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CHARLES L. ROBBINS, grocer, was born at LaGrange, Loraine County, Ohio, June 22, 1833, and reared on a farm. In April, 1856, he came to Kansas, locating in Centropolis, Franklin County, and took an active part in the "unpleasantness" of those times, his principal employment consisting of farm work. Was elected Sheriff of the county in 1858, being the first to hold that office; served two years, and was Deputy for two years, and again elected Sheriff in 1861 and 1863. In 1865, he engaged in the livery business at Ottawa, in firm of Robbins & Jeness; two years later, his partner sold his interest to H. Tefft, with whom he continued for two years. In 1869, he was again elected Sheriff; served a term of two years, and in 1871, established his present business; carries a stock of some $6,000, and has a very extensive trade. Mr. R. was elected County Assessor in 1865, for a term of two years; was appointed County Commissioner early in 1873 to fill a vacancy, and elected in the fall; re-elected in 1874--term two years; and again in 1881--term three years.

HENRY H. RODGERS, farmer, Section 22, P. O. Ottawa, was born in Fayette County, Ohio, March 29, 1841; removed in 1848 with his parents to Shelby County, Ill., where he was reared on a farm, and for some years carried on a fifty-acre farm on his own account. Came to Franklin County, Kan., September 29, 1867, and located on his present farm, which he has improved from raw prairie. He owns 269 acres, 140 of which are under cultivation; also raises considerable stock, and has a fine orchard. Mr. Rodger was married in Shelby County, Ill., October 16, 1862, to Hannah C. Tull. She was born in Shelby County, Ill., November 25, 1844; they have a family of four children--three born in Shelby County, Ill., and one in Kansas.

WILLIAM RUFUS RODGERS, farmer, Section 22, P. O. Ottawa, was born in Fayette County, Ohio, in 1838, and ten years later removed with his parents to Shelby County, Ill., where he was reared on a farm, and for some years conducted a forty-acre farm on his own account. He came to Franklin County, Kan., September 29, 1867, and located on his present farm, which he has improved from raw prairie. Mr. Rodgers owns 300 acres of land, of which 190 are under cultivation. He also raises considerable live stock, and has a good orchard. He was Treasurer of Ottawa Township for five years. Mr. R. was married in Moultrie County, Ill., in 1863, to Lucy Weeks. They have a family of seven children.

JONATHAN RUE, dealer in groceries and confectionery, was born near Monmouth, N. J., in 1817; resided for some time in Virginia, and began business life in Ohio at the age of eighteen years, following mercantile business as a clerk, in Warren and Bridgeport for three or four years; then farming in Scioto County; in 1848, he went to Illinois, settling in Adams County; followed farming pursuits for several years, after which he crossed the Isthmus to California. Two years later, he returned East, and settled in Henderson County, Ill., and engaged once more in farming. In 1861, he embarked in the mercantile business at Terre Haute, Ind., carrying on a general store there for eight years. In May, 1868, he came to Ottawa, Kan., and at once engaged in this business. He carries a nice stock, and has a good trade in the city and adjacent county.

J. A. SAMPSEL, manufacturer and dealer in cigars, tobacco, etc., was born in Fayette County, Pa., in 1855, and learned the trade of cigarmaker at Uniontown, Fayette County, serving as an apprentice some four years, after which he worked as a journeyman, and for two years carried on a cigar factory at Greensburg, Pa. He came to Kansas in October, 1881; remained for several months in Leavenworth, engaged in this business, came to Ottawa in May, 1882, and purchased the cigar store and manufactory of H. J. Acker; he is the only one engaged in the manufacture of cigars in Franklin County; has quite an extensive trade in Southern Kansas; employs five practical cigarmakers, and turns out 20,000 to 25,000 cigars monthly.

BENJ. SANDS, of Sands & Dean, general merchants, was born in Cattaraugus County, N. Y., February 5, 1848, and came to Kansas in 1856, locating with his father Charles A. Sands, at Minneola, who conducted a mill at that place, and the subject of this sketch was employed in the same up to 1867, when he came to Ottawa, following mercantile business as a clerk for about six years. Was then in that business on his own account at Centropolis for several years, after which he returned to Ottawa, and was again employed as a clerk. In March, 1880, he embarked in general merchandise business, purchasing the stock of A. B. Cobb. On September the 1st, 1882, he admitted as a partner Dan. Dean. They do a large trade, carrying a fine stock of about $6,000.

EZRA V. SAYERS, farmer, Section 15, P. O. Ottawa, was born in Miami County, Ohio, in 1838, and reared on a farm. He taught school in the Southern States for several years, and in August, 1861, went to Macomb, Ill., where he enlisted in Company D, Twenty-eighth Illinois Infantry, serving three years. After the war he read law at Troy, Ohio, for three years, and during two years of that period held the office of Deputy Clerk of District Court. In July, 1868, he came to Franklin County, and has since followed agricultural pursuits. Since September, 1879 he has resided in Ottawa. He has about 365 acres of land in Lincoln and Ottawa Townships, on which there are three residences. He cultivates 250 acres of his land and raises considerable live stock. Mr. Sayers is a successful farmer, and is considered one of the enterprising men of the county.

EDWIN M. SHELDON, proprietor Ottawa Soap Factory, was born in Chautauqua County, N. Y., March 18, 1847, and reared on a farm. He came to Ottawa in January, 1870. Was Deputy Register of Deeds for a time, and in 1872 was elected Clerk of the District Court, which position he filled for two years. In the fall of 1874 he entered into this business, joining C. S. Lothrop. In January, 1879, he purchased his partner's interest, and has since conducted the business alone. Manufactures principally laundry soap, of which he makes 300,000 pounds per annum.

C. E. SHIRAS, dealer in groceries, provisions and wooden and willow ware, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, June 29, 1856, and came to Kansas in the spring of 1875, locating at Ottawa. He was for two years employed as a clerk in the People's Bank. In 1877 he engaged in dry goods business in company with C.D. Crane, remaining in that business about two years. Was then not actively engaged in business until January, 1882, when he purchased his present establishment from his brother, W. M. Shiras. The subject of our sketch has a nicely fitted up store, carries a stock of about $3,500, and is doing a large trade.

PETER SHIRAS, cashier People's National Bank, was born in Lawrence County, Ohio, August, 1843, removing with his parents two years later to Cincinnati. He began business life at the age of twenty-one years. Was for seven years a member of the banking firm of John Ellison & Com., and disposed of his interest in that concern to come to Ottawa in May, 1872. He purchased at that time an interest in the People's National Bank, and was elected vice president, which position he occupied until 1877, when he associated with J. P. Harris, since which time he has acted as cashier, and owns a one-half interest in the concern.

HORACE J. SMITH, president of the First National Bank of Ottawa, was born in Susquehanna County, Penn., January 27, 1838. Emigrated to Oregon, Ogle County, Ill., in 1856. Was Deputy County Clerk and Register of Deeds for four years, and elected County Treasurer in 1861. While holding that office, he enlisted, and was mustered into Company K, Ninety-second Illinois Infantry, September 4, 1862. He was shortly afterwards elected First Lieutenant, and six months later promoted to Captain of Company B, serving until the summer of 1865. In June, 1866, he came to Ottawa, engaged in hardware business under style of Smith & Case, in which business he remained for some years. In 1872, he, with others, organized The Ottawa Bank, and was cashier of the same for three years. In July, 1875, in company with A. M. Blair, he purchased the controlling interest in the First National Bank, being elected cashier. In February, 1882, Blair sold out his interest to C. C. Minton and others, and Mr. Smith was at that time elected president of the same.

J. G. SPENCER & CO., dealers in general merchandise. The resident partner of this firm, J. G. Spencer, was born in Jersey County, Ill., in 1831; reared on a farm, and began to earn his own livelihood at the age of fifteen years. When twenty-one years of age, he engaged in grocery business at Fielder, a small town in his native county, following it there for some five years, and for ten years at Auburn, same county. He came West, traveled for three years in the State of Kansas, engaged in trading, etc. In 1870, he located in Ottawa; was for a year engaged in real estate business, after which he followed farming pursuits for five years. In 1876, he took charge of the Hamblin House, and conducted it for a year, then again gave his attention to farming. In March, 1878, he embarked in his present business alone, admitting Jno. Piper, of Virden, Ill., in September, 1880. The firm carry a stock of $8,000, and do an extensive business. Mrs. Spencer also carries on a millinery business in the same building. Mr. S. was married at Fielder, Ill., in 1851, to Mary Hayes. They have three children--Lloyd, George and William.

THOMAS H. STARLING, manufacturer and dealer in harness, saddles, trunks, etc. Was born in Pickaway County, Ohio, in 1829, and learned trade of harness maker at Chillicothe, serving as an apprentice some five years; after which he followed his trade as journeyman in Burlington Iowa and St. Louis, Mo., for about four years. In 1853, he went to California, and remained there three years, and on his return East, again settled in St. Louis. In March, 1862, he enlisted and was employed in the United States Ordnance Department until the war closed. In 1866, he engaged in harness business near St. Louis, and in August, 1870, removed to Ottawa, Kan., and at once opened in the same business. He has a nice stock of $3,000, and employs several men in his manufacturing department.

STEELMAN & BROTHER, contractors and builders. This business was established in 1869, in a small way, by Daniel E. Steelman, and, in 1871, he was joined by his brother Thomas H. They have by industry and close attention to their affairs, elevated themselves until they are doing the most extensive business in their line in this place. They have erected many prominent buildings in this city, among which is the Ottawa Opera House. The brothers are natives of Atlantic County, N. J., and learned the trade of carpenter and builder in Springfield, Ill., where they were both employed as journeyman in this business for some years. Daniel E. came to Ottawa in 1869, and engaged in present business, his brother following him in 1871. They are enterprising men, and popular with the business community.

REV. JAMES P. STEPHENSON, Pastor of the Second Baptist Church, was born in Geauga County, Ohio, June 23, 1845. He took a classical course at Oberlin, Ohio, graduating in 1867, and a three years' course at Rochester Theological Seminary, N. Y., graduating in 1871, and was ordained in December of that year at Paw Paw, Mich., where he had charge of a Baptist Church for seven months, after which he was engaged in mission work in the oil regions of Pennsylvania, then in charge of the First Baptist Church of Warren, Ohio for three years. He came to Ottawa in July, 1877, and at once entered upon his duties as Pastor of the Second Baptist Church. He is a member of the Executive Board of the State Baptist Convention of Kansas, and a Trustee of the Ottawa University.

GEO. D. STINEBAUGH, of Stinebaugh & Barnett, real estate, was born in Crawford County, Ohio, August 13, 1840, and reared on a farm. In April, 1861, he enlisted in Company K, Fourteenth Ohio Infantry; served three months and re-enlisted September 1, in Company H, Thirty-eighth Ohio Infantry; was mustered out in August, 1865. At the battle of Jonesboro, Ga., on September 1, 1864, he lost his left leg by two gunshot wounds. After the war he attended college at Toledo, Ohio, for a short time, and came to Franklin County, Kan., in March, 1866; followed farming for a year; he then removed to Ottawa. Was elected County Clerk in 1867, and re-elected five consecutive times, serving in all twelve years. In the Spring of 1880 he engaged in real estate business in company with A. G. Barnett. They do a large business, and are land agents for the K. C. L. & S. K. R. R. Co., and the M. P. R. R. Co. In 1867 Mr. Stinebaugh held the office of Enrolling Clerk of the House of State Representatives.

W. F. SWIFT & Co., dealers in hardware, implements, carriages, etc. W. F. Swift, the senior member of the firm, was born in New Bedford, Mass., in March, 1845, and for several years followed the mercantile business there as a clerk. He came to Ottawa in June, 1866, followed the cattle business for a year, and clerked for a short time in hardware business. In 1868 he joined H. J. Smith in hardware business, they continuing together for three years. Mr. Swift then engaged in brokerage and loan business, following it for about three years. In 1874 he once more engaged in hardware business, purchasing the stock of A. W. Anderson, and a year later admitted to a partnership Sanford Topping, who came to Ottawa in 1874, and was for some three or four years employed as a clerk in this business by its former owner. The firm carry a fine stock of goods, averaging in value from $12,000 to $16,000, and do a large trade locally and in the neighboring counties.

R. D. THAYER, farmer, P. O. Ottawa, was born in Randolph County, N. C., in 1838, and reared on a farm. He resided for a short time in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri, and came to Franklin County with his father, B. M. Thayer, in 1860, with whom he resided until 1867, when he moved on to his present farm in Ottawa Township. He is the owner of ninety acres of land, all well improved, eighty of which are under cultivation. During the war Mr. Thayer was in the employ of the United States Government, teaming, etc. He was married in Ottawa, Kan., December 31, 1865, to Miss Hannah Matteson, and this union has been blessed with three children.

W. D. THAYER, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. Ottawa, was born in Randolph County, N. C., May 29, 1840 and reared on a farm. He resided for a short period in the States of Indiana, Illinois and Missouri, and came to Kansas with his father, B. M. Thayer, in October, 1860, and resided with him in Franklin County until 1867, when he moved on to his present farm in Ottawa Township. Mr. Thayer has 160 acres of improved land, and makes a specialty of raising stock. During the war he was employed teaming for the United States Government. He takes an active part in local politics and has held several township offices. He was married in Franklin County in March, 1870, to Mary M. Noss. They have two living children--Elson and Howard, and two deceased--Bertha and Clarence.

ALBERT TUTCHER, farmer, Section 16, Ottawa, Franklin Co., Kan., was born in England, June 21, 1840, and a year later his parents emigrated to Delaware County, N. Y.; in 1847 to Chenango County, N. Y.; in 1852 they moved to Stephenson County, Ill., where the subject of this sketch was reared on a farm. They moved from there by wagon to Franklin County, Kansas, in the summer of 1858, reaching their new home on August 24. Following agricultural pursuits, during the late war he served about two years in Company A, of the Tenth Kansas Militia. In February, 1865, he removed to Ridgeway, Osage County, where he engaged in mercantile pursuits for one year, in company with H. D. Tutcher, an elder brother, at this time, selling the business to his partner. He was married to Miss Eliza J. Young, of Marian, Douglas Co., Kan., on March 28, 1865. In 1866 he engaged in the saw-mill business in company with Harry Horr, in Shawnee County, ten miles south of Topeka, until June of that year, when they moved the mill to Franklin County and continued in the business until the spring of 1879, when he moved to his present home, forty acres of Eight Mile Bottom Land, with about five acres of a fine orchard and small fruits of all kinds. During the winters of 1869 and 1873 he carries on a meat market at Ottawa in connection with his farming pursuits. He served as Deputy Sheriff of the County in 1874, '75, '76, and '77, and in 1879 was nominated for Sheriff on the Greenback ticket, but was not elected. He is engaged at this time as traveling salesman and agent for A. H. Andrews & Co., of Chicago, Ill., manufacturers of school, bank, office, library and opera house furniture. His family consists of the wife, four daughters and two sons.

SAMUEL WALGAMOT, manufacturer and dealer in marble monuments, headstones, etc., was born in Franklin County, Pa., in 1823, and seventeen years later removed to Springfield, Ill., where he learned the trade of stone cutter, and followed it as an occupation in the Southern and Western States for eight years. In 1854 he engaged in this business at Chatham, Sangamon Co., Ill., carrying an extensive trade for three years, after which he gave his attention to farming pursuits for several years and again embarked in this business at Lincoln, Logan County, Ill., following it there until 1866, when he moved to Christian County, continuing there for a year or so. He came to Kansas in May, 1867, and worked at his trade in Topeka. In the spring of 1868 he came to Franklin County. located near Centropolis and followed farming pursuits, and in the spring of 1880 he engaged in this business, doing business under the style of Walgamot & Co. He also has a fine farm in this county consisting of 100 acres.

EMMOR W. WALTON, of E. W. Walton & Co., general merchants, was born in Salem, Ohio, May 12, 1883. He assisted his father, who was engaged in the hardware business. In 1858 he began the study of medicine at Canton, Ohio, with Dr. E. Walker, and graduated in Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery in the class of 1860 and 1861. Early in the latter year he was appointed Acting Assistant Surgeon of the United States Army; was for eight months examining surgeon at Harrisburg, Pa.; then Inspector in the departments of South Carolina and Georgia, serving until the fall of 1865, after which he went to Warrensburg, Mo., and engaged in the drug business in company with R. L. Walker. They were burned out in the spring of 1867, and in September, 1868, the subject of our sketch came to Kansas and was one of the organizers of Montgomery County, and also of Verdigris City, the first county seat of that county. There he practiced medicine, delivering the first child born in the county. In December, 1868, he came to Ottawa and engaged in the mercantile business in company with his father-in-law, E. L. Walker, who died in 1872, and at whose death Lizzie L. wife of Mr. Walton, became a partner in the business. Frank L. Donaldson was also until quite recently interested in the business. Mr. W. began with a stock of about $500, and his trade has enlarged until he now carries a stock of general merchandise valued at about $9,000. He and his wife also own four farms in this county, comprising 500 to 600 acres. In 1870, in company with George W. Hamblin, he made the first addition to Ottawa, known as the Hamblin & Walton Addition.

LEVI C. WASSON, dentist, was born at Dexter, Washington Co., Mich., August 12, 1843. He began the study of dentistry about 1859, with Dr. Cooper of that place, remaining with him two years; then a student for six months with Dr. Allport, of Chicago, Ill. In 1863 he opened an office at Dexter, Mich., for the practice of his profession, remaining there until he came to Ottawa, Kan., April 12, 1867. He at once established himself in business at this place, and has now a very large practice. From 1869 to October, 1872, he was associated with Dr. W. H. Shultze, now of Atchison, Kan. Mr. Wasson represented the Third ward in the City Council in 1877 and the Fourth ward in 1878 and in May 1881 was elected Mayor of the city for a term of two years.

JOHN C. WATSON, grocer, was born in Ontario, Canada in 1847. Emigrated to Springfield, Ill., in 1864, where he taught school for several years. He came to Kansas in September, 1869, locating at Ottawa. He was employed as a teacher in the public schools for three years. In 1874 he engaged in this business style of the firm at opening was Moore & Watson; two years later the firm sold out and Mr. Watson has since conducted the business alone. He has a nice trade and carries a stock of $1,000 to $1,200. Mr. Watson was for a considerable time a member of the city school board.

ADAM WEAVER, breeder of blooded stock, Section 31, P. O. Ottawa, was born in Marysville, Union County, Ohio, August 1, 1842 and there he followed farming. He enlisted August 12, 1862 in Company F, Thirteenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, served one year and was disabled by gun shot wound in the left arm at the battle of Stone River and again in both legs at the Cumberland River. He came to Kansas December 30, 1868, and located in Franklin County and has since followed agricultural pursuits. In 1879 he moved onto his present farm, which consists of 340 acres all improved, and since 1876 he has been engaged in breeding pedigreed Short-horn cattle. His cattle have taken many premiums at the County fairs and he is making a success of the enterprise. He was married at Marysville, Union Co., Ohio, March 9, 1865, to Jennie Longbreak and they have a family of two children, Clara and May.

HON. H. P. WELSH, attorney, was born in Roscoe, Coshocton Co., Ohio, July 26, 1834. He studied law at Centreville with Harvey Tannehill, and was admitted to the bar at Bloomfield in September, 1855; was shortly afterward elected prosecuting attorney of Appanoose County, Iowa, and served two years. He came to Franklin County, Kansas, in May, 1858, and practiced law at Minneola, also farmed for four years. In the spring of 1865 he came to Ottawa and has since practiced his profession at this place. He was the first Clerk of the District in this county; was County Commissioner for six years, and served one term as County Attorney. He was Journal Clerk of the House of State Representatives in 1863 and 1864, and was elected to the State Legislature in 1867 and again in 1869. He was elected one of the first Trustees of the city of Ottawa in 1866, and elected Secretary of the Board; was elected Mayor of the city in 1869 and re-elected in 1870, and City Attorney in the spring of 1880. Mr. Welsh was married in Centreville, Iowa in 1856 to Mary Shaw; she died May 25, 1870 leaving five children--Laura, Minnie, Rose, Florence and Harlen. He was married a second time in Ottawa, in June, 1871, to Isadore A. Crawford. They have one son, Roy.

THOMAS F. WESTFALL, Sheriff of Franklin County was born in Sangamon County, Ill., December 22, 1838. A year later emigrated to Jefferson County, Iowa, with his father; assisted him in his wagon-making shop. In 1856 he returned to Sangamon County, and followed farming. On the 15th of August, 1861, he enlisted in Company B, 26th Illinois Infantry and served through the war. Mr. Westfall came to Ottawa, in February, 1871, and was employed in lumber business for some eight years. He was elected Sheriff in the fall of 1879, and re-elected in 1881. He was married in Sangamon County, Ill., to Arminia J. Jarrett.

W. A. WESTOVER & CO., dealers in boots and shoes. This firm is composed of W. A. Westover and Charles S. Wolsey, the latter being connected with the business in Chicago. Mr. Westover manages the business principally. The firm do a large business and carry a large and well assorted stock of about $10,000 to $12,000. Mr. Westover was born in Elgin, Illinois, May 9, 1857, and came to Ottawa, Kansas in the fall of 1876; was for several years employed as a clerk in general merchandise business, and in August, 1879, engaged in his present business in company with F. P. Gould, who retired from the concern in July, 1880, Charles S. Wolsey of Chicago taking his place.

ALPHEUS J. WIGHTMAN, treasurer of Franklin County; was born in Granville, Licking Co., Ohio, January 12, 1829, and was employed as a clerk in the postoffice and general store at that place for several years. In 1849 he removed to Dubuque, Iowa and six months later crossed the plains to California, where he followed mining for two years, returning to Cascade, Iowa, where he farmed until he came to Ottawa, Kansas, in 1869. He built the Ottawa Mills, in company with H. D. Crane, continuing in that business until 1880. Mr. Wightman has always since his arrival in this State been identified with farming pursuits. He at present owns 321 acres in this county. He has represented the Third ward in the City Council for the past ten years, and was elected County Treasurer in November, 1881, entering upon his duties in October, 1882.

J. H. WILHITE, dealer in staple and fancy groceries, notions, etc.; was born in Ozark County, Missouri in 1835, and removed shortly afterwards with his parents to Jefferson City, Missouri, and followed farming and teaming in that neighborhood. In 1854 he came to Kansas, farmed for a year in Linn County, then located in Anderson County, where he was engaged in farming and stock raising for about twenty years. He participated in the troubles of 1856, enlisting under the banner of John Brown. In the fall of 1861, he enlisted in Company G, Seventh Kansas Cavalry. In October, 1863, he had his horse shot out from under him at Corinth, Mississippi, and his right leg was broken by the falling of the animal. He served until November 1, 1865. The subject of this sketch came to Ottawa in 1874, and at once embarked in this business. He carries a stock of $1,200 to $1,500.

WILLIAM H. WOODLIEF, farmer and breeder of blooded cattle, P. O. Ottawa; was born near Cincinnati, Ohio, December 27, 1839 and reared on a farm. He enlisted August 6, 1861 in Company G, First Ohio Cavalry, about a year later was promoted to Second Lieutenant and for six months, during the year that he held that rank, acted as Adjutant of the regiment; was then promoted to Captain, serving until he resigned October 1, 1864. After the war he embarked in the mercantile business and also engaged in contracting for building work, etc. Was for three years Postmaster at Williamsville, and for three years at Mamiesville, Ohio; also had United States Mail contract there from 1872 to 1876. He came to Franklin County, Kan., in April, 1877 and purchased the ToyJones estate. He has 1,040 acres of land, all fenced, 400 of which are under cultivation. He is largely engaged in breeding blooded Durham cattle and draught horses. Several of his cattle have taken premiums at the Franklin County fairs. He served during 1881 as trustee of the Township of Ottawa. Mr. Woodlief is one of the largest farmers of this county and is also largely interested in contracts for carrying the United States mails at the cities of Omaha, Nashville, Savannah, New Orleans, Cleveland and Buffalo.

D. C. YOUNG, of Sumner & Young, abstract and loan office, was born in Essex County, N. Y., May 4, 1836. At the age of fourteen he accompanied his parents to Warren County, where he assisted them in farming, and also taught school for several years. He attended Troy Conference Academy, Vermont, then Fort Edward Seminary, New York, and afterward the Chicago University, where he graduated in Law, June 30, 1864. Mr. Young enlisted in June, 1861, in the Thirty-fourth Illinois Infantry; was appointed Orderly Sergeant and served two years. He was severely wounded in the right arm and taken prisoner at the battle of Murfreesboro, in December, 1862, paroled six weeks later and in about six months exchanged. After his graduation he practiced law at Dixon, Illinois. In 1865 he removed to Toulon, Illinois, practiced there until 1870, when he joined the Greeley Colony and went to Colorado where he was engaged in handling cattle for Weld and Larimer counties for six years. Mr. Young came to Ottawa, Kansas in November, 1876 and at once became associated with William Sumner in their present business.

JOHN YOUNG, farmer, P. O. Ottawa, Franklin County, Kan. Was born in Allegheny County, Versailles Township, Pa., in 1806. Was married to Elizabeth Gregory, February 2, 1828. They brought up a family of five children--George M., William G., John A., Eliza J., and Frank M. Mr. Young was manager of Coal Works near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for many years. He removed from Pennsylvania to Warren County, Iowa, in the spring of 1858 and from thence to Kansas in the fall of the same year, settling in Douglas County, fifteen miles southwest of Lawrence. Three of his children accompanied him from Pennsylvania and are still residing in this State. After living in Douglas County about ten years, he disposed of his property there in 1868 and removed to Franklin County, buying lands from the Ottawa Indians, about five miles northwest of the city of Ottawa, Section 16, Township 16, Range 19, where he at present resides. Mrs. Young died here, February 25, 1878. The farm consists of 440 acres of well improved land, well stocked with cattle, hogs, etc., and is managed by his son, William G. Young.

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