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HENRY L. COE, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. Ottawa, was born at Clymer, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., March 11, 1833, and was reared on a farm. At the age of twenty-one years he emigrated to Aurora, Ill., where he learned the carpenter's trade and followed it as an occupation. In August, 1857, he came to Kansas, locating at Prairie City, Douglas County, and worked at his trade. In July, 1863, he returned to Illinois and conducted a sash, door and blind factory at Elgin. In March, 1865, he enlisted in Company C, Sixty-fifth Illinois Infantry, serving four months, after which he returned to Prairie City and followed farming for two years. In the spring of 1868 he came to Franklin County, farmed in Williamsburg for five years and in the winter of 1873 moved on to his present farm in Ottawa Township. Mr. Coe has 240 acres all improved, ten acres of which is a fine fruit orchard. He is also engaged in raising stock. He was elected Trustee of his township in the spring of 1882.

E. H. CORWIN, photographer, was born in Mansfield, Ohio, June 29, 1847. Emigrated to Canton, Ill., in 1855. He enlisted at the age of sixteen years in Company K, Seventh Illinois, and was one of the youngest soldiers in the army. At the battle of Nashville, Tenn., December 16, 1864, he received a severe gunshot wound in the left thigh, and was mustered out in the fall of 1866. The subject of our sketch first gave his attention to photography in 1869, and has followed it continuously for thirteen years. Besides having a natural ability for lighting and posing, he has received the superior instructions of some the best photographers and artists in the United States. In November, 1879, he established himself in this business at Ottawa, Kan., and in the short time he has been here has built up a reputation for the fine artistic work, and his splendidly finished photographs are known throughout the State. Mr. Corwin's reputation as an artist, etc., in this business is second to none in Kansas. He takes pride in his profession, for which he has an ardent love. His gallery is located in the Opera House Block. Here he has a suite of rooms handsomely furnished and decorated with some of the specimens of his skill. He has the faculty of making you feel at home, and is popular throughout the community.

C. D. CRANE, merchant, was born in Batavia, N. Y., in 1833. He learned to be a practical miller in his youth, and followed that business for some years in the State of Iowa. In 1859 he crossed the plains to California, where he followed milling at Knight's Ferry for some eighteen months. Returning East to Iowa, he carried on extensive flouring mills at Cascade for about six years. In the spring of 1869 Mr. Crane came to Ottawa, Kan. Was for two years engaged in milling business at this place in the firm of H. D. Crane & Co., after which he engaged in dry-goods business, etc. in company with T. R. Wilkerson, under style of Crane & Wilkerson. This firm dissolved some five years later and Mr. Crane now carries on a large dry-goods, notions, etc., carrying an average stock of $15,000, and is one of the leading enterprising merchants of this city.

F. E. CRANE, manufacturer and dealer in lightning rods, is a native of Cascade, Iowa, and there he learned the trade of tinner. Some seven years later he went to West Union, Iowa, where he was engaged for some time in selling lightning rods. He came to Kansas in 1878, located in Ottawa, and has since been engaged in the lightning rod business. For two years he represented Rayburn, Hunter & Co., of Chicago; since then he has been also engaged in manufacturing rods, making from 135,000 to 150,000 feet of rod annually. He has in his employ some eighteen men. On September 9, 1882, he purchased an interest in the Mammoth Livery Stables, and that business is now conducted under style of Bangs & Crane. They are also extensive dealers in horses, mules, etc.

H. D. CRANE & CO., proprietors Excelsior Mills. This firm is composed of H. D. Crane, W. M. Sheras and John B. Shaffer. Mr. Crane is the practical miller of the firm. He is the oldest engaged in the business in Ottawa. Mr. Sheras has resided here for about eight years, and was previously engaged in banking, real estate and mercantile business. The third member of this firm, John B. Shaffer, has been a resident of Ottawa for about six years, and previously followed banking and loan business. The mills were built in 1881, at a cost of $15,000, and fitted out with the best improved machinery, etc., at a cost of twenty to twenty-five thousand dollars. They are run by an engine of 93-horse power, and have a capacity of 120 barrels per day. These mills are the finest in the county, being built of limestones. The firm do a large trade throughout this and the States of Iowa and Texas.

H. D. CRANE, of H. D. Crane & Co., proprietors of Excelsior Mills, was born in Genesee County, N. Y., March 7, 1831, removing with his parents to Dubuque County, Iowa, in 1848. Two years later he began business life, being employed in the Cascade Mills, where he remained for fifteen years; then he and his brother, C. D. Crane, rented and conducted the mills for several years. He came to Ottawa, Kan., in 1869, and at once engaged in milling business in company with his brother and A. J. Wightman. These mills are still known as the Ottawa Mills. In '71 C. D. Crane sold out his interest, and the two remaining partners conducted the business up to about July 1880. Shortly afterwards Mr. Crane formed a partnership with M. M. Shiras and John B. Shaffer, and built the Excelsior Mills, which are conducted under the style of H. D. Crane & Co.

L. R. CRAWFORD, contractor and builder, was born in Knox County, Me., in 1834. Here he learned the trade of carpenter, serving an apprenticeship of three years, after which he followed it as a journeyman in the cities of Portland and Boston, and was for three years ship carpenter on the packet ship, "Atmosphere," running from New York to Liverpool. He came to Ottawa in the fall of 1867, and at once engaged in this business. He is the oldest contractor in this city. Mr. Crawford has confined himself exclusively to the building of business and dwelling houses, and has erected many of the most prominent ones in the city. He employs a force of from eight to ten men. The subject of this sketch has been secretary of the Ottawa University for the past three years, and is at present a member of the City Council.

MILO R. CULBERTSON, grocer, was born in Wayne County, Ohio, in September, 1835, and was reared on a farm. Was then for six years off and on employed in sash, door, and window blind factories at Wooster and Cincinnati. Mr. Culbertson enlisted in October, 1862, in Company F, Sixty-fifth Ohio Infantry, serving ten months. In March, 1866, he came to Franklin County, Kan., and for four years was engaged in farming pursuits. In September, 1872, located in Ottawa, and established the business in company with Jno. Elliott, whom he bought out two years later. Mr. C. has a nice trade locally and in the county, to supply the demands, of which he carries a stock of about $2,000.

JOHN R. DAILY, farmer, Section 27, P. O. OTTAWA. Was born in Decatur County, Ind., January 6, 1831, and was reared on a farm. In 1854, he removed to Jefferson County, Ill., where he followed agricultural pursuits. In April, 1861, he enlisted in Company C, Eleventh Illinois Infantry, and served three months. He then assisted in enlisting a body of men who were mustered into Company F, Forty-eighth Illinois Infantry; he was appointed Second Lieutenant, and served two years, after which, he settled in Marion County, Ill., where he was engaged in contracting for railroad building, etc. While residing there, was Justice of the Peace for a year and United States Commissioner for the Southern District of Illinois, which position he held a year and then resigned. Mr. D. came to Franklin County, Kan., in February, 1865; he farmed in Harrison Township for two years, after which, for about two years, engaged in the grocery business in Ottawa, since which time he has followed agricultural pursuits. In February, 1878, he located on his present farm. He owns eighty acres, seventy of which are under cultivation, and has a good orchard. He received the Greenback nomination in 1880 for State Representative.

HON. COULSON DAVENPORT was born in the Shenandoah Valley, Va., February 19, 1809, removing with his parents to Belmont County, Ohio, ten years later. His father, Jno. Davenport, was for many years a merchant there, and the subject of our sketch continued to carry on the original business of the father at Barnesville, Ohio, in company with his brother, for some thirty years. During the war he was for four years a member of the Ohio State Legislature. In November, 1873, he came to Ottawa; he is not actively engaged in business, but devotes his time to looking after his farming interests and improving his city property. He owns in this county some 335 acres, and is also interested in raising live stock.

DR. J. DAVIS was born in Fayette County, Ohio, January 7, 1834, and was reared in the same county. He studied medicine with his father, in Greenfield, Ohio, and graduated at the Homeopathic Medical College, at Cleveland, Ohio, in the class of 1852-53, and at the Cincinnati Eclectic Medical College, in the year following. He practiced in Greenfield until 1862, when he removed to Circleville, Ohio, and continued his practice at that place until October, 1868, when he came to Ottawa, and at once opened an office for the practice of his profession at this place. Dr. Davis is a member of the State Homeopathic Medical Society, and was president of itin sic 1878. Member of State Medical Board, and is also a member of the Western Institute of Homeopathy. He has been in active practice over thirty years.

GEORGE W. DAWSON, manufacturer and dealer in monuments, tombstones, etc., was born at Sand Ridge, Des Moines Co., Iowa, in 1850, and reared on a farm. He came to Kansas, in 1872, locating at Independence; was for several years engaged in the lumber business with his father, and also connected with the marble business. In 1874 he was appointed Reporter of the Eleventh Judicial District Court, following that in connection with other work of the same nature until the latter part of 1880. Was then employed for a year as traveler for D. H. Dickinson, marble dealer, Chicago. In May, 1882, he came to Ottawa, at once established this business, and, although a newcomer, has already made himself a reputation for first-class work, and is doing an increasing business.

DR. H. S. DE FORD was born in Fayette County, Pa., December 15, 1839. He studied medicine in Uniontown, that county, with Dr. F. C. Robinson, after which he attended Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, graduating in the spring of 1863, and was almost immediately afterward examined and appointed Assistant Surgeon in the United States Navy. The doctor served until March, 1866, principally in gunboats on the Mississippi River, under Admiral Porter. Was then examined for the Regular service, but changing his plans, he came to Kansas, locating in Ottawa, in May, 1866, and has since practiced his profession successfully at this place. During the first five years of his residence here, was also engaged in the drug business, in company with his brother, Daniel DeFord. The doctor was for five years the County Coroner, also Examining Surgeon for the United States Pensions; and is a member of the State Medical Society.

WILLIAM L. DELANO, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. Ottawa, was born at Watertown, Jefferson County, N. Y., December 8, 1833. In 1848 he removed with his parents to Jefferson County, Wis. He educated himself, working mornings and nights to pay for his tuition. He not only received a good common school education, but he attended Belolt College and State University of Wisconsin. In 1853 he went to Washington County, Ill. and engaged in working on the I. C. R. R. In the spring of 1859 he emigrated to Kansas, settling in Centropolis, Franklin County. His business was for a time shoemaking, it being the best means that presented itself for a livelihood. During the years he resided in this State he has several times been employed as a teacher in different parts of the county. In 1868 he moved on to his present farm in Ottawa Township, and has since given his attention to agricultural pursuits and stock-raising. He owns in this county some 500 acres of improved land, and is considered one of the prosperous farmers of the neighborhood. Mr. Delano also took an active part in the late Rebellion. In the fall of 1863 he was appointed Second Lieutenant of Company A, Eighth Kansas State Militia, and in February, 1864, was promoted to Captain. Shortly afterward he tendered his resignation and enlisted as a private in Company M, Eleventh Kansas Volunteer Cavalry. When the company was mustered into service he was appointed Commissary Sergeant, serving until September 26, 1866. He united with the Patrons of Husbandry in 1873--a society for the protection of farming interests--and held various offices. He was elected secretary of Pomona Grange in 1875 and treasurer in 1876. In 1863 he was elected County Assessor but did not serve on account of his entering the United States Army. He was President of Franklin County Sunday Association in 1882. Mr. Delano was married in April, 1859 to Harriet E. Haseltine, daughter of C. P. Haseltine, of Wisconsin. They have one daughter-- May B.

[Picture of D. Dean] DANIEL DEAN, of Sands & Dean, merchants, was born in Harrison County, Ind., September 23, 1830, and was reared on a farm. In 1850 he removed to Washington County, where he engaged in mercantile pursuits, and also conducted a farm. He came to Franklin County, Kas. sic, April 15, 1857, and pre-empted 160 acres on Section 35, Appanoose Township, on which he resided until the fall of 1882 when he moved to Ottawa. He owns 712 acres improved land, 280 of which are under cultivation. He embarked in the mercantile business at Ottawa, September 1, 1882, in company with his present partner, Benjamin Sands. While residing in Appanoose, Mr. Dean was Justice of the Peace from 1866 to 1870. During the late war he served in Company A, Tenth Kansas Militia, for three months. He was married in 1850 at Palmyra, Ind. to Nancy A. Avery. They have a family of six children.

C. F. DIETRICH, of Wright & Dietrich, dealers in stoves, tinware, etc.; was born in Ohio Township, Franklin Co. Kan., June 5, 1861. His father Jacob Dietrich, was a farmer, and died in that township in 1863. The subject of this sketch was reared on a farm and followed farming as an occupation. In September, 1881, he came to Ottawa, and in company with T. Z. Wright, purchased the stove and tinware business of the old-established firm of J. L. Hawkins & Co. They carry a fine stock of about $6,000 and also do a large business in the manufacture of tinware. Mr. Dietrich, although a young man has accumulated by industry and economy all his present means.

A. P. ELDER of Branson & Elder hardware merchants, was born in Kenduskeag, Me., April 17, 1854, came to Kansas in 1858, and resided with his father, Hon. P. P. Elder, at Ohio City, Franklin County. In 1874, he engaged in the grocery business at Ottawa, in the firm of Cobb & Elder. This firm dissolved a year later and Mr. E. continued the business alone. In 1876, he engaged in the hardware business, and in February, 1881, consolidated his business with that of H. C. Branson, under style of Branson & Elder. This is one of the oldest hardware houses in the city. They manufacture tinware, and also deal in implements, etc., carrying, in all, a stock of $25,000. Mr. Elder has always been prominent in society and politics, and has held many local offices of trust. August 23, 1882, he was nominated by the National Labor party as their candidate for Secretary of State, and although defeated, he ran over 4,000 ahead of their candidate for Governor.

HON. PETER P. ELDER was born in New Portland, Somerset Co., Me., September 30, 1823; here he read law for several years, but followed farming as an occupation. In 1851, he went to Penobscot County, and was for a few years engaged in the mercantile business. He came to Franklin County Kan., in April, 1857, and practiced law at Ohio City for some years. In 1866, he came to Ottawa and engaged in the banking business, under the style of P. P. Elder & Co., which bank was merged, in 1870, into the First National Bank, Mr. Elder being president of the same for two years. He has, since his arrival in this county, in connection with other pursuits, been engaged in farming, and since 1872, has devoted his time exclusively to the management of his farms and stock business. He is one of the most extensive farmers in this county, owning at this time 1,400 acres of land. Mr. Elder has always been identified with the interests of this county and State. He was a member of the first Board of County Commissioners, and elected Lieutenant-Governor of the State in 1870; was elected to the Territorial Senate in 1859-60 and State in 1868, and House in 1875, 1876, and 1877. In the latter year, was elected Speaker but was forced to resign on account of ill health.

CALVIN ESTERLY, Superintendent of Ottawa City Schools, was born near Youngstown, Mahoning County Ohio, June 23,1852, and came with his father, Benjamin Esterly to Ottawa, Kan., in November, 1868. He was educated at the Ottawa University and in 1870, began business life as a school teacher, following that occupation in this locality for three years. He then received an appointment to West Point, and attended there for four years; passed a successful examination, and June 13, 1877, was commissioned Second Lieutenant in Company L, Tenth United States Cavalry, in which he served five years, principally on the western frontier participating in the Apache and other Indian wars; returned to Ottawa on receiving the appointment to his present position, in June 1882.

FRANCIS P. GATES, breeder and trainer of racing horses, P. O. Ottawa, was born in Mansfield, Ohio, March 19, 1835, and reared on a farm. In 1857, he went to Omaha, Neb., where he remained for about seven months, engaged in building, etc., after which he returned to his home in Ohio. In July, 1861, he enlisted in Company E, Third Ohio Cavalry; was shortly afterwards appointed Second Lieutenant, a year later promoted to First Lieutenant, then Captain, and in 1864, to Major of the regiment; was mustered out as Senior Major in August, 1865. In the spring of 1866, he came to Kansas, and was for about six years engaged in trading and shipping stock between Ottawa and Kansas city. In 1872, he located in Ottawa and engaged in farming and stock-raising. He owns 480 acres of improved land, and in connection with his farming pursuits, he built, in 1880, a large and commodious stable, where he makes a specialty of breeding and training blooded horses. He owns the famous horses Red Jacket, Bluebole and Seal Skin, all with a record of less than 2:80. The Major was married in Ottawa in January 1871, to Jennie V. Bain, and they have a family of four children.

WILLIAM B. GATES, farmer, section 20, P. O. Ottawa, was born in Mansfield, Ohio, in 1838, and reared on a farm. After reaching the age of manhood he was for a time employed as a commercial traveler. On September 13, 1861, he enlisted in Company E, Third Ohio Cavalry, was promoted November 23, 1863, to Second Lieutenant, to First Lieutenant, December 2, 1864, and to Captain on the 14th of December of the same year. He served until mustered out August 4, 1865. He then was for a year engaged in the hardware business, at Shelby, Ohio, after which he emigrated west to Kansas City, and engaged in livery business in company with his brother, Francis P. Gates. In the spring of 1870 he came to Franklin County, Kan., located at Ottawa, and was for about six years engaged in agricultural pursuits. In 1876, he entered the employ of Emerson, Fisher & Co., of Cincinnati, Ohio, manufacturers of carriages, etc., as a traveling salesman, in which capacity he was engaged some four years, and in the spring of 1880 moved on to his present farm, which consists of 320 acres, 115 of which are in cultivation. Mr. Gates is also a breeder of Durham Short-horn and Devonshire cattle, and fine horses. On his place is a good substantial residence, built of stone, and a fine orchard. The subject of this sketch was married at Plattsmouth, Neb., October 26, 1870, to Sarah A. Buck. They have a family of three children.

JOHN WESLEY GIBSON, farmer, P. O. Ottawa was born in Calvert County, Md., January 17, 1832, removing when quite young to Noble County, Ohio. Some years later he went to Stafford, Monroe County, and was employed in the mercantile business as a clerk for four years. Emigrating to Iowa he settled in Keokuk and continued in the mercantile business, being employed as a traveling salesman, and while engaged in that capacity came to Ottawa, Kan., in the spring 1865, and purchases his present farm. He however continued his mercantile pursuits in Keokuk for some four years, after which he took the management of a wholesale hat and cap house in Kansas City, where he remained two years. Then settled on his farm, since which time he has devoted his time to the management of the same and the breeding of fine Durham cattle. His farm consists of eighty acres, all well improved. He was married in Monroe County, Ohio, in November, 1857, to Mary E. Hawkins. They have two children--Jane E. and Annie G.

O. C. GILLETTE, farmer, P. O. Ottawa, was born in Yates County, N. Y., in September, 1833, and eleven years later accompanied his parents to Berrien County, Mich. Here for some time he followed farming as an occupation, and for nine years carried on a saw-mill in the firm of Gillette & Drew. Mr. Gillette enlisted during the war, but was not accepted on account of ill health. He came to Kansas May 1, 1874, and purchased his present farm, in Ottawa Township, Franklin County, on which he has since resided. He has 260 acres of well-improved land, is largely engaged in producing grain and breeding Poland-China hogs. Mr. Gillette is one of our enterprising farmers, and is highly regarded throughout the community.

JOEL KISHLER GOODIN, son of John and Elizabeth (Kishler) Goodin, of Ohio, was born in Perry County, Ohio, February 24, 1824. His father, who was of Scotch-English descent, and a man of much ability, died at his home in Kenton, Hardin Co., Ohio, January 20, 1877, aged seventy-seven years. His mother, a prominent and esteemed member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, died in Kenton in 1858, leaving seven children. Joel, the eldest of the family, was educated in the common schools of Tiffin, Seneca Co., Ohio, supplemented by a course of study at the Norwalk Seminary, and the Columbus Academic and Collegiate Institute, both in Ohio. His attention while in school was more especially devoted to scientific and business branches, his vacations being occupied as clerk in mercantile business. When he was twenty-three he took charge of the settlement of the mercantile business of his father, the latter having sold out his store. He also commenced the study of law in the office of Bradley Champ, in Kenton, with whom he subsequently formed a partnership in real estate and brokerage business, which continued about three years. He was admitted to the practice of law by the Supreme Court of Ohio, February 28, 1834, having previously been in mercantile business at Kenton, Ohio, about two years, and for a short time on a farm. He was married at Bucyrus, Crawford Co., Ohio, January 8, 1846 to Miss Elizabeth Christ, who later was one of the honored pioneer women of Kansas, and who died in Cincinnati, Ohio, May 21, 1870, at the age of forty-six years, leaving two sons--Charles W., and John F. C. On May 16, 1854, Mr. Goodwin sic with his wife and two children started for Kansas, and on the 16th of August, 1854, settled on the Wakarusa, four miles southwest of the present site of Lawrence, where he lived with his family through the troublous and exciting years of territorial strife, and was known at home and abroad as a staunch and reliable Free-state man, and an open, outspoken friend to the cause. He was appointed by Governor Reeder as the first Justice of the Peace in Kansas Territory; was one of the Free-state candidates for the first Territorial Council, and delegate or officer in nearly every Free-state Convention held in the Territory. He was Clerk of the House of Representatives under the Topeka Constitution when the Legislature was dissolved by Colonel Sumner, July 4, 1856, Clerk of Territorial Council in 1857, and Auditor of State in 1858. In the latter year he opened an office as an attorney in Douglas County and subsequently removed to Ottawa, Franklin County, where he is still engaged in the practice of his profession. He was elected Kansas State Representative in 1866, and re-elected to same position in 1867. His present wife was Mrs. Catherine A. Coffin, nee Taylor, of Baldwin City, and daughter of Rev. Nathan Taylor, formerly president of Baker University. Mr. Goodwin sic is a member of the I. O. O. F., and has passed all the chairs in Subordinate Lodge and Encampment; was a charter member of Grand Lodge of Kansas, and has been a representative to the body several times.

ALBERT RUDOLPH WILHELM GOTTSCHALK, of the Ottawa Furniture Co., was born in Prussia, April 5, 1839, attended the Polytechnical College for three years, emigrated to America in 1859, was for two years employed in New York as a weaver and salesman in the furniture business, and for two years as salesman in the mercantile business, Quincy, Ill., also for two years at St. Louis, Mo., then engaged in the mercantile business, for two years at St. Charles, Mo. started in 1867, a furniture business at Kansas City, Mo., and after two years activity, removed to Olathe, Kan. In February, 1872, he came to Ottawa, Kan., purchased in company with C. M. Ott, of Olathe, Kan., the business of the Ottawa Furniture Co. Mr. Gottschalk has the whole management of the business which is an extensive one, employing some 34 men in the factory, besides which the company has a large retail store and several large ware rooms. Mr. Gottschalk was married in Quincy, Ill., in 1866 to Mary Dieffenbach. They have six children--Clara, Albert, Robert, Birdie and George.

WM. G. GRABENDIKE, grocer, was born in Sangamon County, Ill., May 16, 1844, and reared on a farm. In August, 1862, he enlisted in Company C, One Hundred and Twenty Fourth Illinois Infantry, and served three years. In the fall of 1868 he came to Franklin County, Kan., and farmed for four years in the southern part of the county. In February, 1873, he settled in Ottawa, and for two years was engaged in teaming and draying, and on July 14, 1875, engaged in the flour and feed business, adding stock of groceries a few months later. Mr. Grabendike began business in a very small way at first, and has gradually increased, until he has now quite an extensive local trade, and carries a nice stock of about $1,500.

FRANK GRAFF, farmer, Section 15, P. O. Ottawa, was born in Indiana County, Pa., August 27, 1843, about eight years later his parents moved to Pittsburgh, Pa., and afterwards to Columbiana County, Ohio, where the subject of this sketch assisted his father in the mercantile business. He came to Franklin County, Kan., in the fall of 1869, and located on his present farm. He has 120 acres, seventy of which are in cultivation. He is a breeder of pure Berkshire hogs. Mr. Graff makes a specialty of fine poultry. He is the proprietor of the Franklin County Poultry yards, located three and one-half miles northwest of the city of Ottawa. He has made a success of this business, and he sells annually large quantities of high class poultry and eggs, through the Western and Southern states. Among his fancy fowls are, Plymouth Rocks; black, white and partridge Cochins, Bantams, Black Hamburgs, Brahmas, Leghorns, Houdans and many others, besides fine ducks and geese. In this line he has had a large experience. Mr. Graff was married in Columbiana County, Ohio, August 28, 1868, to Phoebe Gore, a native of that county. They have one daughter.

GUY & MILNER, manufacturers and dealers in boots and shoes. This business was established in March, 1876, and is the oldest exclusive boot and shoe house in the city of Ottawa. The firm is popular, and carries a stock of $9,000 to $10,000 to supply the demands of their large and increasing trade. James A. Guy, the senior member, was born in Ross Co., Ohio, in 1826, removing three years later with his parents to Delaware County, he learned the trade of shoemaker. Taught school for several years, farmed for some time in Union County. In March 1865, he came to Kansas, located at Lawrence, and for eighteen months conducted a meat market, having a beef contract with the United States Government. In November, 1866, came to Ottawa, farmed for some four years, and in January, 1870, engaged in bakery and grocery business, in company with S. Piersol, they conducting the concern together for six years, and in March, 1876, Mr. Guy embarked in the boot and shoe business. M. C. Milner is the practical man of the firm. He has been a resident of Ottawa some twelve years, and has had a large experience in the manufacture of boots and shoes.

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