KanColl: The Kansas Historical Quarterlies


November, 1934 (Vol. 3, No. 4), page 338
Transcribed by lhn; digitized with permission of
the Kansas State Historical Society.

GEORGE A. ROOT is curator of archives of the Kansas State Historical Society.

DR. WILLIAM NICHOLSON was born in Perquimans county, North Carolina, on November 9, 1826. His early education was received in Friends schools in North Carolina and in Providence, R. I. In 1850 he was granted a medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania. His work among the Indians of the Central Superintendency in the 1870's led Doctor Nicholson to establish his residence at Lawrence, where he continued his Friends activities and served as clerk of the Kansas Yearly Meeting from 1872 to 1888, when he removed to Pasadena, Calif. He died there on March 1, 1899. For additional biographical data see ante, pp. 289-291.

DOMENICO GAGLIARDO is associate professor of economics at the University of Kansas, Lawrence.

NOTE-Articles in the Quarterly appear in chronological order without regard to their importance.

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