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List of Illustrations in Adams County Chapter

Part 5


   JOHN M. ABBOTT, attorney at law, was born in Shelby County, Ill., December 28, 1842. He came to Nebraska in March, 1873. He homesteaded eighty acres in Denver Precinct, Adams County, and resided on the same for some five years, practicing law at the same time, after which he removed into Hastings. Mr. Abbott opened a law office in Hastings in June, 1873, and the following month was joined by R. A. Batty. They practiced law together until the latter part of December, 1876. Since then he has practiced alone, with the exception of six months in 1879, when he was associated with J. J. Lewis. Mr. Abbott visited Salt Lake City, Utah, in June, 1877, and in June, 1879, he went to California, and made speeches in Sonoma County, Cal., for the State Republican ticket, in behalf of George E. Perkins, who was elected Governor of the State. Was prominent in moving the county seat from Juniata to Hastings in 1877, and City Attorney of Hastings in 1881 and 1882. Leading speaker for Adams County Farmers' Ticket, which was elected in 1881.

   SAMUEL ALEXANDER was born in Prospect, Butler Co., Penn., January 16, 1842, and thirteen years later moved with his parents to Jackson County, Iowa, residing with them on a farm there until 1858, subsequently in Harrison County Mo., until the spring of 1861, then in Clarinda, Page County, Iowa. In October, 1861, he enlisted in the First Nebraska Infantry, at Sedalia, Mo., and served until discharged at Overton Hospital, Memphis, Tenn., February 16, 1863, after which he returned to Clarinda, Iowa, and worked on a farm. In August 1864, he re-enlisted in the First Nebraska Infantry, serving until July 1, 1866. Returning to Clarinda, he remained there for about a year, when he entered the employ of the Union Pacific Railway Company, being employed in contracting for grading, etc., in Nebraska. He remained in this capacity for some months, when, having his team stolen by the Indians, he was obliged to quit; he then resided for a short time in Brownville, Nemaha Co., Neb. In 1869, he located at Lincoln, Neb., and was engaged in excavating for cellars and digging wells, etc., for about a year, after which he was appointed janitor of the State capitol building, holding the position until the latter part if 1871, when he returned to his home in Clarinda, Iowa. Remaining there a few months, he returned to Nebraska and located in Hastings, April 22, 1872, taking up 160 acres of land under the Soldiers' Homestead Act. This he improved and farmed for some years, and is now farming some forty acres of it. In July 1872, he engaged in mercantile business, and continued it about a year. He was appointed Postmaster September 19, 1872, held the office until March 31, 1882. Mr. Alexander was Treasurer of the city of Hastings in 1874-75 and 1876. He was married at Brownville, Neb., September 22, 1871, to Hattie R. Phillips. They have three children--Agnes E., Rachel M. and Esther H.

   ANSTROM & IDDIOLS, carriage factory and repair shop. This business was established in June, 1881, by John J. Anstrom and John G. Iddiols, both practical men in this business. In connection with the carriage-making business they also do a general repairing business, and conduct a painting establishment. John J. Anstrom was born in Sweden in 1856, and emigrated to America in the early part of 1873, and came to Nebraska in March of that year. Locating in Omaha, he entered the employ of A. J. Simpson, carriage-maker, etc., with whom he learned the trade of carriage-painter, etc., remaining in his employ until he resigned to come to Hastings, in June, 1881.

   John G. Iddiols, his partner, was born in England in 1846, and emigrated to America in 1855. He learned the trade of carriage blacksmith at Haverhill, Mass., serving an apprenticeship of thirteen years; was afterward employed as a journeymen at Boston, Mass., until he came to Nebraska in 1869. Locating in Omaha, he was for two years employed at his trade, afterward in St. John, New Brunswick, in same capacity, until he returned to Omaha in 1875. He then entered the employ of A. J. Simpson, carriage maker, as a blacksmith, remaining with him until he came to Hastings, in June, 1881. He had nineteen years' experience as a carriage blacksmith.

   R. D. BABCOCK, attorney at law, was born in Monroe City, Mich., in 1846, and resided with his parents until March, 1863, when he enlisted in the Eleventh Michigan Cavalry, and was appointed Sergeant of Company D two months later. He served until November, 1865, and when discharged held the rank of Second Lieutenant, Company D, Sixth United States Colored Cavalry. He was then employed in the printing office of his father at Hudson, Mich., until he came to Nebraska in March, 1871. Locating at Juniata, he took up 160 acres of land, and was for some months engaged in improving the same. In December, 1871, he was elected Clerk of Adams County, and held the office two years, during which period he also studied law. Was subsequently in the employ of Bowen & Laird, attorneys and bankers, as book-keeper, etc., for some two years or more, and during that time he had considerable practice in land law, etc. Mr. Babcock was admitted to the bar at Juniata in July, 1876, he then practiced at that place for some months. In January, 1872, in connection with his other pursuits, he in company with his brother, C. C. Babcock, organized the Adams County Gazette, publishing it a Juniata until the fall of 1876, when they removed the office to Hastings, Neb., and continued it until November, 1880. Mr. Babcock, on coming to Hastings, opened a law office, and resumed the practice of his profession at this place, making a specialty of land law. He has had some nine years' experience in this special branch of the law.

   JOHN F. BALLINGER, attorney at law, was born in Jasper County, Iowa, December 9, 1857, residing there on a farm with his parents until twenty-one years of age, after which he went to Newton, Iowa, and began the study of law with Ryan Bros., attorneys at that place, remaining with them until admitted to practice at the bar, May 7, 1879. He then came to Hastings, Neb., and was employed in various capacities, and for a short time in the construction department of the Union Pacific Railroad. He was appointed Constable of Adams County, April 8, 1880, and held the office until January 1, 1882, and was also appointed Deputy under Sheriff S. L. Martin in the summer of 1880, holding office until January 1, 1882. In November, 1880, he, in connection with his other business, established a collection office in company with J. A. Vanatta, remaining in partnership with him until January 1, 1882, since which time he has conducted the business alone. On October 8, 1881, Mr. Ballinger was elected Justice of Peace, and entered on the duties of the office January 1, 1882, and was appointed Police Judge on the 23d of the same month. In connection with his offices, he also practices law.

   HARMON H. BALLOU, farmer, Denver Precinct, P. O. Juniata, was born in Chittenden County, Vt., June 24, 1830, and was raised on a farm. On September 10, 1862, he enlisted in the Thirteenth Vermont Infantry, serving until March 1, 1863, when he was discharged on account of disability. He then returned to his home in Vermont, and farmed "off and on" for about eight years. He then came to Nebraska in April, 1871, and homesteaded 160 acres in Denver Precinct. This he improved and sold in 1877, and moved on to a farm of eighty acres adjoining. In connection with his farming pursuits, is engaged in the cultivation of strawberries. Mr. Ballou was elected Justice of Peace December 12, 1871, one of the first to fill that office in the county, also a member of the first school board in spring of 1872. Mr. Ballou was married in Chittenden County, Vt., November 8, 1859, to Emily M. Eddy, a native of that State. They have three children--Lucius A., Etta V. and William A.

   SILAS M. BATES, a farmer and stock-raiser, West Blue Precinct, P. O. Hastings, was born at Oswego, N. Y., in 1833, removing to Onondaga County, N. Y., with his parents when quite young, and resided with them there on a farm. At nineteen years of age, removed to La Salle County Ill., and was engaged farming in that county until he came to Nebraska, in February, 1874. He purchased 320 acres of land, and took up his residence in the precinct of West Blue, Adams County. Mr. Bates devotes his time to farming in an extensive way. He cultivates 400 acres, and has also for some three years past been engaged in raising stock. He has on his place about one hundred head of cattle, and nearly one hundred and fifty hogs of the Poland-China and Berkshire breeds. Mr. Bates was marred in La Salle County, Ill, in 1858, to Margaret E. Greenlees, a native of Clinton County, N. Y. They have six children--Fred A., William E., Martin W., Walter S., Charles A. and Alfred L.

   HON. ROBERT A. BATTY, attorney at law, was born in Morgan County, Ill., March 6, 1843. He was a student for some two years at Jacksonville College, Ill. On August 1, 1861, he enlisted in the Thirty-third Illinois Infantry, and served three years, and subsequently he engaged in mercantile business in Morgan County, Ill., and continued in it for some seven years, and during the last year of that period he also read law. Mr. Batty come to Nebraska in June, 1873, locating at Hastings. He at once began the practice of law in company with J. M. Abbott. He was admitted to the bar at Hastings in May, 1874. The firm of Abbott & Batty dissolved in December, 1876. Mr. Batty then practiced alone until April, 1878, when he associated with him J. F. Nelson, until October of that year, when he dissolved partnership with Mr. Nelson, and joined J. M. Ragan, since which time the firm has been Batty & Ragan. Mr. Batty was elected Mayor of the city of Hastings in the spring of 1878, and to represent Adams County in the State Legislature in the fall of 1878, serving a term of two years.

   FRED J. BENNEDICT, wholesale and retail grocer, was born in Monroe County, N. Y., Nov. 5, 1849, and resided with his parents on a farm until he came to Nebraska in June, 1872; located at Hastings, and at once engaged in the lumber business in company with C. C. Ingalls. The firm also carried agricultural implements. Mr. Benedict remained in this business about a year, after which he entered the employ of Messrs. Pratt & Lawson, general merchandise, as a clerk. One year later, he purchased an interest in the business, and in the following year, the entire business, at which time the firm disposed of the hardware and implement stock, and he has since confined himself to dealing in groceries and provisions, etc. He has increased the business largely, and within the past year has to a limited extent done a jobbing trade. He was elected Alderman of the Second Ward about 1878, and re-elected April 4, 1882, and a Director of the First National Bank of Adams County at its organization July 4, 1881. Mr. Benedict is the owner of 640 acres of cultivated land in Adams County. He erected his fine brick business building in 1881, and is now erecting a handsome new building to be occupied by the post office.

   A. W. BINDERUP, dealer in coffees, teas and spices, was born in Denmark in 1842. He served in the army some three years; was Second Lieutenant, and was promoted to First Lieutenant for services in the Danish was of 1864. In December of that year, he emigrated to America, residing in the city of New York. He was for some eight years employed as a surveyor and draughtsman. Mr. Binderup came to Nebraska in April 1873, and located in Denver Precinct, Adams County, on land purchased at that time, on which he resided for some six years. He was employed in the Land Department of the B. & M. R. R. Co., for a year, and afterward as clerk in the mercantile business at Hastings until August, 1879, and, on the 16th of that month, established his present business. He was burned out on July 16, 1881, but immediately resumed. Mr. Binderup built a house in Hastings, and removed his family here in the spring of 1879.

   M. BIRNEY, locomotive engineer of the Burlington & Missouri Railroad, was born in Ohio October 14, 1854. His parents moved from there to Le Roy, Ill. In 1869, he commenced his railroad life on the Chicago & Alton Railroad, in Illinois. In 1881, he moved to Nebraska and located in Lincoln, and entered the service of the Burlington & Missouri Railroad as locomotive engineer, and from that position to the position of foreman of the shops at Hastings, Neb., for the same company. He was married at Urbana, Ill., December 23, 1877, to Miss Sarah C. Busey, of that city. They have one child--Mae.

   FRED H. BLAKE, meat market and dealer in live stock, etc., was born in England in 1847, and learned the trade of butcher there, serving as an apprentice some seven years. He followed this business in that country until he came to America and located in Hastings, Neb. In December, 1873, Mr. Blake homesteaded eighty acres of land three miles southeast of the city and resided on the same for about five years. In the fall of 1874, he opened a meat market at this place in company with Stock Brothers, remaining in partnership with them until the end of 1878, when the firm closed out the business, and Mr. Blake engaged in the same business in company with John Oliver. Some months later, he sold out his interest and joined John J. Raymaker in June, 1880, under style of Raymaker & Blake, meat market, dealers in live stock, etc., and they also built a packing house, which he conducted in connection with other branches of the business. This firm dissolved partnership in April, 1882, each carrying on the meat market, etc. Mr. Blake was married in England in May, 1868, to Emily F. Jones, a native of that country. They have seven children--Frederick, George, Ada, Thomas, Arthur, Benjamin and Morris.

   HARRY BROOKES BORLEY, teaming, draying, etc., was born in England June 3, 1854. He conducted a book store and news depot there, for W. H. Smith & Son, for some two years; emigrating to America in 1873, he located in Adams County, Neb., near Hastings, having purchased 160 acres of railroad land, which he was engaged in farming for about two years. In 1875, he moved into Hastings, and was for one year employed as a clerk in the hardware business, then in the employ of the St. Joe & Western Railway Company as a baggage man, clerk, etc., until March, 1881. Mr. B. established the draying and teaming business in March, 1879, and has carried it on since. He still owns his original farm and rents the same.

   BROWN & CHURCHILL, Proprietors of New York Art Gallery.

   BURDICK BUTTON, proprietor sash, door and blind factory, was born in East Haven, Conn., Jan. 26, 1843, and learned the trade of carpenter, etc., at New Haven, serving as an apprentice some four years, after which he was employed as a journeyman for about nine years, and during three years of that period also carried on a stair building establishment in company with Alex McWilliams. Mr. Button came to Nebraska in March, 1873. Locating in Hastings, he at once began business as a contractor and builder, which he has since continued, conducting the business alone except for three years, from 1875 to 1878, when he was in company with M. M. Moore. Mr. Button established the factory in the spring of 1881. It is the only one of its kind here. He does principally custom work. He was married at Bradford, Conn., in 1865, to Mary Johnson. She died in 1871, leaving Etta M. Mr. Button was married a second time at Hastings, Neb., in 1876, to Lettie C. Dudley, a native of Michigan.

   AMBROSE S. CAMPBELL, of A. S. Campbell & Co., wholesale and retail grocers, was born in Washington county, Penn., in 1855, resided there with his parents and attended school until he came to Nebraska, in February, 1875, locating in Plattsmouth, where he remained until spring, when he went to South Bend, Cass County, and was engaged in buying and shipping grain and live stock for the Chicago market. He followed that business some two years, when he went to Tombstone, A. T., where he resided for eighteen months, during which period he was engaged in prospecting, and also employed as a clerk in mercantile business, subsequently returning to South Bend, and again followed the stock and grain business, until January, 1881, when he came to Hastings and established his business in company with E. Hayden.

   CHARLES CAMERON, merchant, was born in Scotland, March 18, 1839. At the age of five years, he immigrated to Canada with his parents. He began business life as a clerk in the mercantile line, being employed in that capacity some years; and in 1865, he entered into business for himself at New Hamburg, Ontario, carrying it on there until June, 1870, when he changed his base of operations to Lincoln, Neb. In July 1873, he opened a branch store at Hastings, Neb., under the management of J. D. B. Smith. Mr. Cameron continued to carry on business at both places, until May, 1878, when he discontinued at Lincoln and removed with family to Hastings, since which time he has given his attention to his business at this place. He carries a stock of some $12,000. Mr. Cameron has had an experience in mercantile business of some twenty-five years. He was married at Goderich, Ontario, in April, 1871, to Louisa Seegmiller, a native of Canada. They have one daughter--Wilhemenia, who was born at Lincoln, Neb.

   SAMUEL CHANCY, contractor and builder, was born in Bureau County, Ill., in 1834, and learned the trade of carpenter there with his father. At the age of twenty years, he removed to Ogle County, Ill., and was employed at his trade, and also in farming for some nine years, after which he went to Kansas and followed his trade in Atchison and Doniphan Counties for about two years, subsequently removing to Taylor County, Iowa. He was for two years engaged in conducting a meat market, four years in the saloon business, and then for a year in contracting for railroad work. Mr. Chancy then changed his base of operations to Yankton, D. T., where he was for a few months employed as a carpenter. He came to Nebraska in June, 1872, and worked at his trade in Fremont and Crete, until January, 1873, when he came to Hastings, at which time he opened a saloon and conducted it for eighteen months. In October, 1875, he engaged in business as a contractor and builder in company with George Sissney, remaining in partnership with him until January 1, 1882, since which time Mr. Chancy has carried on business alone. Among the prominent buildings which he erected are the Episcopal church, residences of L. H. Lorver, Hon James Laird, A. B. Ideson, and Alexander brick business block. He has built in all over three hundred buildings in the city, and many others in the country, and employs at times some fifteen men. He also farms some eighty acres of land. Mr. Chancy was married at St. Joe, Mo., in July, 1866, to Mary Denton, a native of England. They have two children--Jesse and Kate.



   DELAVAN S. COLE, farmer and stock-raiser, was born in Allegany County, N. Y., April 21, 1833. Removing with his parents to Livingston County, Mich., when very young, he resided with them on a farm until 1856, and for several years taught school during the winter months. He then went to Saginaw County, Mich., and farmed there for some fifteen years. He was Justice of the Peace for eight years, and also held the office of School Inspector during thirteen years of that period. Mr. C. came to Nebraska in October, 1871, prospected in the western part of the State for some time, and July 13, 1872, he homesteaded eighty acres of land adjoining Hastings, moving his family on the same in October, 1872, since which time he has been engaged in farming. He owns 240 acres in Denver Precinct. In 1879, he also began the breeding of blooded stock, making a specialty of Ayrshire cattle. He was one of the organizers of the District School Board in 1872, was elected a Director of the same, and held the office three years; was elected Assessor of the precinct in 1874. Mr. C. was married in Livingston County Mich., in June, 1856, to Laura Scott, a native of Oswego County, N. Y. They have seven children--Elvin S., a farmer in Kansas; Elmer E., stock-raiser in Colorado; Eugene, Jason H., Robert W., Ada E. and Arthur Bliss.

   GEORGE CRANE, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. Hastings, Denver Precinct, was born in Yates County, N. Y., in 1844, and at four years of age removed to Hillsdale County, Mich., with his parents. In 1863, he went to California, but remained there only a little over a year, after which he farmed in Hillsdale County, Mich. for some years, then engaged in a grist-mill in Lenawee County for four years. He came to Nebraska in March, 1877, located in Denver Precinct, Adams County, and has been engaged in farming and stock-raising since; cultivates 100 acres of his own land, and some 200 of his father's. Has been School Director for three years. Mr. C. was married in Hillsdale County, Mich., in 1866, to Tammie Morris, a native of New York; they have three children--Edwin W., Kate E. and Stanley E.

   GEORGE W. DADE, contractor and builder, was born in Rockport, Mass., in 1832, and learned the trade of carpenter at Newburyport, serving as an apprentice some four years, following the same as a journeyman and contractor there, and in the neighborhood until he came to Nebraska in August, 1872. He homesteaded near the city of Hastings, and at once entered into business as contractor and builder, being the first one to follow that business here. He conducted his building operations alone for some years, when the style changed to Dade & Grant, afterward Dade & Lee, each partner remaining with him two years. Mr. Dade prefers to conduct his business affairs alone, and has done so for several years past. Among the prominent buildings he has erected here are the Congregational church, Second Ward School-house, and many prominent business and dwelling houses. He is also engaged in building to considerable extent in the country, giving employment at times to fifteen men. He removed his family to Hastings to reside in 1879. Mr. Dade was married in Rockport, Mass., on December 22, 1862, to Mary J. Curtis, a native of Maine. They have five children--George C. (employed with his father), Charles A. (engaged in the same capacity), Frank M., Jennie May and Fannie B.

   JESSE H. DARNELL, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. Hastings, Denver Precinct, was born in Holmes County, Ohio, in 1838, and at the age of four years removed with his parents to Henderson County, Ill.; here he learned the trade of carpenter, taught school and read law with Judge A. D. Duff, of Benton, Franklin County, Ill., until 1861, when, in September of said year, he entered in the service of the United States as private in company F, Forty-eighth Regiment Illinois Volunteers; was mustered into the service, September 12, 1861; was in the battle of Fort Henry, Donelson, and Shiloh or Pittsburgh Landing, in Tennessee. After the battle of Shiloh, April 6, 1862, was promoted to Commissary Sergeant on the non-commissioned staff; in the spring of 1863, he was promoted to a captain's commission and transferred to Company I, Fifty-ninth U. S. Infantry. Resigned his commission March 19, 1864, when he returned to his former home in Illinois, thence to Mt. Vernon, Iowa, where he became acquainted with Miss Sarah A. Cook, whom he married August 30, 1864, a native of Ohio. He moved to Clinton, Iowa, where he received the appointment as special agent of the Home Insurance Company, of Lyons, Iowa; he held said appointment two years. He resumed his law studies with Thomas H. Garretson, of Victor, Iowa. He was admitted to the bar in Iowa County, Iowa, on the 6th of February, 1871.

   LAFAYETTE DOMINY, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. Hansen, West Blue Precinct, was born in La Salle County, Ill., in January, 1846, and followed farming in that county until he came to Nebraska, locating in West Blue Precinct, March 2, 1876. He is the owner of 320 acres of land, 235 of which are under cultivation. Is also engaged in breeding hogs, making a specialty of the Poland-China breed. Mr. Dominy was elected Treasurer of the District School Board in April, 1881. He was married in La Salle County, Ill., in 1867, to Sarah A. Smith, a native of Pennsylvania. They have two children--Charles M. and Eva May.

   JACOB FISHER, bakery and confectionery, was born in Germany in 1839. Emigrating to America in 1856, he learned the trade of baker, and was employed at it in various States for some four years. In 1862, he entered the employment of the United States Government, in the Commissary Department, remaining in that employment until April, 1865. He subsequently opened a bakery at Brookfield, Mo., and conducted the same for ten years, afterward engaged in same business at Leon, Iowa, for three years. Mr. Fisher came to Hastings, Neb., in March, 1878, and at once established his present business. He employs some four men in his establishment and consumes about forty barrels of flour per month in the bakery, his trade extending to Harvard, Fairfield and Juniata, Neb. Mr. Fisher was married at Brookfield, Linn Co., Mo., September 1, 1867, to Lucretia Long, a native of Pennsylvania. They have five children--Frederick W., Frances F., Emma G., Bessie A. and George J.

   JOSEPH N. FOUNTAIN, undertaker and dealer in furniture, was born in Canada March 24, 1845, and at twenty years of age removed to Assumption, Ill., where he learned the trade of carpenter, serving as an apprentice for two years, after which he carried on business as a contractor for another two years. Subsequently removing to Decatur, Macon County, Ill., he learned the trade of cabinet maker, and worked at the same as a journeyman until he came to Hastings, Neb., in August, 1877, at which time he opened a wagon repair shop, and was engaged in conducting the same for two years, then employed as a cabinet maker, and in March, 1880, he, in company with George Miller, engaged in the furniture business, and six months later purchased his partner's interest in the business, since which time he has conducted it alone. The business was begun first with a small stock of some few hundred dollars, and has increased until he now carries a stock of over $1,000, and does a business of some $4,000 per year. The "undertaking" branch of the business has recently been added. Mr. Fountain was married at Assumption, Ill., January 11, 1868, to Emily Vilmune, a native of Canada. They have three children--Leonora, Frank Napoleon and an infant son.

   FOULKS & STINE, manufacturers of barbed wire. This business was established in April, 1880. They manufacture what is known as the Acme Steel Barbed Wire, and make some 400 to 500 pounds per day, according to the demand. This is one of the industries of this place, and has every prospect of becoming a manufactory of some magnitude in the near future. This business has increased from 150 pounds per day to present amount. T. M. Foulks, the junior member of the firm, is from Kentucky, where he was formerly engaged in the coal business. He came to Hastings, Neb., in 1880, and was variously employed until this business was opened. N. V. Stine, the senior member of the concern, was formerly a resident of Illinois, where he was engaged in farming until he came to Nebraska in March, 1880.

   PETER FOWLIE, loan agent, etc., was born in Scotland, February 1, 1841. He began life as a sailor "before the mast," and rose through the different grades to that of Master Mariner. He was for some time in the employ of the W. I. & P. S. N. Co., and followed "the sea" in all some twelve years. He emigrated to America in the early part of 1871, and in September of that year came to Nebraska, pre-empted 160 acres of land in Denver Precinct, Adams County, and resided on the same for about a year; was then appointed Superintendent of Adams County Poor Farm, which he held until March, 1874, and during the year 1873 was also Deputy County Treasurer. In the spring of 1874, he removed to Juniata, Adams County, and carried on a hotel for one year. He was appointed Justice of the Peace in 1874, was elected to the office in 1875. Resigning the same a year later, he entered the employ of the B. & M. R. R. Co., as Tax Agent, remaining in that employ some three and a half years. Mr. Fowlie came to Hastings in March, 1880, and was employed in the office of the Treasurer of Adams County for one year. He also, on his arrival here, began business as loan and collection agent, general brokerage, etc. He is well versed in the law, and is one of the most experienced men in this part of the county in his line.

   M. W. FREEMAN, proprietor Hastings City Mills, was born at Maston Locke, N. Y., in 1846, removing when one year of age, with his parents, to Jackson County, Mich. He began business life with his father, A. A. Freeman, of that place, dealer in grain, produce and lumber, and also proprietor of flour-mill, remaining with him as partner until he came to Nebraska in November, 1880. Locating at Juniata, he was engaged in manufacturing cultivators, etc., for some six months, when he closed up the business and came to Hastings in the summer of 1881, at which time he built his present mill, and opened the same for business January, 1882. Mr. F. was married at Hillsdale, Jackson Co., Mich., in 1869, to Ella Pendleton, a native of Ohio. They have one son--Charles A.

   FRANK M. FRINK, farmer, P. O. Hastings, West Blue Precinct, was born in the State of New York, May 24, 1852, and, five years later, removed, with his father, to Brookfield, La Salle Co., Ill., and was engaged in farming there until he came to Nebraska in the spring of 1874, at which time he located in West Blue Precinct, Adams County, and has been engaged in farming since. He cultivates 160 acres of land. Mr. Frink was married, at Glenwood, Iowa, on March 7, 1878, to Florence Mellinger, a native of Ohio. They have two children--Ray and Earl.

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