Rick Housh's
Family Photographs

Old photograph of Daisy Tedrick Housh, sitting on the left; the carriage is on a country lane with weeping willows in the background

Daisy Tedrick Housh

This photograph of my grandmother was taken about 1890, in Oskaloosa. Daisy is to the left; "Mrs. Moody," a long-time Oskaloosa resident and friend of the family, is seated on the right. Daisy was about 16 in the photo, and was the daughter of Joseph K. Tedrick and Martha (Wise) Tedrick, all also early residents of Oskaloosa. She was later married to my grandfather, Frank Thomas Housh, one of the sons of the David Crockett Housh mentioned in the Andreas/Cutler's History of the State of Kansas (in the Cutler's book, Frank Thomas is described as Thomas F.).

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