KanColl: The Kansas  Historical Quarterlies

Recent Additions to the Library

Compiled by Helen M. McFarland

February, 1944(Vol. 13 No. 1), pages 76 to 97.
Transcribed by lhn;
digitized with permission of the Kansas State Historical Society.

     IN ORDER that members of the Kansas StateHistorical Society and othersinterested in historical study may know the class of books we are receiving, alist is printed annually of the books accessioned in our specialized fields.These books come to us from three sources, purchase, gift and exchange, and fallinto the following classes: Books by Kansans and about Kansas; books on the West,including explorations, overland journeys and personal narratives; genealogy andlocal history; and books on the Indians of North America, United States history,biography and allied subjects which are classified as general. The out-of-statecity directories received by the Historical Society are not included in thiscompilation.

     We also receive regularly the publications ofmany historical societies byexchange, and subscribe to other historical and genealogical publications whichare needed in reference work.

     The following is a partial list of books whichwere added to the library fromOctober 1, 1942, to September 30, 1943. Government and state officialpublications and some books of a general nature are not included. The totalnumber of books accessioned appears in the report of the secretary, p. 58.


ALEXANDER, CLARA GRACE, Ladies' Aid in 1789. N. p., c1923. 7p. LittleTheatricalsfor Little Schools. N. p., c1924. 60p.
ATCHISON, TOPEKA AND SANTA FE RAILWAY COMPANY, Delicious Foods in Tin and GlassGrace the Nation's Table. [Chicago] The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe RailwayCompany [c1938]. 33p.
----, Dried Fruits; Preservation of Fruits by Drying Antedates Written History.[Chicago] The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company [C1939]. 35p.
----, Meat for America's Millions . . . [Chicago?] The Atchison, Topeka and SantaFe Railway Company, c1940. 35p.
BAILEY, MINNIE KEITH. Life's Undertow. Topeka, Crane and Company, 1905. 43p.
BALGUE, MRS. LAURA LELAND, Poems. Kansas City, Mo.. Brown-White-Lowell Press[c1943]. 172p.
BALL, A. M., ed. and pub., Song Book No. 2 Pevised; Soul Cheering Songs.[Coffeyville] c1942. [16]p.
BLATCHLEY, ANNA (STANLEY), comp., Here and Over There, a Patriotic MissionaryPageant Arranged for a French War Orphan Benefit. Fort Scott, Author [1918].[15]p.
--, School Days; a Missionary Entertainment. Fort Scott, Author [1920].19p.
--, A Vision Radiant . . . [Boston, Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, MethodistEpiscopal Church, 1922.] 24p.
BROOKS, L. W., and others, Citizenship Problems for Young Americans. Lincoln, TheUniversity Publishing Company, c1938. 124p.
BROWDER, EARL RUSSELL, Victory-and After . . . New York, International Publishers[C1942]. 256p.
BROWN, EDWARD MACAULAY, The Coming Age. No impr. [2]p.
--, Poems of the Prairie. [Greensburg, Kansas?] The Ingleside Press, 1941.10p.
BROWN, HENRY C., A Successful Life. 4th ed. Kansas City, Kan., Henry C. Brown,1904. 44p.
BRYANT, BEATRICE GWENDOLYN, Progress of the Cast; Book One and Book Two, BlueDenim, by B. Basco. Topeka, The Service Print Shop, c1943. 90p.
BURT, CHARLES EARL, Laboratory Guide to College Zoology; Invertebrate. Types.Winfield, n. p., 1939. 53p.
Laboratory Guide to the Cat. Winfield, n. p., 1940. 26p.
Laboratory Guide to the Frog and Toad. Winfield, n. p., 1940. 11p.
The Lizards of Kansas. No impr. 81p. (Transactions of the Academy of Science ofSt. Louis, Vol. 26, No. 1.)
CANFIELD, DOROTHY, The Bent Twig. New York, Henry Holt and Company, 1916.480p.
Raw Material. New York, Harcourt, Brace and Company [C1923]. 302p.
CLARK, GLENN, The Man Who Talks With the Flowers: the Intimate Life Story of Dr.George Washington Carver. St. Paul, Macalester Park Publishing Company [c1939].64p.
CLARK COUNTY CHAPTER OF THE KANSAS STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Notes on Early ClarkCounty, Kansas, Vol. 3, September, 1941-August, 1942. Reprinted from The ClarkCounty Clipper. 96p.
COLLINSON, THOMAS, Flying Fortress, the Story of the Boeing Bomber. New York,CharlesScribner's Sons, 1943. 168p.
DAVIS, EARLE, The Creation of Dickens's David Copperfield; A Story in NarrativeCraft. Wichita, n.p., 1941. 30p. (Municipal University of Wichita, UniversityStudies Bulletin, No. 9.)
DAVIS, FORREST, and ERNEST K. LINDLEY, How War Came, an American White Paper;From the Fall of France to Pearl Harbor. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1942.342p.
DRAKE, CHARLES CLAYTON, "Who's Who?" A History of Kansas and Montgomery County,Including the Cities of Coffeyville, Independence, Cherryvale and Caney . . .Coffeyville, Coffeyville Journal Press, 1943. 276p.
DRISCOLL, CHARLES B., Kansas Irish. New York, The Macmillan Company, 1943.359,p.
EMERY, JULIA, Background of World Affairs. Yonkers-On-Hudson, World Book Company[C1942]. 324p.
EVANS, EvAN ELMER, and MALCOLM SCOTT HALLMAN, Home Room; Organization,Administration and Activities. New York, A. S. Barnes and Company, 1930.154p.



FAULCONER, ALBERT, A Bundle of Roots. [Arkansas City, Kansas.] Privatelyprinted[1941]. 151p.
FELTON, RALPH ALMON, Local Church Cooperation in Rural Communities. New York,Home Missions Council [1940?]. 62p.
FRYE, JOHN C., A. BYRON LEONARD and CLAUDE W. HIBBARD, Westward Extension of theKansas "Equus Beds." Reprinted from The Journal of Geology, Vol. 51, No. 1,January-February, 1943. [15]p.
GATES, FRANK CALEB, Winter Twigs; The Identification of Kansas Woody Plants byTheir Twigs. Manhattan, n. p., 1940. 34p. (Kansas Academy of Science, Handbook,No. 1.)
GRESHAM, HUGH C., History of the Christian Church, Arcadia, Kansas, 50thAnniversary, Sunday, July 25, 1943. No impr. 7p.
HAWTHORNE, HILDEGARDE, Ox-Team Miracle, the Story of Alexander Majors. New York,Longmans, Green and Company, 1942. 236p.
HAVES, CHARLES EDWARD, The Four Winds. New York, The Macmillan Company, 1942.5p.
HAYS, CITY MANAGER, First Annual Report for the Year 1923. N. p. [1923]. 45p.
HEMBLING, NINA, Silver Over-tones. Mill Valley, Cal., The Wings Press, 1941.46p.
HERBERT, PARCUS CORY, A Rational Eschatology; a Study in What Mankind May ExpectAfter Death. Belle Plaine, Homo Publishing Company [c19121 51p.
HINSHAW, DAVID, The Home Front. New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons [cl943]. 352p.
History and Roster of Acacia Lodge No. 9, A. F. & A. M. of Lawrence, Kansas;A Souvenir of Its 75th Anniversary. Lawrence, The World Company, 1942. 33p.
HOEFFLIN, HENRY SAMUEL, Smiles and Tears of 1940. [Wichita, Day's Print Shop,1941?] 20p.
HOLT, RACKHAM, George Washington Carver, an American Biography. Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, Doran and Company, Inc., 1943. 342p.
HORNEMAN, MARY ANN, The First Ladies of the White House (in Miniature). [Beloit,Call Press, c1941.] 73p.
HUNTINGTON, GEORGE, Robber and Hero, the Story of the Raid on the First NationalBank of Northfield, Minnesota, by the James-Younger Band of Robbers, in 1876 . .. Northfield, Minn., The Christian Way Company, 1895. 119p.
JACOBS, JOHN E., Demand for and Supply of Teaching Personnel in the Schools ofKansas (Abstract). Lawrence, University of Kansas, 1942. 20p. (Kansas Studies inEducation, Vol. 2, No. 8.)
JOHNSON, OSA, Snowball; Adventures of a Young Gorilla. New York, Random House[c1942]. 51p.
JONES, JOHN LOGAN, The Individualist, an Autobiography. Kansas City, Mo.,Brown-White-Lowell Press [c1942]. 277p.
JONES, OGDEN S., A Review of Lease Housekeeping Practices. Lawrence, Universityof Kansas [1942?]. 15p.
--, The State's Responsibility in Oil and Brine Pollution Originating in OilFields. Lawrence, University of Kansas [1942?]. 20p.


JOSSELYN, N. W., AND Co., pub., Business Directory of the Missouri Pacific,Kansas Pacific, South Pacific . . . and Other Railways, Entitled St. Louis toDenver, for 1870 . . . St. Louis, N. W. Josselyn and Company, n. d. 406p.
KANSAS AUTHORS CLUB, THIRD DISTRICT, [Prairie Treasures] December, 1942,Anthology. Oswego, The Carpenter Press, 1942. 45p.
KANSAS BUSINESS MAGAZINE, 1943 Kansas Legislative Directory. Topeka, KansasBusiness Magazine [1943]. 154p.
KANSAS FEDERATION OF WOMEN'S CLUBS, SIXTH DISTRICT, Sunflower Seeds, Anthology ofVerse, 1988-1989. No impr. [44]p.
--, "United We Stand," Anthology of Verse, 1941-1942. No impr. [47]p.
KANSAS LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL, RESEARCH DEPARTMENT, Closed Schools in Kansas.(Publication, No. 113, September, 1942.) Mimeographed. 96p.
Revision of County Salary Schedules. (Publication, No. 117, November, 1942.)Mimeographed. 16p.
SPECIAL COMMITTEE, Operation of Labor Unions in Kansas; Report of SpecialCommittee Appointed Under Resolution No. 5. (Publication, No. 118, December,1942.) Mimeographed. 87p.
Kansas Magazine, 1943. Manhattan, Kansas Magazine Publishing Association, c1943.140p.
KLEMA, MARION C., The Later Career of William A. Phillips; Submitted to theDepartment of History and the Faculty of the Graduate School of the University ofKansas in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master ofArts. Typed. 1942. 83p.
KLINGBERG, FRANK JOSEPH, An Appraisal of the Negro in Colonial South Carolina; aStudy in Americanization. Washington, D. C., The Associated Publishers, 1941.180p.
LANKENAU, FRANCIS C., Francis James Lankenau, D. D., a Biography. St. Louis,Concordia Publishing House, 1940. 20p.
LANKENAU, FRANCIS JAMES, Occasional Addresses . . . Edited by F. Lankenau. St.Louis, Concordia Publishing House, 1941. 109p.
LEAGUE of KANSAS MUNICIPALITIES, Kansas Directory of Public Officialsand Index to Counties and Cities. Topeka, The League of Kansas Municipalities,1943. 146p.
LERRIGO, MARION OLIVE, Children Can Help Themselves; the Normal Child's HealthBehavior. New York, The Macmillan Company, 1943. 219p.
LEWIS, FREDERICK WHEELER, Hiram Wheeler Lewis, a Partial Auto-Biography andLife-Pictures From Other Sources. Albion, N. Y., Eddy Printing Company [1941].99p.
LOGAN, HENRY M., Fifty-Four Years in Kansas, 1867-1921. No impr. 90p.
LONG, SOLOMON LEVY, Child Slaves and Other Poems. Winfield, The Courier Press,1909. 144p.
MCGEORGE, MRS. ALICE SUTTON, Autumn Leaves; a Collection of Poems. Kansas City,Mo., Burton Publishing Company [c1938]. 191p.
KAMIWEA the Coeur D'Alene (the Heart of an Awl). Kansas City, Mo., BurtonPublishing Company [cl939]. 320p.
MCKINLEY, LLOYD, Bibliography of Some Achievements in Chemistry, 19301941:Wichita, 1942. 60p. (Municipal University of Wichita, University StudiesBulletin, No. 11.)


MADDEN, MRS. MAUDE WHITMORE, Chopsticks and Clogs. Cincinnati, Powell and White[1927]. 127p.
--, Pen Pictures of Japan. N. p., The Hokuseido Press [1939]. 109p.
--, When the East Is in the West . . . New York, Fleming H. Revell Company[c1923]. 153p.
--, Women of the Meiji Era. New York, Fleming H. Revell Company [c1919]. 63p.
MALIN, JAMES CLAUDE, John Brown and the Legend of Fifty-Six. Philadelphia, TheAmerican Philosophical Society, 1942. 794p.
MARTIN, EDGAR WINFIELD, The Standard of Living in 1860; American ConsumptionLevels on the Eve of the Civil War. Chicago, The University of Chicago Press[c1942]. 451p.
MAYBERRY, LAWRENCE WALLACE, Our Public Schools in Wichita, Kansas; A Self Survey.[Wichita] The Board of Education, 1937. 44p.
MENNINGER, KARL, Love Against Hate. New York, Harcourt, Brace and Company[c1942]. 311p.
MILLER, MRS. MARGARET (RIPLEY), Along Our Coast; Stories of Sea Creatures of thePacific Ocean. New York, Dodd, Mead and Company, 1942. 60p.
MISSELWITZ, HENRY FRANCIS, The Dragon Stirs; an Intimate Sketch-Book of China'sKuomintang Revolution 1927-29. New York, Harbinger House [c1941]. 293p.
MOORE, BESSIE ELLEN, Life and Work of Robert Simerwell; Submitted to theDepartment of History and the Faculty of the Graduate School of the University ofKansas in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master ofArts. Typed. 1939. 65p.
MORGAN, WILLARD H., The Aftermath of Victory. Topeka, Capper Printing Company,Inc. [c1943]. 79p.
MORRIS, ERNESTINE, and ROMA D. ADAMS, Manuscript Writing for Nurses.Philadelphia, F. A. Davis Company [c1940]. 80p.
MOSES, HORACE S., Here Comes the Circus. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1941.47p.
MYER, WALTER EVERT, and CLAY Coss, Education for Democratic Survival. Washington,D. C., Civic Education Service, 1942. 264p.
--, The Promise of Tomorrow; the Long, Sure Road to National Stability, FamilySecurity, and Individual Happiness. Washington, D. C., Civic Education Service,1938. 541p.
NEFF, FRANK AMANDUS, . . . Adam Smith and His Master-Work. Wichita, n. p., 1940.24p. (Municipal University of Wichita, University Studies Bulletin, NO. 8.)
--, The Social and Economic Significance of Cities. Wichita, 1939. 18p.(Municipal University of Wichita, University Studies Bulletin, NO. 1.)
--, Trends in Municipal Finance. Wichita, 1937. 32p. (Municipal University ofWichita, University Studies Bulletin, NO. 4.)
NEWCOMB, REXFORD, History of Modern Architecture, Prepared Especially for HomeStudy . . . Scranton, International Textbook Company, c1942. 145p.
--, and WILLIAM A. FOSTER, Home Architecture; a Textbook for Schools andColleges; a Manual for the Home Builder and Home Owner. New York, John Wiley andSons, Inc., 1932. 336p.


--, Spanish-Colonial Architecture in the United States. New York, J. J.Augustin[1937]. 39p.
--, The Volute in Architecture and Architectural Decoration. Urbana, TheUniversity of Illinois, 1921. 85p. (University of Illinois, EngineeringExperiment Station Bulletin, No. 121.)
NORLIN, GEORGE, Things in the Saddle; Selected Essays and Addresses. Cambridge,Harvard University Press, 1940. 233p.
ONCLEY, LAWRENCE, Textbook of General Chemistry and Laboratory Manual [Wichita]N. p., c1938. 201p.
PADEN, WILLIAM DOREMUS, and CLYDE KENNETH HYDER, A Concordance to the Poems ofOliver Goldsmith. Lawrence, The University of KanSas, 1940. 180p.
PEKARI, MATTHEW, History of St. Catherine's Parish, Catherine, Kansas, 18761942 .. . [Hays, St. Joseph's College and Military Academy Press, 1942.] 33p.
PETERSON, MRS. GAIL FRENCH, Yours, With a Smile. Typed. [1942.] 38p.
PETTIJOHN, JONAS, Autobiography, Family History and Various Reminiscences of theLife of Jonas Pettijohn . . . Clay Center, Dispatch Printing House, 1890.103p.
PETTINER, MRS. ESTHER (ROBERTS), Over the Coffee Cups. Coffeyville, PlazaPrinters [1939]. 61p.
PHILLIPS, MAUDE GOOCH, Stories of Lawrence, Kansas, in Rhyme. No impr. 73p.Polk's Topeka (Shawnee County, Kansas) City Directory, 1942, Including ShawneeCounty Taxpayers. Kansas City, Mo., R. L. Polk and Company, c1942. 648p.
PRICE, CLARENCE, The Old Home Town and Other Original Rhymes. [Fort Scott, n. p.,c1924.] [36]p.
PRICE, G. G., America Fleetwood . . . Cherokee. [Greensburg, Signal PublishingCompany] c1941. 25p.
--, Coronado Comes [Greensburg, Signal Publishing Company] c1940. 22p.
--, Death Comes to Billy the Kid. [Greensburg, Signal Publishing Company] c1940.17p.
--, Over the Saddle Horn Rhymes; Thoughts of El Chivato as He Rode Through Life.Garden City, The Garden Press, c1938. [19]p.
PRYOR, ELINOR, And Never Yield. New York, The Macmillan Company, 1942. 520p.
READ, CECIL B., Efficiency of Methods in Solving Algebraic Equations. Wichita,1937. 29p. (Municipal University of Wichita, University Studies Bulletin, No.3.)
RISTER, CARL COXE, Land Hunger: David L. Payne and the Oklahoma Boomers. Norman,University of Oklahoma Press, 1942. 245p.
ROSE, DONALD, Big Store. Philadelphia, The Westminster Press, 1942. 287p.
ROSE, OSCAR JOEL, Looking Back Over Fifty Years; Golden Wedding Edition of"Just
Ridin' Round Stories." [Lyndon] N. p., 1942. 75p.
SCHOFIELD, CHARLES EDWIN, The Adventurous God; an Exploration of Some of theImplications of the Logic of Religion. Nashville, Cokesbury Press [c1933].159p.


--, We Methodists. New York, The Methodist Publishing House [c1939].135p.
SCOTT, MARY GARDINER, comp., Childhood Days. [Arkansas City, n. p., c1912.][53]p.
SEYFER, KATHERINE PARANTEAU, Ponderings. Arkansas City, n. p., 1923. [12]p.
SHELDON, CHARLES MONROE, Dr. Sheldon's Scrap Book. New York, Christian HeraldAssociation, 1942. 224p.
SHERWOOD, ELMER, Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express. Racine, Wis., WhitmanPublishing Company, n. d., 125p.
SIEVERS, CLEMENT H., . . . The University of Wichita Freshman Reading Program1937-1939. Wichita, n. p., 1939. 40p. (Municipal University of Wichita,University Studies Bulletin, NO. 6.)
SOUTHWESTERN COLLEGE, Directory of Graduates, April, 1943. [Winfield,Southwestern College, 1943.] 143p.
ENGLISH CLUB, The Fledgling, Fifth Edition, 1938. NO impr. 25p.
STOUT, REX, ed., The Illustrious Dunderheads. New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1942.192p.
--, Too Many Cooks . . . [New York] Lawrence E. Spivak [1938]. 303p.
STROUD, ALBERT, Verdigris Valley Verse, a Volume of Original Poems. Coffeyville,The Journal Press, 1917. 124p.
SWEET, WILLIAM WARREN, Religion in Colonial America. New York, Charles Scribner'sSons, 1942. 367p.
TAGGART, DAVID RAYMOND, The Faith of Abraham Lincoln. Topeka, The Service PrintShop [c1943]. 411p.
TOPEKA, UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Membership Roll, May 20, 1943. [Topeka] TheUnited Presbyterian Press [1943]. 16p.
TYLER, MARY MARSH, Mary-Go-Round the World; Letters Written by Mary Marsh Tyler .. . Arkansas City, n. p. [1923?]. 40p.
VER WIEBE, WALTER A., and BYRON N. COOPER, Bibliography of Kansas Geology[1828-1988 Inc.]. Wichita, n. p., 1938. 76p. (Municipal University of Wichita,University Studies Bulletin, NO. 5.)
--, Exploration for Oil and Gas in Western Kansas During 1942. Lawrence,University of Kansas Press, 1943. 88p.
--, The Wellington Formation of Central Kansas. Wichita, n. p., 1937. 18p.(Municipal University of Wichita, University Studies Bulletin, NO. 2.)
VILLARD, OSWALD GARRISON, John Brown, a Biography Fifty Years After. [Rev. ed.]New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1943. 738p.
WARD, WILLIAM T., My Fifty Years in the Active Ministry; An Address Delivered atthe Tisdale Methodist Church, Tisdale, Kansas, November 8, 1942. No impr.16p.
WENTE, WALTER HERMANN, Aristotle's Discrimination of Synonyms. Chicago, TheUniversity of Chicago Libraries, 1935. [69]p.
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WOLFRAM, ERNEST ALBERT, Selected Instances of Certain Propaganda Techniques ofAncient and Modern Times. NO impr. 3p.
WOLVERTON, ARTHUR S., History of the War with Spain. [Topeka, Kansas StatePrinting Plant, 1943.] 5p.
WOOD, W. W., Original Poems. Wichita, Masonic Home [1942]. [16]p.
WOODMAN, REA, "Mr. McGugin Alone." [Wichita, n. p., c1935.] 70p.
WYLIE, C. C., Our Starland; An Easy Guide to the Study of the Heavens. Chicago,Lyons and Carnahan [c1938]. 378p.


CODMAN, JOHN, The Round Trip by Way of Panama Through California, Oregon,Nevada,Utah, Idaho, and Colorado . . . New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1879. 331p.
DE VOTO, BERNARD AUGUSTINE, The Year of Decision, 1846. Boston, Little, Brown andCompany, 1943. 538p.
DOBIE, JAMES FRANK, Apache Gold and Yaqui Silver. Boston, Little, Brown andCompany, 1939. 366p.
--, Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest, With a Few Observations.Austin, The University of Texas Press, 1943. 111p.
ESPINOSA, JOSE MANUEL, Crusaders of the Rio Grande; the Story of Don Diego DeVargas and the Reconquest and Refounding of New Mexico. Chicago, Institute ofJesuit History, 1942. 410p.
FARQUHAR, FRANCIS P., Walker's Discovery of Yosemite. No impr. 15p. (Reprintedfrom the Sierra Club Bulletin, Vol. 27, NO. 4, August., 1942.)
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