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February 1948

February 1948 issue


Louise Barry, ed. "William Clark's Diary, May, 1826-February, 1831: Part One, 1826-1827," p. 1.

Letters of Julia Louisa Lovejoy, 1856-1864: Part Four, 1859," p. 40.

Annual Meeting (including President's Address on Selective Service in Kansas in World War II), p. 76.

Bypaths of Kansas History

Kansas History as Published in the Press

Kansas Historical Notes

Erratum to Volume XVI

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From the cover: William Clark (1770-1838).--Best known for his part in the Lewis and Clark expedition, Clark's many years of able administrative service as governor of the Missouri territory, and as superintendent of Indian affairs at St. Louis, were a greater contribution to his country. Portrait from the Peale painting in Independence Hall, Philadelphia.