KanColl: The Kansas  
Historical Quarterlies

Errata in Volume XIII

1944-5 (Vol. 13)
Transcribed by Susan Stafford;
digitized with permission of the Kansas State Historical Society.

     Page 150, line 19, read "Albert J. Beveridge's."

     The photos showing scenes along the line of the Union Pacific facing pages 196, 198 and 200 were taken in September and October, 1867, and not in 1868 as the caption suggests. (See Taft, Robert, "Additional Notes on the Gardner Photographs of Kansas," The Kansas Historical Quarterly, v. VI, pp. 173-77.)

     Page 219. Line one is pi and shoujld be struck out.

     Page 274, lines 3 and 4, read "one to two hundred dozen eggs per day" instead of "one to two hundred eggs a week."


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