William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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B. RISTINE, farmer, P. O. Clay Centre, was born in Galatine (sic) County, Ky., February 28, 1822. When four years of age his parents moved to Montgomery County, Ind. In 1838 they removed to Louisa County, Iowa, where he worked as a carpenter until 1864, when he came to Kansas, and was employed as a carpenter at Fort Riley for two years. He returned to Iowa in 1867, sold his land in that State, and in 1868 bought the farm he now occupies. He had previously - 1866 - bought a piece of land in the same vicinity. He served in the Fourteenth Regiment of Militia during the Price raid in 1864. In 1877 he was elected County Commissioner, serving two years. He was married December 4, 1853, in Des Moines County, Iowa, to Miss Margaret McGriffey. They had one son, William, born August 8, 1862. Mr. Ristine dying June 21, 1863, he was married May 12, 1872, in Clay County, Kansas, to Miss Nancy L. Love.

M. H. RISTINE, farmer, P. O. Clay Centre, was born in Crawfordsville, Ind., June 9, 1828. At the age of twelve years his parents removed to Louisa County, Iowa, where he was brought up on a farm until the age of sixteen, when he began the work of a carpenter. He worked in Burlington and vicinity for twelve years, and in 1859 came to Kansas and helped build a mill at Milford on the Republican River. He returned to Iowa in September, 1860, and lived on a farm for four years, but in 1864, removed to Kansas, settled on a farm near Clay Centre, and has since been engaged in farming and stock-raising, and at times, has worked at his trade. He owns a splendid farm in Section 16, Township 8, Range 3; also lands in Sections 21 and 22. At the organization of the county, he was appointed Probate Judge for two years. In 1868, he was elected Representative from Clay County, and re-elected in 1870, and in 1872 was elected County Commissioner. He has also been Township Treasurer for several terms. He belongs to the Masonic order. Was married February 24, 1850, at Wapello, Iowa, to Miss Nancy J. Hemphill. They have three children - Benjamin I., J. R. and Walter.

PHILIP ROTHMAN was born in Hesse Darmstadt, Germany, May 12, 1828. His father taught him the wagon-makers' trade. In 1849, he came to America to escape the service during the rebellion in Germany. He landed at New Orleans, Christmas Day, 1849; proceeded to St. Louis and worked for a short time at his trade. Then he went to farming in St. Clair County, Ill. He was married at Hannibal, Mo., October 6, 1856, to Miss Regina Traut, who was born in Kurhessen, Germany. He then engaged in railroading, but did not succeed, and in 1858, came to Kansas, rented a farm in Doniphan County. He decided to go farther west, and in July, 1862, he reached Clay County, located a homestead, and improved the same until it became a splendid farm, which he held until 1880, when he sold it to the county for a county farm. He still owns a farm in Clay Centre Township, but lives in the city. He moved to Clay Centre in 1873, and took out the first license in the county as a retail dealer in liquors. In 1874, he closed the saloon, and opened a hotel, which was long a popular hostelry, and was under his management until the beginning of 1883, when he rented it. He is now engaged in manufacturing mineral and soda water. Mr. Rothman has held several important offices. He was Constable for the northern half of the county, when it was attached to Davis. In 1868, he was elected Sheriff of the county, and re-elected in 1870, serving four years. He was also Deputy United States Marshal for twelve years. He has six children, of whom three (sic) are still living, Mary Christina, Lizzie, Regina and Eva Margaret.

JOHN F. RYERSON, Judge of Probate and Clerk of District Court, was born in Hartford County, Me., March 19, 1842, and educated at Lewiston College. He enlisted August 15, 1861, in Company F, Ninth Maine Volunteer Infantry. Lost his left arm in front of Petersburg, Va., June 22, 1864, and was discharged from service November 25, 1864. In 1866, came West, settling on a homestead near Irving, Marshall County. In 1870 he settled on a farm in Clay County. In 1876, was appointed by Judge Wilson, Clerk, pro tem, of the District Court. In the same year was elected for the full term, and was re-elected in 1878, 1880, and 1882, and still holds the office. Also was appointed by the Governor Judge of the Probate Court in 1878, and was elected to the office in 1878, and re-elected in 1880. In 1880, received a majority of 1,500 votes out of a total of 1,800. While on a furlough, was married March 3, 1864, to Miss Abilene Green, at Lewiston, Me. Has four children - Ora M., born March 5, 1871; Maud, June 13, 1872; Merten, January 20, 1878; and Frank, January 13, 1842 (sic).

HARRY SANDERS, farmer, P. O. Clay Centre, was born in Sussex, England, October 13, 1840. In 1854 he came to America with his brother, Maxwell, and was constantly with his brother and engaged in the same work with him in Newport and St. Louis. They came to Kansas together in 1860, took homesteads adjoining and are still living on the farms which they have made. He enlisted, September 1, 1861, in Company I, of the Ninth Kansas Cavalry. He entered a private, was made Corporal, transferred to Company D, and was promoted Sergeant, and then Commissary Sergeant. He served until the close of the war, and returned to his farm in Clay County, where he has since resided, engaged in farming. He is a member of the G. A. R. The Sanders brothers were the first to organize a brass band in Clay County, the Rose Vale band, which took the first premium ($150) at Bismarck fair in 1880, Marysville the same year ($100), and Junction City, 1878, ($100). Seven members of the famous Dispatch band of Clay Centre, are of the Sanders families. He was married August 29, 1865, at Clay Centre, to Miss Susanna A. Simpson. They have five children: Anna Laurie, born September 5, 1866; William H., June 3, 1868; Susan M., March 18, 1876; George E., October 14, 1878; Bessie Rose, September 19, 1880.

MAXWELL SANDERS, farmer, P. O. Rose Vale, was born in the parish of East Grimsted, Sussex, England, January 1, 1833. He was educated in the common schools, and was in various businesses until 1851, when he was appointed on the Metropolitan police, London. He remained on the force nearly four years, being a member of Division A. In 1854, he resigned and came to America, worked for a time in Ohio, and in the spring of 1855, settled in Newport, Ky., where he was engaged in the transfer express between that city and Cincinnati. March 19, 1859, he moved to St. Louis with his brother Harry, and both were employed in the nursery and gardening establishment of Coleman & Sanders. In 1860 they came together to Kansas and lived a short time in Riley County. In the summer of 1868 they came into Clay County and pre-empted a piece of land, which by some informality in the filing they finally lost. In August, 1862, he took a homestead in Sections 26 and 27, Township 8, Range 3, which is now a splendid farm. In 1864 he was compelled to return to Kentucky on a business trip and was detained there by sickness in his family and by business affaires until 1870, when he again moved to Kansas and has resided here since, engaged in farming and stock-raising. In 1870 he was appointed postmaster of Rose Vale post-office and still holds the office. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. He was married in Cincinnati, Ohio, April 14, 1857, to Miss Sarah R. Williams. They had eight children: Anne E., (now Mrs. William Sherbert) born January 14, 1858; Edgar C., January 22, 1860; Susanna E. (now Mrs. Willard Wetherell), August 22, 1861; Margaret, August 29, 1863; Harry M., February 17, 1866; Frederick, March 25, 1868; Edith M., May 22, 1870; Archie, born May 18, 1871, died in September of same year. Mrs. Sanders died May 25, 1871, and he again married at Danville, Ind., November 24, 1879, Miss Leah J. Comingore.

WILLIAM SHARPE, druggist, was born in New Bolingbroke, England, September 30, 1851. Educated in the grammar schools of his native town and studied pharmacy in London. In 1870 he came to America, locating at Junction City, Kansas. Was clerk with B. Rockwell & Co., for two years. In 1872 he went into the service of Hall & Porter, wholesale druggists, same city. He was local and traveling salesman for three years. In 1874 he came to Clay Centre and began business on his own account with a cash capital of $157. He now owns one of the best drug stores in the country. He carries about $8,000 stock, and has an elegant residence and some fine real estate in the city. He is a K. of T., Mason, and has taken Scottish Rite degrees 18; also belongs to the I. O. O. F. and K. of P. Was married December 4, 1875, at Parkerville, Morris County, Kan., to Miss Jessie G. Oxley.

J. W. SHEPPEARD, M. D., physician and surgeon, and farmer, P. O. Clay Centre, Kan., was born in Wood County, W. Va., March 21, 1822. He was educated at Marietta, Ohio. Studied medicine under W. A. M. Reed, of Wood County, W. Va. Settled in Meigs County, Ohio, where he practiced until 1853, when he moved to Mason County, Va., in 1853, and in 1857 moved to Macoupin County, Ill. Practiced in Girard for a short time, when he purchased a farm in Montgomery County. Here he practiced his profession. In 1858 he moved to St. Louis, Mo., and practiced until May 15, 1859. Then came to Kansas, May 15, 1859; settled in Bellemont, Doniphan County, where he practiced his profession until 1862, when he moved to Clay County, settling on a farm in Clay Centre Township. He is engaged in professional work and in farming. He has a fine farm well improved. He served one term as Justice of the Peace, and two terms as Coroner of the county. During the war of the Rebellion he gave two sons to the service of his country, one sixteen and the other eighteen years of age. He was married November 22, 1843, at Parkersburg, W. Va., to Miss Lucinda Phelps, by whom he had eight children, all now grown up and married. Mrs. Sheppeard dying, he again, November 6, 1864, was married in Clay County, to Miss Susanna Worley. They have one child, Nancy Alvira, born September 12, 1872.

J. D. SPICER, butcher, was born in New London County, Conn., August 11, 1835, Educated in the common schools and in Easton Business College, Worcester, Mass. In 1862, went into business on his own account as a dealer in cut meats, in Noank, Conn., which he continued until 1870, when he removed to Kansas and settled in Clay Centre. Is still there and in the same business. Owns a fine farm two miles north of town and does a large business in farming and in the butcher business. Has been for five years the Assessor of Clay Centre Township. He is a Mason and a member of the I. O. O. F. and Knights of Honor. He was married February 11, 1863, to Miss Sarah J. Hill, of Noank, Conn. They have one child - Harry, born August 11, 1871.

J. S. STERLING, County Treasurer, was born in Preston County, Va. (now West Virginia), September 22, 1839. He lived in his native county until 1847, when he removed to Keokuk County, Iowa. Afterwards moved to Logan County, Ill. Enlisted, August 25, 1861, in Company H Fourth Illinois Cavalry. In 1865 the regiment was consolidated into a battalion, and he became a member of Company B. The battalion was consolidated with the Twelfth Cavalry, in which he served until mustered out, June 17, 1866. Received final discharge on July 3, 1866. In April, 1870, came to Clay County, and took a homestead in Goshen Township. Farmed until 1873, when he opened a drug store in Morgan City. In 1875 he was elected Sheriff of Clay County, and re-elected in 1877. In 1879 was elected County Treasurer. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., Grand Army of the Republic, and Knights of Pythias. He was married February 1, 1874, in Clay County, to Miss Martha E. Rogers. They have four children - Belle, born February 3, 1875; Minnie, born February 9,1877; Albert W., born August 19, 1879; Charles R., born October 25, 1881.

J. P. STEWART, M. D., physician and surgeon, was born in Pike County, Mo., October 1, 1844. His father, Dr. Charles W. Stewart removed, when the subject of this sketch was a child, to Buchanan County. J. P. was educated at Pleasant Ridge Academy, Missouri. Studied medicine under his father and in Chicago. Began practice at Rushville, Mo., in partnership with his father (he was then a partner of Dr. W. W. Freeman, at Saverton, Mo.) for two years, returning to Rushville, Mo., he became the associate of Dr. James Sanders in business, with whom he practiced two years. In 1869 he removed to Waterville, Marshall County, Kan., and the next year settled on a farm in Fancy Creek, Clay County. In 1873 he removed to Clay Centre, and has been in active practice ever since. Dr. Stewart was married December 9, 1866, at DeKalb, Mo., to Miss Addie V. Clasby. They have two children - Eulah Lee, born November 9, 1867, and Elizabeth D., born July 9, 1871. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and Knights of Honor. He has been Coroner of Clay County, and is now Chairman of the Board of Education of Clay Centre.

G. M. STRATTON, postmaster, was born in Salem, Columbiana County, Ohio, July 9, 1845. In 1848 his parents moved to Peru, Miami County, Ind., and 1854 from there to Grant County, Wis. January 5, 1864, he enlisted in Company C Second Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, and served in that regiment in the army of the Potomac, following the explosion of the mine at Petersburgh (sic), Va., July 30, 1864, he received a bayonet wound in the knee. He was discharged from the service, July 29, 1865, at Madison, Wis. In March, 1870, he came to Clay County, Kan., and settled on a farm. In 1875, he moved to Clay Centre and engaged in mercantile business, carrying a stock of general merchandise, and afterwards was engaged in the furniture trade. He was appointed postmaster in May, 1878, and re-appointed in May 1882. He belongs to the Masonic Lodge, and, also, the Knights of Pythias. Mr. Stratton was married January 10, 1866, in Grant County, Wis., to Mary E. Snider. They have five children - Nellie, born December 20, 1868; Addie, born April 5, 1872; Allie, born November 27, 1874; Annie, born February 28, 1876; Lottie, born April 14, 1878.

H. H. TAYLOR, hardware, was born in Jo Daviess County, Ill., July 4, 1841. He was raised a farmer. September 1, 1861, he enlisted in Company C of the Forty-fifth Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He was Sergeant and color-bearer for two years, and the writer is informed by Col. M. M. Miller, now of Clay Centre, that in the terrible assault upon the works of the beleaguered city of Vicksburg, June 9, 1863, Mr. Taylor planted the colors of the Forty-fifth Illinois, first upon the ramparts. Among the many battles in which Mr. Taylor participated, were the battles of Fort Donelson, Shiloh, and a score of others. September 30, 1862, he was taken a prisoner and paroled by Gen. Armstrong of the Confederate States of America, but soon after was exchanged, and joined his command, serving three years, the last year being in the army postal service. He was mustered out at the close of his term, and returned to Illinois and engaged in farming. In 1869 he came to Kansas, settling in Clay County on a farm in Mulberry Township. He was the first Township Treasurer, and in 1871 was elected Treasurer of Clay County, and re-elected in 1873. He served four years in all. During his official career, 1872, he moved to Clay Center, and while Treasurer, established a hardware business, which he still carries on. He carries a general hardware stock, stoves, etc. He is a Mason of the R. A. degree, and a member of the Grand Army of the Republic. He was married November 1, 1864, in Galena, Ill., to Miss Margie A. Turner. They have three children - Walter W., Vernie F., and Lillie E.

A. B. TRUMAN, lawyer, was born in Courtland County, N. Y., October 26, 1842. At the age of three years his parents moved to Rock County, Wis. He was a student in Milton College for three years, but on account of impaired health had to close his career in the schools at the junior year. He was in the regular course. He enlisted, May 24, 1861, in Company C Fifteenth Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Was discharged May 23, 1864. Studied law at Palmyra and Edgerton and was admitted to the bar at the August term of the Circuit Court, for Rock County, in 1868. In 1869 he moved to Missouri, and was special solicitor for the Life Association of America for two years. In 1871 settled at Parsons, Kan., and practiced law about three years, but his health again failing he retired for two years, and in April, 1876, he again began law business at Clay Centre. He is in law and real estate business. Does the greatest loan business of any man in the county probably. He is a member of the Grand Army of the Republic. Was married July 19, 1866, to Miss Ella Bodurtha. They had two children - Leora May, born August 19, 1867, now living, and Methe Maud, born June 12, 1879, died October 12, 1881.

L. J. WARREN, M. D., was born in Windham County, Conn., April 15, 1850. He graduated from Yale College classical course, in the class of 1876. Studied medicine; graduated from the Medical College of Harvard University, in the class of 1879. In June, 1880, he settled at Clay Centre, where he has since been in practice. He is a Mason and a member of Bethany Chapter, No. 38, Royal Arch Masons, and of Coronado Commandry, No. 20, Knights Templar, and a member of the Massachusetts Medical Society, Boylston Medical Society of Boston, and the Kaw Valley Medical Society, and also a United States Examining Surgeon. He was married December 3, 1879, at Boston, Mass., to Miss Ardinelle Safford.

GEORGE WIGG, M. D., was born in England, March 9, 1842. Educated at the Colchester grammar school. Studied medicine under Dr. Churchill and at Essex Homeopathic College. Graduating June 14, 1863. In 1870 he came to America and settled in Clay County, and in 1875 moved to the city, and has been in active practice since. He is P. M. of Clay Center Lodge, No. 134; also P. C. of the Knights of Pythias. The Doctor was City Treasurer and Councilman 1879-80 and 1881, and was elected Coroner in 1881, for four years. He was married in June, 1873, in Washington County, Kan., to Miss Emma Wilson. They have three children - Harry, born September 15, 1875; Laura, born July 15, 1877; and Duke, born January 2, 1879.

ALLEN WILSON, real estate, loan, and insurance agent, was born in Campbell County, W. Va., May 26, 1835. At the age of fifteen years he moved to Hancock County, Ind., and learned the trade of harness-maker. In 1856 he located at Manhattan Kan., thence to Junction City. In 1864 he enlisted in Company D, Seventeenth Kansas Volunteer Infantry, served three months, and was honorably discharged. Again settled at Manhattan, and in 1871 moved to Clay Centre, and began business in his present line. Was the first Mayor of Clay Centre, serving two terms. In 1872 he was elected Clerk of the District Court, and was re-elected in 1874. In 1875 he was elected County Treasurer, and re-elected in 1877. He was a member of the Board of Education eight years. Is a Mason of the R. A. degree, and belongs to the I. O. O. F., and K. of P; and K. of H. He was married September 11, 1869, at Blue Rapids, Kan. to Miss Marcella Webber. They have two children - May, born September 4, 1871, and Fannie, born February 24, 1873.

E. L. WOODS, M. D., was born in Buffalo, N. Y., December 30, 1853. He was educated at Hillsdale College, Michigan. He studied medicine in the Medical Department of the Michigan University, and in Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York City, graduating from the last named institution in the class of 1880. The same year he came to Kansas, and located at Clay Centre, where he has since been in practice. In December, 1882, in partnership with John C. Kraus, they opened a retail drug store in Clay Centre, under the firm name of Woods and Kraus. The doctor has a large and rapidly increasing practice. He was married April 14,1877, at Hillsdale, Mich., to Miss Mary J. Hoag.

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