Kansas Collection Books: The Abolitionist, by George W. Schiller

Illustrations and Photographs


Barrett Saw Mill (built in 1856)

Barrett Grist Mill

Barrett Post Office

Barrett Home

Barrett School, School District No. 1, built 1870

Barrett Cemetary

Pony Express poster

Barrett, Kansas, at flood stage

Map of Barrett in 1904


Albert Gallatin Barrett and Mary Phoebe McKeever Barrett

Winifred and Elizabeth VanVliet, and Phebe Barrett VanVliet

Rolen Barrett, with Betty Schiller

A family gathering on the front porch of the VanVliet home in Barrett

More Barretts: Alberta Leach Lacque, Winifred Barrett Holtham, Phebe Barrett VanVliet, Rena Montgomery, and Elizabeth VanVliet Haskin

William Barrett II, eldest son of Albert and Mary Barrett, with granddaughter Ruth Conklin

Winifred Barrett Holtham, Ruth Conklin, and Bill Conklin

Bill Conklin

(Aunt) Winifred Barrett Holtham

Descendents of Albert and Mary Barrett: Jane Barrett Emery, Rena Montgomery Barrett, William Rufus Emery, Winifred Barrett Holtham, Mary Ann Barrett, and Frederic Barrett Emery

Jane Barrett Emery

The Cyrus Barrett family

Frederic Barrett Emery, author of The Barrett Book

Albert Gallatin Barrett II (Albert's grandson, 1898)

More of the Albert and Mary's Family: Albert Gallatin Barrett II, Genieva Hunt Barrett, Lorena Montgomery Barrett, Phoebe Barrett Mills, Mina Barrett Conklin, William J. Conklin, William Barrett, and Albert Barrett

Descendents of Albert and Mary Barrett: the California Barretts

William (Bill) Emery, George Walter Schiller, and Ruth Conklin Denny

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