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GEORGE INNES, senior member of the firm of George Innes & Co., was born in Sutherlandshire, Scotland, July 23, 1842. In 1859, he settled in Buffalo, N. Y., where he engaged in clerking until 1866, when he entered into business on his own account. He continued in this until 1870, when he moved to Lawrence, Kan., and established his present business. Mr. Innes was married in Buffalo, N. Y., October 20, 1869, to Miss Eliza Matheson, of Embro, Province Ontario, Canada; they have two daughters, Minnie and Jennie. Mr. I. S a ember of the city Council and the Board of Trade.

DANIEL INNES, of the firm of Geo T. Innes & Co., wholesale and retail dealers in dry goods, carpets, etc. The firm is composed of George and Daniel Innes. The business was established in 1870. They employ fifteen hands, carry a stock of about $60,000, and do a business annually of $165,000. Daniel Innes, of above firm, was born in Southerlandshire, Scotland, October 22, 1836. In 1854, he settled in Buffalo, N. Y., where he engaged in clerking in the dry goods business until 1863, when he moved to Chicago. In 1865, he formed a partnership and established a dry goods business in Elgin, Ill., continuing to operate this until he moved to Kansas in 1871. Mr. Innes was married in Elgin, Ill., March 1, 1870, to Miss Pease, of Elgin; they have three children - Sarah K., Walter P. and William A. Mr. I. is a member of the Episcopal Church, and of Acacia Lodge, No. 9, A., F. & A. M.

LEWIS JOHNSON, well-digger, born in Kentucky June 15, 1837; moved to Jackson County, Mo., when a child, and was sold to Luther Mason as a slave. In 1862, his owner manumitted him, and at the same time presented him with two good teams and $500 in cash. He was married in Missouri December 23, 1859, to Miss Louisa Scott, by whom he has eight children - Isaac, William, Julia, Cara, Louis, Joseph, Charles and Henry. His wife is a member of the Second Baptist Church in Lawrence.

ENDSLEY JONES, dealer in staple and fancy groceries, provisions, etc.; business established originally about 1873; present proprietor succeeded Henderson & Co., in May, 1880. He carries a stock of about $7,000, employs seven men, running two delivery wagons and does a business of about $50,000 annually. Mr. Jones was born in Howard County, Ind., June 16, 1844. He was educated at the New London High School in his native county, and afterward engaged in teaching, farming and clerking until 1866, when he located in Leavenworth County, Kan. Here is engaged in farming for some years. From 1872 to 1879, he was in Government employ in the Indian Territory. In the latter year, he settled in Lawrence, where he had made his headquarters some years. He was married in Howard County, Ind., June 6, 1868, to Miss Martha Newlin, of that county. They have four children - William E., Edna, Hiram T., Zimri Van A. Mr. Jones is a member of the Society of Friends, also of the Lawrence Lodge, No. 798, K. of H. He is at present Secretary of the Douglas county Republican Central Committee.

J. M. JONES, dealer in staple and fancy groceries, provisions, etc. The business was established in 1876, and he has since operated it with exception of a few months. He was born in Upper Canada, July 16, 1854, and was raised and educated in Hamilton and vicinity. In 1869, he moved to Kansas and located in Lawrence, where he became connected with the locomotive department of the Kansas Pacific Railroad. After filling various positions, he was finally placed in charge of an engine; this continued until 1875. Mr. Jones was married in Lawrence, Kan., September 3, 1875, to Miss Jennie E. Lindley, of New York State. They have one child - Bertha G.

REV. WILLIAM Jones, M. D., pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, Lawrence, Kan., was born in Cadiz, Harrison Co., Ohio, October 22, 1832. His parents moved to Coshocton, where he obtained an academic education. He afterward studied medicine and practiced several years as an under graduate, but completed his course and obtained his degree, graduating from the College of Medicine of Fort Wayne 1879, and, two years later, received the ad eundem degree from the same institution, and is a member of the Northwestern Ohio Medical Association. In 1863, he joined the North Ohio Conference, and was stationed successively at East Delaware, Newcomerstown, Seville and Mount Gilead. He was then transferred to the Central Ohio Conference, and stationed successively at Van Wert, Marion, Findlay and Toledo. He then returned to the North Ohio Conference, and was stationed at Bloomville, from which place, at the middle of his term, was transferred to the Kansas Conference, and stationed at Lawrence, January, 1880. Dr. Jones was married in Ashland County, Ohio, June 11, 1857, to Miss Eliza Rathbun, a graduate of Auburn Academy, in Western New York; they have two children - Miss M. Annetta, a graduate of the Cincinnati Wesleyan College, and Fred R., now a student in the State University of Kansas. Dr. Jones is a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity.

W. H. KEMMERER, Secretary of Lawrence Plow Company, was born in Bucks County, Penn., April 8, 1843. Received a common school education in his native county, and then took a full commercial course at Eastman's College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. His early years were spent in a flour-mill operated by his father at Milton, Northumberland Co., Penn. About 1868, commenced a bakery and confectionery business in that town, where he continued until 1880. He then moved to Kansas, and settled in Carbondale, as manager of yard for the Kansas Lumber Company, of Topeka, Kan. In the spring of 1882, moved to Lawrence and became connected immediately with the Lawrence Plow Company. Mr. Kemmerer was married in Milton, Northumberland Co., Penn., in 1866, to Miss Susan Hagg, of that town; they have four children - John H., Norman L., William E., Margaret E.

DR. L. H. KEYS, eclectic physician, was born in Akron, Ohio, September 9, 1826. He was educated in his native town and afterward attended medical lectures at Cleveland, Ohio. In 1849, he settled in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; was engaged in practice in Cedar Rapids and Greeley, Iowa, until 1864, when he enlisted in the Twenty-first Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, and served until the close of the war. During this time, he was on detached service as Assistant Surgeon in the hospitals at Mobile and Fort Gaines, Alabama. Shortly after his return home, he went to Cleveland, Ohio, and attended lectures at the Wooster University of Ohio, graduating in the spring of 1870. Dr. Keyes was attached to the "regular school" until the action of the National Medical Association, in session at St. Paul, they refusing to affiliate or permit consultation with any but the old school physician. Since that time, he has affiliated with the eclectic school. From 1870 to 1876, he was engaged in practice in Greeley, Iowa, in the latter year removing to Kansas, locating in Junction City, Davis County. About 1880, he removed to Independence, Iowa, where he remained until September, 1882, when he settled in Lawrence. Dr. Keyes was married in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 1852, to Miss Francis Nelson, of that city. She died in 1860, leaving four children - John N., now practicing law in Iowa; Ernest M., a practicing physician in Iowa; Charles C., in business in Wamega, Kan.; and Luther M. His present wife was Mis Cyrena Bishop, daughter of Rev. Joy Bishop, of Delphos, Kan. They were married in Linn County, Iowa, July 4, 1861. They have two children - Merton J. and Mary R. The doctor is a member of the A., F. & A. M.

ISAAC KILWORTH, real estate, came to Kansas in 1858, settled in Lawrence, where he has been engaged the most of the time in building. In 1876, he entered into partnership with his brother, Jacob, in the real estate business. Mr. K. was born in West Hadden, England, July 18, 1833; came to the United States in 1851, and settled in Cleveland, Ohio, but in a few months moved to Detroit, Mich., and engaged with the Michigan Central Railroad Company as builder, where he remained until 1858. Being twice married, the last time to Miss S. A. Mallard, of Lawrence; they have five children - John L., Cora C., Isaac W., William W. and Howard R. Mr. Kilworth is a member of the Knights of Honor.

FRANK KIMBALL, of Kimball Bros., proprietors of the Lawrence Foundry, was born in Mason Village, Hillsboro Co., N. H., January 6, 1823. After leaving school, he learned the carpenter's trade under his father's instruction; was engaged in this from the age of sixteen to twenty-one. About 1844, he moved to Fitchburg, Mass., where he was employed in the pattern department of Asher Green's foundry; had charge of this department several years. He afterward took charge of the pattern department of the Putnam Machine Company, in the same town; this position he held about six years. In 1857, he moved to Kansas to enter the firm of Kimball Bros. Mr. Kimball was married in Stoddard, N. H., September 8, 1847, to Miss Elizabeth Davis, of Stoddard. They have two children - Fannie E., now Mrs. J. A. Carruth, and Charles F.

SAMUEL KIMBALL, of Kimball Bros., proprietors of the Lawrence Foundry, was born at Mason Village, Hillsboro Co., N. H., August 27, 1827. He received a practical business education, and at the age of seventeen was apprenticed to the machinists' trade. Two years later, he moved to Clinton, Mass., where he worked at his trade until 1849. In that year, he settled in Fitchburg, Mass; here he worked at his trade until 1854. In company with his brother, he then moved to Kansas, landing in the Territory October 9, 1854. The brothers were recommended by Gov. Robinson to Gen. Pomeroy as suitable men to put up a saw-mill then being brought from the East. This was their first contract. Shortly after, the original firm of Kimball Bros. was established. Mr. Kimball was an active Free-State man. He was Captain of one of the companies, and afterward Major of the First Regiment of Free-State Volunteers, and was continually in the field. He has been a member of the City Council three terms, Mayor of the city one term, and was virtually founder of the fire department in Lawrence; was Engineer of the department five years, and Superintendent one term. Mr. Kimball was married in November, 1849, to Adelina A., daughter of Benjamin Livingston, of Mason Village, N. H.

ALBERT KNITTLE, attorney at law, was born in Port Carbon, Schuylkill Co., Penn., January 19, 1848. Received his preliminary schooling in his native town and finished in the State Normal School. During the raid of the rebels into Pennsylvania, he was connected with the State militia. In 1867, he commenced reading law in Pottsville, Penn., and was admitted to practice in Pennsylvania courts in 1869, and commenced practice in Pottsville, where he remained until he moved to Kansas, in 1872. He opened an office in Lawrence, and has since engaged in the practice of his profession. He was elected City Attorney in 1876, and was twice re-elected. In 1879, he was elected County Attorney of Douglas County. Mr. Knittle was married in Port Carbon, Penn., in 1871, to Miss Clara Wintersteen, of Port Carbon.

W. H. LAMON, photographer, business established in 1865. He engaged in all branches of the business, landscape, portrait, etc. Mr. Lamon was born in Dayton, Ohio, May 16, 1840. His parents moved from there to Indiana, thence to Illinois, and in 1857 settled in Lawrence, Kan. The subject of our sketch was educated in that city, and after leaving school commenced the study of photography in Jerseyville, Ill., and afterward spent two or three years in traveling in Texas, Indian Territory and Kansas. During the war, was connected with one of the militia regiments, being engaged in the pursuit of Price. He was married in Lawrence, April 1, 1866, to Miss Hattie Bell, daughter of Capt. G. W. Bell, one of the pioneers, and prominent in social and political circles. Capt. Bell was killed during the Quantrell raid. They have two children - Maud and Mattie. Mr. L. is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and of Lawrence Lodge, No. 6, A., F. & A. M.

REV. DUDLEY LEE, minister, came to the State in 1863, and settled near Lawrence on a farm, where he remained until 1867, and was ordained as pastor of the Second Baptist Church. Mr. Lee was born in Kentucky in 1828. Since coming to Kansas he has purchased and paid for quite a fine property. He was married, in 1844, to Miss Mary A. Masey, of Missouri. He is a member and Chaplain of a lodge of A. Y. M.

RICHARD A. LEHMAN, Instructor in Music, Kansas State University, was born in the town of Thorn, Prussia, February 5, 1851. After leaving school he devoted his attention to the study of music, his final course being taken at the new Academy of Music in Berlin, under Prof. Jullak. In 1872, he emigrated to the United States, and located in New York City, where he engaged in teaching music; afterward followed the same profession in St. Luis, Mo., and Columbus, Ohio. In 1878, he moved to Kansas and located at Highland, where he held the position of Instructor in Music and German in Highland University. In December, 1880, he located in Atchison, where he remained until January 1, 1882, when he was elected to his present position. Mr. Lehman was married, in Highland, Kan., December 18, 1878, to Miss Sarah E., daughter of Rev. John M. Brown, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Highland at that time.

GEORGE LEIS, Secretary and Manager of the Leis Chemical Manufacturing Company, was born in New York City February 18, 1842. His parents afterward moved to Providence, R. I. George received his schooling in both those cities. In 1855, he moved to Kansas and settled in Lawrence. In 1857, he became connected with Woodward & Finely, druggists, clerking with this firm until 1862. During 1862 and the early part of 1863, he was engaged in recruiting and enlisting volunteers for the First and Second Colored Regiments. In fall of 1863, he established in Lawrence a drug business, under the firm name of George Leis & Co. The following year, he bought his partner's interest, and managed the business alone until about 1871; the firm continued as George Leis & Bro. until 1878; since that Mr. Leis has been alone in business. He was married in Lawrence, Kan., October 25, 1876, to Miss Lillian Ross, daughter of ex-Senator E. G. Ross. They have two children, Kate and Zoe. Mr. Leis is a member of the Congregational Church and of the K. of H. and I. O. O. F. He was one of the organizers of the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce and the Fair Association. He is at present Treasurer of the former, and one of the foremost and influential citizens Lawrence has ever had, always first in any new enterprise which tends to build up the city's interest. Mr. Leis is interested in four of the heaviest manufacturing institutions of the city. He is a true type of enterprise to follow after.

CHARLES LONGFELLOW, farmer, was born in Machias, Me., May 28, 1812. He was educated in his native county, and engaged in clerking and farming, also following the sea for a time, until 1855. In this year he moved to Kansas, going by boat to St. Louis then by stage to Kansas City.. He made a claim south of town, which he afterward pre-empted. During the early days, he was connected with Capt. Bickerton's Artillery Company. After the capture of Lawrence, he went back East for his family, returning in the fall of 1857. During the war he was connected with the Kansas State Militia, during the Price raid having a horse shot under him on the retreat. During the Quantrell raid, his house and all of its contents were burned by that party on his retreat from Lawrence. In February, 1881, he moved into Lawrence. Is still operating 160 acres of land, devoted mostly to the production of hay. Mr. Longfellow was married in St. Andrews's Province in New Brunswick, in April, 1836, to Miss Mary C. Day, a native of Kennebec County, Me. They have five children living - Jacob W., Lucy T., now Mrs. George Dougherty; August A., now Mrs. C. Dunn; Nathan, Sarah E., now Mrs. Albough.

MRS. R. A. LYON, proprietress Commercial House. This building was occupied by Dr. Taylor for many years as a residence, and was turned to its present purposes in April, 1882. It is a brick building about 32x36 feet in dimensions, and contains ten rooms. Mr. R. A. Lyon was born in Warren County, Ind., in 1849. He was educated at the Wabash College at Crawfordsville, Ind. At the age of thirteen years, he commenced life on his own account; engaged in raveling (sic) several years; in agricultural implements; also, in drugs, etc. Was for a time conductor on the Union Pacific Railroad, and Superintendent for the Rocky Mountain Lines, Western Union Telegraph Company. He settled in Lawrence, Kan., in June, 1878, and, after selling goods for a time, engaged in mercantile business, which continued until 1882. Mr. Lyon was married in Warren County, Ind., December 24, 1874, to Miss Ida E. Payne, of Warren County. They are both members of the Congregational Church. He is also a member of the A., F. & A. M.

J. N. McCONNELL, inventor of this patent flour bolt, was born in Ross County, Ohio, December 16, 1831. He was educated in his native county. In 1848, he, in company with his brother, engaged in operating a saw-mill, which their father erected for them on the farm. In 1856, McConnell Brothers bought a large tract of timber, erected a mill, and engaged in milling until 1860. In that year, they opened up a planing- mill and lumber business in Greenfield, Highland Co., Ohio, under the firm name of F. & N. McConnell. Sold out in 1869, and then moved to Kansas, after operating a saw-mill at Council Grove for a short time; then settled in Lawrence. In 1870, they formed a partnership with Mr. I. G. Schmucker, and took the Pacific Mills, and engaged in operating it under the firm name of Schmucker & McConnell. This continued until 1876, and the firm was then McConnell Brothers until the Pacific Mill Company was formed. While operating the mills, Mr. McConnell's attention was first turned to the subject of flour bolts, and he commenced a series of experiments which finally resulted in his admirable invention. Mr. McConnell was married in Ross County, Ohio, to Miss Martha J. March, of that county; they have one child - Jennie. Mr. McConnell is a member and elder of the Presbyterian Church.

S. G. McCONNELL, merchant tailer. The business was established in 1874. He now employs ten men, and does the leading business in his line in the State. S. G. McConnell was born in Rochester, N. Y., May 14, 1851; in 1869, he removed to Kansas from Canada, settling in Lawrence in 1869. Mr. McConnell was married November 25, 1880, to Miss Mary Martin, of Lawrence, and is blest with one child, a son - Henry M.

MRS. MARY J. McCULLOUGH, real estate broker, was born in Norwalk, Ohio. She came from a noble ancestry; her father was a successful business man, and his daughter inherited much of his spirit and tact for business. In many respects, Mrs. McCullough is a remarkable woman, endowed with talents of a high order. She is capable of business on a large scale. Coming to Kansas with poor health, she conceived the idea that she could enter upon and conduct her business with success, and subsequent events proved the wisdom of her undertaking, for she has proved herself to be one of the most enterprising and successful real estate dealers in the State. October 16, 1867, she was married to Mr. Z. B. McCullough, of Oberlin, Ohio, and came with her husband to Kansas the same year. Mr. McCullough was born in Washington, Penn., July 10, 1824. Established business in Lawrence, 1877, as a jeweler, and has ever since been successful. Mr. and Mrs. McC. are among the first families in the city. Their two children, Grace and Ray, are their joy and pride.

DAN McDOUGALL, blacksmith, was born in Canada, November, 1840; moved to Ogdensburg, N. Y., and there learned his trade. Came to Kansas in 1865, and established business in North Lawrence, where he has built up a thriving trade. Mr. McD. was married to Miss Emily Baker, of Lawrence, 1868, and there are two olive plants around his home alter - James F. and William F.

E. L. McILRAVY, of Boor & McIlravy proprietors of the Lawrence Business College, was born near Champaign, Ill., O tober 10, 1860 (sic). He was educated in Knox County, Ill.; finished at the Gem City Business College, Quincy, Ill., graduating in 1880. He then made a special study of penmanship and book-keeping, and, after graduating, was appointed an Instructor in that department of the above college, holding this position until the present firm was established.

D. S. McEWAN, pastor of the Baptist Church, is a native of Canada. He was born near Ottawa, October 8, 1846. He took a full course at the Canadian Literary Institute at Woodstock. After graduating, he commenced his studies, preparatory for the ministry, at the Toronto University. He then moved to Chicago, to pursue his theological studies at the Chicago Theological Seminary, graduating in 1877. The same year he was ordained, and took charge of the church at Woodstock, where he remained until 1880. In July of the latter year, he moved to Kansas, to take the pastorate at Wellington, Sumner County, continuing in this charge until he moved to Lawrence, December 1, 1882. Mr. McEwan is a member of the Blue Lodge and Chapter in the Masonic fraternity.

A. D. MACKEY, Secretary and Manager of the Southwestern Barb Wire Company, was born in Waterloo, N. Y., August 29, 1855. He was educated in his native town. In 1872, he moved to St. Louis, Mo., where he engaged in railroad freighting, and the following year he settled in Lawrence, Kan. Here he made his headquarters while acting as passenger conductor on the branch of the Union Pacific Railroad. He then engaged in breeding and raising stock, in which he continued until he entered upon his present business. Mr. Mackey was married in Lawrence, Kan., August 31, 1875, to a daughter of E. Q. Cox, Esq., of Lawrence. They have two children - Nannie and Willett W. Mr. M. is a member of the Masonic fraternity, lodge and chapter of Lawrence.

JOHN MADSON, dealer in liquors, tobaccos, cigars, etc. This business was established in 1880; had partner a short time only. Mr. Madson was born in Christiana, Norway, November 6, 1844. He was educated as an architect, serving his time as apprentice some six years in all, then engaged in his profession until the summer of 1872. On account of ill health, he then determined to emigrate to the United States. He located in the State of Illinois for a time and in January, 1878, settled in Douglas County, Ill. here he engaged in farming until 1880. He then sold his farm and moved into Lawrence. He was married in Christiana, Norway, May, 1876, to Miss Minnie Johnson, of that city. Mr. M. is a member of the Aoofuw (sic) and of the Skandinavian (sic) Society of Lawrence.

A. MARKS & BRO., dealers in diamonds, watches, clocks, silver and plated ware. The business was established in 1857 by D. Prager. Mr. A. Marks succeeded him in 1864, the present firm being organized in September, 1882. Both partners are active business men, and they employ two men. They occupy a store-room 25x75 in dimensions, and carry a stock of about $15,000. Alexander Marks, the senior member of the firm, was born in Germany January 6, 18?4. His parents settled in Albany, N. Y., about 1855. He finished his education in Albany. In 1858, he settled in Lawrence, Kan., where he learned the watch-making and jeweler's trade with D. Prager, whom he afterward bought out. Mr. Marks was married in Lawrence, March 4, 1867, to Miss Eunice, daughter of William and Harriet Faxon, of Lawrence, Kan. She was born in Scituate, Mass., December 12, 1847. They have had three children - Carrie, Arthur L. and Lettie. Lettie died September 1, 1878. Mr. Marks is a member of the City Council, also of Lawrence Lodge, No. 6, A., F. & A. M. Solomon Marks, junior member of the firm, and was born in Albany, N. Y., November 14, 1855. He was educated in his native city. In 1869, he came to Lawrence and remained with his brother until 1874, when he returned to Albany. In 1876, he went to Texas, where he remained until 1882, selling goods on the road for a Kansas City wholesale house. In the latter year he settled in Lawrence and entered the firm of A. Marks & Bro.

JAMES MARVIN, A. M., D. D., Chancellor of the Kansas State University, was born in Peru, Clinton Co., N. Y., August 17, 1829. After pursuing the usual studies in the district schools, he entered Keosville Academy in 1839, in preparation for college. In 1845, he entered Alfred Academy and Teachers' Seminary, now Alfred University, where he completed his preparation and two years of a college course. In 1849, he entered the junior class at Allegheny College, Meadville, Penn., and graduated in the full classical course of that institution in 1851. The degree of M. A. was conferred by his Alma Mater in 1854, and the degree of D. D. by Alfred University in 1868. Preparatory and college studies were interspersed with terms of teaching during the entire course from 1839 to 1849. From 1851 to 1854, he was Professor of Mathematics at Alfred; from 1854 to 1862, Superintendent of City Schools, Warren, Ohio; called to the Chair of Mathematics in Allegheny College, 1862; and to the Chancellorship of the University of Kansas, November, 1874. Dr. Marvin was an accredited local preacher in the Methodist Episcopal Church from 1847 until he entered the Erie Conference in 1863. He was transferred to the Kansas Conference in March, 1875. He was ordained a deacon in the Methodist Episcopal Church by Bishop Thomas A. Morris, at Newcastle, Penn., July 15, 1855, and ordained elder by Bishop Simpson, at Ashtabula, Ohio, July 19, 186?. Dr. Marvin and Arminia Le Suer were united in marriage July 14, 1851, at the bride's home, Bolivar, N. Y. They have two children - Prof. Frank O. and Miss Mina E. Marvin.

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