The Prairie Traveler by Randolph Barnes Marcy, Captain, U.S.A.

Camp Chairs.

Camp Chair No. 1.

CAMP CHAIR NO. 1 is of oak or other hard wood. Fig. 1 represents it opened for use; in Fig. 2 it is closed for transportation. A is a stout canvas, forming the back and seat; b, b, b are iron butt-hinges; c, c are leather straps, one inch and a quarter wide, forming the arms; d is an iron rod, with nut and screw at one end.

Camp Chair Nos. 2 and 3.

CAMP CHAIR NO. 2 is made of sticks tied together with thongs of buckskin or raw hide.

CAMP CHAIR NO. 3 is a very comfortable seat, made of a barrel, the part forming the seat being filled with grass.

More Furniture.

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