William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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H. L. WHITAKER, was born in Hampden County, Mass., July 24, 1838. He lived in Massachusetts until he was fourteen years of age, when he left home and went to West Meriden, Conn., to learn the machinist trade, at which he worked until January 1, 1855, when he went to Brown County, Ill., where he engaged in farming. In the fall of 1856, he moved the Rev. Pardee Butler from Brown County, Ill., to Atchison County, Kas. Mr. Whitaker then returned to Brown County, Ill., and moved his mother, Mrs. Emeline Whitaker, to Pardee, Atchison County, Kas., took a claim for her in the spring of 1857; left his mother and two brothers on it, while he went to Henderson County, Ill., and engaged in farming. While here, he was married to Miss Harriet E. Merriman, of West Meriden, Conn., September 22, 1857. In the fall of 1858, he came to Pardee, Atchison County, Kas., his sole capital being a team and ten cents in money. He rented a small place that year, and his mother gave him forty acres of the quarter section that he took up for her in the spring of 1857, which is in the southeast quarter of Section 33, Township 6, Range 19. Mr. Whitaker has added to his farm and now has about 500 acres. He has built three houses on this place, the last one costing him $3,600. April 1, 1882, Mr. Whitaker purchased the retail department of the Western Hardware Company. He deals in farm implements, barb wire, shelf hardware, and everything appertaining to an establishment of the kind. Their children are Lyman M., Frank S., Emma M., Mary I., Joseph A., Harry O., Hattie E., John Allen and Arthur. Mr. Whitaker was a member of the Pardee Seminary Co., retaining that position about fourteen years. He was Overseer and Trustee of the Township six years, and Justice of the Peace from 1872 until the spring of the present year, 1882. He has also from the first been identified with the interests of the schools, having held several offices on the School Board.

THOMAS L. WHITE, of T. L. White & Son, candy manufacturers, was born in Orange County, Ind., October 27, 1833. Received his education in his native county, and engaged in farming. In 1871 he moved to Kansas and settled in Atchison County. In 1875 moved into the city and engaged in general occupations until he established present business. He was married in Orange County, Ind., to Miss Maris, of that county. They have four children - Charles M., George A., Thomas L., Jr., Mary. Mr. White is a member of the Friends' Church. George A. White, of above firm, was born in Paola, Orange Co., Ind., July 27, 1858. Educated in Atchison, Kan., where he settled with his parents in 1871.

EDGAR A. WILLIAMS, grocery and provision store, corner of Ninth and Parallel streets, was born in Wales, January 11, 1828. Came to the United States with his parents, stopping at Newark, Ohio. His father is a painter by trade. Here Edgar learned the shoe-makers' trade, at which he was employed until 1869, when he changed his place of abode to Sheridan County, Mo. Here his vocation was that of farming, which he followed till he came to Atchison, this being in May of 1879. Embarked in his present undertaking during the January following, of which he has made a decided success. Mr. Williams is a member of the Masonic fraternity. He married in Ohio in 1850, Miss Esther A. Fultz.

DOCK WILSON, city expressman, came to Kansas February 27, 1862, and located in Atchison, where he has since lived. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Was in the army as a private in Company B. Seventy-ninth Regiment, U. S. C. Infantry; was enlisted August 15, 1862, and was mustered out of the United States service at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, October 1, 1865. He participated in all the battles in which his command was engaged. Mr. W. was born in Randolph County, Mo., May 15, 1831, and lived there until his thirteenth year, when he went to near Glasgow, Howard County, Mo., where he lived about ten years. From there he went to Andrew County, Mo., where he resided about seven months, and from there he went to Platte County, Mo., where he stayed about eleven months, and from there to Buchanan County, Mo., where he lived seven years. From there he came to Kansas. Mr. Wilson was married in St. Joseph, Mo., December 25, 1858, to Maria Saxton, a native of Maryland.

GEORGE B. WILSON, commission merchant, came to Kansas, April 11, 1879, and located in Atchison, where he has resided since. Mr. Wilson is President of the Home Social Club. He was born in New York City, November 10, 1857, and remained in his native city until his fifteenth year, when he went to Elmwood, Peoria County, Ill., where he lived two years, and then went to Galesburg, Ill., where he remained but one year. After two years spent in traveling the States of Illinois and New York, he went to Hastings, Iowa, where he lived one year. From there he went to Omaha, Nebraska, where he remained one year, and from thence he came to Kansas.

HIRAM G. WILSON, driver, Atchison fire department, came to Kansas in October, 1864, and located in Doniphan County, where he remained one year. He then went to Gosport, Marion County, Iowa, where he remained three years, and then returned to Kansas, locating in Atchison County, where he lived about five years, when he moved to the City of Atchison, where he has since resided. Previous to moving to Atchison, he was engaged in farming. After moving to the city he was for a long time employed as a driver of the Atchison Transfer Company. On the 19th of December, 1881, he obtained the position which he now holds. Mr. Wilson was born in Parke county, Ind., July 8, 1849. He remained in his native place until his fifth year, when his parents removed to Marion County, Iowa, where Mr. W. Lived until his removal to Kansas. His parents are still living in Atchison County.

CHARLES WINCHECK, foreman machinery department M. P. shops, was born in New York City, November 25, 1846. In 1858 his parents moved to St. Louis, Mo., where he finished his education, and then learned the trade of machinist, commencing in private shop in 1862, and one year later entering the M. P. R. R. shops under Charles Williams, master machinist. Has since been connected with the machinery department of the O & M., Northern Missouri, and Missouri Pacific railroads. In 1872 became connected with the Central Branch, when he was appointed to present position. Mr. W. is a Royal Arch Mason.

MELVILLE G. WINGAR, located in Atchison in November, 1867, since which time he has been engaged for a position of the time in mercantile pursuits. On the 10th of March, 1882, he has appointed Postmaster, assuming the duties of the office April 1, 1881. His native town is Syracuse, N. Y., from which place he removed to Kansas, being local mail agent for a time on his first arrival.

LEMUEL R. WOLF, family grocer, Seventh and Mound streets, was born in Harrison County, West Va., January 30, 1818. His boyhood was spent on a farm, being employed at this and merchandise up to his removal to Harrison County, Ky., in 1865, and farmed there until he came to Atchison. This occurred in June, 1875, and one year later he established the business he is now engaged in, where by close attention to business, and the class of goods kept, he has succeeded in working up a thriving and substantial trade. His wife was Miss Harriet Arnold of Virginia. They have three sons and two daughters.

WESLEY J. WOLFE, formerly manager of branch office Singer Manufacturing Co., is a native of Ohio, and was born in Richland, now Ashland, County, July 28, 1838. At an early age he removed with parents to Olney, Richland County, Ill., where his father, John was prominently identified for over a quarter of a century. He was County Surveyor and the first Assessor of Richland County, was Circuit Clerk for a number of years, and associated with the county's interest generally. He was one of the incorporators and secretary of the company that constructed the Grayville and Mattoon R. R., and it was largely through his individual efforts that the road was built. He is still a resident of Olney. Wesley J. embarked in the sewing machine business in 1865, being the pioneer wagon man in South-eastern Illinois. He inaugurated the wagon system of selling machines in that country. He was a dealer, and has been identified with the sewing machine trade of Olney and the country tributary almost continually from 1865 to the spring of 1882, when he located in Atchison, taking charge of the business here for the Singer Manufacturing Co. April 18. In latter years for a time, he was in the employ of the Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine Co., attending to special business on the lines of the principal railroads in Southern Iowa. Mr. Wolfe was thoroughly conversant with the sewing machine business and is a sterling business man. He is a genial and entertaining gentleman, being a fluent conversationalist. He is a member of the I. O. of M. A. No. 95, Olney, Ill. He has been twice married, first in 1858 to Miss Sarah A. Bower; her death occurred in September, 1868. By this union had three children, one of whom is living - Edward C.; lost two - Emanuel and Mary Margaret. In 1869 Miss Elizabeth Allen, of Olney, became his wife. They have had one daughter, Hattie, deceased.

ISAAC WOOLF, proprietor of the New York Hat Store and dealer in gents' furnishing goods. Commercial street, is a native of Ulster County, N. Y., born September 16, 1847, the son of David Wolf, a stock dealer. Received a common school education there. During the spring of 1878 the subject of this sketch came to Milford, Neb., where he was employed at various occupations, and in October, 1881, removed to Atchison and embarked in his present business. Carries a stock of about $4,000, and makes the manufactory of silk hats a specialty. This firm is increasing its trade rapidly and is certainly one of the most enterprising in the city. Mr. Woolf was married at Seward, Neb., to Miss Hattie E. Potter, formerly from Essex County, N. Y.

J. A. WRONG, freight agent of Missouri Pacific R. R., was born in Elgin County, Canada West, September 27, 1845. At the age of fourteen he commenced clerking in mercantile business. In 1862 he went to Oswego, N. Y., clerking in a dry goods store for a time, then returned home and spent about two years on the lakes. In 1866 he moved to St. Louis where he entered the service of the I. & St. L. R. R. in their freight department in East St. Louis. Commenced with the Missouri Pacific at St. Louis in 1870, and since that time has been in their various branches, though always under Mr. Talmage, general manager. Was appointed to present position in March, 1882. Mr. W. was married in St. Louis, Mo., September 1, 1869, to Miss Emma O. Newkirk, of St. Louis. They have four children - John N., Edmund B., Charles A., and Walter E. Mr. M. is a member of the A., F. & A. M., of Sedalia, Mo.

FRANK W. YALE, wholesale dealer in butter and eggs, foot of Commercial street, was born in New York city, in 1856, and is the son of Benjamin O. Yale, of that city. After acquiring an education, he was employed by the well known firm of G. S. Hart & Co., as traveling buyer, and by this means obtained a thorough knowledge of the business he is now engaged in, from New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia markets. In 1881, came to Atchison, and established the present business in the spring of that year, being the only exclusive dealer of the kind in the city. His shipments amount to two and three car-loads per week, and for the preservation of the produce until ready for market, he has a refrigerator that holds 100,000 pounds. Mr. Yale employs five traveling men through this State and Nebraska, and six men in the house. He is a gentleman of excellent business capacity, and although young, has had experience that makes him exceptionally adapted to this line of trade, and the success of his undertaking will be seen in the figures above.

ERNST YOUNG, merchant, came to Kansas in the spring of the year, 1857, and located in Atchison, where he has resided since and carried on business. Mr. Young is a member of Schiller Lodge, No. 33, I. O. O. F. He was born in Mansfield, Ohio, February 24, 1851, and lived in his native place until his fourth year, when his parents started for the West with an ox team and came "overland" to Atchison, where they settled and have lived since. Mr. Young's father is one of the "old settlers" of Atchison, and can relate many interesting reminiscences of the early days of the now prosperous city. Mr. Young was married in Atchison, September 9, 1872, to Miss Philobena Shaback, a native of Weston, Mo. They have three children living, whose names are: Ernst, Henrietta and August. Honest and industrious, and attending strictly to his own affairs, Ernst Young stands deservedly high in the estimation of his fellow-citizens.

FRANK YOUNG, proprietor of the Liberty House, is a native of Germany, and was born in Prussia, on the Rhine, September 16, 1828; was reared, educated and learned the cabinet making trade in his native country, and served two years in the army. Came to the United States in 1853, locating in Philadelphia, Pa. In 1857. came to Atchison and engaged in keeping a boarding-house, being one of the pioneers in that line. His house, which he erected at that time, was on Fifth street, where he kept three years, when he removed a short distance from his old stand. In 1865, he purchased a brewery, and turned his attention to that branch of industry, with which he was identified for several years. In 1881, he again came before the public in the capacity of landlord, and his wide acquaintanceship and well-merited reputation as a caterer in this line, have given him a superior prestige. In 1859, by the accidental discharge of a gun while hunting, he was deprived of his left hand. Mr. Young was married in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1857, to Miss Margretta Butts, of Germany. They have six children - Frank, Otto, George W., Lizzie, Josephine, and Gusta.

ABRAHAM ZAHN, butcher and dealer in live stock, came to Kansas, March 28, 1878, and located in Atchison, where he has since resided. He is a member of the Atchison Turnverein, of which society he has been Secretary, and of Schiller Lodge, No. 33, I. O. O. F. Mr. Zahn was born in Baden, Germany, October 26, 1850, and lived in his native place until his fourteenth year. He then traveled extensively all over Europe, except in Italy. In 1870, he was in the Fourteenth Army Corps of the German army, commanded by General Werther, and participated in all of the engagements of his command in the Franco-Prussian war. Immediately after the close of the war, he sailed for this country, and settled in New York city, where he remained four years, and followed his trade. From New York he removed to Bethlehem, Pa., where he lived five years, and from there came to Kansas. Mr. Z. was married in Bethlehem, Pa., January 14, 1875, to Miss Kate Picht, a native of eastern Pennsylvania. They have three children living whose names are: Beulah May, Henry George and Norman A.

HERMAN ZIBOLD, the brewer. This well known gentleman is a native of Germany, and was born in Granton, Baden, April 4, 1836, and learned his profession, that of brewing, in his native country, and in 1854 came to the United States, locating temporarily at Lawrenceburg, Ind.; after which he was a resident of St. Louis and Chicago, eventually locating in St. Louis. He was among the first to tender his services to preserve the Union, enlisting in the three-months' call and served through until the close, being honorably discharged as Corporal. He was under Gen. Franz Seigel, and participated in second battle of Vicksburg, Pea Ridge and other notable events. After the war, for a time, was a resident of St. Louis, and from there came to St. Joseph, where he was employed in Nunning's brewery. In 1871, established present business, which is one of the first in the State, having all the modern improvements. The firm of H. Zibold & Co. is among the substantial firms of Atchison. The subject of this sketch was married, August, 1867, to Miss Rosa Franz. By this union they have five children - Rosa, Emma, Frank, Louisa, and Josephine. Mr. Zibold is a member of the Turn Verein.

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