KanColl: The Kansas Historical Quarterlies

August 1947

Cover of the August 1947 issue

Harold J. Henderson, "The Building of the First Kansas Railroad South of the Kaw River," p. 225.

Theo H. Scheffer, "Following Pike's Expedition From the Smokey Hill to the Solomon," p. 240.

J. Orin Oliphant, ed., "The Report of the Wyandot Exploring Delegation, 1831," p. 248.

Sister M. Lilliana Owens, S.L., "The Early Work of the Lorettine in Southeastern Kansas," p. 263.

Letters of Julia Louisa Lovejoy, 1856-1864: Part Two, 1857," p. 277.

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From the cover: The Leavenworth, Lawrence & Galveston railroad bridge across the Kansas river eighty years ago. It was the frst north-south railraod bridge across the Kaw (see pp. 225, 232). The engine, "Ottawa," was the first locomotive on the road.
     The view is from a stereoscope photograph by Alexander Gardner of Washington, D. C.