Miami County, Kan., he was appointed teacher in the City Schools of Ottawa, Franklin Co., Kan. He served as teacher in these schools for six years, and until he was in 1876 appointed County Superintendent of Public Instruction. He was elected to that office in the fall election of that year and served two years. December 28, 1877, the firm of Hanes & Manning was established, and since that time the firm has been doing a large and increasing business.

JASPER P. MASON, farmer, P. O. Ottawa, was born at Swanton, Franklin Co., Vt., December 10, 1830, and reared on a farm. In 1853 he moved to DuPage County, Ill., farmed there for a time; then in same business in Will and Sangamon counties. He came to Franklin County, Kan., in 1867, and located on Section 6, Township 18, Range 19, Ohio Township where he resided until the fall of 1882, when he changed his residence to Ottawa. He still owns his farm, which consists of 134 acres, all highly improved but ten acres of it, which is in timber. Mr. Mason was Trustee of Ohio Township in 1873, '74 and '75.

REV. DUNCAN C. MILNER, Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, was born in Mount Pleasant, Jefferson County, Ohio, March 10, 1841. He had his early education in the public schools and was a teacher for some years. He enlisted as a soldier in the Ninety-eighth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and was shortly after appointed Sergeant Major, and six months after was promoted to First Lieutenant and Adjutant. He was discharged from the service in March, 1864, on account of a wound received at the battle of Chickamauga. He graduated at Washington and Jefferson College, Pennsylvania, in 1866, after which he was in Union Theological Seminary, New York, for two years. After receiving license from the Presbytery of Brooklyn, early in 1868 he went to Osceola, Mo., and for three and a half years had charge of the Presbyterian Church there, and engaged in home mission work. After leaving Osceola he had charge of the Third Presbyterian Church of Kansas City for three years and a half. In May, 1875, he came to Ottawa. During the campaign for the prohibitory amendment he was a member of the Executive Committee of the State Temperance Union. He served for several years as a member of the Executive Committee of the State Sunday-School Convention. He is now president of the Sunday-School Assembly of Kansas and Missouri. Mr. Milner in December, 1882, resigned his charge at Ottawa, and accepted a call to the important church at Atchison, Kan.

MOSES D. MITCHELL, foreman of blacksmith department of the K. C. L. & S. K. R. R. Co., was born in Yorkshire, England, in September, 1842, where he learned the blacksmith trade, serving an apprenticeship some seven years. In 1864 he came to America and worked in Bridgeport, Conn., for six months; afterward followed his trade at Quincy, Ill., two and one-half years; then in the shops of the C. B. & Q. R. R. Co., at Aurora, Ill., until he came to Kansas in August, 1876, locating at Ottawa. He entered the employ of this company as foreman of the blacksmith shop.

W. J. NEWTON, dentist, was born in Knox County, Ill., in February, 1850. His father, R. Newton, was a dentist. He studied and practiced with him for some years, and was for three years a member of the dental firm of K. Newton & Co., their headquarters being at Savannah, Ohio, and having various branch offices in the neighboring cities. The subject of our sketch was forced to cease practicing on account of a delicate health, and for three years resided on the tablelands of Cumberland Mountain, Tenn. In February, 1872, he came to Ottawa, Kan., and at once established himself in this business. He has a large and lucrative practice throughout Franklin and the adjacent counties.

EDWARD H. PARAMORE, clerk of the Fourth Judicial District Court. Was born in Darke County, Ohio, August 20, 1849, and came with his father, Dr. J. I. Paramore to Ottawa, Kansas, in May, 1866. He began business life at this place two years later. Was employed as bookkeeper, etc., in newspaper office, bank, and mercantile business. He was elected to his present position in November, 1880. Mr. Paramore has also been Clerk of the city of Ottawa for about eight years. He was married in Ottawa May 4, 1873, to Miss Fannie Pennock.

DR. JESSE I. PARAMORE, was born in Falmouth County, Ky., May 24, 1820, and studied medicine in Dearborn County, Ind., with Drs. Bowers and LeRoy for several years, and graduated at the Ohio Medical College in 1859. The doctor began the practice of his profession in 1848 at Castine, Ohio, removing to Arcanum, Ohio, in 1853. In 1862 he entered the employ of the United States Government, and did duty as a post surgeon. Two years later he went to Greenville, Ohio, practicing there until 1866, when he came to Ottawa and has since practiced his profession at this place. The doctor is chief surgeon of the K. C. L. & S. K. R. R. Co., local surgeon of the M. P. R. R. Co., and examining surgeon for United States Pensions. He is the oldest practicing physician in the city.

HON. WILLIAM L. PARKINSON, president and general manager of the Ottawa Sugar Company, was born in Marshall County, Va., in June, 1842, and reared on a farm. In the fall of 1863 he enlisted in the First Virginia Infantry, and served until discharged one year later on account of physical disability, after which he was for some time a student at Waynesburg College, Penn., graduating there in 1866, and was admitted to the bar. He practiced his profession at Wheeling, Va., until the spring of 1869, when he came to Ottawa and continued to practice here for eleven years. Mr. Parkinson has always, since his arrival in this state, been largely interested in farming and raising stock, and at present owns in this county some 1,700 acres of farm land. The Ottawa Sugar Company was organized in January, 1882, and in July following Mr. Parkinson purchased a controlling interest in the same, since which time he has been president of it. The company has capital of $25,000, and does a large business in the manufacture of syrups. Mr. Parkinson was elected to the state Senate in 1874. Was a member of the Kansas State Board of Centennial Commissioners and attorney for Franklin County in 1878-79.

SAMUEL L. PATRICK, deputy clerk of the District Court, was born in Brimfield, Mass., August 10, 1833, and four years later removed with parents to Ogie County, Ill., where he was reared on a farm. In 1852 he moved to California and for four years followed mining pursuits, after which he returned to Ogie County. On July 17, 1861, he enlisted in Company E, Thirtyfourth Illinois Infantry, and having recruited the same was elected First Lieutenant, September 7, 1861, and promoted to Captain, March 22, 1862, for services at the battle of Shiloh. He resigned in February, 1864, on account of ill health, and for several years was incapacitated from doing business. Then was for two years engaged in mercantile business at Algonquin, Ill. In February, 1868, he came to Franklin County, and located in Centropolis and has since been interested in farming and stock raising pursuits. In the fall of 1874 he was elected clerk of the District Court, and moved his place of residence to Ottawa. He was re-elected in the fall of 1876 and again in 1878. Mr. Patrick was appointed to his present position in 1880. He still owns his farm in Centropolis Township, consisting of 320 acres. In August, 1878, he enlisted in the Ottawa Company of Kansas State Militia. He was promoted to First Lieutenant of the Company at the organization of the First Regiment of Kansas State Militia; was promoted to Major, January 14, 1880, to Lieutenant Colonel June 19, 1880, and to Colonel of the Regiment, June 27, 1882.

WILLIAM O. PICKRELL, breeder of blooded cattle, P. O. Ottawa, was born in Sangamon County, Ill., February 27, 1830; reared on a farm and followed farming and stock raising there. In March, 1865, he came to Franklin County, located in the city of Ottawa and for three years conducted a meat market. In 1868 he moved onto his present farm in Ottawa Township. He owns in the county, 855 acres of land, is one of our largest farmers, and isquite sic extensively engaged in breeding Short-horn cattle, and thoroughbred Berkshire hogs. His cattle have taken several premiums at the Franklin County fairs. Mr. Pickrell also makes a specialty of breeding Norman and Clydesdale horses. He was elected sheriff of Franklin County in the fall of 1876 and re-elected in 1878. The subject of our sketch was married near Keokuk, Iowa, January 11, 1854 to Hannah J. Reed. They have seven children: Ida M. Reed, Fannie H., Jesse, Elizabeth, Allie and Walter.

GEORGE F. POTTERF, proprietor of the Ottawa Oil Mills, was born in Preble County, Ohio, January 4, 1819, and reared on a farm, and was also for some years employed in oil mills in that location. He then engaged in the manufacture of oil at West Alexandria, Ohio, conducting mills at that place for twenty-five years. And also, in connection with this followed farming pursuits, and has now a farm there of 220 acres. In September, 1877, he came to Ottawa, and at once took charge of these mills, having some two years previous secured them. He is the only one engaged in this business in Franklin County. The mills are fitted up with the latest improved machinery for the manufacture of oil from flax seed and castor beans. The refuse from the crushings of the latter is largely used for renewing lands with considerable success. Mr. Potterf is also largely engaged shipping flax seed and castor beans to the Eastern markets.

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