The Prairie Traveler by Randolph Barnes Marcy, Captain, U.S.A.

Field Cots.

Field Cot No. 1.

FIELD COTS. In No. 1, A represents the cot put up for use; B. the cot folded for transportation. The legs turn upon iron bolts running through the head and foot boards; they are then placed upon the canvas, and the whole is rolled up around the side pieces.

Field Cot No. 2.

In No. 2 the upper figure represents the cot put up for use; the lower shows it folded for transportation. A is a stout canvas; a, b are iron butt-hinges; c, c, the legs; d, d, leather straps, with buckles, which hold the legs firm; f, f, ends, which fold upon hinges; g, g, cross-bars from leg to leg. This cot is strong, light, and portable.

More Furniture.

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