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Washington Council No. 2, Royal and Select Masters. - Received charter from the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Kansas, December 12, 1867 and meets in Masonic Hall the second Monday of each month. Present officers: A. H. Sockman, Thrice Illustrious Grand Master; J. E. Lewis, D. M.; J. C. Greenawalt, P. C. W.; R. Forbriger, treasurer; A. D. McConaughy (P. T. G. M. ), secretary; C. H. McDuff, C. G.; J. Leu, C. C.; J. M. Price (P. D. G. M. ), stewart; J. N. Utley, sentinel.

Medina Temple Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. - This order was chartered in the Imperial Grand Council of the United States, February 20, 1878. Illustrious J. C. Greenawalt, G. Potentate; Ill. J. M. Price, C. Rabban; Ill. A. D. McConoughy, A. Rabban; Ill. A. H. Sockman, high priest and prophet; Ill. J. A. Bailey, oriental guide, Ill. Robert Forbriger, treasurer; Ill. J. H. Garside, R.; Ill. George C. Allen, 1st Cer. Master; Ill. J. H. Johnson, 2nd Cer. Master; Ill. W. G. Hall, marshall; Ill. Jacob Leu, C. Guard; Ill. J. N. Utley, O. G.

Active Lodge No. 158, A. F. & A. M., meets second and fourth Saturday nights in each month, in Masonic Hall. Chartered October 21, 1875, with Thomas Clyde, W. M.; R. P. R. Millar, S. W.; James G. Thayer, J. W. Present officers; J. C. Fulton, W. M.; J. A. G. Sample, S. W.; E. W. Sargent, J. W.; Hardin Hovey, treasurer; Wm. H. Thayer, Secretary; Charles Wincheck, S. D.; John O'Donald, J. D.; W. J. Stone, tyler. Number of members, fifty-four.

Washington Lodge, No. 5, A., F. & A. M. was chartered July 14, with Joseph Saqui, W. M.; Luther C. Challiss, J. W.; _____ Wilcox, J. W. Present officers: A. P. Tenney, W. M.; S. D. Bereman, S. W.; Rodney Smith, J. W.; L. Frank, treasurer; A. D. McConoughy (P. D. G. M. ), secretary; Cal. B. Norton, S. D.; W. F. Pratt, J. D.; F. Duncke, tyler. Number of members, eighty-eight. Meets the first and third Mondays of each month in Masonic hall, Hetherington's Bank Building.

Washington Chapter, No. 1, Royal Arch Masons. - Meets in Masonic Hall the second and fourth Wednesday nights in each month. Originally chartered by the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the United States, May 18, 1859. Re-chartered by the Most Excellent Grand Chapter of the State of Kansas, December 27, 1867, with John A. Chase as M. E. high priest; John M. Price, king; and W. H. Bowen, scribe. Present officers: A. Dunlap, H. P.; H. C. Golden, K.; N. D. Todd, S.; A. P. Tenney, C. H.; J. E. Lewis, P. S.; A. McDonald, R. A. C.; R. F. Lindsay, G. M. 3rd V.; Geo. C. Allen, G. M. 2nd V.; J. H. Garside, G. M. 1st V.; J. Leu, treasurer; A. D. McConaughy (P. H. P. ), secretary; A. H. Sockman (P. H. P. ), sentinel.

Martha Washington Chapter, No. 2, Order Eastern Star. - Meets second Friday night in each month at Masonic Hall. Originally chartered by the Supreme Grand Chapter of the United States, April 9, 1872, with Mrs. A. K. Todd, W. Matron; C. J. Neal, W. patron; Mrs. Mary L. Hazard, associate matron. Re- chartered by the Grand Chapter of Kansas, October 16, 1878. Present officers: Mary D. Cochrane, W. matron; J. M. White, W. P.; Rebecca M. Harris, A. M.; Minnie Leu, T.; A. D. McConaughy, secretary; Zetta Hovey, Ada; Mary E. Stone, Ruth; Mary L. Coplan, Esther; Clara Nickerson, Martha; Rachel Rodenthal, Electa; George W. Hendrickson, warden.

Shiloh Conclave, No. 1, Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine. - Chartered by Sovereign Grand Council of the United States, April 16, 1878, to Sir A. D. McConaughy, M. P. S.; Sir J. C. Greenawalt, V. Meets in Masonic Hall fourth Monday in each month. Present officers : M. P. S., Sir A. D. McConoughy; V., Sir J. C. Greenawalt; S. G., Sir J. M. Price; J. G., Sir A. G. Lockman; H. P., Rev. Sir J. H. Clark; T., Sir J. Leu; R., Sir H. C. Golden; P., Sir G. C. Allen; St. B., Sir J. A. Bailey; H., Sir O. H. Johnson; S., Sir J. N. Utley.

Washington Commandery, No. 2, Knights Templars. - This organization was chartered by the Grand Encampment of the United States, September 7, 1865, with the following officers: J. L. Philbrick, eminent commander; A. Deven, generalissimo; Jacob Saqui. Meets the first and third Thursday nights of each month in Masonic Hall. Since the organization the following named persons have served as Eminent Commanders: J. L. Philbrick, J. M. Price, R. H. Morris, H. C. Park, E. D. Hillger, N. C. Golden, J. C. Greenawalt, C. E. Stiles, A. H. lockman, A. D. McConaughy. The present officers are: A. H. Lockman, E. C.; Geo. C. Allen, Gen.; A. D. McConaughy, P.; Jacob Leu, treasurer; J. C. Greenawalt, recorder; A. P. Tenny, S. W.; A. A. Carey, J. W.; J. A. Bailey, St. B.; G. A. Dean, S. B.; Frank Hammond, warden; J. N. Utley, sentinel.

Morning Star Lodge, No. 4, A. F. & A. M. (colored). - Chartered by Grand Lodge of England in 1869, with W. R. Purley, W. M.; T. W. Young, S. W.; Ben. Rugg, J. W. Present officers: J. W. Starr, W. M.; William Estis, S. W.; D. Jennings, J. W.; Henry Elegan, treasurer; William Spriggs, secretary; John Black, S. D.; Isaac Logan, J. D.; Elijah Brown, tyler. Meet on the first Saturday in the month on Commercial street, between Fourth and Fifth.

Star Lodge, No. 4, A. F. & A. M. (colored), was chartered by the colored Grand Lodge of Ohio in 1867, and started with a membership of twenty-five. The first officers were: J. C. Crenshaw, M. W.; B. W. Wilson, S. W.; J. T. Smith, J. W. The present officers are: H. Larter, W. M.; Henry Jefferson, S. W.; A. Hayes, J. W. Present membership, thirty-five. Holds regular monthly meetings.

Friendship Lodge, No. 5, (I. O. O. F. ), was instituted at Atchison, October 17, 1857, by D. D. G. M., R. R. Rees, the first officers being as follows: C. A. Logan, N. G.; Jacob Saqui, V. G.; E. K. Blair, Sec.; A. G. Patafish, Treas.; A. McKeown, Warden; J. Dillon, I. G.; M. R. Benton, O. G. At present (1882), the lodge has a membership of 160, and owns a fine site of ground, corner of Kansas avenue and Fifth street, on which is about to be erected a fine three-story brick building - an I. O. O. F. Temple. Its cost is to be about $14,000, its dimensions 45X76 feet. The lower floor is to be divided into stores, the second floor will contain library rooms and banquet hall, and the third the lodge rooms, etc.

Friendship Lodge records the fact with just pride that her first N. G. was Grand master of the State of Kansas, and Grand Sire of the Grand Lodge of the United States. He subsequently held the office of U. S. Minister to Chili, and is now Minister to Central America. Two other members of the lodge have been Grand Masters of the State, viz: Jno. M. Price and Charles H. Krebs. The war retarded the growth of the Friendship Lodge, but since 1865 the organization has increased in numbers and general prosperity. Not the least of its sources of popularity is its good circulating library. Present officers: N. G. Fred Wardenburg; V. G., H. Elliston; Sec., W. S. Anderson; Treas., A. R. Platt; W., A. Beeby; C., S. Stevenson; I. G., Josh H. Brown; O. G., A. Devoto; R. S. to N. G., A. T. Otis; L. S. to V. G., C. F. Wickham; R. S. to V. G., F. P. Martin; L. S. to V. G., W. R. Lloyd; R. S. S., C. W. Dickerson; L. S. S., J. Bergstrand; Rep. to G. L. and Dist. D. G. M., W. S. Anderson.

Hesperian Encampment No. 6, (I. O. O. F. ), was instituted June 7, 1867, the following being the charter members: Jno. A. Martin, J. M. Price, J. F. Grosh, J. Poehler, J. W. Truesdell, J. McCulley, E. K. Blair, E. W. Plankinton, H. Hiller, C. Walsh, C. J. Smith, F. Bernalt, A. T. Ontis, J. Benton, Jno. Kolil, H. Diesback. Hesperian Encampment has had two of its members elected to the position of Chief Patriarch of Kansas, viz: Jno. A. Martin and S. H. Kelsey. At present it has seventy members, with officers as follows: C. P., W. S. Anderson; H. P., H. Sweet; S. W., D. E. Miller; J. W., George Heninger; Scribe, Aug. Long; Treas., A. T. Otis.

Atchison Lodge, No. 2097 (I. O. O. F. ), was instituted at Atchison in June, 1880, by Nathaniel Berger, Wm. Berger and John Huron, a committee from Bowling Green Lodge, No. 1599, Kentucky. The lodge has now a membership of thirty-five, and is growing.

Schiller Lodge, No. 33 (I. O. O. F. ) (colored), organized May 27, 1882. Present officers: Chas. Kroeising, W. G.; Jno. Foeling, V. G.; Oscar Orlop, Sec.; Jno. B. Kurth, Treas.

Atchison Lodge, No. 1284, Knights of Honor . - Meetings the first and third Thursdays of each month in Masonic Hall. The lodge was instituted November 29, 1878, with the following charter members: John L. Berry, W. L. Davies, W. S. Greenleaf, W. H. Glancy, D. J. Holland, Jacob Harouff, John Harrison, E. C. Johnson, David Klein, A. J. Soper, Samuel McClellan, D. E. Merwin, John A. Martin, Harrison Clayton, J. M. Price, R. F. Smith, H. L. Stein, N. W. Steller, W. H. Shultz, Sidney Lanphear, Joseph H. Talbott. The officers named in the charter were: John M. Price, past dictator; John A. Martin, dictator; W. S. Greenleaf, vice dictator; D. J. Holland, assistant dictator. Present officers: E. H. Luitweller, dictator; Julius Herman, vice dictator; C. W. Rust, reporter; C. H. Thompson, financial reporter; S. D. D. Smith, chaplain; R. P. Falkner, guide. Present number of members, 111.

Golden Lodge No. 317, Knights and Ladies of Honor. - Organized May 27, 1880. Meetings held second and fourth Fridays of each month in Odd Fellows' Hall. The officers named in the charter were: R. P. Falkner, protector; Mrs. Maria Bradford, vice protector; John P. Wood, secretary; David Baker, financial secretary; Mrs. I. E. Howe, treasurer; R. P. Drury, chaplain; J. H. Garside, guide; Mrs. S. H. Baker, guardian; H. V. Abbott, sentinel. Present officers: D. T. Bradford, protector; Mrs. E. Herman, V. P.; I. E. Howe, Sec.; G. Poehler, F. S.; E. C. Locker, Treas.; J. Chapin, chaplain; R. P. Falkner, guide; Mrs. Poehler, guardian; H;(sic) L. Stein, sentinel. Number of members, thirty-five.

Ancient Order of United Workmen, No. 4. - Organized February, 1878 - Charter members: C. J. Neal, George C. Allen, A. McDonald, T. D. Tarrant, L. Higby, A. B. Bradish, T. B. Platt, J. M. Price, A. C. Faust, S. A. Frazier, L. Rochat, D. E. Eiep, H. C. Golden, A. H. Lockman, W. B. Aldrich, S. A. Growinger, W. N. Shields, J. A. Balley, A. F. Donald, A. W. Saxton, A. H. Lanphear, Jacob C. Tompkins, James Nesbitt, Vine Hovey, G. W. Hunter, John Seaton, G. H. F. Johnson, J. M. Covert, J. M. Edminston, B. L. Robinson, W. T. Collins, C. A. Layng, T. J. Rigg, John Perkins, H. W. Dever, C. A. Stuart, E. B. Couch. Present officers: James Nesbitt, P. M. W.; T. D. Tarrant, M. W.; W. F. Pratt, foreman; G. H. Layng, overseer; C. Tompkins, recorder; F. C. Gehrett, receiver, H. W. Doers, guide; H. R. Hotenstein, inside watcher; G. W. Hunter, outside watchman. Number of members, seventy. Meets the first and third Wednesdays of each month, at Masonic Hall.

Golden Cross Lodge, No. 7, Knights of Pythias - Organized September 30, 1872. The lodge room and all the records burned February, 1873. Re- organized December 6, 1877, with C. H. Krebs as C. C. Present officers: W. C. Barnes, P. C.; W. C. North, C. C.; C. J. A. Day, V. C.; J. A. Harouff, P.; C. W. Clark, K. of R.; & S.; S. L. Couplen, M. of E.; W. H. McNeil, M. of T.; C. Tompkins, M. at A. Present membership, one hundred. Meets every Thursday in I. O. O. F. hall.

Endowment Rank, K. of P., Section 151. C. J. A. Day, president; C. H. Krebs, vice-president; W. H. McNeil, V. A. J.; D. J. Holland, examining physician.

Golden Cross Division No. 1, Uniform Rank, K. of P. Number of members, forty.

Castalia Lodge No. 4, I. O. G. T. - Organized February 1880, with T. B. Davis, W. C. T.; Mrs. O. E. Wood, V. T.; J. W. Fisher, secretary. Present officers: C. T. Rutledge, W. C. T.; Mrs. Emma Edwards, V. T.; John Rutledge, secretary; A. B. Cutter, F. S.; A. B. Fisher, treasurer; A. Groves, marshall; Mrs. J. Knott, chaplain; Miss Hayes and Mrs. J. Knott, guards. Number of members, sixty. Meet Monday nights in hall corner of Sixth and Commercial streets.

Atchison Lodge, No. 60, I. O. G. T. - Organized January 12, 1875, with D. T. Bradford as worthy chief templar. The present officers are: W. C. T. James Vandergrift; W. V. T., Mrs. S. J. Barker; W. R. S., John D. Georheart; W. T., Mrs. M. A. Burkhost; W. F. S., W. M. C. Frazier; W. M., Mrs. S. E. Frazier; W. C., David Baker; I. G., Miss Lizzie Davis; W. O. G., C. W. Barker; P. W. C. T., A. Beauchamp; Lodge Deputy, W. M. C. Frazier. The regular meetings of the lodge are held on Friday evenings of each week, in hall corner of Commercial and Sixth streets.

Temperance Union. - The Atchison Temperance Club Association was organized as a Society in March, 1878, with Hon. B. P. Waggener as president, and Gen. W. W. Guthrie, vice-president. Within one year it enrolled a membership of twenty-eight hundred. In December, 1879, the club was merged into the Atchison County Temperance Union, with the following list of officers: Hon. B. P. Waggener, president; C. F. Cochran, vice-president; H. L. Johnson, secretary; Mrs. W. W. Cochran, treasurer. The Union held regular weekly meetings in the Presbyterian Church until the passage of the State prohibitory liquor law, when the Union was merged into the Temperance League, hoping to make more effective work in maintaining and enforcing the prohibitory law. The officers of the League are: H. M. Glancy, president; J. W. Fisher, secretary.

Atchison County Medical Society. - Meets in Atchison the first Saturday in each month. J. M. Linley, M. D., president; C. C. Stevens, M. D., vice-president; A. H. Lanphear, M. D., treasurer; Eli Ferguson, M. D., secretary; A. P. Tenny, P. V. Moore, censors.

Roman Catholic German St. Joseph Association . - Incorporated July 14, 1874, meets in Parish schoolhouse on the second Sunday of each month. Jacob Nass, president; George Ostertag, vice-president; Jacob Verhoven, secretary; John Raterman, treasurer.

Irish Catholic Benevolent Society. - Organized May 12, 1872, and meets on first Sunday afternoon of each month. W. F. Dolan, president; John Barry, vice-president; George Kite, secretary; C. H. Duffy, treasurer.

Catholic Knights of Honor. - W. F. Dolan, president; John Barry, vice- president; John M. Bowen, treasurer; George Kite, secretary. Organized January 10, 1882. Meetings held on Kansas avenue between Fourth and Fifth streets. Number of members, twenty.

Ancient Order of Hibernians. - Organized August 31, 1879, and meets on the third Sunday of every month. T. J. McDermott, State delegate; J. E. Considine, county delegate; John Malloy, president; Cornellus Toohey, vice- president; Bryan Smith, financial secretary; Michael Kelly, secretary; Michael O'Gorman, treasurer.

Atchison Turnverein. - This society organized in 1859, with Julius Holthaus as first president, and has maintained a healthy existence ever since. The meetings for business are held in Turner Hall the first and third Sundays in each month, and Tuesday and Friday evenings are devoted to gymnastics exercises. The present officers are: John Antle, president; Alfred Meier, vice-president; John Hoenscheldt, corresponding secretary; A. Zahn, recording secretary; Emil Meier, treasurer; H. Einfelt, first turn warden; Julius Seliz, second turn warden; R. Weitzel, Julius Kahn, Henry Luth, trustees. Present number of members, forty.

The Atchison Library Association was organized in 1879. The association is in good condition financially, and its library contains two thousand volumes. Its officers are as follows: President, Mrs. G. W. Glick; Vice-President, Mrs. D. G. Newcomb; Treasurer, Mrs. R. A. Park; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Charles Osborn; Recording Secretary, Miss Nellie S. Allen; Directors, Mrs. W. W. Guthrie, Mrs. W. H. Schulze, Mrs. R. A. Park, Mrs. R. F. Clark, Mrs. G. W. Glick, Mrs. D. C. Newcomb, Mrs. H. C. Park, Mrs. C. Osborn, Mrs. N. Gould, Dr. Holland, Mrs. J. Garside, Dr. Cochrane, Mrs. M. P. Singleton, Miss N. S. Allen, Miss Susenbeth.

Friday Afternoon Club, a Social Organization for Ladies. - Officers for the present year: Miss Mamie Seaton, president; Misses Allen and Keith, vice-presidents; Mrs. F. Tufts, secretary and treasurer; and Misses Mamie Ostertag and Mina Challiss, directors. Meetings held at the homes of members.

Atchison Library Society. - Organized October 3, 1879. Meetings are held on Tuesday evenings of each week. Present officers: J. P. Adams, president; F. W. Bartlett, vice-president; W. H. Haskill, treasurer; H. J. Padman, secretary. Twenty-four working members.

Socio-literary Society of Atchison. - Organized February, 1881. M. D. Greene, president; John Knott, vice-president; Miss Lucy Hutchinson, secretary; J. P. Helliner, treasurer. Meets on alternate Thursday evenings at the residence of members.

Old People's Club. - Meets every Friday evening at Apollo Hall. G. W. Pennell, president; M. G. Winegar, secretary and treasurer.

Benai Jeshurum. - Meetings are held the first Sunday in each month. L. Friend, president; L. Frank, secretary; Joseph May, treasurer.

Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Society. - Meets first Wednesday afternoon of each month. Mrs. L. Friend, president; Miss Judith Kipper, secretary; Mrs. L. Frank, treasurer.

Atchison Lieder-Krantz. - Meets in Appollo Hall on first Sunday night in each month. Jacob Scott, president; H. L. Stein, secretary; Christian Spatz, treasurer. Has twenty enrolled members.


Oak Grove Cemetery. - On the 1st of December, 1863, a meeting of citizens of Atchison was held at the Congregational Church, to organize a cemetery association. S. D. Storrs acted as chairman and J. S. Harker, secretary. Messrs. John M. Crowell, John M. Price, Theodore Bartholow, James M. Martin, George W. Howe, C. M. Stebins, E. Chesebrough, G. W. Bowman and P. H. Bowman were elected trustees. It was voted to name the association the "Atchison Cemetery Association. " On March 8, 1864, a meeting of the trustees was held and P. H. Woodard was elected president; James Martin, vice-president; John M. Price, secretary; John M. Crowell, treasurer. Thomas Wise and John C. Auld were elected trustees. During the year twenty acres of land was purchased for cemetery purposes. The price paid was $2,000. The grounds were laid off, but in June, 1872, the ground was sold to P. L. Hubbard, H. C. Park, and V. W. Parker. These gentlemen determined to organize a cemetery association, and, accordingly, on June 2, 1873, a meeting of the "Oak Hill Cemetery Association" was held, and the following officers elected: John M. Price, president; P. L. Hubbard, vice president; H. Clay Park, secretary and treasurer. Articles of association were adopted and measures taken for beautifying and improving the grounds. The association, in charge of the same officers, has gone steadily forward in the work of improvement. Atchison's resting-place for the dead has been well named, as tall elegant oaks grow thickly upon the hill. It is also desirably located upon a beautiful rise of ground, with easy-sloping sides, every part being easily accessible by carriage drives, commanding a delightful view.

Mount Vernon Cemetery Association. - In April, 1864, a number of citizens purchased twenty acres of the Challiss property, about a mile and a half southwest of the city, for the purpose of providing a burial ground. On the 23rd of that month, Messrs. Jacob Saqui, William Jackson, John A. Chase, Jacob Leu, Robert Forbriger, Manuel Frank and Henry Diesback met and organized with the first named gentleman as chairman of the organization. In 1882, the association purchased another twenty acres. The cemetery is on high ground, and is tastefully improved. Present officers of the association, A. G. Otis, president; Jacob Leu, vice president; Robert Forbriger, general manager and secretary.

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