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Albert Gallatin Barrett

The Abolitionist:  A Saga of the Albert Gallatin Barrett family in early Kansas, by George W. Schiller

© George W. Schiller, 2002

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:  A. G. Barrett Goes West

Chapter 2:  Back Home in Ohio

Chapter 3:  Barrett Men Go West to Kansas

Chapter 4:  Men Lay Out New Town

Chapter 5:  Barrett Families Arrive

Chapter 6:  Guerrillas and Fire

Chapter 7:  Life at Barrett's Mill

Chapter 8:  Bleeding Kansas

Chapter 9:  Politics on the Prairie

Chapter 10:  The Growing Barrett Clan

Chapter 11:  Bloodletting Continues

Chapter 12:  The Railroad Finally Comes

Chapter 13:  The Barrett Genealogy

Chapter 14:  Letters from Home

Chapter 15:  Finale

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